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Full text of "A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland Enjoying Territorial Possessions Or High Official Rank But Uninvested with Heritable Honours"

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Vol. 1. 

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BY JOHN BURKE. ESQ. ^^(*'v .( 


^3^* VOL. I. 

• • • 






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\ Ar ^. S •>> 

SEP 12 1907 




ItC. &€. Ice. 





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THE FifBt Volume of this Work is now completed^ and an opinion may be 

formed ot a project, which was deemed at its announcement so beset by 
difficultiesy as to bold oot little hope of a saoceasful issue. Those difficulties 
have however passed away — the completion of the fint vohmie U accomplished, 
and uothiDg formidable remains to impede the progress of the second. In 
these pages will be found the lineage of nearly four hundred families^ enjoying 
m the aggregate probably a revenue of two millions sterling, and deriving, 
many of them, their territorial posseBsions from V\ illiam of Norman oy; 
invested however with no exclusive rank— designated by no ezdudve title 
— and bom to no exdnsive privilege. To this grade in her social system — 
her independent couiUiy gentlemen — ^Engiand is mamly indebted for her 
greatness abroad, and her prosperity at home. In this — and her free insti- 
tutions, she differs from every other country in Europe. 

It was the Author's intention to acknowledge his obligations to his principal 
correspondents individually ; but, on referring to the list, he finds it so extensive, 
thai it would be entirely out of place to present such a catalogue here. He 
begs of them, neverihckss, to be assured that he entertains the strongest 
sense of the great and valuable assistance he has received. Indeed he is con- 
vinced that, could he adhere to his original determination, he should by simply 
so doing propitiate a more than ordinary degree of favor. He cannot, how- 
ever, forbear recording the debt he owes to Sir David William Smith, barf, 
of Alnwick ; to William Henry Allan, esq. of DurNam ; to Michael Jones, 

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esq. ; to Ormerody Suitees, Hodgson, and Baker, the able hbtorians of the 
counties of Chester, Darham, Northumberland, and Northampton ; and to the 

lucal hiBtorians general ly, from whose laborious and useful works he hwm 
derived the most essential aid. 

bom. f. ]».— tuw pnde, 

Wm UlUlMd* $m p» Wii"WIM> ptolit MIOHlAa 

il.— died. V. p^^fitfc iMlria. 


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Shakcrlet of SoHuroio.— Mr. Sliak* 

Allan of Blackwell O ranch. Jo- 
BAKKA Mary, sister of the present repre- 
lentathre of the family, m. in 1830, Edward 
Havgailk MaliBg, etq. oonsiB to fhit Sail of 


KoAEKT AiXAN, esq. baptized I3th July, 
Ue6, (sereadi son of George All«i» of 
Tarn) died at Antigua, leaviiig an ODly 
daaghler and hsireas, 

BUXABCTH AuAM^lMipted at Darling- 
ton, 18th May, 1694, who m. John 
Barke, e$q. of the sama ialand, and 
was mother of 
Eli/abkth BuftKB, who wedded 

Mnrfiti Blake, e«<]. nnd died in 
London, 3rd January, 1771, 
laariag a aon and finir daugh- 

1. John BUke, living in 1783. 
1. Maroarkt Blakb, m, Jolm 

Thomlinson, esq. if,P. Ibr 
Stpyning:, and left 

Maky Thomlinson, the 
wile of Edwaed Bees- 
ton Long, esq. (see 
vol. ii. p. 165). 
S. lane Blaie, m. to— Rou- 
trop, of Antwerp. 

3. Penelope Blake, m. to — 
Sober, esq. 

4. Sarah Blake, m. to — Mas- 
terson, esq. 

Th*" Wlowinij inscription is npon a mo- 
BQineni: m \he chancel of Darlington Church, 
cieeted by the eminent antiqnary, Oeorgc 
Alun, esq. F.S.A., to thp mrmory of Ann 
Alka and her sister Dorotliy, as also to his 
em wife: 

Cltofo Odesti 

BeMWUm VirLTinum a^c^Sflte 
Dorothea et Anna 
Gtoqpi ASkm., de Blackwall Gfsage, Axau 

filiie : 

lilu anno 1760. sL 38. 
FMBBiraB dales decus, et ioTidia asyor; 

b«ec Bnno 178,'), a-t. 1)6. 
Paupenim Solamen, omaiuiu delicia, 
Vttsqas Chnstanis Virtatibus exinia; 
lkas«f|^ et in mfflooriam 
Aane, tarn eoojttg:is chamaimaa 
Acoo 1787, art. -U'}, abreptae, 
hoc gtsti amaii pignos 

Ceo. Alba de Dvliagten. 

Vavasour op Weston. — William Va- 

VAsni'H, esq, of Weston Hall, died 15th 
Jauaury, 1533, and leaving no issue, the 
family U now extinct. Tiie children of Mr. 
Vavasour's only sister Ellen, who married 
the Kev. John Carter, axe William Carter 
and Amie, tiie wife of ihe Rev. Mr. Bedt- 

Ellison of Hkpbi'rn. — The late Hknrt 
Ellison, esq. left, besides the present pos- 
sessor of HEFBUBif, another ion and tnreo 
daughters, vis. 

Robert, lieutenant-colonel in the gre- 
nadier fnarda, who m. Ao Hon. 
M.'ir\' MoiiT.ifrne, driug-hter of the late 
Lord Kokeby, and has one son. 
Hannah, m. to ioha Carr, esq. of Dnn- 
stan Hill, in the county of Durham, 
and has five sons and three daagh- 

Henrietta, m. to George \^ illi im Ayl- 

nier, esq. of Mowden UaW, Essex. 
Elizabeth, m. to Frederick Edward 
Morrice, esq. of Betsbanger in Kent, 
Thr> prrsf tit Mr. Ellison has resigned Ae 
aherifi'doin of the palatinate. 

MVNORS opTREAOO.-i^The present P. R. 
Mynors, esq. through the alliance of his 
ancestor, Rowland Mynors, esq. with 
Theodosia, daughter of Sir Percival Wil- 
loughby, knt. of Wollaton, proves Founder's 
kin to All Sonls' Oxford. The descent is 
thus traced ; 

Beatrix Cbichrlby, daughter of John 
Chicheley, chambi rlain of London, horn in 
14^, wedded Sir William Peche, knt. of 
Lullingston, Kent, and bad (witii a son 
Sir John Peche, knight lianneret) a 

ELUABi^TH Peche, who m. John Hart, 
esq. of the Middle Temple, and had a son. 

Si!? PvRCiv u H ART of Lnllingston, chief 
sewer and knight harbinger to Henry VIIL, 
who m. Frediswide, daughter and co-heir of 
John Lord Brny, and had a son, Sir George 
Hart, of Luiliugston, and a daughter, 

Catrbrinb Hart, who esponsed ThonBS 
Willoughby,* esq. of BoK Place, and left 
a son and successor. 

* Thomas Willoughby was son of Robert Wil* 
ioughby of Bore Place, grandsoa of Thomas Wil- 
loaghby. Lord Chief Jnsdee Ump. Hbhry vm. 
fuid great prandson of Sir T'lr; iti .j lier Willough- 
by, who waa second aon of Sir Christopher Wil* 
loagbbj, by Cs^elia his wife» sistar and hair ef 
Riohard Loid WelJas. 

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5^iR Percival Wili.ouoBT, knt., who m. i 
Bridppt ddesi daughter and co-heir of Sir | 
Fraucis Willoughby, kut. of WollatOD, and 
•ister to Margnret* wife of Sir Robert Spen- 
cer, created in 1603, Baron Sponcer of 
Woraileighton. By thU lady Sir Percival 
badf with otfier usiie, 

Francis (Sir), eneeitor of IiOKD MlD- 


ThbODosu, m. to Rowland Mynors, 
eiq. of Treago, great-great-great- 
great grandfather of the present 
Peter RicKjiRoe MYNOR8,ceq. of 


The following extract from Ordericus 
VlTAtis (who wrote nearly 000 years ago ii 

History of NoriiKinily, published hy Mon- 
sieur dti Chesne) may throw some light on 
the origin of the great hoose of Basker- 


" Baldricus Teutonirna married the 
daughter of Richard sur named de Beue- 
facta, Lord of Clare and Tunbridge in Eng- 
land, by Roesia, his wife, sister to Walter 
Giffard , the second £arl of Buckingham after 
the Conquest, and daughter of Welter Gif* 
fard. Count of Longupville. in Normnndy, 
and first Karl of Buckingham in England, 
who was son of Osborne de Bolebee bv 
Avelinn l is ^vl^e, sister to Gunnora, wife 
of Richard, the first of that name, Duke of 
Normandy. Baldrick by hia said wife had 
■ix sons and as mnny danghters; the sons 
were NiCH'^t as nv Haschevilla, now Bac- 
oueville ; Fuike de Aiyou ; Robert de 
Courcy ; Richard de Nova Villa or Netrill ; 
Baldrick de Bul;i;riizair^, uow Uoangeney or 
Boysgeney: and Wigenus* or Wigman of 
Apulia. NICHOLAS, Uie eldest, married one 
of the Dutchess Gunnora's nieces, and by 
her had two sons, William Martell and 
"Walter Ue St. MarUu, who were ancestors 
of flie Warrens, Earls of Warren tind 
Surrey, and of the Mortiniers, £arls of 
March, &c. Cu:." 

Baskervillb of Cltro Court. 

ThOH ASB A S K E K V I Ll.E M Y NO H S 1! A S K E R- 

VILLB. esq. m. 2ud March, Eli- 
sabeth Mary, daughter of tSie Rot. 

Powell Colchester Guise, third son 
of Sir John Guise, bart. of Highnam» 

in Gloucestershire. 

Rvsstlx OF BRAWCRFBTH,->Iiieotporate 

the following particulars of this fiuniiy wiUi 

the details given at page 104 : 

Thr Kdssells are of considerable an- 
tiquity in Ciimherlaud: — in many of the 
enrly entries in the church regittters of 
Millam (which the Rev. Henry Dixon, 
officiating minister, has recently with much 
care investigated) they are described as 
Russells de Diiddon Bridge, and d* Ar- 
nabie ; by an intermarriage with the ancient 

family of Taylor, they acquired the estat« 
of RowENLANDS, to which tbey removed 
between the years 1652 and 1657, and they 
continued to abide there until 1603, when 
in consequence of the demise issueless of 
the elder brother, the property passed to 
William Russell, esq. of Brancepeth Castle, 
whn having himself realised a very con- 
siderable fortune in the coun^ of Durham, 
alienated the acquisition, and it is now in 
the possession of R. Posdewaite, esq. of 
Braughton in Furness. 

Unfortunately the early registers are &a 
defeetire, that no very eontinnons pedigree 
can be made out before the year }fV}H, nnd 
the baptismal records commence with 16CK). 

John Russsu,* esq. of Amahie, dying in 
1608, was buried at Millam, and «. bj his 

Matthew Russell, esq. of Arnabie, who 
had issue, 

Mattufw. his heir. 
Richard, who 1st December, l(>ad. 
The elder son and heir, 

Matthew Russell, esq. of Arnabie, born 
19th March, 1615, intermarrying with the 
Tavlor family, acquiret! the estate of Rowen- 
lands, and dying 27th January, 1684, left a 
I son and snceessor, 

Matthfw Russelt., esq. of Rowenlands, 
b. I5th February, 1657-8, who had (with 
two daughters, Elizabeth and Bridget) Isro 
sons, viz. 

RoBi^RT, his heir. 

Matthew, b. 2nd August, 1G86, who 
settled at Sunderland as a merchant 
in 17<X>, nnd upon his demise issue- 
less in 1700, devised half his fortune, 
which was very considerable, to his 
nephew William, late of Brancepeth 
Castle. In Sunderland churchyard 
a beautiful monument is erected to 
his memory. 
Matthew Russell d. 28th February, 1006, 
and was s. by his elder son, 

RoRBRT RvssBLL. esq. of Roweuluids, 
b, 8th OcuAjrr, 1682, who had issne, 
Matthew, his heir. 
WiixiAM, successor to his brother. 
Robert, b, in September, 1797, who 
went out to India a* * flMf^Mit and 
there died. 
James, h, 6th Maieh, 1744, d. In An< 

pist, 1745. 

Robert Russell died 22nd March, 17&7, and 
was #. hy his son, 

• His brotIit>r> ^>. ( r(> 

Robert, m. 10th Juue. 1596. to Eliaabetb 

Jt'ftVrt. who 'iitd Ffbnuiry, 1603-4, 
I'eier, who d. Sfilh December, 1607, 


Maitmkw Russell, esq. b. Slat March, 
1733, wb* died widioat iasuc at Rowenlands 
11 Jaiioacy, IMS, and was «. by hit naxt 


WiLUAM RussELU edq. of Brancepetli 
(m ftated in the body of tiie work), 
ealiaiiiaii, who sold the estate of Row- 
enlands. was distinguished for liberality and 
beaevoteuce. Among many similar in- | 
staaeea may be nientioned an hospital at 

Co^r■^:^^ in tlir rfHTritv of Dnr^inni, which he 
bwiit and endowed, for a considerable num- 
Wr of ag«d and inUmi penons of both 

•Pir-!, with a chapel for divine service, .iimI 
a school attached for a large establishment 
of boys aad girls. Dnring the war in 1803, 
be raised a corps of volnataer infantry , con- 
ststiDg of two full com|u»nif «t. which he 
amed, clothed, and completely equipped 
at Ua asrn expense; be was alao ebiedy 
instrumental in raising the Usworth troop 
of jeoatanry cavalry, and in the distresses 
oa the tenniaatioB of Ibe waf , be received 
aad niaintained the poor, coming from all 
quitriersi. tn fiarracks con'^tnirtpd for the 
porpose, where every comlort wa> piuvided, 
wbile be kept alive tbeir babits of industry, 
hx cnpairin j- ?tiich as were able in various 
works on his extensive estates. Mr. Rus- 
aeil waa #, at bia decease bj bit ton, 

Mstthbw RotsELt, esq. of Brancepetb 

Castle, vice-lieutenant for the county of 
Darkam (as stated in the body of the work). 
On leaving Trinity College, Oxford, tliis 
gciltkman accepted a company in tlie Dur- 
ham militia, and was subsequently inn] >r of 
Ibe regiment. In IHOl he was returned 
— b CT for Saltaab (one of bis father't 
f ornuglip) and continued to serve in parlla- 
j BoBt until bis death in London, 8th May, 
IflR. He lebttilt the greater part of 
Brancepeth Castle, and it is now one of 
the most noble edifices in the north of Eng- 
IjumL Probably few individuals have ever 
becB ao justly, deeply, aod nniveftally 
lamentriJ. Mr. Riii«s* IIV only son and !*ue- 
eesaor. the presentW i lli a h iiusSKLL, esq. of 
Bhvncepetb Castle, also vice>Iieut»nant of 
the county Palatinate, was returned in tAvo 
successive parliaments for the county of 
Darham, and proved himself a zealous and 
disinterested promoter of the reform, by 
tbe patrt 'tie i;ift of his borouglis of lilcti h 
Ijieh'e ami Saltash, consisting of three i»cut3. 
Atmtes. — Braneepeth, Brandon, Rard- 

wff'ke. Willington, W«-ti-.rirVs, Ntnvfmi, 
Newton-cap, Blakestone, FuUborpe, and 
TbnsaibM, m tbe coanty of Dnxbam, and 
Dayadaie in (he cemlj of Torlc. 


n* /SnatBjf E$tai€t are — Morton Pinkney 
and Cninorth. i>oth in Northaniptonabire; 
with lands in Norfolk and Yorkshire. 

Flood of Flood Hall. — Alterations in the 
accoont of tliis family. 
Flood, John, esq. of Floo(1 Hall, in the 
county of Kilkenny, a magistrate uud de- 
puty lientenant for tfiat shire, m. Miss San- 
riii, rlrl'st dnuf^'hter of th(^ Ht. Hon. Wil- 
liam Sauria, (brother to the liibtiop of J>ro- 
more), late attorney-general for Ifeland» 
and nieea to tbe Marqoeat of Tbomdnd. 


Till? family descends, it is presumed, from 
Sir Thomas Fludd, knL of Milgate, who 
vnw receiver of Kent, Snasex, and Sarrey, 

and treasurer to the army sent (temp. Eli- 
/ABKi H) to aid Henry IV. of France, fn 
tbe subsequent reign, a member of tbe Kent- 
itb bonte, (who was the dr^t to write bb 
name Ff oon), rose hi^h in favour with 
A'in& Jam l.s, and had several grants of lauds 
in divers parts of tbe kingdom. He styled 
himselfin writing " Flood/' wliile the other 
branches were irritteu Fluddt. Hence de- 

Francis Flood, eaq. of Burncburch, in 
the county of Kilkenny, a major in the 
army, who m. Auue, only daughter and 
lieireas of Colonel Henry Warden, M. P. 
of Ipswicli, in SufTolk, and niece to Ag- 
mondesliam Cutle, esq. of Desart, father of 
the first Baron l^esart. By thb lady he 
bad itane, 

I. Warden*, of Flood Hall, aa stated 
in the body of the work. 

II. John, -I 

III. Charles, ^ as stated in the body of 

I. Uharles, i as dtatc-d ii 
Henry, f the work. 
1^. George, J 

VI. Francis, of Paulstowa Cattle, in the 

county of Kilkenny, who m. Miss 
Hatton, daughter of Henry Uatton, 
eaq. of Great Clonard, M. P. for die 
shire of Wexford, by his wife Lady 
Anne Jane 6ore, daughter of Ar- 
thur Rurl of Arran, bv whom (who 
m. for her second husband John 
.T^rnes, first MarquoM of Abercom) 
he had issue, 
I. Warden, LI1.D. judge of the 
high court of admiralty of Ire- 
land, member in tbe Irish par- 
liaaient for many years, where 
he pave efBcient support to liis 
distinguished relative, Hbnry 
Fu>OD. He m. Miss CKDoao- 
vaV) sister of General O'Dono- 
van of that ancient family in the 
county of Cork, and aunt to Sir 
William Wrixon Backer, bart 
and had inme. 
Warden, as in Uie body of the 

Francis, a captain in the amy, 

killed in fiction. 
Henry ul Fuulstoun Castle, 

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who m. in 181A, Anna Maria, | 
dftii* of Henry Lennon, esq. 
Donovan, a captain in thp I 
nrniy, who served iu Iloi j 
land. He wedded Miss Vig- I 
nan, niece of th«- Cumtesse ■ 
De La Mottu, and leti issue, 
Warden, captain 61et 

Marianne, as stated in the 
body of the work. 

2. Hntton,n colonel in Ae let 
dmconn ^ards who served in 
Holland. He d. unmarried. 

3. Francis, a major in the army, 
and high sheriff for the county 
of Kilkenny in 1778. 

4. Henry, a major in die army, 
who m. and had issue, 

John, of Vii'wmount. as stated 

iu the body of the work. 
Frances, m. to Dr. Reed, M. D. 
of the connty of Carlow. 

VII. Richard, who, d. unmarried. 

VIII. Anne, m. to the Venerable Henry 
Candler, T).D. archdeacon ofOMory 
and rector of Callan. 

The lemainder of the aeeonn^ at given in 
the work, is correct 

Dabbll or Calbhill. 

Darell, family of. — The following addi- 
tions to the account alr^ndy given of this 
ancient bouse are extracted from an old 
pedigree of the family. 

•* William de Orell. a gentleman nf the 
north parts of Normandie, soe called of a 
casde and flunilie of fhat eonntrie, and soe 
by contraction, the vowells e and o are 
changed to a, by which Darell is pronounced 
for De Orell, the which canie iu with the 
Conqueror, being Ibr bis good service done 
In the north, as well in pacifieing the rebel- 
lious men in Yorkshire, as in resisting the 
Intnrgent Soots diat came lo belp them, 
considered not only in being dubbed a 
luiighte in the citty of Yorke, after the 
buniing of it, bnt alao endowed with tfie 
possession of a Saxon called Etbeldred, of 
Broadsworth, an ancient »eat twelve miles 
west of Yorke, the which Sir William had 
itMOt William, made knight by Henrv I. 
and constable of the castle of Yorke, w hich 
familie increased much by marriages, and 
tbe last of die famiUe in Yotluduro waa 
called Sir George Dan 11. whose daughter 
and heire Sir Guy Dawney, of Cowick, 
married. Marmaduke, the sonne of Va- 
lentine, ye sonno of Sir William Darrell, 
of Broadsworth, was general under the Lord 
Scroope, baron of Uptall, who served 
Richard I. In Aeon, wbere, by ye way. this 
Marmaduke achieved great fam. l)y killing 
of ye prince and ruler of ye Isle of Cyprus, 
nna werefore, in perpetnan Rei memo- 

riam, ye lion wbieb be bare before nnocK 

vered, was now crowned, and baring do 

crest, had to his cognizance ye sara<-en*a 
head i^uing out of u crowne attired after 
the countrie manner — tiute acta faemat te 

anno 4(n I^k hmidi primi "' 

Edwakd Dahlll, es4. (second sou Of 
Thomas Darell, eaq. of Scotney, gnndanm 
of the Thomas who wedded, as stated at 
pa^e 133, Thomasine Gresley), married 
Mary, daughter and sole beirese of Bfar- 
madoke Darell, esq. of Pagfamn, and tbn 
grp«t-5:^n'at grandson of this nuirriage, 

Edward Darell, esq. of Putney, in Snr- 
rey, espoused, for bie aecond wife, in li0S> 
Elizabeth, daugliter of John Briscoo, of St. 
Stephen**, Wallbrook, and bad iaauAy 

I. John, who d, s, p. 

II, RomsnT, of Richmond. This g«»> 

tlrmnn rn. Mrirv, f1;ntc:}itPr of Jamra 
Porteu, esq. of Putney, and by her 
(who d. 14di Not. 1734) left iMOC, 
1. Edward, 6. in 1738. 
'2 Robert, b. in 17.^1. 
a. Mary, m. in 1758, to Daniel 

W ray, esq. 
4. Elizabeth, m. in 1761, to tht* 
Kev. John Jeffreys, D. D. canoit 
of Chriatebardi, Oxford, and 
bad ;i son and hr ir, 

TAc liet.JoHs Jeffreys, who 
m. Charlotte, daogbler of 
— Byron, eeq. Hertfbid* 

and had fouraOOt and iO¥OB 

6. Katherine, ? ^ .i, j. j 

6. Judith, \ '^"'^ ^'^^ y^'^"^- 

III. John, of York Street, St. Jamea'a, 
London, h. lOtb April, 1706, who 
Miss Acton, first cousin to Sir John 
Acton, bart. of Aldenham, in Shrop- 
shire, and died in 176H, having had 

1. John, wbo rf*r. |i. 

2. Catherinr, who, m. Thomas 
Benett, esq. of Pythousc (see 
page 249). 

8. Harriet,whofn. Richarrl Troftps, 
esq. of West Hariing, in Nor- 
folk, and bad an only dangbter 
and heiress, Harriet, m. in 1793, 
to the present Sir JoHli Sahk- 
DERS Sebright, bart. 

IV. Elizabeth, fN. to John JelDniya, oaq, 
of Lincoln's Inn. 

V. Anne, m. to S. Shepherd, esq. of Min- 

cbin Hampton, in GlonootlMiUro. 
VI. Katberine. 


PiKCHAS SiKANOWAYES, esq. who waa a 1 

deputy lieotenant ibr tbe Ridinf of | 

Yorkshire, died in 1835. His estates were 

situated in thr three riding? of thirf county. | 

Barne of Sotterlf y.— Mr. Barne's only i 
aoHt Frederick Bame, esq. M. 4tt Febmary, ' 

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m> Mary Aime EUnbeth, eldest daughter 
of tbe laie Sir Jdli« Coofteney Hooywood, 

Atthill, of Brandiston Haix. 

•»* It appears from an aticient work oo 
the couDt>' of Norfolk, that " Sir William 
de Hoo, or He la Hou, built the church of 
Molbaiion, ia the huodr«d of Uambleyard, 
mmatf of Norfolk. He wee a Tery re- 
nowned warrior, and was buried A. D. 1410. 
In the I>ooiiisday book, Hoo or Hou sigai- 
fieo a jimog grround, and the probable pro- 
gress of the change was (as in the case of 
il*e fanriilv He Tve, afterwards Atte Eye) 
rv Hoo. De Hill*. De la Hill, Attehill." 

IfooftB OP Applbst Pabva«— The preient 
Mr. Moore is at present High Sheriff for 
L>erbysbire no< Leicestertfiir*, as erroneously 
priated, wedded, in June, 1833, the daughter 
of wuiiaai-PbUlipe Inge, esq. of Thorpe 
Coaetantine, in the county of Stafford. His 
only eister, Miss Susan-Drummond Moore, 
waa atarried asad Nor. 1892, to K>ward- 
Anthony Holdf.n, esq. of Aetoa Hall, in 
the coonty of Wamick. 

P. 170, col.a, 1. 23/«Alr«rt of Alderwaa- 
ley," read - BwH of Alderwasley." 
Wharton Middleton of Old Park. 
Sophia, daughter of Robert Wharton 
If iddle«M« eM|. of Old Pferk, by his 
■eeord wife, Elizabeth, daughter of 
Capt. Pococke, m, in 1836, Rer. R. 

Atuibk op Walworth Castle,— The 
present proprietor's eldest sister, Eliza- 
beth-Ma«caret, wedded, 5th Jan. 1833, 
J. J. Scott, esq. of the cooity of Dom. 

LtLLiNGSTON-SpooNER, of EIndon. — The 
annexed engraving is a more accurate re- 
preeeatatioo of the armorial ensigns of this 

L1U.INOSTON, esq. of 
is deceaasd. 
laTH»M or Bradwall. — The present Dr. 
Latbam'a second son, Peter Mere Latham, 
1U>. ak BBOOSdly 14th Fob. 1883» Grace- 

Mary, third daughter of David Chambers, 
«8q- of Doiaet-aqaare, oonmander in the 

royal navy. 

Weld op Lulworth.— Cardinal Weld 
died in 1887, and wast, by bis next brother, 
Joseph Wbld, esq. who is now *♦ Weld op 
Lllworth." In Tol. ii. p. 677. will be 
found a more detailed account of the family. 

Danby op Swintoii.— Wiluam Danby, 
esq. (the representaCiYO of tho lbmfly)ili 4& 
December, 1833. 

Prideaux-Brune of Place.— rA« JRn. 
Charles Pridbaux-Bbuhb 4. in 1833, and 

was *. by his eldest son. 

LoFTirs OF Kilbride.— Colonel Ix>ftus'8 
younger brother. Captain Frederick Lof- 
Ti's, m. in 1833, Frances daughter of the 
late Colonel Phayre, of the E. 1. C. Service. 
His youngest sister, Miss Jane Perceval 
Compton Loftus, wedded Ift September, 
1833, Henry-Corbp.t SiMOLBTON, esq. of 
Aclare, county Meath. 

P. 211, ooL 1, 1. 9, after ^'Blenor," in- 
sert " m. first, to George Colley, esq. 
of Edenderry; secondly, to Colonel 
William Duckenfield; and, thirdly, 
to Sir Edward Tyrrell, hart, of Lynn, 
in the county Westmeath." 
P. 211, col. 1, 1. 48. after "d. in 1807," 
dMf **tbe male line of Thomas Lof- 
tus, of Killyan, by his first wife, Su- 
sanna Elkenhead, became extinct i" 
which paragraph insert at col. 2 of 
the same page, 1. 18, after '^dyinff 
#. ». in 1824.'* 
Colonel Loftus's estates are in the counties 
of Wicklow, Weatmeath, Dublin, and 

Lewis of St. Pierre.— The widow of the 
late Thomas Lewis, esq. m» secondly Charles 
Kemeys Keineys-Tynte, esq. M. P. 

Jane and Ellen the daughters of Morgan 
Lewis, esq. of St Pierre, were both 
. married : one to the Rer. Mr. Ley- 
son, and the other to — Hanbary, 
esq. of Pontypool Park. 
Lloyd op Wblcombb. 
JoBN Gamaubl Lloyd, esq. dL in 1837. 


P. 224. Thomas, second son of the late 
Andrew Foontaine, esq. of Narford, 
TO. 9th of Feb. 1836, Mary Barbara, 
daughter of H. B. Beresford, esq. 
Orlbbar of Hinwick House. — Richard 
OblbbAB, esq. of H inwick Hooae, il. fal 
and was s. by his eldest son. 
Dealtry of Lofthouse Hall. 
The late James Dealtry, esq. left by BU- 
aabeth his wife, daughter of Charles 
Hart, esq. two sons, Beqjamin, his 
beir, and George NidiolaB, in noly 
Brnett of Pythouse. 
John, the eldest son of John Beuett, 

Digitized by Google 


9§q. of Pythoaae, M. P. m. in 1836, 
Finily Blanche, younj^pst daughter of 
Sir Henry Tichborue, bart. 
Blackett of Wylam. — The second son 
of the late Christopher Blackett, esq. of 
Wylam, William FenwicV Blackett, esq. m. 
Catherine Porterfield» daughter of Robert 
Stewart, ceq. of St Fort, and liaa ieMie» 
Christo 1 ! 1 1 r r Edward. 

Leighton of Sh rf.wsbury. — Lieutenant- 
colonel Leighton's eldest daughter, Louisa, 
V IB marrir r!, 2aid April 1833, tO THOMAS 

il . Hoi't, esq. 

v\ RLLwooD OF Garvock. — ^Th* la&df 
whence this family originally derived its 
desi^nataon ahooid be spelt Tovch, and not 


KiNOScoTB opKinoscotb. 

p. 281, col. 1. 1. 25, Thomas Henry 
Kingscote, esq, (nephew of the pre- 
sent Mr. Kingscote, of Kingscote) 
m. secondly, in 1833, Hon. Harriet 
B1o(?mfield, eldest daughter of Lord 
P. S81, Henry Kingscote, esq. m. llth 
July, 1833,'narriet, eldest dau^^liter 
of 6. T. Tower, esq. M. P. of W eaid 
Hall, Essex. 
Di'KEOF Lake.— Miss Selina-Mary Duke, 
daiiphtpr of the late Lieutenant-roloiiel 
Charles Duke, (great-great- great graiuison 
of John Doke, esq. of Lake, high sheriff of 

Wilts in IfilO), wedded in April, 18^:^, R. 
Brownrigg Hodgson, esq. youngest sou of i 
lieutenant-general Hodgson. i 
P. 286, col. 2, 1. 21. The late Edward 
Duke, esq. having pre-deceased his 
oousiu Kobert Duke, never enjoyed 
the estate of Lake. 
Pi rMi!V-TvMrr5T of To\q. 

F. 290, Henry Tempest, who m. the 
heiress of Mirfield, was tiie eighth 
son o f Richard Tempest, of Brace- | 

Greenly of Titley Court. 
P. SOS, col. a. 1. JW. Miss Taylor, who 

m. the Rev. J hn Ingram, of Bur- 
ford, is stated to have had two daugh- 
ters. This is incorrect, that lady 
having died wUhmU imu. 
Maunsell op Plassv.— Robeut Maun- 

SELL, esq. of Bank Place, inMacch, 1832, 

and was ». by his eldest son. 

P.304, 1. 27. Major Frederick Maun- 
sell has since obtained bis regiment, 
and been appointed to the Stalf of 

P.304, col. 1, 1. 52, for "Joan Beau- 
camp, daughter of Simon Baron, of 
BodM," read *'Joaa Bcanchamp, 

daughter of SfasM^ Bmob of Bad- 
ford." . , „ 

P. 308, col. I. 1. 16, for **Lelgbloii, 
read ** Leighlin." 

P. 308, col. a. L 13. for " eldest, read 

P. aoe, coi. % 1. 1&. for "has fmo,* 

read "has so issue." 

The Crest is not (as erroneously atatt-d) 
an eagle wiUi wings expanded or, Imt a 
falcon ppr. 

The Mottoes are '* Honornntes me boDO- 
rabo," and Quod vult, vaide vult." 

The EtMtt are principally sitnated in 
the counties of Unerick and Tipperary. 

Thursby op Abinc.tov. — Mr. Thureby's 
youngest daughter, Annk, m. iCth January, 
1834, Rev* Benjamin Winthrop. 

MosELEY OF BuiLDWAS.— The preaeot 
Walter Moselby, esq. of Buildwa* has 

I. Walter, 4. llth Febmary, 1882- 

n. Herbert-Henry, h. 2Tst May, 1835. 
111. Acton-Edward, lUibUct. 1836. 
1. Catherine Francis. 

The late Walter Michael Moseley, esq. 

m. Anne Elizabeth Snrkftt not Joekett, and 
had one sou and iour daughters. The 
youngest daughter, Lucy, m. 90th Feb. 
1831, Phipps Vansiltart Onslow, esq. of 
Bro idvvas Court, near Worcester. 

P. 334, 1. 34. The manor of Halher- 
ton, in Cheshire, is assigned to a 
wrong proprietor. It is now in the 
possession of M. Mare, esq. 
daughter of Davies Gilbert, esq. m. in 
April, 1894, John Samubl Enys, esq. of 


P. 339, col. 1, 1 Frfpfricb (the 

only son of General Haikett, who d. 
in 1758, by his second marriage) 
died a major-general in the British 
service. He left by his wife, a Miss 
Seton, with three daughters, two sons, 

I. Colin (Sir), K.C.B. now commBB d er 

in chief at Bombay. 

II. Hugh, a general in the Hanoveiian 


P. 373. The late David Ricardo, esq. 
left, with five danghters, three sons, 
OsMAN, of Bronaeberrow, David, of 
Gatcoinhe, and MoBTlMBB, of Ued- 
low Place, Kent 
Powell of Hobdcott Hoosb. 

P. 376. Jane, daughter of AlrxaTn!. - 
Powell, esq. of Uurdcott House, m. 
iu 1830, the Rev. R. Pole* 

Gbbavbs of MaYnBiB Ualu 
P. 387, col. 1,1.40. ThBRcF. George 

Digitized by Google 


GreaTcs, of Stttrtm hf Bridge and of 

Swark'»toijp, in the county of Derby, 
m. lirsL, Elizabeth, daughter of the 
late SMDuel Pipe, esq. of Walton on 
Trent, and sister of the late Samuel 
Pipe Wolferstan, esq. of 5utfold, by 
niioai h« bftd iiMe, 

George, died in tSOl. 

Lydia Eli7.Tb<-th, tm. to the Rev. 
P. belcher, aud has i^ue four 
•om and two daughlen. 

I)o^oth^ -Qatheime, d* in 1790* 


G«orgiana, m. to W« D. FUmstead, 
esq. and d. in 1800, lenving iwoe. 

The Rev. Geor^p rJrt'avf>? ru. scmnd- 
ly, in i7tt3, Susauiia, fourth daughter 
of tbe Ute Walter Biddnlph* esq. of 
Barton under N' 0(f\von(l, in St^ilTord- 
shire, and Iwd by her three son« and 
three dnnghters, rfz. 

Bd«nnU an officer, llfli light dm- 
gr>ori!», d. in 1815. 

Hobt rt Charles, an officer 4i8tfoot» 
d. in 1814. 

Willi Lni-Ueniy» dL aehild,in 1803. 


Anna-Maria, d. in Infancy. 

B4ar>'-Louisa, m. to R. B. Child, 
esq. and has two children, Georj^e 
Beaumont Child, b. in \b2o, aud 
Loniaa Susanna Child. 
Till V. George Greaves surviring all 
his sou», left his daughters his co-heirs. 

The estate of May held Hall is erro- 
•maly staled to he flie pToperty of Dr. Wil- 
li im f Jreavps. Tlial g^entlcman merely 
reuts It of the executors of the late Bev. 
George Oreavea. 
Blbkcowr op Mabi TOM St. Lawrbncb. 
P. 414. John Jackson Blencowe, esq. 
of Harstoo St. Lawrence, m. in IHM, 
Gmiia-Maria, daughter of the Rev. 
J- Prowett, rector of Catfield. 
Preston of West Derby Lower House. 
P. 47y. col. 1, 1. 22. In the Holhein 
headi» there h a portrait of *' The Lady 
Monteafrle,'' hot M r. Lodge states that it is 
nnf known whether it is Lord Montrof^li 's 
&r*i Mile, Ladv Mary Brandon, or his 
■poomI, Helen Preeto n. 

P. 479. col. Sp 1. I. Waiiamde Warren, 
Ear! of Surrey, whs jrreat grandson mater- 
nally of King William the Conqueror. 

P. 479, 1.8. Thomae Preston of Holker, by 
his wife Katherine Hoghton, had.bei^idH tlie 
two sons, a daughter, Miirjjaret Preston,* 
married to Cutlibert Ogle, esq. uf Whiston, 
and had iaaae, with two daurhten , Katharine 

• Omitle^i in Mr. West's renr incorrect and 
|Mrf«et pedigree of the Frestoo ftuoily in Im 

and Elizabeth, a son Cuthbert,bom 1673,who 
was named in remainder to a eoii«Klf r;ible 
portion ot the Holker propcrt) (on luilureof 
the issue of Catherine Lady L'nvther) by 
tli( ^vill of his uncle, Thomas Preston of 
Holker, M. P. 

Same page. Tbe Prestons, and also the 
Lowthers of Holker, are baried in Cartmel 
Chiirrh ; and in Wliifiaker's Wltalley, Jast 
edition, there is au account ot their inonu- 

P. 480, col. 2, 1. 22. In the middle of 
the pew of the Preston family in Htvcr- 
sham Church, on a plain black marble, on 
which are the ntOW of Preston* with the 
Ulster badge empaling MoUneox, is this 
inscription : 

Hie jacet Domiua Mana Prcstoo 

lUastrissimi Domini Carrilli ^^loUnsoa 
Vicecomitis de Marl boro' 

NohiUssimi Domini Tbomte Preston 
Barosetti. Qum obiit 

Die vi. Julii. 
Anno Domiiii, M D C L X X HI. 

The following is a more accurate account 
of the Cockerham braneh of this fnmily. 
P. 480, eel. 1. Thomas Preston, esq. 

Mhird but second 8nr\-ivinp son of John 
Preston, esq. of Preston Patrick and Levins 
Halls, Westmorland, and of the manor and 
nhbe\ of Furnf\-s, in Lancashire, hi^h she- 
ritt of tlie latter county in l5tS0, by Marga- 
ret, daughter of Sir Thomas Curwen, knt. 
of Workin},^ton, fn Cumberland) having m. 
Margaret daughter and heiress of Roger 
Fy tche, of Ellel, in Cockerham,in the county 
of Lancaster, thenceforth seated himaeif at 
Cockerham. He had issoe, 

William, his heir. 





Mr. Preston died in December, 1606, and 
was buried ni Cockerham. He was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 

William Preston, esq. of Hilhom House 
and Ellel, in Cockerham, who died in May, 
1623, and was succeeded by his son and 

William Preston, esq. of Hilhom House 
and Ellel, in Cockerham, who esponsing^ the 
cause of A'in^ Charles I. during the civil 
wars, thereby greatly encumbered his estate, 
which was declared to be forfeited to the 
Parliament by an act passed 19th Novem* 
ber, 1868. He m. first, d4th July, 1818, 
rirnirnt, druighter of — Binidc ; and, se- 
condly, i^th May, 1642, Elizabeth Denys, 
and was succeeded by his only surviving 
son by bis first marriage, 

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Wri t l AM Prfston, rsq. of !1ilhom House 
and ElleU i" Cockerhaiu, b, in January, 
1632, who, in consequenc« of the beairy in- 
cumbrances upon the estate created by his 
father's loyalty, permitted llilhora House 
to fall into decay, and took up hi» restdeitce 
during the Jatter part of his life at EXLtl, 
By Alice his first wife, who tL in Febnuury, 
1678, he had issue, 

i. Robert, nrbo died unm. 

II. Richard, the heir. 

III. John, a naval offirr r in thn servitt" 
of France, b. 30th April, HHid ; mar- 
iled and bad iatne. 

I. Ellen, m. to Thomas Parkinson, esq. 

!i. Alice, m. ftr^'t. -- Mitishiil!, of Che- 
shire; secondly, Nathauiei Calvert, 
esq. of Cookarham Hall, and was 
Uviog in 1761. 

Mr. Preston m. secondly. Miss J«»net Wal- 
ker, but by her had no issue, and dying in 
April, 1685, was burled at Cockerbam, being 
mooeeded by hia eldeat tnrviving son, 

Richard Preston, esq. of Ililhom House 
and £llel, in Cockerbam, who was l>orn 17th 
SeptemlH^, 1661. Tbia gendenian, by his 
extravagant mode of living, and an unfor- 
tunate propensity for play, had early in life 
incurred considerable debts. Fortunately, 
however, he had married in his father's 
lifptime Dorothy, daughter of Robert Den- 
nis, esq. of Glouc-estershire, upon which 
ovent all tiio property which waa not voder 
mort^agje was put inln >♦ ttlrnient. Byber 
be had i?"«Uf* one survn iiij; <'liild, 

I. John, boru iu October, 1600. 
Shortly after anoeeedbig bit father, Mr. 
Preston's debts and the old liarjifes upon 
the property pressed so heavily upon him, 
that he was obliged to dispose of every thing 
that was not included in the settlements ; and 
from this time he lived at CfK-kerham in 
great retirement until the year Hii)o, when 
•neoeeding in right of his wife to a consi- 
derable fortune, he again resumed his for- 
mer habits, and within two years be had dis< 
aipated every abiUins. Ilia wfib did not 
long aurvive, dying when her son was seven 
years of aire. Mr. Preston then sold his 
Ufe interest ui liis Liiucashire estate and 
went to reside in Ireland, where he married 
Mary, relict of Mr. Dcnnin, and daughter 
and co-heir of Mr. Henry Hastings, of Dub- 
lin, bv whom bo bad iieoe, (with two Moa 
who vied young), 

H.Robert, *. 20th May, 1713-14: rl. 
I8th March, 1788, having married 
Margaret, only child of Robert Bow- 
ker, gent, of Broughton, in Lanca- 
slnre, ami had by her, (who dird in 
July, lnir2, tel. aixty-five), the late 
Robert Preston, eaq. West Derby, 
and other iMue, aae page 481. 

I. Elizabeth, w. Captain Brabaxon. 

II. Mary, m. Joseph Blaker, gent, of 

III. Lettice, m. Mr. Brigga. 

Mr. Preston died at Coleraine, in Ireland, 
A.I). 1721, fft. sixty years, leaving hia wi- 
dow,* and the issue of hia second marriage, 
totally unprovided for; but bia aoa by um 
first marriage, 

John pRF.«?TnN, esq. succeeded to the 
wreck uf the Cuckerham estate. He m. 
first, Alice Mauleverer, by whom he ao— 
(jnired lands in Preston Patn'i k and else- 
where, in Westmorland, from which time 
he reeided in that county; by her he bad 
one daughter, who m. Richard John.son, 
gent, of Old Hall, in Westmorland, to wbom 
she was first wife. Mr. Preston by his se- 
cond wife had issue (to enrvivi ) three daugh- 
ters, one of whofii married Jolin PrestOD, 
grandson of John, third but second survirin^ 
son of William Preston, eaq. of Cockerbam. 
By \nn hh third wife, who surviving him 
died iu 1767, set. seventy-two, be bad two 

i. William. 

II. Thomaa, who left iarae, 

I. John. 

1. Mary, m. — Henderson, esq. 
Mr. Preston's eldest son. 

The Right Rev. William Prbston, D.D. 
Lord Bishop of Ferns, b» 1739, fellow of 

Trinity college, Cambridge, and r^u tor of 
Oakeham,in Surrey, was consecrated Bishop 
of Killala, and afterwards translated to the 
see of Ferns. Mis l'>rd-liip (h iiii^.r. p. lOth 
April, 178U, the repres«utatiou of the family 
derolved upon bia nephew, 

John Preston, esq. who m. Miss Law- 

renrr. but by her had nrilv orif daughter, 
who died s. p»'t and he himself dying at 
Leasgill, 9Mi Jme, 1816, set. fif)y-t'wo, wae 
succeeded by bia kinaman, 

RnBt HT Pin vToN, esq. of tlie Lower 
House, (now called Firgrove), West Derby, 
in die oounty of Lancaater. mia gentle* 
man, h. 21st April, 17G1, having early re- 
siolved to repair the broken fortunes of his 
lauiily, in the year 1783 commenced hia 
career as a merchant in Lrrerpool. Unitinr 
the strictest iTitcjrrity to grf-nt '[>rudence and 
aagacity, unwearied appHcatiou and very 
oooeiderable talenii for oueineaa, be In the 
course of a very few years laid tlie founda- 
tion to the enormous fortune which be alter- 

* She survived her husband forty -four years, 
and died 7fSL Mareb, 1765, aged awnt one hun- 
dred yean. Ifor fatljer was eltjt st .s ii of the 
li«v. William Hiuitiiigs, fourth buo of the Hon. 
Henry Hastings, who waaasoondsonof tbafanitb 
£ari of Muntingdon. 

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wOTds* mUMd. Dying iMi Norember, 
1893, be WHS neoeeded by bis gnadaon, 

Robert-Berthon Preston^ eiq. now • 

minor. (See page 478.) 

P. 481. Ann-Elizabeth, yonngest daugh- 
ter of Richard Preston, esq. of Liverpool, 
was m. •24th April. 1834, to John Haniniill, 
of Everton, M.A. barrister-at-law, and 

Bmily-Oertnide Hammill, h. %l§t Jmw, 


P. 4« I . Marj', the wife of Charles-Wild- 
ing Jones, esq. died tad Juraary, 1B33. 
Her bnAiand is the second ton of Charles 
Jones, esq. banker of Oswestry, who was 
(younger brother to the late Thomas Longue- 
▼ille (Joa««) I^nguerille, esq. of Prestatin, 
in the cotintv of Flint, and of Oswestry, and) 
third son of iTbomas Jones, esq. of Frestatiu, 
mhou. moOter wm Hffarla-Margftrettft, dan. 
aad eo-bcir of Sir Thomas Longuoville, of 
Eselnshani, in tlie county of Denbigh, and 
of PrestaUn, fifth and last baronet of that 
Mcieiit fiunily. 

P. 481. Margaret, youngest daughter of 
William Preston, esq. m. Jane, 1834, Ed- 
ward- Lcyoo Berthon, esq. 

ConSOT or I^HBRYNMilia. 

p. 491. Tbe annexed is a more cor- 
rect engraving of Sir John Cooroy's 
armorial ensigpi. 

Palton of Thurnham. 

P. 622, 1. 31. Tbe age of the present 
Mr. DaltM is vumrr^tify stated in 
Ae bod^ of the work. 

p. !)t3, col. 2, 1. 9. The late Robert 
Dalton, esq. of Thornbam, m, first. 
Miss Bntler, and bad a aon John, 
the present possessor. He wedded 
aft^TAvards Bridget, daughter of Tho- 
mas Mure esq. of Uarnborough, and 
bad a SOD, William, and a daughter, 
Anne, m. to Sir James Fitigerald, 
bart. of Castle Isben. 


P. 64ft. CoL Longlield's daughter Eli- 
zabeth 7». in 189^ tiia Rar. Edoniod 

* At the time of his decease bis annual income 
■■i iiiililaiiMj ainfi thin ft* riTT 

Wynne OF Pbniarth.— William Wymet 
esq. (the head of d. in 1838. 

*«* The following is a more accurate history 
of the ancient family of Crawfunl than 
that wUeb bas already appeared. 

Crawfurd, Robert, esq. of Newfield, in 
the shire of Ayr, commandant of its yeo- 
manry, and one of its deputy-lIentenanCs, 
m. in 1813, Frances, daughter of the late 
Henry O'Brien, esq. of Blntlierwick Parky 
Northamptonshire, and has issue, 

I. KonFKT, (Lieut. Rifle Brigade.) • 

II. Patrick.- Reginald. 

I. Frances. 

II. Enma. 

III. Julia. 

IV. Letitia. 

This gentleman, who is now male rcprcsen- 
lattve of the Crawfurds, of Crawford, Lou- 
doun, Crosby, &c., inhcriti'd the estate of 
Newfield at the decease of his father in 
17M. He was formerly a captain in die 
7th Hussars, and served with that legiinent 
in the Peninsula. 

Tbe extreme aneestor of the famflr of 

Chawfurd in Scotland, as shewn in vol, ii. 
p. xiv. was Reginald, apparently fourth 
and youngest son of AuN, tbnrth Earl of 
I Ridimond, wIm died in 1146. He seems to 
• have accompanied David I. to the North, 
when that priuce entered his kingdom from 
the court of his brother-in-law Henry I. of 
England, " followed," says ('halniers, *• by 
a thousand Norman knights, whom he pro- 
nded for and establisbed in bis dominions 
for their ciM'lization and protection.'' Regi- 
nald received extensive grants of lands in 
Strath Cloyd, or Clydesdale, whence bis 
immediate descendants adt^ted the name — 
Crawfurd — it forming one of the largest 
baronies in Scotland whilst entire, some 
three or Amr bniidred merk lands,andt signl* 
fying, according to Chalmers, in Gaelic, "the 
J^ass of Blood, as commemorative probably 
of some sangidnarj conflict between tfeie 
AborigiMS aira dieir Roman invaders* Tho 

t See Robertson's Topographical Description 
of Cvnniagbam, p. S55, 

Digitized by Google 


pass, howerer, near which stnnfls the ruins 
of Crawfurd Castle, U deiiiigaated Gorman 
GiU, commemorative equally of their Imt 
invaders, or of the people Ijy whom thp >iib- 
Tenion of the Celtic race in the Lowlands 
WBfl effected.* 

The first settler and founder of the family 
does not appear to hare assumed his name 
from hislutids. He probably died previous to 
the general introduction of that practice, es 
prior to llGl, or during thr incumhfMify of 
Arnot, abbot of Kelso, JuUu de Crawl urd. 
Ml eon, witnesaee deeds in die Chartnlary of 
tiiat monastery along witli BnlrUvin de Big- 
giir» ancestor to the Earls of Wigton, and 
fie is therein styled «lcp mn to Bt^mht. 
Where tliis John established his residence 
was termed, says Chalmers, "Villum Jo- 
bannia JWiviqul Baldwini ;" and the cir- 
cumjacent vjlhige that arose John's-ttmm ; 
this portion of the barony constitutinp: tin 
parish of Crawfurd- John, in contradistiuc- 
tion to Crawfurd proper, inherited by his 
elder brother. " From the el fir r braut h," 
(observes George Crawfurd the genealogist, 
quoting the learned professor Thomas Craw- 
furd's MSS.) "came heirs female — but 
another part of the barony remained with 
the heirs male (desceuded from Keginalti), 
from whom derived the Crawii^^kds, of Low- 
don ; and fmm ,Inhn, h'i9. (Reginald's) son, 
came the det^igiiatiou ol Crawfard-Jolw." 

DoMiNVS OikLntBDUs DB Cmwfuro, the 
elder branch, ranking with the Magnate, 
Scotise, is a frequent witness to his sove- 
reign King WiLLUM the Lion's charters; 
so ranch so, ohserres Crawfurd, '* he «>e('ms 
to have had some general relation to the 
king's service or another;" but tor which 
ha was unable to account. The recorded 
Jtindred, in Jolm Le Scott's charter, (nephew 
to the king), in the chartnlary of the/nonas- 
tery of An>ros(h, and John Le Scott*s near 
connexion with the then and last Earl of 
Richmond of that line, Reginald's elder bro- 
ther, render his aggrandizement not of such 
difficult solvtfon. He had a son, 

Galfkedus, who died in 120(2, who left an 
•nly son, 

John db Crawtvrd Miles, who dying in 

12-18, was huriet! iti Melrose Abbey, and 
his estates divided between his two ilaugh- 
tera and co-heiresses; the elder marrying 
Archibald dr Dor(iLAs,t from which mar- 
riage descended the renowned Earls of 
Douglas; and of which lady (by whom, as 
Chalmers shows, the Dowglass obtained 
their first considerable addition of property) 
there is a very perfect and bcautiiul eiligy 
in Douglas church, Lanarkshire, opposite 

* The instiMtioQs of law and order, observes 
ChalnterB, wars now first tntradnced iiMi^ a har^ 
bariMij riu-e, bv p< npU* of a difliirsnt lioei^ and 
speaking a diff«r«at tongue. 

t 8ss Chart, sf Newholtis Abbey. 

that of Douglas, Dakf> of Turin, but a cen- 
tury older. The second married David de 
Lindsay, from whom descended the earls of 
r'lawfurd, distingnished in Scoltisli history. 
Between those two females the territory of 
Crawford proper went; styled afterwards 
Craw/urdrDav^Uu and, O wtf urd'Lmd- 

We now revert to John Privigui Bald- 
win!, the second son of Reginald, the first 

settler, and younger brother or nncle to 
Dominus Gaifredus above — designated of 
CiuwruRD-JoHN. From him descended his 
son or grandson, 

Sir Kboinald de Crawfurd, a personage 
of great eminence, who espoused cir. an. 
1200, the heiress of the extensive Barony of 
Lowdon, in Ayrshire, (which afterwards 
gavti the title of Earl to iu possessors) and 
he became ^e first Vicecomes or high She- 
riff, synonymous with Lord of 
the county, the office beins; made hereditary 
in his family. He died in 1396, when he 
was succeeded by his sou, 

Hugh de Crawfurd, of London, Vice- 
comes de Air. He was one of the Mag- 
nates et Barones Scotiae,"^ observes Nesbit, 
" and with his father Reginald and other 
great persons witnesses the charters of Wal- 
ter the High Steward of Scotland." '* He 
had a charter from the Iliph Cotistnblr of the 
lands of Monoch et de tota terra de Crosby, in 
1396 ; which is stiU enjoyed by Us decend- 
ants, the inheritors of Crosby. (An. 1700, 
when Nesbit wrote.) *' This Hugh, second 
Baron of Lowdon," says Crawfurd, "left two 
sons, Hugh, the heir of the family, and Re- 
ginald, the first of that branch of (bo Craw- 
furds of Kerse," and he quotes a charter in 
the Earl of Lowdon's chartnlary which he 
liad seen, ** Hugo de Cr uvfurd filiiis Hu- 
goui dc Crawfurd scedes uoh dedis^sui Regi- 

t John da Crawford, of Crawftnd-Jobn, beine 

the bearing the name that CLahners baa 
met with (see VoL 1 1 1. Caledonia) j be appean to 
consider his harony as that that was divtded be- 

tr t (Mi ro-beiresse^'- T^ut this is r rtrndicted by 
so niftay old autbontit>«, attd by a aot« even in hu 
first ▼onine, which be appears to have ovmloolced 
as to neutmlize t)iis opinion — for be shows in that 
note, from onc> of the Douglas' charters, within a 
y^ur of tlip demiso of Sir John Crawfurd, his 
fatlier-in-law, that lir, Dnwplas, was then dis- 
puung his boundnry with John de Crawfurd, — 
which sufficiently proved the then existenca of 
heirs male to a certain portion of the territory of 
Crawfurd, after the dismemberment, as above, of 
the principal domain : in fact, it proved the ia- 
iffpitf of the Crawfturd-Joha Barony as it long 
after rsmatned ; becoming first the patrimony of 
the first Reginuld of Lowdon's second ^un Johu, 
and going subaet^uently Inr female to the fiunily of 
Barlrley, of Kilbmia, and otiierB. 

$ Thos« Baronf'S Majores heM imn < lirtelv of 
the king and sat in ParUameot iu vurtue uf their 
hoMinga. . 


wMo tmtwi meo cwrnall pfo boma^o suo 

totem partem terre inee de Kerse.' Tin- 
iait named Hugh succeeded bis father iu 
IM6, in Lowdon, and as Viceeomet de Air, 
aad by hi« «ife Aljela» left a mb Reginald 
and a dau.r>!trr Margaret^ who married Sir 
Mitlcoltu W aiUce, of EUeraley, aud was 
moUiMrof dw imoMyrtal patriot Sir Willum 
W »Li ACE the gn.irdinn Kugh died in 1286» 
wben he waa succeeded by his aon. 

Silt Rbgimald CEAWPVtD, VioecoiBM de 
Kir. " During the competition for the crown, 
between Bnice and Baliol." savs Nesbit, 

when eoatlcrs came to a crisis, no Scotch- 
■MO eTer acted the part more of a firm and 
inflexible patriot thrrn Sir KcciiKild Cmv^-- 
litnly or waa luore rcMlute lu a»«erUug wah 
SBsl end intrepid eenmge tiie liberties of bis 

country ; so that he '^■ns an cyr-sore to tlir 
Kn(|liili and all that were iu their interest 
ift we weet, by wbon be was, together widi 
Sir Aim Montgcmierie and Sir Bryce Blair, 
treacherously murdered at a banquet at Ayr, 
iu \2i/7 ;"• leaving two sous, Ist, REGINALD, 
his successor in Lowdon, and 2nd, HtJQHf 
who inherited Crosby Monocli.&c. and term- 
ed West Lowdon, of wbom afterwards " Sir 
Kefinnld, celled Sir Ronald the younger," 
says Nesbit, " was just such another patriot, 
for defence of t})c liberti#8 of liis distress- 
ed eountry, as his father had been. He 
wes among the first of his ooontnrmeii who 
jr.m»»d Sir William Wallace, and was with 
hiui lu all the dangers to which he waa ex- 
pe ee d. He was oae of tbe firrt that resorted 
to Bruce when he fr t about recorering the 
lost liberties of his country. But being 
takenpfisoner ntOelloway, along with Ales- 
anderand U in'il TJruce, the king's hrotliers ; 
they were all three sent prisoners to Lon- 
don, where they were condemned to death, 
and executed in 1306 ; without respect either 
to ?hf ir Trifrit nr qnality ; which lays a great 
loiul on the memory of that king (£dward) 
wio eottid destroy and cut off snch men, 
wbosr rm!y crime was their strenuous sup- 
port of the liberty of their coanb-y. He 
left oae only daughter, Dane Stisan Craw- 
fard, who married Sir Duncan Campbell, of 
Redcastle; whereupon they have -m invf^g- 
ticure under the great seal of the greut t slate 
of Lowdon to ^em and their heirs, whom 
f-iili-ng, to the lady rtnd hrr hf»ir<i." Prom 
tuiM marriage lineally descends the present 
FuMtA-ififfa CaifnuL»Ri>WDoii-Hii8Tiin}8, 
CorrvTE^s or Lxtt'don, in her oun right, 
and her son the present Marol'IS op Hast- 
nws. (See BmMt Peerage.) Sir Regt- 
nsid thos dying without male issue, the re- 
presentation of the house of Crawfurd re- 
rerted to his cousin-german, 

• Thi- motto of thf family " I bi Je my time," is 
mui to hare been adopted by his deac«adwit«, de- 
aoMve ctlhea Jsrifs be rersage. 

HvoN Crawford, of Crosby, Ice. second 

son of Sir Reginald, who was murdered at 
Air, in Vi97. Those his lands of Crosby, 
and others named below, are naturally omit- 
ted in the emuneradon of the lands ibbe- 
rited b^ Susan, n'* sft forth in her refour or 
envcstiture. They were devised to the now 
male heir by her grandfather, in whose time 
we find, in tlie history of Sir William V. .kU 
lace, that be (ound refuge from tbe persuit 
of the English at bis nncle's castle of Croe- 
by." "This family," says Nesbit, "were 
from their first descent from Lowdon, p<»- 
sessed of the 14 pound lands of Crosby — 
the 6 pound land of Monoch and Gill — the 
a nicrk InmLs of AiildmTiir, nnd 6 merk 
lauds of V\ hileside, all lo the shire of Air,** 
and snbseqnently of tbe 13 poond hmd of 
Atirhnanies, Renfrewshire. George Craw- 
furd remarks their possession of the lands 
of Crosby and Monoch, bow/' be efiierres, 
'* I cannot say, but the thing is certain." 
And Hamilton, of Wi?hr?w, in his History 
of the Sheriffdoms ot;irk and Renfrew, 
says," This (Crosby) ib ane very ancient 
ffimily, and claims to be chief of the clan." 
Hugh Crawfurd, of Crosby, died prior to 
the year 19!M^ wben be was snooeeded by 
his 8on,f 

KE(iiNALD Crawfurd, of Cropby, who ob- 
tained in 1320, a grant of the lands of Au- 
CHIN-AMES, in Renfrewshire, for bis services 
to Rohf>rf Bruce, as \vr]\ as an augmenta- 
tion to his arms of two lances in saltire, 
comueinoratiTe of bis exploits at Bannocfc- 
bom. To bin sneceeded bis son, 

Reginald CRAwn nn, of Auchinames* 
and Crosby, whose name appears prefixed 
as a witness to a charter by Robert, the 
high steward, in 1958. His son and suo- 

Thomas Crawfvrd, § of Aucbinames, is 
mentioned by Crawfurd, in his History of 
Renfrewshire, in which he relates the sub- 
stance of a mortification to the church of 
Kilbarchau, dated 1401, for a monk to say 
mass for the salvation of his soul, aud his 
wife's, and his father's, aud mother's, and 
for die sonl of Reginald CrawAird, hn 

grandfather. He wedded tlie daughter aud 
heiress of Malcolm Ualbraith, aud was s. by 
hi., son, 

ARCiirBALD Crawfurd, of Auchinaraes, 
who m. Margaret, daughter and co-hetress 

t 1 he ftome writer repri$sent& th« cmile of Au- 
chinamesasa " W'nr tower now rapidly eoing to 
decay by reason of Crosby's bemrniing me cesi- 
deuce of the family." 

t Aucbinames being tbe larj^er possession be- 
came the designation of the family, though in a 
different county and a less aneieot estate. 

^ Crnwfunl, the eminent historian nni\ t eru'- 
alogi4t, deduceii theCaAwrvans of Kiuiiknii: from 
a younger brother of this llionuis, (see page 5^). 

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of Sir William Douglas, of Peireetoun, and 
had (with a younger child, Thomas, ancestor 
of the Crawfunu of Thirdpart) a son and 

Robert Crawfurd, of Aachinames, w ho 
wedded, first, — , daughter of Archibald, 
Earl of Aiig:us; andMOOndlv, a dM|^terof 
Hou5tonii, of Hon<<toiTn. At WM «. ftt ilk 
Uecea«e by his eldest aon» 

RoBBRT CiuwrvftD, of AncUiiimie*, w1h>, 
in 1488, acted as nrbiler between the abbot 
and convent of Paisley, and the burgh of 
Renfrew. This gentleman arcompanying 
his sovereign, James IV. to the battle of 
Flodden, was there slain in I61d» nod wai 
«. by his eldest son, 

Jamm Cbawfurd, of AnchiBMnee, who 
obtained from his father in 1498, a charter 
of Crosby end Monoch. To him succeeded 
hie aon, 

Thomas CRAWFtrRD,of Auchinames, living 
in 1536. This laird m. Marion, daughter of 
Montgomery, of Hazlehead, great graudau. 
of Alexander. Ma.«U'r of Bf^DlOO, eon of 
Alexander, Ist Lord Montgomerie, and by 
whom he had three sons, successive Lairds 
of AneUnnnee, by the eldeet of whom, 

Jonv Citwvn KP. of Auchinames, he ^vas 
succeeded at his decease. This gentleman 
being slain at the bntUe of Pinkie in IM7» 
end dying without issue, the eslniM de- 
Tolved on bis next brother, 

William Crawfurd, of Auchinames, who 
wedded Annabel, daughter of Chnlnien of 
Gndgirtli, and had one son, 

James, who m. the Lady £lizabeih 
Cunningham, daughter of William 
sixth Earl of Glcncairn, by a daugh- 
ter of Gordon of Lochinvar, and pre- 
deceasing his father, left an only 

Jank, on whom he settled the 
lands of Crosby. This lady 
wedded, about the year \606, 
PiTiiKK ('rawfi'RD, of Auchi- 
names, and thus the ancient 
estatei of the family were re- 


William Crawfurd died in 1582, when the 
barony of Auchinames reverted to the male 
heir his uncle, 

Patrick Crawfi'rd. of Anchi'natne?, who 
m. a daughter of John Frazer, ihird laird 
of Knock* (by Margaret, his wife, only child 
and heire?? of Sir John Stuart, of Glender- 
aton, fourth sou of John, first Earl of Len- 
noxt grandaon of the oelehrated Sir John 
Stuart, Count Devereux, fleld-martihall of 
France), and had a son and successor, 

WiujAM Crawfurd, of Anchinames, who 
wedded, in 1587. a daughter of Sir Patrick 
HoustOttOf of thai Ilk, and waa «• by his 

* A brsnch of the Lovat family* 

Patrick Crawfitrd, of Aucbiname«>. wfio 
espoused in 1606, Jane Crawfurd, heir«su> 
of Croaby, and than again untied fho nncif nt 
estateaofCroahy and Anehinnmea. Hehftd 

William, his heir. 

Jamea, whose iaaae if extinct. 

EoBKRT, of NethermaiaBt whooonttnmd 
the family. 



Hiiijh, minister of Cnnniock, fatlker of 

Hugh Crawfurd, of Gride. 

Elisabeth, m. to RoheH Huntnr» of 

Auchinatnes was bv his fldest smi, 

A\ lU.iAM Chawfuru, ol Auchinames, who 
wa.s infeft in 1649. He m. Auan, daughter 
of Sir Coll Lamont. of Inner}'Tif>, and hnd^ 
with several daughters, a son and heir, 

Archibald CRAwrvnA, of Auehinames. 
Crosby, &c. the sixteenth baron or chief 
of this family descended from Loudoim in 
a direct male line. He m. a daughter oi For* 
(erfield, of diat Ilk, and had a aon, 

William, who vi. Ilelrn, tiaughter of 
Sir Thomas Burnet, of Crimond, and 
dying vitA patris left BO only daugh> 
ter, who wedded PatridL Edmonston« 
of Newton, and had several children. 

Archibald having left no male issue the 
eatalea of Auchmamea and Croaby were 

brought to judicial sale in 1715, during the 
minority of his grand-daughter, and were 
purchased by Patrick Craufurd, merchant. 
Edinburgh, yonoger brother to David Crau- 
fun! of Drumsoy, (of the Kerse family) and 
eventually his heir. Hence Drumsoy is 
styled of Auchinamea. Crosby, acquirea as 
above, is still possessed by his df-crTidant, 
John Craufurd. The above Patrick of Druai> 
soy, married Jane, second daughter to Ardiio 
bald of Auchinames, but the representation 
of the family through female went by his 
grand-daughter to the Edmonstons — the male 
representation reverted to his uncle, 

RoBF.RT Crawfttrd, designed by Nisbet, 
" Captain Robert Crawfurd, of Nether- 
mains;" and that the Nethemaiaa so al* 
luded to, was the N«'thermains of Kilwin- 
ning, whence sprang the Crawfurds of New- 
field, is sofficiently attested by the will of 
Patrick Crawfurd, of Auchinames, lately 
discovered among the records of the Com- 
missary Court of Glasgow. This testament 
bears date at Crosby, parish of Largs, the 
XII day of December, 1G18, and in it are 
enumerated his children by name ; it is 
** witnessed by WilUam Craufurd, younger, 
of Auchinames, my son ; Robert Hunter, 

of Hunterston, my son-in-law and fiobcrt 

Digitized by Google, 


Gnwfsfd, of KayrvunnSj* also my lawful 
SOB." and writtmi by his SOU JamcSf wbo 

mui bred to tha bar.t 

lU^rt Crawford married Christian, dau- 
•adco-heiicM of Robert Broim, of Nedier- 
msins and Barrowlands ; which latter estate 
»a» conveyed by the yooBger aiater to her 
tefhaad, Alexander Blair, of Oiffonlland. 
He died in 1678, laaving llirea aona^ 


Patrick, > aucceisiaire heirs. 
Iloau, j 

Tip tain Crawfbid was tnecffded by hit 

elder aon, 

Robert CKAw>oRD,M.i>. of Netheriuaius, 
«bo M. tnt, a dangkter of tlie Rtw, George 

* AldMnif^h the paiiib regnim do not ««C«Bd 

*affici^nt! v l.ack to s^inir bv rerorc? of mam":!c»t; 
km this property waa actjuired, tbat u shown bv 
tha fcH aw in g documents. There ia upon reeoni 
a proc—l which atte«tii the grandmother of Robert 
Ciavfijrd, portituker of Groateliolnie below, (the 
fnodson or Robert and Christian Crawfiird), to 
h«ra ban iha nraprietress ^ heiress) of Nether- 
mAml And from the rM^utry of Sasias and 
Tt44our9, it h clearly estabU^ed that then WB8 no 
kwMs or femA^ proprietor during the aeven- 
Imtt emtnry, except ChristiaB Brown ita first, 
iiii A.-nf-s rVawturd this Robert of Groate- 
s cousu>-gisrm«a, ita last oroprietrix. In 
tb* registry of Saiias, An. 1649, (hare appears the 
deed of reaignatien tr, daughter, by Robert 
Brown, of Moat, Banrowlauuis and Nethermatos. 
*• of an the kmda «aitf«H ertratus of Nethermams, 
Kllwinuinp, in favour of Robert Crn'Tfnrd and 
Cbmtsm Brown, hi* tfmae and their heirs," 6cc. 
TUa sbowa the property came by female, and wbo 
•bs wa*. Now for similar proof of her husband. 
The tenoar ol Agnes's Retour below in 1783. 
maA tlaa: "Qui jure dicunt quod quondam 
(' ■ p i tn wa Bob^tu* Crawfurd Urtitu Ugitimm 
^fiaf Patrifii Crmefvrd <U Auciunaxiiei A vua Agnate 
Ciawfurd,'' cic. And farther, " in fiiTomm dicti 
jywi a m Camitani Roberti CrawiiDd at quondam 
CWdisa* Brmm, ice, Et qvod dieta Agneta 
Crawfurd est lep"tim;i et [ I 'l inquior ha-rea dicti 
Qaandaoa Canitant Roberti Crawford sai an in 
Onana atSiagiilia pr«dielia Terria de ATef Asiw 
•rnr J," i^c. Nor was there any proprietor daring 
titt Ktrrenteenth century of the name of Crawford^ 
etcept Robert or Captain Robert Crawfhrd and 
bis three immedintp ?iic-cessors and fip^cprid^ints. 
See Sapplement to HobertAon's Ayrshire County 
Histary quoting further proof illustratire of thia 
Boiat, oootinQeo by pariah regi3ter<? and other 
doeaaienta corroborative of entries of baptisms in 
IB old &mily bible of Captain Cntwfiirdi u» he is 
•tyWd in the MSS.. the same as in Retour, now in 
paeeearioB of his great-great grandson. Colonel 
Crawfijrd, of Newfiehl. Also notorial copy of 
peiok evidence of Colonel Boyle, of Shewalton, 
eofroborated by hia noAer^ oie iMe honourable 
iff?. R'-.vlt, T-Tuching this (thij Xc-aRhM Timnoh) 
Wuxg the representatire us the nude descendants 
ef AocboMMa. C hri U MB Bmwa «r Ciawftiid, 
«*d ia 1700. ifad niaa^-thna. 

Agnes Dickie, bat dytn|p«.j». wa*#. by bit 


Patrick Crawford, esq. ofNethertnains, 
who had an only daughter Agnrs, who 
wedded in 1709, John Ro d, escj. of Crane- 
berry Moas, and appears to imve alienated 
NetharmaiBB to a mniiy of the name of 
Glasg^ow. Har retour,dAted 1723, call^ hor 
nearest heir to her grandfather. Captain 
Robert Crawfurd, wbo waa *<tertioa legiti- 
mus filtoa Patridi Crawford, da Aaehe- 

On the demise of Patrick Crawfurd, of 
Nethermains without male isaaa, the rapro- 
sentation devolved on hia brother, 

Moses Crawfvrd, esq. who m. fint 
Marion Francia, of Ihe ancient fMnihr of 
FrriTK of Stanr, ^nd liad a sou Archibald, 
(named alter his cousin-german, the last of 
AvehfoaBMa, Iben reaidaat at Cnieby.) who 
died in infancy, and a daughter Christian. 
He v%edded secondly, Janet Allafwin, grand- 
daughter of Allason, of Curreath, and had by 
her fwho died in 17W,) 
KoBHRT, his heir. 

Arcliibaid, wliose son Moses emigrated 
to America, and had a aon Moaef, a 
Lieut R. N. lately deoaasod. 

Darid. " 



Mr. Crawfurd died in 1733, and waa t, by 
his eldest son, 

Robert Crawfurd, esq. bom in 1707, 

who espoused Marion Brison, eo -heiress of 
the lands of Groateholme, in the parish of 
Kilvinnjng. Tbla ii the aane person de- 
scribed ill note abore as PtwtiMier of Groat- 
holm. They had i!»«ne, 
Robert, died young. 


Archibald, bom io 1740, wbo died ia 


Pntrick, h, ia 1748, abo died in India. 

George, died 




Elizabeth, m. to R. Tbompaon, eaq. of 

Mr. Crawfurd died in 1772, and waa bvc^ 

ceeded by his eldest survivinj^ son, 

Moses Crawfurd, esq. who went to In- 
dia about the year 1765, and (here attained 

the rank nf Major in the company's service. 
He waa second in command at the capture 

t See RobfrUon's iatsrestuig ** Aceoimt of the 

Principal Families in Ayrshire." 

t Representative of the I hirdpart branch, cadets 
of Aucnnames, whom Robertson mistakingly in- 
serts in the pedigree nf this familv, but rrrtifies in 
bis Supplement, lie nas anceiitor to Crawfurd 
of Nenwk* 

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of Beeebigar, a strong hill Ibrt on the 

Ganprs, and was left in command of that 
place with a garrison ol 20U0 men. Return- 
ing home in t783, he purchased the estate 

of Nt w fi' 1(1, and wedded, in two years after 
Marjgaret, eldest daughter of the late John 
MlCerreli. esq. of Hillbouse, by whom be 

had issue, 

RoRKR r. his heir. 

John, M.ijor 6tb Foot, who serving 
durinj; thePeninsttlarWar, was pre- 
sent at tlie battles of Salamanca and 
Orthes, and wounded and taken pri- 
soner in the latter engagement. 

Archibald, Major of Artillery in die 
T.;\^t India Company's Servicp, who 
m. Octavia, daughter of the late 
Colonel James Pbetp, of Costoo 
House, in the oottoty Leicester, and 
has a fton^ 

Patiidi, M. D. who died in India. 

Marg^arrt, m. to the Rev. Dr. Alrxnn- 
der iiill, Minister of Daily, and ha« 

Major Crawfurd died in 1794, and was 
succeeded by hh eldest son, duw- 
FURD, esq. of Newfield, now representative 
of the Crmwfnrds, of Crawfurd, Croxby, &c. 

Amu. — Quarterly, first and fourth. 
a fcase ermine for Okawfurd, of Crawfurd ; 
Seeond and third, arg. three eseuteheons sa. 
forLoUDOl'N, of Loudoun ; and a central coat 
gn. tbereon a (ess erm. surmounted by two 
spears saltier ways for Crosby. 

Supporters. — -Two stags gu. 

CrMt.— A phmoix rising from the flames 

Mott9t»—*'GiA shaw <he tight,'* nod *' I 

• hide my time." 

E*tatt» — In Ayrshire. 
Sref—Newfield, near Kilmamoek. 

*,* Of the other families of the name of 
Crawfurd, all are descended from Loudoun, 
or cadets of such. 

The principal are, 

CaAwrVBO, of Crawfnrdland, in Ayrslure, 

descended from the fiist Hugh Crawfurd, 

of Loudonn, now represented by female 
heirs. Lieutenant-colonel Walktngshaw 
CrawAird, of Crawfnrdland, who distia> 

guislu d litmself at the battles of Detting^en 
and Fontenoy, was the twenty-first, and last 
male heir of that branch. 

Craufi'rd, of Carse or Korse, in Kin^;'^ 
Kylf, Ayrsliire, also sprung from Wn^h 
Crawfurd hrt^t of the name ot iiouduun. 
From this branch nre Cranfurd of Dmmaoy 
(now styled of Anehinamf ^\ through pur- 
chase of that estate), and Craufurdofof Doon- 
Hide. The arms of this (Kerse) family are 
distinct from all the others of the name— 
beinj; argent, three stags' heads ^ules. The 
spelling of tite name is also ditlerent. 

CRAwrvRD, of Ardmillan, in Ayrshire, 
according: to Robertson, descended from 
Loudoun ; but, by Georae Crawfurd's MS. 
Advocate's library, iMinbargh, derived 
from Crosby or from Kilbirnie. 

Sh ( TTf- VH <M ofSwettf.nham.— The late 
Milliugton Eutou Swetteuham had no son 
GEUROt, but a brother of that aame, who 
d. s. p. 

Anderton of Euxton. 

The folluuing extract from the Mer- 
cnrins Politioiis of Angnst die 16th, 
a republican paper, describing a vi<it 
of King Charles 11. to the Anderloos 
of Enxton, shows tfie violent spirit 

of the times. 
"August 14, 1650. This day Charles 
Stuart lodged at Euxtonburgb, six miles on 
this syde of Preston, being Sir Hu^^li An* 
derton's house, who was prisoner at Lan- 
caster, but sett at liberty hy the Scott*, 
This Anderton is a bloody papist, and one 
that, when Prince Rupert \v:ts at Hoiton. 
boasted much of being iu blood to the elbows 
on tiiat cmell massacre. The next niglit 
tlieyr king lodged at Brine, six miles from 
Warrington, being Sir William Gerard's 
house, who is a subtile jesuited papist. This 
dissembling Scott trusts none so well in 
Lancashire for bis boates as the papists." 

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COKE, THOMAS-WILLIAM, Es.i. of TToll.ham, m the county of Norfolk, m. first, 

Jane, daug'liter ofJumes Diitton, osq. by whom (who in 
June, 1 800) he haa three daughters, viz. 

1, Jane-Elizabt ili, m. first in 179fi. to Charlcs-Neviiison, 
Viscount Andov« r, who vrrn* kilk d hy the accidental 
bursting of his fowling piece, in 18uO. Her lady^tliip 
Mpooaed, secondly, in 1806, Vice Admiral Sir Henry 
Digby, K.C.B. and has issue, 

Edwanl St. Vin< « lit Digby, b, 21st June, 1800. 
Kenclm-Henry Digby, b. 8th Anjru^f. IKii. 
Jaae-Elisftbeth Digby, m. first, ioth Sept. 1824, to 
Lord Ellenboroagli, which marriage waa disaolved 
by act of parliament in 1830, and secondly, to Baron 

k^^^A Aune-Marguret, m. in September, 1794, to Thomas 

'OnKf Anson, esq. of Shndiborough, afterwards created Vis- 

J COUNT Anson, hy whom (who d, in 1^18) her ladyship 

^^^^t^T^^^""^^ .several other children, 

^^•^^ Thornas-Williuin An!«on. present K\ni. op Lichfip.i.d. 

3. Elizabeth -^^ ilhelmina, m, in iH'J^2, to John-Spencer 
Stanhope, esq. of Camion Hall, in the coonly of Yoric, 
and hafl iaaa«. 

Mr. Colce espoosed, ieeondly, in Felaiiary, 1822, Lady Anne-Amelia Keppel, daughter 

of Winiam-Charleg, preaent Earl of Albemarle, and has iasue, 

Thomas-William, ^ 9601 December, 1803. 
F^lward Keppel, b. 20th Aupust, 1804, 
ileury-John, b. 3rd January, 1827. 
Wenman-Clarenee*Walpole, h, ISth Jnly, 1838. 
Uargaret-Sophia, h, 7th March, 1888. 

Mr. Colte represented the county of Norfolk for many yean in parliament. He.sae- 

ceeded to the eotatea at tb« decease of his father in 1776. 

The family of Coke, from which Air. Coke 
derives ibrougli female desscent. and which 
he now represents, is deduced by Camden, 

WlLUvM CoKF, of Doddington, in the 
county of Norfolk, nieiitinned in a deed, anno 
1206, who was father, by liis wife Felice, of 

Geoffrey Cokk, of DoUuiugtou, from 
whom descended 

Sir Edward Coke, the celebrated lawyer. 
This eminent per«onj til*' ^'m of Hobcrt Coke, 
esq. of Mileham, in the county of Norfolk, 
and Winifired, lus wife, daughter, and one of 

the heir«: of William Knightley, of Morgrave- 
Knigbtli y, in the same shire, was born at 
the seat of his father, and at ten years of 
age sent to die grammar-school at Norwich, 
whence he removed to Trinity College, Cam> 
briiltci', Nshcrt' h<^ stiidit d fur four year?, and 
was in some years afterwards chosn-u lii|,^h- 
steward of that university. From Cambridge 
he removed to Cliiford's-Inn, and, the year 
after, he was entered a student in tlie luner^ 
Temple, whence he was called to the bar, 
and being chosen reader in Lyon's-Inn, ac- 
quired SO much celebrity, that he very soon 



attained considerable pracli< (> Almnt this 
period he married Bridget, dau^Miter and co- 
heir of John Paston, esq. of Huntingfield 
HaU, in the connty of Stttbll^ third son of 
Sir WiUiam Pastoa, of Paston, with whom 
he acqnircd a fortimp of thirty tliousand 
pounds. An alliance, too, tliat brought him 
bouuurs and preferments as well as wraldl. 
The cities of Coratry and Norwich soon 
after elected him their recorder. The coanty 
of Norfolk returned him to parliament, and 
th.- House of Commons placed him in the 
sptaker b chair. In the 36«li of Elisabeth 
(iO&2), Mr. Coke was appointed Solicitor, 
aioAthenextyeSir Attorney gejieruJ In UiO.'J 
1u' rt-ceived the honour of knitjlith > <i iroiu 
KiuR James I. at Greenwich, and in three 
years afterwards was elerated to the hench 
as chief of the court of Common Pleas, from 
which he was advanced, in IfilJl, to the dig- 
nity of CliiF.t .IrsTU F or Evui.AND (being 
the last person who bore that title), and 
sworn of the privy council. His lofdship 
incurred suhsequently, however, the displea- 
sure of the court ; and while in dis^'^T H *", 
hearini; that a u(»ble lord had 2»olicitcd from 
the crown a portion of the lands belonging 
to die church at Norwich, which he had re- 
covered, and settled thereon, he cautioned 
the peer to delist, or that he would resume 
his gown and cap, and come into Westmin- 
ster HaU once again, to plead the eanse of 
the church. Between his paternal property, 
the great marriage portion he had with his 
wife, and his valuable offices and lucrative 
praetice at tlie bar. Sir Edward Coke realized 
au estate so ample, ttiateach of his Sons pos- 
sessed a fortune eqiwl to that of an elder 
brother. Camden, in his BHtanuta, say<«, 
that he wa» a person of admirable parts, 
than whom, as none ever applied himsel ' 
closer to the study of the law, so never did 
any one understand it better. Of whicli he 
fully convinced Eupland, by his ext ( llmt 
administration for oiany years together, 
whilst attorney-general, and by executing 
the office of Lord Chief Justice of the Com- 
mon Pleas with the greatest wisdom and pru- 
dence ; nor did he give less proof of his 
abilities in his excellent liepurig, and Com- 
mentaries upon our Law;», whereby he has 
highly obliged both his own age and poste- 
rity." His lordship d. 3rd September, 1088, 
at the advanced age of eighty-three. A no- 
ble monument was erected to his memory at 
Tittleshall church, Norfolk, with his effigies 
habited in judge's robes, lying at lull length. 

under a canopy supported by two marble 
pillars, on the top of which are four large 
figures, and between the pillars two marble 
tables, Willi jfbese inseriptioBs:— 

Dao OmMO Maximo. 

H» ExttvisB Hunisaw Bxpeetsnt 

Resurrectionem Piorum 
Hio Situ£ est uon Perituri 
Ncmiius EvTARDiTs Com 
Eooss AviiATus Legum animS 
Ititerpres Ommlnm non Dubium 
Amanonun Promicoudus Mytteriorun 
Cujus FsTOuniiiB Benefido 
Jorisperiti nMtrt sunt Juris* 
periti Kloquenttfr Fubnea 
Torreos Fulmea 
8mdB Saoecdos unieos 
Divinis Ileros 
Pro Rostris it« Dixit 
ttt Literis insudasse crederes non nijii 
Ita Vixit ut non nisi Divinis 
Saoerrimua intimx Pietatia 

latogritM Ipsa Vena 8«mp«p 
Causa- Constuiif issimtia Assertnr 
Nec favore nee Muneribus \ lolandus 
Eximie Misericora CbariOT «nt 
Haie rftus Quaro sibi 
(MiracuU inslur i\st) 
Sicoccalus Mcpe ille audiit Sententiam 
In »e Prolstam Nunquam Hie Nisi 
Madidoculua Protulit Soientia: Occaiios 
Quicnu- Duin Vixit Bibliothpcn riTa, 
inortuus dici meruit i'arena 
Dttodscim Liberaram Tiedeetm 
Librorum Pater 
FaceMant Ilinr Mtmutuenta 
Facessant Marmora 
(Niai quod Pios FttiMO Dmotsrint Poslaros) 
Ipie sibi suum etit monumcntom 
Marmore Perenniua 
Ipse sibi sua 
Eat /Btemita*. 


DeaicATiD TO tub M raoav ov 

Sir Edward Coke, Knt. 
A late Reverend Judge. Bom 
At Milebam, in this county of Norfolk. 

ExeeUent in all Learning, Divine 
and Humane. That tor his own, this 

for his Country's Good, especially 
in the Knowledge and Prsetioe of the 
Munieipall Laws of this Kingdoow. 
a famons Reader, a sound 
Cooosellor ; in his younger Vear* 
Haeoider of the Citioa of Norwidi and 
London. Next Solieitor-Genml 

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to Qneen Elinheth, and Speaker 
oftlM rarliaioent in Um XXXV Ymn 
of hir Reigntf. Aiteiwnnia Attorney- 
General to r^T" "nmn Qti«*en, as alao to 
bar Successor, King James, to both a 
ftidifii] S«rrait fat their Magtie*. 
ftr their Saftiea. By Kin^ JoniM 

eonstituted Chief Justice of both 
Benches soccessirdy, in both a just* 
in bodi an emmptaiy Judge, on* «f fait 
Majtys ntost Hon. Pririe C'ouncill, as also 
of Council to Quppn Ann*', and Chief Juslice 
in Eire of all her Forrests, I'urks, and Chaaos, 
BMMd«r of tk* Ckfo of Curentri*, and 

High Steward of llie Univeraity of CBm-> 
bridge, whereof he was sometime 
• Member of Trinitie Colledge. 
He had two Wives. By Bridgvt 
h'lfi first \Vifo (onfi of the Daughters 
and co-heirs of John Paston, Esq.) he bad 
laane aaren Sena, and thrae Daugli* 
lata; and by the Lady Elizabeth, his 
second WiJfe (one of the Daughters 
of the Right Hon. Tlunnas, late Earl of 
Exeter) be had isaoe 
two Oaiif htsia. 

A CBAar HvmAm, 

A pftonraKT Fatbik. 

And beneath eflBgiet the following in- 

wription : — 

" He Crown 'd his Pious Life with as Pious and 
Chriatiaa Departure at Stoke Pooes in the 
County of ISvcKisoiiJtM on Wadncadaya 
libathii^ Day of S^pt. iri thv vearofotW 
Hia Laac Words 


Learn Reader to Live so 
That thon aaajat so die.* 

Sir Edwiud Coke's daughters, by his last 
wife, were, 

Fllzaboth, who rf. nnmampd. 

Frances, wi. to John Villicrs, Viscount 
Porbecky son and heir of Sir George 
Villiers, by ttary, Dncheas of Bock- 
in^^ham, and eldest brother of George, 
Duke of Buckingham, rf. /. p 
His surviving children, by his first wuV w < rr, 

Robert (Sir), m. Theophila, onlv dau. 
of Thomas, Lord Berkeley a«d tf. 
19th July, 1653, issueless. 

Arthur, m. Elizabeth, daughter nnd 
heiress of Sir George Walgrave, lint, 
of Hitchaitt, inthe county of Noi folk, 
and left at hb dceease, 6(h December, 
1029, four dauj^hters, his oo-heirs. 

John, of HolkLiam, in the county of 

Norfolk, m.Meriel, daughter ami hrir- 
ess of Antbouy Wheatley, esq. (son 
of WilliamWheatley,Prothonotary of 
the court of Common Rleas), by whom 
he had sevnn sons and sf ven daugh- 
ters, whereof Edwakd, his heir ap- 
parent, died before him, leaving no is- 
sue by Eliaabetii his wife, daughter 
of George, Lord Berkeley, whereby 
tlie inheritance devolved, eventually, 
upon his youngest son, 
John, who dying unmarried, the 
estate of Holkhaii, came to die 
heirs of Hbniiy Coke, of Thur* 
rington, fifth son of Sir Edward 
Coke (next mentioned). 
Henry, of Thurrington, in the county of 
Snflblk, m, Mai^aret, daughter and 
Iieiress of Richard Lorelace, esq. of 
Kingsdov^ n, in the county of Kent, 
and \v!iH X. })\ lii.-* eldest son, 

l^icHAKo, who m. Mary, daughter 
of Sir John Rous, bart. of Hen- 
ham Hall, la die covaty of Snf<» 
folk, and left an only son, 
RoBBRT, of whom hereafter, as 
inheritor of the principal part 
of Sir Bdward Cere's for- 
tune, and grandftfher of the 
first peer. 

Clement, m. Sarah, daughter and co- 
heiress of Alexander Reddish, esq. of 
Reddidk, in Ae county of Lancaster 
(by a daughter and co-helress of Sir 
Robert Langley, of Agecroft, in the 
same shire), by whom he arcpiirpd the 
estate of Longford, in Derby i>hire, and 
was s. in May, leiO, by his elder son, 
Edwaad CoKi, who was created a 
baronet, 30th December, 
He tn. Catherine, daughter and 
co-heiress of Sir Lodowick Dyer, 
knt of Great Stoughtou, in the 
conn^ of H«ntii^doD> and had. 

Robei^ y , 

Bdward j*'*^**^^* Baronets, 

Gaflnnlne, m. to Cornelius 
Clerk, esq. of N<»ton. 

Sir Edward was f. by his elder son. 
Sir Robert Coke, of Lonprford, se- 
cond baronet, M.P. for the county 
of Derby, in the lat of Jameb il. 
who m. Sarah, daughter and co- 
heiress of Barker, esq. of 

Abrightlee, in the counQr of Sa- 


lop, but dying *. p, in 1G17, the 
title and Mtalet devolved upon 
bis brodiert 

Sir Er)\vM?r> r<»Ki', ^if Lonf^ford, 
thiril l»aroiicl, ut whose decease, 
uiuuarricd, 26th August, 1727, 
the baronetcy expired, while 
the estates passed, by tlie b.i- 
ronet's will, to Edward Coke, esq. 
brother of Thomas, first Lord 

Anne, m. 1o Ralph Sadler, esq. ton and 

lieirofSir Ralph Sinlli-r. knt. 
Bridget, m. to William Skinner, esq. 

soil and lif'ir nf Sir Vinr<Mit Skinner. 
So much for the lord chiel justice's children, 
we now return to the grandson of his eon 

RonKUT CoKB, esq. of Thnrrington, 

in SulTolk, who, iip'Mi (lie (!eren<:«' of his 
cousin, (the son ot his fjreat uncle, John,) 
John Coke, esq. of Holkham, unmarried, 
inherited lhat estate, and thus became pos- 
sessed of the chief part of the property of his 
f^Tpnt ^raTulfnther, Sir Edward Coke. He 
m. Lmly Amu- Dsboruc, daughter of Thomas, 
first Duke of Leeds, lord treasurer of Eng- 
land, and was #. at bis decease, 16th January, 
1079, by bis only son, 

Edward Cokf., esq., of Holkham, who m. 
Carrv, (Umixhter of Sir John Newton, hart, 
of Barrow's Court, in Gloucestershire, and 
had issue, 

Thomas, his successor. 
Edward, of Longford, in the county of 
Derby, rf. unmarried, in 173.3, and 
bequeathed his estate to his younger 

Robert, vice •chamberlain of Queen 
Anne, m. in Tunr. 1733, Lady Anne 
ITolf. wi<lnw of .lohn Holt, esq. of 
Hedgrave, in Suffolk, and sister and 
co-heir of Philip, Duke of Wharton, 

but d, M, p* 

Carey, m. to Sir M nrmaduke W}\il. 
bart. of ('onst;iblc Burton, in York- 
shire, but d. issueless, in 1732. 
Anne, m. to Philip Roberts, esq. a ma- 
jor in the 2nd troop of horse-gnards, 
and had (with five younger sons and 
one daughter), 

Wenman Roberts, of whom pre- 
sendy, as eventual inheritor of 
the estates of the Cokes. 


Mr. Coke rf. I9lh April, L707, and was «. by 
bis eldest son, 

Thomas Cokr, esq. of Holkhani, who wa» 
made a Knight of the Bath, 27th May, 1725, 
and elevated to the peerage 28th May, 1728« 
as Baron Lo\'ei^ of Minttet'lmfel, tn ike 
roMif y tfOyfeird, In 1733, his lordship was 
constituted joint pofit-master general, and 
rrMtcd Oth May. 17 M, Vxtctnunl Coke^ of 
Holkham, and Earl of Leicester. He m, 
2nd July, 1718, Lady Mary Tufton,* fourth 
daughter and eo-heiress of Thomas, sixth 
Earl of Thaaet, and had an only son, 

Edward, Visconnt Cohr, whom, in 1747, 
Lady Mary Cnniplxdl. dnM^'hter and 
co-heiress of John, Duke ol .fVrgyll 
and Greenwich, but died, in the life- 
time of his father and mother, withont 
issue, anno 1763. 

This earl commenced the erection of tliat 
stately pile of building; called Holkham Hall, 
in Norfolk, but did not live to see it com- 
pleted. It was, however, llnuhed by hia 
widow, who survived him sixteen years. 
His lonlship d. 20th April, I7r>0, whrn the 
Earldom of Leicester, and inferior honors, 
became extinct, while the entire of his ex- 
tensive estates devolved upon (the son of his 
sister Ankb) his nephew, 

Wevman RocrRT.*:, esq . ivlio assnmrd 
thereupon the surname and arms of Cokr 
only. He m. Mi^ Elizabeth Chamberlayne, 
and had (with two daughters) 
Thomas-Wiluah, his heir. 

Edwa rd. 

Mr. Coke d. in 1776, and was s. by his elder 
son. til c prc-'i nt TUOMAS-WILLLAM CuKE,esq. 

oj Ihilhhiiin. 

A rw«™Pnrty, per pale, gu. and az. three 
eagles displayed ar> 

Creft-~On a chapeau az. turned up 
ermine, an ostrich ar. holding tn its mouCh a 

lior?ie shoe or. 

,Vfj//o-— Prudens qui patien?. 
,Se«<— Holkham Hall, Norfolk. 

• TheHl>oyanceof the Bauonv dk Ci.irrono was 
(enuiiiati'd liv tlic Criiwii in fliis 1. id v's favor io 
17.1^1. and she Uecame JlHmiiess de t^liffunl, but 
outliving her only child Edwsrd, VisoouBt Coke, 
the digniiy fall agmin into sbspace st her ladf- 
sbip's decease in 1775. 

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ANNESLEY, ARTHUR, esq., of Bletchingdon, in tho county of Oxford, b. in 

1760, «. hit lather, Arthur Annesley, esq. in 1773, m. Ca- 
therine, daughter and heir of Admiral Sir Chnrlea Hardy, 
(Governor of Greenwich Hospital) and has had, (with other 
children, who all died uxunarried,) 

1. Arthvh, h. in 1785, in. Eleanor, d.iu. of Henry O'Brieili 
esq. of Ulaiherwycke Park, by wliom he has issue, 

Arthur. Eleanor. 

V V: I I i — I — ~y Temple. Tmy, 

^ ^ ' ^ CharleflnlBBiee. Bfatade. 

Hfnry. Nea. 

2, Charle s, h. in 1789, in holy orders, Fellow of All Souls 
College, Oxford. 

8. G^fbeiine^Elteahelh, h, tn 1791, m. to the Honomble 
and Reveren d John-Evelyn BoieRwen, second aon of 
George, third ^'i^count F ilmonth, and haa issae. 
4. Barbara -Caroline, b. iu 17i/7, m, to Tbomas-TyrwhJtt 
Drake, e&q. of Shardeloes, Bucks, M.P. ibr Anmllftin. 
6. MMy, «. to the Rer. lohn Tyrwhitt'l>reke, lector of 

Amenhani, end d, in 1887. 
0. Lecy-Sosiui. 

This ancient family assumed it^ nnmc from 
the to-RTi of An\k«^i EY. in the county ol Not- 
tingham, the poBseseor of wbiob, at the time 
of the Nofnmn Conqiieet, wee 


Ralph df, Anneslp.y, called rUo, (th<' 
Briton,) founded the priory of PeUey. He 
left tiene by Anbtey hie wife, n eon end enc- 

Kegisald de ANSE.SLEY, living temp. 
Hr^RY TT. who was $. by his elder son. 

Sir Rec.ixalo de AHMteuT, kht who es- 
pmised the daniehter and heireea of — Hon- 
•tLerle, and had an only son, 

Sir Johx pf Asnfsi.ey, knt. who had a 
pnnt, in the 4th Edward I. of free Warren 
in all hi* demesnes in Anneeley. He was 
slieriirof the coantiee of Derby and Notting- 
ham^ 14th EOWAKD T. and aWo of thp eonnty 
of Glonres'ti r 3rd 4th and 6th years of the 
f.>Jlowing reign. Sir John m. Annora, dau. 
of J^ir Robert Pierrepont,knt.andhad three 

Hubert, of Roddington, founder, in 36th 

Edward IH., of Anneeley Chantry. 
Ralph, of Kirkhy Wodehoaee* 
Sir lohn de Anneeley wee #. at lite deeeaee 
by hie eldeet son. 

Sir John dk Anst^slfy, knt. who d, 9&th 
June. 13o7, and was J. by lii;* son, 

Sir John de Ansesley, kut. who served 
in parliament as one of the knights of the 
county of Nottingham, and had livery of the 
manor of Hc<l> utou and hundred of Bclyn- 
don, in Oxford^^hire. He m. Isabell, daugh- 
ter and co-heir of Margaret, thinl sister and 
co-heir of Sir John Chandoe, Knight of the 
Garter, Baron of St Savionr-le-Vi»count 
in Normandy, Great Seneschal of Poicton, 
and Wx^h Constable of Aquitaine, by which 
lady he had issue, 

Thomas Annesley, esq. oF Annesley, 
M.F. for the county of Nottingham.Tth Rich- 
ard 11. Thie gentleman m. Agnes, daughter 
of Robert Clifton, of Clifton, by whom he 
had issue, 

Hi;cu, his suetesaor. 

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I.i;ibf 1, 7n. to Sir Gerrase CliAon, knt. 
of Clifton, in the county of Notting- 

Thomas Annesley wis #. at W» deeeMe Vy 

his only son, 

SiK Hi gh A\VF.SLEY,knt. whom.- drin. 

of Sir John Babingtou, of Chilwell, in the 
county of Notta* and left (wifli a danghter, 
Isabella, wife of Edmund Willoa^by, osq.) 
an only son and successor. 

Sir Hi'OH Annesfry, knt. of Annrsley, 
who m. a daughter of William Fitz Williams, 
esq. and had two sona, 

John, of Annesley,who d. 15th Henry 
VI. leaving a dan. and ?o1p heiress, 
AUCE, who tn. Sir tieorge Cha- 
worth, knt. ancestor of the Vis- 
eounts Chawortli, and with her 
the manor and estate of Avnes- 
LEY passed to the family of Cha- 
worthy and is now in the posses- 
sion of John CuAwoRTH-Mufi- 
The second son, 

Thomas Annesley, esq. of Rodington^ was 
/.by his elder son, 

WiLi.uM Annesley, esq. of Rodlnglon, 
wlu) m. Mabel, daughter of — English, esq. 
and hatl (with four daughters) fi VP son?, viz, 
HUCH (Sir), of Maple Durham, in the 
connty of Oxford, who left three 

Ralph, \ ^ o^^ ' P' 
Robert, of whom presently. 
The fourth son, 

Robert Annk';iey, esq. evontually suc- 
ceeded to the family estates, and was of 
Newport Pagnell, in the county of Bucks. 
He M. Joan, danghler of William Clorille, 
of Coldhall, in Essex, by whom he had (with 
three daughters) an only "on »nrl hn'r, 

George Annesley, esq. of Newi.ort Pag- 
nell, who m, EUcabeth, daughter of Robert 
Dove, esq. and had eight sons and three 
daiic-hif rs. The eldest son, 

RoBniT AsvF^i rv, esq. settled in Ireland. 
Hem. lieatnce, daughter of John Cornwall, 
esq. of Moor Park, in the eoonty of Here- 
ford, and was s. by his elder son, 

Sir FHAvns Avne^lfy, knt. who, forlbrly 
years, filled sevrrnl of the hi^'hest official 
situations in Ireland. Upon the institution 
of the order of baronets of that kingdom, Sir 
Francis Annesley was the second peison ad- 

vanced to the dignity, by patent, dated 7th 
Aiicru'^f. lf)20, and in the following yrnr. Sir 
Francis obtained a reversionary grant. Uy 
potent, dated 11th March, 1621, of the IruU 
Viscounty of Valentia at the decease of the 
then viscount, Sir Heny Power. Ho was 
put, however, into the more immpdinte pos- 
seiision of a peerage, by the title of Baro.<« 
MoiwrNORRis, of Motmtnorris, in the eounty 
of A rmagh . His lofdsUp at. first, Doiothy , 
daughter of Sir John Pbilipps, of Picton 
Castle, and from this marriage th^ Earls of 
Anglesey, the Lords Altham, and the present 
Earl of Mountnonis, are descended (see 
JisrAsV EsHnet Pwr»9t). The viscount 
espoused, secondly, Jane, daughter of Sir 
John Stanhope, and pintor of Phili]i, first 
Earl of Chesterfield, by whom he had, with 
other issM, a son. 

The Hon. FRANas Annesley, of Clogmag- 
heriratt, in the county of Dow n, who m. De- 
borah, daughter of Henry Jones, Bishop of 
Meath, by whom he had a son and succew^or, 

FRANas AmimiT, esq. of Tborganby, in 
the county of York, M.P. for Westbury and 
Downpatrick. He m. Elizabeth, daughter of 
$ir John Martin, of London, and bad issae, 
Francis, his snocessor. 
Henry, A 1728. 

Martin, in holy orders, rector of Ffib- 

ham, Berks, at.|md had issoe. 

Wit uAH, who was created, in 1756^ 

Baron Annetlejf^ and in eight years 
after. Viscount Glerawley. The great 
grandson of this nobleman is the pre- 
sent WiLUAM, Eart ^ Anntslry. 
Arthur, H. in 1786. 

Elizabet?!, m tn William Macguire, esq, 
Mr. Annesley d, in 1750, and was ». hj his 
eldest son, 

Tk» Rev, Francis Annbslrt, LL.D, rec 
tor of the valuable liring of Winwick, in 
the county of Lancaster, who m. Anne, 
daughter and co-heir of Sir Robert Gayer, 
of Stokepoges, in the county of Bucks^ by 
Lady Bliaabeth, sole danghtar and arentnal 
heiress of James Anneal^, secuid Earl of 
Anglesey, and had i'^siie, 
Arthur, his successor. 
Frauds, in holy orders, of Eydon, in 
the county of Northampton, which 
manor he purchased. He m. Uaiy, 
daughter of John Walker, eaq. ol* 
Bicester, but d. $. p. in 
JancSy A &tb December, 1777. 

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Dr. Attaesley was « . by hii eUlest son, 

AmrauB AmiESLEY, esq. of BletchiDgdon, 
in the county of Oxford, who m. Kliz^^betb, 
dau. of William Baldwin, esq. of Arguiletllj 
in Shropslore, and had issue, 
Aetbur, liti heir. 

FkMicis, b. in 1763, in holy orden, B.D. 
some time fellow of All Souls College, 
Oxford, resident of £ydou, county 
of Noi^iamptoa, to which place he 
meecedod on tlio deafli of his uncle 
Francis, in 181 1 . Mr. Francis Annet- 
ley d, 13th December, 1831. 

Anne, m. to Chnrles Warde, esq. of 

Squerries, fai die ooonty of Kent. 


Mr. Aiinesley d. in February, 1773, and was 
#. by his elder son, the present ARTHUR 
Annesley, esq. of Bletehingdom, 

Amu — Paly of six ai^. and «s. a bend gu. 

Cmt-^A mooi^ft he^ in pruiile, couped 
ppr. wreaflied about Ae temples. 
JMelfo— Virtatis amore. 

S^tf at —Bletchii^ldoo, near WoodstocA:, 


SHAK^LEY, CkARLES-WATKIN-JOHN, esq. of Somerford Hall, in the county 

of Chester, and of Park-Til-tce, Bcrk.shire, b. 15th June, 
1767, w. Bon.iliy, daughter of Jacob Moreland, esq. of 
Cappletlnvaite, in the county of Westmorland, by whom 
he has surviving issue, 

Charles-Peter, k» 97th December, 1702, who m. first, 
Ro«nlba d'Araray, daughter of the Huke d'Avaray, 
and secondly, Jessy, daughter of Thomas Scott, esq. 
of Shipperton, in Ae oonnly of Middlesex. 
Geoffrey-Joseph, Sfttik March, 1800, who nt. in 1837, 
Eleanor-Maria, daughter of tbo late Reverend James 
Webptpr, of Ashfield, county of Lonj^ford, Ireland. 
Frances-Margarita, m. first, to Vigors liervcy, esq. of 
Killiane Cwtile, county of Wexford, and of Hammer^ 
ton HaU, in the county of York; and secondly, the 
90di November, 1632, to Thomas Read-Kemp, M.P. 

This gentleriian, whose patronymic was Liuckworth, assumed, by act of pariiament, in 
1790, the surname and arms of Shakerlbt only. HawM high sheriff for Chashire 
in 1791. 

The ancient family of Shakfrley derives 
from Adam de Shaxerley, living temp. 
HiMiT m. whom SOD, 

HrnEY DB SHAKKRLRY, espoused Ellen, 
heiress of — Sbottewortb, of Shotteworth, 
and from this marriage lineally descended 

Geoffrey Shaxerley, of Shakerley, living 

in the reign of Henry YII. who «. first 
leue, sister of Rohert Lasgley, of Edge- 
crod, and had issue, 
PETER,4iis successor. 

William, living in 1636. 
Margaret, who tf. r * p. 

Geoffrey Shakerley espoused, secondly, 
Anne,* daughter of Sir William Booth, of 

• This lady had preriouBlj been married to 
John I<egb, esq. of Bootba, (mo of John Legh, 

by Emma, duughter an<\ m '-ciress of Robert 
Grosvenor, of Hohne), and had an only daughter 
and heir«ss. 

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Danltaiii If nsaey, but had no furtherlflsne. 

Ih ^vn« r. nt his decease by his eldest son, 

pEiKK SuAKERLEY, esq. of Shakorley, 
living mh Uenry Ylli. who »t. Elizabeth, 
daughter and beireis of Jobn I<egb, esq. of 
Booths, ftnd wm at hit decease by bis t^on, 

Gp.OFFREY ShAKERLF V, req. of Holnio, wllO 
m. first, the daughter ol Law reuce Holland, 
and secondly, Isabella, daughter of Thomas 
Venablea, •of Kinderlon. He if. 6di June, 
1547, leaving issue, (by which wife is not 
positively ascertained, but probably by the 
tiiet) six iions and four daughters, viz. 

Peteu, his successor. 



Jolin, who m. Avicc, dauglitcr and co- 
heireiis of Ilalph Worseley, of Ches- 
ter and Birkeiiliead, 



£lizab(!t!i, m. to Roger Anderton, esq. 
of Forde. 

Margaret* at. to Ricbard Hassey, esq. 
of Sale* 

Jane, m. to John Bradshaw, esq. of 

Brad ?h aw. 
Anne, m. to Richard Rivington, esq. of 
Geoffrey Shakeriey was h\< .M. st son, 

Pi:TF.R SlI \KF.RLEY, OSq. nf nolnif, \\ ho m. 
Elizabeth, d;in!:^liter and co-htiress of Sir 
Randle Muiuuuring of Over Peover, uud 
d\ itig 6th January, 1653» was «. by his eldest 

Geoffrey Shakerley, esq. of Holme u lio 
was sheriff of Cheshire in IGIO. He es- 
poused Jane, daughter of Sir George Bees- 
ton, of Beeston, and had issue, 

1. High, who m. Mar|^et, daughter 
of Tliomas Runbury,esq. of Stanne} , 
and d\ iiit; vita pntris, left issue, 
Peter, s-uccejisior tohisgraudfutlicr. 
Robert, who m. Amy, daughter of 
William Dod, esq. of Egerton 



Jane, m. to Frands Atwood, esq. of 

EusABiiH, who raecMdcd to the manor of 

I loi.MK.sind lifr grandmother's share of G ros- 
venor'slands, but the Booths estiitPrerrTfrd 
• to ber father's b«ir male. She weddtnl (us. 
statod abore) Peter Shakerley, eaq. 

Sasan, } , 

Eliza. 1 

Bridpr< (. 771. John Bolton, esq. of 
Eittie Uulton. 
% Peter, i 

3. Thomas, S 

4. Geoffrey, who ;n. Jane, daughter of 
John Buttery, esq. of Waterles. 

6. Anne, m. to Henry Bunbury, esq. of 

6. Dorothy, m. to William Legb, esq. 
of BooUis, abenff of Cheshire in leSQ. 

7. Elinor. 

8. Alice. 

Geoffrey Shakerley rf. in 1818, and was #. 
by his grandson, 

Petbr Shakerley, esq. of Holme, whoM. 
Marj^aret, dauplit< r of Philip Oldfield, c«q. 
of Bradwall, air! hx hf-r (who married after 
hi^ decease \\ liliain Vernon, the Cheshire 
Antiquary,) he had a son. 

Sir Gboffrby Shakbrlby, knt his sne- 
cessor in 1624. This personage, a staunch 
and devoted loyalist, suffered severely for 
his attachment to the Stuarts. He was 
several times imprisoned, and had his lands 
confiscated. Upon the restoration, how- 
ever, he oLtained restitution, and was ap- 
pointed by tli'^ kiiicr governor of Chester 
Castle. In Peunaut s \V ales is recorded a 
gallant exploit ofthis Stent cavalier. Doring 
the battle between Poyntz and Sir Marma- 
duke Langdale, on Rowton Heath, Colonel 
Shakerley was commissioned to carry the 
intelligence of an advantage of the Royalists 
to the king, in Chester, then heleaguered, and 
to avoid a trouMesome circuit, be crossed 
the Dee in a tub, his hor?e ftwimminf^ at the 
side ; and offered to carry back the king's 
commands in a qnarter of an honr, in die 
same manner. Charles delayed, Poynts 
ralliid, and the royal cavalry were des- 
troyed, which put an end to his Majesty's 
project of joiniug Montrose, who was then 
in force in Scotland* Sir Geotfrey esponeed 
first, Katherine, daughter of William Pen<- 
ninpton, esq. of Munca'ter, in the county 
of Cnmherland, by whom (whod. 4th April, 
1073) he had issue, 

PfcTEK, his successor. 
Geoffrey, who m. Franoea, danghter of 
Francis Keynell, esq* of the island 

of Nevis, but d. $. p m. 
Anne, m. to Charles HurlcstoD, esq, of 

Picton, and bad issue. 

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He m. sccoodly, Jane, daughter of Jolm 
i)»lbcn, e$4). of Segroyti in DenbighshiTe, 
•ad had further i.-^sue, 

G i:.oiu*Lf uf whom hereafter as successor 

to bU lialf broker Peter. 
John, twin with George, rf. *. p. in 1709. 
<ir Geoffrey Shakt-rU v d. in \(m, at tlu- 
of 78, and was iuttrred at Nether Peo- 
ter.* ULs eldest son and heir, 

Pcmt Shaserut, of Holme, wu ^ 
*emor of Chester. He m. Elizaht tli. dau. 
of Sir Thfinia?. Mninwarinfj;, bt. but dying 
ivuek'as in 1726, he settled bis et»tates upon 
his balf brother, 

Gbomv Smauiilby, esq. of Holme and 
Gwersyllt, who m. Ann, youngest daughter 
of Sir Woller Bagot, of Biytbefield, in the 

* Ixtb* Bocthsideiif Holiiieebaiie*l,io Netbn- 

Peover cfauirh, a and hnnd^onip mnml Tn«>- 

uumtvt of marble u erected to the memory of Sir 
Gcofirrr. with tik9 ftlkmmf iiueriptiim : 

M. S. 

Gaifridi Shak* rl. y. <i*- Sbakerl^ 

in agTO Lancastri^^nsi, 
qui a eMtria Teportavit gloriam» 
adbne adoleaotni. 
Ob. idoa xtttkfte Caboi o ot eeoUtu» pefklituiti 
itma, ilioniau|iie 49ae«re «oiieliiaii«t 
ivt ftaOisri* diMpeDdinni, et qaioqiiid taiqumn 
pan ic uiaiis democraticorum furor, 
«*Jaai flnimi coartniAia 4|«a priw diaerimbw 

hi Wi su-?Mnuit 
ailrersis major nec i>eciin(ii8 impar. 
A Kege taodi tm riwtiiif ito ad equectran dignitatsm 

Arria Ceitrensi'' pnrfr>ctiis fint ; 
boc moDOS, ab eo gj»onle depositum, 
Pwrnt*. primogeuitm 
es Cama^tJiA filia Gox. PnttrmotOM d« 
pari irt|;ilanti& ac fide adminlstniTit ; 
cs tuitm leetUBma eonjuge 
(«e|w earn wot bic recoudiia) 
tm buoper iweeptt Uberoa. 

connty of Staflbid, by wbom (wbo d. in 1767, 
at the adTwioed nge of 80) be bad iscoe to 

survive infancy, 

1. Geoffkky, b. in 1706, who m. Auue, 
daughter ftnd co-beirefs of Jobn Hnr- 

leston, esq. of Newton, by whom 

(who remarried f^ord Kilroorev^ he 

left at hi« decease, iu 1733, uo sut' 
viving issue. 

2. Peter, suceessorto his falber, 

3. John, d. t.p. in 1725-6. 

4. George, in holy orders, d. s.p. 

5. Frances, m. iu 1748, Sir Watkin 
Williams Wynn, bart. and bad two 
801 K. i tf \^l)om tlie elder, 

Sir Watkin W yw . b i rt. wn? father 
of the present Sir Watkin Wil- 
liau)s-W yun, bart. of Wynnstay, 
H.P. for Denbighshire. 
Hr. Shakerley d. 2nd Febmary, 1766, and 
wa«? by liis oldest sur\iving <?nn, 

Petek Shakkuli y, esq. of Holme, who 
JR. twice, but had one daughter ouly, (by his 
first wilb, Ann, daughter of ^hn Amson, 
esq. of Lees), wbioh daughter, 

Euz A Stiakeri fy, succeeded to the pi^tates. 
This lady espoused in 1764, Chark s Buck- 
worth, esq. of Park-place, in the county of 
Berks, sometime a lienlsnant in the royal 
British fusileers, and had, with o&ct issne, 
a son, Charles- Waticin-John BtocKWORTii, 
esq. who has assumed the surname of Shak- 
erley, and is die present proprietor. 

w4rM#— Arg. a ober. vert between Am 
hillocks of the second. 

Crest—A hare ppr. resting ber fore leet 
on a garb or. 

£«ro^tf#-~SoaMrfiiEd Hall, Townsbip of 
Somerford, paririi of Asflrarj ; Bigloy earn 
Yate Houses, and AUostach and Brereton, 
in the pari.*b of T^rereton ; all in the county of 
Chester, hhakerley, in the county of Lan- 
caster. Park Place, Berks ; and Wiaebes- 
ter Street, in the city of London. 

.Vrrrrr-SomerfordHaUyinCheshire. Park 
Place, Berkshire. 

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BYSTON, CHARLES, esq. of East Hendred, in the county of Berks, m. M 
Thereta, daughter of T. P. Metcalfe, esq. of Bamborough, Yorkahira, and baa 


Chaubs. Mary-ADoe. Francei, 

Qtoigt. IsabeUa. C!atheriD«. 

Mr. Ejiton lenred fhe office of high aheriff for the ooniity of Berfca, in 1831* 

The Eyatona hare enjoyed their Berkshire 
estates, in the male line, since the reign of 

Henry VI. hut inhrrit them from f;nnili( «* in 
whose poj^ssioD they were at a much earlier 

RouRT DB TuRBBViLLE WBi teised of a 
manor in East Hendred, early in the reign 
of Hbmry III. and from him the eetate passed 

RicHABO DB TuBBBViLLB, wfao lived temp. 
Bdwabd I. and left an only daaghter and 


Amicia de Ti'RBEV iLi.F, who espoused Wil- 
liam de Arches, and was # . at her decease by 

WiLUAN DB AnCHBS, knight for Berks in 

1336, whose ?on. 

.Ion\ nr AiH MFH. also represented that 
county in the »;h and 14th of Richard 11. 
and 4th and 0th of Hbwby IV. He left at 
his decease a son and heir, 

WifiiAM Rawlin' df Ah«hf«, who dying 
without male issue, his e:<tHtei» passed to his 
only daughter and heiress, 

Maud db Archbs, who conveyed those, 
(itince denominated the manor of Arches,) 
with other tfrrif«>ria1 po««»'«':ioTi« to hrr )ui8- 
band, John Stowe, ot Hurford, m the county 
of Oxford, whose name occurs in the list of 

Berkshire gentry of 1433. The only daugh- 
ter and heiress of thi^ marriage, 

ISABSL Stowe, espoused 

John E yston, (whose family had, fbr three 

generations before, possei^sed a manor iti 
Isle%%orth, in Middlesex, now helnncrinfj to 
the Duke of Northumberland,) and was #. 
by her son, 

WiLUAM Eyston, esq. of East Hendred, 
living there in 1494, who was father of 

Thoma.s Evstov, esq. of Ea^t Hendred. 
This gentleman m. Elizabeth, dau. of Robert 
Hyde, esq. and had a son, his successor, 

John Eyston, esq. of East Hendred, li% ing 
in 1544, wfao m. Maud, daughter of Hum* 
phrey Tirrell, esq. of Wanley, Essex, and 
was *. by bis son, 

John Eyston, esq. b. in 1531, who in. 
first, Joan Clifford, but had no issue. He 
espoused, secondly, Jane, daughter and co- 
heir of Thomas Berington, ofStreatly, in the 
county of Berk«, and had aeveral children, 

by the eldest of whom, 

WiLUAM Eyston, esq. he was succeeded 
at his decease, in IfieO. This gentlemaa 
Iti- Mary, daughter and co-heir of James 

Thatcher, esq of Priesthnwes, in Sussex, by 
whom he liad (ourteen cliildren. Adherinfr to 
tlie tenets of the Roman Catliolic religion, Mr. 
Eyston had histaada repeatedly sequestered 
during the reig^ of Charles I. He d* ia 
1641), and w!i«i s. by his eldest son. 

AV iLMAM Eyston, esq. b. in ini I . ivho m. 
Eleanor, daughter of George 8niith, vi^t^. ot 
Ash, in the county Palatine of Doiltam. and 
had issue, 

William, who was cast away ia a ve8sel 
pail!n«» between Marseilles and L«'i:- 
liorn, in the eighteenth year of bii 

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Fmac«ft, M AniCiiie mm, at Pam. 

TU» gentieman* a ^at taflefer during the 
war?, both on accmint of his religion 
and loyal^-, d. llth April, 1670, when his 
«»CatM pa«ed to bi* eldest sanriTing son, 
Gmmige BYiroN, esq. who adhering, like 
piedcce»»or9, to the religion of hJa fore- 
f3^}3,c.j^^ suffered Injth imprisonment and se- 
que»rr«iti<)it, a nil ua5 nblifjj-d to compound 
Uearily for Ui:» et>tateiii, at the corrupt period 
wIkb Ae peirfiuies of TiTua Oatcs were 
bailed, bj a h'lood-thiri'^ty faction, as a second 
rfvelatinn, TTf m. in lfi44, Anne, daughter 
*>( Robert Dormer, esq. of Peterly, in the 
« oiuaCy of Bucks, by whom he bad five bous, 
n« orge» 

\N illiaro. 

Dy ingr In Ml, be was s, by bis eldest sod, 

esq. who m. in ItSSS, 
W inifred- Dorothy, daughter of Basil Fitz- 
hrrbcrt, of Swinnerton, in the coon^ 
uf Stafford, and had ten cfaildreo, viz. 

CtuuJM, Us sneccasor. 

Basil, d. #• p. 

Thohas-John, who inherited the estates 
opon the demise, issueless, of bis 
elder brother, 

W illiam-G eorge. 




Tbis Cba;rlea Eyston was a diligent sad ca> 

rioos antiquar}'. and a friend and corres- 
pondent of Thoma* Hparn*>. of imtiquarinn 
ct'lebrity, of Dr. Kawliuson, uud of several 
«iber iiersena enuneat in literary and sci- 
^ntiuc pursuits. He d, m 1731, and was s. 

\>\ hi- » Mi son, 

Ch<^:i II KvsTON.eftq. who m. Mary-Mag- 
il«iiru. ditugiiter of Thomas Hawkyus, esq. 
of Bisib Cbort, in the connty of Kent, but 
iyiag tritbovt iaase. in 1747, in t)ie 42nd 
year uf )ih rx^r. n-.i< ji. in the estates by bis 
Kit w\ i\ log brother. 

Thomas-John EY5rro\, esq. who to. Mary, 
daughter of George Bruniug, esq. of East 
Meon, Hampshire, of an ancient family in 
that connty, and bad issue, 






Mary -Magdalen. 

Winifred, m. fn Bryan Barrett, esq. of 

Milton, in tiie county of Berks. 
Mary, m. to the iaie Cliarles Butler, 
esq. of Lincoln's Inn, an eminent 
lawyer, and recently one of the king's 
counsel. Mr. Butler ohtaiiud high 
reputation by his literary labours, and 
by his advocacy of religious liberty. 
He was a Roman Catholic, and Bred 
to witness the total repeal of tlio law 
which had so lonp and so unjustly 
oppressed his brethren. He d. Sad 
June, 1832. (See toI. iii. p. 263.) 
Mr. Eyston d, in 1996, at the advanced age 
of eighty-two, and was s. by his eldest son, 
Basil Evsmv esq. b. in 1748, who m. 
Mary, day. and heir of Richard iluddleston, 
esq. of Gray's Inn, a younger son of Richard 
Huddleston, esq. of Bawslon, and bad 
Charles, bis heir. 

He d. in 1817, and was s. in estates by 
his eldest son, Charles EystON, esq. the 
present proprietor. 

Amu — Sable, three Hons rampant or, two 
and one. 


Stowe. Arg. a chevroir p^n. between 

three crows sable, beaked or. 
Arches. Gu. three arches arg. capitals 

and pedestals or. 
TrRBKViLLE. Ermine, a lion rampantgu. 
Berington. Sable, three dogs couraat 

in pale argent, collared or. 
Thatcher. ^ a cross moline, a chief — 
Lawrbnbr. As. three chevrons arg. on 

the tijiper a pallet. 

Seai — EaBi Uendred Hoase, county of 

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BYNG, GEORGE, esq. of Wrotham Park, Middlwex, M.P. for that ahire, 
17th Majy 1 764, m. Harriet, eighth daughter of die late Sir William Mon^pomery, hmrt, 
•Hr. Byng haa heen, for a great many years, the popular member for the eoon^ of Mid- 
dleeex; in the many fierce oonieata which ha?e oecanecl in hie time, hb seat baa nevei 
been diapated. 


Tht5 is a branch of the noble and ancient 
house of Bync, Viscounts Torrington. 

Admiral George Byno, (eldest son of 
John Bynf^, esq. of Wrotfanm), one of the 
most (Usitui^uished oflken in ti»e naval an- 
nals of Grf It Britain, received the hononr 
of knighthood from Queen Anne, 22nd Oc- 
tober, 1704 ; was created a baronet I4th No> 
Tcmber, 1715; and elevated to the peerage 
9tb September. 1721, hy tlie titles of Baron 
Byng and Viscount Torrington. His lord- 
ship m. in IGUl, Margaret, daughter of James 
Master, esq. of East Lsngdon, In die connty 
of Kent, and had eleren sons and four daugh- 
ters, of whom 

Pattee, i. his fnther, as sprond vis- 
count, but dying *. p. the honors of 
the family passed to his brother, 

GeoROB, third Tiscount, whose great- 
grandson is the present G*org€ Byup, 
Viscount Torrington. 

Robert, of whom hereafter. 

John, the unfortunate Admiral Byng, 
so uqjastly executed in 1757, under 
the sentence of a court martial. 

His lordship's third son. 

The Hon. Roblkt Byng, M.P. for Ply- 
mouth, was appointed one of the eorasius- 

sinners of his majesty's nary, 21 «t June» 

1731 ; and, in 1739, governor of Harhnii.M >. 
He m. Elixubeth, daughter nnd co-heir ol 
JonaAan Forward, esq. and had issue, 

Gborob, his successor. 

Robert, smothered in the Black Hole 

at Calcutta XHh June, 1750. 
John, d, in 1764. 

Mr. Byv^ d* in 1740, and was #. by hie 

eldest son, 

George Byng, esq. M.P. for Middlesex, 
who m, Anne, daughter of the Right Hon. 
William CouoUy, of Csstletown, in Irelaiul, 

and had issue, 

Gf.orge, present representative of the 

Robert, tf. in 

John (Sir), K.C.B. G.C.H. lieutenant- 

geiifral in the army, nnd colonel of 
the 5^th rpgimi'iit of foot, a jjallant 
and highly distinguished uthcer dur- 
ing the late Spanish war, and at tlie 
battle of Waterloo, who l»;is tv% i( c 
received tlie tlianksof itarliuini-nt lor 
bis services, and who ha^i ubtaint d 
from the crown an honorable aug- 
mentation of his arms. Sir John was 
created Baron STfUPFOllD in the 
year 1835. He m. first, Mary, eldest 
daughter of Peter Mackeiuie, esq. 
and has 

George-SCeyens, M.P. eaptafn in 

the army and comptroller of iho 
ho»is. hol(l. h. Bth June, 1806; 
m. Till Ma rill, iH'iy, Lady Agues 
Paget, llah daughter of Henry 
William, present Marquess of 
Anglesey, and has issue, 

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1. Gcor^-HeAry-Ckarles, b. 
22u>] F. T.nuirv, 18.10. 

2. Htury - William -Jobiij 6. 
3tit August, 1831. 

& Firaiiew. 
I. Agnes. 
Sir John liyng^ m. secondly, Ma- 
rianne, second dau. of Sir Walter 
Jamm, hut and hai farther i«iue, 
TVillHUi.Frederick, an officer in 

the army. 
Harriet- Frauc<'«, m. in 1828, (o 
Captain Ciiarits liiunsden. 


Caroline-Frances, m. in to 
Sir Walti-rGeorpo Stirliii^r, ij;,rt. 
Mr. Byng d. in 1780, and was s. hy his 
ddeif ton, Oionee Byng, esq. now M.P. 

Amu—Qnarietlj^ sa. and ar. m the fim 
quarter, a lion rampant of the second. 

r)T.t/— An heraldic antelope statant, em. 
linnied, tusked, maucd, and hoofed, or* 

Motto — Tuel)or. 

iieat — Wrotbam Park, Middiesex. 


^ CONG REVE, WILUAM, esq. of Aldermanston, in the coitnty of Berks, and of 
CM^fPevt, in the eoiratj <»f Staflbfd, im. Mary, second daughter and co-heiress of Sir 
WiUiHii Peppemll, baft. 

Thij* family, one of the most cinint nt in 
Wttntf at flCaibrd, was settled at Con- 
GREve sooB aAer t&e Cowovbst, and thenee 
(iemrd its snmame. 

KtcH.%RD Conor EVE, esq. of Congreve and 
8b<ttoD, was one of the thirteen Staffordshire 
fo'kaMaiqionwboai JTtii^ Charles li. in- 
^nd^ to have coniiBBrred the order of the 
royal oak. trrrf tlw institution of such a 
^grce ot knighthood perscvcrfMl in. He 
^ione^fiaughtt^r of Sir Thomas Fitz-IIer- 
of Norbnry, and gnndaugbter of Sir 
^otlionj Fitz-Hethetit the eniuieot judge, 
h ''*«D he had tiro jona. 

1. John, his successor. 
3. William, a colonel in the army, 
.father of 

William CoNGRKVE.thecelebnited 

DRAMATIST, b. in 1G72. 

Tliis distinguished person is 
spoken of in tems of admiration 
hy every EngUsh writer who has 

had occasion to mr I! tion his name. 
Steele madehiin tiie patron ofhis 
Miscellauy, and Pope inscribed 
to him the tianshition of the 
Iliad. Placed by curoumstancea 
hpyonil fbr pecuniary anxieties 
of an author's profession, lie ig 
•aid .to have affected contempt 
for the profesaion ilaelf. The 
anecdote of his telling Voltairr 
when he came t-* vi-^it ]<iiu, tliat 
he desired to be considered as a 
gentleman solely, and not in the 
light of an autlior, is one of the 
mortifyiiiir proofs lluitthe highest 
gifted uiind« nre nnt r\lM:>vs tlip 
Strongest. The iaUer years of 
Congrere's life were rendered 
miserable !> , irkness and in> 
firmity. Catarrlis in his eyes 
produced at length total blind- 
ness, and repented attacks of 
goat prematurely undermined his 


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conidtnlion. He mngfat relief 
from the waters at Bath, but the 

Bccident of being overturned in 
his carriage, left a permanent 
pain in his tide, WBd, probably, 
accelerated Ms deafh, which oc- 
curred in Januarj-, 1721), in the 
sixtieth yearof liis af^c. The re- 
mains of the poet were interred 
with great solemnity in West* 
minster Abbey, and Henrietta, 
Duchess of Marlborough, erected 
a monument to his memory. To 
thiii lady, who is said to ba^e en- 
tertaiDed a motC romantic regard 
for him, he bequeatliod tlie great 
bulk of his fortune. Congreve's 
occasional poems are so far be- 
low mediocrity, tliat we hare not 
deemed it necewary at all to al- 
lude to them. As a dramatist, 
his fame imperishablp. ar<l he 
atands, if not at the head, iu the 

very ftnt dass of writers of co- 
medy. Not so much, however, 
for his humorous and natural 
portraits, as for those of eccen- 
tricity. His wit, indeed, flashes 
upon ns almost to annoyance, 
and it is often difficult to distin- 
guish the false humour of his 
foo1« from the genuine sallies of 
his lively charactert. We shall 
oonelnde ^ese observatkina with 
Congreve's literary character, 
from the pen of Doitor John- 
son. " Congreve has merit of 
the highest kind; he is an 
original writer, who borrowed 
neither the mode! of his plot, 
nor the manner of his dialogue. 
He formed a peculiar idea of 
comic excellence, which he sup- 
posed to consist of gay rcmarki^ 
and unexpected answers, but tliat 
which he endeavoured he seldom 
failed of performing. His scenes 
exhibit not mvch of imagery or 

passion ; hi-^ ]<ersonag<'s arc a 
kind of intellectual gladiators — 
every sentence is to ward or 
strike ; but they are the work of 
a mind replete with images, and 
quick in conibi nation." 

Mr. Congreve was #. by elder son, 
John Concreve, esq. of Congreve and 

Stretton, m. Mary, dau. of T. Nichols, esq. 

of Boyeot, in the oomty of Salop, and had 


John, his Buccessor. 
Ralph, a colonel in the army, and iien- 
tenant-goTcmor of Gibraltar, who m, 

Anne,&ag^r of Hanmer, esq. 

and had a son and a daughter, tib. 
Ralph, M.P. an officer in thf yen- 
man of the guard, m. Charlotte, 
only child of William 1^ 
SlAwell, by his wife Elisabeth, 
heiress of the Forsters, of Al^ 

DER8MANST0V, Hc rf. without fs- 

stte, but surviving his wife, be- 
queathed his estates (which had 
been setaedoii€hesnrviTOr)to die 

elder branch of his own Ihinily. 
Anne, <{. unmarried. 
William, a colonel in the army, and 
ancestor to Sir William Congreve, bt» 
The eldest son, 

John Conor eve, esq. of Congreve and 
S tretton , m. Abigail , dau. of J oh n U are^vnod , 
esq. of Shrewsbury, and had three sons, vix. 
William, his successor. 
Charles-Walter, in holy orders, areh- 
deaoon of Annagh, d. unm. in 1777. 
Richard, who eventnally inherited the 
family e?tritf s. 
Mr. Congreve d. iu 1728, and was t. by his 
eldest son, 

WtLUAV CoKORBVB, esq. of CoBgreve, 
who sold the ancient estate of Stretton, the 

residence of the fnmily since the reign of 
Edward II. He »n. Jane Waller, a relati\e 
of the poet, Waller, but dying *. p. in 1779. 
was s. by his only snrnving brother. 

Rev. Richard Congreve, of Congreve, 
who m. Martha, danti^litrr and heiress of 
John Jones, esq. of Fyniiant, iu the county 
of Montgomery, and had issue, 
William, present proprietor. 
Richard, of Burton, in die county of 
Chester, who m. Mary- Anne, dauj^h- 
ter of George Birch, est], of Hamj*- 
stead, in Stiifl'ordshire, and has a nu- 
merous Ihmily. 
Mariaome, of Iswyd Park» FlintsUfe. 
Mr. Congreve was t. at his decease by bis 
elder >Jon. 

Ai ms—i^A. a chevron between three battle 
axes arg. 
CnH—A falcon rising, 
ilfeilo — Non moritnr cujns fama virit. 
SMt^AIdermanston^House Berkshire. 

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BASTTARD, EDMUND-POLLEXFEN, esq. of Kitley, Devnn.shire, b. 12th July. 

1784, m. -2-2m\ Jan. 1 8'24, the Hon. Anne-Jane Rodney, 
only .suniving' dau. of George, second Baron Kodnev, of 
Rodney Stoke, (by Anne, dau. and co-heiress of the Rt. 
Hon. Thomas Harley, of Bcrriu<^ton, in the cuuuiy of 
Hereford,) and has (by her, who d. iu 1833,) three sons, 

Edmund-Rodm:y-Poi.lexfrn, b. 7th September, 1826. 
Baldwin- John-Pollexfen, 6. llth March, 1890. 
William-Pollexfen, b. 12th January, 1832. 

Mr. Bastard, who represented the county of Devon in 
several parliaments, succeeded to the eatates upOQ the 
demiM of hii father, in 1816. 

The family of Bastard has been seated in 
DevoMiuieeversiiiceflMCSoKOuesT. Robert 

Bastard .ippear« in Domesday Book to have g^r^ints of Effonl Meavy, StonehouHe, 
Blackford, Badestone, Haraldesore, Cambe, 
PwawtentDnc, and Bicheford, all in the 
eoutf Off DeroD. Hb deeoendaiiti h«Te 
rntemiarried with the heiresses of Crispin 
arjf! of Kil!iowe,in Th*» county of Cornwall, and 
into the families of Fitt-Sttphcn, Besilles, 
DuMwelt, Gilbert, Key Del 1, llelc, aadBemp- 
fjidc, and hare at different periods serred 
>lierifrs of the c«»iintj'. Their seat for 
am\y i;t'n»'r^Tiiiii< •wa.>; at (iarston, near 
King»brid^e, uuiu about the end of the se- 
venleeBth centorjr. 

William Bastard, esq. by marriage with 
the heiress of Pollexfen, of Kitley, acquired 
that estate, 'nhii h has since been the family 
re&idcnce. His i^on, 

PoixsxrcK BmAKD, ctq. of Kitley, ei. 
La<i y Bridget Poiilett,daaghter of John, first 
Earl Poulptt, and wio $, at his deceaee in 
1733. by hit* eldest son, 

WiixtAJi Bastard, esq. of Kitley. In 
1779, a powerful Preach fleet appearing in 
the ChaiineU ^eat alarm ua.n excitid for 
\hm 0afi-ty of the Dock Yard and Arsenal at 
Plymoatli, on account of a large number of 
Preach prnmiera confined there, for the re- 
Mval <^ trhom no troops oould be spared 
frmj the |farri<«on, already iii'?uf!ieient for 
(k d^oce of the place. Mr. Bastard, aa 

a reward for his services iu conducting these 
prisoners to Exeter, assisted only by the 
gentry and peasantry of the neighbonrhood 
whom 1m' had collrM-tpd the occasion, was 
createil a baronet by his late Majesty. The 
title was gazetted in 1779, bat has never been 
assumed. He m. Ann, danghter of Thomas 
Worsley, esq. of Hovinghain, in the eotaty 
of York, and had issue, 

J<»iiN-PoLLExrEN, his suqcessor. 

Edmund, who inherited the estates, upon 
his brodier'^s decease. 
Mr. Ba.>:tard was «. at his decease, in 1783, 
by his eld»'r son, 

JoHN-PoLLfcxttN Bastard, esq. who was 
elected in 1784 member for Devon, which 
county he continued to represent until his 
death. Ili'wi.Sarali, uidowof — Wyinonde- 
sold, esq. of Lockinge, in the couuty of Berks, 
by whom he acqidred the estates belonging 
to daat family, but dying without issue in 

iHin, lie ua? «. by his brother, 

l^DMi NO Bastard, esq. sometime M. P. 
fur Dartmouth, who m. Jane, daughter and 
heiress of Captain Pownoll, R.N. of Sharp- 
ham, Devon, and had issue, 

Edm I' N d-Poi.i,f.x rr \ , prrsrn t proprietor, 
John, a captain in fhf^ Navv. and M.P, 
for DarUnouih, who inherited the 
Pownoll estates, and resides atSharp* 
ham. He m. Frances, dauixhter and 
CO )l(•ir♦■<^ of Bfiijainiii Wade, of the 

Grange, in the couuty of Y ork, esq. 

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PhilomeB-Pomioll, in holy ovden, m. 
Bfarj, eldest daogliter of Mr. Jnotice 

Mr. Bastard died the same year lie iiihc- 
rited the estntes, and was #. by his eldest 
sou, Edmund-Pollexfen Bastard, esq. pre- 
sent repreeent»tive of the family. 

Arms. — Or, a chevron az. 

Crt$t, — A dexter arm embowed In plate 
annonr, ppr. gamiehed or, the elhow to* 
warde the sinisler, the hand in a gaaiidet 

grasping a eword alio ppr. pomiMl and hilt 
gold, in bend sinister the poiat downwards. 

Motto — Pax potior bello. 

Estates — Chiefly in Di vonshin* ; Kitley 
the present residence, tirst possessed in 1700. 
The original property at diflerent periodt 
•inoe the €2onquest, but the dates uncertala. 
Some poseeRRions in Cornwall about 1680f 
and an estate in Berkshire about 1780. 

Seats — Kitley, near Ycalmpton, and 
Bachland* near Ashhorton, boA in the 
"kMHinty of Devon; and Locfciwge, B^kahiw. 


BATEMAN, JOTTN, esq. of Kn)T)er8ley Hall, county of Staffortl, and of Tolson 
Hail, in the county of Wej«tmorcinntl. h. 31st October, 1782, m. 30th May, 1810, 
Elizabeth, «;f>con<l daughter of the late George Holt, esq. of Redivab, in Laocaahire, 
and bas i&sue, an only sou, 

Iaubs, h, IBlh Inly, t81S. 

Mr. Bateman served the office of High Sheriff for Staffordshire in 1 830. 


crctary to Sir Richard Weston, K.G. lord 
treasurer of En^huid for Irish affairs), by 
whom he had issue, 
Janes, hfo aneeessor. 
John, d. unmarried, in 1810. 
Mr. Kateitian d. in 1783, uid waa #. by hie 
elder sun, 

James Bateman, esq. of ToUon Hall, who 
HI. Margaret, danghterof Edward Nieholaon, 

of Kendal, merchant, and grandaughter Co 
the Rev. William Nicholson, of Old Htitfon, 
by Margaret, hr»t cousin to Secretary Cragg, 
and had iasne, 

John, his successor. 
James, A. in 1784, r/. in Germany in 1800. 
£li/.abrtli. m. to William Thorpe, esq, 

of Manchester, 
Margaret, m. to O; P. Wafhen, esq. fifth 
son of Sir Samuel Watlu n. of Wood- 
ehcRter, in the county of Gloucester. 
Susanna, m. to Richard Gould, esq. tiiird 
sou of Thomas Gould, c^q. of Northaw, 
in die eounty of Herts. 
Mr. Bateman d. in 1824, and was «. by hb 
rhh r son, John Batehan, esq. present pro- 

Arm»^k%> on a fesse emhatded betwoeii 

Thohas Batehan, esq. of Tolson Hall, In 
the county of We8tmoreland, dying In 1736, 

was s, by his fldt st son, 

John Batehan, e^q. of Tulgon Hall, who 
t». Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Branth- 
walle, esq. of CarlinghOl, in the county 
of Westmoreland, (direct lineal descend- 
ant from, and inh<'rifor of the estates of. 
Robert Uranth\vayt,of Carlinghill,i(eeperof 
the Tower of London temp. James I. and se- 

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three crctaentp, issuant from each an cstoile 
arg. Uie chemical character of Mars sa. 

CVrtI— A tower arg. israant herefrom a 
demi-eagle, wiogs elevated sa. charged on 
the brcnst with the cliomical character of 
ll»rs ur ; in the beak a wreath of oak, ppr. 

Ettatet — In the townships of Striciclaud 
Kettle, Skelemergh, and Bnnieside, Wett- 
moreland, first acquired in 1022 and 17flSK. 
In tlic townships of Manchester, 9alford,and 
Redivals, Lancashire^ first possessed in 
I9S0. In the towiuiiipe of Knypersley, Up- 

per Biddulph (iiH-lnrlins; the manor of Kny- 
persley, the great 1 1 ( hv» of the parish of Bid- 
dulph, and die perpctnal adYOWson of tke 
vicarage of Blddlllph), Wolstanton HortOD, 
Ruslitoii Spencer, and Norton 1( AToors, 
Stiiflbrdshire, first posses.-^ed in imW. In 
the township of Stroud, Gloucestershire, ob- 
tained in 1918 ; and In the townshipa of 
Congleton and Bnglawtoo, CHiesliire, ac- 
quired in 1823. 

Seat — Knypersley Hall, in the county of 
Stafford ; and Tolson Hall, Westmoreland. 


WISE, AV.^ilFORD, esq. of Ford House, and Wonwell Court, both in tlie county of 

'Devon, 6. 20th April, 1786, m. in June, 1809, Mary, daughter 
of the Reverend Thomas Whitby, of Creswell-Hall, in Staf- 
fofdshire, (by MabeUa, dang^htar of T. TMm, esq. of 
Ofgrere, and alitor of the late Mn. Portman, of Bryan- 
ttone) by whom he haa had i«nie, 

John-Ayshford, b. in 1810. 
Henry-Whitby, h, in 1813, d. In 1888. 

Reginald, b* In 1814. 


Phillppa-Ferren . 

Mr. Wise succeeded bis father, 19th May, \^09. Ho re- 
presented Totness in parliament, from 1813 to 1817. 

This family, which resided in England 
before the Noriun OoNQtmsT, dedueee its 
descent from 

WiLUAlf Wish, or Owiss, living about 
forty years after that great erent. He was 
#. by his son, 

SeRLONlus Fir/.-WisK, who liad a daugh- 
ter, m. to Fulford, of Fulford, and a son, his 

Oliver Wise, who was $. by his son, 
8ia John Wise, LoH of Greston, father 

Henry Wise, whose son, 
WfUJAH Wise, held sixteen libratee of 
land in Cornwall, in the 40th of HsifftY III. 

(ap»i«> 1-2.V)>. He was t. by his son, 
SHKUtMivs W ise, lord of the manor of 

Thnisselton ; which lands he inherited from 
the Viponts. He was s. by his son, 
Thomas Wi8£, who bad two eons, 


Oliver, who lelt a daughter, 
Tbomafliae,ii». to Hugh, son and heir 
of Sir T. Beaamont. 

The elder son, 

John Wise, inherited lands from iW 
Trevages and Sydenhams, and was sheriii of 
the county of Devon, in the 6th of Henry 
IV. His son, 

Thomas Wise, m. Margaret, daughter and 
heiress of Robert Brett, est], oi Slottiscombe, 
(descended from A^ir( il di- Urit«>). By this 
lady be acquired the manor ol Stolte llama- 

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rt'll, where Uic W bes built u huusc, called 
Mount Wife. He had Inne, 

JoBK Wmb, of Sydenbani, in Devon- 
shire, wlio m. Thomasine, daiijilitcr of Sir 
Baldwin Fullonl. of fireat Fuli'ord, in D«- 
>ODslilre, and had i»»utf, 

Alicia, m. to James Hussi 11, esq.and was 
mother of Johu, first Earl of Bedford. 
He was *. by his son, 

Olivur Wise, of Sydenham. This gen- 
tleman m* Margaret, daughter of John Tie- 
niayne» ecq. of Collacombe, in the county 
of Devon, and was s. Jii- flNr son, 

John Wise, of Sydcuhaiu, who wi. first, 
Maria, daughter of James Chndleigh, esq. 
of Aehton, in ihe county of Devon, hy 
whom he had Thomas, Nicholas, and Anna. 
He espoused, secondly, Dorothy, daughter 
of — Legh, of Legh, and had (wo other 
tons and a daughter. He wedded, thirdly, 
Anna, daughter of Sir George Mathew, of 
Knrler, in Wales, and had one SOU, Leonard. 
He was jr. by his eldest son, 

James Wise, of Sydenham, who m. Alicia, 
daughter of James Dinham, esq. of Wor- 
tham, in the county of Devon, and had, with 
other issue, 

John, hii successor. 
William (Sir). Of this gentleman the 
following quaint anecdote is related. 

Having one day lente Hf.nky VIII. 
his signet to pcnle n lettrr, which 
having powdered eremites on the 
seale, why how now. Wise, quoth the 
king, what, hast thou liee here ? And 
if it like your mi^estie, quoth Sir 
William, a louse is a rich coate, for hy 
giving the louse, I part names with 
the French king, in dwt he giveth 
the floure de lice. Whereat the king 
lanf^lu (! Iieartily tn hearc hovv |tret- 
filyso bytinga taunt ( nan»ely proceeel- 
ing from a king) was so daintily 
turned to so pleasante a conceite." 
Janes Wise was t. by Us eldest son, 

Joiiv Wisp, of Sjilenhnm, who m. AHria, 
daughter of John Harris, of Ila>ue, ser- 
Jeant-at-Iaw to King Henky VIII. ami 
had, with other Issue, 

1- Thomas, who m. Mary, danp^lit» r of 
Richard Tlttller. e«»]. of" Shiliingham, 
in Cornwall, and waa s. by his son. 
Sir Thomas Wise, who was made 
a Knight of the Uath at the coro> 
nation oi King Jamf.k T. ami w as 
sheriff of Devonshire in the ifih 

of the same monarch. He repre- 
sented Beeralston In ^rliament 

in Idao, and following years. Sir 
Thomas bnilt the scats of Syden- 
ham House and Mount Wise. 
The former, says Westcote, *' is 
the seat of tibe knightly and dig^ 
nous family of Wise, and lieauti- 
fiedw'ith buildings of such lieii;ht, 
as the very foundations are n ady 
to rcele under the burthen." Sir 
Thomas m. Margaret, daoghter 
and heiress of Robert Stafford, 
esq. of Stowford, in tho county 
of Devon, and dyin;; ia lG'2d, 
left (with a daughter, Margaret, 
m. to Sir Samuel Rolle, M.P.) 
a son and successor, 
Thom as "Wisr, of Mount Wise 
and Sydenham, who was 
sheriff of Devonshire in 1038 
and rcpresentatiTe of Chat 
shire in parliament anno 
1640. He m. the Lady Mar- 
garet Chichester, daughter 
of Edward, Earl of Donegal, 
hywhom he had, >\itli otiier 
issue, n (Im^lilcr, Mar£^aret, 
m. to Sir John Moiesworih. 
of Pcncarrow, and a son, his 
Sill Edwahd Wike, K.B. ft. in 
1632, of Mount Wise and 
Sydenham. This gentleman 
snpp(Mrted fhe royal eaase 
and was memher for Oak^ 
hampton, in the parliament 
which restored iiCin^rC'H a iili: s 
II. He m. first, in 1661, 
Arabella, daugh. and one of 
the co-heirs of Oliver, Lord 
St. John,* and hadissnet 
St. Jolin, ) , . 
Thomas, J A'-P- 
Arabblla, m. in 107S, to 
Edward Tremayne, esq. 
of Collrtf^oiTihe. This 
lady, who was sole heir 
of her father, conToyed 
Meant Wise, Stoke 
Damar^, the manors 

• By I.adv Ari>ii']!n Ej^erton, <1nu^hterof John, 
first Earl of BridgfWkiU'r, and grODdaugbter of th« 
Earl of Bolingbroke, by Eliaiihedi. daughter of 
Williiini Paul* t. .^nindsoo of Sir George PsnkiC. 
brother of WiUiiuD, first Marqusssof WittcbflStsr* 

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of Sydt'nhiim,Stowford, 
and other lands, to bcr 
Imsbukl. Slie d, Slst 
January, 1696. 
Sir Edward Wi?r r^pnused, 
secondly. Radian nd, daugh- 
ter of J. Eliot, esq. of Port 
Eliot, and in 1075w 

2. John. 
The «K'AtHl ion, 

John W i<f, esq. who waa of Totness, m. 
CwBa, daughter of Richard Yafaaor, esq. 
and was r. by hia aoa, 

WiLUAM WisF, of Totne:*?, h. in 1560, 
» ho rf. in 1026, aud wa ? s. hy liis son, 

John Wise, e«q. of Totness. This gentle- 
man M. in 1031, Soianna, sister and co-heir 
of T. Prestwood, esq. and dying 6th Sep- 
lerober. 1670, was s. by hisi son, 

Jons ^V|^^ . esq. of Totness, who w. first, 
Mary, tiaaghtj->r of Lewis Full, esq. of A^h, 
in Deroiishir«t and had a daughter, Mary, 
■I* io 1Q97, to A. Champeniowne, esq. and 
afterwards to J. S;i\vle, r.«q. of Penrire 
fastle. Mr. Wi^e espoused, istcoiuUy, in 
1C84, Dorothy, daughter of J. Brookiuge, 
esq. of Totness, and had issue, 

Saiciuel, m. Trephana, daughter of — 
Coplestone, esq. of Bowden, and 
dying in 1790, left 

Joiix, who succeeded eventnally to 
the f states and representation of 
the family. 

Samuel,!/, in 1746. 
Mar\', m. to W. Payne, esq. 
John Wise d. 26th July, 17t>2, and was s. by 
bis eldest son, 

JoHif Wise, esq. who d, in 1743, and was 
a. hy his brother, 

Lewis Wise, esq. who rf. in 1744, and was 
#. by his nephew, 

Jou> Wise, esq. of Totuess, who #«. Mar- 
garet, dnaghler and heir of John Ayshford, 
esq. of Wouwell Conrt, in the county of De- 
von, and had, with other issne, 
JoitN, his successor. 
Qoorge-Farlong, m. Miss Dacres, and 
was fiilhcr of Cap. W. Wise, and other 

Elixabeth, m. to the Rev. B. Tri?!. 

Dorothy, m. to M. Milbauk, esq. of 
Thorpe Hall, in the county of York, 
father of the member for Camelford. 

Maigaret, m. to the Rev. D. Amyatt. 

Jane, m. to the Rev. J. Clarke. 

Sarah, m. to John Julian, esq. 
Bfr. Wise d, in 1766, and was #. by his 
eldest son, 

John Wise, esq. of Totness, and Wonwell 
Court, b. 27th August, 1751. This gen- 
tleman m, IQiaahetb, daughter of Robert 
Fronde, esq. of BdmasiOB (by PhiUis, 
daughter and heir of Siohard Harrell, esq.) 
and had it^Fne, 

Aysufukd, has heir. 


John, his Majes^s eonsnl-general in 


Mr. Wi<e av^^j recorder of Totness, and a 
deputy-lieuteuunt of the county of Devon 
He d, on the 19th May, 1307, and was «. by 
his eldeiit son, the present Ayshford WisB, 
esq. of Ford House, and Wonwell Court. 

Arms — Qnartprly; 1. Sn. three chev- 
ronels, eruiiue. 2. Arg. guttce de sang, 
three copper eakessa. 3. Gu. across patl£e 
vaire. 4. Sa. on a fess or between two 
erossoj pnfti'c nrj^. as mnny pallets, gu. 
o. Ar. three iiawks gu. membered, beaked, 
&c.or. 6. Gu. a chev. per fesse indented ar. 
and aa. between three martlets ar. 7. Arg. 
on a bend gu. three stags courant or. 8. Sa. 
a pelican in her piety or. D. Arg, three 
beudlets gu. w^ithin a bordure charged with 
twelve beaanta sa. 10. Gn.afessear.betw. 
three escallops or. 11. Or, c)ii a chev. go. 
a crescent on the first. 12. Ar. three ash 
crops vert. betw. two chevrouels sa. 13. Or, 
on a bend sa. three horse shoes or. 14. Gules, 
an arm in armonr, holding a hatde-axe, ar. 

Oe«l— The old crest of the Wises, of 
Syflcnham, wns a mermaid, ppr. In M<H), 
a demi-lioii ramiiant, gu. guttce ar. holding 
in his pawzi a regal mace, was granted to 
the family. Mr. Wise likewise bears the 
crest of the Ayshfords — a Saracen's head in 
profile, ppr. issuing out of a wreath of leaves 

illoMo>— Sapere aude. 
£!rt«le4^WonweU Court, and the Barton 

of that name, in the parish of Kingston; 
manor of 8kenhcny, n» ar Modhury, and 
Bigbury Bay ; all of which came into the 
fao)ily with the heiress of the Ayshfonbt. 
Manor of Little Totne-s. The great and 
•small tithes of tlie parls^h of Tutne-«!», whii Ii 
came into the family in 1002. The Barton 
of Cot, in the pari2»hof Darlington, acquired 
by the Wises about the same period. 

.SVirf#— Ford House, near Newton Abbot, 
and Wonwell Court, both in Devonshire. 

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RICKETTS, THOMAS-BOURKE, eiq. of Combe» in the couoty of HmM, b. 28tb 

Soptomber, 1780,fli, 4ili Avgwt, 1804, Hamt, aecond 
daqgbter of the late General William Loftus, colonel of 
the second dragoon guards and lieutenant of tho Tower 
of Tx)n(Ioii, (a descendant of Adam LoftiM, Archbishop 
of Dublin, temp. Quekv Elizabeth) and has inme, 

GEORGE-CRAWFOROy BB officer in the guards* 

Willi.iin-Lonu.-s, ' 
Jane-Speaeer-PereeTal, > 
Frances-Spencer-Perceval, $ 


This family, whose surname was origi- 
nally IliCAROS, is of Norman extraction. 

TIh- fir-*! p«'rson we fu}>\ upon record is, 

KtcAHDS, esq. vviiu d, leaving three 

sons, via* 

OawaId,<f. #.|». 

Thom as, who carried on the line of the 

WiUiwn-Henry, d. t.p. 

CoLONtL Thomas Ricards, a gallant sol- 
dier in tlx* nrmy of CuARLES I., wns killed in 
support oi thu royal cause at the »iege oi 
Uchfield. He m.'Miss Elixaheth Bugely, 
of Rugely , in StaiTordshire, and had two sons, 

Jelm* who <l. without issue ; 


William Ricardii, esq. a ( a|)tiiiit iit ; tutn- 
weU'a army, who, aoco«i|)au\ lug xUv expe- 
dition under Penn and Ymables, wa» pre- 
sent at the confpiest of Jamaica, in 16.^, 
and subsequently ubtained the command of 
Jiluefield'ti fort in that island. His commis- 
aion having been made out in the name of 
RicaBTTSyho and his descendants have ever 
since retained that designation. He tn. about 
the year l(i72,Mary, daughter ot — Uoodv* in, 
esq. a younger son of Sir Francis Goodwin/ 

* Sir FnUMns GoocUin's eldest son, Arthur 
Goodvi in, p^q. f>f Winrheiidon, or Winohisgdsn, 
Bucks, Ittfi itn ouly daughter and hiirtaMt 
J An Gooowm, who m. Lord WhsflOB. 

and the Lady Elizabetli Grey, only daughter 

of Arthur, fourteenth Lord Grey de Wilton, 
by liis lnrdshi|>'t« first wife, Dorothy ZoucH, 
(sec Burke's Extinct Peerage } by who»n 
(who if. in 1766^ at the advanced age of OG) 

he had issue, 

John, <l <f. p. 

William, ut Xiiii^ieland, in Jamaica, who 
settled in the Jerseys uf North Ame- 
rica, and, having married Mary, 

daughter of Walton, esq. of New 

York, l>pcaine tb«» founder of tJu" fa- 
mily of KicktT of North America. 

Jacob, d. wiftout issue. 

George, of whom presently. 

Hrnjanun, rl. s. p. 

Oswald, eaptain R.N. lost on the rocks 

of Bermudas. 
Violetta,d. unmarried. 
Rachel , m. to Thomas Johnson, esq, and 

had issue. 

Captain William Ricketts</. in 1700, le;n injj 
his wife his executrix and sole guardiaii uf 
his children. His fourth son, 

George Ricketts, esq. of Canaan, in 
Jamaicfi, major-genoral of the militia,*/, in 
17G0, at the advanced age of 80, in conse- 
quence of fatigues occasioned by milflary 
duties during the rebellion of that year. He 
TO. first, Sarah, dau'^bfrr of Raynes Waito, 
esq. of rhprt?iey, Surrey, and gramlaufjhtPr 
of Colonel Thomas Waite, M.P. for Knt- 
landshire, in the Long ParUament (Colonel 

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Waite made the Pulie of Qftoiiltoii pnMiier I 
ia Um eml wais, md wai one of Hie jiadKes 

whp Wt upon the trial of, ]i:i<srd •^r-n- 
tence upon the unfortunat»' CiiAiUL^ 1.) Mr. 
RickelU had no lesb tWa ttventy-seven chil- 
dren, of wlioitt, 

JosN, Ike eUeet» continoed Hie line of 

the fuuQy. 
WilJiam-Raynes, F N. was lost at sea. 
Jftoob, of Midgham, Jamaica, m. ilan- 
walht deleter end eo-lwir of Joseph 
PeyntSp etq« of Iron Acton, in the 
cenuty of Qloocesterj luid had en only 

Gcorge-Po}DU Ricketts, esq. go- 
vernor efBerbedoes in im,wiio 

«». Sophie, daughter of Walter 
W'ntN rsq. of South Hill, Hrrks. 
(formerly goveraor of Bengal,; 
and aunt of the Inte Lord ZaTer> 
pool,by w1iom( 16ao)lie 
left issue at his decease in 1800, 
four sons and a daughter, rii. 

1. George-Poyntz. 

3. Cherlee-Milner. 

3. Mordaunt. 4. Frederick. 

A. IinbeU»,«.to Batson, 


Thomas-Waite, was killed in 1743 by a 
edMioUeUoir (William Chetvrynd), at 

^ dara'e aeedemy, Soho-sqnare. Wil- 
tiam Chctwynd was tried for Aemur- 

^ d< r. and found guilQ^« 

William- HeDr>% of Canaen, Jamaica, 
and of Lmigwood, Henle, a bencher 
at Gr.iy's-inn,*. in 1736 ; m. in 1757, 
Mary, daughter of S^vynfi n JrrM;*, 
esq. of Meafprd, Statlordshire, and 
aiater of Oe lele Eabi. St. Vincent, 
by who* he lied iieme, 

1. William-Henry -Jervib Rick- 
ETTS.csq.acaptain R.N. drowned 
by the npsotiiug of his barge in 
1806. Ho eaponsed, Odi Norem- 
ber, 1793, Lady Elizabeth-Jane 
Lambert, only daoRhtcr of Rich- 
ard, sixth Earl of Cavan, and bad 
two daughters, viz. 

MerOa- Honeila - Oeorgiena, 
who at. in 1893, the late Os 
boru^ Markham, esq. and 
has assumed the surname of 

Jntwit only. 
HenriettepEUsaheth-Mary, m. 

in 1817, to Captain Edmund 

PalmPF. R.N. 

2. EDWARD-.ltKVIJ» KiCRETT?!, yrt- 

aent Yiscoumt St. Yincbkt (^see 
Burke's Dittinutrjf tie Peer- 

(tge and Baronetape ). 

3. Mary, m. to William, Earl of 

Sarah, ». John Woodcock, esq. and 

Mary, m. Richard Honghton, of Eaber, 

in Jariiaica, esq. 

Major-general George Rickcttti, of Canaan, 

espoused, secondly, Sarab, daughter of 

Bennet, esq. and widow of Ji^ Lewis, esq. 
of Cornwall, in Jamaica, but had no issue. 
He wedded, thirdly. Fll/al>< th, daughter of 
William Cleaver, esq. ot \\ estmorcland, in 
Jamaica, by whom he left a posthnmona son, 
Oeorge-William, h. in 1760, who inhe- 
rited by bequest of his fntInT, the 
estate of New Cauuaii, in St. James's, 
Jamaica. He m. Letitia, co-beiress 
of GarewMUdmay, esq. of Sbewford, 
Hants, and sister of Lady Jfljldmay, 
of Dogiuersflold^ in the same shite, 
and had issue, 

I, George-Rpbert-Goodwin. 

II. Oarew. S. Henry. 

4. WiUiam. 6. Edward, 
e. Li'titia, who d. unmarrirfl. 
7. KIka. 8. Marianne. 

Major-general Rieketts was^.at bis decease 
by his eldest son, 

John Ricketts, esq. of Prospect, who m. 
4th March, 17.50, Anne, daughter of Alex- 
ander Crawf'jnl, of Crtiil, in Fife-tiire, 
of the ancient Scottish family of Crawford, a 
lineal descendant in the male line lirom Sir 
Gregan Crawford, who saTcdlhe life of king 
David I. when hunting ; in commemoration 
of wliich event that mnnarch founded Holy- 
Rood Abbey, and granted particular amis to 
the family of his preserver, which ensigns 
airs. Anne Ricketts and her descendanU 
were, by the laws of Seotlnnd, entitled to 
bear, upon the death of her brother without 
iHsue. By bcr mother, the daughter of Sir 
Thomas Wiseman, she derired trom Anne, 
sister of Edward IV. throngh the noble fa- 
milies of RuUand and Essex. By this lady 
he had issue, 

Georce-Ciiaw,'ORD, his successor. 

John, d. unmarried. 

Alexander, >. 30th August, 1783; «. 
Mis? Waite. and liad i>stie, 

1. Henry-.Iohu, a major in the 
arm V, who gallantly distinguished 
himself in the Ashantee war, as 

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brigade- m^jor to Sir Cbulet 

2. George, of Jamaica 
a. Barret, d. yonog. 

4. Mariaone. 

5. Elizabeth-Wflliams. 
Williun-Heiiry, h. in 1756, who left 

Issue, one Bon and a daughter^ vis. 

1 . G(M)i f;e St. John. 

2. m. to Alexander Bayley, 

e«q.of ittOMuca. 

Jacob, d» amnarried. 

Mr. Kickettd was *. at bis deccaae, in 1707, 
by hiB eldest eon, 

6. Gboroe-Crawford Ricketts, esq. of 
Gray's-iun, who, hvin^ ciilU d to the hnr in 
1772, went out to Jamaica, wlit re ho prac- 
tised as a barrister for many years, until ap- 
pwntedbiB majesty's attorney and advocate- 
general, and a member of the honorable 
council of that island. Returning to England 
in 1S0*2, he settled at Ayshford Hall, near 
Ludlow, and, in four years after, pufchaeed 
die eetate of Comlie, in Herefordehire. He 
married, 19th March, 1775, Frances, young- 
est datij^hter of Nicholas Bourko,* esq. by 
Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Fearon,esq. 
for several years chief-justice of fte Mand 
of Jamaica, and had issue, 

OeorgC'Crawford, d, young. 

Thomas-Bovrke, bis heir. 

George, d. young. 

George-William (Sir), one of the judges 
of fhe flttpreme court of judicature at 
Madras, who d. unm. 15th July, 
on his passage from Madras to the 
Mauritius, to which island he was 
going for the beneflt of his health, 
and was buried at sea. 

Johti-Hourke, m. Isabella, daughter of 
Thomas Parkor,e8q.(by Eliza, daugh- 
ter of CliarksPallffNi, t .-iq. and sister 

• This Nicholns Rourke wns b mfmber of the 
ancii-nt Irish house of iiourke, or De Burgh, 
springing firomDATi»Boua«t,of Monsy-Ciower, 
Mq« who Isft three sons, 

EDMr\t>, nncr-stnr of Nicholns Iiourke, esq. 

JohB, fitwn whom the Earls of Mayo dmve. 


of Charles-Nicfaolas Pallmer, esq. of 

Norbiton, late M.P. for the county of 
Siirrr y1, by whom (who if.iB MOVCMI- 
ber, I8a0) he has issue, 
1. Frederick-St. Vincent. 

5. Anoflierson. 

3. Isabel! a -Maria. 

4. Caroline-Susan. 
Man,-AnTie, rl. young. 
Mary-Bourke, m. in 1798, to Captain 

Boherts Anderson, of the 90th light 
dragoDits, and d» 18th Aprils 1821, 
leaving issue, 

1. William. 

2. Frances. 

Elisa-Bottike, m.29lh August, 1803, to 
the Rev. Robert Fitzwilliam tlallifav. 
rector of Richards Castle, and .*^n ol 
the late Right Rev. Dr. Samuel lltil- 
lifax, lord bishop of St. Asaph, and 
left issue at her decease, 14di Aprfl, 

1. RoBFRT-DAMHEa, a captain in 
the army. 

2. Henry-Crawford, an officer in 

the army. 

3. Catherine-Frances, m. to Sir 
Charles Cnyler, bart. and has 

4. Lonisa-EUza-Boorke. 

6. Caroline-Charlotte. 
0. Gcorsi'iiia-Lukin. 

7. Uctavia-Gertrude. 

Anne, d. in 1805<. 
Mr. Ricketts d, in 1811, and was #. by his 
eldest son, the present Tuohas-Boorkb 
Ricketts, esq. of Combe. 

Arm$ — ^Erminois, or, a chevron cliarged 
with Tv,n swords in ^altirc ppr. thp dexter 
surniouutiug the minister, hills and pommeU 
or, between three roses gu. 

Crest -An arm embowed, habited, er> 
minois, charged widi two roses go, cuffed as. 
the hand grasping a simitar ppr. 

Motto — Quid verum atque decens. 

A'4/«/r.<— Combe, in the hundred of Wtj^- 
more, Herefordshire, and Prospect Estati-, 
ill iliu parish of Westmoreland, and Lynd- 
hiiist, in the parish of Manchester, Jamaica. 

iSSeisi— Combe, Herefordshire. 

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MU^iD\, FRANCIS, esq. of Markeaton, in the counfy of Derby, h. 20fh Aup-ust, 

1771, w. IHth December, 1800, Sarah, dau<;hti'r of Jolm 
Leaper New ton, esq. of Mickleover, in tbo same shire, and 
has i^sue, 

William, b. 14th September, 1801, rspoused 2Hth Oc- 
tober, 1830, Ilarriot-Georgiaua, eldest daughter of 
James Fnmpton, esq. of MoietM, tn the oooiily of 

Mr. Mundy, who represented the county of Derby for several 
years in parliament, succeeded to his estates at the decease 
of his father in 1815. . 

This eminent family is supposed to derive 
its samame from the abbey of Mowdate, in 
die dakedom of Nmrmaiidy. 

JOBN MWNDY, living In the timo of Ed- 
ward r.. m. Isabel, dauf^hter of Kohiuget 
Eyre, of liupe, and left a son, 

RiCHAED MuiiDT, who wedded Msryon, 
daa^ler of Sir John de Lalande, knt. and 
firom thi« marna^e linoally descended 

Sir John Ml sdy, knt. of Chekonden, in 
the coDBty of Oxford, who served tlie ofKce 
of Lom»MAYOROPLoKl>ONinlfiS3-3. This 
opulent citizen married twice, and left issue, 
by \a* eecord ^siiV. Juliana, daughter of 
William lirown, e»q. viz. 
Vincent, his heir. 

?f**5«*»^ (wbobothrf. l.P. 
Chnstopber, > ' 

Thomn-*. prior of Bodmin, in the time 

of Henry VIII. 

John, of Ryalton, in CofowaU. 

Marigaret, m.' first, Nidiolas Jennings^ 

alderman of London ; and, secondly, 

Edraond Howard, lord deputy of 

Clays, (his second wife) and, thirdly, 

Hen^ Mannox. 
Eleanor, m. to John HiirleStOD, esq« Of 

South 0( k<>iid» ii. ill E:i<e\. 
Elizabeth, m. to Sir John Tyrrell, knt. 

of Gypping, in the county of Suffolk. 
Jaoe, m. to Sir Thomas Darcy, of Tol- 

leflbnat Dnrcy, county of Essex. 


Sir John, who was seised of Markeaton, 

Mack worth, AUestiy, See. died in 1538, and 

was #. by his eldest son, 

Vincent Mi sdy, esq. of Markeaton ; in 
the commission of the peace for the county 
of Derby anno 1068w This gentleman was 
father of 

Edward Mi^NDY, esq. of Markeaton, who 
m. Jane, daughter of William Burnet, esq. 
of Winkhourue, in the county of Nottinj.^- 
ham, and was #. at his decease, in 1007, by 
his eldest son, 

Francis Mundy, esq. of Markeaton. Tliis 
pentleinan espoused Katharine, daujjhter of 
W illiani Smyth, esq. of Quamdou, iu Uer- 
b\>liite, and had issue, 

John, his successor. 

Edward, of Virginia, died, leaving issoc. 

Adrian, of Quarndon ; h. in 1608 ; m* 
esq. of the county of Derby, and had 
two daughters, vis. 

1. MiUicent, m. to John Musters, 
esq. of Colwick-hall, Nottimr- 
hamshire, and hence descends 
the present JoilN Chawortu- 
MUSTBRS, esq. 

2. Catharine. 



HilllcQiit, m. to Sir OennaD Pole, knt. 
of Radborne. 

Jane, wt. to Edwiird Pegge, e«q. of 
Ashhoiirn, in the county of Derby. 
Mr. Mundy, who served the office of sheriff 
for the county of Derby in 1017, was f. at 
hU deceaae by hU eldest aoo, 

John Hundy, esq. of Markeaton, who m. 
\nne, daughter of Sir Francis C()k«\ knt. 
of Trttsley» in tl»e county of Derby, and had 

Francis, who d. s. p. in bis fatber's 

WlIXIAHf successor to tlit- estates. 
Gilbert, who was sheriff of Di i l)yshirc 
in 1697, espoused Mary, daughter of 
William Shenisou, esq. aud hence 
EnwAitD-MiUBR Mundy, esq. of 

Edward, M.P, for Derby in 1710, died 

in 1713. 

Elizabeth, ui. toSir VViiiium Mydleton, 
bart. of Belsay Casfle, in the county 
of Northnmberiand' (his second wife). 

Mr. Mundy was «. by bis eldest snrviTing 


William Mi snv, esq. of Markeaton, who 
was succet'dt'd by iiia sou, 

Francis Mi^nd y, esq. of Marlieaton. This 
gentleman m. Phili|>|ia, only daughter and 
heiress of Michael Wrightson, esq. of Os- 
BASTON, by whom he acquired that estafp. 
He was sheriff of Derbyshire in lOD-*, and 
was «. at his decease by his ion, 

Francis Munoy, esq. of Osbaston and 
Markeaton, %^!io \\Ldded Anne, daughter of 
Sir John Noel,* and bad three sons and two 
daughtei^, viz. 

WBitiHTsoN, his heir. 

Francis, jecorder of Tamworth in 1700. 


Anne, m. to William Forrester, esq. of 

Marj', rf. 1. p. 
This gentleman, die friend of Addison, 

Steele, and tin' othiT eminent literary men 
of his day, died in 1720, only .six montlis 
after standing successfully a severe contest 

• rTr<^?jt-pmn(Json of Thoniai Wrnt worth, Earl 
of ( Ifvelund. (See Burke't Extinct and Dtrtnant 
Peerage, uticis Weutwoftb, MsiqusM of Rock- 

for the representation of the county of Lei- 
cester. He was by bis eldest son, 

Wbiohtson Mundy, e?q. of Markeaton, 
D.C.L. in the university of Oxford, high 
sheriff for Derbyshire in 1737, and M.P. 
for the county of Leicester in 1747. He m. 
Anne, daughter of Robert Rurdett, osq. and 
sister of Sir Robert Ilurdett, bart. ot* Forr- 
marke, b} \> liom he had one son and four 
daughters, namely, 

FRANCIS-NOElrCUIRKB, hb sucocssor. 
Anne, m, to the Roy. H. Ware, D.D. 

a descendant of the relebrated Sir 
.Tames ^^'al•e, and had (vvith a son. 
Major Ware, who married Mrs. Tar- 
rant) two daughters; the elder m, 
to Sachevcrel Chandos-Pole, esq. of 
Radboum-hall, in the eonnty of 
Derby ; the younger to the Rev. 
Samuel Crowther. 

Mary, m. to Nicholas Heath, esq. 

Millicent, m. to Capt. Fn iicli. 

Elizabeth, tn. in 17t>9, to Koherf. seventb 
Earl Ferrers (his lordship's second 

Mr. Mundy died before 17C0, and was «. by 
his son, 

FRANaa-NOBLrCURKE Mt'NDY, esq. of 
Markeaton, who m. first, Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of Ayrton, esq. but had no issue. 

IIu espoused, secondly, Elizabeth, eldest 
daughter of Sir Robert Burdett^ bart and 
had two sons, viz. 

1. Francis, his heir. 
3. Charles-Godfrey, of Burton H.ill, 
near Loughborough, in the county of 
Leicester (eee lAmWy, of Bmiam). 
Mr. Mnndy was Hht awflior of two admired 
descriptive poems, NrrDwoon .ind 
flu» FAt.i. OK Nki n\v()OD. He died in Ihl5, 
aud the magistrates of his native county, 
Derbyshire, caused his bust, by Chantrv. 
tu be placed in the county hall, as a testi- 
monial of the decea^f^d's \nn^ and eminent 
servieep. in the situations of justice ef the 
|)eace, chairman of quarter sessions, Slc. &c. 
He was «. in his ettalee by his elder son, the 

Francis Mondy, esq. of Markeaton. 

Arms — Per pale ; gn. and sa* on a cross 

enf!;Tailed arej. five lozenges pnrpnre ; on a • 
chief or, three eagles' legs erased, a-la- 
guise a2. 

CVest— A wolf's head erased sa. bezautce, 
fire issaing from his mouth, ppr. 

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Mittto — Detis proTidebit. 

Etttttt- -\i Markeatou, Mackworth, and 
Aikstree, all in the county of Derby. Jn 
(he poMMrion of die fuaHy flinco the early 
part of the reign of Henry VIU. if not pre- 
nmkf, M thofe is good fCMoa to belioTe 


from certain documents thai the Mundys 
possessed lands at Miurkeaton so fur bftck 
as the year 13i/9. 

Town Bendenee-^^A, Queen Anne-street. 
iSSMl-^Markcaton, near Perhy. 


CHARLTON-LECHMERE, EDMUND, esq. of Udfoid, m the county of Hm- 
M : of WkUm Court, Sluopobire, md of Hiuiley Castle, in the coun^ of Woivester, 
h. 20th September, 1789, s. to the estates and Tepreeentatioa of the luiited families of 
Chariton and Lochmere, upon the demise of his father. 

Mr. 1 <erhmerfl-Charltop is great-grand nephew and representatt?e of Nicliolas Lord 
Lechmere, of Eversham* (See Burke** Extinct Pe^rc^e*) He rapres^ntsthe Borough 
of Lodford ta parihiment. 

The family ol CiUfaTON* i« of very aii- 
cicsnt detraction. 

Sin AisK Chjulton, knt. of Appley Cas- 
tle, in the coanty of Sulup, bad issue, 

I. JoHX' (Sir),w Jjo m. Hawisc, daiiphfer 
and heiretM» of Owen ap Gryllith, the 
hMt Prince of PowYS, and in her right 
acquired the feudal barony of Pole, 
ht'Id in cr^pite f rom the crown ; but 
in the ue.xt year, Gryrtin de la PoU-, 
uncle to the said Hawise, pretcndiug 
a fight to the easUe of Pole, (after- 

* Amott^: ita ilistinguisli^ members we may 

» et;EK *rate Lad Charlton, bi^^'i p <~>C llcrefonl ; 
Grargc Clnrhon, biabop of Lauiiuil ; and Guy 

Chsikse, biihop of CUehmar. 

wards called Red Casti.k), raised 
a body of the Welsh, and regu- 
larly besieged it, his niece and her 
husband being at diat tine residing 
therein ; whereupon the king directed 
his precept to Roger de Mortimer, 
then justice of Wales, to march 
thidier for their relief and protection. 
Again, howt ver, (hey were disturbed 
by the said Grj l}in,u Iio liad summotis 
to appear before tlu- kin^', to answer 
for his proceedings : and to render 
John Charlton and his wife more 
secure in their title, they had a royal 
charter in the 7th of Edward II. con- 
firmatory of all their lands and castles 
in North Wales, South Wales, and 
PowTS ; in which year (98th July, 
1413) John Charlton was summoned 
to parliament as Baron Charlton, 
and from that period to 2dth July, 
1358. Hb lordsti ip was subsequently 
Justice of Ireland, and dying in 1369, 
was t, by his son, 
John de CuAniTov, ?pcond baron, 

who was s. by his son, 

John DEGHARLTQNjthird baron, 
who was «. by his brother, 

EnWAlU) DE Charlton, fourth « 
baron,n bo leaving daughters 
only, the title is supposed to 
have fallen into abeyance, 
as it still continues. (See 

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Butiu's JErfwcl tutd Dor- 
mant Pmrage.) 

2. Al.AN, of whom we havp to treat. 

3. Tsahplla, m. to John de Sutton, lord 
or Dudley, I'rom which alliauce de- 
rived the earls of Warwick and Lei- 

The s^tM ond gon, 

Sir Al.\s Charlton, knt. of Ai>pley Cas- 
tle, marrying Ellen, one of the co-heirs of 
the I«ord Zouch, acqQired«tiie lordship of 
Wisheford. In the 5th of Edward II. he 
was constituted governor of Montgomery 
and Wigmore Castles, and obtained per- 
mission from tiia king to embattle his own 
castle of Appley. His son and saccessor, 
TrroMAs Cn \Ri.To\, was *. by his son, 
Thomas Charlton, whoso son, 
RoBWT Charlton, was father of 
Richard Charltom, who m* tarice. By 
his first wife he had a son, WlLUAM, and by 
tlie second, (ii daughter of — Mainwaring, 

of Peovor) a son, 

HiCHARD Charlton, of Tearne, who m. 
twice, and had iiane, 

Robert Charlton, who was father of 

Hobkrt Charltov. who rrsponspd Alii<-, 
daughter and co-htir of Richard Tyler, of 
HasdwiclLe, iu the county of Salop, and had 
two sons, 

Andrew, who nt. first, Judith, daughter 
of Edward Cludd, esq. and secondly, 
Franc'pf*. only daughter ol Sir Philip 
Ey tou, ut Ly (on, J;»t. Hence^terived 
Hus Cliarltons of Shropshire. 


The second son, 

Robert Charlton, esq. of Whitton, who 
suffered severely for his loyal adherence to 
King Cliarles II. m. first, Emma, daughter 
of Thomas Ilarby, esq. of A<1-tMn. in the 
county of Northampton, and Msttr lo Sir 
Job Harby, knt. by whom he had i&sue, 
Jon, his successor. 

Clement, > 



Emma, m. to Sir Henry Barnard, by 
whom she was grandhnother of the 
Duk<> of Chandos, Lord Middleton, 

and Karl Tiln«-v. 
Elizabeth, m. to — Scrle, esq. and had 

Katherine, m. to Richard Coke, esq. of 

Trusley, in the county of Derby. 
11*' p.4|wn<5<»d, secondly, Vtiuc, daniiJif« r of 
Kichard VV yche, esq. and siatt r to Sir Peter 
W'j che, knt. by whom he had four sons and 

} four daughters, who all d, unmarried, except 

Lettice, the wife of John Bright, esq. of 

Acton, ill the county of Salop. 

His only surviving son and succejtsor. 
Sir Job Charlton, received the houur of 
kttighfliood, was appointed chief justice of 
Chester, and nominated one oTthe judges of 
(lie Conunon Picas, temp. Charle;; 11. In 
the 2nd of James II. be was advanced to the 
dignity of a baroae^andwas speaker of the 
House of Commons. He m. Ilvt, I>orotby, 
dau. and heiress of William Blunden, esq* 
of Bishop's Cii'-tlp, l.y whom he had 
Francis, Ins successor. 
Jane, m. to Tliomas Hanmer, esq. of the 
Fenns, in Flintshire, and had twosons, 
William and Job, and a daughter, m. 
in Vdniiral Connval!, of Beringtnn. 
Dorothy, m. to Sir Edward Lcigbton, of 

Wattleeborough, bart. 
Mary, m. to — Burrell, esq. of Essex. 
Sir Job m. srcondly. Ldin i-, Hn-i.^littT of 
Walter Waring, esq. of Uldbury, and had 
further issue, 

Gilbert, whom. Anne, dan. and co-heir 
of Harvey Staunton, esq. of Staunton, 
in Nottinghamshire, and hnd with 
other issue, a dau. Anne, who m. Ri- 
chard Brough, esq. and was grand- 
mother of Elizabeth Brough. m. to 
tiie Rev. Df. Aspinsbaw, who has as- 
Bumf d the fnriKMn*' of Stanntoji, and 
is the preseutUuS iacnton of Staun- 
ton. (See p. (m.) 
Bmma, w. 1st, lo Thoa. Comwallb, esq. 
of Abermarles, and 2ndly, to Dr* J. 
Rohinson, lord bishop of London. 
Sir Job Charlton was t. at his decease, 27tli 
May, 16D7, by his eldest son. 

Sir Francis Charlton, bart. who m. first, 
Dorof1)\ , daughter an<^ ro-heir of the Rev. 
Mr. Bruiuwych, by whom he had a soa, 
Blvndel, his SQOoessor; and secondly. 
Hiss Cam, by whom he left two sons, and « 
daughter, Emma, m. to John Lloyd, es<i. of 
Aston, in Shropshire. Sir Francis li. 21 at 
April, 1729, and was *. by liis son. 

Sir Blukdel Charlton, bart. who m* 
Mary, sister of Lord Foley, and had issue, 
Fkwcis (Sir), his successor, as sixth 
baronet, who d. unmarried, in 17S4, 
when the title expired. 
Robert-Job, in holy orders, rector of 
Brampton, in the counfyof Hereford ; 
and vicar of Kidderminstrr. Worccs*- 
tershire, d. before his brother, uuuj. 
Emma, d. unmarried. 

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EuZABETHi m. to Edmund Lecbraere,"* 
e«q. of Haaley CasUe, io the county 
of WoToeater, kniglit in parUament 

for that shire, in 1734, and had issue, 
Nicholas LECHMvitr, of Hanley 
Castlei b. iu 173a, who succeeded 
to tiie Chariton eatateg upon the 
dt-ini»c of his nncle. Sir FraaciB 
Cliarlton, in 1784, anrt assinnrd 
tliat additional suriiauie. lie os 
poused Susanna, daughter ol'Jcs- 
aon Case, esq. of Powyck, and 
bad issue^ 

1. Edmund, present posaoMOr. 

2. Francis, b. in 1790. 

* Ur. Leehmero waa represcntatire of the 
ancirat fianilj of thai name, for an seeoaat of 
vrhicb, aae axtiele Fajmall, of AQsnsnuwe. 

3. Emma, fl. in IH09. 
Mr. Lechmere Churhuu, wha s. at his 
decease by bis elder son, 

EI>|IVN1>LE€UIIE1IS>Charlton, esq. 
now representative of the tv\<» fa- 
milies of Lechmere and Clwii Itun. 

Armt — Quarterly ; firi»t and fourth, or, u 
lion rampant, gn. for Charlton. Second 
and tliird, gu. a fcaa betireen three pelicans 
or, vulniug their hreasts ppr. for Li chmi re. 

Cre$U — leopard's head trout faced, gu. 
for CraRltow. Ont of a dncal coronet, a 
pelican, mining itself, ppr. 

£Vrattf«— Hanley, Woroestersbire ; Wil- 
ton, Shropshire ; andLttdfocd^in the county 
of Hereford. 

iSSwl»—Lndford, Herefordshire; Wbitton 
Court, Shropshire ; and Hanley Castle, in 
tbe coonty of Worcester. 


PETER, WILLIAM, esq. of Harlyn, in the county of Cornwall, b. 22Dd March, 

1785 : m. 12th January, 1809, Frances, only daug^hter and 
heiress of John Thomas, esq. of Clliverton, in the S&me 
itif, by whom he has issue, 

John-Thoma8>Henry, of Christ Church, Oxford, h, 33rd 

January, 1810. 
William^RottS, an ensign of the 07th foot, b» 15th May, 


Robert-Godolphiu, b. 31st July, 1818. 
George-Carew, b, 3rd August, 1821. 
Algernon, b. 9th May, 1823. 
Granville-Camilnow, b, 16th December, 1835. 


Mr. Peter has been, for many years, a deputy warden and lieutenant, and one of the 
yW^ i fWi^ of the Court of Quarter Sessions, of the coon^ of Cornwall. 


This family has been for sereral centuries I 
resident, and possessed of lands, in the west 
of England* According to Risdou and other 
antiquaries, the Lady Alice Pole, in the 
reign of lleury III. gave the manor and cas- 
tle of Compton, in Xtoyonshire, '* to one of 
dw family of Peter, whose posterity after- 
wards took the name of the place." Another 
hranrh settU d at Ton -Ni vvton, in the adja- 
cent parish of Torr-liri.iii, of which was,. 

John Pbeter or Pbtrb, who lived in the 
reigns of Richard IL and Henry IV. By 

his wife Alicf he left issue two SOUS, 

1. John, his successor. 

2. Nicholas, who succeeded to his mo- 
ther's estates in Dorsetshire, and re- 

sidiug at Uakebeare, in that county, 
wa? M.P. for Shaftesbury in the20tb 
of Henry VI. and d. s. p. 
John Petlk, the elder brother, inherited 

i^iy u^Lo Ly Google 



Lis father's estates la DeTonshire, and left 
iMue by his wife, a son Batned 
William Peter, who, as it appears from 

an inquisition (akf-n in tlif; 12th of Edward 
IV. was jicitifd of" Torr-Newton, Bakebearc, 
and other landii in the counties oi Devan, 
Dorset and Hants, and was at that time 
twenty-four years of age. By hit wife 
Joan, he had several children, among whom 

1. J<»HN, who inherited Torr-Newton 
and other estates in Devon, and who, 
by Alice, daughter of John Collins, 

eM{. of Woodlands, in flu' '^nmc coMti- 
ty, was fatlier of Sir William Peter 
or Petre, principal secretary of state 
in the rei^sofHBNR Y Vin., Edward 
VI., Mary, and Elizabeth, and an- 
cestor of the Lords Petre, of Writ- 
tie, in the county of Essex. 

2. WiLUAH. 

WiLUAH Pbtbh, the yonnger son, suc- 
ceeded to his father's estates at Milton in 
Hampshire, and Bakebearo in I>rjrs('ts!iirp, 
and further increased his patrimony by his 
marriage with Joan, the only daughter of 
Sir Roger Arundel, of Calwoodley, in the 
county of Devon, by which lady he had 
issue three sons, 

1. Roger, who d. yoim^. 

2. William, who succeeded lii^ father, 
but <l. f . p. in 87th Henry VUI. 

3. John. 

The tliird snn, 

John Peter, resided at Bowhay, n< ar 
Exeter, and was one of the representatives 
of Oat city in the first parliament of Phiui* 
and Mary. He married his cousin Wilmot, 
danphfcr of John Peter, esq. of Torr-New- 
ton, and sister to Sir William Petrc, and died 
in 1679, at a very advanced age, leaving a 
nnmeroiiB progeny of sons and danghters, 
amongst whom were 

1. John, who M.P. for Dartmouth 
in the Ist of Phiup and Mary (the 
same parliament in which his father 
represented Exeter), and d. «. p, in 
the life-time of his father. 

2. Otho, wlio sncceodrd his father in his 
Devonshire estates, and was seated at 

• Bowhaj descended from fiitber to son to John 

PsTEB. esq. of Bowhay. who left an only daughter, 
FnANCEs, m. Sir Allen Apslej^gowmor 
of the i ower, and had t«tuie, 
1. Stn P«Tsa-AnLKY,whossonlydaugh- 

9. Thomas. 

Thohas Pbtrii, the third son, to whom hi* 
father had made gift of diven lands in Corn- 
wall (which lands had been acquired by WQ- 
!iam Peter in marriage with Joan Arundel), 
espoused Agnes, daughter of Thomas Godol- 
phin, esq.f (by bb teeand wife, a daughter 
of — Granville), and wa8#. by his eldestson, 

Robert Pi.t^ h, \yho was bred a sol- 
dier, and served with credit imder 8ir Ed- 
ward Poynings at Havre, and in tlie Low 
Ctwntrles. In the Idlb of Elisabeth he was 
M;P. for Fowey, in the 14th, for Penryn» 
and in tlic 2«th r)f the same reign, for Dart- 
mouth. Hem. Thoniasine, dauj::hterof John 
Kestell, of Kestell, in the county of Corn- 
waB, esq. and left issne, 

Henry Peter, esq. who was M.P. for 
Fowey in the fir-t parliament of James I. 
and whom, in iooy, Deborah, daughter of 
John Treffry, esq, of Place. Henry Peter 
d. in 1619, leaving issue, a son, 

Thomas Peter, esq. b. in 1610, whom, in 
^fVY^, Elizabeth, only daupliter and heirfM 
of Henry Michell, esq. of Harlyn, in the 
county of Cornwall, whieh place had been 
acquired by the Michells, in the reign of 
Henry VII. iu marriage with an heiress of 
the Tregoyes, a family, which, according to 
Carew.rauked amongst the Eugliiih nobility, 
in the time of William the Cbnqneior. 
Having been an active royalist in the eivll 
wars, between Charles and his Parliamenl^ 

ter and heiress, Catherine, m. her i 
Bin Allen, first Earl Bathuist. 
t. FraDoes,«i.toSirB«ajsnunB«tlnirBt. 
Upon Otbo Peter (a member of this bntnch of 
the family) the followinp- curious epitaph isto b« 
seen in Exminster Church, near Exeter. 

In sampitamam aieaioriaR Othoais Peter 
armig^ri ncstinimtts ^tis ilins hoe moaaaentnm 
p. p. p. 

Conditur htkc Petxk pietatis Petra Petneus 
Omen habet aoHMtt nam pifltia vers fidt 
Vicinis pacis— sponsa: constantis— snioris 

Natis — pauperihti^ Petn pauociaii 
Indole lam proprl.i, quant steounafe fhlsit svtto 

Marts sao darns, conjuge, Prole, Patrs 
Fsmift fidesque viri nobiscum in sjrciiln pnostat* 

Mens geaerosa Deum ccclitus orta petit 
Sie Petal Petann operit, — corpus Petia,nempe 
Potrsti ha*c, 
At Christ o fruitur mens meliore Petis. 
Ob* . . . die Junii 1007. 
t ThsDokeof Leeds, the reprstenMive of this 
ancient family, is descen(1» <l fmrn TliDmas (lodol- 
pbtn, by his Jirrt wife, who was n daughtar of 
Edmand Bonitbon, of Uonitlion, esq. 

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Thomas Peter was for a long time ttnpri- 
toned Vr Cronnrall, but pMciiMd bit rdea«e 
ted February, 1663, throagli the ittteenco 

aod interference of his maternal kinsman, 
the celebrated Hufjh Peters,* who was chap- 
lain to the Protector. He d. in 1676, leav- 

faig iasne tfiree mub, and a daughter, , 

tiM wife of Srary Vincent, fMN|. 

His cMp?t pon and ?Tirrp='*or. 

iiBFr.ouY FETFn.»\«t; ji Hurl) n, was High 
SheriU' ui Guru wail m the last year of King 
Willim's and dte int of Queen Annexe 
ndgn. Be was m. iti 1068, to EHzalH-th, 
daughter of John Goovc, of Goovt hnyes, in 
the co«nt\' of Devon, esq. and dying in 1710, 
wail #. by bi« i»ou, 

Jamn Peres, esq. wlio m. in 1689^ Ann, 
agcood daogfater of Sir John Coryton, of 
Newton -Ferrar-, hart. M. P. for the county 
of Cornirall, and d. in 17^, leaving iasue 
(besides several daughters)* 
1. Henry, bis Micoeflsor. 
a. William, Rector of Mawnan, who, 
by his wifp EliziViftli, daughter of 
the Kev, William Smith, chaplain to 
Qneen Anne, left issue two sons, 
WiLLUM , m, to Haifiet, daughter 
and co-heiress of dielioiionmble 
George Hamilton, !«econd son of 
James, sixth Earl of Abercom. 
SoURT, Rector of Sully, who m. 
MarUia, dao^ter of — Fhuik- 
lin, esq. of Glamorganshire. 
3. Jonathan, of Porthcothan, who m. 
Mary, daughter of Edward Hohlyn, 
esq. by Bridget, daughter and co- 
liefaoH of Jobn Carew, of Penwane, 
esq. and grandanghtcr of the cele- 
brated Richard Carfw. of Antony, 
anthor of the ' Sur% ey of Cornwall, '&c. 
Mr. Peter was an u^ve magistrate and 
country geutlemaD, and was #. at Mb decease 
by hif t l^i^^t son, 

Hesry Petek. omj. Ili.r], ShorilT of the 
coantj of Cornwall in the 2Utb of George 11. 
By Us wife Mary, only daughter and heiress 
of WUlinin Harpor, esq. of Trevarthen 

• Ilnch IVt*-r* (of a faniilj which li ul b.-.n 
dnren irom Antwerp, on account of its religion) 
«M the aoa of Thomas Dykewooda Pt tors, a mer- 
fWt of Wtmej, by :\Iartha, daughter of John 
Trt^rv, r.r Place. Thp name of Peters was 
first ajaomed by fbomai} Difheuood*, the grandfa- 
tkrofffogh. The]Ur.CharlesPetere.theleam(Kr 
Cammentatnr on the Book of Job. and the able !in- 
t^pwst of Baahop Wariwrton, was of this finaily . 

(descended from the ancient Derbysliire fa- 
mily of that name), he had issue a son, and 

WiixiAM Petbr, esq. who m. his coosin 

M^ary. daughter of Jonathan Pt ter, esq. of 
Porthcothan, and resided at Ilarlyn. JUke 
his ancestors for many generutions,— 

*' \S hose doom contending neighbours sought. 
Content with equity unbought.'' 

he discharged the duties of a county magis- 
trate and English conntry gendemM, with 
no less credit to himself than adrantsge to 
all around him, and dying in 1770, was r. by 
his eldei^t mirvivin^ son, 

Henry Petek, for many years colonel of 
the Royal Cornwall Militia, and a niagistralo 
ind deputy warden and lieutenant of the 
county. He was m. in 1782, to Anna Maria 
youngest daughter of the late Thonia:* liou», 
esq. of Pierceficld, in the county of Mou- 
montii, and dying in 1831, has been t, by 
his eldest son, Wiujam Peter, esq. now of 
Flarlyn, and representatiTe of this ancient 

^rm»— 1. Gules on a bend or, between 
two escallop iheUs argent, a Cornish chough 

proper between two cinquefoils azure, Ibr 
Peteh. 2. Ardent n saltire sable, for Co- 
ryton. 3. Argent on a chevron asure, be- 
tween three cinqnefoUs gtdes, as many 
hono-shoes or, Ibr Fbbmm. 4. Gnles two 
lions passant guardant or, for Bodulgate. 

Crest — Two lions' heads erased and en- 
dorsed, the first or, the second azure, gorged 
with a plsin coHw oonnterehanged. 

ilfotte«t'--Sans IHen rien, and 8nb liber* 
tate quietem. 

Ettatet — The manor of Treoellow, with 
Trelouza, and otlier lands in the parish of 
Padstow. A part of die pro[)erty acquired 
by William Peter with Joan Arundel. 

Harlyn, and ndier estates in the parishes 
of St. Merryii, St. Ervan, Little Petherie, 
Padstow, iLc. acquired in 1632, with the 
heiress of Mitchell. 

Tli< ni Hior of Trefeock, with Trevarthen 
and Tn iitinny, cuneby the heiress of Uar^ 
pur, in 1717. 

Chivertox, with Uie manors of Tywaru- 
hayle, Bosrellack, Ventongemps, and oflier 
lands in the parishes of St. Agnes, St. Allen, 
Cubert, Nen lyn,&c. acquired with the heir* 
ess of Thomas. 

>SVa(«— Ilarlyn utar Padstow, and CM- 
verton, near Truro, in the conn^ of Corn- 

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i»(MUivj2., SCRIVELSBY. 
C|e Ittvg'f Clonyfot. 

DYMOKE, HENRY, Esq. of S( rivokby Court, in the county of Lincoln, TIk^ Honor- 
able The King's Champion, b. 5th March, l80l ; suc- 
ceeded to the estRtcs and the hereditan- charapionslnp at 
the decease of his father, the Reverend John Dyiuoke,on 
the 3rd Dec. 1828, havinf^ previously executed the official 
dutit's of champion as deputy for that gentleman at the co- 
ronation of his late Majesty King Georoe IV. Mr. 
Dymoke ni. 14th January-, 1823, Emma, daughter of Wil- 
liam Pearce, esq. of Weasenhall, in Norfolk, and Holm Cot- 
tage, Richmond, Surrey, by whcmi be has an only daughter, 
Emma-Jane, 6. llth February, 1836. 

This gentleman is tlie seventeenth of his family who has 
inherited the ancient office of Cuampion. 

Tbie flunily ranks in point of nnttq^iity, 

nmlc and female, wtdl the most ancient in 
tlie kiiigdom. It derives the singular office 
of CHAMPION from the celebrated baronial 
house of Marhyun, or Marmyon, with the 
fendal manor of ScnivBtSBY, to whidi die 
championship is attached. 

At the time of th<' Norman Conquest, 
Robert de Maumyov, Lord of Fontoey, 
in Nonnaindy, having by grant of King Wil- 
liam the castle of Tamworth, in the county 
of Wanviek, uith the adjacent lands, ex- 
pelled the nuus from the abbey of Poles- 
Worth, to a place called Oldbury, about four 
miles distant. <*AAer which,'* (writes Sir 
William Dugdale,) " within tlic compass 
of a twelvemonth, as it is said, making a 
costly entertainment at Tamworth Castle, 
for some of his friends, amongst whom was 
Sir Walter de Somervile, Lord of Which- 
ever, in the county of Stafford, hU s^vo^n 
brother, it happened, that as he lay in his 
bed, St. Edith appeared to him in the habit 
of a veiled nun, with a crosier in her hand, 
and advertised him, tliat if he did not restore 
the abbe\ of Polesworth, whii h lay within 
'the territorii 6 belonging to his castle of Tam- 
worth, unto her successors, he should have 
an evil death, and go to hell. And, that he 
nii'^lit he the more sensible of this lu r adinu- 
nilion, slie smote him oo the »ide with the 
point of her cro&icr, and so vanished away. 
Moreover, that by this stroke being much 

wounded, he crycd out so loud, that his 

friends in the honse arose ; and, finding him 
extremely tormented with the pain of his 
wound, advised him to confess himself to a 
priest, and vow to restore the nuns to their 
former possessions. Furthennore, that hav- 
ing so done, his pain ceased ; and that in ac- 
complishment of his vow, accompanied by Sir 
W alter de Somervile, and the rest, he forth- 
with rode to Oldbury; and, cra\int^^ pardon 
of the nuns for the injury done, brought tlieni 
back to Polcswortli, desirini; that himM If, 
and his friend Sir Waiter de Somerwle, 
might be reputed their patrons, and have 
burial for themselTOS and their heirs in dm 
abbey — the Marmions in the chapter house 
— the Sonierviles in the cloystcr. However 
some circumstances in this story (continue 
Dugdale,) may seem fabulous, the substaaee 
of it is certainly true; for it expressly ap- 
peareth by the very words of his charter, 
that he gave to Oi«anna the prioress, yc/r the 
tstablithing of the religion of thote hum there ^ 
tk» ckmrek tf St. Editk, ofPoUiwortkj wUk 
it* appurtenaneeif to that the convent of Old- 
bwy should remain in that place ; and like- 
wise bestowed upon them the whole lordship 
of Polesworth : which grant King Stephen 
afterwards confirmed." The castle and ma- 
nor of Tamworth, in Warwickshire, and the 
manor of Scrivelsby, in the county of Lin- 
coln, were granted by the Conqueror to this 
Robert de Biarmion, to be held by grand 

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tttjeutly, to perfonn the office of cham- 
piM at Ae king's eoronatioD/' (the Mai^ 
wons, it is said, were hereditary champions 

to the Dukes of Norniaiuly. prior tn the con- 
qaest of En^rlnRi! ^. Robert Marraioii wn« 
succeeded at his decease by his 80u aud 

Robert de Marmyon, Lord of Fontncy, 
in Vorrnandy, where he possewed a fortified 
castle, which was beaieged by Geofirey, of 
Aojoo^ in the 4tli of King Stephen, and de- 
aolMhed. TliiiRobeitlwvjiigagreRteiiiBity 
:o the Earl of Chester, who had a noble seat 
at Covrntrv , pntercd the pn'orj'^ there in the 
Hth of StiiphcD, and, expcUiug the monk.i«, 
tmed it Into « fortification, digging at the 
same time divers deop ditches in the a^ineent 
fi^.-Til^. which he caused to he rovcred over 
« ith earth, in rinier to secure the approaches 
thereto; but the £uri of Chester's force<» 
drntnng near, as he rode out to feoonnoitre, 
he fell into one of tilose rerj dilelies, and 
broke his tliigh, so that a rommoTi soldier, 
presently seizing him, cut off his head. He 
was M. by his son, 

RonitT DB Mabiiioiv, who, in the 31st 
Hewy II., being constituted sheriff of Wor- 
oipjslersb ire , cAntinued in that office until the 
end of the lour- and- thirtieth year of the 
amme icagn. He was also justioe itinerant 
in Warwickshife, and some other counties, 
and again sheriff of Worcestershire in the 
l«>t of Richard I. In five years afterwards 
he attended that monarch into Normandy, 
and in Ae IMh of King John he was in the 
expedition then made into Poictou. This 
feudal I'T'I died ab<:>ut the year 1217, leaving 
iiiBwe, by ditfereut mothers, 

RoBBBT, his sttcoessor. 

Robert, jnn., who had the estate of Wi* 
trin^ham andConinsby,in Ibecottttty 
of Lincoln. 

William, of Torington. 
He wns »» hj his eldest ton, 

Robert de Maruion, ^\ho appears to have 
sidMi with the French, when they seized 
opOD Normandy in the beginning of King 
John's reign, for the murder of Arthor, Duke 
•f Briciaay ; bntailerwards to haTe made his 
pea.*e. for in the 5th of Hennr III, he had 
liv t ry of Tamworth Castle and his father's 
other lands. He i» suppo^d to have re- 
mnwd lo Normandy in tweWe years after- 
wards, and to liave died thete in 1441, when 

he was by hi.* «on, 

l^uiui' DC Makmion, who was sheriff for 
tfce couiiLitr^i of Want ick and Leicester, from 


the 33rd to the 3tith of Henry HI.— in the 
latter of whieb years he was qnsstioned for 
sitting with Richard de Mondenll, and tfie 

rest of the justices, for gaol delivery at War- 
wick, having no commission -^o to do. The 
next year he attended the kiug luto Gascony ; 
npon Ids return whence he was taken pri- 
soner by the Flmich at Pontes, in P irtou, 
^vith Jofin de Plessets, then Earl i,[ \\ ,ir- 
wick, notwithstanding they had letters of 
•aft conduct from the king of France. In 
the 45ith of ttie same re^ this feudal lord 
had summons to be at London with divers of 
the nobility, upon the morrow after Simmt 
arid J tide's day ; in which year the defection 
of many of the barons began further to mar 
nifest itself, by their assuniin<r the royal 
prerogative, in placing sherifl's throughout 
different shires. lu thi.s period of difli«ulty 
Philip de iMarroioti, being of unimpeachable 
loyalty, bad, by special patent from ttie 
king, the counties of Suffolk and Norfolk 
committed to his custody, with the cfi.stlen < f 
Norwich and Orford : a well-judged confi- 
dence, for through all the subsequent for- 
tunes of Henry HI. he never once swerved 
from his allegiance. He wa.n present at the 
battle of Lewes — nni\ his fidelity was re- 
warded after the roj^ai victory of Evesham, 
by some valuable grants for life, and die 
governorship of Kenihvorth Castle. Hem. 
Joane, youngest daughter, and evefitnallv 
sole heiress of Hugh de Kilpcc, of Kilpec 
Castle, in Herefordsblre, by whom be bad 
four daughtem, his co-heirs, vis. 

Joane, m. to William M<vteyn, and died 

#. p. in 1294. 
Margery, m. to Rali>h Cromwell, and 
had an only daughter and heiress, 
Joane, m. to Alexander, Baron Fvs* 
ville. who^se grandson, 
Slu Balomin ur Freville, 
Lord Freville^ claimed the 
championship in the 1st 
Richard II. by th(! tenure 
of Tamworth Castle, bnt the 
matter was decided agaaist 
bim, in Ikvour of Sir John 

Maud, m. to Ralph Bodller, and d. s.p. 
Joan,* who had the manor of Scrivelsby, 

m. Sir Thomas de Ludlow, knt. and 

had issue, 
John de Ludlow, who i* $* p. 

* Banks, in his Higtory of Alarmyun, says, that 
thb lady was by a second wife, Mary. 

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Maruahet de Ludlow, sole heiress 
of her hnihett with yrhom we 
flluH proceed m wife of Sir Iohn 


Maiioaret de Ludlow, upon the tU teusi* 
of her brother^ became sole heiress (Bauks 
inakee her grendftughter of Sir Thonuui' de 
Ludlow and looii Marmyoii), and inherited 
the manor of ScRlVBtnYy in Lincolnihire ; 
she espoused 

Sir John Dymmor,* knt end Ihit gentle- 
nan fhnsmcqoiied, with that baronial estate, 
the office of King's Champtov. In the 46th 
and 47th of Edward 111. Sir John Dymoke 
represented with William Marmyun, the 
eonnty of Lincoln in parlSameni, and in the 
1st Richard IT. he was again one of the 
knights foT Litu nliiyliiro. At tTif> coronation of 
this monarch he executed the office of King's 
Chamimon, and was the first person to offi- 
daUy employed at the coronation of an Bng^* 
Uah prince.t Sir John d. in the 4th of the 
same rei>Ti, leaving Margarpt, his wife, sur- 
yiring, w ho d. in the 2nd Uenry V. at which 
time, Thomas, her son nnd heir, waa sixty 
jMnof ageaadnpiwards. Theeaid 

Sir Thomas Dymmok waa one of those 
eminent ppr«ons who, immediately prior to 
the coronation of Kin<f Henry iV. was made 
a Knight of the BaA, at the Tdwer. On ti>o 
eoroontion day he perfbnned Ae oftee of 

• Thh f;irni!v icquired its flum-imo, it is pre- 
sumed, from the maaor of Dimmok, in the county 
ef OliNMMtsr. 

Henry Dtmmos, living temp. Edward IU. m. 

a daughter of Plp<mflti<«, nn<\ \md issue, 

JoBN Dymmok, who m. Felicia, dtughter of 
Hmvill, and had a smi, 
Sia John Dymmok, the hodiiad of Mtii- 

paret fie T.wdlow. 

t Uia right wm, however, disputed by Sir Bald- 
win Frsfrflla, <hen Loid of IWwordi, who exhi- 
bited befine tlieeourt of claims his pfetnuions to 

be KiNO*» Champion, anfl to th«> service appertAin- 
iog to that office, by reason ot his teaare of Tam- 
woith Ctide, via. 

" To ride completely armed upon abnrbod horse 
into Westminster HaU, and tbere to challenge the 
combat with whomsoerer atumld dare to oppose 
the King'a title to the crown/' 

Which serrioe tlu^ I^r^mns Mttrmyon, his aru es- 
tors, Lords of that castle, had thwetoibre per- 
IbnMd. Bat Sir JTehn Dynoike eouatsr^ddmed 
the same office as Lord of Scrirelsby . W hereupon 
the constable and marshal of England appointed 
the said Sir John Dymoke to perform the office at 
that time. 


Champion as deputy to his mother, then liv 
ing. And again at the coronation of the re- 
nowned Henry V. he executed the duties of 
the same office, in the same manner, on be- 
iuilf uf liis mother. Sir Thomas m. ^iisa- 
befh, daughter and heir of Sir Bichaid Heb- 
d( II, knt. (by his wife, the daa|^ter ud heir 
of Rye) and dying in the laat year of HmaT 
V. was g. by his son, 

Sir Phiup Dymmok, then twenty-turo 
yeare old and upwards, who oflieiated aa 
Champion at the coronation of HnNHT TI. 
Upon this occaRion a mandatt was made by 
the King to the keeper of his wardrobe, to 
deliver to Ute said Fhiiip Dymmok (tiien no< 
knighted) sndi fhraitare^ ke. ae bin ancea- 
tors had been accustomed to have npon thcaa 
occasions. This Champion espoused Joanp, 
daughter of Sir Christopher Conyt?rs, of 
Stokeburn, and d. in the 33rd Henry Vi. 
leaving Ida ton, and enece ee er, 

8n Thomas Dymmok, flien tn ent> 'seveB 
years of ape and upwards. This CTj.unpion 
made a conspicuous figure in the reign of 
Edward IY . His connection, however, with 
the Iiorda Wellea, and a eai^idoo tikat ho 
faronied Lancastrian interest, led htai 
to a premature death upon the seaffold (re- 
fer to Burke's Ertinet and Ihrmant Perr- 
aget article Welles). Mr Thomas hi. Mar- 
garet, second dai^ter, and oventaally one 
of the co-heirs of Lionel, Lord Welles, by 
Jnnno, his wife, daughter and heir of 
Robert VVaierton,* and had issue, 

Ri>BeRT (SiH), his successor. 

Lionel (Sib), who m, Joane, daiq^ter 

and co-heir of Richard Griffith, esq. 
of ??rirkford, in the munty of Lincoln, 
and had three surviving daughters, 
his co-heirs, via. 

1. — m. to Hopton. 

2. Alice, M. to Sir WtUiav SUp- 

3. , m. to J. Goodrich, of lio~ 


Sir Uonel was sheriff of the connty of 
Lincoln in the 7th Hknky VIII. he d, 
17th August, 1519, and vvnr^ buried 
at HcH-ncastle, where a monument 
erected to his aemory still remains. 
Anne, d, in 146B. 
The elder son and heir, 

• The Watthtons were a I-incolnshire fAmily 
of distinction, and were frequently sbkehiiii of that 

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Dtmokb, of scriveusby. 


8tR Robert Dymoke was of very tender 
yean at the time of hia faUier'n unhappy 
imili be had no Moner amvod at 

matnilty , ibaa the King^, as if to compensate 
f^r tlie fate of hi» father, admitted him to 
have livery of all his inheritance, as well of 
ftoM Imaim which came through the late 
(^unqpioo, of tliOM o^Mr oitetM wliloh 
had deTolved upon him through his mother, 
the co-hf*ir*^? of Welles and Watertnn, with- 
oot any account to be taken, either as to their 
nhm •ftd<«BlHitr or of meh fine as tfw King 
Mi^t bo entMod to daim due to tke crovm 
upon such occasions.* Sir Hobrrt officiated 
&s Champion at the coronations of Kjchard 
ni Henry Vil. and Brnrt VIII. He was 
a ttOitaiy mm, and one of the pfriocipal 
OoaaooBdois at tho tiega of Toumay, whore, 
after the SMrrfvi4fT of the fity, he \vn9 con- 
sittuted Kinpr's treusiirer. fie was a Knjoht 
Banneret, and was sherilT of Lincolnshire 
bi ted RicBiiaD ni. IMi Henry VII. 
and lot Homy Vm. This distinguished 
rhampion espoused, first, Anne, Haiir^htpr of 
A lexander Creaanore, by whom he had three 
daughteia* Ho ak aaoondly, Jane, daughter 
and co-heir of JohnSpanow, of LMkdott) by 
wbom be had a aoD^ 

BovAmBk hto wweiwar. 

Sir Robert d. 13th April, 1544, and waahn- 
fied at Scrhrelsby, He #. by hh aon, 

Sta Edward Dymoke. This gentleman 
wao abetiirof Ae eoonty of Lincoln, fai the 

lifr tiiiu rif his t'ather,anno 1536; an oflu c 
fi'hichbr- Al^ i filU d in the 1st Edward VI. and 
2nd and 3ril of Phiui' and M,\hy, in which 
rei|{BS, as well aui iu that of Ciueen Eli^a- 
«mi, bo waa npaatadly lotamad one of the 
county r. i>r( sentatires to poiliaaient. Ho 
Tiftri"!*"'' .1- <^fiAMi'ioN at the coronations of 
Ed«.uid V i. Uueen Mary, and Queen Eliza- 
•CXH. He Ml. Anne, daughter of Sir George 
Tathaya, aialer and heir of Gilborl, Lord 

* The tida of opinian and ■fins bad now b«- 
COvagieatlj changed ; inasmuch as Ifin^ Edward 
hfv\ njTuri^d r«-cilv, hi5 daughter, to John, the 
baif-brother of that very Hichard. Lord Welles, 
wbea be bad bebeaded bat a few years bafine j 
•ad, mor^^'V.-r, crated the said Jolin, Viscount 
UVII'^s. Itms thf said Jobn.V^isrount Welles, was 
■cMtcriMi u&cId to the young Dymoke ; and he 
fbinaub tbe naie alliaiiM, was baeonie the great 
n^.Lcw of tLf man who hal taken airay the li&of 
LtM fiitber. BuaJa'i Hia. of Mormon, 

Talboys, of K yriu , * !iy whom (w ho espoused 
secondly, Sir Kobert Carr) he had issue, 
Robert, Am sueeestor, 
Chariea (8ir),of IIonfoll»bi tbe eonnty 
of Lincoln, and H*!^* fat tbe city of 
Lincoln in 1502, m. Marfi^aret, relict 
of Anthouy Butler, of Coats, and left 
no bioe. 

Edward (Sir), who was abofiff of lia- 

colnshire in 1584, and member in se- 
veral parliaments for that county. 
He m. Troth, daughter of Thomas 
Dyinoke,and left two dangbten, via. 

Margant^ni. to William Marbary. 

Frances, m. to Rnker. 

Sir Edwnrd Dymoke d. in 1606, and waa #. 

by hiij tddfst son, 

lioBERT Dymoke, esq. who m. Bridget, 
eldeat dangbter and co-heir of Bdwaid, Lord 

Clinton (afterwards Earl of Lincoln), by Eli- 
zabeth, his first wife, daughter of Sir John 
Blount, knt. and widow of Gilbert, Lord 
Talboys. By tbis lady he had a numerous 
fanfly, of wUiA, tbe aldeat and youngeat 
sons wara 

Edward (Sii 1. hh saaceaaor. 
Nicholas, ^\ho m. — — , daughter of 
Danrers, and had a son, 
Bdwaro, who anoeeeded, upon Ao 
death of the honorable champion, 
Charles Dymoke, hia cousin, to 
the manor of Scriveisby, with 
the championship. 

Tbe cbampfam if. in 1560» and waa.#. by hia 

Sir Edward Dymoke, who claimed and 
exercised the office of champion at the coro- 
nation of King James I. He m. first, Ca- 
Aaiine, daughter of Sir Jameanuvington, 
by whom he bad a aon, Charlea, who rf. 
young, and a daughter, Bridget, baptized at 
Hackney, 6th November, 1597. He es- 
poused, secondly, Anne, daughter of Sir 
John Honaon, knt. and bad anodier aon, 
Edward, who also deceased young. Sir 
JBdward wedded, thirdly, 13tb November, 

• The children of Gilbert, Lord Talboys, all 
deceasing without issue, the inheritance came to 
be diTided between tbe Mstsfs and eo-bsirs of tba 

said Gilbert J in which division flu* cnstle and 
manors of North and South kyme (the old baronial 
seat of the Kymes) fell to the Dymoke family, who 
possessed the same until the Inst ct'ntury, when 
ihey were sold by tba Honourable ChampioB, 
Lewis Dymoke. 

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tetO, Mary, daugliter of PoiiltciK) . 1 Charles, wlio d. young 

esq. of Mistrrton. and dying in 1«*26, was s. 
ov the only '?on of tliia marriage, 
' Cii Aiu.jis l»\MoKi , esq. This genaeman 
was a zealous supporter of JSTwiT CHARLES I. 
He rf. nnni. at Oxford, in 1644. By his will, 
proved 8th July in the same year, he ordered 
that the ?nm ol' f 'iOO should be expended 
upon a torob for him at Scrirelsby ; he be- 
queathed to bis majesty the »om of £2000 
to relieve his necessities, and he charges 
his estates, and the rents in his tenants* 
hands, with the payment thereof. Dying a 
iMcbelor, the inheritance of tiio barooial 
manor of Scrivelsliy, Wilhtlic office of king's 
diampion, devolved, by virtue of n settle- 
ment made h\ him, upon the next mnle heir, 
bis cousin (the sou of bis uncle, Nicholas 

Sir Edward Dymokb, wbo performed the 
duties of champion at the coronation of A'i«</ 
Charlps it. havinp: previously received f!ip 
bonor of knighthood. This gentlemau m. 
SlJune, 1624, Jane, dau. of NicbolaoCressy, 
esq. of Fulnetby, and bad, wi«b other iasno» 

I. Charles, his successor. 

II. Edward, of CrM y ITall, Lincoln- 
shirr, wli ise grandduu. and eventual 
heir, liiizuheth Dymokc, m. the Rev. 
Tbomas Wells, and was great grand- 
mother of the p r 1 M u t D V M OK E Wells , 
esq. of Gcebby Uall. (See vol. ii. p. 

III. Nicholas. 

IV. John, who m. Elizabefh, daa. of T. 

Welhnrnc, esq. and lefl a son, 

CuAKLES, ■vvho wi. Mary, daughter 

of Needliau), and had i^sue, 

SoWARDfWho inherited the es- 
tates and championship tin- 
der tin wiU of liis cousin, 
the Hun. Champion Licwis 
Dymoke* Of this Edward 
more presently. 
Sir Edward was sheriff of Lincolnshire in 
10G2. Hp died soon afterxviirds. and uas 
buried at Scrivelsby, 8tl» January, 1663-4. 
He was m. by bis eldest sod» 

StR Charles Dymokb, who officiated as 
champion at the coronation of Kmt/ James II. 
This genlh'nian was sit down hy KInt/ 
Charles il. as one of the projected knights 
of the Royal Oak. Ho m. Eleanor, dan. 
of Lewis Watson, Lord Rockingham, and 
liad issne. 

Edward, who d. in France, in his iweii- 
lieth year, and was brought over and. 
interred at Scrivelsby,13th May^lM. 

Charles, his heir. 
Lewis, successor to his brother. 
He H. about the year I6tt«, and was #. by bin 
eldest surviving son, 

Charles Dymoke, esq. This gentleman 
fulfill«Ml the duties of champion at the coro- 
nation of VViLUAM and Mary, and likewiiMJ 
at the coronation of Qmmm Awkr. He re- 
presented die county of Lincoln in parlia- 
ment, from leOS to 1701. He m. Jane, 
dau. of Kobert Snoden, esq. but dying #. p. 
I7tbjan. 1702-3, was*, by his brother, 

Lbwis Dymorb, esq. who officiated «• 
champion at the coronation of the two &rst 
monarchs of the line of Brunswick. He 
was M.P. for the county of Lincoln from 
17W to 1706 inclusive, and from 1710 to 
1713. This gentleman lived to Ae advanced 
a^f of ninety-one years, being hnpti/.pd at 
Sn I ^ fishy. Uth Feb. 16(59. and ht-ing buried 
there 25th Feb, 1760. He d. unmarried, 
and the estates at Scrivelsby devolved, trader 
his will, upon his consin, 

Edward Dymoki', esq. who, not livinj^ at 
the period of a coronation, bad uo oppor- 
tunity of performing bis official duties u 
champion. He m. Blixaheth, daughter of 

Sc^;ravc, and relict of James Coward, 

and dyinp r2tli Sept. 1760, wa.- v. by ln> «on, 
John I) v moke, esq. who periormed the 
duties of champion at lltt eonnntion ofKauf 
GiORGR III. The following paragraph is 
taken from the British Chronolegist for the 
month of September, 1 7fil 

♦♦Sept. 1». A colonel s guard mounted 
at Whitehall, and were placed at all 
the avenues to the abbey, hall, &c. : at 
night Westminster Hall was illumi- 
nated, and John* Dynioke, esq. put on 
his armour and tried a grey horse 
(which hb late majesty rode at the 
batUe of Dettiogen) before their Royal 
Highnesses the Duke nf York and 
Prince Henry, the Duke ot Devon- 
shire, &.C. ; several other hordes were 
walked and rode up and down the hull; 
and Earl Talbot also tried the horse he 
intended to ride on the coronation day." 
This gcnileman m. Martha, daughter and 
heir of Josiah Holmes, esq. and had with 
three daughters, two sons, vis. 
Lrwis, his heir. 
John, successor to his brother. 

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H« 4. MiMaidi, ITBly snd wu by bis 
dder ton, 

Lewis Dymoke, esq. This gentleman 
claimed before the house of lords the old 
Barony or Marmyon,* but unsacceasfully. 
HewMfheriffoflincoliiflhiieliilTSO. Not 
liriiig in the time of a coroomtion, he had no 
opportunity of ofHeiating as champion. He 
d, unmarried, 12th May, 1820, anU was «. 
by bb brother, 

Thb Rev. John Dthokb, leetor of Seri- 
relsby, prebendary of Lincoln, &c. Tin's 
pptitlpman Twin'^ crillr'! to ofHciate as 

CHAMPIOK at the corniinnun ot Ainj^GEOROE 
IT. obliged, owing to bii dmical cba- 
neter, to act by deputy, and bo lh«i«foro 
appoitittil his elder son, the present Henry 
D^MoKF. mLo fulfilled the duties of the 
office accordingly. Mr. Dymoke espou&ed, 
IMb July, 170O, AmeliR-JaiM-Alioe, daugh- 
ter of C^tain Elpbinatone, of tbe Britisb 

* hi Jvly, 1814, Lowii Dyindte, esq. uncle of 
the pr****^* champion, prp«»'nte<3 « p#>tition tn the 
crown, praymg to be deciareti enuUed to tiie Ba- 
■ovT or MaaHioK, «f flcrivdaby, in virtM of tbe 
•eiMire of tbe manor of Scrivelshy ; which peti- 
tion was rrierred to the attorney •general, who 
haring reported thereon, the same was referred to 
tbe House of Lords, where evidsoM was nemred 
at tbe T*ar, an*? thf claimant's counsel summoned 
«p, when the attomej-general was heard in reply, 
wd t ai dted aooM doemtBta do tbe part of tha 
ofDwB ; bat tba dainaBt died befiwa ^ jvdg- 
■lent of th** hou'w WH» e)v*-n. 

" With re«p«ct to this claim," says Nicolas, 
"it ii labaabaarved, that though tbo manar of 
S wi wa lsb y vrus held 1^ the service of perform- 
ing the officH of kind's champion by Robert de 
MaRDjOD, in the reign of \\ iliiuui tiie C'onqueror, 
ba waa aat bf saiiwo tlMiaof a harao, but by 
4« iAurp of the barony and castle fif Tam worth, 
which he held of the king in captte by knights' 
acrriee ; so that, if at this period baronies by 
tranre were admitted, the possessor of the manor 
and lordship ofTamwortb, (which in tli<' f!ivi<;i(>n 
of hia property fell to the share of J o«jib , his eldest 
daafblar. wifc «f William Mo^eyn, and on liar 
dsalb f. 10 Alaxander Freville, husband of 
T/ian, d3uj:Lier and heir of Ralph Cromwell, by 
Mzukft^ the ueju sister ot the said Joan de Mos- 
tsya,) «Ni«li pe«e« ^ claiai to the barony en- 
bred by Robert de Marmyon, he having derived 
nis dignity from that barony instead of from the 
seisurv of the manor of Scrivelsby. Moreover, if 
PbiBp Manayoa, the lastbaiM, had died aeiaed 
of u b.'in:>nv in fee, I.f^ is Dyrnolt' wsls not evpn 
a co-heu- of the aatd Fhiii[i, though he was the 
ilisri iiilmi one of his daughters and co-heirs." 

navy, and admiral of tbe Rnaalan lleot, by 
whom be liad iamie, 

Henry, prettni dbnapMii. 


Su^^!""*'! these ladies are both dead. 

Blaria-Georgiana, m. 21 st loly, 1833, 
to Sir John Mansel, bart. 
He d. 3rd December, lb28, and was suc- 
oeeded in die Manor of Scrivelsby, (by 
which tbe oiuunpifNisyp la conferred), and 
his other estates, by his elder son, 

A mw— Sa. tvro lions passant, aig, crowned 


Lddlow. An. three lions passant, re- 

gardannt, ar^. 
Makmyov . Yairee, as. and arg. a fease 

fretty gules. 
KiLPBCK (so Stated in the ooUefKe books, 

but probably borne an the hadge of 

office of CHAMPiON,»ec Ralph Brooke's 

discovery of Camden's errors). Sa. 

a sword erect in pale arg. hilled or. 
Hbbdbn. Emi.llrefiisa]sinfe8segoIes. 
Rye. Gules, on a bend arg. tiwee rye 

stalks and ears, sa. 
WtixEs. Or, a liou rampant, double 

queued sa. 
Watbrton. Barry of six, erm. and 

gules, over all, three crescents, sa. 
Anuayne. Gule?, a fesse dancettee or, 

between six cross crc^letsof tbe last. 
Sparrow. Arg. six sparrows, sa. three, 

two, and one, on a chief indented, go. 

twoswords in saltier between as many 

wolves* heads erased or. 
Talboys. Ajrg. a saltier gules, on a 

chief of the second, tbree estallop 

sbellB of the fiist. 
Baeerden. CuIeSyOnaliendarg. tbree 

cinquefoil^ &a. 
FiTzwiTH. Gules, two bends, or. 
ITiintBViUB. Onles, a dnqnefoil ar. 

within an oris of ei^ cross crosslcts 


Kyme. Gules, a chevron or, between 
nine cross erosdets, ai^. 
Cretts — First, a sword erect, arg. hilt and 

pommel or. Second, a lion passant arj^. 
cronned or. Third, tbe scalp of a bare, 
ears erect ppr. 
Matto^Vro Rege DimicO. 

Seat — Scrivelsby Court, county of Lincoln. 

The chief part of Scrivel^ln Court, the 
ancient baronial seat, wn.>j ile^.iruyed by 
Sre sixty or seventy years ago. In the part 

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Mosuroed was a very large hall, on the 
pannels of the waiascoUng of which was 
depicted flie ttriooe tam» and aUianoes of 
Ae family through all its numerous and far* 
traced dt'jtcents. The loss has been, in some 
degree, compensated by the addition which 
the late proprietors made to those parti> 
which eeeoped dio imrogef of die flames. 
Agtimet the south wall of the chancel, in tlie 
parish church of Scrivelsby, is a very hand- 
some marble monument, ornamented with a 
hust of the Hon. Lewis Dymoke, champion 
at tfie covoMitiOB of tiw two ftnt eoTere ig ne 
of the House of BmnswiclL. On the north 
side of the ebancel is a marble tablet to the 
memory ul the Hon. John Dymoke, who 
performed tho dntiM of chuBffoii al flie 


coronation of King CJkorof. III. On thn 
floor of the south side of the commuuioa 
table ie a plate of copper, on whidi k an 
inscription to the memory of Sir dmrleo 
Dymoke, kiit. w)m was champion at the 
coronation of Ai^i^/ James II. At the eastern 
end of the aisle are two tombs, on one of 
which is die figure of a knight in chain 
armour, croflf-legged, on the otfier that of a 
lady with ri lion at her feet. By the side of 
these in the tomb of Sir Robert Dymoke, 
who was champion at the coronations of 
RiCHAW III. HsmtYVn. and Henrt VIII. 
On the floor of the aisle is also a stone whi^ 
once contained a brass figure, with corner 
shields, and an inscription, all of which af« 
DOW gone* 


PA YNTER, JOHN, esq. of Boskenna, in the cotinty of Cornwall, b. an 1790 ; t. to 
the estates upon the denuM of his lather. 

Thizi family settled at a remote era at 
LiUiney, in the county of Cornwall, where 
Um monnmenteof in memben are numeioae. 
It afterwanU acquired Dererellt in the 
neighbouring parish ofGwinear; and, sub- 
sequently, Treiissick, in the a^ioining dis- 
trtetof 8t* firtli* 

WiujAif CAMBOEtm, altaa Patvtu, of 
Dcverell, obtoined, in 15G9, a grant of the 
armorial ensigni now borne by this iiuaily. 

He e!?ponsed Eleanor Wilton, and was s. 
by his sou, 

OlORGB PATIIT■I^ who «•. 29tii April, 
1665, Anne Antimmo, and WM lather of 

Wiiir^M Payvtfr, e«q. Thi?» i^enfleman 
commenced, in the } ear the purchase 
of the preeent proper^ in deaamry of 
BuTon for hit lecoad eon. Ho «. Marj 
Keigwin, and had issue, 

1. Arthur, of Trelissick , ^^ ho m. Sarah 
Praed, and was t. by hm son, 

Francis, who m. his first cousin, 
Maigaret, daughter of Fkaada 
Paynter, eeq. of Boekenua, and 
had an only daughter and heiress, 
Maby, of Trelissick, who es- 
pooled John Hearle, esq. 
and had three daoghten (co- 
heiresses), one of whom m, 
Ciij'tMiii Wallis, the circum- 
navigator ; another, Henry* 
Hawkiae Tremayne, eeq. of 
Heligan, and was mother of 
the late member for Corn- 
wall; and the third, Jane, 

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ecpodfled Colonel Francis 

R«xld, of Trebartha, and was 
mother of the preti^nt Fran- 
«ii BiBmh Sodd, esq. of 

% FkiBCIi* of lAim we an ftboot to 


i-KAVCis FaynteR, esq. of Boskenna, m. 
MMgguH, 4li«ighter of — PAwlett, esq. of 
Kaioni, io MiddlcMx, and had itsne, 
Fiujieis, Us mnoot mat , 

Margaret, m. to her cousin, Franris 
Pa> ntoTy €8q. of Troiissickj and bad 

Mr. Painter was #. at Uf deeeaie bjr Us 

PhAxris Faynter, esq. of Boskenna, who 
Mrs. Mary Hawkay, and was fiubar of 


Francis Patnteb, esq. of Boskenna, wUo 

m. Mary, datighter of Gully, esq. and 

was s. hy hU son, 

James Payntf.r, esq. of Boskenna, who 
espoosed Betty, daughter of — ™ Wetlier- 
haad, esq. and had issiie, 
John, Ua hefr. 

Thomafl, who m. Anno, rimighter of W. 
Moody, esq. of K i n ;j;sdony Somerset- 
shire! ^d has idmv. 

Mr. Paynter was #. at his decease by his 
elder son, the pieaaiit JouN PAYfrriK, esq. 

A t ' Hu -- A m, Arse Uoeki aig* eadi duufsd 
with an aaaaleft sa. (gFaatod 39nd Jidy> 


Crest — Three broken broad arrows^ or, 
knit wiQi a lace and maatled gu. doiAlsd 


Estate — Bo^kcnna, io Ike deanery of 

Buryan. Cornwall. 
iScat— lioakenna, near Penzance. 


ALLAN, WILUAM, esq. of BhclcweU Orange, in the coonty Pahtine of Dtnliain, 

k%Uit Maj, 1796, to Um oMitM npoa <he demiae of his relative, George Allan, 
Slat J«ly, 188& Mr. AUan is In thoiooiiiniairim of d»0 peace for llw 

Gbobob Auan, aaq. of Tarn, in Tork> 

shire, (second sou of William Allan, esq. of 

Brofklionse), m. a daughter of — Cltfton, 

and liad (with other clnldren, whu d. >. p.) 

I. TuoMA5j (eldest 8on) b. iu 1(>^1, of 
Keweasflo-upou-Tyne, who amassed 
a large fortnne in the eoUerles, and 

purchased estates, a part of which 
still retains the name of Aiiau'aFlatts, 
near Chesttsr Ic Street. He left four 

Thi* \* rv br tncii of the ancient family of 
AiiftA oi ii(ick.eiiliaU and Brockhoase, in 
Ibc county of Stafford. 

1. John, who dL annuurrfed. 

2. Gt orge, of Newcastle-upon- 
Tyne, who d. 6tfa October, 1720, 
leaving four daughters, his oo* 
heirs, viz. 

Anne, »i. to William Hicks, 
sorgeon of CSiatfaani Hospi- 

i^iy u^L^ Ly Google 


tal, Md liad a aon, George 
Hicks, M.D. of Stable-yard, 

St. James's. 
Catherine, m. to Capt. Richard 

Pidgeon, and d. in 1786. 
Siuaii> d, Qnmaniad, 1981. 
Saoliad, d. mimairied. 
, Lionel, an eminent me rch ant, at 
Rotterdam, who «!. Surian, eldest 
daughter of John Colville, esq. 
of WhltelKNiMy in the coanty of 
Dwrhpffl, and sister to Camilla, 
countess of Tarikerville, by whom 
(who rf. llth January, 1782, at 
the advanced age of 03) he had 

lohv, who waa killed by a ftU 

from his horse. 
Chi^rle*. sometime of Rotter- 
dum, a,tttjrward>i of the city 
of Norwich, who left by hit 
wife, Hannah, daughter of 
— Brown, two daughters, his 
co-heirs, via ; Susannah, m. 
to — Littledale, esq. and the j 
younger, m. to M. Jackas, ' 
of Holland. 
4. Thomas, of Allan's Flatt^s, who 
#. to the bulk of his father's pro- 
perty, waa one of the principal 
ooal-ownert on the river Wear. 
Mr. Allan d. uniTcrMilly lament- 
ed, in 1740, leaving four daugh- 
ters his co-heirs, (who conveyed 
the tchoU of their firfber's great 
wealth to their respeetlTe hna- 
bands) vis. 

Susan, m. to Ralph Jctinison, 
esq. of Walworth Castle, in 
the county of Durham, M.P. 
for Northumberland, and 
master of the stag honnda to 
King Cr.omjE II. 
Margaret, m. to Jenison Shafto, 
esq. of Wratting Park, in 
the eonnty of Cambridge, 
M.P. for Leominster. 
Dorothy, m. to James (iarland, 
esq. of Michael Stow Hall, 
in flie eonnty of Essex. 
Camilla, m. to T^obert Shafto, 
esq. of Benwell, in the 
county of Northumberland. 
I. George (uixth son), b. in 1663, who 
settled at Darlington, as a general 
merchant, and making a large fortune 

by goTcmment contracts, built Black- 
^vp\\ Orange. He d. in 1743, Irnving 
(with a daughter, Hannah, who m. 
Farrow Eden, esq. of Darlington, and 
d, in 1978) an only anrriring son, 

Oeorob, of Blackwell Grange, who 
m. in 1717, Thomasine, dau. and 
co-bciress of Arthur Prescott, 
esq. of IJlarkwell, in Durham, 
and <f. 31si July, 1753, leaving 
1. Dorothy, d. nom* in 1700. 
2* Catherine, d. 1763, 
and buried with gr at funeral 
pomp, in Darlington Church. 
3. Anne, who eventually he- 
came sole heiress. She d. iu 
Oct. 1786, and devised all 
her estate^ in Durham and 
Yorkshire to her cousin, aud 
nearest male relation of her 
name, James Allan, esq. of 
Darlington. The memory of 
this lady, who was long dis- 
tinguished for her bcnevo- 
fenee and eatenslve eharilics, 
is so much and deservedly 
revered nt Darlington, that 
her portrait bangs over the 
chimney-piece of erery re- 
til. Robert (seventh son), who d. at An- 
tigua, learin^r an only dau. and heiress, 
Elizabeth, who m. John Uurke, esq. 
and had an only dan. and heiress, 
Blisabeth, who m. Martin Blake, esq. 
and (/.in 1771, leaving a son aadfovr 
daughters, of whom 

Margaret Blake, m. JohuThomliu- 
son, esq. M.P. and left a dan. 
Mary, the wife of Edward Bee?^- 
ton LonpjCsq. (Seevol.ii.p. IG.'i.) 

IV. NlCUOUkS (eighth bou), of whom 

V. James (ninth son), 4. yonng. 

The eighth son of Oeotge AUan, of Yarn, 
Nicholas Allan, esq. of Strundrop. in th*- 
county of Durliam, f?i. iu IGUl, Elizabeth, 
only dau. ol \S ilimm bober, esq. of Cocker- 
ton, county of DnTliam,(aon of Robert Sober, 
esq. of Nestfield, in the latter shire, which 
estate descended to thr Allans*) and had 
fourteen children, upon the youngest ol 

James Allan, esq. of Blackwell Grange, 
die family estates eventually devolved. Thi* 
gentleman espoused Elisabeth, daughter of 

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dnugLter of John KOlinghall, esq. of Mid- 
dieton SuGt orcrt*. in the county of DMrbam. 
4e«ceBded trom John de Kyiiyngbali, who 
i, teiwd «f tiw naaor of Nedicr Middleton, 
fat 1417, and whose son And heir^ Jolm Kfl- 
IjTjpfiall. m. H» ntrice, daughter of John 
Clenraax, of ( r iit, in YorL8hir»>, re- 
pccaentaiire of ihai ancient Norman family. 
lIr.AOaiid:iii 1790, Mised^ChesidM leaving 
a large penonal itroperty,) for term of life 
and in fee, of estates at lilackwell nrrtn<^e. 
Polam Hill Farm, Dodmircs, Darimy^ton, 
Hill Uooae, Nestileld, &c. in the county of 
Dwhaa, ud of tile maaom or loidsbips of 
VeiherWorsall, AppIeton-upon-Wiske,and 
Barton, and estates at Erghohne, and a 
aM>ie^ of the manor of Dalton-upon-Teet$, 
k North Riding of the county of York, 
and left MB, 

Gbomqb, lya fooceMor. 

J^mrs A vuMiried, d60i September, 

Robert, of Siuiai]»i(ie, in tlie county of 
Durham, lord of the manor of Barton, 
ia tbm eooftty of York, and of the 
BMBOr of Ii^don, and of estates at 
Bohop Wearmouth, Nestfield, &.c., 
IKirhaaa. He m. Elizabeth, one of 
the daughtert end oo-heiresse» of 
Robert Harriao^ a weallhy merchant 
at Sunderland, and dying 98di March, 
I8i¥>, possessed of a large pereonal 
property, left ismie, 

1. Robert, of Newbottle, m the 
ooanty of Dvriiani, h. lOdi April, 
\7(¥J. ulm m. Hannah, third dan. 
of Wm. Havplrvrk, ship-owner, 
mid aiater of W illiam Haveiock, 
eaq. late of Ingreaa Park, Kent, 
(whkli he aold to goremment Ibr 
upwards of £70,000,) and left at 
his demise, 27th D« reniher, 1813, 
WllXUM, who s. to Blackwell 
Orange at the demise of his 
rristiTe George Allan, eeq. 
21st July, 1828, and is the 



* By this marria^ the manor and lordship of 
Buiott, m theoooaty of Vork, came to the AUana. 
WiBiai PenbMM waa ^reat •grandson of John 

PenjKerTon, evj. of Ai^laby, and his wife, Isabel 
grandmoghter of Sir Ralph Grey, knt, of 
ef the pcvetatEaai. Grey. 

Robert>Hcnty,F J3. A. of New- 
botde Honse, and of Dur- 
ham, the author of a history 
of the city of Durham, &c. 
S2Dd Jannary, 1802. 
John-Edward, 6. S6di June, 

George-Thomas, h» 11th Gc- 

tohf'r, 1H4U. 

Jauies, b.'2v\d !)( ceuiber, imYT. 

Elizabeth-Anne, m. 2l8t May, 
1832, to Benjamin iJuun, 
esq. of Harworth, . in the 
coun^ of Durham. 


• Johanna-Mary. 


CaroIinerJane, m, 28lh Sep- 
tember, 1831, to William 
HuuttT Burne, esq. capt. in 
the Durham militia, grand- 
■on of Charles Bnme, esq. 
^f Philadelphia, daagfater 
and co-heirnss of Thomas 
Lambtou, e.s(j. of Hanlwii k, 
in the county uf Durham, 
great grandson of Sir Wil- 
liam Lambton, of Lambton^ 
knt. slain nt ^^;^^^toI1 Moor, 
(ancestor of the present Lord 

2. John, of Blackwell, in tiieeonnty 
of Durham, M. A. a justice of the 

peace for tliat shin-, as well as for 
the North Ritling of the connty 
of York. This gentleman, who 
is lord of the manor of Barton, 
in Yorkshire, and owner of es- 
tates at Blackwrll, Nestfii'lil, &c. 
in the Couuty Palatine, was b. 
S9th August, 1778. 

3. Elisabedi, m. to John Haling, 
esq. of Hylton, in the county of 
Durhani, and d. in 1810. 

4. Anno, (I. unmarried in 1807. 

6. Mar}', m. 13th June, lb02, to 
John-'Henry Johnson, esq. a cap- 
tain in the north Yorh militia. 
The eldest son, 

Georok Allan, esq. of Blackwell Or^nsre, 
F.S.A. who is designated in Sir John i'rest- 
wick's RetptAHft as a leaned, studions, 
and careful presenrer of English antiquities, 
»nd ;i favonrcr of literature;" and by Mr, 
Surtees as an eniinrnt antiquary and col- 
lector, %va8 boru 7Ui June, 17 HG. liciides 

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several learned and vnluahlo pTibHrnt!ons of 
his own, which were printed at his private 
pr«f6, at Blackwell Grange, Mr. Allan ge- 
mwmAj MMd, tad vas tbe patroa and 
origiMl pittiM«aff of Mr* Butcliiiison's His- 
tory of Ptirhnm. He m. 18th Sept^'mher, 
1766, 4nn( , only daughter and heire&s of 
James Cuiiiug Nicholson, esq. of Scraton, in 
the oonnty of York, and had isauft, 
Gboms, hie successor. 
James, 5. 27th February, 177'2, a rnpt. 
in the 2J)th regiment of foot, d. of the 
yellow fever, in the island of Grenada, 
M May, 1705. 
Anoe, m. to John Wright, esq. of Bolton- 
on-Swale,in the enmity of York, ;md 
d. in 1797, leaTing two sons and two 
' BlisalMfli, m. In Notember, 1901, to 
Seymour Hodgson, esq. of RichliMNid> 
in the county of YoriL* 
Hannah, d. young. 

Porothy, d. nnniaRied, ISthSeptemhar, 

Mr. Allan tL IBOk Hay, 1800, and waa #. by 

bis elder son, 

George Allan, esq. of Blackweil Grange, 
M.A., F.S.A., a genUeman, not more dis- 
tingnished for his literary talents than for an 
elegant, accoropUsbedt ud generous mind. 
In 1813, upon the retirement of Mr. Ralph 
Lambtou, Mr. Allan, after a long and severe 
eontest, was elected a repreaentatiTe in par- 
Uament for «ho el^ of Pnrham.* He n*. 
Prudence, daughter of Willinm Williams, 
esq. but bad no issue. Mr. Allan, who was 
a justice of the peace and deputy of the 
cottBty of Dnrhaia, 4, atSt Omer, In France, 
31 It Jvly, 1038» and leaving no faave, Ihe 

* The nunihors nt Um cUms of tilt poll were — 

Fat Mr. Allan • 410 

Hr.Bslcey 560 

family entates devolved, as stated above, 
upon bis relative, WiLUAM AuAN, es<|. now 
of BlacKwell Grange. 

Armt'^uinm op aoar. 
Allah— 8a. a cross potent ^oartor 
piaraad or, charged wi^ four guttea 

de santr. in cfiii f two Hons' heads 

erased of the second, all within a 

bordure ingrailed erminois. 
FEMBBRTOH—Ar. a ehevTOtt emine be* 

tween tiiree griffins' beads couped sa. 
HiNDMARSH— Gtt. in a maiab, n bind 

lodged ppr. 
KiLUNOHALi/-0«. n bend ragnly aig. 

between three gaiba tr. 
HERDE^^'l'K— Or n maoneb aa. between 

three martlets gu. 
Lambton — Sa. a fees between three 

iamba paaaant aig. n tcefoQ gn. on 

flie ftaa, for cadency* 

DoDSWORTM— Ar. n chevrnn ^n.rlmrg'ed 
with thrt f Ix'/.aiit^ or, l>etween three 
bugle-horns, ttriiigi d of the second. 

Crest — A demi-iion rumpant arg. ducally 
crowned gn. bolding fn the dexter paw n 
cross potent or, and sttppoiting with the 

ntster paw a rudder of the second* 

Afo«o— Fortiter gerit cnicem . 

Estatet — Tho manors or lordships of 
Netlier Worsall, otherwise 1-ow Worsall, of 
Appleton-npon-Wiake ; eatatea atErybolme, 
and a moiety of the manor rir hardship of 
Dalton-upon-Tecs, in the North Riding of 
the county of York. At Bhickwell Granpp, 
Polam liill i-arm, Dodmires, Darlington, 
Hill Honae, &c. in the connty Palatine. All 
these possessions, excepting the manor or 
lordship of Appleton-upon-Wiske, pur- 
chased by Miss Ann Allan, were acquired 
by George Allan, esq. who was h» in 1663. 

.Seal^BUuO^weU Grange, in tfia eonnly of 

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WiLUS, RICUARO, Mmumd lad itf Hall «f At Mi fai the 

county of Lancaalar, 5. IM Bapt, IWD, m. Gbaly, only 
daughter of Joaa^ PiaUatt^aaq. of Wittoa Vtxk, naar Black- 
boxBflip ^«tei(«lioii.m April, 1822) he baa bad iMite, 

VienABD, of Wert Cottage, near Leieeatei', I. letb Jnly, 

1787, m. 17th July, 1819, Lucy, daughter and co-heinia 
of Henry Atherton, e^q. baniaier at biw, of the fiuatty 
of AthertOD, of Atbertoo. 
Joseph, of Caleutta, h. Mi Jaly, 1780* 
Daniel, h. 4th Augoat, ITINI. 

John, h- 7th Octobrr, 1792, m. 8th March, 1821, Ellia, 
<lau^;liti r of George Roach, esq. of Everton. near Liver- 
puui, which liuly (her marriage with Mr. WiUis being 
jwaalled,) wedded, aeeondly, Robert Bamcwall, esq. 
Henry, h. 3rd April, 1705, lieutenant in the Idtb Ugbl 
dragoons, d. whilp on service with his regiment at Reta, 
in the province of Leon, Spain, 13tli October, 1813. 
WOliam, k oth May, 1^6, a midshipman in the ro^ai navy, <f. at Coruuna, in the 

Svnreillanle frigate, 31at August, 1812. 
Tliomas, b. 27lb April, 1804. 

Fn-derick, lieutenant in tlie 9th lancer?, 5. UQi July, 1805, m, I8tb Jannaiy, 1884, 

Elizabeth Louisa, eldest daughter of Sir William Gosset. 
Edward, lieutenant in the 37th regimentof infantry, b. Hth Uci.ittUG, m. 12th May, 1831, 
BanfeUa, dangbter and eo-beireaa of the late lievt ooL Robbiaa, and baa Issue, 

MinsBivl-Doiothea, m. lat May, 1891, to Charles-Robett Sbadboame, eaq. of Hiraft 

House, son of the late admiral, honorable Robert Digby. 
CeciKa, m. 18th September, to Thomas Farrer, p«q. son of the late Jnmps 

Fairer, esq. of Ingleborough, near Clapham, in the county of York, and has issue, 

1. Thomaa^Henry. 4. GedUa. 

2. William. 6. Blary. 
8. FMerifdi-WiUis. 0. mUm. 


d, IMi Maicb, 1608. 
Hr. WiSiay vbo Debuift tfia Hall aft Halsnead, s. his father m 17^0. 

of De Antbrs, or Daniel, 

whence Mr. Willie derivrg in Hnoal deg- 

ceat, acroin ji.vnieil ^\'lM.l VM tht Conrjucror 

into Engiand in luti6, and the name ot itii 
•f Bnltel Abbey.* Owing, however, to the 

ii<»»tnrtinn of drrd:^ in the tTirbnlcnt times 
•>f GliAU£S I. tiie lineage ran only be traced 
accuracy from the year 1250. 

* BmrU$ Eictmei tmd Dtrmumt Pttngt* 

WiLUAM IH Anyers, sen. of Oareabnry, 

in Clieshire, espoused, in 1270, Agnes, 
(Jaiif^liter of Tliomns de Ix-^h, of High Legh 
of the West Hall, and had, with several 
dang^iters, tbree aona, via. 

1. Thouab* 

2. Willian. who inherited his father's 
lands in Dareabniy, and left fsane at 

his decease, in 1306. with several 
other children, a son and successor. 

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John (Sir), knt of D«rMlraiy» 

whose .son, 
WiixiAM D'Anyers, espousing 

heireM of Alan de Ncnreys, 

obtained large possr'j^'iMnfl 
in Cheshire iiiul Lancashire ; 
and from Hi'ia marriage deit- 
cended tiie Daniells of 
Daresbury, a family which 
exij^ttd in 1666, when Sir 
' Peter Leycester published 

his history of Buckiow Hun- 
dfcd, Imt wlttdi hw been 

3. Jobttf 

The eldest ?on, 

Thomas I)k, had lands in Linime 
by grant of his father, 17th Edward II. and 
purehaMd, in 1801, Bradley, from Peter 
IhtttODf 1<H <1 f Warburton. He iw. first, 
Mar^TJiret, dauj;hter of Adam df Tabley, 
and had, A\ilh other children \vlio all r/. x. p. 

Thomas (Sir), who m. Isabel, daughter 
and heireM of WiUiam Baggiley, and 
dying in flie lifetime of bis father, 
26th EowAKD III. left an only daugh* 


Margaret, heiress to all her mo- 
flier'a lands, ihoM of ber Iktfaer 
being settled on ibo beiffi male 

of the De Anycrs : she m, thrice. 
John (Sir), of Gropenhale, whf> niarried 
twice, but had issue only by his first 
wife, Joan, daughter of Sir William 
Boydell, and sister and co-heir to 
William Roydell, of Dodleaton, in 

the county of" rhf><]iir»\ viz. 

Robert, d. i. p. la 4drd Edwakd 

Hargnrety afHanced to Sir Robert 

Oroivenor, but 'f. unmarried. 
Nicolaa, heiress tu her mother's 
lands, left an only daughter and 

Margaret, m. to Alan de Rix- 
ton, and d. %%ithottt iSTOO, 
6th RiCHAKD II. 

Thomas De Anyers, of Bradley, espoused, 
■eoondly, Joan de Noneys, and left, with 

two younger sons. 

Sir Thomas De, knt. of Over 
Tabley, who inherited his father's estates 
upon the decease oi his halt' brother. Sir 
Thomas was a warrior of note, and served 
with distinction under the famons Hngb de 

Cnh eley, of Lea. He esponsied Katherine, 
daughter and heiress of William, son of 
Adam de Over Tabley, and upon this mar- 
riage one-third part of Orer Tabley was 
setth-d on Sir Thomas De Anyon and his 
wife. His eldest son, 

Thomas Dr. Anykrs, of Over Table v. w. 
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Richard Aston, 
of Aston, and widow of Thomas Boydell, 
jun. of Gropenhale, and left at bis decease, 
in 1 131, widi other issne, a son and sao^ 

Thomas De Anyers, of Over Tabley, 
sliied the eider, who m. in 141S» Isabel, 
daughter and heiress of John Rixton, of i 

Rixton, by which alliance he acquired lands 
at Warrington. He was 4» at his decease 
by his eldest son, 

Thobus De An vers, esq. of Over Tabley , 
who espousing, in 1440, Mand, .dangbter of 
John Leyoestsf, esq. of Nether Tabley, bad, 
with other issue, a son, 

TilOMAS De An yers, esq. of Over Tabley, 
who m. Catherine de Middietou, or Miluc- 
ton, and was s. by bis son, 

Thomas Db Anyers, esq. of Over Tabley, 
who took possession of Cherry Tree Hurst, 
in Lymrae, as next heir, iijmn the decease, 
in 1493, issueless, of Thomas Daniell, of 
Lymme, the last heir of that family. The 
matter was not, however, fu11\ settled until 
the award of William Hill, prt bendarj' of 
Lichfield, 23rd Henry VHl. when Willian» 
Dauiell, of Longdon, iu Stafl'urdshire, who 
claimed as next heir to Daafell, of Lymme, 
as son of Wflliam, brother of John llnmell, 
late of Cherry Tree Hurst, com eyed all lii* 
ri^ht in those lands to Thomas De Anyer«, 
esq. grandson of this Thomas. 

Thomas Be Amybrs m, Blanch, dangbter 
of Piers Warburton, esq. of Aiiey, mad 
dying in 1494, was t. by his eldest son, 

PiKRS De Anyers, esq. of Over Tablr y, 
who m. in 1490, Julian, daughter of &>ir 
Peter Newton, seeretavy to Prince Howry, 
and was s. at bis demise, in IfifiSI, by bis 

Thomas De Anyers, of Over Tabley, 
who purchased from WilUam Sneyd, 36Ut 
HbmbyVIII. the property caUed Wiche's 
lands. He m. Margaret, daughter of Wil- 
liam Wilbrnhnm, esq. of Woothey, ia the 
county of ( luster, and hadissne, 
Petlk, his successor. 
Thomas, who inherited, npon the de- 
of bis bxotiier. 

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Wniwm (5?ir). a law-ver of pmint-nre, 
appointed a jsdge of the commoo 

RidMid, 4L in URtt. 

EUen. iM. in 1563,4o JolmMaa^, ctq. 

of roding;ton. 
Margaret, at. fint, to Christopher Hol- 
iinrd, ea^. of Beoit, in FUnlsUre, ton 
of 8b John Holford, of Holford : 
and, secondly, to Joues Borii«r» of 


Thomas Dt; An vers d. iu loo I., and was t. 

PCTBR Db AkTKRs, esq. of Over Tabley. 
Thi* srntleman purchased, in 1556, the 
UaU of WocHliands, in Over Tabley, which 
fUlWatwd to the crown upon the attainder 
Of Mallfcew do Tftbley, SSiid Edward fV. 
He espoused, in 1^>50, Alice, daughter of 
Ororife BootJi. esq. of Dunham Maasey, by 
vhom he had an only daughter, 

IKmothy, who m. William, son and 
beir of Riehaid Maaqr, eiq. of Rix- 
ton, in ihe county of Lancaster. 
Pefrr I>f Anyers dying thus without male 
issue, in 1657, was t. by his brother, 

TaxmAM Bb AltTERS,'eflq. of Over Tabley, 
«1w «. jUioe, daughter of Foalk IhittDO, 
esq. of Glefler, «ad had, with oAer iwae, a 

pETCft Db Any£RS, esq. of Over Tabley, 
1m aoeeetaor in *1S75. This gentletnan 
wfdded, in 1574, Anne, daughter of Henry 
Mainwarircr. r'^q. "f r;iririck.ain, in Cheshire, 
by vlkom(who subsequently married Thomas 
Alhoid, esq. of Swetenham, iu Cheshire, 
«4 dL in 1688)110 bad itooe; 
Peter, his sme coMo r* 

Hichard. ff. g. p. 

Fnnc^i, m. to Edward Littleton, esq. 

Mm of Litdeton, of Pillaton. 
Anne, d. mmaiiied. 

If ary, m. fir^t, to John Woodrool^ eiq, 

tind, secondly, to John Kiog, OMf. 
Jane, d. without issue. 

Piter De Akybm, esq. of Over Tabley, 

WIS but six years nf aj;e when his father 
died. In 1025, he reprej«ented the connty 
•f Chester in parliament, and marrying 
daogbter of Riduttd Grofreiior, 
of £aton, in Cheshire, had iMe, 
I. PrTFR. of Over Tabley, a captain of 
a foot company in the regiment of 
Jobn, Earl of Rivers, raised for the 
kiog'f service. Ho «f. at Oxford of a 
•boC foeeiVed at tbo aiege of 'Olon- 

cester, leaving (with a dangbter, 
Margaret, who probably mnrried into 
the Mincholl family, a gentleman of 
tftat name being mentioned as the 
■nolo of Sir ^aimiel Dani^ll) a aoa, > 
Thomas, of Over Tabley, who m. 
Alice, nieee of Henry NevFIlp, 
esq. of Holt, in Leicestershire, 
and bad (wHb ote children who 
d. issuelcaa) 

1. Sampel (Sir), who served 
as colonel in King William's 
army, from which prince 
I be raceired tbe bonour of 

knigbthood. He m, fint, 
Anne, daughter of Robert 
Tatton, esq. of \\', 
in the county of Chester; 
aod, aeoondly, F^ces, 
daogbterof the Hon. Robert 
Dormer, of Rowshani, in 
Oxlordshire, by uliom he 
bad au only daughter, Anne, 
wbo died in infancy. Sir 
Samuel d. 24th December, 
1726, and by his testamen- 
tary injunction directs his 
body to be buried in lus 
ebapel at Roetbonie, vbere 
n monnmcnt is erected to hie 
memory. Mia estates were 
left, by will, in the first in- 
■tance etrictly entaOed npon 
atrangers, of whom the first 
were hi? preat nepliews, the 
flons of Charles Ducke?i- 
fleld, esq. of Mobberly, in 
Cbeebire, by wbom tbe name 
and amis of Daniell were 
taken, the e itnil cut off, and 
the estates sold. Tims the 
wnriving descendants of Sir 
Samuel's great nncle, Co- 
lonel William Daiiiell, were 
deprived of their inherit- 
aqce, although Colonel Wil- 
liam Daniell, f n order to re- 
pair Ae injury the Tabley ee- 
tate« }mi\ sustained, had left 
from his own dau. bis posses- 
■ions in Staffordshire to Sir 
Samuel Daniell's father. 
3 Sarah, who m. Hewitt Park- 
er. e«(^. of Mobbcrley, and 
had an only daughter, 
Sarah, wbo espousing Sir 
C. Duckenfieldy bt. bad 

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with otlipr children, who 
all d. unmarried, a son, 
William (Sir), bart. 
who afMiHied, by 
act of parlkment, 
the«ttmanif of Da- 
NIELL upon inherit- 
ing the fortune of 
diftt frailly. Byiag 
without issue, the 
estates pusscil from 
his relict to her se- 
n. WiLi.tAM, nf whom presently. 
111. Thoma!», slain at Um battle of Brain- 

foni, in 1042. 
tv. Maigarel»«i.toRiclkardOteeB, esq. 

V. Dtristinn, m. to George Devooport, 
esq. of Calreley, 

VI. Mary, m. to CM. Finch, an officer in 
die parliaaieBt am j» aad a aiember 
of the noble family of Wlachelaea 
and Nottinghaau 

VII. Elizabeth. 

vui. Anae, m* to BobectSanford, esq. of 

Tlic ?rrnnd SOU, 

W illiam dr Anyers, esq. was colonel of 
a regiment of infantry, in the service of the 
parliament, held under three eeveial com- 
niMioaa, ^ill preserved at Halanead, viz. 
of Generals" Foirfax, Cromw-ell, and Monk. 
He m. Dorothy Forth,* of Wigan, in Lan- 
caabire, oo-heiieae of WiUiaai Forth, esq. 
of Wigaot by whom ho had aeveial diil- 
dreo, viz. 

William, I , 

llcnry, > ^ 

Dorothy, d, aaioafried. 

EitsauTH, of whom hereaAer. 

Anne, I «»"»~^«*- 
Elleif, whom. 14tb April, 1G8I, Martin 
WilUa,t caq. of Halanead, and had 

* 1 hi« lady bor« the arms of iiolt and Furth, 
bsiiig gi mdw i g htor of •.^-^ Holt, aff|. of Shering* 
ton and an heiress. 

t The family of W ilus chums descent from the 
eminant and enaeMad finanyof Waixas. finnni 
IVttfia, M.P. Ae celehmtad antiqaarian, waa flOtt 
»>f its mf*mb»»r8, and bis dfsrentlants hnvr as-<iime<i 
ul lute years the surname of l- i.k:MiNO, tor eatutea 
kft to thoB uk Hampahite, whero they ars noip 
la the ratgn of CasaLis II. Thomss 

1. Thomas Willis, esq. of Hals- 
nead nnd of Hallo' th' Hill. Thi=i 
gentleman, who rebuilt xhe x^-r*f 
Aont of Hall o' th' HUL d. uxinj. 
f a 17S7, and waa ». by his hroiher, 

2. DAvrBLLWiujs,e8q.ofHal8ne«d 
and Hall th' Hill, rebuilt the 
north front of Hulsnead in 1727; 
be as. Aane, daughter of WalUam 
Ffarriagton, eaq. of Shaw Hall, 
in tlic county of Lancaster, but 
dying witJiout i^«ue, lat Nov. 
17^, his estates passed to hia 
oooaa, Thoaiaa flmiitoiiiiaMi 
Williii, eaq. of SwaMa^baa^ at 
who^e demise also, without chil- 
dren, the pmpprty devolved 1ip<m 
his kinsman, 1Uu>h I^aau:, esq. 

Tha iddeat sofrhriag ehild, 

Elizabeth de Anyers espoused twice; by 
her second husband, William Hulton, esq. 
she had one son and a daughter, who both 
d, iiradeH ; aad by bar first, Ralph Finch, 
esq. of lha noUe lhaiily of Wlacii^a aad 
Nottingham, an only daughter and beiresa* 

Mahy Finch, who m. John Earle, eiicj. of 
Liverpool, descended of the aucicuthou^e of 
Earle of Cragletiiorpe, in die ooaaty of Ua* 
oola, and had iaave, 
John, d. t. p. 

Ralph, of whom presently. 
Thomas, who lind tno daujjhterf*, 

1. Mary, in. to Thoniai^ Earle, esq. of 
Spekflands, and has issue. 

3* Jane, «•. to RidiardGwillyro, esq. 
of Bewsey, in the county of Laa> 

caster, and has issue. 
William, who m. Mrs. Anne WiMrtttB- 
ley, and had isaue. 

WiLus, of the BacUUnAnllyaf thatasna 

to which fiuaily a bsronet^ waa granted by Kia^f 
riiAiiLLs I., came into Lancashire, and purrhastnJ 
et>uitt« iu Uiat county, which, together with uthttrs, 
are now in poaseapran of Rldttrd Willia, aaq. of 
Ilalsne&d I'lirk. He m. Elizalx th, daughter of 
tdwanl i\Jarun, esq. of Droghedu, and had iasu«, 
MsuTTN, of HalsneMl, who eapo aa aJ Ellea 

De Anyers, as above. 
BarthH, who m. Willimn Swettenhnm, ««q. od 
Swettenham, in Cheshire, and had a soa. 
TOoMaa, who ■saiiiaiiil lha aqianii of 
WiLUs upon inhsfiting the estates of 
hisjcon-^in, l):ini<*ll Willis, <»8q. \Ir. 
Swettvukiiu- W tlh» i^. lu I7db, and. 
was s. in the WilBa possassioaa by bis 
rabtiva, RsLan Eaaui, asq. 

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1. WiUiam,of ETCtton,«. aodhas 

2, Thomas, of Shekelsnds, who m. 
his coM^in, Mary, daugbter of 
Thomas kjuisj esq. aud had issue. 
Bl Mary, m» to Artimr Hejrwood, 
Ssrah, «. to the Hon. and Rev. John 
Stanley, rertor of Wiuwick, in the 
coitnty of Lancaster, and brother of 
Edward, eleventh Earl of Derby. 

RiLPH Earle, esq. assumed, upon inherit- 
ing, ^th Anqrit^-t, 1788, the Willis est;it. s, 
im iMusaaace ot the will of Dauieil Wiiiis, 
m%, «f Hilitti^ of HaUo' th' HiU, the 
a tad mam of iudfy. He es- 
poused Dorothy, second daughter and heiress 
of Richard Aldersey, esq. of Liverpool, a 
branch of the Alderaeys^ of Alder)»ey, in 
Ckcdhiraiy end 1mA wtnBf 

RicHAKD, pre:ient proprielor. 
Willis, ot Sandford Cottage, near Hals- 
ne»d» iKbo sliU retains the same of 

Earle. He m. Annina-CeciUa Lat- 
yens, an Itnlieii lady, by whom bo 
has, (with aaodier son and dtoi^ter^ 
both now dec ea iedy) 

1. Willis. 2. Sophia. 

Mr. Willis was $. at his decease by his elder 
aoB, RlCHABD WiixiSy esq. now reprotentar 

thre of the family. 

Arm* — Arc:. ^ fesse between throe lioM 
rampant gu. within a bordore, ermines. 


Db An Yimi, Holtet 
De Tabloy, Finob, 

Rixton^ Ffirl^», 
Forth, Aldersey. 

OwffwTwo Boa'i pmn Ofoet and erased, 
holding a Irnnan boart, gn* 

Motto — ^Virtus tutissima cassis. 

Estates — Halsnead Park, near Prescot : 
Hall of the Hill, near Chorley ; and Monks 
Han, near Eccles, all in Lancashire. Mal« 
lenstown, near Ardee, ooanty Loiltfa»lMi1aad. 

Seats — Halsnead Park, and Hdl Of 010 
Hill, both in Lancashire. 


SHAFTO, ROBERT EDEN-DUNOOMBE, esq. of WUtworai Pafb, in the coonty 

pabuine ef Durham, 6. 23rd March, 1776, m. {a November, 
1803, CaOierme, third daugbCtr of Sir John Fden, bart of 
Windlcntiwio, and hai had imvo, 

Romurp-DuNooiiBB, h* hi London, TVb April, 1809. 

John-Duncombe, h. 16th May, 1807* 
Thomas-Duncombe, h. in 1811. 

Frederick-William-Duncombe, 6. 18th July, 1812, and 
d. in 1820. 

SUngsby-Dnncombe, h, lltb Aogvat, 1811. 

Artbur-Dimeombe, h. 11th January, 1815. 
Catherine, m. I7th Mny, ih«27, to William-Cbarlea Har^ 
land, esq. of Sutton Uali, in Yorkshire. , 

MiU la-Georgiana. 

Mr. Shafto, who represented the City of Durham lu parlia- 
ment, in 1804, succeeded his brother in July, 1802. 

The family of SbawTO ia of great antiquity 
is the nortt of England. Some little inci- 
f of the rank vrhich the old lords 
uf .ShdJu^hr Jd nn fhc border may be gathered 
froBi >OQg and tradtliwi- At flM "Rmd of 
ik BtAmrt," in a hoetae meeting 

between the Scotch and EngUsb Wardens, 
one of the war-cries of the latter was, ** A 
Sehaftan and a Fenwick." The Scots had 
the honour of the day, and amongst the 
many English who were takmi piiioners or 

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*' Yovnf Hmaj Selwftiii lia it Innt, 
A Muldier shot bin with • bow."* 

CiTHBr.RT Fo[.uoTT, spcond or yoatiger 
son of Sir John FoUiott, liad issue^ 

TuDMAS FoLLioTT, who in said to have first 
aMvuned the nirnaiiie of Shafto, horn his 
residence at Shafto-Cmg, in Northumber- 
laiul. From him sprung, sixth in descent, 

WiLLUM Shafto, esq. who left by his 
wife , heiress of Bavington, in North- 
umberland, a eon end enooeeaor, 

Edward Shafto, esq. of Bavington, who 
i». Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Suin- 
bume, esq. .of Nafferton, in the county of 
Nordinmberlnnd, end bed, wifli otter issue, 
CtrraBERT, who *. at Bavington, and 
marrying Isabel, daughter and ro-lieir 
of Roper Bertram, rsq. was ancestor 
to the Shaftos ot iiavington, now re- 
presented by 
Robert-Ingram SHArro,. esq. of 

Alcxandtr. wlio m. Anne, daughter of 

FetiHick, esq. of Little Harle. 

Mark, of whom presently. 
The third son, 

Mark S^mfto, esq. of Newcastle-upon- 
Tyne, served the olbcc of mayor of that city 
in 164a. He m. Minaret Biddell, and had 

Edward, of Newcas tle-upon-Tyne,mer- 
o}iant-advrntnrer,whoni. Isabel (){?!e, 
and left at his decease, in 157(i, se- 
veial children* 

Mark, alderman of Newcastle, who 
sened the office of .slirriH" (»f tliat < ftv 
in l.)7:\, and mayor tlie subsequeut 
}ear. He d. s. p. in l^Mi. 

NiNiAN, of whom hereafter. 

Leonard, d» nnmarried, 60i Dee. 15M. 

Launcelof , d. s. p, 

Eliaabetb, m. to William Greenwell, esq. 
The tlurd son. 

NiNiAN Shafto, esq. of Newcastle, m. 
Anne, daughter of Henry Brandling, of 
Npwcnstle-Ttpon-Tynf, and dying in 1681, 
was t. by his eldest non, 

RoBBRT Shapto, esq. alderman and sheriff 
of Newcastle in 1607, who m. Jane, daughter 
of Robert Fden, esq. of that place, and had 
surviving issue, 

Robert, to whom his father devised 
Benwdl Tower, In the county of 
Northumberland, ancestor of the 
Shaftos of Benwell. 

* Hinstrelsj of the Scottish Border. 

Mark, of whom ire are about to treat 
Ninian, tn. Jane Carr, and d* in UM7, 

If-arin::^ is.^ue. 
Eden, m. to Anthony Metcalfe, esq. 
Anne, m. to John Clavering, esq. of 

Axwell, in the eounty of Durham. 
Dorcas, m. to Henry Codl, of New- 
castle, merchant. 
Mary, ^ 

Alice, i d. unmarried. 
Isabel, ) 

Robert Shafto's teooud surviWag son, 

Mark Shafto, esq. harristor^at-lawof Ae 

Honourable Society of Gray's Inn, and re- 
corder of Newcastle in 1(>4H. pnrrhas»*d 
Whitworth, in the county of Durham, in 
1868. He m. Mary, daughter of Thomas 
Legard, of Newcastte, merehaot^ and had 

T?opvRT (Sir), In* sncrrssor. 
Thouiiiii, u Hamburgh merchant. 
Jane, m. 10th January, 1652, to William 
Strotber, esq. of Fowerby, In the 
county of Northnmberland. 

Mark Shafto d. '20th Febmaiy, 1669, and 

was by hh eldest son. 

Sir Robert SiUKro, kut. of WUitworth, 
in Uie connty of Dnrlmm, harrister-al-law, 

who, being appointed recorder of Newcastle 
I ill 1060, reeeivfd the honour of liniplitljood 
at Whitehall, 2Q\h Jimr, IWO. He wu!< 
constituted serjeant-at-law in 1674, and in 
1686 resigned tlie reeordenhip, to wluch 
situation he was a second time chosen, at the 
Re\olution in \flH». He m. in IfJGl , Cathe- 
rine, daughter and co-heir of Sir Thomas 
Widdrington, knt of CSieesebnm Grange, 
in the connty of Northnmberland, sefjeant^ 
at-law (by Frances, his wife, dau^ter of 
Ferdinando, Lord Fairfax, of Cameron), 
and left at his decease 21st May, 1706, an 
only soa and succesior, 

Mark SHAPro, esq. of Whitworth, h, in 

1662, who sen ed the office of high sheriif 
(hv pntenf) of thecountj'of Durham in 17C)0, 
He m. Catherine, eldest daughter of Sir 
John Ingleby, of Ripley, hart, and erentu- 
ally co-heir in blood of her nephew. Sir 
John Ingleby, bart. and had issue, 

RoBRRT, his heir. 
John, successor to his brother. 
Catherine, m. Slst January, 1715, to Sir 
John Eden, of Wittdlestono, bart. tutd 
left issue. 

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Mr.Slafto d. 2StU T>eci*mbpr, i72:),and was 
I. kv elder »oa, 

EnnwT SUAffTO, esq. of Whitwortb, M. P. 
kj±y « Ity ©f Durli;»m, 1st George I. who 
iw.l>oT' 'Sv f\rt}\ «lan:,'lit<T of ripnr\ Dnwiitn , 
second LorUV Ucouut Downe,by wlioiu {\vho 
■arricd after liia deeetse. Rev. Thomas 
BdM, D.I>. Prebendary of Durham, fourth 
MB of Sir Robert Eden, of Windlestone) 
IeanT\? no !«5uc, the eetates deroWed npon 
Jit5 only brotlicr, 

John Siufto, esq. of Wbitworth, M.P. 
for the ditf of Dnrbam, from 1739 to 174S. 
ThU geittl< Tii:>a m. Mary, daughter and 
In Ire?-' of Tliomas Jackson, esq. of Niin- 
uingtoti, in the county of York, town clerk 
of the city of London, by whom (who re- 
married after his decease — — Wjane, esq. 
•Dd <i. in 1708) he had issae, 

Robert, bis successor. 

Tbomas-Goodfellow, D. D. Rector of 
Brancepeth and Canon Reaideotiary 
of Christ CSrarch, Oxford, d. oamar- 

ried 17th October, 1797, and was bu- 
ried in Clirirt Church Catlieilral. 
Dorotliv. m. Ifjth April, \7(i:\, to W'U- 
mot \ augUau, Eari of LiLsburuc, aud 

Marf«rst» d. oamarried, in 1818. 
Mr. Sbaito d. 3rd April, 1742^ ami was s. by 

his eldtr .«on, 

RoBeRt Shafto, esq. of Whitvtorth, who 
espoasedy 18th April, 1774, Anne, daughter 

and sole heiress of Titonias Duncosnbe, esq. 
of Dancombe Park, in the ooonty of Yori^ 
fhy Diana, his wife, youngest daughter <rf 
Henry Hownrtl, fourth Earl of Carlisle, co- 
heir of her motlipf, Frances, his wife, only 
child of Charles Spencer, third Earl of Sun- 
deriand, by his Countess, Arabella, youngest 
daughter and co-heir of Henry CaYeudish* 
Dttko of Newcastle), and had isiae, 

John*, his successor. 

Robert-Eden-Duncohbe, present pro* 

Thomas, h, 93rd August, 1977. 

This genflenmn, who represented the oooaty 

of Durham in parliament from 1760 until 
1768, and subsequently the borough of 
Downton, for several years, d.24(h Novem- 
ber, 1797, and was t. by his eldest son, 

John Shapto, esq. of Whitworth, at whose 
doceasr, unmarrird, in July, 1802, the fa- 
j mily ^'States devolved upon liis next brother, 
RoBbRT-£i>bN-DuNCOMBE Shafto, csq. pre 
sent representatiTe of Ais branch of die fa-> 

A naw— Gu. on a bend arg. three mullets az. 

Ct-r.^t — \ salamander regoardant vert, in 
the middle of flames ppr. 

EttaUt—Xx Whitworth, Bishop's Close, 
Byer^i Green, Nordi Bedbum, Bitchbum, 
and Witti>n'>le-Wear, In die county of Dur- 

Seat — Whitworth Park, in the coun^- of 


blllRLEY, EVELYN-JOHN, esq. of Eatington Park, in the county of Warwick, 

h. in 1788, m. in 1810, Eliza, daughter of Arthur Stanhope, 
esq. cousin to the Earl of Chesterfield, and has had issue, 

Evelyn-Philip, 6. in 1812. 
Arthur, 6. in 1813, Captain of Dragoons. 
SewaUis, h. In 1816, d. 10th June, 1838. 
Geoige-Edward, h. in 1817, d. I6tii March, 1833. 
Walter*DeTerenx, h» in 1838. 

Mr. Shirley, who represented the county of Monagban for 
sometime in parliament, and is now member for Warwick^ 
shire, inbarited the estikteB apon the demise of his lather, 
17th May, 1810. 


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This i? f< hraiich of the nobl'i and ancient 
family uf Sbiriey, Earld of FerraiSf spring- 
ing from 

Sir RoBeRT SmRLEY, knt, fint Earl op 

Fekrars, who m. lint, Elizabeth, daughter 
and heireea of Lawrence Washingto!i. 
of Caresden, in Wiltshire, and had, with 
several other children, 

1 . Robert, who predeceased his fa ther, 
leaving one son and a daughter, viz. 
RoBEKT, who also d, viU patri*, un- 

EUubethfWhom. James, fifth Earl 
of Nortliaiii|ftOD, and succeeded, 

as heiress of her brother, to the 
baronjps of Forr^r-*. of Chartley, 
Bourchicr, and Lovaine. 
% Washington, who t . his father as se- 

cond Earl of Ferrers, biitil. §,p.nt. 

when the honors devolved upon his 


3. Henry, third earl, at whose decea^ie, 
unmarried, the title passed to his ne- 

4. Lawrence, who left three son?, viz. 

Lawrence, fourth Earl of Ferrers, 

Washington, filtti earl, also tf.with- 

out iwue. 
Robert, sixth earl, who had issue, 
Robert, his successor, as se- 

veath earl. 
Washington, present Earl, 
(see Burh^t Peergpt), 

Tlie (first) oarl espoused, secondly, in \B&9 
Seliii.i, daughter of Geoi^ Finch, esq. and 
liad ts«ue, 

1. Robert,M.P.forStainford,who</.f./». 
iL Creorge, d. young. 
^. nKoH(;F, f>r wliorn hereaftrr. 
4. ^ewaiUs, cuuiptruller of the house- 
hold to Qneen Charlotte, M.P. for 
Cailington; who m. Margaret, Coun- 
tess Dowager of Orrord, but d.f.j». 
6. John. d. unmarried, in I7G8. 

6. 8elina, m. to Peter Bathurst, esq. of 
Clarendoo Park, Wilts, and d. leav- 
ing issue. 

7. Mary, tu. to riiaili s Tryon, esq. of 
Bullwick, in tli«' ( ounty of North- 
ampton, and d. in 1771. 

8. Anne,fn. to Sir Robert Fumese, and 
d. in 1779, leaving a daughter, 

Selina,m. to Sir Edward l>eriiig,bt. . 

9» Frances, } 
10. Steuarta, \ * owaarried 

The third, but, eventually, eldest surviving 
son of the second marriage. 

The Hon. George SHIRLEY, of Eating- 
ton, in the eounty of Wan\iVk, n captiiiii in 
the first regiment of foot guards, wi. Mary, 
daughter of Humphrey Start, esq. and hati 
two sons and two daughters, viz. 
George, his successor. 
Evelyn, who inherited upon the demise 

of bis brother issueless. 
Se]ina,Ni. to Sir Thomas-George Skip- 

with, hart 
Margaret, m. to John Smith, esq. of 

Comb I lay. ' 
He d. 22ud Oct. 17U7, and was s. by his son, 
Oborgr Shirley, esq. of Batingtou, who 
m. twice ; but dying in 1798, the cataleB 
devolved upon liis broilu r, 

EvFLYN SiiiKLKY, of Eathjgton, who 
©spoused Phillis-liyani, daughter of Charl- 
ton WoUasfon, esq. aud had issue, 
Evelyn-Joiiv, present pfoprtetor. 
Charles, b. 15th Nov. 171)2 ; m. 7th Dec. 
I8I1I, Anne-Charlotte, 2nd dan. of the 
Hon. aud liev. George Bridgeman. 
William, Sdrd March, 17M. 
Jauies, iu holy orders, 6. 15th Jan. 1609, 
m. in 183 1, Catherine Louisa, eldeat 
daufthi. r of the Rev. John Dolphin. 
Horatio, b. bih Dec. 1805, Capt. in the 

Arthur<?eorge-SewaUls, b. in 1810. 


Mary, »«. (o George Morant, esq. 
Frances, d. unni. in IbOC. 
Emily-Harriet, m. to the late lard 


Mr. Sliirley d. 17lh May, 1810. and was «. 
by his son, EvELYN-JoiiN SHIRLEY, esq. 

Arm * Quarterly, first and fourth, paly of 
six, or and as. a canton enniue : second ai»«l 
third, France and England quarterly, within 
a border arj^. 

Crcft — Til*' bust ot a Saracen, side-faced 
and couped, ppr. wreathed about the tosm- 
pies, or and ax. 

Motto— Honor virtutis pra^miuno. 

Estatex—Jn Warwickshire ; and in tlie 
county of Monaghan, Ireland. 

iSlmff— Eatiagton Park, in die eounty of 
Warwick ; and Lough Fea, in die couiiQr af 

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VAVASOUR, WILLIAM, esq. of W««toa Hall^ in the county of York, m. Sarah, 
dangbter and co-heireaa of John Cooko, asq. of Swinton, in tho aama ahire, bj whom 
he' haa no hm». Mr. VaTaaonr suceeedad to tha eatataa of his family, and the repre- 
leatatioD of the andent house of Vavasovb, upon the deceaae of hia brother in 1795. 


The euiiu«'iil family of VaVASOR, or Val- 
VASOK (as Camden haa it), derived their 
name from their office, being formerly 
kingr's valv»«or, a de^ee then little inferior 
to thf baronial. " There are," says Brac- 
tou, " for the civil govemmeDt of mankjiid, 
emperora, kiaga, and priacea, magaatea or 
VAi.VASOB«, and hnighti*" 

Sir le Vavasor is mentioned in 
Doomsday Book, as holdiiij; in chief of the 
Perr]ks, Earls of Northumberlaud, consi- 
dfc rablc Biaiiors and eslatea in Statton, Esele- 
wood, S«udl (Saxoo), Ice. Re was father 
of another 

Sib Mauoer le Vavasor, fatlu r of 
StR WfLiiAH LF Vavasor, lord of Hasel- 
irood, judge iu the reign of Henry II. and 
one of ^e witnesaea to the cliarter of the 
nbbey of Sawley, in Yorkahire, refounded 
by Matilda de Percy, Tonnte?? of Wanvick. 
To this ahf>ey he himself also made a consi- 
derable donation of land. Ue wu *, by his 

Sim RonenT le Vavasor, who in 2Ut 
Heniy IU. was high-sheriff of Nottin-;!!;!!!! 
and Derby; and irom 31st of the same 

reig-ti havin'j «crv<'d tor ci^ht years surrrs- 
siveiy. lie hatl likewitie the custody of the 
honor of Pererell* He m. Julian, daughter 
of Gilbert de Ross, of Steeton, by whom he 
had issue, 

1. .fonN (Sir), his successor. 

2. Maude, m. to Theobald, brother d 
Hubert, Archbishop of Canterbury, 
from whom descended the family of 
Butler, dukes, marquesses, and carls 
of Ormonde ; and from whom also 
dencunded lier majesty, Queen Eliza- 
lieth, by her grandfather. Sir Thomas 
Boleyne, created Eari of Wiltshire 
and Ormonde. 

Sir Robert d, 38th Henry III. and was «. by 

his son, 

Sir John le Vavasor, knt. Iiord of Ha- 
selwood, who gave to the abbot and oonirent 
of Thornton, to the chorch and canons of St. 

Peter in ITowdm, stonr from his quarry in 
Thrvcs-<l;il»' (now callfd Jackdaw Cragg), 
near Ta(icil^k'r, to build their churches, and 
repair other edifices. He m. Alice, daughter 
of Sir Koberl Cockfield. l.'t hy whom he 
had, w itli a youn'^er pnn, A! \ i i i R, of whose 
desceixlants we art- aliout to treat. 

Sir William le Vavasor, who his father 
at Haselwood, which he had license 
to oastellate from King Edward I. in 
whose r« ig^n Ue w as employed in the 
Gascoignc and Scotcli w ars ; and was 
so esteemed, that he had suuiiuons to 
parliament among the barons, from 
28th Edward I. to Gth of Edward II. 
He gave to the archbishop and » hap- 
ten of York, from the abovemculioned 
quarry in Theves-dale, the stone oi 
which the noble edifice, the Minster 
w as erected. He also made and found- 
ed St. Leonard's Chajii 1, in his castle 
at Uasclwood, w bich, on the foregoing 

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account^ was made extra-parochial by 
the archbishop : the king's charter for 
the chapel is dated 29th April, 1286, 
Edward I« : the oonfinnatioii if dated 
6th June, 1 45.3. being theSlst of Hen- 
ry VI. Sir ThonvT* Vavasor, the 
lineal descendant uf this baron, so 
distin^ished himself, with others of 
Che nobility, by niflng^ foroe* muA 
equipping vessels to de fend Queen 
Elizabeth against t)ie S]iani.-?h arma- 
da, that the queen, in reward of this 
aeal, and out of particnlar regard for 
one of her maidfl of bonor, who waa a 
VftYator, and acknowledged by her 
Hajesty as her kinswoman, would 
mever suffer the chapel at Haseluood 
to be moleftted, where the Roman ea- 
fliolie rites still continne to be cele- 
brated. Lord Vavasor m. Nichola, 
daughter of Sir Stephen Walli?, knt. 

Newton, by whom he had issue 
three eoni, 
t. RoherCy eeeond Lord VaTasor, 
who was likewise employed 
a<iain3t the Scots, and hIko had 
summons us a baron, 7th Ed- 
ward II. He naniad, and left 
issue two tlaiif^htera, 

1. Elizabi til ^'nraso^, m. Sir 
Robert Strt'Uy, of Notting- 
hamshire, iu whose heirs it 
it eappoeed this barony still 

2. Ann. 

Robert, Lord Vavasor, dying 
without issue male, was t. at Ha- 
selwood by his next brodier. 
It. Sir Henry Ic Vavasor (second 

son of William , Baron Vavasor), 
who was the direct ancestor of 
Sir Thomas Vavasour, of Uasel- 
wood Castle, who was created a 
baronet in 1628, which dignity 
expired with the late SirThoma« 
Vavasour, iu 18:^. The estates 
at Haselwood, &c. devolved by 
will npon his cousin, the Hon. 
Edward Marmaduke Stourton, 
(second son of Charles-Philip, 
sixteenth Lord btourton, by 
Haiy, danghter and co-heiress 
of Marmadnke, fifUi and last 
Lord Langdale), who, changing 
his name to Vavasotir, and beinj^f 
created a baronet, is the present 
Sir Edward-Mannadnke Vava- 

sour, of Haselwood, in the comity 

of York . 

111. William, of Deneby(now Dan- 
by), in Yorkshire, ancestor to 
the family (Scroop) in tiiat place. 
Sir John le Vava.sor of Haselwood was *. 
in his estates at Denton and Askwith by his 
second son, 

Sir HikLOBR u Vavaior, knt. of Ilenton 
and Askwith, who «. Alice, dao^ter of 
William Dustof^ p'^<|. and had issue. 

I. Maugek (Sir), who lived about the 
3rd of Edward III. (1328), m. and left 

1. William Vavasor, of Denton, 

m. Agnes, daughter of Roger 
Grymston, esq. and had i^ue, 
Sir Manger Vavasor, who lell 
issne by his wife Margaret, 

Agnes Vavasor, m. Sir 
Bernard Brocas, knt. 
(from whom she was di- 
vorced, and afterwards 
bv^vbomshr ]i:u! i-^'^uf^, 
bir Bernard Br»H ;i-, 
knt. chamber laiu tu 
Qntett Anne, wife 
of Richard IL He 
was attainted and 
executed for high 
treaiiOQ, liit Heury 
St. Edniund'8 cha- 
pel, in Westmin- 
ster Abbey. Uc 
left issne, 
Wmiam Bfocaa, 
his son and 
heir, who made 
over his estate 
of Denton by 
deed of feolP- 
ment to Wil- 
b'am Gas> 
coi^e, John 
Tbwaytes, and 
others, firom 
whom John 
Vavasor of 
Weston, re- 
covered tho 

% Thomas, who had his father's 
manor of W^olsinf^on. He U-ft 
issue by Joan, his wife (who m. 
secondly, William Witham, esq. 

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Sir Hanftr VBrMor> who A 

without ianet 
Wt!(inm VavHOF, fli. «Qd bad 


Margaret Vavasor, hi* 
iMfr^ wbo d* without 
isnw, abovtsa Richard 


3. llwrhard, m. and had two sons. 
Manger and WilUam, who re- 
l«M«d 10 Sir Benanl Brocaa, 
knt. and Agsca Vavaaor, hit 
wife, all their right and interest 
in the manor of Denton ; and 
ahoffly aflerwardt botfi d» with- 
out iame. 
Ti. JoHK, of whom presently. 
Sir Malger V;^va<«or,of Denton and Askwitb, 
»98 «. at Atku ith by his second son, 

flit Jtmn LB Tavasor, of Aakwifli» knt 
who iH. thp daughter and heiress of Sir Wil- 
liam (le StnphaiD,of Wcaloiiyluit. by whom 
be hjLcl iiftsue, 

JoMh L£ Vavasor, of Askwitii, vtho lived 
•havt «e yew 1990, and l«ft iwue by Alice, 

Joffx IF. Vavasor, of Askwith. who m. 
Agn f^t^.t] <^ughter aad lieir of — de Benevile, 
and had iaaue, 

WuAiAii, Btf0rDey-gen«fal to King Bd- 
want III. 

•Inn V. 

He \iu< i. at Westou by his second son. 

Jobs Vavasor, esq. of Weston. This 
gmdoaMB M. Agaea, or Ame, daaghter of 
Sir WiUiam ManloYcrcr, of Wotliersome, 
knt. (Thi-^ Vgnes, or Anne, did releaife to 
Joiuif her bou, all her right iu the manor of 
Wcaion. la 140O, 2nd Henry IV.) They 
left iaaoe, 
Be was s. by hit eldest ton, 

loiiir VAVAtOR, esq. of Weston, who m. 
Hargaret, datighter of Sir Peter Middleton, 
of Stockeld, knt. by whom be had iaaue, 

WilUaw, panon of Bwadwdl, in Cia« 

Henni-, m. M.nfilda, daughter of — 
liunnye, e^q. from whom descended 
the txttMci IlAKOxeTs Vavasolr, of 
Coppenthoq^ in tiba ooanty'af York. 

I.^abella, a ana, at SmitJivayte. 

A^oefi. m. JqWu Jteckwith, eaq. of 


Ha was #. by hie eldcft tfon; 

John Vavasor, esq. of Wetton, (made 

his will Ist Edward IV.), m. Ellen, datifjh- 
ter of Thomas Beckwith, of Ciinte, esq. (»he 
made her will 2ad Henry VII.), by whom 

^^^^ ^k^fc^l jfllPQi^iy 

John Vavasor, eoq* of Wettoni wbo mar* 
ried and had iaaoa, 

Aaastatta, m. — Norton, esq. 
Katbmne* m. Robert Wood* eeq. 

Joan, m. Rafe Hutton, esq. 
Agnes, m. William Barton, caq. of 
Ho was aacceeded by bis ooly son, 

JottM Vavasor, esq. of Weston and New- 
ton, near Ripley. This gentleman m. Eliza- 
beth, daugliter of Henry Tbwaytes, eaq. by 
whom he had issue, 
. John. 

Elizabeth, a nun at Nunmuncton. 
Film, m. William Exileby, esq. 
lie made his will 1483, and was <. by liis 
eldest mn, 

JoHM Vavasor, esq. of Weston and New- 
ton, m. Cecily, daughter of Sir John Nor" 
ton, knt. by whom he had issne^ 


Marmaduke, m. Agnes, daughter of 
Saltmardie, esq. and liad lasae, 
John Vavasor, esq. of Wsltham, 
in Hertfordshire. 
Elizabeth, a nun. 

Anne, m. Sir WiUiam Calverley, knt. 

of Gslveri^. 
Joan, m. — Walworth, esq. of Ra- 


Margaret, n>. Chrii»to^her Rayne, esq. 
of Netlierdale. 
He was s. by his eldest son, 

John Vavasor, esq. of Weston, who m« 
first, Bridget, daughter of .Sir Thomas Man- 
leverer, knt. of AUerton, by whom he had 


Elizabeth, m. — Johnson, esq, 
Dorothy, 7n. TJiomas Highley, esq. of 

Ha fa. secondly, Agnes, daughter of Sir 
William Calverley, knt. of Calverley, by 

whom he had issue, 

Isabel, m. John Havtborp, esq. of 

Chester in the Street. 
Grace, m. IThonias SoUiaby, esq. of 


France!*, m. first, Anthony Fawkes, 
esq.; stcondiy, Peter Bainbridge, 

i^iy u^L^ Ly Google 


edq. ; and, tliinlly, WtUiam PuUeyn, 
esq. of Scottoa. 
Amif m. first, Thomas PuUeyne, eaq. ; 
and, secondly. Peter Danby^ esq. 
He was s. hy his eldest son, 

Marmaduke Vavasoi'R, esq. of Weston. 
This gentlemaii m. Joan, daughter of Sir 
WUliam Middleton, knt- of Stockeld, and 
left a ton, his guoceaaor* 

WiLLUM VAVASot'R, esq. of Weston and 
Newton, who m. first, Alice, daughter of 
Richard Paver, esq. of Brayme, by whom 
he bad one aon and a daughter, via. 

Maugbr, bia beir. 

Agnes, m. first, John PoUoyiie, esq. 
of Killinghall; and, secondly, Ed- 
mund Parkinson, esq. 

He m. 2ndly , LiuabLUi,dau. and eventualiy 
co-beir of Sir Leonard Beciwith, knt. by 
arhom be bad anotlicr diui^liti-r. 

Fran (•('<, m. Sli Henry Slingsby, knt. 
lie m. tlnrdly, .Miirgan t, daughter of Wal- 
ter Walshe, esq. of Slielsdcu Abberley, 
in fbe coun^ of Worcester, by whom be 
likewise'bad issue. He was «. by his eldest 

Sin M vt'OEU V WASOiK, knt. wlio m. Joan, 
diiiighior of John SavUe, esq. of Stanley, 
by whom he had, 


Marv, ni. Stephen Hammeiton, esq. of 

H«'lliliel(i Peel, in Craven. 
Francfi^, m. Edmund Cloughe, esq. of 
Thorpe Stapylton, near Leeds. 
Sir Manger was a jnstiee of dM peaoe in 
the 44th Elisabeth. He was t. by bis sod, 

W^ii.i.HM Vavasour, ( sq. of Wpston. This 
gentlrnisui w. first, Mary, diiuu^htcr of Fran- 
cis Vaughaii, Ci^q. of Sutton upon lierwcnt, 
and had issue, 

Manger, m. Frances, daughter and co- 
heir of Piers Leglie, esq. son of Sir 

Prtcr Lf i;!!*', of Lyme, in Cheshire, 
but died in the lifetime of bis father, 
without issue. 
Thomas, successor to his fadier. 

He M. secondly, Anne, daughter and heir 
of Richard T<^Isun, esq. of Cockerraouth, in 

thr foiinty of Cumberland, and \\ idov.- nf 
the llunorable Edward Savile, bccoud son 
of John Lord Savile, but had no issue. He 
was #. by bis second and only surviving son, 

Thomas VAVASoifu, esq. of Weston, who 
IN. first, Mary, dHitgliler of Richard Nor- 
ton, r>q by whom he had no surviving i:<:jue. 


He espoused, secondly, Dorothy, daughter 
of /ohn Braddyle, esq. of Portfield, eonntjr 
of Lancaster, and bad a aon, Mauger, hit 

Succr^^or Mr. Vavasour w«'dd( t!, thirflh-, 
a daughter of Joliu Kuodes, e!«q. ot J<ib- 
chester, county of Lancaster ; and, fourthly, 
Elisabeth, daughter of Sir Alexander Bar- 
low, of Barlow, near Manchester, by whom 
)t^' had also issue. He was s. by his son, 

Ma'cfh Vav^soi'r, r^q. of Weston. Thi« 
gentlfuiati m. Fruucfs, daughter of Petrr 
Vavasour, esq. of Spaldingtun, by whom be 
had Susanna and a son, bis successor, 

William Vavasour, esq. of Weston, who 

fM. Mar *, daughter of Tliomas Fawkes, esq. 
of Farnley, in the county of York, and waa 

t. by his eldcsst son, 

William VAVASot'R,esq. of Weston. This 
gentleman m. Anne, daughter of John Chap- 
lin, esq. of Tatbwell, in flie ooimty of Lin* 
coin, by whom (who rf. 11th March, 1783), 

he had issue, 

Walter, hw heir. 

John, killed by a fall from his horse 
at Apperby Bridge, Idtb November, 
1777, leaving no issue. 

Charles, d. unmarried. 

Mar\\ m. Captain William Candler, 
of the 10th regiment of foot, second 
son of Henry Candler, D.D. Arch- 
deacon of Ossory, and grandson of 
Thomas Candlrr. r-^q . ofCallanr'astl^', 
in the county oi Kilkenny, in the 
kingdom uf Ireland, by whom she 
left issue. 

Mr. Yavasonr was #. by his eldest son, 

Walter Vavasour, esq. of Weston, who 
rn. 8th July, 1761, Ellen, daughter of Ed> 
ward Elmaall, esq. of Tliomliill, 

Edward-Elm8all,«. bis brother. 

Ellen, m. at Thomhiti, 94th Nov. 1787, 
to the Rev. John Carter, of Lincoln, 
and d. in IBIT), leaving issue, 

William Carter. 

Anne Carter, m. to tliC Rev. Mr. 

He d. io 1780, and was s. by his eldest son, 
Walter - AscouoM - Fa w ke.s Vavasoi k , 
e.^q. of Weston, a minor, who rf. unmarrirtl 
nt Weston, thr ^J8th March, 1797, and was 

by Ills next brother, 

Edvvard-Elmsall Vavasoi r, esq. of Wcs- 

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«0B, A— r ^ughter of Robert Sutton, 
««l iif Scofton, iu the county of Notting- 
ham, (wbo i«. f^c.ndly, the Rev. John Cha- 
loner, of Newion Kyme, Yorkshire), by 
whom iM had BO iMoe. He wai «. by hie 

Wniuit YAVAfOUBf fliq. of Weflkm, lh« 

last male deMABdrat of (he andeiithoaae 6t 


^rwM— Quarterly ; for Vavasor, first and 
fourth, a fesse daneetti6o m. : for Stopham, 
second and third, aig. ft bend aa. 

Crest — A cock gu. crest* '! or. 
jStfoX-— Weston HaU» Yoi kt>iiire. 


STRICKLAND, THOMAS, Oiq. of Sinrgh, in the county of Wc tmorland, b. 
ISdk Maich, 1790? «. in NoroBiber, 1824, MademoiseUo Ida do FinguorUn Bisahen^ 
g«D, jonogcot daughter of tiw Banm Finguerlta Biaakeiigen, aod has a Mm aod heir, 

Walter, b. at Paris, 6th September, 1886. 
Mr. StricUand inherited the esutes upon the demiee of his &ther. 

We shall begin the detail of this ancient 
family with an extract from Nicholson and 
Burn's History of the Autiquitie« of West- 
morland aud Cumberland. 

** In Helsington there haA been a family 
at Siaeff^ Hall, mach more ancient than 
anj of the names uf Bindlow or Bellingham, 
as lords of the manor. Which family came 
from Strickland, (or ratlicr Stirkland,) which 
W9B ^ paetare groood of the young cattle 
(called ftirka 4Mr steers) in the parish of Mor- 
Und, in this county, in whirh part they had 
con-iidrrable j^ossessious, ju* well its at Si- 
zergh iiiid other adjacent places, generally 
hotden under the barons of Kendal, It is 
■onewhat extraordinary-, that amon?:st the 
pnli^rr* of almost all tlie other ancient 
fau.iH< s ill lliis county we have met with no 
Kitisiac k>ry account of this family » but the 
of the late worthy owner of SU 

7.crgb Hall, Charlea Strickland, esq. we have 
been enabled to make out a regular and au- 
thentic deduction of this family from the 
dearest and most undeniable evidence, viz. 
the family writings." 

The first of the name of StrieUand met with 
isin the reign of Ktfi^loHi«,whenGiIbertFits 
Reinfred havinjx been compelled, on acconnt 
of his involvement with the rebellious harons, 
to give hostages for his future conduct, which 
hostages were the sons, daughters, and heirs 
of the principal uwn»v. lords holding under 
the barons of Kendal, amongst whom was 
the son and lieir of Sir Walter de Stirk- 
land. In the time of Hugh, bishop of Car- 
lisle, who came to the see towards the hv- 
ginnin^? of the reign of King IIf.miy III., 
tliis Sir Walter had license to l.eep a do- 
mestic chaplain in his family, within the 
Ijarish of Morland, so as it should be of no 
prejudice to the mother church. Sir W^alter 
Stirkland ^;ranfed ti)tlie chiinli of St. Mary's, 
York, and to the prior and monks of Weder- 
hal (which was a cell of the said abbey) four 
acres of land, in the territory of Stirkland 
moulter free. 

The son of this Sir Walter was 
Adam dr Stirm and, whose son, 
Sir Robert dl Siirri^vno, granted by 
deed, dated at his manor of Great Stirkland, 
on the eve of St. .lohn the Baptist, 23rd 
HevRY WiUi*mhis»on,and £lixabetb, 


dsoglitar of Sir Ralyb DeiiMXMtti, knt. on 
their marrinpc, his %vho!e manor of Great 
Strickland. This Sir Ralph Deincourt had 
an only son, Ralph, at whose decease, with- 
out issue, the inherituice devolved «pon the 
above Eluabeth StirUand. Sir Bobert wm 

i, by liis son. 

Sir William de Strikklanu, who, in the 
4th Edward I. was under-sheriff of the 
ooonty of Westmorland. He confirmed io 
the 90dl Edward I. the ^runt hkkIc by his 
great granlfith'r, to tlie abbot of St. Mary's, 
York, and the monks of Wedeshal, and wa$ 
9. at his decease by his ion, 

SiE Waltce db Stmoulakd, who ia the 
38th Edwaxd I. was with the king at the 
siege of Carlaverok, and in the 1st and 6tJi 
of Edward 11. was knight of the shire for 
Westmorlaad. In the 16th of the Mune 
reign, he was appointed sheriff of the conntj- 
of Westmorland. In two year;* afterwards 
he wa? again knight of the sanip sltirc. I.i 
the 9th of Edward III. Sir \V uiu;r obtaini d 
a grant to inelose his wood and demesne 
lands at Sizergh, and to make a park there^ 
and to hold the same 10 iodosed to him and 
his heirs for ever. 

This Sir WuUer, uu the marriage of his 
son, Thomas, with Cecilia, daughter of Ro- 
bert de Wells, settled the manor of Hack- 
fhorjt ;itm! hi;» laiids in Overwiiuler, 8cc. on 
the issue of that marriage, with rcmaiudcr 
to John and Ralph, his other two sons, lie 
appears to have had issue, 
Thomas, his successor. 
John, who was knight of the shire for 
\V ebtmorland 1st Edward III., and 
to whom Sir Walter granted 7th of the 
same reign, all his lands of Whenfell, 
with remamder to his son Thomas. 

In the I7th Edward III. Sir Walter again 
represented the oonnty in parliament, and 
Mras 9, upon his demise by his eldest son. 

Sir Thomas Strickland, who in the a'jth 
of Edward HI. obtained a patent empower- 
ing hiui to impark his woods at Helsington, 
Levesnes, andHackerthorp, containing three 
hundred acres, (at his good service done in 
Frruice. In the same year, Katharine de 
KoMi, daughter of Sir Thomas Strickland, 
and widowof lohn de Rom, ofKendal Castle, 
assigns oirer to her father (Sir Thomas) the 
ward and marriage of her daughter, Eliza- 
beth dc Ross, who was aftenvards married, 
in the 8th Richard U., to Sir William del 


In the aeth Edwako in. Aere is an in* 

denture nt" mvonant ht t'vpfTi Sir Thomas 
Strickland and Kaiiuli>h d» Uucre, lord of 
Gillesland, concerning the oiarriageof VVal« 
tor, his son and heir, willi Margaret d« 
Latham, ni< ce of Ranulph. In four yearn 
after, Sir Thomas made a settlement of 
lands, at Sig^eswiek and Lcveus, upon his 
younger sous, John, Peter, and Thomas, for 
life, widi remainder to his own right heirs. 
Sir Thomas had a fifth son, William, who was 
consecrated bishop of Carlisle, 24th August, 
MIK), and who d. at Rome in 1410. 

Sir Thomas d. in 1377, and was by his 
eldest son, 

SiA Walter db SxRrcKLAVD. This gen- 
tleman had no issue bv Jil> fir-t wife, Mar- 
garet de Latham. He e»poin>(.'d, secondly, 
Isabella, daughter of John de Olney, iHiicli 
John, in the £b of Richard II., settled npon 
the issue of that marriage a tenement in 
London, known hy the name of Great Place, 
situate in the parish of St. Mary-at-lliii. In 
the 14tb of RiCHAlto II. Sir Walter was e»- 
cheater for the king on the inquisition poet 
mortem of Thomas de Ross, and, in four 
years after, was a knight of the <>hire for 
Westmorland. He was s. by his eldest • 

Sir Thomas de Strickland, who entered 
into aprermt'Tit with IIknry V. dati d '21ith 
April, I41v>, to serve the king in his wars in 
France during one year, and to him was 
confided die distingnished honour of hearing' ' 
the banner of St. Ceorge at the ever me- 
morable Battle of Azincourt (See Nicolas* 
Azincourt, 115-171). In the fifth year of 
ftr-NRT YI. Sir Thomas entered intoaniclee 
of agreement with Nicholas de Crofte, esq. 
wherein both jmrtit s heeome hound un(I<»r 
the penalty of i,-HM», for the solf mni/ ition 
of a marriage between Walter htrickiaud. 
Sir Thomas's son and heir, with Donee, 
daughter of the said Nicholas, when he the 
said Nidiolas should attain his fbarteenth 


In the 7th year of Henry VI. Sir Thomas 
represented the county of Wettonorland in 

Til the 9th year of the same rt ic:n. Sir 
Thomas went to London, and joined the 
solemn earakade that was to attend the 
young king to Paris, in order to his corn* 

In the 10th TTenry VT T'np,- Ki-cEMl's 
iV. grnnted to Sir Thomas, and Mabel, his 

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wife, liceose for a dtMBestic diapel and por- 
likk altftr, wUeh Bull is yet extrat, with 
ftt m1 of lead Tery fair, alioiat the breadth 

and «r>m*'what more than doable Uie thirk- 
Qi»« of half-a-crown, with a crosi on one 
$idr, abd uudcraeath Evgemvis PPIIII. 
Oa ibe revene, lw<o fiwet of Tenerable oM 
ni. n . and abore, the letter* SPASPB. Sir 
Tkoma* waa «. by bia flon, 

Walter Sttiickland, esq. In the 15th 
Hrory VI. this gctitleman h id a grant of 
tke office of keeper of the park, of Calgarth. 
la aext year llie king appointed him 
receiver general of all hb rents in and about 
KfTtda!, with a fee of £10 per anntim, and 
2f. per day ^^hf•n upon (iiity. And after- 
wards, in lieu of these, the king granted to 
bin tbe pannager and herbage of die raid 
park, the fishing of Windermere, and all 
his lands And (memento in the hamlets of 
Api)Irtli\*aitc and I ndernielbfck, for trrm 
of liie, hv pacing to tlit: kiug five marks 

In the leth of Henry TL this Walter 
released to the king die demand of one 

t?ior:?and marks, due to the said Walter, 
from the crown, for taking; of Hf-nry Talbot, 
a OiOfrt notorious traitur of our Lord Henri 
V. Inte King of England, by virtue of die 
proclamation of the said late king : in con- 
«rtleratiriii of the kinj;*.-* jii^ranting to hinj the 
' iTicf of Bjaster of the king's dogs called 

Heiri rs. 

\V alter Strickland appears to hnvo been 
n aenloan lAneaatriaiiy and of 1^ fofcee 
be iraa enabled to raiae» with their proper 

habiJiinentat we have a master roll* yet ex- 
tant, which sefms to hare been made out 
chit fly in n-sjH ct of the Iwrder service. 

* i be Books of Waiter S^y-kelaade, Esquier & 
deprte Steward irfT Kcwid, bttssrvants, tsnants, 
a&d inbabitants within the Ceontie of WssCmsr- 
Isad of bis iaberitaaos tlH9iei> 

7W snnncsouis 9n)v%vT< of tkt md Waktr 

Hcr«r]»ade Becke, Horse hamet and a bowe 
lUAaed A^bMMit Heise bsiMs and a Bewe. 
(Aad to, in Hke m.-uiner, nine servants more; 
wsib aeek a Horse baruM and a Bow*,) 

Tbaraaa Mscareth, borse hames and a iMwe. 
Bdwaid Mat sie tb , bswe hsioes and abowsw 

B]ftlaMO within the sua« 

In the 20th Henry VI. he was knight of 
die abire for Westmorland, and in seven 

years afterwards, neoording to the usage of 
those times, he was retained by Kichard, 
Earl of Salisbury, to serve him in peace and 
war. Upon tlie triumph of the house of 
York, by the accession of Bdwaro IV. we 
find him obtainiii):!^ a charter of pardon* 
This Walter Strickland had issue, 

Thomas, m. to Agnes Parre, daughter 
of William Parre, son of Sir Thomas 
Parre, and his wife Elixabedi, one of 
the three sisters and co-heirs (^Hen- 
ry, Lord Fit/ Hugh. 
Johr. knii^lit of tlu' shire for Westmor- 
land, 12th of Edward IV. 

Margaret, m. to William, son of Richard 
Redman, for which marriage a di^ 
pen^ation was obtained from Vinoeat 
('lement, the Pope's Nuncio. 
Walter was s, at his decease hy his son. 

Sir Thonas Stricklaiid, knt. who was r . 
by his son, 

Walter Strickland, esq. who, in the 
16th of Henry VIT. Iiad a dispensation to 
marry Elizabeth Salkeld, uud was $. by his 

Sir Walter Strickland, knt. This gen- 
tleman m. first, AtjTif's, t!;nirht r nf Richard 
Redman, but had no ijisue. He m. secondly, 
Catharine, daughter and sole heir of Sir 
Ralph Newell, of Thornton Briggs, in the 
oomty of York, by whom he had 
WALTKR.hi? successor, 
Elizabeth, m. to Sir William Strickland, 
knt. of Boynton, in the cotmty of 

Agnes, nt. to Sir Thomas Cnrwen, knt. 

of Workington. 

Thomas Wazj'uer, Horse hames and b^U* 
Thamss Sjtt, bofse banes and byll. 

(with eleven aiora.) 

Foytmen, witb soruo TIarn*»s, others none : 
Thomas Spence -, a jak, fn sallet, and a bowe. 
Row-Hand Myles ; baines, sad a bowe. 
Hugh Hodson; a bowe. 
Biyaa Higgyn; a bowe. 


Jbon Atkxnaim,a|akeBndsB7ll. 

Nycall Spyght, a snllet & Ryll. 
Riib<>rt Strykland, a sallet & Byll. 

Here follow the whole of the men for Natland, 
wiiitni*^'»g to fifty-five, and of each of tlie other 
manofH, tbs totsl nakiag two kaadrad and aiae^ 
men of all aims. 

t Helmet of iron. 

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Catharine, Lady Strickland survived her 
husband, and inanuil twice after his de- 
ce»>»c, first, Honry Urou^li, Ci*(j. and se- 
condly, Williaui Kuiut, esq. Sir Walter 
was *, by hii aon, 

Walter StBiCKLAND, esq. of Siseigh, and 
also of Thornton lirifj^fi, «ho wn? a minor 
at tlie time of his father's deceaiM.', and in 
ward to the King until the 29th Henry VHl. 
when he had livery of his landi. In the 
fith ef Elizabedi he was knight of the 
shire for the county of Westmorland. He 
»i. Alice, tlaujrhter of Nicholas Tempest, esq. 
of Uolui, iu the county of Durham, by whom 
(wlio M. after hit deoeaM Sir Thomas Boy n- 
(on) he had uwne, 



TUi:i gentleman built one wiug of Sizergh, 
part of the optMMite wing, and made many 
alterationa, and put up many of the wain- 
scots and < irving^ now in the drawing 
room and uilier parts. He abo placed 
the arms of QtMMi EuzABBTH in the inner I 
room on the irat floor of the tower, eom- 
monly called the ' Queen's room.' He A in 
15G9. and wag s. by hi? elder son. 

Sir TiioMiVS Strickl.vnd, K.B. M.P. for 
Ae county of Weetmoreland in tiie43rd of 
Elizabeth, and 1st of A'tn^^ Jambs, by wltom 
the day precedinir lii-^ majesty's coronatii)n 
he was created a Knight of tiu- liath. Sir 
Thomas m. Eliicabeth S) mou,of Bristol, and 
had a daughter Alice, m. to Sir William 
Wehb, knt. equerry to Prince Hknky. He 
til. secondly, Mar^^aret, daupfttt r of Sir Ni- 
cholas Curwen, knt. of Workington, by 
whom he had issue, 

Robert, his suecessor. 

Walter, from whom descended the 
Stricklauds, of Catterick, in York- 

Dorothy, third wife of John Fleming, 

esq. of Ryd;)1. 
Margaret, second wite ol George Pres- 
ton, esq. of Holker, Lancashire. 
He d* in 101 A, and was #. by his eldest bod, 
Stit Robert Strickland, knt. M.I*, for 
the county of Westmorland in the '2 1 sit of 
A'lM^ James I. This gentleman at the com- 
mencement of the civil wars, espousing at 
once the royal cause, obtained, in 16SM, a 
colonel's commission from Lord Wentworth, 
Lord- Lit'iitfitant of the cfumtv of York, to 
co.niiuiad niau huudred uuimu iu the North 
Riding for the King's service. And in 1640 


he reeeived Hie King's commission from 

Algernon, Earl of Northumberland, to regi- 
ment, accoutre, and march the same to 
Newcastle-upon-Tyne. After this he re- 
ceived a Uiird commission, to command a 
troop of horse, which he himself did com* 
mand at tlie battle of Edgehill, while his 
son, Sir Thomas Strickland, led the regiment 
of foot. In 1641 he was constituted one of 
tiie deputy-lientenants of the county of York. 
Sir Thomas m. Margaret, eldest daughter 
and eo-ht ir of Sir Will in !n Alford, of Byl- 
ton, in the county of York, by whom he 
had issue, 

Thomas (Sir), bis successor. 

Walter, m. Barbara Bela^es, fonrth 

daughter of the Honourable Henry 
Bela^iyrs, son and heir of Thomas, 
Viscount Fiiuconberg, by whom he 
bad a daughter, 
Dorothy, m. WilliamGrimst(Mi»esq. 
he rf. in 1G74. 
— a daughter, m. to Nicholas Har- 
pur, esq. of London. 

Sir Robert had the gratification of wituess- 
ing die lestoration of the monarchy, and 

dyinj;^ in 1670 was s. by his elder SOU, 

8iH Thomas SrMirKi.wn, knt. who was 
made a banneret by hint/ Charles I. iu 
person, in the field at Edgehill, 23rd October, 
IGtt. Thisgentlemanrepcesented the county 
of Westmorland in U>f) 1 . He m. first, Jane, 
daughter and co-heir of John Moscley, esq. 
of Ulskelfe, in the connty of York, by whom 
he had two surviving daughters, 

Alice, m. to Sir Walter Binnt, of Sod* 
dington and Mauly, in the connty of 

Worcester, hut <l. without issue, 
Anne, m. to John Middleton. es(j. of 
Stockeld, in the county ol \urk, but 
tf. without issue. 

Sir Thomas m. secondlyi Winifred, daughter 

and heiress of Sir Charles ki»t. 
of Hoeestcr, iu Uie county of Stafford, ami 
had ist^ue, 

W.iLTtR, h. in May, IG43. 
Robert, d. unmarried. 
Roper, who was page to the Prince of 
Conli, when he went from France to 
be elected King of Poland. He r/. 
nnmarried, in the twenty-fourth ^ ear 
of his age. 
Thomas, in holy orders. Bishop of Na- 
ninr. He was sent ambassador U» 
England by the Emperor, Chaklkh 
VI, He d. at Namur, in the year 

. d by Google 



1743, and wm buried in Ms own ca> 

Sir Thomas Strickland, who had been privy 

pars*- to K'lTi'^ Chrirlc's II. was one of the 
pri*v councxl to hint/ Jwmjs II. and follow- 
ing the fortnnes of that luouarch, d. in 
Flnoee, fift January, 16M. He waa «. by 
ha eldest son, 

WALTta Strickland, esq. who 7b. Anne, 
daoghier of €rerani Salviu, esq. of Croxdale, 
bk^bm conatj of ]>ttrhaiD, by whom he had 

Thomas, Ua mificeBBor, h. 2(Nii June, 

Gerard, L 30th July, and d. Ist 

September, 17Di. He m. lirst, Miss 
Maiy Bagnal, and bad, with two 

Gerard, b. 4th October, 1741, m. 
I5th April, 1779, Ccrilia, relict 
of Charles Strickland, esq. of 
SiierKb,and dying 23rd Oetober, 
1796, left issue, 
George, 6. 23rd OctohcT, 1780. 
Gerard, 6.24th February, 1782. 
Mr. Gerard Strickland, sen. m. se- 
condly. Lady Gaacoigne, relict of Sir 
Edward Gascoigne, bart. 
Mar\', ff. at the age of fifteen, nnnai^ 
ried, bth May, 1717. 
Mr. Strickland was4r. by his older son, 

Tmoius KTaiCKiAMD, esq. who m. first, 
^lad Jane, 1728, Mary, daughter of Simon 
Scroop, esq. of I>anby,by whom he had iaane, 
Walter, his successor. 
William, who embraced a religious life 
ia the Cbaicb of Rome (the religion 
of the fiuafly). 

Mr. Strickland tu. secondly, Mrs. Archer, 
w iil.-^v of John .VrthtT, es^. of Oxtnholme, 
but liuid no issue. He was «. at his d^^ase 
by bis eldest son, 

Waltu STntcnLiXD, esq. This gentle- 
tleman iN.4th Jane, l7d8,Margaiet,dangbter 

"f Mu hat^I Jairjci* Messenger, esq. of Foun- 
tain A bbe J, in the county of York, bat dying 

without issue, in 1761, was s, by lus youngest 

Chahi.f.s Strickland, esq. who at. dOth 
April, 1762, Cecilia, only daughter of Wil- 
liam Townlcy , esq. of Townley, in the county 
of Iiancaster (by his wife, Cecilia, daughter 
and aole anrviving beir of Ralph Standish, 
esq. of Standish, in the same county, and the 
Lady Philippa Howard, second daughter of 
Henry, Duke of Norfolk), by whom he had 

Thomas, bit anecesMr* 


Charles, d. 13lh Septemher, 1776. 
Mary, m. 27th February, 178G, to E<1- 
waid Stephenson, esq. of Farley Hill, 
in the county of Berks. 
Mr. Strickland d. 6th October, 1770, and 
was #. by his eldest son, 

Thomah StiiicKLAND, esq. who iikewi:<e, 
upon the decease of his nncle, Edward 
Towuelcy-Standish, of Standish, taherited 
tlif Standish estates, and assumed the sur- 
name of "Standish." He m. *2Uh Febni- 
ar}', 17b9, Auastasia, eldest daughter of Sir 
Jobn Lawaon, bart of Bnrogh Hall, in ttte 
oonnty of York, and had issue, 

Charle-S who inherif' d thf St.iTHHsh 
estates, and coatiiiued t)ie name of 
Standisb (see toI. ii. p. 64). 
Thomas, of Sizergh. 
Anastasia, b. 11th May, 1797, aad d, 

22nd November, 1807. 
Elizabetli, b. Ist March, 1600, and d. 

17th September, 1813. 
Monica, ni. in December, 1637, to Sir 

John Gerard, bart. of Bryn. 
Catherine, b. Kith July, Ui07, and d, 
lUth March, IHOH. 

Mr. Strickland m. secondly, Catherine, 
daughter of Sir Robert Gerard, of Uryn, in 
tbe county of Lancaster, but bad no other 
istne. He d. dth Dec. 1619. 

wlrmt— Sa. three esodlopa within a bor- 

dure engrailed arg. 

iS^ea<— Sizergh Park, in tbe county of 

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SUMNEIUHOLMB, GEORGE, oq. of HatcblaiidB, in 4he oonatj of Stmy, b. 

lOth NoremW, 1760 ; m. 17th Nov«inbor, 1787, Imdw, 
daugliter of Colonel CharloB PomMe, commander in cbief 
of the East India Companjt'e forces, et Bombaj, b j whom 
he has had issue, (with two other daugh te r^ who both 
died in infancy), 

GfiOROB, who <f. at Paris in 1817, at die afS of 91. 
WlIUAM, ^vlio m. Mar}', daughter of J. Barnard Baakey, 

esq. of Fetcham Park, in the county of Snrrey, 
Charles- Vernon, in holy orders, rector ot Newdijfate, 
Surrey, and of Faruborough, in the county of Hants, 
who m. In June, 182&, Katharine, daagbter of William 
Mason, esq. of Necton Hall, NoHblk. 
Sopliia, m. to Andrew-Henry Thomson, esq. son of John 
Thomson, esq. of Waverley Abbey, in the oounty of 

This gentleman, in consequence of inheriting^ (in 1794) the Holme property, assumed 
by sign manual, the additional surname of Holme. In November, 1786, ho was 
elected M.P. for llchester : in 1790, for Ouildford : hut retired in 1796. In !80{i, 
Mr. Ilolme-Sumner was ag"nin sent to pailiaim nr liy tliu })oroup:h of GuiMtnrd. ;uk1 in 
1807, bv the county of Surrey, which he continued to represent until 1826. He 8uli- 
sequently sate tbr Guildford in 1830. He has been forty /ears a niairistrate for the 
county of Surrey, and ten years Colonel of the First Royal Surrey Militia. 


— Si'MNER, esq. a merchant of Bristol, 
bad two sons, 

I. of whompreeendy. 

II. Jobn, D.D. canon of Windtor, and 
pro*'08t of King's College. Canibridge, 
who left several sons, two of whom 
left issue, viz. 

1. Robert, who tf. In 1804, leaving 
JoHN'BiRD SiMHBa, D.D. lord 

bishop of Chester. 
Chaki.i s-RiciiARn Si'MNF.r, D.D. 
lord bishop of Winchester, 
wbo m. in 1810, laaoy daugh- 
ter of J. P. Maunoir, esq. and 
has is'up. 

2. Kichard, who m. Susanna, .sister 
of Lord Gambler, and d. in 1778, 
leaTing (with a daughter, wbo m. 
in 18^, C. Doogbs Halfoid, 

esf).) a son. the present 

KicHARO SiMXEU, e»q. of Put- 
teoham Priory, in the county 

of Surrey, -who m. in 181J>, 
Fanny, daughter otG. Moli- 
neox Motttgomerie, eeq. of 
Gerholdiflham HaU, Nor- 
folk, and hea iseae. 

The elder son, 

— Sumner, esq. of W indsor, was father of 

WiLUAii-BRioHTWuj,8innitR,eaq. who, 
in 1788, pnrohaaed Htm estate of Hatehlands. 

This g«iifb*man went out early to India, 
whence he returned after twenty-three years 
i>l>ent iu the Company's service, inteiidiug 
to eetde la hie native eonatry; hattheaffiihra 
of India being in a critical eitnation, and 
requiring the superintendence and exertions 
of its most active and intelligent servants, 
he was prevailed upon to go back in the 
year 17IB, as first member of the eonacil 
under Lord Clive, with an appointment to 
succeed to the gnvernorship-general in case 
of his lordship's death or return to Kngland. 
The decline, however, of hit healUi, necco- 

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fitftted liis own retarn before either of those 
fvorti tdok place. He espoused, while iu 
ladti^ Catlwriiie, «laugbter of John HoucBr 

esq. of Holme Hill, in fhf t-f .tTrity of Cuin- 
berlaud. and bad by li i i \ bo d. iu 1771, 
and to whom a white marble ublet is erected 
m dMnch of Eiit dandon), a son and 

GtomByVboiiiliaifCed (as stated above) 
from his maternal utu-l*'. Thomas 
HotMK, ejuj. of Holme- Hill, the pro- 
yerty of that family, and is the pre- 
MBt i«prea«BtatiT« of the SCMNBM. 

WilJiam, m liMikor of London, h, 4tit 
August, 1763, and d. in 1796. 

Cathnrino, tn. ta James Lanrell, Mq. 

A rm» Quojlerly { Hfst and fourth, er- 
■iM, two dlOTrans or for SuMiiBR. Second 

and third, arg. a buck trippant gu. for 


Crtsts — First, a lion's head erased arg. 
ducally gorged or, for Svmner. Second, a 
hawk, wings eteTated, ppr. for 

Ettatef —In the parishes of East Clandon, 
Westhorsley, Ripley, Ockbam, Bisley and 
Chertsey . HatcUand estate pnrcliased from 
the widow of Admiral Boseawen, in 1768. 
The other poisesrions between that period 

and 1806. 

Seat — Hatcblaods, in the parish of £ast 
Clandon, in the county of Surrey, 

*,* It is probable, from the rircum«tance 
ot bearing the exact same uriui^, that Mr. 
Somner, tfie eminent antiquary, and learned 
author of '* the AntiqnitieS of Cantrrbnry 

and of the Cinqae PortB," was of this family. 


SUMNER, RICHARD, esq. of Pattenbam Priory, in the county of Surrey, b. 
ia 1795* m* in 1819, Fannyt dang^ter of O. Moltneux Montgomerie, esq. of Gar- 
Hall, in tlia county of Norfolk, and has, with other iasno, a son and heir, 

If OBTON-CoRNIBH, h, in March, 1826. 

For an account of this gentleman's family, 
refer to that of Gf.okge Holmk-Stmn f f;, 
esq. of Uatchlands, representative ol the 
senior hranch of Ihe fandly. 

Arm* — Ermines, two cbeyrons, or. 

Crest — A lion's head eraj^ed arg. ducally 
gorged, or. 

£!ffa/e«— In die parishes of Pttttenham 
and Wanborangh, first poisessed in 1816. 

^S^—Pnttenham Priory, near Guildford. 

. -d by Google 


2. John (Sir), ^ both rf. munarried. 


PORTBf AN, EDWARD-BERKELEY, esq. of Brytiuitoii, id the county of 
DoiBet,uid of Orchard Portman, in Someraetihiro, b. 9th July, 1799, m. 16th Jud«, 
1827, Lady Emma LasceUet, third daughter of Henry, preaent Earl of Harewood, 
and has iaane, 

William-Henry-Berkeley, h. 12th July, 1829. 
Edwin-Tlcrkeiey, 6 drd Anguat, 1830. 


Mr. Portnian formerly represented the county of Dorset and the borough of Mary-la- 
boone in parliament. 

Dunstan's Church, London, where a iDonii> 
ment was erected to his memory. 

Sir Henry Portman, knt son and auo- 
cessorof the jud^e, etpooacd Joan, daughter 
of Thoinns Midiell, eaq. and dying in IfiOO, 
was s. by his son, 

John Portman, eaq. of Orchard-Port- 
man, who waa created a Baronkt, IKMi 
November, 1612. He m. Anne, daughter 
of Sir Henry Giffbrd, knt. and left is«up, 
1. Henrv (Sir), his successor, who wi. 
Lady Anne, Stanley, but d, s, p. in 

3. Hugh (Sir, \ 

4. WiLUAM (Sir), eveuiuiiiiy inheritor 
of the baronetcy. 

5. .Tuai), 771 . to George Speke, eaq. of 
Wliit(>lackin<i"tnn, and had a dauphtrr, 

PlIILin'A, m. to ICduard Bcrkt li-y. 
esq. of Pylle, uud the gruudM>ii 
of thia marriage, 
WlLUAM Berkeley, esq. of 
Pyllf, ultimately inherited 
the estates, and assumed tlie 
aumame of Portman, only. 

6. Anne, m. to Sir Edward Seymour, 
of Bury Pomeroy Caade, and had» 
with other issue. 

Edward (eldest son), from whom 
Edward, preaent DtniB Of So- 
merset, deacenda. 
Henry (fifth son), of whom here- 
after, as heir of the Portmans. 

7. Elizabeth, m. to John Bluet, esq. of 

8. Grace, d. unmarried. 
The baronetcy and representation of the 
laniily eventually devolved upon Sir John 'a 
fourth son, 

Sir Wiixiam Portmah, hart, who m. 

Anne, dauf^hter and co-heiress of John 
CoUea, eaq. of Barton, by EUiabetfa, daugih* 


The Portmans appear to have been of 
distinction in the county -of Somerset, in the 
reign of Edward I. at which period Honriahed 

THOMA8 Portman, whoae grandfather bad 
borne the arms still used by the family. 
The lineal (k'^ endant of this T!ioma«, 

Wiixiam Portma.n, setQed at Taunton, 
temp. Henry IV. and waa a munificent 
benefactor to the priory of that place, where 
he was interred. His son and successor, 

Wai.ti R Portman, espoused Christian, 
daughter and heiress of William Orchard, 
of Orchard, and waa a. by his aon, 

John Portman, of the Middle Temple, 
who d. in 1.521, and was *. by hh son, 

Sir William Portman, knt. an eniiiu tit 
lawyer, who was appoiuted sergeant-at-iaw 
to King Henry VHI. afterwarda one of the 
juatices of the Court of Common Pleas, and 
eventually lord cliief justtc?' nf England, in 
which elevated station he distinguished him- 
self by displaying a degree of integrity 
and independence very unusual among the 
judges of tho«e arbitrary and despotic times. 
He d. in 1656, and waa buried in St. 

i^iyui^L^ uy Google 



Ur an3 sole heiress of Humphrey Wynd- 
kaaif e»q. ot W iveliecombe, and was t. at 
Hi dc ce tiae by wnt. 

Sir WiLUAM Portman, barL who was 

made a knijilit of iht- b;itli by KingCHARl.r.s 
II. He m. first, Elixubeth, daujjhter and 
heirei»4» of Sir Jobu Cutter, bart. ttecotidly, 

Sluabelli, daughter of Sir John Soolhcote, 

ami thirdly, Mary, daugbter and heires^s of 
Sir John Holman, hut bad no i^sue. By a 
relea:^e dated 26tb February, he devised 
Orchard-PortmaUy together with other es- 
talea to a large amount, to hia consin, 

Henry Seymour , v^q. (refer to issue of 
Annf. '^Ktb child of the first baronet) 
who, upon inheriting, assumed the surname 
awl aunns of Portman. He m. first, Pene- 
lopcv daughter of Sir William Haalewood, 
of Maidwell, and secondly, Meliora, daugh- 
ter of William Fitib. tj^q. of High Hall, 
I>or8etshire, bat dying «. p, the property 
derolved by further imitation upon bi^ 

WrtUAM Berkeley, esq. (refer to issue 
of Jo vv fiOh child of the first Ijaronet,) 
who likewise took the name of Portman 
only. He m. Anne, riauL;bterbf SirBdward 
8e jp UMMr, of Bury Pomeroy, and grandaugh- 
terof Anne Portman, by whom he had issue, 
Henry>Wiluam-Berk£LEY, his suc- 

Sdirard Beriwiey, esq. of Pylle, who 
m. Anne, daughter of Thomas Ry ves, 
esq. of Rauton, and had two daugh- 
ters, viz. 

1. Letitia, m. to Andrew Napier, 
eeq. of Tintenhall, in fhe coun^ 
of Somerset. 
^ Anindell, rt>. to Thomas Trf>\ (e, 
esq. of Hulitdham, in the county 
of Oeroo. 
Lethia, m. to S^ John Burland, knt. 
L.L.D. one of the barona of Ae Ex- 
chequer, bad a son, 

John- lie rke ley Burland, esq. of 
Stock Howe^ Dotael. 
Mr. Portman was *, at hie deoeaae by hia 

cld'^'st son, 

IIknrY - WlLl lAM- BkRKKI FY Pn^TMAN, 

rsq. o| Orchard Portman, in the county of 
Sumeraet^ and of Bryanaton, in the county 
of Dorset, who espoused Anne, daughter of 
WtJliam Fitch, ^j. of High HaU,and dying 
IB 17f>I. «as s. by his son, 

HtNKY- William Portman, esq. of Or- 
tinnl Foftman, and of Bryanaton, who in- 
hnitrd the family estntee of Pylle, upon 

the demise of his aunt. Lady Riirland. He 
wedded Anne, daughter of William Wynd- 
ham, esq. of Dintou, and had iasney 

1. Hbnry-Bbrkklcy, who m. Lney- 
Elizabeth, daughter of LordDormer, 
and d. in 1804, leaving, 
Charlotte -LiTY, wlio wedded 
John, present Earl Poulet,and 
has iraue. 

3. Edward-Bbrulbt, snGcessortoUb 


3. Anne-Mary. 

4. Henrietta, nt. to L. G. D. Tregon- 
welly esq. of Cranbome, Dorsetshire, 
and has issue. 

5. Wyndham. 

Thp second son and sncce«isor, 


Bryanston, and of Orchard-Portnan, m. 

first, Lucy, daughter of the Rer. Thomas 
^^ bitby, of Creswell Hall, in Staffordshire, 

and had issue, 

1. Edward-Berkeley, now represen- 
tative of the family. 

3. Henry- William -Berkeley, ft. 8th 
May, 1801, who w. IT 1 1 riet-Emily, 
second daughter of T. L. Napier 
Sturt, esq. 

3. Wyndham- Berkeley, b. 4th June, 

who m. Sarah, daughter of 
Thomas Thomhill, esq. of Biddies- 
worth, in Norfolk, and has issue. 

4. Fitzhardinge-Berkcley, b. 23rd Jan. 
1811, a Ibllow of AU-8onls. 

6. Lncy-MabeUa, m. toO. INgby-Wing^ 
field, esq. 

6. Marianne, m. to George Dnunmond, 
esq. and has issue. 

7. Harriet-EUa, m, to W. Stratfoid- 
Dugdale, esq. M.P. and has issne. 

Mr. Portman espou.sed secondly, in March, 
181G, Mary, eldest daughter of Sir Edward 
Hulse, bart. of Breamore House, Wilts, 
He died at Rome, lyth January, 182.}, and 
was «. by hia eldest son, the present £d- 
ward-Bbreblbt Portman. 


This is u branch of the very ancient and 
eminent house of Berkeley, of Berkeley 
Castlb,* but more immediafely connected 
with the Lords Berkeley, of Stratton. 

* For a fiill aeeount of tb« ctrly fierkeleys, 
foftf to BtMt ExttHct Pftragt, 

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Sir Richakd BtRttUY, kiif. of Stoke 

Gifford, in the countj of Gloucester (des- 
cended from Sir Maurice Bi rkcloy, knt 
second son of the first Lord Bekk.I;:ley, of 
Berkeltf C««tlr), 4. in 1&14, leftving imuc 
by his wife, Elizabeth, dangbtor of Sir Hum- 
pbrey Coningsby, kvi, two aoni, viz. 

John (Sir), of Stokc-Gifford» ancestor 
to Lord ]inT£Tui;ftT, 


Sir Maurice Berkeley, K.B. of Bruton, 
in the eoanty of Somerset, standard-bearei 
to Hrmry YIII. Edward YI. and Q,ueen 

Elizabeth. Of thf- ntlomnn it is men- 
tioned, that, ill tlic first year of Quren 
MakY, riding ca:»iiaU^ in London, he met 
with Sir Thomas Wiat at Temple Bar, and, 
persuading him to yield liiniself to the queen, 
Sir ThMmas took his advioo, and, mounting 
behind Sir Maurice, rode to the court. Sir 
Maurice m. fir8t,Catherine, daughter of Wil- 
liam Blount, I^ord Monntjoy, and had, with 
several other children, a son, Henrt, his 
snocespor. He espoused, secondly, Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Anthony Sands, esq. by 
whom he bad two sons and a danghter. Sir 
Maurice was «. at bis deoease by his eldest 

Sib Henry Berkeley, knt of Bruton, 
who {It. Margaret, daughter of WiUiam Ly- 
gon, esq. of the county of Stafford, and had 
three sods, vis. 

1. Mauricb (Sir), from whom derived 

the V I scot NTS FiTZHARDiNG, the Ba- 

HoNs Ui KKKi.F.Y, of Stratton, and the 
gailaut Earl of Fauaoutu. 

9. Hbmry (Sir), from whom deaceii 

the Bbrkeleys of YarUngtoo. 
• 3. Edw A R D (Sir), of whom we are abMit 

to treat. 
The third son. 

Sir Edward Berkeley, knt. of Pylle, 
espoused Margaret, danghter of John Hol- 
land, esq. of Sussex (whose ancestor, Tho- 
mas Holland, Earl of Kent, m. .loan, tho 
Fair Maid of Kent, grandaughter of A'tny 
EowRRO I.) Sir Edward built the mansion 
h Hise at Pylle, where be resided until his 
decease, in 1(154, when he wa*J s. by his son, 

Edward Bf.rrf.ley, cm\. of PvIIp. who m. 
PhilipPA, daughter of George Speke, esq. 
of Whitelackington, by loan, dau|^ter of 
Sir ^ohn Portman, bart. and dying In IM, 
was s. by his son, 

EnwARD 1U:rkeley, esq. of Pylle, who m. 
Elizabeth, daughter of John Ryvcs, esq. of 
Ranstott, and bad (with anotiier eon, who 

William, who assumed (as stated n!>OTe) 
the surname and arm? of Pohtm^v. 
upon inheriting tlie estates of tiiat 

Arms — Quarterly, first and fourth or, a 
fleur^-Us as. for Porthaii ; seeoad and 

third, gu. a chev. ermine between ton crossesy 

pattee, arg. for BF«Kr!> v. 

Crest — First, a tulbot »ejaut or, and se- 
cond, a unicorn gu. 

jESffefcf — In tiie oouatiM of Dorset, So- 
merset, and Middlesex. 

Seats — Bry;Hi«ton, near Blaadford; Or» 
\ chard-Portman^ nuar TMinton. 

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PALMER, BOBERT, Mq. of HoIdm Puk» in the eosntf of Beiki^ ft. 31it Jwumry, 
1793, «. to the ngnmaMim of (]io ftaulj upon ^ doniio of likfilliviii 1806. Mr. 
Polmor ntjpnma^lM tho oonii^ of Boria in piiiiMMnt. 

8. floaml, who d. in 1796, leaTing 

The sfcond son, 

KoBF.RT P.M.MF.R, ^pTit. of Great Russell* 
street, iiioomB bury -square, aitoroey^at-law, 
WM for many jw Mgtnt to hia grace tto 
Dnke of Bedford. He m. &TBt, Miss Lo 
Grys, of Great Yarmouth, in Norfolk, by 
whom he bad sereni childreo, who aU 
d. young ; and, secondly, Hias Charlotta 
Wakeli D, and by hOT (who d. in 17^) 
he left at his decease, in 1787 (with fiMIT 
daughters), an only son and successor, 

RiGiURn PiuiBm, esq. b, in 1766, who m. 
in 1791, Jane, eldest daughter of OUfldd 
T?nwle8, esq. of North Aston, in the roTinty 
of Oxford, by whom (who d. in 1812) he liad 
eleven chUdren, six of whom, viz. three tK>as 
mA 6iree dangMen, now mxfin. He A in 
IBOO; and wao t . hy Ua oldest son, Robert 
Palnek, etq. praent repceaentatiTO of the 

Amu — Cheques or and sa. ou a chief g«. 
two mnlleli of tiie fliet. 
Creff— A talbot sejant, erminois. 
Kfttifff— In thr parishes of Sooniog and 

Hur-t, in tlio county of Berks. 
iSeat— Uoimc Fuik, near Heading, Berks. 

This family was settled in the parish of 
Hurst, in tlM county of Berks, about the 
year 1600. 

Thoius Palmsr, esq. waa h. in 169B, and 
dying in 1762, eet. 84, was buried in the 
chancel of Horst chnrcb. He left three 
sons, viz. 

1. Richard, in holy orders, fellow of 
Trinity College, Cambridge, and reo* 
tor of Brading in the Isle of Wight, 
who d. nn married, in 1763. 

2* Robert, of whom presently. 

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LAMB2RT, AYLM BR-BOURKE, ttq. of Boyton Houm, in I3b» conafj of Wtti, 

m. Catharine, daughter of Rkhttrd Bowttor, Mq. of Wtt- 

Ujt in Warwickshire, by whom (who d, in 1828) h» htm 
no issue. This gentlemui, who is grandson and represent 
tative of the last Viscount Bourke of Mato, has distin- 
guished himself in the literary and scientific world, and 
has attained great eminence as n botanical collector and 
writer. He is Vice President of tiie I.innti^^an Society, 
fellow of the Royal Society, fellow of the Antiquarian So- 
ciety, &c. &c. Mr. Buurice Lambert t, to the estates 
upon the demise of his father, in 1802. 

The family of Lambert is supposed to 
derive ftom Obit Dt LsHtsftTe of France, 
M both lieer Ihe eeiBe aroioriel ensigns. 

John Lambf.rt, esq. of Kirtoo, in the 
county of LincolD, was faUier of 
Richard Lambert, esq. of Kirton, whose 

John Lambert, esq. of Kirton, espoused 
Joane, daughter of — Conye, esq. of IHm 
county of Lincoln, and had issnet 
Richard, his successor. 
John, who IN. Ceroline^ denghter of 
Humphry Packingloa^ esq. end had 
(teveral children. 
Thomas, of London, 

The eldest son, 

BiCHARD Lambert, esq. purchased, in the 
year im, 6io esMe of Barton, which has 

descended in direct lineal heirship to the 
present proprietor. Mr. Lambert was she- 
riff of London in 1668, and marrying Alice, 
daughter of HumiAry Pa^ington, esq. had 

Edward, his successor. 
Richard, of Sherrington. 
William, of London, d. jr. p, 
Edward, of London, dL s.p. 
Giles, of Oxnead. 


Jane, m. to J. Jackman, esq. 

Kr. Lambert wae s. at his deoease by his 
eldest eon. 
Bdwaro Lambbkt, eeq. of Boyton, who 

m. Anne, daughter of Edward Jackman, esq. 
of Romduudit and had ime, 

EDWimD, his ioooeasor. 

Thomas, who eontfamed tte line of the 



Bridget, m. to Henry Barnes, esq. 
Elizabeth, m. to C. Eyres, esq. 
Alice, m. to G. Hussey, esq. 
Anne, m. to Sir O. Lunbe. 

Jnne, m. to A. Amcy, esq. 


Re b e cca . 

Mary, ». to — < Ponlton, esq. 

Mr. Lambert dying in 1608, was buried at 
Oxnend. in the county of MorfoUL, Olid WaS 

i. by his eldest son, 

Edward Lambert, esq. of Boyton, who 
m. Dnldbella, daogliler of WflUam Swaiae, 
eeq. of Gunvillo, in Doraetshire, and had 

two dauphtprp, who were both married. 
Dying thus in 1612, without male is.sue, the 
family estates devolved upon ixis next bro- 

Thomas Lambert, esq. of BeytOD. This 

gentlenjan rebuilt, in the year 1618, the 
mansion-house at BoyioQ. He m, Anne, 
daughter of Walter Dunche, esq. of Aver- 
bory, and had isane, 

Edmvnd, hie eneoeeaor. 

Thomas, ia holy ordere, D.D. arch- 

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deacon of Sarum, who m, first, Mary, 
d«Q(j;hler of Thomaa Benett, esq. of 
NoftOB BaTant, md bad a ton, 
TbiMiaa. He < spoused, secondly, 
of Sanim. 

\\ illiain. 

Jolui, d. without Usue. 
WaHor, of Siiarriiigton. 
Mary, at. to J. Baalay, ttff. 

EmnmD Lambert, esq. of Kearilf es- 
poused a dani^tar of Robert Cola, aaq. and 

bad u&iae, 

Tbomas, bis succe&Aor. 
BUttbalb, wbo oi. WQliam Bioaneker, 
caq. of Earl Stoke, grandaoa to Sir 

Henry Brmmrker, knt. of Melksam, 
and nearly related to Sir William 
Brouncker^ knt. Viscount Brouiicker. 

He d. in 1643, and was s. by his son, 
Thomas Lambert, esq. of Boyton, m. 
r»dao. of Edward Topp, eeq. and bad 

I. Bdmuv bia meeaeBor. 

1L Thomas, in boly orders, M.A. rector 
of Boyton nnd Sherrington, who m. 
Jane, dau. of Sir Henry Cktker, knt. 
and left iaae, ai. to tbe Rev. R. Head, 
aadElaanora, Jobn Menrin, esq. 
whose dau. and co-heir Nelly, m. 
William White, esq. and was mother 
of the present William Lambert 
WaiTB, esq. of Yeovfl. 
a. Bdwafdy ILA. MClor of Orcheston, 
St. George, who m. Mary, daughter 
of Juha St. Barbe, esq. of Salisbury, 
and bad issue, 

Edmlkd, of Bagskot, who after- 
wards toeoeeded at Boyton. 

Edward, of the Middle Temple, 

and of New Sarum, who m. 
Mary, daughter Af — Norn?, 
eaq. of Nonsuch, aud had, with 
two daugbteia, two ton^ Tis. 

Edarand, of Bfondiain, a eolo- 

nel in the East India Com- 
pany's Bervice, who left at 
bis decease, in lb08, two 
aooa» iMmmtJ and Bdward. 
fidwaicd, laelor of Freabfod. 

4. Eleanor* ak to Siobard Stokoi, eaq. 

5. Anne, m. to Saroticl Stokes* esq. 

6. Del>orah, m. to — Kelly, esq. 

7. EUsabetb, ai. to — Mills, esq. 

Mr. LaTnl>ert was s. at bis decease, in 1093, 
by hiB eldest son, 

Edmund Lambert, esq. of Boyton, who 
represented tba borongb 9i Now Samm in 
parliament. This gentleman espoused Sa- 
rah, daughter and heiress of Peter Blake, 
esq. of Ajndover, but dying without issue, in 
1733, tbe llunily possanloM pa wsd to Us 

Edhdnd Lambert, esq. of Boytony wbo 

m, Anne , and had issue, 

Edmi'nd, his successor. 

William, chief of Dacca, m. Lady Hope, 

bnt i» 9m p» 
Edward, R.N> 
Richard, d. youn^. 

Sarah, m. to the Rev. James Vemey, 

of Gloucester. 
Anne, ai. to — Scroo|^ esq. of CSasfie- 


Marv, ? J . ^ 
Mary, H-'-i'' 

The eldest son, 

EDMONft Lambert, esq. of Boyton, «. 

first, tbe Hon. Bridget Bourke, daof^ter 

and heires? of John. Viscount Bot'rkk, of 
Mayo, (see article of Bourke, Viscountt 
MajfOf at foot), by whom he had an only 

AtijiU*BoidULS, present proprietor. 

He espoused, secondly, Bridjret, dnriphter 
of Henry Seymer, esq. of Hanford, in the 
county of Dorset, and had issue, 

Anne-Bliaabeth, d, young. 

Lucy, m. to John Benatt, esq. of Pyt 

House, M.P. for the countv of Wilts, 
and has issue, (see iamily of Be- 

Mr. Lambert dying in 1602, was #. by his 
only son, AniiBR-BoouB Lambbbt, esq. 

▼iscoimra Bourkb, of Uato. 

Sir Richard Bourke, a distinguished 
member of the ancient and illustrious fnTrtily 
of Bourke, espousing Granna, daughter of 
Owen O'Maly, of the Owles, an Lish chief, 
had, wifli otiher issue, a son Mid successor. 

Sir Thiobald Bourke, knt who repre- 
sented, in 1613, the county of Mayo in par- 
liament, and being possessed of a large 
estate, and distingidibad fSnr bis eminent at* 
tachment to the crown, was advanced hy 
King Charles I. in 1626, to the dij^nity of 
ViscouKT BouRK^, of Mayo. Hem Maud, 

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daughier of Chirk* O'Conor, Mq. bad 

MiLEa (Sir), luB 0ucceMor. 
Dftvid, d. s. p, 

Theobald (surnamed the Stron<f), of 
Clog:han, in the county ofMayo, who 
d. in 1664, leaving iwue. 
Kickard (fturnamed Irm who «. 

Ahm, daughter of Thomaa MmM*- 
hoa, of Enniamore, in the CQUii^ of 
fin re, and had issue. 
Mary, m. to the O Conor Don. 
HoQora, «. int» to Mvnogli OTla- 
herty, eiq. of Aghnwrnun* in the 
county of Galway ; and, secondly, tn 
Ulirk Bourke, esq. of Castle Hacket 
Margaret, m. to Theobald Bourke, esq. 
Hit lovdihip d. im MuMf 1939, and wat « 

Sir Miles Bourke, eecond viscount, who 
took \m seat in parliament 4th Novpmber, 
1634. His lordship m, first, Houoru, liaugh 
ter of Sirloba BoukOyOf Derrymaclaghtny, 
in the county of Galway, by the Lady Mar- 
garet Bourke, daughter of Ulick, third Earl 
of Clanricarde, and had, with other issue, 

Theobald (Sir), his successor. 
The Tiscount espoused, secondly, Miss 
Freake, and dying beibl* IM, was ». by 
his son, 

8ia Thiobald Bourke, third viscount, 
who was pdiicsted in the univerf^ity of Ox 
ford, under the great Archbishop Laud. His 
lorddhip was aoenaed by high court of 
jvstioe. In the time of the eonnonwealth, of 
having taken part in the massacre nt Shniln 
and, being found pui'ty, was shot at Ualwaj 
Idth December, I6j2. He m. first, Eleanor, 
daui^ter of — Talbot, esq. of the oonnty of 
York, and bad iame, 

Theobald (Sir), bis successor. 
MiLER, who inherited, as fifth viscount 
Maud, m. to Colonel John Brown, of 
Wnlport, and tfaa great-great-great 
gtandMm of thii macriage is tbo pre- 
sent, Marquess 
of Sligo. (see Burke' t Peerage 

Margaret, m. Sir Hanty Lyndi, and 

Hie lordship espoused, secondly, Eleanor, 
daughter of Sir Luke Fitzgerald, of TSicrog- 
han, in the county of Meath, by whom he 

had a son, Luke, who d, in infancy. He was 
s. by bis eldest sou. 

Sir Theobald Bourke, fonrlh vieeottBt, 
who obtained, after An reetoralion of ihe 
kinp, a regrant of his estate, consisting of 
50,000 acres of land and five manors, in the 
county of Mayo. His lordship m. hrst, 
Eleanor, daughter of 8k ArUinr Uiftaa, of 
Rajdifanlitiii, knt.; and, secondly, Anne, 
Lady Owens ; but dying in 1670, !«:?ne1ess, 
the honors devolved upon his next l>rotl»er. 
Miles BnimkE, fifth viscount, who ta. 
Jiiue, youngest daughter of Francis, Ix>Td 
Athenry, andwaa#. athiBdeccdM,in 1081» 
^•y his oniy ebUd, 

Theobald Bocrke. sixth viscount, who 
m. first, his cousin Mary, youngest daugh- 
ter of John Browne, esq. of Wes^ort by 
whom he find iaane, 

TflBonALD, bia eneceeeor. 
Miles, d. young. 

John, who inherited as eighth viscount. 
Joan, m. to Murrough-Morgan O Fla- 
herty, esq. of Leinonfie]d,ln the conn" 
ty of Galway, and had iro 9om and 
one daaghter, viz. 

1. Brian, d. in 1750. 

2. John (Sir), who m. Miss Royse, 
of the county of Limerick, and 

' had Thomae and Anab ell a. 
a. Thoinaa,whofN.SnaannaBoariw, 
of the county of Galway, and bad 
a son, John F.1 urke O'Flaherty, 
LL.T). and M.F. for Callan. 
4. Patrick. 
6. MiehaoL 

6. Mabel, m. to Captidn William 


Elizabeth, abbess of Channel Bow Nun- 
nery, Dubliu. 
Mary, d. young. 

Bridget, m. to John Onnning, esq. of 

Castle Coote, in the county of Ros- 
common, and bad one son and four 
daughters, viz. 

1. John (Sir). 

3. Mary, «. to Oeorge-Willlam, 

Earl of Coventry. 
9. Eli:^nbf'(b, in. first, tO James, 
Duke ofHawilton ; and secondly, 
to Col<M^ Mn Gunpbell, who 
afterwardi became Ihdta of Ar- 

4. Catharine. 

6. Lissy, d. young. 

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dau^bter of Bryan Omning, etq. of Castle 
Cowte, hnt bad no further issae. He wm#. 
»t hu decease by his eldest son, 

Bum TniOBAUr Booskb, serentli vucoont, 
who took his seat in padniBent in 1741. Hit 
lordihiprw in I7>n, EUis, elder dangbler of 
Junes Agar, esq. of Gowran. in the roiirtty 
jfMkenny, by whom (who was created iu 
IWB, CMtNTUs or Bbandon) be had two 
»ns, who both died young, when the toily 
tides and e^tafps devolTed Upon Us lord- 
thip s only brother, * 

John Booue, eightli viscount who took 
Im seat in parliameut in 174S. His loid- 
»Jjp m. Catharine, daufjbter and heiress of 
Mjjor\^hitgift Ay liner (a descendant ofl>r. 
*ota "Whitgifl, archbishop of Canterbury, 
top. <^««tEu«A»ETH), by wlunn (who re- 
mmpd in 1770, Edmond Jordan, eeq. of 
Legaa, m the county of Mayo) he had issue, 
AYLMfiR, b. 17ih November, 1743, who 
dLetaa early age. 


Bridget, sole surTivlng child and heir 
who m. Ednuno Lambert, esq. of 
Boyton, and had aa only ion, Ayi*- 

MEK-BorKKP Lambert, now repre- 
sentative of the BOURKES, VlSCOUNU 
BOVRRE, of Mayo. 

Arms — Arg. on a bend engrailt I 
two lious rampant sa. three annul 
ior Lambert, quartering the ensi 
Viseooati Bonike, of Mayo, Tis. 
fess or ant! ermine, a cross gu. 
quarter ch;M t,'ed with a lion rampa 
the second with a dexter hand, «;yaped 
at die wiist aad ereet» ga. 

Orut—A deni-pogaraay with wings ex- 
paaded, enaiae. 

■ Krfefat Boyton, Corton, 
ton, in the county of Wilts. 

7Wai2««u2mcc— LowerGtoefoaoivitaaet 
Boyton Hoaio, Wilta. 


WILKINSON, ANTHONY, vq. of Gnlioe. in Ilia 
Ui&tiier la NovaadMr, 1826. 

Dlilliam, onooeeded 

WnuAM WiuuNSON, e«i. of Croesgate, 
j the eonaty of Baihaai, youngest eon of 
Richard Witkiaioa, of the same piaee» d. 
is 1717, leaving snrvlving teae, firar ■ona 

aAd two daagfaters, vijs, 

!• TtaOMA«,of the city of JL>urhaiD, bar* 

iiater-at>Uw,m. 17th December, 1717, 
Mary, daaghler aad heir of William 
Feathprstonhalgh, esq. of Braaoepeth 
and Stanley, by wliom he had aa 

only daughter, 

Mary, b. 27th December, 1718, rf. 
Snd Fehmary, 1720. 
He d. 90lh February, 179S. and hia 

widow espoused Sir William William- 
son, bart. of Mnnk-Weannouth, la 
tte county oi Durham. 

3. Joh, of ElTot, dL in 1734, #. p. 
8. Anthony. 

4. Kichnrd, who m* ffntyFnBoea 

and had iis^tir, * 

Thomas, who d. «. j». in hia fatber'a 

Bidwrdyia. to EUiabeth, daughter 
of Christopher Mickleton, of 
Darham, gent and left an only 

uiyui^co by GoOglc 



FuNCBl , hntr to Iwr gnnd- - 
father^ iMt d, p* 

He wedded secondlj, Hannah Rich- 
mrdam, relict of Anthony Sntton, of 
Gateihenil, merchant, but had no 
other issue. He d. 10th M irrh, 175H. 
6. Elizabeth, tn. 3rd September, 1692, 
to John Trotter, esq. of Morton Hall, 
6. Eleuor. 
The second surviring son, 

Anthony WiuiiNSON, esq. of Crossgate, 
a juBtice of the peace iw die county of Dor- 
li^ m^ iMiptiaed IMi September, 1684, m. 
Deborah, tester and co-heir of CUlbert, 
Machon, esq. and had hiue, 
WlLUAM, hb successor. 
Thomas, sometfme of Kingston-upon- 
Hnlljinerrbant, afterwards of Brance- 
peth, »i. in \7r>7, .T:uu-, daughter of 
Ricliard Williamson, of Kirk-EUa, 
near Kingston-upon-HuU, merdiant, 
and had four daughters, viz. 

1, Deborah, m. to Caherley Be- 
wicke, esq. of Close House, in 
Northumberland, and d. t. p. 
3. Anne, m. to William Watwn 
Bolton, of Kingatoa-npon-Hvll, 

3. Jane, m. to Fewster Johnson, 
esq. of Ebhester Hill, in Dar- 

4. Maria-Isabella. 
Gilbert, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, mer- 
chant, afterwards of Brancepetli, m. 
Jane, only daughter of Haiialey S«r- 
leea, of the same place and profei- 
sion, and }iarl an only child, Anthony, 
who d. in infancy. 

Margaret, m. to Thomaa Wharton, of j 

Old Park, M.D. 
Iiabel, m. to John Bi c ha rf g on , eiq. of 

Anne, m. to Timothy Hutchinson, esq. 

of Egleatone. 
Deborah, «. to WiUlan Reed, ew}. of 

Sand Hutton, in the connty of York. 
Elizabfth, m. first, to George Mowbray, 

esq. of Ford, in Cheshire, and ae- 

eondly, to John Ooodohfld, eaq. of 

Pallion, in the •ame county. She d. 

in 1828. 

Mr. Wilkinson d. in 17a«, and was s. by his 
eldest son, 

William WlUtlMtON, esq. of Newcastle 
«pon-Tyne, who oerred the ottce of aheriif 

of the county of NorAumberland in VWf, 

He m. Philndelphia, daiifrhter and, CTCn- 
tually, sole heiress of Thomas Clennel, esq. 
of Clennel, in Northumberland, and had 

1. ANTHONVt hia anccefaor. 

2. Thomas, who snrceeded hi*' T>rother. 

3. Richard of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 
d. ». p. 

4. WiUVed, an ofteer in theamy,!!. in 


5. William, a ji^pneral in thf army, and 
colonel of the 30th regiment of foot. 

6. John, sometime of Oraya Inn, aAcr- 
waids of Hoppiland, in the cooa^ 
Durham, wh" f/- in 1816. 

7. Perciral, n». aiul had issue, 
a. Philadelphia, m. to the Rer. Htt|ft 

Hodgson, of Eglingham, in Norttnoip 
berland, and is deceased. 
9. Dorothy, m. to Henry Collingwood, 
esq. of Lilbnme Tower, in Northum- 
berland (his second wife). 
Mr. WikfaMou il. 14th October, 1788, and 
waa «. by Ua eUeitioii, 

AMTHomr WiutiNsoN, esq. who 4^ n- 
married, and was *. by his brother, 

Thomas Wilkinson, esq. This gentleman 
espoused Hannah-Elizabeth, daughter and 
co-heir of Robert Spearman, esq. of Old- 
acres, in the county palatine of Durham, by 
whom (who rf. 27th April, 1831) hehadisMie, 

1. Anthony, his successor. 

2. Clennell. 

3. Pereeval-Speannan, in holy orders, 

m. in 1817, to Sophia, only child of 
P. J. An^'trntln^r, esq. (who was tlio 
only son of Lieutenant-general An- 
struther), and baa iinie, 




T?nYi nil a-Christiana- Jane. 

4. Wilfred, of the R. N. d. in the West 

6. Eliaabeth-Philadelphia, m. in 1818, 
to CalTerly-Bewicke Bewicke, esq. 
of Close Hottte, Northumberland, 
and has issue. 
6. Haanah^Iwbella, «. to Wanw 
Mande, etq. of Ovaen BaaJt. Diidia«t» 
and has issue. 
Mr. WilUnton d, in November, 1835, %Dd 

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WM g, his eldest son, the prewnt Am- | Sheraton, and theOrangeSfHnrworfbBryaii, 

^^'^ute IIurworth^Lanpflnlp, Stanley, Holm- 
aide, Tursdale, "Whittun, Hrafferton, Wood- 
ham Bura, Rushyford and Stobbalee, in 
the eooDty ptlatiM of ]>w]mb. 

THOVY \\ ILKINSON, esq. of Coxhoe, 

riR*— -Gules, a fessy wavy, between three 

Crest — Oot of a null ooronot go. anai- 
corn's bead, ar. 
£*tmUs — Holam, Coxhoe, Eddencres, 

iSm«— Coxhoe. 


WARD-PLUMER, ROBERT, omi. of GSkun P«ik» w the eouty of Heito, b, 

19th March, 1765, m. fiist, Sad Apifl, 1796» GadMifoo* 

Julia, daughter of C. J. Maling, esq. of Hilton, Dsiham, 
(and sister of Admiral Maling, and of the Coon tasa Dowager 
of Mulgrave) bj whom, he hea iasoe, 

HENRY-€EOKGE,Iateminlfllarple«ipeleDllaf]r fbreeknovr-. 

ledgin^r the Mexican Republic, m. Emily, second daugh- 
ter of Sir John SwinburTif,* hart, of C^hoalOB, aad 
has (with four daughters) two sons, vis. 

1. DvMey, 

2. Swiabarao. 

Mr. Ward m. Sadly, 16Ui Joly, 1828, Jane, leliet firit of 
Wm. Phuner, eeq. of Oiletoo Perk, aad eeeondly, of Richeid 
John Lewin, eeq. R.If. end daoghier of the Hon. end Rer. 
Geoigo Hamilton, eon of Jamce, 7th Earl of Abercom (bj 
Ui comlMa, Anne, den. of Colonel John Plnmer, M.P. for Her«e, 1680.) In con- 
sequence of this allienfie andhie marriage eetllement, Mr. Ward assumed by sign manual, 
the additional surname and arms of Plumer. Mrs. Plumer-Ward dying in 1831 , Mr. 
Ward m. 3rdly, Mary-Anne, widow of the Rev. Charles Gregory O'Keover, and dau. 
of Iieal.-Gen. Sir Geoige Anson, G.C.B. He was educated at Christ Church, Oxford; 
called to the bar, and appointed in 1805, one of the Welsh judges, but retired from the 
profeeeion to herome Under Secretary of State for Foreig^n Affairs. He was afterwards, 
from 1807 to 1811, a Lord of the Admiralty; Clerk of the Ordnance from 1811 to 
1823 ; and tinaiiy Auditor of the Civil List, until the abolition of that office in 1831. 

Mr, Plumer-Ward was High Sherifi" for the county of Herts in 1832. He is dis- 
tinpii^hed in the literary world as the author of the History of the Law of Nations, 
and of Tn£MAiNE, De VfiKE, &c. &c. 

• The eminrat hous^ of S^TTNT^Trvr is amongst the most ancient in the king^dcan deriving firom the 
of the Bobilitj o! Europ«, ud bearing no loss than eighty-six quarterings in its shield. It 
I as lineal progenitors, swly kings of Aaees, flisny emperors, dolMS of Nonnuidy, the 
I, kings of Englaad, tbs Percies. (including Horaroa) the Nenlles, all the Greys, the 
Wiilooghbys D'Eresby, the Warrens, Howards, Cliffords, Vescis, Mortimers, Fitzhvipfis, Fitzalans, 
JfUtoh&i the Bohans, Veazes, Dacres of the North, WidviIUw, Da Kom, De U 
DuiiiiiTimilii Im. &e. Of the tw«ity.ivo bacoaa who wisnebsd Msowa CasBts 
U at is a Act mslhjr of obiamlioB, that sifblsan wen diraet aaesslon of tbs 

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Thk brendi of Oe fanOy of Waiid hu 
long borne the same arms as the noble house 

of Ward, Viu aunts Bnnaor, n? Srth Ward, 
Bukop of Salisburif, in the time ol Charles 
IL, asChief-barou Sir EdwaroWard, uthe 
WABP8 of PoBifret, ud w John Ward of 
fiqidrriesy Kcst; but nothing positive ha», 
a? vft, hfpn ascertained regarding it? foun 
dation, prior to the year 1704, owing to the 
fact of 

John Ward, esq. having died in <he gar- 
ritonof Gibnltnr, where he had preriously 
served at the taking of that celebrated for- 
tress, under Admirnl Kook and the Prince of 
Hesae. He left an only son, an infant, un- 
der giwriHnnihip, 

JoBH Ward, coq. born in ihe garrison, 
andwlio reaided almost all his life in Spaiu. 
Hf -^vfis a merchant there, and only settled 
in England in 1782, having previously es- 
poused a Spanish lady.bywhom lie fcadiaauo, 

1. George, of Northwood Paifc, In (be 
lale of Wigbt, a nenAant of great 

eminence in the city of London, who 
f». Miss Mary- Woolfell, and bad the 
foUowini^ ( liildren, viz. 

George, of Northwood Park, m, 
Hary , daughter of Dr. Sanndert 

Willinm, a dlreelor of the bank, 
and late member of pnrlirAinent 
for the city of London, m. tmily, 
dau. of Hervey Combe, esq. an 
■Idennan, and M.P. fbr die ditj 
of London. 

Hfnry, m. Hrxrrict. daughter of R. 
Davies, ci^q. director of the East 
India Company. 

Xoha, m, Wm Graoe Und, of Ire- 

Henry, in holy orders, m. Miss 
Harriet Seymour, niece of Ho- 
race, Lord Riven. 

Riebavd, a UeatoBant in die 7tfa 




Harriet, «. to J. Berk ford, esq. 
a commander in the R.N. conain 
of Lord Rivers. 
9, BoRRRT, of Gibton Park. 

8. Elisabeth, dL vttmarried. 
4. Charily, ai. to WilUam Sanaden^ 


The Flumers came from Old Windsor, / 

nhonf the year 1660, upon acquiring Gilston 
and Bhikf^ware iu Hertfordshire. Tra- 
ditionaiiy tiiey derive from a Saxuu kuight, 

bat the pedigree in Ae herald'aoollege dates 

only from the time of Elizabeth, at which 
period they were a family of great opulence. 
In 1^10, Walter Flumer was created a ba- 
ronet, but the title is now extinct. 

CotOMBL JoHH Pldmbr, of Blahcsaraio, 
in die oonnty of Hertford, M.P. for that 
shire, e-Jpoused, in 16H(), Mary Hale, of the 
Hertfordshire family, of King's Waldeo, 
and bis eldest daughter, 

Anne PLiniBa, m. James Hamilton, se- 
venth Earl of Abercon, by whom she had, 

witli other children, 

Jauls Hamilton, who succeeded as 

eighth Earl of Abetoom. 
John Hamilton, father of 

Joiix-Jamfs Hamh.tov, who inherited 
as ninth earl, and wa^ rn-ated Mar- 
quess of Abercorn. Uis lordship 
was t. at his deeeaae. In 1818, by 
ills grandson, 

Jamk<>, present JdAaQIIBSS W 


Oeoroe Hamilton, in holy orders, one 
of the canons of Windsor, rector of 

Taplow, and vicar of Bray, in Bucks, 
m. Eli^f^hefh, daughter of Lieutenant- 
general Kictiard Onslow, and left, 
with olher issue, at Us decease. In 

Jane Hamilton, who espoused first, 
William Plumt-r, esq. of Gilston 
Park, forty years member of par- 
Usment for the ooonty of Herl- 
tord. This gentleman, no halb 
Pli'mf.r beinf^ then left, named 
his wife sole heiress to his e!«t;itPf«, 
and she inherited accordingly at 
Us decease. Mrs. Plamer m, 
3ndly, Richard John Lewin, esq. 
R.N. and 3rdly, Robert Ward, 
esq. who assumed the surname 
and arms of Flumer, and is tiia 
pnseatlfr. Puuur-Wa»». 

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Arm* — Qiiartpriy : first and fourth, m. a 
CTOiS moliue or, in the dexter and amiHter 
pofBti in idiief, a key ftnd «n ftacbor m- 
pectirely^ fiir Waio. Snsond wid fliird 
party per chevron fleury, count'-r-fTfury, 
gules and arg. three martletSj counter- 
diarged, finr Plvmbr. 

Crest*— For Ward, a wolTs head erased 
and Inng^ipd ppr. holding a large key in the 
mouth. For Pli mf.r, a deiiii-JiioB» golM, his 
paw holding a garb, or. 

&te<eff— Setate and manor of Chesbam- 
Wobnni, in tlie eoan^ of Bueks; auunon 

of (Jilstoii Overlmll, N.-th<»rliall, Eastwick, 
and Standon lordship, Standon friar>% and 
StandoD street, in the county of Herts; 
Bl«^««we, in the eame shire, and seven 
manors appendant to Cheston Hall, Suffolk 
advowsons of Stanton and Frustwii k, Hi rt^; 
Halesworth, Suffolk, aud North Wealdi 

Town Residence — Cavendish-square. 

Gilstou Park., and Staiidfuj Lord- 
ship, Herts; Cbesham-Woburu liaii, iiucks, 
and C!h«etoa Hall, Suffolk. 


LEYCESTER, RALPH, eaq. of Toft Hall, in the county of Chester, b. 1764, m. 
^Susanna, eldest daughter of the Rev. Egerton Leigh, of the family of High-Leigh, 
and has issue, 

Ralph-Gerard, b. nth October, lttl7. 




Mr. LejcMler ftnnaiiy repfesenled Shafkeabaty in pariiament. 

Ralph Leycestbr, younger brother of 
John lieycester, of Tahley, espoused Joan, 
daughter and heiress of Robert Toft, of 
t^iRf and dying temp. Richard U. was «. 
by bdsaoo, 

AoititT LcTcuTBH, wbo bad isaiie^ 
Robert, bis snocessor. 

Randle, who m. Isabel, dan^rliter and 
co-heir of David Crew, of Pulc-roft, 
and from this alliance descended the 

Lbycbstbrs of Poole, which con- 
tinued to reside there until Hichard 
Leyclster, mayor of Chester, hav- 
ing no issne, gave all bis lands in 
Poole to Sir Henry Delves, bart. of 
Dodin^tor. in marriage widi Mary 
Leycester, his niece. 
John, living in the reign of Henry IY. 

Robert Leycester was #. at bis deecaae by 

his son, 

Robert Lbyce«?tfr, of Toft, the fir«it of 
this family apparently in possession of that 
estate. He m. Jane, dau^ter and co-heir 
of Ralph Booth, younger son of Sir Robert 
Booth, of Dunham Ma'^'^y, and bad, with 
other issne, a son aud iieir, 

Ralph, who m. Agnes, daughter of Ro- 
bert Ratcliffe, and predeeeashig bis 
father, left two sons, 
John, snoceaaor to his grandfather. 

Robert Leycester was *. at his decease by 
his grandson, 

JdHN Leycester, of Toft, who m. Eli- 
nour, one of the ten daiip;literfi rind co-heirs 
of Sir James Harrington, of Woitage, in 

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the county of Northampton, and waa #. by 
his eldest son, 

Ralph L»YCBiTBii, of T«ft, who m, in 
1480, Ell«ii* daughter of Ralph Egerton, of 
Bidley> fa Cheshire, by vliom (who es- 
ponaed after his dfcea^t Robert Honford, 
of Chorley) he had a sod and successor, 

Sir Ralph Leycbstbr, of Toft, who re- 
coived dM hooow of knigbdiood at Leith, 
fa Scodand, 11th May, 1M4, at which time 
the Y^r\ of Hertford, being then general, 
knighted several Cheshire gentlemen. Sir 
Ralph m. first, EUen, daughter of PWlip 
Legh, of Boolliet, and had iiM«» 
]|aIp1^ wlio if. youiiK. 
William, ^lis snore?9or. 
Laurence, who «». Jane, daughter of 

John Warburton, of Bromfield. . 
John* d, «. ]»• 

Slii^ttfi, m. first, to Sir Randle Han 

waring, of Over Pever; and, se 
condly, to Sir Edmond Trafford, of 

Anne, in. to Philip Manwaifaf , brote 

aiid heir to Sir Randle. 

Ellen, d. young. 

Mary, «. to Hugh Calverley, of Lea, 
in Cheriiire. 
Sir Ralph espoused, secondly, Jane, daughter 
of Sir John Calwley, of Lea, and relict 
of John Edwards, of Chirh, in Df nbighshire, 
but had no further issue. He d. 23rd Fe- 
hnmry, 1572, and was s. by his eldest sur- 
viviug son, 


first, Katharfae, daughter of lohn Edwards, 
osq. of CUrkf uid had issue, 

Ralph, predeceased his fadior, 
George, his successor. 
Jane, wi. to Henry JDavenporl, oi Chor- 

Anno, ) 

Ellen, ^ 

nho aU A nomarried. 



Mary, m. first, to Rowland Huntington ; 
seeondly, to David Mlddlston, of 
Chssler $ and, diirdlj, to Oeotgo Cal- 

He espoused, secondly, Elizabeth, daughter 
of Robert Worlstley, of Boothe, in Lan- 
cashire. This William sold all his portion 
of BneUesworlli, fa NorHianiptonahire, to 
Thomas Barham, of Tcston, Kent, for the 
Slim of €300. He d. 18th Novemher, 1680, 
and was buried at Mobberley. 


sorvtrfng aon and snfioessor, m, Alioe, okM 

daughter of Peter Leycester, esq. of Tahley, 
(and co-heir to the lands of Colwirk, in 
Staffordshire, in right of her mother, daugh- 
ter and heiress of Edward CMwick, esq. of 
Cohricic), and bad laans, 

Wflliami, ) Ytoii^ d. young. 

George, > 

Ralph, his successor. 

EUnheth, if. in infancy^ 

KaAarine, m. first, to WnUan Tatton, 
asq. of Wilhen^Ti aw, Cheshire; and, 
secondly, to Dr. Niehols, Paiaon of 

Mary, m. in 1611, to James Massy, esq. 
of Sale. 

Alice, m. to lolw Bradahaw, aaq. ol 

The following appointment appears, from 
an old deed dated 15th May, 1586, " Robert, 
Earl of Leycester, Baron of Denbigh, her 
migeety's Umrtanant and captafa-ganeral of 
•U har amy and forces in these parts, and 
governor-general of all the provinces and 
cities ttoitrd, ;ui(l their associates iu the low 
countries, for tlie good opinioa wa havo of 
tiie fidelity of <hia gaB«lanian, Georga Ley- 
cester, our ser^nt, we have appointed him 
captain of 160 foot-men, and Huf^h Starkey 
his lieutenant." Sir Geocge was knighted 
about the 44th of Elizabeth, and was vsadc 
sheriff of CiicsUro by patent, dated 9Blb 
December, 46th of Elizabeth, but the queen 
dying in March following, hp had another 
patent for the same dwratUt beneplacito. He 
departed tiiis life, wift the reputation of 
lumng been a paiaoa most aanriceable to 
his country, in 1613, and WW #. fay bis only 
surviving son, 

RALim Leycbster, esq. of Toft, who m. 
Mary, daughter of Anthony Woodbnll, esq. 
of Mollington, fa dw county of Oxibid, and 

G FORGE, his successor. 

Anthony, > 

Mary, «. first, to CuWaH Chambers, 
esq. of Oxfordshire ; secondly, to Job 
Ward, esq. ; and, thirdly, to Colonel 
William Ayre. 

Jane, m. first, to Captain Conney ; and, 
seeondly, toTbomas Hart, of FcHer- 
lane, London. 

Townshend, m. to George Browivesq. 
of Radbrooke. 

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Briph Leyc— twr diapoaed of hk partof thp 
bnds of Cotwidi, and dying id UHO, wm 

«. by his eldest son, 

GroRc;E Lfvcfster, en]. of Toft, who 
m, Lh»rothy, daughter of John Clayton, esq. 
Md ibter and co-heir of Riebard Caayton, 
esq. of Tr >oke, in Lancashire, and had 
seTr r-al c hildren, hy the eldest of whom, 

R \Li M Leycf.stfr, esq. of Tofl, he was 
Mcceedcd ai his decease, in 1071. This gen- 
tfcMB aopooiod Eleanor, dai^ter of Sir 
Feter Leyccster, hart, of Tabley, the well 
luko^ii hi-toriHri of Cheshire, and had issue, 
George., his successor. 
Ralph, a military officer, who in 

Eleanor, m. to Ttioinas Moletirorth, 

esq. of Wincham, 

EUiabetb, ) ^ ttBmarried. 
Dorothy, > 

Franoea» m. to Thomao Eig^, eeq. of 
the county of I^acastor. 




Mm d. in Mav^ IMS^ and nw #. hy hit 

cider SOB, 

G&OROE IifttCESTER, csq. of Toft, wUo ni. 
Jane, daaghter of OswaM Moeeley, esq. of 
A»coati» in Ae eoontf of Lancaster, and of 

Rolleston, in the county of Stafford, by he had (with several daughters, who 
aii djed onQiarried) three sons, 

Ratra, hb aneoeiMW. 

George, a iMfeha&l In Lpndon. 

The eldest sou &ud 8u<H»ssor, 

Rau'U Leycester, esq. of Toft, in 
UMi eapoMed Kadieiiao» daiq;fater and 
co-heiress of Edward Norris, esq. of Speke, 
in the coauty of Lancaster, by Anne,daug:h- 
ter and heiress of Peter Gerard, of 
Gtowood, and by her (who d. In 1780, at 
Ika ndvaneed age of ninoly) he had iunt, 
Georgb, his successor. 
RiLPH, heir to his brother. 
£dward, unmarhed in 17fiO. 
Hugh, In 1748; kialE^e cooimI and 

OBO of jndgee of North Wales. 
O^ald, b. in 1763; in holy orders, 
M.A. rector of Stoke upon Tern, w ho 
Si. first, Mary, daughter of P. Johu- 
aoa, esq. of Semperly ; and, secondly, 
EMn, daughter of Chailea WUte, 
esq. of Manchester. 
jUHBe, mm to Rev. Dr. Norbory. 

Katbeiine, y 

Mary, > dL nnmanled. 

Jane, ) 

Susann.ih-Norns, d. young. 
Theodosia, m. to the Rer. Egerton 

Leigh, archdeacon of Salop, and 

tor of Lymme. 

Susannnh, t». to the Tlon. ,Tohn Grey, 
third son of the Karl uf Stamford. 
Mr. Leycester d, in 1777, and was «. by hia 
eldest ton, 

George Liycestbr, esq. of Toft, at 
whose decease trnmnrried, in 1809, the fap 
mily estates devolved upon his brother, 

Ralph Leycester, esq. of Toft, who m. 
in 1702, Charlotte, Oiid dan^rttr of Iho 
Rev. Dr. Lnshington»of EailiboiinM,8natflKy 
and had iRsue, 

Ralph, present proprietor. 
Henry, a captain in the nary, d. at Pita. 
George, IhUow of King't College, Cam- 

William, m. in the East Indies, 
daughter of — Friel, esq. and haa 

Charlotte, m. to Chailes Dvmhleton, 

esq. of Bath. 
Harriet, m. to the Rer. Robert Cosl^ 

vicar of Bridgenorth. 

Mr. LeyoesU r was s. at hit deeeate by hit 

eldest son, Ralph Lkycestkr, esq. pre- 
sent representative of the family. 

Arrwi — Az. between two fleurs-de-lis or, 
a fetae of the teoond fietty gu. 

CWft— A roebuck party per pale or and 
g^i. ftttirfd of the second, holding in his 
mouth an acorn branch, ppr. 

Kilate* — Toll, Cheshire, possessed from 
time immemorial. In tibe ISnnalo nntil die 
reign of Richard II. when a Leycester, of 
Tabley, mnrri^'d the heiress of Toft, from 
which period it has come down to the pre- 
sent proprietor in hereditary male dateont. 

A»a<— Toft Hall, Knutsford, ChetUie. 

This mansiion stands about one mile south 
of Knutsford, at the end of a venerable and 
spacious avenue formed by triple rows of 
ancient elms* The £^und slopes gradually 
behind the hoote to the Great Vale of Che- 
shire, orer which there is a rich and exten- 
sive prospect. The principal front of the 
hall, which closes up the avenue, is brick* 
built, and of two stories, excepting the pro- 
jecting wings, which are of tiiree, and ter- 
minate in gables, nnrl a square tower of fonr 
ttoriet, which rises from the centre. 


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DONOVAN, ALEXANDER, esq. of Framfield Park, in the county of Sus^x, and 

nf Chilknm Paik, Surrey, a gentleman of the king's moef 
honoitUe Privy Chtaber, b, 35th October, 1778, m. first. 
Milt Ahm Foster, of <bo fiunily of Lord Fomvd, taA ham 


Aiitte, fli» to T. Bradddly esq. of Proopee^ ia etmaHj 


Louisa, ». to R. Stone, esq. of Gale House, in Sussex. 
Ho eftpoTised, secondly, Eliza, daughter of Charles Mellish, 
esq. of Blythe, in Nottinghamshire; and thirdly, in May, 
1817, the Honorable Caroline Vanneck, second dauprhtcrof 
Joshua, first Lord Hontiiigfiold ; by the last lady he has 
further issue, 

Alexander, A. fai /one, 1819. 


At the gencr:il election of 1826, Mr. Donovan became a candidate for the boroup^h 
of Lewes, to>;* tlier witli Sir John Khelley, bart. and Thomas- Read Kemp, e^q. Tho 
contest commenced 7 th June, and was contmued until the 10th, when Mr. Doooran 

He is High Sheriff for the county of Sussex in the present year (1 832.) 


This family is of Milesian Irish rxtmction. 
During the usurped sway of Ouver Crom- 
well, Cornelius O'DoNovAN, a descendant 
of flw Tory aaeioBt liooae of (FDonoran, in 
the oonnty of Cork, baring embraced the 
protectant relij^ioTi. obtained from the pro- 
tector thp rnmiiiHiid of a troop of horse, and 
dropping tlie original O, as savouring too 
modi of Catholieisni, wae gaiettod as Cap- 
tain Donoran. On his retirement ftom the 
army, he purchased an estate in the county 
of Wexford, wherp his family continued to 
reside until their settlement in England. 

Jambs Domovaw, esq. of Ghflloweo Pailt, 
Snney, die lineal descendant of Captain 
Donovan, m.iu 1772, Miss Margaret Mooie, 
of Dublin, and had issue, 


SircLtEY . . . S06. 


fopneeiitiitfTo of 

Alexander, preaemt 
the family. 

James, of Buckham Hill, Sussex, who 
IN. Miss Thompson, eldest daughter 
of Oeoige Thonpioiit eoq. of DobUn. 

Mary, m, to George Biaddell, esq. of 
Proepect, in the oonaty of Woxibcd. 

Mr. Donoran 4, in 1881, and was t. by hia 

eldest son, thp prf>«pnt ALEXAWDia 
VAN, esq. of Framfield Park. 

Arm» — Arg. an arm lying fei 
od at the elbow, and holding a b«*vB»«>««»^ 
entwiiiod round llie blade aaeipeirt, all ppr* 

CWif— A hawk, wtoga displayed, pfr. 

Jfelto— A4|a^nuito deo in hoetes. 

Estates — Framfield Place, Sussex, pur- 

cha?ed rn 1817. and other adjoininyj estates 
since acquired ; Horharo Thorp Hall, in 
Suffolk, in right of the present Hon. Mrs. 

uiyiii-ied by Googl 



Dmvw ; mn eitate and impropriate rectory Town Retidmet — 18, Hertford-atraet. 

iBBeriulure,p«Kta6dof8irOeoigoBoir* May fair. 

im^ Wt. : Chillowflg, Iw. inhtttittd ftttv iSiMi— FramfieldPaA,8uiex; aiidChil- 

kii foUicr in 1831. Iowm F«rk, Somy. 


EtUSON, COTHBERT, eiq. of Hefdmni', in Uie county of Durham, b. 12th July, 

1783» m. Imbelb-Graee, daogliter and co-heiress of 
Henry Ibbetson, esq. of St. Asthoay't, in the county of 
Kortfanmberiaody and has iasae, 

Inbella-^Taroline, m. hi to Hon. George John 
Veaabtee-Yenion, now Lord Vernon, and has itsne. 

Henrietta, «i. in January, 1824, to William-Henry 
LarabtoD, esq. of Biddick. Hall, in the eoonty of 
Durham, next brother to Earl I>urhan!i, 
LouiM, m. 8th April, 1829, to Lord Viscount Stormouuf, 
eldest ion of the right honorable the Earl of Maiisiield. 
LaoraJaoe, m. in 1833 to Hie Hon. Capt WOIiam Bd- 

wardes, R.N. oldest Son of Lord Kendngton. 
Anne, d. unm. 

Mr. Cnthbert Ellison, who represented for some time Newcastle-upon-Tyne in pariia^ 
noBt, f. to the lamily estates upon the demise of his father, 20th Aognst, 1795. 

CiTTHBERT Fulpov, of Newcaslle-npon- 
Pyne, merchant adventurer, served the office 
of sMff ofNeweasttoin 1644— 16lfr— 1664, 
and was #. at his decease by his son, 

CrTHBERT El I I SON, nf \>%vcrtstle-upon- 
Tyii«, merchant adrenturer, m. Elizabeth, 
dan, of — MetcaUe, esq. of Gloster Hill, in 
ihe oo«at]r of Norttmmberland, and had a son 
and sncceesor. upon his dt'mise, in 1580, 

Ci'TUBPRT Elmson, of N c « cn^^tlp- npon- 
Tv ne. merchant adventurer, who m. Jane, 
daughter of Charles Isle, esq. and wass. by 

Rnnrr.T Fi.iisoK, esq. who served the 
1, ' of :^li. ritT of Newcastle in 1616, ami 
rcpre>«nt(.'ci tbat borough several years in 
pariiaMeBC Ho m. iiat. Elisabetli, dan. 
of CathbertGrey, esq. of Newcastle, and of 
Hackworth, in the county of NoTthnmber- 
UmA^ wbom he had a sou, 
CtTHBERT, his successor. 
& espoMsd, seoendly, 97th Jnly, 1893, Ag- 
aci^ relict of James Briggs, of Newcsstie, 
■tereh;^nt, bfit It ad no further imne. 
Ois son and successor 
CvmaeaT EixisoN esq. of Hepbom, m. 

in 1663, Jane, dauj?hter of William Car^ 
esq. of Newcastle, and sister of Sir Ralph 
Carr, md was ». at his decease by his son, 
RoBBRT EtiisoN, esq. of Hepburn, m. ha 
1606, EUabeth, dan. of Sir Henry LUdell, 
of Havensworth Castle, and bad issno, 
CuTHBERT, bis successor. 
Henry, b, 3rd March, who m. in 
1729, Hannah, daughter aodoo-heir- 
ess of William Coatsworth, esq. and 
had a son, 

Henry, who s. bis uncle in the fa- 
mily estates. 
Robert, h, in November, 1710, eolonel 
of the 44th regiment of ibot, d.9,f, 
23rd October, 1766. 
Mr. Ellison wa? by his eldest soti, 

Ci'THBERT Ellison, esq. of Hepburn, a 
general officer in the army, and M.P. for 
Sbaflesbnrjr, at wlrase decease, unmarried, 
11th October, 1786, the famfly possessions 
devolved upon his nephew, 

Henry Ellison, e^q. of H< pburn, rn. 16th 
May. 177ij, Henrietta, dau. uf John Isaac- 
son, esq. and had issne 

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CuTHBERT, hif hrir. 

Robert, Lt-Gol. Grenadier Onftvdf, m. 

the Hon. Mary Montapie, dau. of the 

late T/ord Rokeby, aud lius ono son. 
Hanuah, m. to John CarT| esq. oi Dun- 

•tea HIU, in Dnrham. 
Henrietta, m. to Goor^^e Wra. Aylmer, 

esq. of Mowden TIall, Esst-x. 
£lizabeth,tn. to Frederick Edward Mof- 

rice, esq. of Betshanger, in Kent. 
Dying in 1795, be mm «. by hii eon, Cure- 

BBRT SuiMlf, esq. pMtmt i«preMnt«|{fie 
of tbe Amlly. 

Armf—Gn. a cTievrnn or, between three 
eagles' heads erased, arg. 

Estates — At Hepburn, Monkton, Jarrow | 
Grange, Newton Gnrib, Otteihend Pwfc, 
and Shipcote,intheeonntyof IHAam ; and 
alsoWestona, Netlier Houses, and Kelly- 
bura, in the county of Northumberland. 

Ttncn Aextdence— WhitebnQ Gnrdens. 

iSuMl*-IIepbiini, in the oonnty of Dniteai. 


FITZ-HERBERT,THOMAS, esq. of Norhur} , in the county of Dcrby,and of Swin- 
nerton, in Stnffordshire, b. 21st Jan. 1789, s. his father 22nd Nov. 1799, m. 16th 
July, 1R09, Marian, dau. of John- Palmer Chichester, esq. of Arlington, in the conntj 
of Devon, and baa issue, 

Chaubs, h. 21ft June, 1810. 

Mr. FitK-Herbert is the twenty-sixth Lord of the Hnoor of Norbury, and Hit tenth Loid 
of Swinnerton. He semd the office of slieriff far StaffiHdshin in 1831. 

The family of Fitz^Herbert, whose 

name appears in the Roll of Battle Al)>)ev, 
descends from a Norman knight, called 
Hbrbbrt, wMeh in oonlbnnity to a prera- 
letit custom amongst the Normans of des- 
cribing themselves a? thr son of some emi- 
nent ancestor, became the patronymic of 
the family. In Latin, Filius Uerberti ; in 
Nonnan, Fib, or FUm^Bmrhtrt, In the 
year 1125, (26th Henry I.) William Prior, 
of Tutbury, by his charter, attested by 
Robert de Ferrers, Earl of lierhy, the supe- 
rior Lord of Ttttbnry, and his two sons, 
Robert and William de Ferrers, Hawise, his 
irifo, the Bishop of Litchfield, Abbot of 

Burton, and divers other distingnished per- 
sons, granted to 

William Fitb-Hbrbbbt, tbe m«Dor of 
Norbury, in tbe county of Derby. (The 
original cliartor, with xhf^ manor, are in the 
possession of the present Mr. Fits-Herbert), 
He was s. by his son, 

bury, living: in 1166, who was $. by his son, 

John Fitz-Herbert, Lord of Norfaory, 
who was 9. by his son, another 

John Fits-Hbbbbbt, of N<»bury, who 
was «. by bis son, 

Sm Wm!!am Fit7-Hf.rbert, of Nor- 
bury, to whom King Hknry III. gTant«fi 
Freewarren in Norbury, A.D. 1252. He 
had Arte sons, vfe. 

1. IIknry (Sir), his successor. 

2. Thomas, Lord of Somer<<n!1, in tbe 
county of Dmrby, living iu the 66th 
Hbuby in. ftmn whom ttnenlly de- 

RinuRo FjTz-nFRHPRT, esq. of 
Soniersall, who d. in 1803, with- 
out issue, and 

Nicholas Fits-Hbrbbbt, (fifth hi 
descent), younger brother of John 
Fitz-Herbert, of Soraersall, who 
m. Cicely, or Margaret, daughter 
and co-heir of Robert Frauncis, 
esq. of Foremark, and aoqnired 
hereby the manor of TlaniigtSB, 

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io Derbyshire. From thia mar- 
riage iineaUy deriTea the present 
8fr HMi7Ffl»'Hwb«rt» bart. of 

a^e and BarmuU^*.) 

3. Riciuird, of TwyeratiyiatiMcowitjr 

of LieiceMer. 

WHlim WM #. by hu eldest son. 
Sit HBWftT FkTS^HEBltRT, of Ndflmry. 
Ui gCBfleman wis a knight bMmerct 
He represented the ronntv of Derby in par- 
IkaMOt in l2iM and 1307, and was sheriff of 
tet ahire, and of Nottingham, iu 126^—4. 
Be WW «w bit Mw, 

Aft JotiN Fitz-Herbert, of Norbiury, 
▼ho Ml. Margaret, daughter of Sir William 
Mootgomcry, knt. of Marston,in the county 
•f Derby This feudal lord was living in 
UW^ ud St bib d«eMse WM«. by hb tldcst 

Elisabeth, m. to Edwaid Ciatby, of 

London, mprrhant. 
Isabella, m. to — Babingtoa. 

William Fitz Herbert, of Norbory. 
Kmy Edward III. confirmed to tbis gentle- 
man Free warren in Nor bury. He m. Jane, 
^nghtnor SirNicbdMKBireton, knt. of 
Marctfton, la Derbydifav, and was #. by 

WiLLUM Fi rz-HF RnKKT, of Norhur\', 
wbo was lining in iay»,aiid marrjing Alice, 
^M^tey of NIdiol— Lopgi'of d, of Longford 
bi A« eooiity of I>erb7, wm «. atbis doeette 
by bb son, 

Henry Fi r/ Ilr RiERT,of Norburc. This 

geutlemaa espoused , dangbter of . - 

BomiM, Md «M «.by Ui aoa^ 

Nicholas Fm^HiiftRmT, of Norinuy, 

Imipht of t>)e shire for Derby, jo 140^ 

1446, a;id and sheriff for thn t county 

in 1448 and 1466. He im, first, Aijce, daugb- 

of Hawy BooA, of BvlMton, in Derby- 

Ralph, his successor. 

John, of Etwall, in Derbyshire, rcmem- 

braaoer of the Court of Exchequer, m. 

Morgan l^danghterand heir of Robert 

Babingtoa, of tbe Fleet, you^er aoo 

of Sir WiUiaai Babingtoo, and had 

, m. Elixabeth, daogh ter of Aalph 
^■t of tewbridgewortb, in the 
county of Horli» by wbom bo bad 
tf:suf>, who po«»ef*8ed Gateiboiyy and 
L phail, in Uertfordahiro. ' 

loan, M. to John CollDBt of HaapataU, 

Nicholas Fitz-Herbert m. secondly, Iiabel, 
daughter of — Ludlow, of Stokeshay, in 
Shropshire, and had two other sons, and two 
daughters. He d. iytii November, 1473, 
and was «. by hb eldest son, 

Ralph Fit2-Herbert, of Nortmiy,wbo 
m. Elizabeth, only daughter and heir of 
John Marshall, of Upton, in Leicestershire, 
and bad baae, 

ioHN, bb BnoeeoMT. 

Henry, of London, M.BU8abeth,daugh- 

trr nf Robert Godwyn, oILlMdOB. 

Thomas, Doctor of Decr^*"?, precentor 
of Litchfield, rf. aOth November, 1532. 
Blebaid, supposed to bare been a knight 
of Rhodes. 

William, prebend of Hereford, chan- 
cellor of Litchfield, rector of Wring- 
♦an, in the county of Somerset. Pre- 
bend of Uncoln, 9di October, 160G. 

Ant-hon Y (Sir), judge of the Common 
Fleas, of whom hereaftar, as foai^ 
teenth Lord of Norbury. 

l>ow»«l»y, «. to Thomas Comberford, of 

Edeth, m. to Tbonaa Babington, of 


Agnes, m. to Richard Lister, of Rowtoo. 

Elizabeth, m. to — P^{a■lba» 

Margaret, m. fo Thomas Purefoy. 
Alice, Abbess of Poleiwocth, in the 
county of Warwick. 

Mr. FHs-Heiboit d. Sad Mardi, 14«3-4, and 
was s. by Ills eldest aOB, 

John Fit/ Hfrbert, of Norboiy, to 
whom King Henry VII. granted a general 
pardon, in 1606. He m. Benedicta, daughter 
of lofaa Biadbom, of tbo Hoo, in the county 
of Derby, and had bnie, 

Nicholas, whr> m. in 1501, Dorothy, 
daughter of Sir Ralph Longford, knt 
of Longford, but d. in the lifetime 
offabMar,iflibont issue. 
BUxabeth, m. to Sir Philip Draycote, 

knt. of Draycote, in Staffordshire. 
Anne, m. to John Welles, of HoarCzoss, 

ia Stidrordshire. 

John Fits-Horbeit dL Mth Joly, I6dl, and 
bavinf mtdiTod bb mm, bb dan^iten he- 

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came bis co*1idnp Init Norburj pasMd to 
llis only surviving brother, 

14. Sir Anthony Fitz-Herbert, kiit. 
This eminent person was educated at Ox- 
ford, and allerwaidt, stadying the law, at- 
tained tiie ttaX of ie^eant, 18th Norember, 
1510. In 15i22, he was knighted ;nid consti- 
tuted one of thtjjudgesof the Coininon I'U rs, 
in which judicial station deporting iumst-lf 
with great prudeiic«,jiittioe,aiidkno«ledge, 
ho becuM at length the evade of the law, 
and was universally <»?teemed a profound 
lawTcr. Ho was author of various \v'ork8, 
not only on law, but upon husbaudry i some 
of wMeb are now exeeedlngly aearee. Hie 
great werk, De Natura Brnimmy is praised 
for its utility by Blackstone, who rails it, 
** A digest of the most ancient and highly 
venerable collection of forms, the register 
of eacb writi aa are eoalile oat of tbe king^e 
courts ; in which every man who is injured, 
will bo sure to find a method of relief exactly 
adopted to his own case, described within 
the compass of a few lines, and yet witfiont 
tbe omlision of any material eireamataace/' 
He m, Matilda, daughter and co-heir of Sir 
Richard Cotton, of Ilamstall, Kedware, in 
tbe county of Stafford, and had issae, 

1. Thomas (Sir), hia aaooeiaor. 

2. Joan, m. Catherine, daughter of 
Edward Restwold, of the Vache, in 
the county of Bucks, and had issue, 

Thom A 8, I who became sixteenth 

AfrmoNY, ) andaeventeenfliLordB 
of Norbnry. 

Nicholas, serretriry to Cardinal Al- 
len, at Home, in 1581, attainted 
of treason, 1st January, in Uiat 
year; drowned at Florence, in 



Jane, m, to ThovuMi Eyre, of Ihm- 

Matilda, m. to Thomaa Barlow, of 


Mary, m, to TbooMa Drayoot, of 

S) diiall. 

John Fitz-Herbert d. 8th Nov. 1 500. 
9. William, m. Elizabeth, younger of 
the two daughters and co-heirs of 
Hnmpbray Swinnerton, eaq. of 8win- 
NERTON, in the county of Stafford ; 
and thus acquired that manor; by 
thia lady (who espoused, secondly, 
JbbnGalaore, C8<[. of Oataen, fn Ae 

eona^ of 8ak^ and died In 1616), 
be had taaue. 

Thomas Fitz-Hkhrkrt, who fuc- 
oeeded as second Lord of Swin- 
If EK¥Oit, and marrying Dorothy, 
only daagbter and beir of Ed- 
ward East, esq. of Bledlowe, in 
Buckinghamshire, bad a eon and 
daughter, via. 
Edward, wbo as. Bridget, 
dangbcer of Sir Jobn CaryU, 
knt. of Agniering, in the 
county of Sussex, and dying 
before his father, (25th No- 
Tember, 1613) left a eon, 
WiLu.tM, who suceeeded 

his grail dfrither. 
Elizabeth, m. to Joseph MajTie, 
esq. of Crestlow, iiucks. 
Tbomaa Flta-Herbert dL in 1040, 
aged84^andwa8«.bybi8 grand- 

WiLUAM Fitz-Herbert, of 
Swinnerton, of whom here- 
after, aa nbieteentii lord of 

4. Elizabeth, m. to William Bassett, 
of Langley, in the county of Derby, 

5. Dorothy, m. first, to Sir Ralph Long- 
ford, knt and aeoondly, to Bb Jo£b 
Port, knt. of Etwall. , 

6. Catherine, m. to John Sacbarorely of 
Morley, in Derbyshire. 

Sir Anibony Ffts-Rerbert d, Mi May, 
1688, and was s. by his eldeat eon. 

Sir Thomas Fitz-Herbert, of ^'o^l3n^^ . 
who m. in 1536, Anue, daughter and heir 
of Sir Arthur Eyre, of Padley, in the county 
of 0etby,lNrtbadnoiaatte. HewaaSberiff 
of fitaibrdshire, in 1647 and 1664. Dying 
*. p. the eatataa of Norbory paaaed to iiia 

THOMAa Fk?z-HBmBERT, of Norbory, who 
M. EUtabetb, daagbter of loba We8tiey» 

epq. of Mo'^vVirirk, in thr- county of Lancae- 
ter, but dying without itsne, waa «. by hia 

Anthony Fits-Hbrbbrt, of Norboij 
This gentleman m. Martha, daagbter of 
Thomas Austen, esq. of OxIey,in tbeoo nnty 

of Stafford, and had issue, 
John (Sir), his successor. 

Mary, «. to WiUiam Lewyn, of Nor- 


Catharine, m. to John Melward, fiAh 
iOD of Sir Tbomaa Malwaidt kftt 

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Aane, m. to Rkbard Congrer^ Mq* of 

Stfftton, in Stafford^thire. 
£lixabeth, m. to ^ir John Fitz-Herbert, 
Ifc.gfcfcl l Mto^. fai nd WW «. by 
his son. 

Sir John' Fitz-Hebef rt, knt. of Nor- 
bary, who m. in 1631, Dorothy, daughter 
«!* Jbktt Bupvr, €«q«of Bfeitill, Imt bid no 
MHfi'. fiir John was ap{>ointpd colonel of 
drsroons, in the kinp'^ ?rrvicf , ICtli Decem- 
ber. 10 J2. He d. at Lkhlield, 13th January, 
and wa« «. in the estatea of Norhury 
bj hm conte, (icfer to WiUian, AM ton 
•rSir Astfiony Ffto-H««bcit, the Judge). 
WrifiAM Fitz-Hfrb«rt, esq. tMrd lord 
i>i\£RTOK. Thil gentleman m. Anne, 
dMgMerof Sir Butil Brooke, knt of Made- 
Icy, !» Stoffwddiiiie, and had ime, 
Basil, his suooesMr. 
Thomas, of Sberrork . in Ireland, the 
prraomed ancestor of the Fiti-Her- 
boto of tbaC kfaigdMn. 
WiUiais, ; 

Fmnds. i both youag. 


Mary. m. to Jdia GaiPer, «aq. of €ol- 


France*, ni. to John Oifli»nl, eaq. of 

BUdgal^ ak to BariW Battfalt^ etq. of 

Gtatta MortMif ia ^^OBceaiiwihiw, 


Mr. Fitz-Herbert, who was named, in 1060, 
aaoagtt the intended knif^to of the royal 
aafc, waa «. bj Ua ddeat aoa, 

Bazil FitZ'Herbert, e«q. of Norbury 
and SwivNERTOM, who espoused Janr, 
daughter and heir of John Cotton, eaq. of 
Oiddiag Abboto, la eoaaty of Handng- 
don. and of Boacobei and White ImiStm, ia 

Sbrofi^hirr . hy whom he had ilMWy 
iixiAM, hia successor, 

Wiaificd - Doiofliy, ai* in 1601, to 
Charles Eyalaa, eiq« ofSait Headnd 

in Berkshire. 
Mr. Fitz-Herbert was $, at his decease by 
his elder son, 

Witum FtTS-HtawmT,«aq.of Koriniry 
and Swinnerton. This gentleman m. in 1679, 
£liz.ibeth, only daughter and heir of Robert 
On en, esq. of Weppra, in the county of Flint, 
and gmndanghter of Dr. John Owen, Bishop 
«f Bl. AMpb» and bad iMac, 


Thomas, Ua aaooeiaor. 


laae, m* in 1007, to Kkbard Katoej* 
eaq. of Rbiton, in lha ooanty af Laa- 


Mr. Fitz-Herbert waa «. bj bit aldeal ton, 

Thomas FiT/-HFRBf rt, eaq. of Norbiiry, 
and Swinnerton, m. in 1713, Constantin. 
younger daughter and co-heir of Sir George 
Sovtlwote, huL of BlylbbonNigb, ia Iba 
county of Lincoln, and bad Imift, 
Thohas, his heir. 

Mary, in. to Thomas, younger son uf 
Humphry Weld, esq. of Lul worth 
GuHa, in Ifaa covaty of Dorset, aad 

d. 8th October, 1766. 

Catharine, m. to RolMTt Berkeley, vsi\. 
of Spetchley, in the county of Wor- 
cester, and d. m. p. 
Mr. Fitz-Herbert d. in 1765^ and was s, by 
hia BOUf 

Thomas FiTZ-HBRBt rt, esq. of Noibuiy, 

and Swinnerton. This gentleman espoused, 
first, in 1737, Elizabeth, daughter aiu! co- 
heir of Anthony Meabome, esq. of Poulop, 
in the county of Durham, bat bad no issue* 
Ha ai. aeeoadly, in ITtt, MaijB-Tbenaa, 
dan. of Sir Robert Throckmorton, bart. and 
bad five fKnin nnd ei^ht daug^hten. Til* 
1. Thomas, his successor. 
S. BAxtL, wbo tf. bia biotber. 
3. William, h, 901b October, l^M, aa- 
sumed by sign manual, 3rd June, 1783, 
the surname nnd arms of Brock- 
HOL£S, in compliance with the testa- 
nwBtory iiyunetioB of Joseph Afodt- 
bdlea, eaq. of Qaai^toa Hall, in tbe 
county of Lancaster. Hp m. *20th 
June, 1791, Mary, eldest daughter 
and co-heir of James Windsor-Hene- 
ago, esq. of Cadaby, in Aa coanty of 
Lincoln, and of Gatcombe, in the Isle 
of Wight, and ^^iag ia Jaly, 1817, 
left issue, 
Thomas - Fitx-Heebut Brock* 
iiOLiS, of Claagbton Hall, k in 

Francis Rrockholes, &. in 1808* 
Charles Brockholes. 
Rraneea Broofcbolea. y 
Maiy-Anna Broekboloi. 

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4. Edward, d. before 6th June, 1778. 
6. Robert, d. Snt ])«oember, 1808, un- 

6. Mary, a professfd mir), at Pans. 

7. Constantia, m. first, tith August, 1 768, 
Joseph Brockholes, esq. of Claugh- 
tOB Hall, and aeoondly, lo Philip 
Saltmarsl), esq. whom slie s^irvived, 
and diid at Bath, in March, 1813, 
without issue. 

8. Barbara, m, flrat, to Geoige Tm- 
burgh, esq. of Bodney» by whom 
she had no issue ; she espoused se- 
condly, George Crathome, esq. of 
Crathome, in tiie eoaady of York, 
and had a daughter, Ifaiy-Anne-Ro- 
salia. She d. at Florrncr, in 1808. 

9. Cathprinr, d. in l^(Kl, iinrnarru'd. 
iU. Charlotte, m. to 6ir Thomas Gage, 

hart, and d, in 191K». 

11. Anne, d» unmarried la 1811. 

12. TprfSR, TO, to Thomas Homyold, 
esq. of Ulackmore Park, in the county 
of Woroeiter, and d, in 1816. 

13. Lucy, m. to Jamei DonMr, oaq. 
and d, in 1816. 

Mr Fitz-Herbert d. 3rd October, 1778, and 
was 4. by liis eldest son, 

Thomas Fitc-Hbrbbrt, esq. of Noibary, 
and of Swinneiton, b. 30lli Angnst, 1740, m. 
in 1778, Mam-Awii t,*yoangeet denghler of 

• This is the celebrated Mas. Fm-HmsMT. 

Walter Smythe, esq. of Bambridge, In the 
county ofBanta, nieeeof Sir Edward Smythe, 
esq. of Acton- Burnell, bart. and widow of 
Edward Weld, of Lulworth Castle, but 
d. without issue, at Nice, 7th May, 17bl. 
He waa «. by fall brollier, 

Bazil FiTz-HKiurKRT, eaq. of Noihwy, 
and Swinnerton. This gentleman espoused 
Elizabeth, youngest daughter and co-heir of 
James Windsor-Ueneage, esq. of Cadeby, 
in the county of UocoIb, and of Gatcombe, 
in the Isle of Wight, by whom he had (with 
one daughter, Elizabe^, who d. unmarried, 
in 1812) five BOOS, viz. 

Thomas, present proprietor. 

Bwdl, ».Snd July, 1700, dL 

John, b. 2nd September, 1792. 
George, 6. 30th July, \7i<i. 
FraDcis,6.21stJnne, 1796; t».28th July, 
1828,Hari»-TBresa, dau. of JbhnYhK 
oenS^andolfi, eaq. of East Slier n, in 
Snrrpv, by Teresa, dan. of ThomaS 
I lorn void, of Black more Park, and 
ilia wiie, Teresa fitx-Hcrbert. 
Ifr. Fiti-Hetbort A OOdk Mny, 1907, and 
was «. by his eldostSOtt, the present TmomaS 
Fit/-Hfrbeht, esq. of Norbury. 

Arms~\T. a chief vaire, or uid gules, 
over all a bend sa. 

ChMt— A dmsf nn^ amw4 and ganaiiet 

Motto—XJng je serriray. 



GORE-ORMSBY, WILLIAM, esq. of Porkington, in the county of Salop, m. in 

1815, Mary- Jane, only daup^hter and heirees of Owen 
Ormnby, esq. of Willowbrook, in the county of Sligo, 
and Porkington, in Shropshire, upon which occasion he 
assumed by sign manual, the additional surname and 
of Oimsby. By this lady he hai iaine. 

John-Ralph, b. 3rd June, 1816. 
Owen- Arthur. 



Mr. Ormsby-Gors aooeeeded his father in 1815. In 
1 806, be repieoented the county of Leitrim in ptriiiintnt, 
and was retamed fyr Cmuron in 1830. Rn now iiti 
for Shropshire. 

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Hib famHy derires from a common an- 
cestor with the noble house of Gork, EarU 
oi Arrun iii 

aod Baroofl Annaiy (now extinct). 

Jom OoBB, of JUoadon, and SMt Hap^iii 

GBEAitn HoRF. an alderman of the city 
of London, who m. Helen, daughter of John 
DaTeaant* of Davenant land, in ttie county 
of BMez, «Bd dyings fii V t WBtA f U, WBff, at 
tke aivneed age of ntoetjMHM, left Inno 

aight ftong. of whom, 

Richard (the eldest), waa M.P. for 
London in 10Oa» He 4.liafbg Mvo 

John (Sir), the fourth ion, was Lord 
Mavor of I>ondon in 1624, and from 
jum ihe present WiLU AM Gore-Lano- 
INftIt, esq. detifMU 

Ralph (tfao mwiafli son), of SondiaU, 

Middlo?rx, m. AgTic?, (laufihtpr and 
hf'iT ot" liichard Yoiinj;, esq. and wi- 
don of Christupbt^r Meyrick, of Nor- 
«stt, eaq. tad dying in 16S7, waa $» 
by hiaaoa. 
Sir John Gore, of S.-xcombp, Herts. 
Tlut gentleman m. Catherine, 
das^bter of Sir Jolin B<^er, 
K*R* af Wbodkally Haitfiinl- 
ahtra, aad dying ia UK0» waa #. 
by hi? son, 
Ralph Goke (the second of 
Ae tony aettledin Ireland), 
wIm m Hannah, daughter 
of Sir William Gore, hart. 
€Ttisto9 rotulonim of thp 
couu^ of Leitrim, and was 
#. at Ma deceaae in 1731 by 
his son, 
Wn.i iAM Gore, M.P. for 
Kilkeony, m. Dorothy, 
daughter of Isaac Man- 
ly, esq. postmaster-ge- 
neral of Ireland, and 
dying in 1747»waa«.by 
his son, 

Ralph GoREj^of Bar- 
fowmomil, in 
county of Kilken* 
ny, M.P for Kil- 
kenny, m. Eliza- 
beth, dau. and heir 
of Houj Gafges, 
aai.of SomanMO^ 

in the connly of 

Londonderry, and 
left at his decease, 
in 177ti, an only 
daagfater and heir, 
Frances -Jane- 


who m. Wil- 
liam Gore,ea<|. 
and waa mo- 
ther of the pre- 
sent Mr.Ome- 
hy Gore. 

Paul (Sir), the eighth son, of whom pre- 

The yonngest son, 

Sir Paul Gore, went orer to Ireland as 
captain of a troop uf horse, in the reign of 
BHaabelh, and aventnally aetdad than, ia 
November, 1003, Captain Gore waa deputed 
by the Lord Drpnty Mmmtjoy to con\'ey 
her Majesty's protection to Rory O'Dnnuell, 
who had ined to be admitted to the Queen's 
iaroar, and to bring Um to ^ Deputy then 
in Connaught, which mission he executed 
successfully, anH rnndnrtinp; O'Donnell to 
Athlone, the chietltain made his submissioh 
Aete to Btebeth, and was created the next 
year Batl of Tyiemmel. Fortfab aadotfrnr 
services. Sir Paul was rewarded by a grant 
from the crown of the barony of Boylagfa 
and Bannagh, in the county of Donegal!, 
which he enjoyed fbr aeme years, until Kimg 
JAMBa L granted the auna aatate to die 
^rl of Annandale, and in lieu hereof con- 
ferred upon Sir Paul Gore a much inferior 
property upon the plantation of Ulster, viz. 
one flMnaand thtoe hondrad and ibrty-eight 
aena of fiwMlod landa* oalled Maghen- 
hegg', in the same roiinty, to hold tlio same 
for ever at the annual rent of £iO 16*. which 
estate waa erected into a manor, under the 
design ation of Maaor-Ooia. lo die pariia- 
meat, which met 18th Kay, 1616, he waa 
returned for Bally shsnn on, and was created 
a baronet of Ireland 2nd February, 1622. 
Ue m. Isabella, dimghter of Francis Wick- 
lilfe, and aiaqe of Oe Sari of BmMoi^ 
I^rd-Lieataaantof IialaBd^hywhon ha had, 
with other issue, 

Ralph (Sir), bart. ancestor of the EarIa 

of Roaa (now extinct), aad of the pre- 

aanl Sir Ralph Oore, bait 


i^iy u^L^ Ly Google 



Sir Arthur Goilt(teeond son), who set- 
tled at Npwtown-Oor*», in the county' of 
MayOyand was created a baronet 10th April, 
1609. Li 1680 he bad * gnut of the lands 
of Newtowttt with the creation of the whole 
'nto the manor of Castle-Gore. Sir Arthur 
"M. Eleanor, daufrhter of Sir George St. 
George, bart. of Carrick, in the county of 
Lettrfan, and had» with odwr inne, 

1. PAin.»aooMtoroftfaeEHrisor AitM, 

d. vitA pmhrit, 

2. Arthur. 

3. WiLUAM, of whom presently. 

d* OowgOy anoQitoi' of Am liovds An- 
nallyy now eirtinet 
The third son, 

William Gore, esq. of Woodford, in the 
county of i<eitrim, represented that county 
ia psHlBBWul. Ho flk Cadieiine, daughter 
of Sir Thomas Newcoineii»batt. of the ooonty 
of Longford, and had issue, 

1. Wiu.iAM, his successor. 

2. Robert, who m. Letitia, daughter of 
Henry ftooke, eaq. of CMobraoke, in 
the county of Fermanagh, and left, 
at his decease, in 1767, a son, 

William, who succeeded his uncle. 

3. Sttnh« Ml. to Sir Arthur Newc(»nen, 
hart* of MoaatoMu 

Mr. Oon A in 1790, and waa a. hy hb eMar 


William Gorf, psq. of Woixiford, M.P. 
for the couuty ul Leitrim, who m. in 1733, 
Sarah, yoougeat aialer of John, Bail of Dam- 
ley, and had an only son, William, who i^. 
young. Mr. Gore rf, i n 1 7«9, and thus leaving 
no legitimate issue, was «. by his nephew, 

WiLUAM Gore, esq. M.P. for the coon^ 
of Leitrim, b. in 1744. This gaBflenuui m. 
Frances- Jane-Gorgea Gore, only daughter 
and heir of Ralph (iore, egq. of liarrow- 
mouat, M.P. for Kiiicuuny, and widow of 
Sir Haydoolbe Srana Monmip hart and 
dying in 1816, left a am* 

WiLUAMt the ^raiant poprietor. 


Meyrick, son uf Llewellyn, lineally des> 
cended ftwn Hwfii ap Gyndellw, one of the 
dAeen patriarchs of North Wales, as. Mar- 
garet, daughter of Evan Vyrhnn. son of 
Evan ap Adam, of Moyston, and left a son, 

John ap Meyrick, who m. Aukaret, 
daoghter of Griffith ap Howell* op David, 
ap Meredith, and left a son, 

RoBBRT AP John, who oaponsed Gwea- 

hw^Tan, daughter of Williani ap Meredift 
ap Ry?, and was *. by his son, 

Owen ap Robert, of Bodailin. This gea- 
deman «. Ankaret^ dangler and bdr of 
David apWiUiani, ap GrUith, ap Kehyn, 

esq. anf! left a son, 

JoMN (_)\VFN, rsq. s('('r*'tar>' to Ixird Wal- 
Bingham, who m. Ellkn, daughter and heir 
of Wiuiam-Wynkb Maobicb, eaq. of CSIen- 
neney, 1^ whom (who eq ponBed» aaeandly, 
Hon. Sir Franci? Fure, younger con of 
William Lord £ure, and d. in 1626) he had 
a aon and anoeeaaor. 

Sir JoHfi OwBK,* hnt of Ctenaney, a 
colonel in the army, and vi. e admiral of 
North Wales. This pentlcman espon^pd 
Jennet, daughter of Griflith Vaugiian, esq. 
of Corsygedol, and waa, in 10d8» t. by hia 

WiujAM OwF.N, esq. of Porkingion. in 
the county of Salop, M.P. who m. Katherine, 
only child of Lewia Anwyll, eaq. of Parke, 
in Hw oounly of Mori o n al i, and ^ring in 
1677—6, loft n aon, 

* In the church of PeanMura, ia the county of 
C er a ai i oa , ia tha fidlowii^ mooMBtntal hK 
seription l» tfw OMnwry of thia gaadiMasi 

M. S. 

da Ciaaenney in Co: Camsvran lOiiliib 


in patriam nmoris nrdentiBsimi, in 
Regem ^ beatiasumum M artyrem Carolum phmom ) 
iadnWiBte fidsfitatiB dsri, 

quit nr! Sticro Sanctajn Mnjr'statem a p^rduellionum 
rabie eripieodsm, Sunuaa pericola, hibcatisaiiM 

Hostinm copias non semel fudit, ae Aagit, 

Reliq-ifiTiPTTi rindicavit ; 
Doose infelici sode in perditiaaimorum hoiuinuiB 

ILsgdi Jms flangaiaa hnbotaa 

ineidorit Dux prwgtantrssi'mus ; 
Unde Supplex sese obseaiiiua redimeivt. 
If ifli 4|wmI Hsmi oonsummetiBSMPO 

IhnUSplas.qTinm rita>,soIlicito,taleXii^ovdiS|lliaaic* 
coUo igitur impertenite (rfnUto, 
Ssearis seism latndit dirhta Tis, 
Voluerisq: Ati taidavitalas, donee lencx letti ssiB i ii a 

Carolum secundum ef sibi et »xii^ r*><5titutTim riderat. 
Anno Domini 1666, et MUtii «u» 66, placid* 

Atq: bic cum chariw^mi conjuge Jonetta fiiii 

Urifini \'ni)c:(fan de Cortvgedol AiBi: 
m puce requieacit. 

gniUtudinis at pielatis eigo 
A?o Aviw|* B* M* pea* 

Digmzca by 



Sir Robert OwiN, knt of Porkiogton 
■■A ClnaMMjy M.P. Thk geotleman m« 
IfaifRiat, iumghttr and Mr of Oven 

Wynne, esq. nf Gljun, in the county of 
Merio-neth, and WM #. at hift d«oeMe, in 

IG^. b} his &on, 

^ lixiAM Owen, e«q. of Porkuigton, who 
m. MwTV OBly dnni^r of fit Tory Bev. 
Bnry Godolphin, deott of St Ponl's, and 
pr«mMtof Eaton, nster of Francis, last Lord 
Godalphhi, of Hel^n, and dying in 17(iti, 
loft tiro SOBS aod two daugbten, all of whom 
' with the tauefUkm of the 

Marh^rft OnT\, who at length became 
keir, and \n 1777, tt?. Owen Okmsuy, esq. 
of Wniowbrook, in the coanty of iSiigo, and 
OMToyod to him Ihe cototoo of Porkington. 
(Mr. OfB^ WM son and heir of William 
Ormshy, esq. M.P. for the ronnty of Sli^o, 
by Hannah, daughter of Owen Wynne, rgq. 
of Haslewood, in the county of Sligo.) Mr. 

OnHby A in 1804, end hio wMov iiil806, 
koviif OM ooly chad oad heiroM^ 

Mary-Jake Ornsby, who represents 
die ancient Noble family of Godol- 
raiN, and inherited such portions of 
4o Oodolphin property, as being 
pan&osed after the last Lord Oodol- 
phin made his will, did not pass un- 
y^der it, rhhcr to the Duke of Leeds, 
w ox to Lord Francis Osborne, now 
Lord Oodolphin. Wtlody espoused 
William Gore, esq. who assumed, 
•ooboody SIM, the oddilioMa mr^ 

name of Okmsdv, and isthopment 
William Urmsby-Gore. 

/Irm*— First, quarterly; first and fourth 
gu. a fesse between three cross cro?«lcfs, 
fitch^e or, Ibr Gore. Second and third gu. 
A beod between tiz eroes croeslets, Utoh^ 
or (a cjinton arj?. charged with a rose of the 
field, for distinction, for Ormsry). Second 
Gore. Third arg, a whiripoolaz, for Gorges. 
FonvCh, arg. a ehevfon n. between three 
coots ppr. for Co oTB. All etcotdieoo of 
pretence. First, Orhsby, (without the can- 
ton.) Second, sa three chess rooks ar^. a 
ohief or, oeoot of augmentation. Third, gu. 
a chevron between three Hons rampant or, 
forOwFN. Fourth, Maurice. Fifth, Lacon 
Sixth, gu. an eagle displayed with two heads 
between three fleurs-de-lis arg. for Goooik- 


FirBt, OB henidie tigor, nunpaat 

«g. ducally gorged or, for Goal. Sooond, 
a dexter arm, emhowed, in armonr, ppr. 
charged with a rose gu. holding in the hand 
o nutt'a log oIm in onnour, couped at the 
thigh, fbr Ormibt. 

ilfoMo— Id hoe sigBo yineeB. 

Rstates—lxx Shropshire, Camartronshire, 
diire,Sligo,Mayo,Iieitriffi, Roscommon, and 

Tovm RmUbmu Porttoad Plaee. 

'S"'"'!'*— Porkington, Shropshire, Glynn, 
Merionethshire and Willowbiook, in (ho 
county of Sligo. 

• Hi* priadfafher, Fbancts OwwaiiY, esq. n. in 17l6, Mary, eldest daughter of John French, esq. of 
Wtmock Park, in the county of Koacoouuuu, uid iiaU, with other issue, a son, WtLUAii,gnndfather of 
Mas. Outssr (Jonx, snd a dan. Sanb.m. to John Morgan, e«q. of Monksfield, and had an only ehlMt 
•sfa^ «. Is Michael Botita, ssq. of fiallydngsn, in the oooa^ of G alwajr, M J>. 

. WW s:-. '*. . .... 

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MYNORS-RiCKARDS, PETER, esq. ofTreago, m the county of Hereford, and of 

Eojobb House, in Radnorshire, b, in 1787, m. in 1817, 
Mary-Elizabelh, daughter of Edmund-Trowbridge Halliday, 
of Chapel Gleeve, in Somersetahire, (aee vol. ii. p. 130,) 

and has issue, 


Bdnrand*Bftik«rvflle, in 1839. 
Walter-Baakenille, h. in 1899. 
ThomHs-Baskcrville, in itol. 

Mr M ynors «. his father in 1794, and served the office of 
Sheriff for the county of Radnor, in 1825. He is a deputy 
lieutenant and ouigiatnte for Harefondihin nnd Radnor- 

In the rull of Battel Abbey, the name of 
Mynors, the founder of tbia family, appears 
ai one of the eaqeirea atteodiuit npon the 
Conqueror, and Trbmo has been in Ibeir 
possession sincp ih<" ronqiiest. 

John de Miners, of Triago, was consti- 
tuted by Edward 11. keeperof US* aMe tf^ 
St. Briavel, and of the finevt of Dene. He 
was s. by his son. 

Sir Ror 1 n Miners, knt. of Triago, who 
m. Joan, daughter of Sir Lawrence JBoa- 
tock, knt. diird wn ^ — Bofioekt of Gb^ 
ehife, and wan «. by hia son, 

Richard Miners, of Treago, ^vbo m 
Margaret, dau. and co-heiress of Sir Gerard 
de Furuivalt and niece of Lord Furoival, 
tonp. Edward I. and waa $, by his eon, 

Ro«BJl Miners, of Treago, who m. Mar- 
garet, dau. and hrirr?.'! of John-de-la*Hay, 
of Wellington, and wns x. by lii^ son, 

Pbiup Miners, oi Treago, who m. Alice, 
dan. of WflUan ap Jenkin ap Jenforth» and 
waa A. by his am, 

Pagani'8 Miners, of Treago, who m. a 
dau. Dl John a Brett, and was i. by his son, 

Jenkin Miners, who m. Eva, dau. of 
PhiUp Miehe]l,and left aaon andsnceeiior, 

RiCHABO MiNBRS, who was sheriff of 
Herefordshire in 16th Hpnry VII. (anno 
160U). He m. Joan, daughter of Gwiiiim ap 
Thomas ap Llewellyn ap Howell ap 6y- 
long by and bad iBBne» 

Booer (Sir), who m. Alice, dau. of Sir 
William Myl], knt of Gln^irpster, and 
d. J. |». Sir Roger was knighted by 

Henry VllI, and with his lady was 
buried in i636,at Duffield, near Der- 
by, where diere it a moat beantilnl 
monument to their nenoffy. 
The younger son, 

THbiiaa MYNona, of Treago, m. Anne, 
dau. of Walkin VangMiit of Heifiat, by 
Elizabeth, dan. of Sir Jamea BaakerriUe, 
of Erdislpy, and was ,». hv his son. 

Sir Richard Mynors, knt. of Treago, 
who eapooaed Aaue, dnnghler <^ Tbooaa 
Burgh, and waa «. by hIa aon, 

RtcHARD Mynors, esq. of Treago, who m. 
Katherine, dau. of Sir Thomi^i Vaughan, of 
Porthnmal, in the county of Brecon, and 
dyfngin lOM, waff *. by Ma worn, 

Roosn Mynors, eaq. of Treago, who m. 
Jane, dnn. of John Har ley, esq.ofHrampion 
Brian, and annt of Sir Robert tiarley,* 

• This geotlcmui bad a grant for Uf« bom tb* 
crown, lyth September, 16?6(1 CaAaixs I.) of the 
office «od offioM of master and worker of iMKuaa 
to be eoined in the tower ef London; and, en 

the 8fh of Novf mher , following, an indcnturp was 
nude between the laog and Sir Robert, for ooiatng 
tb« monies of tilTer and gold, according to histeu 
ters patent. To this office waa wtrtitfl a eahty 
of fntir thousar,d prninrN p^r nnnTim. After the 
kiog's murder, the parliement bavtng order ed a 
new eoia to be etamped. Sir Robert Harley refitted 
to coin with any oth^r stamp tban that of the king : 
whfrpitpon the parliament nrd**rr>d ■ trinl nf the 
pixe to be made at Sir Robert's ezpeiuc, and re* 

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K.B. mn^tfT of the mint, temp. ChaI ^ I. 
Knd was i. at his decease by bis son, 

IU»wuin» MYiMnta, Mq. of Twgo, who 
m. TbeodosU, dau. of Sir Perdral Wil- 
loTi^hhy, knt. of WolUtOQ, in Nottinpham- 
tlure,* and dying in 1651, was #. by luason, 

RoiEKT Mynors, esq. of Treago, b. in 
M16: «fcoM. in 1640,Bllx»,dwi.oriMM» 
Oim«M« «H. ofSt. WMMidi^ Mid badiMie, 

Tbeodosta, who w. first, Roger Boukwt, 
«M|. of Hereford, Md JMd an oily 
ftomlMiv Mid koirsMt 

Thcodosu Boulcot, whom. Peter 
Rickards, esq, of Evenjotjh, in 
]ladDor«hire, sou of John Rick- 
anls, esq. avdifor Of Woleo to 
Cbaeus I. aod lofto aon, 
Pf.ter Rickakd?, p?f) nf Fven- 
johh, who ni. ]n 17.')1, Cath- 
arine Witherstone, ciau. of 
EdwoidWHk il B ii e, eaq. of 
the county of HereCa«d» and 
dyinp;^ in 1780. Irft n son, 
Peter KicK.Anos,of whom 
presently, as inheritor 
of tho ntelet of the 

Theododa Mynors espoused, se- 
condly, Richard Witherstone, esq. of 
tho Lodge, and had o mb, 
Emmbd WiTHERrrcNR, sheriff of 

Herrford^hirp, 1720, who m. 
Anne linrrt-tt, aTuL left at his 
dec«>ase an only daughter, 

who m. as stated abovw^hor 

kinsmfiTi, Pr rER RiCKARDS. 

Mr. Mynors ft. 23rd of August, 1073, and 
woo hj Ills son, 

ROMBT H TMOBS, ctq. of Tfoogo, h. In 

April, 16&4,w.£liaa,dan. of William Adam, 
coq. of Monmouth, and wa« r. by his son, 

RoBEET Mynors, esq. of Treago, sheriff 
•r Hofotedthho in 1795^ who m-Thomofioe, 
don. of Thomos Googe, ctq. of London, oad 
dying K>Th June, 1742, was *. by his son, 

RoBCHT Mykors, esq. of Treago. who 
nerved the office of sheriff of the county of 

MovadMBfiwniiaphM. Whilshshado^oydl 

it. to th* gT«*t improremmt of our coin, li« latro- 
4iu»cd ttm fiunoaa artist, Thomas SjnMinds, to be 
•Ogiayer of the dies for the mint. 

* Tfeott^ this alliance the family of Mynors 
pnpfoi Ann^o hin to An Soub, Oxfonl. Sss 

Hereford in 1758. He m. Mary, dau. and 
heiress of Thomas Parry, esq. of Arkston, 
by whom (who «. Mcondly, ChnileB Mor^ 
gao, Btq. of Rnperra, second son of ThomBB 
Morgan, esq. of Tredegar) he had no i.sgue. 
He d, in 1766, when the estates and repre- 
•entation of the Mynors' family passed to hit 
kinaninB (lofor to dfiocendnnt of Thoodotia* 
daoghterof Robert MynoiBylhwIeeBA Lord 
of Treflj^o), 

P£T£K RiCKARDS, esq. ofEvenjobb, who- 
utnmed in 1787, Hio additional aomame of 
MYiiOBa. He m. Moliora, dan. and heireso 
of the Rev. John Powell (by Philippa, dan. 
and heiress of Thomas Baskervillr, rsq. of 
Aberedow, in co. Radnor, by Meliora, dai;u 
of Richard Baskenrille, esq. of RiehardstDo,. 
in Co. Wilts), Mnd bad issno^ 

Pftkr KicKAKDs-MYNOBlf of Treago^ 

present proprietor. 
Thomas^Baskbhville Mynors, b. in 
1700; BMuned die additional eor^ 
BBBW of B.«sKERViLi K in 1818, and 
served the office of sheri IT f or Wilts in 
1827. (See family of BAfiKERViLUt 
of Clyrow Court.) 
MeUora, m. in 18U^ to H. H. Farmer* 
eeq. of DoneiaBB^ in Co. Wexford, 
and has ]s$ae. (See vol. it. p. 570.) 
Mr. Rickards-MynoTS if. in 17SM, and was«. 
by his eldest eon, die present Pbtbb Rick- 
ABDi Mynobs^ eiq. of Tntigo* 


Th*^ BASKRRvrLLPfi of Frdrsley (the naTiic 
of whose patriarch is to be found inscribed 
on the roll at Battel Abbey) were for many 
reigns champions to the kings of Tngland, 
and were sheriffs of the connty of Hereford 
twenty-one times. 

Camden, in bis Britannica, in tlie account 
of Herefordahire, oheervea: **SfdMley, 
where the famous and ancient family of 
Baskerviilk hfivp lone; inhabited, which 
bred in old time so many noble knights; 
(bey deduce their original from a oieee of 
Gunora, (hat mostoolebrated Nonaan lady, 
who long ago flourished in this county and 
its neighhonr, Shropshire ; and held the ham- 
let of Lantun in capites as of the honour of 
Montgomery by the aervice of giving Ao 
king one barbed arrow as often as he came 
into those parts to hunt in Cornedou CIci-jc." 

Sir Robert Baskeiivili.e, knt. of Frties- 
ley Castle, in the county of Here lord, uu 

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AgDM, da«. of Oftlfrid* llaes of Wales,* 
and mtu t. by Ui aon. 

Sir Ralph Baskerville, living temp. 
Henry II. from whom we pas» tu ha des- 

Silt Richard BMStitviUB, one of fhe 

knights of the shire for the county of Here- 
ford, to whom, in 1900, the writ was issued 
for the observation of the charter of forests. 
H« was sheriff of IlerafordehiTe in die 8th 
of Edward II. (anno 1316). He d. in the 
reign of Edwahd IH. leaving by his wife 
Joanna, dnii^liti'r of Sir Riehstrd Poyiiea» 
or Poyuiugs, a son and successor, 
Sm RrcHARD Baskbrville, whose son. 
Sir Richard Baskbrville, was in ward 

of die fanily erentiuilly proceeded froM hit 
youngest son, we pass at once to tfaRtpefSOn, 

Humphrey Baskervillf, who m. Elea- 
nors, daughter and heir of John AguilUam, 
of Lahbbdr and Aberedow, both in the 
ooRB^ of RidoMr, Rsd WM «. by his son, 

John Basxirviub, whose gIe■^gre•t• 

Thomas Baskerviixe, esq. tn. Sybella, 
daughter of GolliiU) of Bryngwyn, end was 
t. by his BOB, 

Thomas BASKERvri I F, rsq. who esponflpd 
Meliora, <!3upl>ter of Rirhnrd Baskrr ville, 
esq. of Winterbourne, and dying in Novem- 
ber, 1740, left an only daughter and heireei, 

Phiuppa Baskrrvillb, who m. the Rev. 

to King RfrM\nr> TT. nnd nttrtinrd majority i John Powell, and left OA ooly daogbter and 
in the 17th ul that prince. He d. in 1395, | heiress, 

i Meuora Poweix, who m. first, 
RlCXAROS MYWORt, osq. of Bqjobb, in the 

His grandson, 

Sir John BASRSRvtua, hnt 
Elizabeth, daughter of John Tonchet, Lord 

Aurflev, and wa? j. by his son, 

SiK James UASKERVtLLB, wlio was sheriff 
of Hereford in the 88di Hrnry VI, He 
Mi, Sybella, dan. of Sir Walter Deveraux, 
Lord Ferrers, of Ghardoy, and was s. by his 

Sir Walter Baskbrville, who served the 
oflee of sheriff of Herelbrdshire in die 9th 
of Edward IV. and was made a Knight of 
the Bath at tlie marrmc:e of Prince Arflmr 
in lAOl. He m. a daughter of Morgan John 
ap Phillip, of Peucoyd.and dying 4lh Sep- 
tember, 1608, was tf . by his son. 

Sir James Baskerville, knt. who m. 
E1i7;abeth,dau.aBd coheirof John Breynton, 
and had isene, 

jAMB8(Sir), who m. Katherine, daughter 
of Walter, Visconnt Hereford, but 
does not appear to have had issue. 
John, whose line ceased with his great- 

Thomas (Sir), d» «. p, m. 
Walter, d. m. p. 
Sir Janes A 18di Not. IM6, and as the Une 

* Carts* MSS. intheBodlrita Library, r«ferr«d 
to by Jones, in his Histoiy of Brecon, style this 
Indy, Nestn. daughter of Reaa ap GriflHh, Piincp 
of South Wales. 

e<mnty of Radnor, and was mother of tto 

present Peter-T?ickards Mynors, esq. 
She espoused, secondly, Jaspar Farmer, esq. 

Armt — Sa. an eagle displayed or, on a 
chief as. hordnred arg. a «hov. hefween t«ro 
creseents In chief and a rose in faaoe of the 









ReBS of Wa1£5, 







De MORVftUy 



JDr Stvtbvilli, 





RBllfCOirRT, lie. &c. 

CWsf— A naked arm embowed, dm Imad 

holding a bear's paw, erased at the thigh. 

Motto — Spero ut fidpli?. 

Estates — Treago, in Herefordshire ; En- 
jobb and Aberedow Court, in Radnorshire. 
The Treago eMUe eiooyed by the Mynors* 
family since the Norman Conqnest 

Seats — Trea^^o, Herefordshire; Biyol>b 
House, iiadnorshire. 


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ta Radnorshire, b. in 1790, m. in 1818, Aone, daughter and heiresa of John Hancock* 
«iq. «f MafllMffmigh, tot hat no hsm. lliie gmfbinaD, who is a magiatrate for the 

counties of Hereford, Radnor, ancl Wilts, and depatf lieutenant of the last ibiie in- 
herit the- Wilt5hin> rstrttcs in 1817, upon the decease of Colonel Bukeirille, and in 
tb€ following year he assumed by 5ii.'n- manual ihe surname and arms of that'anciaBt 
md eminent family. He served the office of Sheriff for Wilts, in 1827. 

poused n drmpliter of Sir Rothes de 6n>», 
knt. Lord of Orcop, nnd was s. by his son, 

Walter de Baskeuville, of ErdUley, 
temp. Richard I. who was t . by his son, 

Waltf.r de Bask ervillk, who m SnMa, 
dau. of Sir John Crif^don, knt. and had issae, 
I. Walter (Sir), who inherited Erdis- 
ley in the reign of Henry III. He 
m, Sibella, dan. of John Strealon, 
and left at bis decease, in 1990» two 
daughter?, his co-heirs, vix. 

1. Joan, m. to Roger, soti and heir 

of Walter, Lord Clifliord. 
3. SiUtt, m. to H«gh de Kimen- 

fi. Richard (Sir), of whom presently. 
IJI. George, Lord of Lawton and Pick- 
lhofM» in Ao oouEty of Salop, tem^. 
Bdwaro I. whow aon, 

George, of Lawton and Pickttono, 
was t. by eldest son, 

Sir Richard Baskenrille, knt. 
Lord of Piekthorne, who 
was t. by his son, 
Sir Ro[::pr Bapkrr\'ine,ofPick- 
tborne, who flourished in the 
reign of Edward III. He 
bad three mm, 
Walter (Sir). 
John, Lmd of Weston, 

cf. 9, p. 

Richard, whose line ter> 
ninated with his great- 

Sir John BaskfrviDp^ 
knt. of Weston. 
Ml Edward IV. 

The eldest son, 

famUy of Baskerville is one of the 
taacteat aodbonoorahle in England, its 
wmm m npon tho roll of BiUlel Abbey, it 
kMorer maintained the highest rank amongst 
the erntry. ^nd it can hoaat Of tiM blood of 
the Plantagenets. 

n« BaikervillM came into Hereford- 
Aire soon after tho CSonqooft,* and aetding 
af Erdisley, beeame connected with thofimt 
f»milif>4 of the county, served the office of 
sheriff no less than twenty-one times, and 
weiw doeled knights of Uio aUre in eleven 
fnrliaments. Their pedigree has been 
fVnfiniiy deducni, and !• doly registered 
IB the College of Aruis. 

Sir Rorert Baskerville, kot. of Erdis- 
by Giollo, in the eonnty of HonM, m. 
Agnes, daughter and heiress of Neota, dan. 
of R#e« »p Griffith, Prince of Sontii Wales, 
and was *. by hu son, 

8iB Rautb di Baskrr vuxs, lord of Erdis- 
ley» iR dbe tiae of Hrrry U. who «. a dan. 
of the Lord Clifford, and was s. by his son, 
Sia RotiEB DE Baskekx illi^, of Erdisley, 
liTinjf in the reign of Henr^ IT. who es- 

• la tiie vev 1109, forty-three years after the 
Cooaoaic, Hcmv I. «n tike marriage of his eldSat 

dau^Dt^r leTi^-d !i f<'rritr.rin5 impost of 3*. fmr every 
ltid» of l^ind, oftd ntMzns were m conaeqaence made 
>j baroQs, he. of the county of Hereford, in 
*^kich Allan; f!^> f' rf rcturna th*- name of Kndul 
■t B»^ttrrUie, mod Hugo de Lacy, that of 

Sir Wnltpr !??\skrrvillf, knt. 
of Pickthorue, m, Elizabeth, 
davghter of — Lncy, and 
was s. by his son, 

John Baskerville, of Piek- 
thorne, who left an only 
daughter and heireas, 

Maroarrt Basrrrvillr, 

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wkow. WIIIiMB or Ro- 
bert Fowleharst. 
The second son of Walter de Baskerville, ! 

Sir RicuAao os lUsuftviixB, M. P. for * 
die county of Herof ord in 1S06 Mid 1997, be> 
enmo Lord of Erdltley ot Ao decease of his 
elder brother. He m. - — , dau. of Sir — 
Sollers, knt. and was s. by his elder sod, 

SiH Walter de Baskerville, Lord of 
Combe, «1ko m. in Oie SMi Edw. I. Sibfil, 
daa.of Peter Corbet,of CMa«aiiddyiag«i»out 
thp 12tli of Edward II. was t. by his son. 

Sir Kichard de Bask.eb.ville, knt. of 
Erdisley, M. P. for the county of Hereford 
ia 184^,wbo m. in the l«k Eowabo H. JTwe, 
or JowM» daughter of Sir Richard Poines, 
or Poynings, knt and was #. by his son. 

Sir KicuARO Basurvuxb, knU of £rdts- 
ley, living temp. EdwAAD UI. m» laobeUa, 
dau. and heiress of Sir Walter Caveley,* 

knt. h\ whom he had a son, bis successor. 

Sir Kichahd I^askvr^ ille, knt. who m. 
JoaD,dau.of Adam de £reriu^iiatu,of Laxton, 
and dying IGtb Sept. 1300^ was #. by hit eon. 
Sir John Baskerville, luot. living in the 
rrif^ of Henhv IV. This gentleman m. 
Elizabeth, dau. and heiress of John Brugge, 
of Letton and Stanton, and bad issue, 
• John (Sir), bit taeaetior. 

Ralph, b. 21st October, 1410, who m. 
Anne, daughter and co-heiress of Sir 
John Blackett, kaU and left an only 
daughter and heireatp 
Jane, m. to SimOB Hilbonme. 
Sir John Baskervillp wa5 f by his eldest son, 
Sir John Baskerville, knt. of Combe, 
b. I2tb February, 1403. He espoused EU- 
aabeih, danghtar of John Teudwl, JLord 
Audley, and had issue, 

I. James (Sir), his successor. 

II. John, who m. Eleanor, dau. and heir 
of Tbomaa Holeot, of Wotton, and 
became poateited of dtat ettate in 
right of his wife. He was father of ' 

WilliniTj Baskerville, of Wotton, 
who left three daughters, hit co- 
heira, tIi. 

1. Eleanor. 

2. Joane, m. to Richard Mo- 
niogton,of Westhide, in the 
oonnty of Hereford. 

3. Jane, m. to Thomas Pcn- 
bruge, of Mansel Carnage, 
in the county of Hereford. 

III. Henry. iv. Humphrey. 

• Tfi.' n«rl. M!nS. statP thnt the wifp nf this ^on- 
tleomi w»4 the dsu. of bir Uichard Hampton, knt. 

V. Sibill, m. to Richard Bowdon, ol 


Sir John d. 23rd December, 1465, and was 
». by his eldest son. 
Sir JAMBt BAiKBRviUR,luit of Rrdisley» 

M. P. for the county of Hereford in 1476 
and sheriff 39th Henry VI. 4th Edward 
IV. and 14th Ubnry VH. He was made a 
knight banaowt OB the field, after the faatHe 
ofStoho,nearNewaik,in 1487, anda knight 
of the Bath at the coronation of Henry VII 
He m. Katherii^c dau. of Waiter Devereux, 
Lord Ferrers, of Chartley,* and had, 
t. Walter (Sir), hit heir. 
II. John, who espoused Alice, daughter 

• Through this alhanoe the Baakwriilas denve 
from the Mood leyaL 

Edwai? D 1, King of England, m. Eleanor, daagh- 
ter of Ferdinand ill. King of Ca»tile, and Iwd, 
with other issae. 

Tub Prikczss Joak of Acazs, (his eecood 
daughter), who, espoused Gilbert de Clare» Earl 
of Gloucester, and Itad, inUr alios, 

Ladt E^Koa m Cijiai, aldsst daughisr and 
eo-heir to bsr brolhar OObMt, Eld ef CSMsaataw 

Her ladyiibip m. Hugh Le D«spene«>» Si4 irf 
Gloucester, one of the baplesA fiiroaziHt of fo> 
WABD n. by whom (who was be h sade d hi 13M) 

ehe was mother of 

Sir Euwaho Le DnrEMCEJi, who «. Anne, 
daughter of }lenry. Lord Ferms, Of GMhjvaad 
dying in ld4S, left an only son, 

Sir EnwAan Le DtspcNCKa. who, <n the 90th 
Edward III. h*>ing tlien u knight, aJtemltJ K!- 
ward the Black Phnce into t nmce, acd shared is 
the glory ofPoicTiLRs. For several years aflar^ 
w ards, Sir Fdvi nrd continued in the F^^n^^ wnr^, 
and fur his gallant conduct was sunimoned to pat- 

andheires? of John Bridget, of Horo* 
ford, and had a son, 
Hrnry BAtESRviLLB,whofli. Anae, 
daughter of John IhUFord, of the 

OOUnty of Gloucester, and bad 
1. Sir Thomas Baskerville, 
knt. of Goodrest, in the 
eova^ of Warwick, gOBenl 
of the English army in Pi- 
cardy, who m. Mary, d«u. 
of Sir Thomas Tbrogm orton , 
of Torttworth, and dying in 
lfi07, left a ton and heir, 
Hanmbal Bask fk mule, 
esq. lord of the manor 
of SunningweU, in the 
county of Berlis, who m, 
hit lirti oOBsin, Maiy, 
dan. of Capt. Nicholas 
Baskerville, and relict 
of John Morgan, esq. by 
, whom l»c had sixteen 
■got and tiro dan^tftob 

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2. Captain yiCMOMsBASRER- 
vtLLE, who m. Constance, 
daughter of Geo^eHnntley, 
esq. ud Ml • dflBf^r, 
Mary, m. to her eouin, 
Hannibal BadLenrflle, eaq. 

3. John, id,a m, 

4. Arnold, J*"'*^ 
III. PUUp, who Uli imae, 

TRomas, of Netherwood, firom 
whom sprang the Batkervflles 
of Netfaerwood, now extinct. 

JuMt, of Kyn Park^in the eoon^ 

of Hereford, who m. Izaed, dan. 
of — Bulkeley, esq. of the Co. of 
Hants, and relict of Sir Francis 
Willonghby, by itlMlMklMl, 
James, who was dfowoad la 

the river Wye. 
Catherine, m. to Richard Tom- 
kyns, esq. of Mouington- 
<— flkto^findnldcer coq. 

of Hardwicke. 
Mary, m. first, to John Scvda- 
more,eiq. of Thruxton ; se- 
eoadly, to JoMf 'Otimnw, 
esq. of Treloogh ; aadttMly, 
to WOliaiD lharf, esq. 

Rr laMi Baskenrille was s. by his son, 
8ii Waltu BumvfixB, kBtoTBriib- 

hj, sheriff of Hereford, 9th of Edward IV. 
who waa created a knight of the bath, on 
the marriage of Prince Arthur, in 1601. 
Bk tal, MOkat, daughter of Morgan ap 
Mli «p PhBip, of Poneoyd, had tene. 
I. Sir ijiHBs BuKttvnxB, hat of 

I Ihwm DssmHxa, from I5th Decem- 
W. f.\5r. to 6th October. 137t, baing iIm) ho- 
with the Gaitar. His kwdahb m. lUisa- 
Mh, d»«. and Wir of BatAoloaiwda Burgherah. 
BniTrfaenlt, sad had, with other issue, 
Makoiret Le Ds s y aw c sa , who w. Robert, Lord 
Fnats, of CfaartW. hf whoai aha Ml al b«r de* 
a son and successor. 
ImnmoLoio Fbbiiars, of ChsrUey, who m. 
£«nor (Uo^lsr and co-beire«s of Sir Thomas 
j*k jfawih i ^ tot. Baron of llocbe, in the county 
Mm, md was s. by his elder son, 
UM Lord Firrms, of C hartley, who m. 
^^^dsu. of Sir UaaMB Bdknap, knt. snd 
V"S<Mh HsmiT VLIsft SB only dan. and heir. 
mmn F£saARs,wbo espoused ^\'alter Devereux, 

a(a*o becuDe Baron Ferrars, of ChartW, in 
t of bn wife), nd had issue. 
Joan. Lord Fprrars, of ChartV^v. 
L E ^ TBsauu t-^ stated above) m. bin Jamis 

Erdl8ley,\vho tn. Elizabeth, daughter 
and co-heir of John Breynton, of the 
coanty of Hereford, by Sibilla dau. 
aad oo«heir of flhaon MObome, 
grandson of Sir John MttboniOp by 
Eliza, dau. and heir of Sir John Byaa- 
ford,*andhad five sons, viz. 

1. James (Sir), of jBrUisley, sheriff 
er n a w ih id 8tth of Hm. YIU. 
Hereford, but d. $. p. in 1573. 

2. John, of Erdisley, whose male 
line terminated in 1617, upon tlie 
doniae, hraelaM, of hit great 
gftniMn, 8ia Hitiiphrey Bas- 
KBRmLP., knt. of Eardesleyyihe' 
riff of Hereford in 1610. 

8. Thomas (Sir),ofBrinsop, county 
of HereM, oafled te Naah'a 
Woraaalershire, of WoWes Hill, 
in the county of Worcester. This 
gentleman m. Eleanor, dau. and 
eoMr of Richard Abington, 
eaq. of MraoUamptoo, in the 
eounty of Hereford, and relict of 
John Dansey,e8q.ofBrinsop,hy 
whom he had an onlydan.and heir, 
Bliaiioi» m. to John Talbot, 
aof • of OraHon, by whom 
she was mother of Joi|]t» 
tenth Earl of Shrewsbury. 

4. Waiter, of Erdisley, who m. 
Jaae, reUtt of Thomaa Tiiaaw, 

of StOVftor Stou ell, buttf.«;^. 

5. Humphrey, of Aberedow and 
Lambedr, Co. Radnor, which es- 
tates he acquired in marriage with 
Bleaaor, dao. and heir of John 
ap GwilHm. Hie aon aad heir, 

• Gerard. Lord Fur-« 
nivalof Sheffield, a faith- 
ful Baron to King John, 


of William de Lur 
of Worksop, Notts 

i,L«i^FnniiTal, Gerard de Furniral, of 
slnin by the Saracens, Morden FumiTal, m. 
ancestor of the Lords Christiaa, dau. aad hear 
'Vila. of Onisaaid LedaC, nd 

widow of Henry d« Bvay* 
brock. ^ 

Sir Gerard de Fumiral m. Joan. dna. 
and co-heir to Hugh J>« MorriU. 

I 1 . 

wifetoJeha Christiao. m. toSir Joim 


Elisabeth, dau. and bear, 
ai.toSir Jolin MiJbofas. 

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John Bawekvillb Mq. of 

Aberedow, 1578,Saiab, 

dai). of Thoraaa Lewis, of 
Harptoii Court, in Radnor- 
shire, and was iatber of 

THOMAf Baskirvillb, «K|. of 
LMnbodrin 1610, m.Eleanor, 
dau. of John I^ewis, of Lan- 
wenny, and was t. by his son, 

Jamrs Basurville, esq. of 
Abaftdoir, who m, Docodiy, 
dau. of Darid Blaynp\ , and 
by her, who A in 1007, left a 

James Basurviixe, esq. of 
Abertdow, who m ia 1604, 
BlinlMtb, dau. of Edward 
Griffin, e«q. of Bickniarsh, 
and was s. hy Lis soa, 
Thomas BAiKBftViu.i, otq. 
who m. in 1 700, SyUll* dau. 
of — Coniiis, esq. of Rryn- 
pwyii, ill thii county of Rad- 
nor, and was *. by his son, 
Aberedow Ck>urt, who m, in 
1726, Meliora. eldest dau. 
of Richard Baskerville, esq. 
of Riduurditon, inWillthIre, 
by JanOt dto* of Sir Richard 
Gore, knt. and left at his 
decease in 1740, an only 
daughter and heiress, 
pHium, wbo m. in 1787, 
the Rev. John Powell, 
of Penland, Co. Radnor, 
by whom (who d. in 
IHIB) she bad an only 
Mbliora, m. in 1787, 
to Peter Rick- 
A RDS-BI Y N0RS,esq. 

II. John, (second son of Sir Walter 
BaskerviUe, by the daughter of Ap 
Philip) who left a son Henry. 

III. Thomas of Pontrilas.* 

* This g^ntteman left an illegitimate eon, Wal- 
TRB liAanERviLt*, of Pontril«», who m. Jwie, dau. 
and 0O>beir of RichurJ Monintrton, (,sq of West- 
liids, and Joia, his wife, daughter aad co>hsir of 
John Baskerrille, eaq. of Wotum, by wbom b« 

had a son anff sticcfssnr, J^mt!? Ha^kj-pvit rr, of 
PontrilM, of whom it is recorded, that by twn 
wires be bad fMttf ehildren, and newly m many 
by ooncubtnes. He m. Sybitle, dau. of Sir Ham- 
phrey Bukerrille, of Erdesley, knt. and wu t. by 
■is eon, 

Wausa BASBsavius, of Poathki, who m. 

IV. Elisabeth, wifo of Kyoard. Ma- 

here, or according to soroe,of Sanaera 

Delabere, of Kynardsley. 
Sir Walter m. secondly, Elizabeth, daughter 
of Henry ap Milo ap Harry, of PealM, by 
trhon he had further issue, 

V. Philip, who m. Agnes, dan. of Joho 
Hamlyn, of Wilts. 

vi. Edward. 

VII. Wiltiam,aheriirof Hefafofd,9Bli.IV. 

VIII. James, from whom some asnne the 

NethfTwood branch to be descended. 
IX. Simon, of whom wc are just about 
to treat. 

SmoM Baskbrvillb, eaq. ai. Bliiabedi, 
dan, of — Brand, esq. of Wanl>orough,in tto 

county of Wilts, and left t!iree s^ons, 

I. WllXIAM, of Wanborough, who d, 
in 1604, leaTing two daughters, vis. 
EusAntii, M. to Hon. Thonan 


Mary, m. to Tliomas Foster, e»q. 
eldest sou of Sir Thomas Foster, 
knt one of Ibo jnaticea of the 
court of ooniinon>|iteM. 
3. Thomas, whose pon, 

James, m. twice, but, d,i,p, 
a. George. 
The yonngest aon, 

George Baskervillb, esq. of Tewkea- 
bury, Co. Gloucester, m. Eleanor, dau. of — 
Quarrel, esq. of Blockland, of Evesham, 
Co. Worcester, and had liene, 

1. Simon, who went to sea, about the 
time of Tilbniy Camp, and d.«.^ 

2. Thomas. 

3. Anue, wbo m. twice, but d, issnelesa, 
nbont the year 1644. 

Thomas Baskbrville, esq. (the second 
son) of Richardston, in the county of Wi1t?«, 
m. in 1604, Johan Lor, by whom he had issue, 

*• ™.T"* { who d. issueless. 

s. wmiam, y 

3. Francis, ?iiccps?or to his father. 

4. .lenwora, ni. to John Grubhe, esq. 
ol To theme. From this alliance de- 

Ano. daughter oi Heoiy Vaugbaa.eaq.of Moccas. 
and was f . by his son, 

HuMpanKY BASBSavxLLB, of Pontfilaa, who at. 
Anne, daughter of Sir TboinaB Aubrey, lent, and 
bad two dwjgbters, his co-heirs, viz. 

1. MAaY, m. iuf§. to Sir Edward aiorg«u. 
hart, of Lantarnaio, oonn^ of Monmoatb ; 
aerondly, to John Howe,«aq. by the iatsar 
of whom she )uid a son, 

Joiiw Howi. elerated to the peerage 1 4th 
Osoaos 11. as Baaoy CaaowomTa. 
' (see Bitrke*w EttmH Pmmgt). 
i. Cecil, w. t il lUrthobmcw Games, esq.ofth* 
haulf of Aberbran, in the ooun^ of Brecoa. 

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live Grabbe of Potemey and Ben- 
son of Salisbury. 

Catharine, »n. to Henry Gn!l>be, esq. 

6. Elizabeth, m. to John, sou and heir 
oTSir Joto X^nibe, knt «f Colston. 

7. Anne. m. to John Polwhele, esq. of 
Polwbele, and from this maniige 
liaeally derives the present 


of Polirhele,ae weiQ-kiiciwii asti* 
qoAry of Cornwall and BeroD. 

8. "lf«rk-. m. to WiMiam Riveo^ ei4|« 
Tbc only imrviving sou and heir, 

FlAHat Baskerville, esq. b. in Wlit, 
a. ia April, 1085, Mugei«t» sebond daugh- 
tPT of John Glanvni, esq, of Broadhinton, 
in the coooty of Wilts, faftrrwarda Sir John 
ttlanrill, knt) by whom, who d. 28th March, 
im, be hid, with foitr daughters, ^thtee 
mm, viz. 

WtLTER, dL «. ^ is 1098. 


Francis, liring in 1660. 

Thoius BASKERviLLt» eiq. m. Mary, 
iaugbt^r of Richard Jone«, e«q. of Hanham, 
ie the ooanty of Gloucester, and had, with 
**tal other cluidren, (who appear to have 
tn i fHmikm,) 

RlCKARD, eldest sorviviiyioil, and 

cessor to his father. 
George, of WiTitPrboume Basset, who 
d. 20th May, 1755, at the age of se- 

lane, «. to her 
BaikervUie, esq. 
Aoiaafi BaakerrOle was #. at his decease 
■dmvuig son, 
IbcHARo BuKERviLLE, esq. of BioliRrd* 
•ton, who espoused Jane, daughter of Sir 
Ridiard Gore, knt. of Barrow Court, iu the 
•■■■Qr of Smnerset, and widow of — Ray- 
■Mi fliq. by wbon he hed israe, 
I. Thomas, his successor. 
U. MsLfORA, 6. in 1701, whom, in 1726, 
Thoma« Baakenrille, esq. of Abere- 
' Ctmri, and left an only child and 

PaiupPA. who m. in 1707, the Rev. 
John PowelJ.^f Penland, and 
had an only da^hter and heiress, 
llBUOBAPoWBLLyWboiM. first, 

ia 1787, PtTER RicMRDs- 

Mynors, esq. ofTreago,by 
whom (who d, in 1794) she 
had issue. 

1. PbtrrRickards'My- 
NORS» esq. of Tieago^ 

(see that family). 

2. Thomas Baskekvillp, 
of whom presently, as 
eveeeseor to Me relative, 
Colonel Baekerville. 

3. ATclioni. fii. in ISlfi^ tO 
Hugh-Hovell Farmer, 
esq. of Bunsinaoe, in 
Ike eonnty of Wexford, 
and has issue. 

Mrs. Rickards-Mynors es- 
poused, secondly, Jaspar 
Puner, esq. but dying ia 
1889, left no fiiither iiene. 
III. Jane, m. to Thomas Reding, eeq.of 
Salisbury, and d. *. p. 
Mr. Baskerville, of Richardston, d. 14th 
Sepitember, 1788, aged leTen^^tiro, and was 
#. liy Ms out J eorriving eon, 

Thoilas Basrervillb, esq. who eepenaed 
his cousin, Jane, daughter of Opor^e Bas- 
kerville, esq. of Winterbotime Basset, and 
left iseae at lile decease, in 1758, (with a 
daughter, HeUofa, wlw A naauRiedt to 
1773) a son and saceeeeor, 

Thomas Baskerville, esq. lieutenant- 
colonel of the 60th regiment of foot, who m. 
Ibnt, Aaae, only daughter of the Rev. James 
OTfeOe, «f BaDyahnanoB, In Ibn eonnlj of 
Donegal, and secondly, Jane, youngest dau. 
of Thomas Bishop, esq. of Kinsale, but 
having no issue by either of these ladies, his 
eitatee derelved, at Ui decease in 1817, 
apon his cousin, 

Thomai- Baskerville Mtnors, eeq. 
who assumed, in 1818, (as stated 
above,) the surname and ami^ of 
Baskbrville, of which very ancient 
house hbmeilf and lUa broOer, Pelnr 
Rickards-Mynoia, eiq. aretiierq»fe- 


Arms — Arg. between three hurts ;i chev. 
Quartertnjft — (Same as those of Mynors. 

Crest— \ wolf's head evMed arg. holding 
in its mouth a broken spear; staff or, head 

arg. imbued gu. 

Motto— Spero ut fidelis. 

In Wilts, Herefordshire, Kad- 
norshire, Bant^ Deraet, and Berks. 

Seat^-dyrow Conrt, in the eonnty of 

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HOSKEN, JOSEPH, eiq. of Cannes and £llengla2e, both in the county of Cornwall, 

b. 20th November, 1773, m. 2ath June, 1796, Jean, 
on!y daughter of James Harvey, esq. aldermtn ami CwiM 
^-^——^"^ Mayor of Bristol, by whom b« hw had 'mmt, 

Joseph, L 1st November, 179B, and d, uniaarried, I7th 

Norember, lb23. 
Jims-HARVBY, h. Slat Novcmbor, 1809. 

John, b. 17th May, 1806. 
Richard -Frnlay, b. 17th SpptcTiibrr, IHII. 
Charles-Henry, b. 13th December, Ittl4. 
Alison-Harvey, rf. 2ud April, 1811. 
JM»>A]id«noii, A Ml Aagoat, 1831. 
Karia, tf. IMh Jamais, 1808. 

Thia gentleman locceeded hia father in 1 8 10. He seryed for many yean aa captaua in 
the Royal Comwail Militia, and afierwarda aa Major of the 2nd Cornwall Yeomm^r 
Cavalry. He has alao haea for a long period one nf his majesty's justices of Aa poaca, 
and a depv^ liaatooaiit, and ^t/gmty imrdan of tha Stannariaa of Cornwall. 

Tiie HoauHS hara beta itapaetaUe land- 
owaeifl in ttie coantj of Conwall for a 

iaries of years. They were formerly seated 
at the Barton of Hoskens, in tlie i)ari<)^h of 
St. Enedor, whence they removed, in tlie 
atitteenlli oentury, to Hondia Orecn, la the 
paiMi of St Stcvlkona, near Laaaoeaton. 

John Hosken, esq. the lineal descendant 
and representative of the family, was buried 
in the parish church of Stephens the 9th 
Janaaiy, \74SL Bj Ma wife, jaae, (dangh- 
ttt of.- Hoakan, eaq. of %laakerry), he 
left seranl ddldxen, aad waa #. bj hia eldeat 

HicuARD HosKEN, esq. h. ia 1906. This 
geafleoiaD as. in ITS, Bdilh, aldcat dangh- 

ter of John Edgecombe, esq. of Cargantle, 
in thr rn unty of Cornwall (a branch of the 
noble family of Edgecumbc, of Mount Edge- 
cumbe), and waa s. by his only son, 

John HoiEEM, aoq. k In 1744 ; who m, 
in 1770, Johanna, daughter of John Hutch- 
ingf, of Woodcotte, in the county of Devon, 
by his wife, Joan Gray (of an ancient family 
in the pariahof BlaokTonington, andiabiled 
to Aft poet of tibat name). In 1780,ttponthe 
demlae of hia oomin, JoaophHoakan,eaq* of 

Carinef, in the pariah of Cuher^ he removed 
to thatpiaaa,a0wlhapaopartgraadiaali«nee 

of hia son. Mr. Hoeken d. 13th April, 1810» 
leaviag three sons* and two daoghter9. viz. 

Jo.sEPH, present repreaaatatiire of the 

John, who haa aaaanBd Aa annume of 




Arnu—Per pale gu. and as. a cherroA 
or, charged wiA litfee daqBaftfli, b e tw a tu 
thrae liona paaaani aif . 

ilfolia— Via aaita fortior. 

TLxtatrs — Manors of Ellenglaze and 
Cannes, with various other possessions in 
Cubert, Crantock, and the adjoining p«> 
riahaa. BUeaglaae waa porehaaad tte 
HosKENS from the heirs of the famJlgr OC 
Robartes, Earls of Radnor, ill 1750. Cariaea, 
and the other estates, have been in the i>o«-> 
session of the family for more than a cen-> 
tury and a half. 

iSiMi*— Cariaea, and EUeagiaae, both lia 
Ao eoaalgr of Coniwatt. 

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JsTANLEY, EDWARD, e«i. of Daleg^arth and Ponaonby Halls, in the conntj of Com. 

berland, M.P. for that ehire, A. in 1790, m. in Dec. 182J, 
Mary, Hau. of William Don^Iaa, esq. one of the jadgMin tbe 
Eeet ladies, and had, with throe daqghlan, thme iOBi» tit. 

Edwaris h. SeplenW, IMS, d, 19a&, 
William, k. Septembe r 14th, iaS0. 
Gfoige-BdwRTd, b, November 31a^ Wl. 

Mr. Stanley loecoeded to Me eetetee at flie deeeaae of his 
ftthor, Notember 17«h, 1806. 

He ia a niap;i.str:it« and deputy lieutenant of the county 
of Cumberland, and waa sheriff of that shire iu 1823. 


cient and uilliieDtial faailiee 111 Ite klng^ 
•iom. They were of consequence, sayg 
Caoidea, half a century before the conquest, 
^ thsj kate invariably held an eminent 
Flaeeinkialaey. The branch of which ve 
»re more immediately about to treaty h«i 
l^a located in the uorth for several cen- 
tants, and the mo«t ancient of their estates 
ia OoAerinnd have deeeended tibfoogh an 
■obrokf-n succi'ssion of father and eenover 
4 p'-nrd of unt than five hondfedyean, 
^ the present proprietor. 

HinnT flraiftBtOB db Stowblbt, who 
li>ed for^ yean helbfe die coM|nee^ line- 
ally de*'*endpd 

Sir William de Stanley, who, espous- 
;ug loan, eldest daoghter and co-heir ot ^ir 

I. WiUiAM, who m. Margaret, 
danghter and helieae of WDIhun 

de Hooton, Lord of Hootoo, in 

Cheshire, and from this alliance 
lineally desct-rul.s ihu present 

Sir Thomas Stanlk y-IVTas- 
•bt<4tanley, bart, of Hoo- 

yjiiesBed of the auuior nai haflywick of 
yrall Forest, and thereupon assamr-d the 
tnMrriai beaiings since used by his doR- 
••■dam^ wit, ttne stags' heads on a bend. 
By the helm of fltourtoo he had, widi 
i/Lhrr issue, a son and snccessor, 

John Staklftch, Lord of Stanley and 
Stottrton, who m. Mabel, dau^thter of Sir 
Bewafcel* hnt and had iame, 
WIUU4H (9ir), Lord of Stanley and 
8iowlon» who hnd three w»a« 

a. lOHif (SIrX 

Edward Smith - Stanley, 

Earl op TVf.rby (see Burh^g 
Peerage and Bmronetagt), 
3. Henry. 
John, of whom presently. 
The eeeond son, 

John SrAMieiou, purchased lands at 
GreswUhen, In the oouty of Onmheelaad, 

and represented the city of Carlisle In par- 
liarnent, dOth Edwwd JU, Hif sen and 


John STANLaioH, op Gkeswituen, living 
temp. Bdwabo m. henght lea* in EmUe- 
ton and Bracl^enthwaite, in the oovn^of 
Cutnherland, in 1336^ and Watf. at hll de- 
cease by his son, 

NiCHor A s St n leioh, of Greswithen, who 
marrying Constance, daughter and heiress 
of Thomaa de Awediwalte, Iioid of Awath- 
walte, aeqnired diat nanor (now denoml* 

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Dated Balegarili), as appears by deed dated 
anno 1845. The lofdship of Awtdiwaite 
was granted by Arthur Boyvill, in 1102, to dc Awsthwaile, in whose family it 
1 oiitiuued for 226 years, until tlie heiress 
married with the Stanleys. In 1388| Ni> 
didM Stuldgii oliteiiied by pnrdtMe, the 
imnor and demerae of Poiwoiiby, H0 wm 
9, by his son, 

Thomas Stani ftgti, Lord of Awsthwaite, 
(in the records, called Staniaw), living in 
dw reign of Hbmrt TI. who vepreaented 
tho city of Onrlislo In pniUament. 

NiCHOLAsStam rinn, esq. Lord of Awsth- 
waite, las son and lit ir, was by his son, 

TMOMAii Stanley, esq. of Dalegarth, who, 
espousing Ann, daughter of Sir Bicbard 
Hndleiton, knt. acquired laade called Hy- 
ton, and was s, by bis eon, 

Wjlijam Stanley, esq. of Awsthwaite and 
l>alegartli, living 17th Henry VII. who m. 
Alice, daughter of Sir Richard Ducket, knt 
and lutd a «m, 

THOMAtSTAMlBY, eeq. of Dalegarth, who 
m. Mnr^rrt, daughter of lohn Fleming, 

esq. rind had iBdue, 

ioHN, his successor. 

ThoouM, who waa appobted mailer of 

the mint in 1570, and obtained firom 
his father the ancient family posscs- 
pions of Grps%rithen, Erahlofon, and 
Brackentiiwaite. He m. Lady Myt- 
fttd, relict of Sir Jamce Mytford, 
kat by whom be bad an only dangb^ 

ter nnd hpirr??, 

Mary, who m. the Honourable Sir 
Edward Herbert, afterwards cre- 
ated Earl op Powis (aae Bmrk^t 
Extmct PMrw§t), 
The eldest son , 

John Stanley, esq. of Dalegarth, m. 
liazgaret, daughter of Thomas Senhouse, 
eeq. and waa by bia ton, 

Thomas Stanley, esq. of Dalegarth, who 
purchased, in 1577, the manor of Birkby, 
in the county of Cumberland, from hie cousin- 
genum, tbe Connteee of Powie. He m. Im- 
bel, dani^ter of John Leake, eeq. of Bd« 
monton, and was hy his «oti, 

Edward Stanley, eBq. of Dalegarth, who 
m. Ann, daughter and co-heiress of Thomas 
Briggs, eeq. of Cbwmire, in the county of 
Westmoreland, and bad a son, 

John Stanley, esq. of Dalegarth, his suc- 
ocssor. Tilts get! tlemau, an active and sceal - 
otie royaUst, was heavilv fined by parliament ; 


but the penalty was subsequently mitigated.* 
He obtained a grant fnm fbe erown, of Hkm 
fair and weekly market of Bavenglass, and 
likewise purr-hasr d the manor of Birker. 
Mr. Stanley espoused, first, Mary, daughter 
of Thomas Stanley, esq. of Lee, in the oonn- 
ty of Sneeex ; nnd aeeoiidiy, ]>orotby,dai|glH 
ter of Henry Featiientonhaugh, of Feathcr- 
9tonhHU(^h, in the county of Northumberland* 
He was «. at his decease by his son, 

Edward Stamlry, esq. of Dalegarth, who 
«. leabel, ddeet daughter of Tbonaa Cor- 
wen, esq. of Sella Park. This gentleman 
was hiffh sheriff lor the county of Cnm>»er- 
land at the revolution, and proclaimed Atit^ 

Hw eon andeneceiior, 

* The following earioos ceittfiselM an tlfll la 
the possessioQ oi the StHilije. 

L. S. 

WhersM it appeareth by *— *i#nitr, andw tho 
hand of Mr. T ppch dated 29 Jsn. 1648, that John 
Stanley of Dalegarth ia the county of Cumber- 
land Esq. hiA eonpooaded and paide in and 
cared his fine, at the conunitte« at Ocldmdlb'a < 

Tfal! : thps^ fire thereforo to refjuirp rem, on sif^ht 

hereoi, to forbear to o&«t any rioieace to his par- 
son or 1» aay <rf Ua finaily, athiahooseat DaW- 

^rth in the coun^ of Cumberland, or to takfl 

away any of his horses or other thinp^, they doiay 
nothing pr«jodicial to the parliameot or anay, 

Oifen undir my bud nd sad isl Feb. StfM. 


To all officf'rs and soUlCn undw 
my command. 

L. S. Six quartprings. 
yfhetf* John btauley of Dalegarth ia the oo» 

of Coaheilnid esq. halh Mibaeiibod lo hb eoHpo- 

sition and paid and secured his fine, according to 
the direction of Parliameoit: theix' nr« therefor* 
to require and command you to p«nmt and soffer 
him aad his aamMli, qaiidf to ftes iato Dato- 
g^rth abovesaid, with their horses and mmtm ^^^ 
and to forbear to molest or trouble him or any of 
hit fiunilie, there, without setzing or taking away 
any of his horses or other goods or asMIe wbate^ 
ever : and to permit and to suffrr him or may of 
his family, at any tyme, to pass to any place, aHout 
his or thsir oecMiau, wUboot eftring uy injujy 
or violence to bim or any of his faadfy, Cilkov 
at Dalgarth, or in his or thch truye]]^. n<( ycm 
answer your contempt, at your utmost perrila. 

Given under my band and aaal this aecond 

To all oflicers and souldiers and all othata 
whom them may oonoeni. 

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loan Sunlit, esq. of DalegarUi, bought 

the rectory of Ponsonby, and the tidies and 
church lands thereunto belong'infr ; with 
many odder valuable estates in that parish. 
Ob kk BMT^ge, be haSU Poownby Hall, 
l»«iiebM«tke venoredln 1687liroai Dale* 
farth, the ancient residence of the family. 
He wedded Dorothy, co-heires« of Edward 
Holt, esq. of Wigan, in the county of Iah- 
cailer, sad luid Uuee Mnw, 
Edward, his sacceiMr. 
John, in holy orders, rector of Work- 
iagtoo, who m. Clara, daughter of 
Jobn Philipson, esq. of Calgarth, in 
tte ctmnty of Westmoreland, aad bad 
a ion, Edward, wbo M. Xttlia, daugh- 
ter of John Christian, esq. of Unerigg, 
by whom she had several children. 
Holt, a lieutenant in brigadier-general 
Weatmili'e legfaoeiit of fool, d. iia- 
married, in Iba expeditioa against 
Porto Bello. 
The eldest son, 

Eowiuu) Stanlby, esq. of IMgartb, es- 
poosed IGUbed, yoangat dangbter of Sir 
Oooflge Fleming, bart. lord-bisbop of Car- 
lisle, by whom he had (with foor daogbten 
beside, wbo all d. unmarried), 

Omsoi-Bdwaw, Us soeeessor, 

I>orotby,m. to lieutenaTit Joseph Dacre, 
and d. the year after niarriac;e. 
Edward Stanley d. in 1751, and was *. by his 
only SOD, 

GBOtoB-BliiraKii Stamut, esq. of Pon- 
son by and Dalegarth, who m. first, in 1774, 
DocoAj, yovageat danghtrr of Sir WiUiara 


Fleiaing, bart of Rydal, by wboin (wbo df. 

iu 17B6) he had two daugbten, Ufldred and 

ElizaV th. Hf« e«ponscd, secondly, in 1789, 
Elizabeth, daughter of Morris Evnn'^, rsq. 
of the county of Middlesex, and had iurtiier 

Edward, present propiislor. 
George, in 1791* 


Mr. Stanley, who served the office of sheriff 
forCunberland in 1774, was «. at bis decease 
by his elder son» Edward Stawlby, esq. of 

Dalegarth and Ponsonby, now representa- 
tive of the family, and twenty- fourth in di- 
rect lineal descent from Hbnry Stamleigh, 
of 8tonelesr« 

A r w u A ig. OB a bend eottised YMt ai. 
three bndts^ beads esibossed or, qnartsiing 

the AwSTHWi^iTE arms, viz. gu. two bars arg. 
in chief tliree mullet of sax points pierced 

' CreH—A stag's head argent, attired or, 
Jfefle— Sans ebanger. 

E$tmtu — Dalegarth, an extensive pro- 
perty in Eskdalr, which came into pos-^es- 
sion of the Stanley family in 1346, and has 
descended ftom filler to ton to tbe present 
proprietor; the manors of Binker-Awitb- 
wnite and Binkby ; Ponsonby Hall, tnc^fther 
with the* manor and nearly the whole of the 
parish of the same name ; ^siicries of sal- 
mon ; and Ibe litiies and patroaage of tbe 
obniebsa in Eskdalo and Ponsonbj. 

i^<?a/»— Dalegarth Hall, and Ponsonby 
HaU, both in tbe connty of Comberiand* 


1 * H 

Digiii^uu Ly Lit A. 'Li. 



SMITH JAMES, esq. of Ashlym Hall, m-di* oomxty of Herts, m, fint nrtMM» 

tuter of the llemfiblB Clmke Aiboteol, kf 

wham he hed ea only son, 

James, h. in 1800, iu 1811. 

He e'^poused secondly, in 1803, Mnry-Isabefia, dang:hter 
of the late Augustus Pecheil, ewj. txcei\f»r p-onem! of 
his Majesty's customs, and niece of Sir Tiiomaa PecbelJ, 
by whom (who d. in 1 823) be has had i«8ue, 

Arr,T'STt «., h. 15th Septt'mbcr, 1804. 
Frederic k-Gtorgo, l>. 20th March, 180G, d. iu June, 1826. 
Robert-Algenioi), b. 2Ad October, 1814. 

Mr. Smith eerved the office of high sheriff of the constj 


This family, with the collateral branches 
of bix George Bromley and Lord Carring- 
ton* derive immedtitely from Thomas Smith, 
ofBeyworth, in tlie county of Nottingham, 
and of Gftdeshy, in Leicestershire, who was 
a descendant of tlic Smiths, of Ashby Foi- 
ville afid Gadesby, and firom whom he in- 
herited ^ latter property in 1699. The 
Smiths of Ashby deduced their origin from 
Sir Michael Caninj^ton, stajidard bcarrr to 
King HiCHAKD I. iu the Holy Land, one of 
whose descendants changed his name to 
Smyth during the conflicts between the 
houses of York and Lancaster, for purposes 
of concealment, which surname remained 
afterwards that of the family. 

THOHAa Smith, esq. of lteyworth«fn. For- 
tune, daughter of Laurence Collin, eeq. 
hanker, at Nottingham, and had issue, 

Thomas, who served the olhce of high 

eheriir for ti|e connty of Leioeeter. 

He m. Mite Maty Mauley, and had 

fire daughter?, viz. 

1. Mary, m. to Thomas Tomson, 

5. £li«iheth, m» to Giles Eyie, esq . 

3. Cadierine, m. to WiUiaon Ring, 


4. .Anne, m. to Henn, Walters, esq. 

6. Harriet d unmarried. 

Samuel, of whom hereafter. 

Abel, of Noltinghan, honker, m. Jane, 

daughter of George Beauaion^ eeq. 

of Chapelthorp^ in Torlcehiie^ eiid 

had iswe, 

1. George, created a baronet in 
1767, whose son. Sir Geetgo 
Smith, tlie seoend haronet, as- 
sumed the seiaaoie of Bvosi^ 

2. John, of London, mcrchanL 

3. Abel, whose son, 

RoBtRT, was eh v.^ted to the 
peerage, 16th July, 179Q, as 

Lord Cauiungton. 
Sauuel Smith, esq*, (the second sou of 
Thomas Smith, of RejFWorth), left issue, 
John, who d. unmarried. 
Thomas, who m. Dorothy, daujjlifer of 
John Lister, e»q. of Sysonby. .nnd 
had an only daughter, who espou£«^ 
the late Sir Philip Bales. 
Tlie third son 

Samuel Smith, esq. who m. Elizabeth, 
daughter of Thomas Watton, esq. and had 

Samuel, M.P. for Worcester, who m. 

Miss Ix)ckyer, «i;uighter and heir»'««i 
of George Lockyer, of Ma|>|)lvton, 

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BwtneMn^ tnd left iwnt llifiee 

Thomi-». v,-hn in. ITnn. Mnry Hut- 
chinson, dauj;bter of the Kight Hod. 
John Hely-Hutdunsoa, and aiiot of 
Ae pmeatBul pf Dmioagluaoxe by 
wfc«ia(irho d. in l^)lie bad issue, 
1. Hely-HiitchifKon, in Jtoty or- 
ders, uovv (Iccea^d. 
% A daughter. 

d. C Jocelyn]|ary,fli.totlieR«v. 

H. B. Tristram, and d. 3rd Au- 
gust, 1830, leaving two aooB and 
four daughters. 
WflUam* d. young. 

Caiwlet, «1io dlleaviag thne Mna and, 
one daofi^ilBr. 

William, rf. young. 

Geurgc, d. leaving three aons and a 

SkUtMf prewat pownoior oS Asblyns. 
ilrfM9-~Or, a chevron cottised between 
three demi-griffiiis, the two in chief res- 
pectant an. 

CVffI— An elephant's head, erased or, 
ewed ' 

Motto — Preigncsi haleine tire fort. 
Estate— Hall, nrar Groat Berll- 
hampstcad, Herts, purchased in IbOl. 
SMi-^AiUyni Hall, Hertft. 


AtDERSEY, SAMUEL, esq. of Alderacy and of Spurstow, in the county of Ches- 
ter, m. 9th Auguatj 2824, Lucj, daugl)ter «f George Bajlia, esq. of Shifual, SaU>p, 
and has itiiuc, 

Hur.H-Rofif HT. h. 19th Vovpmber, 1828. 
Thouia<i, b. 30th March, 1630. 

Mr. AJdereej, who senred the office of high sheriff for the county of Chester in 1816, 
i.ltb ather in 1803. 

Boberl^ of Middle Aldeney,, tncestor - 
of the AiOERSSYS of tbnt place. 


From tho eldest son, 

Ralph Au>EiU£Y, of Aldersey, who d* in 
1887, liaeiUy descended, 

WlUlAN Aldbrsby, esq. of Aldersey, 
living temp. Hekry VI. who m. Margaret, 
daughter and heiross of Juhn Stalker, of 
Lower Spnrstow, and was s. by his son, 

Henry Alderj^fy, es*]. of Aldersfy and 
Spurstow. Thin gentleuiau m. Jaue, daugh- 
ter frfJollB HockenhaU, esq. of Hockeahall, 
aad had issue, 

John, his successor. 
Robert, m. Anno, daughter of Malbon, 
of Malpas, and was ancestor of the 
Aldeitjeys who settled iu Kent and 
in Staffordshire. 
Hugh, m. Margaret, daughter of Handle 
Bamvllle, of Gawswortb, and liud an 
only daughter, Margaret, who es- 

The family of Alder.^ey is of great anti- 
qaitT in the county of Chester. 

Ut'6H 0E Aloersey, of Aldersey, who 
tiiiiiliMl temp. Henry m. was father of 

Aaaii DE Aldekset, lord of a moiety of 
Mlden^y, who had tivM SOUS, TIS. 
Ralpb, hit heir. 

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poUMNly first, Henry Bunburyy,esq. ; 
and, secondly, Sir Rowland Stanley. 
Richard, of PictOD, m. Margaret, daugh- 
ter of James Cotgreave^ esq. of Har- 
gnve, and wti grtndfather of 
William Aldbmcy, the celebrated 
antiquaiy, mayor of Ciiester in 

Henry Aldersey was i. by his eldest son, 

loHN Aldersey, esq. of Aldeney and 
Spiantow, who m. Anne, dangler and even- 
tually heiress of Thomas Bird, esq. of Qut- 
ton, by whom be had, inter alios^ 
John', bis successor. 
Thomas, founder of the school of Bon- 
bury, m. AlicOf dangbter Richard 
Culthrop, esq. of AlllBghaTW, Nor- 
folk, but dying s. p. bis estates passed 
to his nephew, John Aldersey, esq. 
of London* 
ohn Aldeiaey d* in 1688» and was «. I^his 
Ideat ion, 

John AtnF.RsrY, cscj. of Al(lpr«py and 

pnrstow. This gentlcmuu espoused Anne, 
. uaugbter of Hugh Aston, esq. of Aston 
Green, and was ». in 1663, by his aon, 

Rakolb Aldbbsby, esq. of Alderaey and 
Spurstow, whose great-grandson, 

Thomas Aldersey, esq. of Aldersey and 
Spurstow, barrister-at-law, h, in 1(>34, m. 
liargaret, daughter i^ Tbonaa Lee, esq. of 
Berahall, and dying in 1716, was #. by bis 
eldest soBp 

RnoKHT ArDERSEY, esq. of Aldersey and 
■Spurstow, who wedded in lOiM, Jane, daugh- 
ter and eo-beiress of Thomas Webb, gent, 
of lliddlewick, bat leaving no issue at his 
decease in 17gD, the estates derolved u|ion 
his brother. 

The Rrv. Samlel Aldkiisky, of Alder- 
sey and Spurstow, rector of Wigan, in the 
county of Lancaster. This gentteman m. 
Henrietta, daughter of Henry Bridgeman, 
D.D. bishop of Sndor and Man, third ?ou 
of John, lord bi&hop of Chester, and had 

Thomas, M.D. k in 1704; m. Mary, 
eldest dsn^ter and co-bevess of 

Cornelius Hignett, es^. of Ilarlttid, 

and d. ,T. p. ill 1743. 
John, d. un married. 
Robert, d. s. p. 

Bridgeman, m. Nancy, daughter of 

Foots Gower, M.D. 
Hrnry, > both predeceased their fa> 

Charles, ) ther. 

Samuel Aldersey d* in 1743, and &e estates 
nltimalely dsTolved upon hiB only sonriviag 


The Rfv. Samit.l Aldf-rsey, of Aldersey 
and Spurstow, who nt. Margaret, youngest 
daughter and co-beir of ComeUos Hignett, 
esq. of Darlands, and was s. at his deoMMS, 
in February, 1803» by bis son, 

Robert Aldf.rsp.y, esq. of AM* r<«py and 
Spurstow, b. in 1738, a bencher of the Inner 
Temple, at whose decease, unmarried, in 
November, 1803, the estates devdved upon 
his brother, 

Sami ei, ALDERsr.Y, esq. of Alder^^ry nn.l 
Spurstow. This gentleman wedded Eliza- 
beth, only child of William Wotton, esq. uf 
Haddenham, in the county of Bucks, and Imd 

SAMtm, his soccessor. 




Mr. Aldersey d. in 13Q8, and WBS s. by his 

r idr r <;on, SAMm. Aloersbt, esq. ^caeat 

representative of the family. 

Arms — Gu. on a bend enp^railed arg. be- 
tween two cinquefoils or, three leopards' 
heads cabossed vert. 

Crutch, demi griphon segreant ga. 
beaked and armed issoing ftom a plume of 

five ostrich feathers or. 

J'stntts — Aldersey. in the pnri^h (if Cod- 
dington, possessed since the Conquest ; 
Spurstow, and other estates, in Bunbury ; 
and Peel Hall, in the parish of Tarvtn. 

iSm(— Aldersey Hall and Spimlow Hsll, 
both in Chaehire. 

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ISHERWOOD, JOHN, e»q. of iMarple Hall, Cheshire, and of Bradshawe Hall, in 

the county of Lancaster, b. I9th June, 1776, m. 19th 
October, 1812, Elirabeth, daughter and co-heir of the 
Reverend Thomn-s Bancroft* M.A. vicar of B()Itt>a, a 
justice of tlie peace, and chaplain to Viscount Castie- 
Stoart, and has issue, 

Thomas-Brambaw, lOOi Fetaary, tSM. 


Mr. isherwood, who is a barhplor of arts of Trinity Colleg"©, Cambridge, sucroeded 
his brother on tbe 26th of January, 1801, and served the office of sheriff for Cheshire, 
in 1815. 

The township of Marple, or as it was 
mmdem&f written Mbbpull, was granted by 

deed without a dale, by Handle, Earl of 
Che8t*rr, to Robert, ?on of Robert de Stoke- 
port, and conveyed Vjy the said Robert to 
his sister Margery, and her husband, Wil- 
UAM Vumow, ehief jnatioe of Chester. It 
XMnalned in the Yemon family until the 
r)^<-»<,^<^ of Sir George Vernon, called the 
King of the Peak, who left two daughters ; 
oae, Dorothy, m. to Sir John Manners, and 
dia otfiar, Maroabbt, m, to TbooMS Stan- 
lay, of Winwick. In the partition of the 
land* of Sir George. Marple and Wybrps- 
legh, wiLb other e«tates, devolved upon his 
r, Margaret SHidey, and firom the 
Marple cama by fnurcliaae to the 

Henky Br tDsHA\vr,m. Elizabpfb, daujjb- 
ter of jRot>ert Eyre, and had, with an elder 

Hemit Bkadshawe, who Margaret, 

daughter of Christopher Clayton, of Che- 
shire, and left, with other children, 

Henry Bkadsiiawe, who pufch.ti>td, 4lh 

* Of the fiauly of Archbishop Bancroft, temp. 

June, 1606, Marple Hall, and lands in 
Marple and Wybenlegh, from Sir Edward 
Stanley , K.B. He w. Dorothy, daughter and 
co-bt'iress of George Baj^shaw, of Ridge, in 
the county of Derby, and wa^ s. by his son, 
Henry Bradshawe, living at Wybers- 
legh in 1606. Re m, in Ififld, Catherine, 
davghterand co-heiress of Ralph Winning- 
ton, esq. of Offerton, and had sonriviag 
issue, , 

Henry, his successor. 
John, serjeant-at-law, the celbbratbd 
PftBSiDBtrr of the asfaawrf Ugh eowt 

of justice which determined the fata 
of the unhappy Ch ari Ks. This re- 
markable person was baptised at 
Stockport lOdi December, 1602. Ha 
m. Mary, daughter of Thomas Mar^ 
bury, esq. of Marhury, in the county 
of Chester, and d, without legitinutte 
issue, in 1660. 

Dorothy, m. in 1616, to Oeorge New- 

ton, gent. 
Anne, fl. unmarried in 1669. 
Henry Bradshawe d. in 1664, and was t. by 
his eldest son, 
Hbiirv Braobhawb, esq. of Marple, whif 

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wi. first, Mary, daughter of licmard Wells, 
of Hope, in DerbyaUre, by whom he ac- 
quired Wyberalegh Hatl^ ond had Mftte» 

Henky, his successor. 
Ainie, of F^lf in Lancaabire^ d, in 

He eapottstd* feecMdly, Atee, davghtar of 

George Bowdea, eaq. of Bowden, in the 
county of Chester, and had several other 
children. Thp name of this Henry Brad- 
afaawe is the hrst to the Cheshire petition, 
addreated to the two hooaes of parUMnent, 
6tb July, 1646, praying for the establish- 
inrn! of tho prrvbyterian religion. He acted 
as a magi:!trate under the parliamentarian 
gOTemmeut, and had a cowmkiaioit ill ^ 
army, helng major in Colonel Buken- 
fiold's regiment, under the appointmcTit of 
Lord Fairfax, and ho hnfl rdso a lieuten- 
ant-colonera commissiuu lu Colonel Ash- 
CoD'a regiment of foot. At a later period 
he was nominated to the command of the 
militia of MiK( losfiold Hundred, am! n 
at its head at the battle of Worcester, where 
he was wounded. In 160f2, Colonel Brad- 
ahawe waa one of fho oonrt martial which 
aat on the trial of the Earl of Derby and 
other royalists at Clivstor. In 1660, the 
survivors of the persuus who constituted 
that court, including Bradshawe, were iam- 
inoned to appear before the lorda^ oom- 
ttittee, appointed to consider of the privi- 
leges of the peerage of this kingdom, to 
whom the petition of the Countess of Derby 
had been referred. On diia occasion it 
appears that Colonel Henry Bradshawe was 
confined in the hoii;«e of Thoma'^ I.rc, a 
mrs!»rnf;er of tlie Mnrk rod, from ihe 17th 
July to the 14th August, lOGO, on which 
day Ae aaid Cohmel BnUbdiawv, Henry 
Bradahawe, of GrnyV im], and CrottlWCll 
Morerell, <>f Tideswell, in Derl)j shire, were 
boond in £500 to Alexander Thane, gentle- 
man uaher of the black rod, for the said 
aolonara appearance* There were at Afarple 
several forms for an apology ot answer of 
Colonel Bradsliawp to the rhnixe af:jain«it 
bi.n, the substance of all which amounted 
to (hia that being an officer mnder Ge- 
ar ral Cromwell, he was by him commanded 
to be present at a court martial atChesiter, 
for thp trill of tlie Earl of Derby, and that 
not know ing what danger he might incur if 
he should abaent Umaelf, waa smnotfrnes, 
diough not constantly, present at the ma- 
uauiti.: the said trial, but never subscribed 
any warrant for the earl's execatioa; that 

be knew not by what authority his lordship 
was removed fnm Chester, Vnt on the eon- 

trary laboured as much as he could to save 
the earl's life, and at the instance of the 
succeed iug Earl of Derby, he presented a 
petition to Colonel Macworfli, pvesideilC of 
the oonrt, fbr sparing^ the earl's life, and 
did eanestly press it, and should not liave 
been present at the last court, but that he 
had engaged himself to deliver that peti- 
tion : that being sent for by the late eari he 
did Immedlatdy attend him, and at his lord- 
ship's desire wrote to his brother, John 
Bradshawe, then president of the council of 
state, to use his utmost endeavours for 
sparing the earra Hfe ; that he never had 
any tiling which belonged to the said eari^ 
his countess, or any of theirs : that he waa 
a poor man, indebted, w ith a small estate, 
and a poor wife and eleven children, all 
unprovided, to maintain. WhereliNt, in- 
tending for the future so to demean himself 

as becomes an obedient subject, he humbly 
craved the benefit of liis majesty's most gra- 
cious pardon, and their lordship's favour- 
able construction of the premises, and thai 
his errors might be imputed to his mucli 
lamented ignorance and mistake." TTenry 
Bradsliawe obtained his release, as appears 
by a receipt for £40, dated 14lh August, 
1600, and signed Alexander Thane, bein^ 
in full of fees due to bim as visher of thn 
black rod, from Cob n 1 Henrie Brad?bawe 
during his confineiueut; and by another 
signed Cromwell Meverell, dated 23rd Fe- 
brnary, 1600, for the colonel's pardon soiog 
out, and thirty shillings paid to the master 
of the black rod as a simtn itv on the deli- 
very in of his bail book. Uu the Idth 
March following the said Henry Bradshawa 
was buried at Stockport: and was «. by hia 
son, ' 

Henry Bradshawe, esq. of Maqde and 
Wvber:*legh, who purchased Bradshawe 
Hall, in the county of Lancaster, in ltiU3. 
He m. Magdalen, daughter and oo-helraaa 
of Thomaa Barcroft, es^. of Barcroft, in Hm 
same shircy and had umef 

Henry, bis successor. 

Thomas, successor to his brother. 

John, who d. t. p. in 1741. 


Hamy, m. first, to WUIiam Pimlot, stq. 

and had issue, 

John Pimi-ot. who ». to the Brad- 
shawe estates under a settlement 

Uigitizea by LiOOgl 




oi his uBde, Thomas Brao- 

•BAWC . 

Beniy Pindot, dT. s, ji. 

Mn. Pimlot eapaami, MooiMUy, li*- 

th.-inu'I rslii'rwood, esq. of Bolton-le- 
Moor«. ill LaocMhirej aatd had other 

i*6Uf , % iz. 

Nathamll Isubhwood, who *. to 
the BnMbhawe eetntramiderbii 
uncle, ThomM Bradshawe's, set- 
tlempnt, on the death of hit half- 
brother, John Pimlot. 

Thomas Isuerwooo, who s. his 

Mr. Bnibhawe iL in I006| and was by 

He^ry Bil\dsiiawe, esq. of Bradshawe 
and Marpie, who served the office of liheritf 
Ibrthe county of Derby in 1701. Hem. £Ii- 
abethydavghter of Richard liCgh, esq. of the 
East Ball, in High Li i^Ti, but dying without 
iime, the f-^t^tes derotved upon his brother, 

THr.\f4?. Uradshawe, esq. of Bradshawe 
Msui Marpie, who d. s. p. Wth January, 
1749-4^ O JS. and baviag wttied his estates 
^xin (the sons of his sister) lii^ nephews, 
and their mala issne* was *. by the elder, 

Jr»HV Pimlot. esq. who had an only 
daughter, who m. LiiiUoji Evelyn, esq. M.P. 
for Dundalk, but d. s. p. m. Mr. Piiuiot was 
t. at hia decease 1^ bis half brotfiert 

NsTBANiiL IsHUwooD^ esq. of Biad- 
aiiawe and Ifaiple, who m. Elizabeth, 
dauiihffr — Brabtu, esq. of Brabin's 
Uaii, Uat dying in 1766, »,p, was *, by his 

Thomas Ishbswood, esq. of Bradsbawe 
and Marple. This geademaa espoused, 

first, Kli/aheth, daughter of Ttiotnns: Att- 
cmfr, e>q. of Gilibrand House, uear tilitck- 
bvm, by nrhom he luid one sou, who d. an 
iaft(M» snd six daagbteis. He ai. secondly , 
Mary. daD<;hter of Tbomas Orrd, esq. oi 
Mobberley, in the cottty of Cbcntsc, and 
bad issoe. 

TiiuM A '^ liiMDSHAWE, his successor. 
HbNKY liKADsuAWE, sttcc^sor to his 

Jomtt preasttt pvopiiaftur. 
Mflfrdalen-Barcroft, m. to Henry Sal- 

vin, esq. of Thorpe Salvin. 
Mariaan, m. to George Salvin, esq. 
Hannab, who d mmiarried, in 1798. 
Mary- Anne, who unmarried. 
Margaret, d. unmarried, in 175)3. 
Mr. Isherwood was ». at his decease, in 
1778, by bis eldest son, 

Thomas-Bradshawb Ishbrwood, esq. h, 
in 17G8, of Bradshawe and Marple, who d. 
unmarried, 6th January, 1791, and wass. 
by his brother, 


Bradshawe and Marple, at whose deeease, 

unmarried, in 1801, aged the estates de- 
volved upon his only surviving hrotlier, JoHM 
IsHERWOOD, esq. the present proprietor. 

Armt — \r. tno hendlets sa. between 
two martlets, of the second ; for difference 
an annulet gules. 

Crui-^K stag at gaze ppr. under a riue- 
tree fmcted ppr. 

Qnastofiags : 1 . and 6, Ismswoov. 

2. Bradshawe, of Mafpla. 

3. WlFfNlNOTON. 

4. Offerton. 

Araess— Marple, widi lha manor, by 
purchase from Sir Edward Stanley; lands 

ill OtTerton, by marriage with Catherine 
Winuington ; the manor of Bradshawe and 
other lands, in Lancashire, by purchase from 
a'collaterd braneb, temp. WitxuM and 

Mary. Besides these hereditary lands, two 
c.^^tates in Marple and Offerton have been 

purchased by t' present proprietor. 

Seatt — Marple Hall, Cheshire ; Brad- 
shawe Hall, in the county of Lancaster. 

Wolf*— T he poet Milton's BM>thcr was 
Sank Bradsbawe, a relstia«» md danbt, adt 
the presidsBt Bcadihaw^. 

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' RUSSELL, WILLIAM, c?q. of Brrmrcpctb Cnstlr, in the county of Durham, *. 
hii ^liwr 8th May, 1 82/2, aod was member of parUamemt for Uiai shire. 

Wrn TAMT?t <;sELr,, esq.of Brancpppth Cas- 
tle (which he purchased) b. in 17'M, was son 
of Robert RnsaeU, esq. of Rowenluids, and 
gMat-gfiadtOD oTHatthew RusselU esq. of 
Arnabie, in Cumberland. (See voL ii. p. 6.) 
He m. first, Mary, duu. «tid co-heir (with her 
aislen, EUi&abeth, wife ot Robert Allan, esq. 
of Suaniside, oo. Duriiam, and Anne, wife 
of Jobs MaliDg, esq. of Bisbopwearmouth 
Grange, in the same shire) of Robert Har- 
rison, of Sunderland, near the sea, a mer- 
chant of considerable wealth. By this lady 
lie had (with two danghlerst the elder m. to 
Sir Gordon Drummond, and the younger to 
Colonel Bunbury,) a son, Matthew. He 
m. spcondly, Anne, dan. of Edward Mil- 
bankc, esq. Collector of the Customs of the 
port of Bttnderlaiidy and grandaughter of 
Sir Ralph Milbanke, of Halnaby, oowity of 
York. ^art. hut had no further issue. 

Mr. Kussell commenciNl his fortunate ca- 
reer at Sunderland, near die sea, as a ge- 
ttetal nerdiaatr He afterwards became a 
banker in partnership with lila brothers-in- 
law, Messrs. Rooert Allan aud John Malitipr, 
and, aa his opulence increased, speculated 
silenaivaly lik Gollieiiea and by indnatry 

perseverance, and great good fortune, ac- 
quired immense wealth. He d. in 1817, 
one of the richest commoners in England. 
Among numerous other acta of beneficence, 
he fimnded and endowed an hospital at 
Comsay, Durham, for aged person? of hoth 
sexes, to which he annexed a school for tbe 
education of the young. 
His only son and sooeeaaor, 
Matthew RoasBti, esq. of BrancepeA 
Castle, m. Hiss Tenayion, sister of Chailea 
Tennyson, eaq. M.P. and had issue, 
William, present proprietor. 
Emma-Maria, m. 9th September, 1828, 
to the Hon. Gustavus Frederick Ha- 
milton, only son of Ousfavna, preaent 
Visconnt Boyve, and hat iame. 

Mr. Russell stood a severe but unsuccessful 
contest, in 1800, with Micbfiel Angelo Tay- 
lor, esq. for the represcnUition of the city of 
Durham. He was subsequently member tat 
Saltasb in several Sttooeaslve parllamenla, 
and vice-lieutenant for the county of Dnr- 
hnm. He d. in London Hth May, 1822, and 
wai*i jr. by his only son, William Russell, 
esq. present representatiTe of Ae family. 

Armt — Arp. on a chevron between three 
cross crosskts fi tehee sa, an escallop or. 
Crest — A goat passant arg. 

Estate* — The several manors and eatalea 
of Branoepeth, Brandon, Wests Parks, Wei- 

lington, Newton Hall, Hardwicke. Blake- 
stone, Shotton, Foxton, Layton Thorpe, 
Fulthorpe, Thorpe Thewlea, bic. in the 
( ounty of Durham, and at Brysdale Abbey, 
in Ae county of York. Mr. Russell is also 
proprietor of extensive colUeriee in the 
county of Durham. 

Seats — Uraucepeth Cattle and Hard- 
wicke, in tlie county uf Durhant, and Brys- 
dale Abbey, Terkabire. 

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GANDI£R, WILLIAM, esq. an officer in the royal nafy, aneoMM hia 'brodier in 
Fafcmaiy, 1895; narried 4lli Jum, \9St9, Umm, daoglitar «f Jahn Evtrad, eaq. of 
HiU Hooaa, Im Oo eounty of Samataet. 


Iht family of Caxuller is of considerable antiquity in the counties of Norfoiit and Suf« 
fatk, tad Iho name was femerly written Gandder, and more anciently Kaendkr, fit»m 
which ft ia picaaaMd to be of Snoii tnrigjn. A biaadi of diu tmSij liecane exthicC In 
of Buzaimy aalha IbUawhig faiacrlptidn on a flne mononient in Tottealiain 

Here also resteth* in peace the body of Ferdi' 
vando Hfyboumt Kn* Justice of Peace &c Coram 
in the County of Midd — He wa) ted at tha Feet of 
<la: JEfisMkorhawas iBMMiiyendoar Sorm^iBa 
Lord K. Jfimps in t>if>ir Prii"y Chambre — He was" a 
careful Majea urate without respect of Persons and 
a true friend to the cause of the Poore-~He mar* 
ried Dame Annt j* dwar tc heir of Richard Can- 
d«ler Esqf* they lived together in lioly Wedlock 23 
years he ended this life the 4f^ June A.L>. 1618 
•ged 60 y«MM nA DamAnm «b(M iliia lift ttia 
t4Pk of Jane A.D. ; 

Elizabeth C'aadeler 
hi tMteoaia of lur lava mud tlte 
ailier one filmfsa 1618. 

Her* restetb in peace y* body of Richard Cande- 
ler Esq. Justice of Peace within y« County of 
Midcbel: bora «t VValsingba in the County of 
Waiftii ITe avriid SBn: LoA y* d w g h t a r h 
tole? h^ir of Mattfi"^ I r^k second son to >V"' 
Loch K* they lired together in bolie W edlock S6 
y^mra tbcr bad iarae om son and one daughter, 
Edfrnnl dietl Ln his In£uitcie, and Anne the 1<* 
Wife of S*^ Ferdinando Heyboume Knight — He 
this lile the Z4*>' of Ootobr A* Dai 1602, 
61 ysaw wrf the sdd Bit doewaifl Aa t* 

Hie jacet Dominn Anna Uxor charissiiT.a FordinnnHi Hnybome 
n'litrt filialnexea Ric: Candeler Arm et Eliz: axons ejus qu<< <il>i|t f 4* Junil I6l6* 
Prole c arena Chriati vice pro lis amavit amautea • 
Cbants ci tata auaea agar egensq: fint. 

21st of Charles II. in the counties of Kil- 
kenny and Wexford, and dierenpon tettted 
in Ireland. He m. Anne, relict of Ml^Or 
John ViUiera, by whom he had aarae. 

WuxiAM Canoleb, esq. a Ideutenant- 
caiaaMl hi Aa amy, nnder Cnmiwell, liad 
novsiderable grants of land by patents, 
2Wh November, aoth and 19th June, 

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I. Thomas. 

3. JTohn, wlio m.tlie danfhlir knd heiress 
of John Walsingham, esq. of Kil1)line 
in the county of Kilkeouy, 
by w hojn ho left issue, 

Thomas Candler, of Kflbtiae, wiro 
m. Elinbeth» daughter of Abra- 
ham Ball, v^i\. of Darver, in the 
cotinty of Louth* and left two 

Walsingham Candler, d, t. p, 
Florinda, d, unmarried. 
lieutenant-Colonel Candler waa $, by his 
eldest son, 

TimSMas Cavdi fr, esq. of Callau Cn>t!f', 
ill ilie couuty of Kilkenny, who m. firbt, Lii- 
asabcth, daughter of Captain William Bar- 
rell, by Elisabeth, ■iater and co-heir of the 
very Reverend Benjamin Phipp?, Dean of 
Ferns fa branch of the family of Pliipps, 
from which the Earls of Mulgrave descend), 
but had no iaaue. He m. eecondly, lane, 
daughter of Sir Henry Tuite, bart. of So- 
najjh, in the county of Wcstnu-ath, (by 
Diana M abbot, uiccc of Eilwacd Hyde, 
the celebrated Karl of Ciareiidoa, and first 
ooMiD of Her Royal Higlmeaa* Aane^ 
Bucbess of York, mother of the Qwenn 
Mary and Anne) by whom he had ittue, 
I. Hpnry. 

II. \^ illi un Candler, D. D. of Castle- 
cuaier, iu the county of Kilkenny, m. 
first. Miss JUton, by whom he bad 
iMue a aon, 

I. Ilem^- Candler, LL. D. m. 
Mrs. tiwooii, daughter of — • Mat- 
the\T, caq. of Bonneston, In tiie 
county ef KiUoenny, and left 

Henrv-, a captain in the army, 
d. at St. Domingo iu 1796t 
aged twenty -one years. 
He m. secondly, Mary, dsngbl^ and 
co-heir of Charles Ryves, esq. and also 
co-heir (with her cousins, Mary-Ju- 
liaua. Lady Morrcs, and Anne, wife 
of Thonuifi Croker, esq. of Bsdiwes- 
ton, in the' eonnty of Kildare, whose 
diraghter and heircHS wa? created a 
peeress, by tlie title of liaronf^^-^s Crof- 
ton), of Sir Richard Ryv*'^', knt. a 
baron of the Exdbequer, by whom be 
3. Edward Candler, of Prior Park, 
and Combe HiU, in tiie oonnty 


of Sovwrset, and of Aghawnre, 
in the county of Kilkenny (samtt- 

time an officer in the army), 
who on succeeding to coosidera- 
ble estates in the cuuniies of Nor- 
folk and Lincoln, under the will 
of his relation, Mtlgaret, relict 
of Sir Robert Brown, bart. and 
daughter of the Honourable Ro- 
bert Cecil, second son of James, 
Earl of Salisbury, took the name 
and arms of Brown, in addition 
to and after that of Candler, by 
sign manual, dated 6th May, 
1608. He m. Hester, daughter 
of P. Bury, esq. of Little Island, 
in the OTunly of Cork, bat left 
no issue. 

3. Mary, m. — Dobb}fcTi, esq. 

4. Juue, m. first, to Captain S. Bar* 
retl^ secondly, to Oliver Graee» 
esq. and thirdly, to James Ha- 
milton, esq. of Sheephill, in the 
county of Dublin. 

6. Anne, m. to John Blunt, esq. 
of Arehea Qtove, in Ifce oeunty 
«f Kiltany, «A left an o^ 

Mary, in. to John Helsham, 
esq. of Leggel'ti liath, in the 
county of Kilkenny, by 
whom she has issue, 
lit. Thomas, of Dublin, m. and left iasue, 
John, of Castlewoodyin the Queen's 
Count} , who d, m. |». 

Thomas Candler, esq. of Callaa, waa «. by 
his eldest tony 

Thi VmtrM Henry CANntvi, D JK 

Archdeacon of Ossory, and Rector of the 
great living of Callan, whom. Anne, daujjh- 
ter of Francis Flood, esq. of Buruchurcli, in 
the county of Kilkenny, titftet of the Right 
Henoorable Warden Flood, Lord Chief Jna- 
tice of Iiislafld, and aunt to Sir Frederick 
Flood, bart. by whom (who d, ilth Deoem- 
ber, 1761 ) hu had issue, 

I. Thomas. 

II. William Candler, of Acomb, In die 
county of York, sometinM a cap- 
fain in the 10th regiment of foot, m. 
l\f ar} , only danphtcr oi V\ iiliam Va- 
vasour, esq. of VV ei»tuu-Hall, iii the 
eomi^ of York, (by Anne, teghter 
9tMm Chaplin, of Tathwell, in the 
county of Lincoln, esq.) by whom he 
had issue. 



1. Henry , ot H li^Mii lit reulU-r. 

% Thomas (Sir), kiught of the se- 
renl Buiwin Orders of St. 
Anne, St. George, and St. Voli- 
dean, a reftr-admiral in the ^pt- 
vke of His Imperial Majesty 
the Emperor of Russia, m. first, 
Uaiie de Lotttoff, a Mj of « 
noble and ancient family of RtUH 
Mri. but had no issue ; he m. 
seromily, Jane, eldest daughter 
of John Booker, esq. his Bri> 
tannic Majesty's Consul at Cron- 
8tadt, by Isabella, daughter of 
Captain James Hamilton, of the 
l^le of Arraa, N . B. by whom 
(who d, in 1834,) he had 

William-John, 15th August, 
iai<lp 4. Vlst Deoember fol- 

Agrapina- Isabella. 

w _ ^ _ • 


Faniiy, 3rd September, 1824, 
nil A ff. 14th of tiie same 


3. Atiaabelia, m. to Sir Jonathan 
Cops, of Br awenw , in the oonnty 
of OxAtd, hart, by u hom she had 
issHf r})Trc 9on%, who all d. un- 
marr»ni. l^^dv <\jpe d. 30th 
AtiguM, laiiiy aiiii Sir Jonathan 
d(Nh Decstfihen 1181, when the 
haitHMley beoama oxtinet 
Iff. Aliac, m. to — Berry, esq. of Dove 
Grove, in ^ King's Coim^, and 

ArchdeacoQ Caudier r/. December, 1767, and 
wm s. by hit eldest son. 

The Reverend Thomas Csndlbr, of Kil- 
Bioganny, m. Sarah, daughter of — Lech- 
wor^j. but by whi^m h|kviog no issuOi he 
tras 4. by his nephew. 

Henry Cani>ler, esq.eldest son of Captain 
William Candler, of Aconib, co. York, by 
Mary Vavasour, his wife. This gentleman 
41. Mary, only chlldof WUUam Asooagh,e8q* 
t Kirly Malzart, co. York, by whom (who 
/. 7tb March, 1816), he had iisnOy 

1. Henry. 

2. William. 

8» Jonathan-Thomas, a lieatenaat hi 

the Russian Imperial Owards, d, UBr 

married, 12th r< hmary, 1832. 

4. Edward, a deinity lieut. for North- 
amptonshire, m. in 1836, the Kight 
Hon. Baroness SempUl. 

5. Charles. 

6. George. 

7. Annabella, 

8. Mary. 

9. Emma,m.theRev.Charles-WiUiam- 
Henfy Evered, Rector of Bxtoo, in 

the county of Somerset. 

10. Charlotte, d. an infant. 

11. Charlotte, b, January, 1813, and d. 
the Ist April following. 

12. Hesster. 

H(> (i. the 21 At October, 1816^ and wast, 
by his eldest son, 

HbSKY Candlek, who d. num. in Feb. 
1835k and was #• by his brother, the present 
WilUam Candler, esq. of the royal navy. 

^rm^— Quarterly ; first and fourth, parted 
in tierce, per fess indented, the chief per 
pale, azure, and argent, the base or ; a can- 
ton Gules, for Cakdler. Second and third, 
sable a fesB> or, between three asses passant 
argent, for AsrorrMi. 

Crest — The figure of an angel proper, 
vested argent, holding in the dexter baud a 
sword, the blade wavy of tiie fiESt, pommel 
and hflt gold. 

Motto — Ad mortem fidelis. 

Present Jhgidenct Molvetn Lodge, 

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SHIPPERDSON, EDWARD, esq. of Piddinghall-GwOi, in the coim^ of Dur- 
bim, b. 20th September, 1780, s. hi* father in 1793. 

Mr. Shifpeniflon ie en ectmgr megietnte end deputy lieutenent of tke cDonty of 

The family of Shipperdson have held 
lands by copy of court roll, in Bishop Wear- 
mottflif shioe the oommeneement et least of 
records of die Helmot Court, temp. £ik 


William Shippekdson, esq. of Bishop 
Wearroouth and of Murton, in the county of 
I>iii1iain, Hiring in 1689, m. Join, devghter 
of John Goodchild, esq. of Ryhope, and sis- 
tor of Knl)rrt Goodchild, esq. of Pallyon, by 
whom he had issue, 

I. John, bis successor, who loft three 

1. John, of Bishop Weunumfli, 
who wee fadier of en only Mm, 

X<mN, of Bishop Wearmouth, 
who III. in 16G9, Elizabeth, 
eldest daughter and co-heir 
of Ralph Smith, esq. of West 
Reinton, in Dorham, and 
had three daughters ; Eliza- 
beth, Margaret, and Isabel. 

8. Georgb, of NfW( ristlf, and af- 
tenvards of South Sluelds, who 

had issue, 

George, of Biddick, in the 
county palatine, whose only 
denghter end heirese, EUmp 

both, espooesd FrenciB Mid- 

dleton, esq. of Offerton. 
John, who d. tearing three 
daughters ; Anne, Dorothy, 

3. RjoiARD, of HettOtt-1e-Hole,in 
flie coenty of Durham, who m* 

ill fOM, EHxnhpth, daughter 
atul ht'irps? of Kichard Walsh, 
esq. ot iicUon, aud left 
KiCIIARD, d* 9* p. 

Robert, who m. Miss Dorothy 
Snd^e wick, but hednolsnBe. 
John, d. issueless. 
Joan, m. to John Xohneon, of 

Elixabelh, m. to Robert Ni- 
cholson, of Sunderland. 

It. Adam, a captain under Cromwell, 
who had issue, tno sons, (both of 
wiMNn A s.p.) end serernl denghteie, 

111. Bdward, of whom presendy. 
The Hiifdson^ 
Edward Shifmkdsou, eeq. of jleiton, 

which he aeqnired by gift from his father, 
24th Noyembcr, 1645, was captain of a 
troop of horse * under General Monk. Ho 
m. Anne — , and had issue, 

Edward, his successor. 

* The origiiud commmioo under the hmd sad 
Mil of ** GeOflfS MoBsto, c«pt«io general and 
commander in chiefe of nil the forces in Englaml. 

to Edward Shipperdson to be " Captaine of 
a troop of horae in Cel. ttmdm Hadnr his regi- 
ment* St. Jamea, J5 Feb. 16.^9. with a commis- 
aion aignpd in the imme of tin- p ulinmpnt of thi» 
Com'oawalth of Knghmd, by \S ilUa m L^ntbiU, 
Spednr f6 Jan. 16»9," is in the p a w si i on «f ths 
pws a n t Edwvd Shippsfdson, ssq. 

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Franri«, of T»n<lrtn, and ftfti-rwarda of 
Gateshead, who m. and had usue. 

John, described of Hall Garth, m. and 
resided in Ireland, wbcre be was 
liring f,f. at a Teiy advanced age, 
in 1731. 

The eldest son and hrir, 

Edw *RDSHiPi'ERDS0N,e3q. espousedMar- 
garet, &Uter and sole heiress of William 
Bymp rnm, eaq. of P iddin ghall Gtaxth, and 
tieilintliliii of Sir William Belasyse, of 
Morton, DmiwB, by wbom (who d. in IflBO) 
htt bad iflsae, 

R4LPH, successor to his father. 
Robert, of Morton, d. anmarried. 
Edward, of Pittington, d. unmarried, in 

Bdward Shipperdson was «. at his decease, 
Sn Jaly, 1707, bj bie ddeel eunriring een, 
Ralph SoirriftDSOK, esq. of Piddinghall 

Garth, y^hro wa<* appointed, in 1712, major 
of the Jiarham militia train bands. He es- 
poosed Margaret, only child and heiress of 
Ifce Hetr. Thenaa Maegnive, of Great Sal- 
fceld, in the county of Comberland, prel>en- 
d.irv Af Durham, and rprtor of Whithnrn, 
(sixth son of Sir William Musgrave, bart, ol 
B4tn Hall, by Mary, daughter of Sir Tho- 
Moa BaniiOBy bait* of Capgtore), and bad 

Gbiiilopber,dL yooag. 

Edwarh. successor. 

Ralph, d. s. p. 

Margarrt, expcutnx to ber mother's 

will, d. uxmiarried. 
Maiy, dL im bifiuiey. 

Ralph Shipperdson, esq. A lOlb Jnae, 1719, 
and waa «, by ble aldeat anrviving son, 
Bvwato SBDrmBDSOii, eiq. of FUdiag" 

hall Garth, who m. Margaret, only daughter 
of George Baker, esq. of Elemore, and had 
an only son and taeoemor, 

Ralph Shipperdsun, esq. of Piddinghall 
Gartb, wbo eeponeed, in 1779, Fhuioee, m- 
cond daughter of the Rer. Samuel Kbabaw, 

D.D. virar of Leeds and rector of Ripley 
and sister and co-heiress of the Rpv. RirhanJ 
Kirahaw, B.D. rector of Masham, by whom 
be badiMoe, 

Edward, present possessor. 
Ralpb, h* sand Februiy, 1984^ a lien* 
tenant fa 1h» loyel navy, A at lea in 


Richard- Francis, d. young. 
Thomas-Richard, in holy orders, rector 

of St Mary-Ie4»jBnne, h. M March, 


Trnncon, m. to William Appletree,/aq* 

of Goldings, near Basingstoke. 

Margaret «• to Walter 0. Hopper, eaq. 

of Beitnont. 

Mr. Shipperdson d. 8th NoremlMr, 1799, 

nrid was s. by his eldest son, Edward 
Shipperdson, esq. now representative of 
the fiunUy. 

Armi fla. on a bend arg. three lozengeB 
ai. each charged with a planetary sun in bis 


Motto— Vxxhpm pripfam. 

Estate* — Piddingtonhall Gart)i, and East 
Morton (one half of the township in the pa- 
fieb of Daltoa-le-Bale), wifli Ae Ibrm of 
Carr House, in Hie pariab of Hougbtoa-la- 
Spring ; all in the comity Of JDuban. 

ifai w d w ce— Pnifaam. 

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CLARKE, WILLIAM-NELSON, Mq. of Aldington, in the county of Berks, 
26th April, 1799, m. 22nd February, 1827, Catherine, daughter of Ifieatonant* 
Gooena ThomM Metynom (noxt brother of Sir Capel Molynenx, bvt.) and haa ime, 




John Clarke, of Inkpen, appean in 
the list of gentry for the county of Berks, 
returned into the exeheqner 12th Hbmry VI. 


JimH Clarke, of BaAildon, was seised of 
divers estates. He m. Lacy, daughter of 

Sir Walter Moyle, anddyin^r Gth July, 1497, 
wa^ buried in the chancel of Basildon church, 
ivlicre his gravestone yet remains, having 
the efllgiea of himself and hip wife, and 
nnderneath the followiBg inscription, all in 
brass plates : 

'* Hie jacet Johanno« ClcrVo pt T,uria 
uxor ejus, qui quidem Johannes ohiit 
sexto die Jnlu anno Domini 1487. 
QnMnm animabos et animahos pne> 
toTum snonun propicietur Etens. 
Amen." • 
His son and heir, 

John Clarrb, m. Elizabeth, daughter 

and heiress of Tliomas Ohampeney, of De- 
vonshire, and had a son, 
AuousTiNR Clarke, of whom mention 

* Tins is Tspmeated in Govgh's Sapnkhtal 
Monuments, wbsM tliis gsBdMBia it •mmaottdy 
called a priest. 


occurs in a deed of 1490. Uis son and suc- 

John Glamu, esq. was rcsldettt at 

Ardington in 1633. Uis will bears date 
20th April, 1568, and the codicil thereto 
10th October, 1670, shortly after which pe- 
riod be died possessed of a lease fur sixty- 
one years of the manor of Ardington (the 
fee of which was subsequently purehasnd) 
and the freehold manors of East Hatmey, 
Erles Court, and Isbury, togelhw with es» 
tates in Basildon, LocUnge, Reading, and 
Strathfieldsay. He espoosed Alicia, dangb- 
t' r and heir of — Pikeman, of ^^ifjlftn. 
and had, with three daughlen, three spne^ 

Henry, whose issue became extinct in 


John, of whom presently. 
Richard, d, », p. 

The second aon, 

John Clarke, esq. of ArdinL^Tnn, m. 
Dorothy, daughter of Jlichard Snmh, of 
Netfier Winchendm, in die county of 
Bucks, and dying ahe«t the year IdM^* w§ 
t. by his son. 

Sir Fn\v«iRD Chrkr, of" Ardington, 
who m. hrst, in Mary, daughter of 

Edmond 'Wiseman, esq. of Steventon, iu the 
county of Beiks, but had by her no aur- 
>'iTing issue. He espoused, secondly, Sa- 
saiina, eldot ri nifrhtrr of Sir Thomas Tem- 
ple, bart. of i>tovvu (ance«tor of the present 
Duke of Backinglmm) \ty Hesther,! daugh> 
ter of Miles Sandys> esq. of Latimera, and 
bad issue, 

John, his successor. 
Thomas, bachelor of nu'dicini . 

t Fuller, in his " Worthies of tngiJiiud," relHtes 
tlMt Udy Temple Vend to tee tma faundied of 
iMrovra detceadaats. 



SittiukA, WiDiui W«l]aio«t» esq. 
of WoUaaa^tMi, in iBbt vmaty of 

Ikrks, the bead of an ancient Ca- 
tholic family, iriuch teEmiaated ia an 

llBKItlBTiA-MAKiA,whom. in 17a5, 
Aliim, MTcaft Burl of Fingall, 
oad had* vidi oflier imoi 

AmTBPBt f r w i m BiKLOvFlnt- 


He?t>ipr, m. to Henry Knappe, e»q. of 
Wtstooy Oxfordshire, and had an 
only daughter and heirees, 

tbrff tfho M. te ooimIdj Sir 
Rkhard Temple, hart. K.B; and 
from thii muiiage Imeally dee- 


Richard, present DUKB OF 

Dorothy, m. hrsi, to Thomas Danvers, 
esq. of Addotbniy, in Ao eoniity of 
Oxford; and, secomlly, to John Har- 
rison, esq. of B«ecb Hilly in tiie 

ounti' of Berks, 
/ane, m. to John Brind, esq. of Warn- 
borough, WOtf. 

Bm eapoosod, liliirdly, Mary, danghter of 
■imaiMl D«nche, esq. of Little WitteoliMH, 

and rtlict of Wi!!i-im Winchcombe, esq. of 
Buckkbury, m tiie county of Berks. Sir 
Edward Clarke ^erred the office of high 
•heriff for BerkaUro in UM, and dying in 
Ibttr years after waa interred in ihm ftmily 
▼anJtal Ardington, w>iorf a handsome OMNm- 
meot erected to hi» memory. Hit wm 
and heir, 

John Clarke, esq. of Ardington, upon 
Ao tmnUai; ont of tte civil war, raued a 
troop of horse for the service of Kiny 
CiLAaLE)i. He m. Cnthfrine, daughter of 
Thomas Bateman, ci<i. ot Tottenham, in the 
eoanty of Middlesex, by whom (who es- 
ponoed after Ilie decean Colonel Hiomas 
Aldridsa, a pnriiaaMnteiaB offioer) ho had 

John, his successor. 

Richard, who inherited upon the de- 

mioe, imeleu, of hiv hiolher. 
Baniel. rf. tnl60S. 

Kathfriiii", vt. to John Villiors, Viscount 
Graoflisun« nephew of George, the 
l^rent Dnko of Bttckingham. 

Fl > anor, m, tt J Ln Sherwood, eaq. 

Snawma, ni, to Edmond Wiaeman, eeq. 

of Steventon and Sptrdmlf • Court, 
in the oonnl^ of Berkii. 

HestTu r, m. to the Rev. Ji^Torhnfike^ 
%'icsif ul Luilgarshall. 
Mr. Clarke d. in 1G45, and was«. by his son, 
John Clarke, esq. of Aldington, at 
wfaoee deoeaao nnmanried, in 1702, tiio e»- 
falea deroWed npon his next brother, 

RicnARo CLAKKF,esq. of Ardington, who 
m. Elizabeth, daughter of John Smith, geat. 
and had issue, 

Edwaud, hia aneeeaaor. 

Rkhard, k, in 1609, who m. JanOj aiater 

of Richard Potenger, esq. recorder 
of Reading, M. P. for that horough> 
and a Welsh judge, by whom he had 
two daughters, 
DoroUiy, m. to her firat eooain, 

William Wiseman Qarka, esq. 

of Ardin^n. 
Mary, m. to the Rev. John Aubrey, 

B^.L. ftUew of Winchester col* 

lege and rector of Stratfalleldaay. 

John, whoae male dcacendania yet re- 

Mark, 6. in 1702, a captain in the army. 
Luke, b, in 1703. 

Maria, m. to the Bot. Thomaa Price, 

vicar 9i Aldington, and d. in 17dO. 
Catherine, m. to Henry Wiae, eaq. and 

d. in 1762. 
Soaanna, m. to Ridiard Coxe, gent. 
Eliaaheth, m. to Thomaa Torko, eaq. 

Mr. Clarke was «. at hia deceaae, in 171O9 
by hia oMeat 8on> 

Edward Clarke, esq. of Ardinp^tnn, 
who m. in 1721, Mary, only daughter and 
heir of Wniiam Wiseman, esq. of Steventon 
and Speniholt'a Conrt, (whose anceatora act* 
tied in Berkshire temp. Elizabeth, being 
n yoonger branch of the WisomiTi^, of 
Thomham Hall, in the county of Suffolk, 
one of whom was at Azincourt in 1415, and 
another knighted at the battle of Spnra in 
1514). Mr. Clarke was ahcriir of Berkshire 
in 1728, and d. in 1733, leaving an only 

WiuJAM-WiaBiiAN Clarke, esq. of Ar- 
dington, who waa h, in 19S7, and m, in 

1750, to his first cousin, Dorothy, daughter 
of Richard Clarke, eaq. of Reading, and 
had issue, 

WiLLUM-WiSEMAN, his successor. 

Dorothy, d, nnmarried lat Beptenhery 

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The only son and belfy 

WllXIAM-WlSIHAN CUMtKE, esq. of Ar- 
dii^toiit h. in 1750; in. lirat, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Richard Coxe, esq. and hnd in 
only daughter, Dorothy-Maria. He es- 
poused, secondly, £lizal>etb, daughter of 
John Kerr, esq. by Mary, sister and heir of 
Richard- Walter Nelson, esq. of Chaddle- 
worth, in the county of Berks, and by her 
(who d. 2Slh February, 1826) bad issue, 

Willum-Nelson, present proprietor. 

George, d. in infancy. 

Hary-Aiiii-Sarah, A lunarried lOdi 

November, 1896. 
, Elisabeth, d. aamarried 4th June, 1831. 

Catherine,(f.anniarried20Ui June, 1821, 
Mr. €3arke, who waa sheriff of Beffcahire la 

1811, d. at Ardington 4tb September, 182^ 
when tilt' tiuiitly estates devolved upon hii 
only surviving son, WiLLiAM-NEi^iUt 
Clarke es^. now representative ot Ibn 

Armt—Axg* on a ftaa sa. hetireen three 
(fonietinie8Six)«roa8espntAeB; tliree platan 

CVei#— A croaa patfo or, haCweea n pair 
of wings erect expanded as. 

Jtf otto— Absit at glorier nisi in croee. 

SmI— Ardington Honae, Ahingdon, Beik- 



ORMEROD GEORGE, esq. of Sedbury Park, in the county of Gloucester, and of 

Tildesley House, in Lancashire, b, 20th October, 1735, 
7n. 2nd August, 1808, (at Sandbach) Sarah, eldest 
John Latham, M. D. of Bindwill, ChnabifO, 
(see p. 190.) and has issue, 

THOllAt^OHMSON, h. 27th July 1800, MA. and FeUow 

of Brasenose College, Oxford. 
George- Wareing. 
Gpnr«:^ianB -Elizabeth. 
Eh'anor- Aimt'. 

The present rapresentatire of this family (Author of the History of Cheshire) suc- 
ceeded his grandfather in 1789. He is a magistrate for Cheshire and Gloucestex- 
shin, Hon. D. C. L. Oxfoid, F. R. S. F. S. A. and F. G. S. 

The estate of Oknekod lu Cliviger, which 
gave name to diis fiimily in tiio Airteenth 
century, is seated in the Parish of WhaUey 

and Honour of Clithero, n mountainous dis- 
trict of Lancashire, granted to the Larica, 
soon after the Conquest, and divided by them 
amongst their military followers. 

Of this fiunily, Matthew db Hormb- 
RODF., appears hi charters of the time of 

ENRY in. 

Adam and Tills de Ormerode, next oc- 
Gor in the Inq. after die dendi 9i Hen. de 

Laci, Earl of Lincoln (4 Eow. II. 1311) as 
free tenant.4 of their lands ia CUfiger, nndor 
the Lord of Clithero. 

The next generationa were,OiLmnT, 1316, 
JOHN-^OHW— LaVUNCB, 1438; Adam, 1480, 
and Piers, 1495, father, by his wife, £Usn- 
beth, of John. 
This John de Ormbrod, is found by in {. 

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17 HftK.Ym. 1626, to have died, seized 
•fluid* in Cilvlger, held from the King in 
cqute, as or U§ Dnlckj of Laacnaler, in 

wliirh fro riithero bad then merged. 

Pktfr Ukmfhod, son and heir by this 
loq., and aged twenty-two je^n^ in ISM, 

1. Pmm, wfeo omi»Md at OnMfDd. 

t. John, (of HasUngden, in Lancashire) 
ancestor of a branch settled in So- 
aaersetshire, of which was Oliver 
OmuM, M . A. of Emanuel College, 
GuiMdge, Author of the " Picture 
of a Puritan," 1006, and the "Picture 
ofa Pa]n:4t," 1606, the latter of which 
was patronised by the secretary Ce- 
cil, BmI of SalMbnty. Bo<h works 
ue of great mrity, aad in both, (|iar> 
firijlarly in tracing the affinities of 
Popery and Pa<raniaini) the writer 
shews a mind imbued with clanical 
wtd icbolaatb learning, and powers 
«fatylc often riringaliOfedieqttaiQto 
ness of his i^f^e. Tn Ifil?, the author 
was presented by tlie K.trl of Bath to 
the rectory of HuntspiU, and died in 
1M, learfaf nale Itm, wbleh he 
had prerioualj OMmected with the 
elder line, by an entry in Camden's 
Sonx rsetshixe Visitation of 10S23. 

The eldest sou, 
pBTia OaneaoD, of Ormerod (bur. at 

Banky, ld9S) waa fttfaer, by Ua wife, 

Ifary, daughter of Simaa Haydock, of Hey- 

saadfortfa, of, 

Lawrence Ormprod, of Ormerod, who m. 
in 1667y £lizabelb,dangliter of Robert Uar- 
0oi^ 9f Bnvnn, in Lttcaihire, and bed 

1. PETRmcoatiaaeroftbaaldeetlbe. 

2. Jonv. 

d. jL%WRENCE, of Buriilt y, who m. 
Frances, daughter of Joseph Rad- 
dtfb of Roebdala, by a4iom Mary, ' 
daughter and belraa, wife of Robert 
Townley, Esq. of Royle. 
PetiF k Ormfrah, of Ormerod, esq. (eldest j 
aoa of Lawrence) b. lim, dying 1663, left i 
(mo hy bii wife, Joaaaa, daughter of Geo. ' 
Howanh, «r M oatoa, Otae daagbleia, and | 
fonr ton«. I 

I. Lawrevce, who inherited Ormerod, 
and was direct ancestor of Lawrence 
Omeiod, eaq. of tliat plaoe, who : 
died 1793. learingisaoa (by bis wife ; 
Martha- Aane, ^aagbter, and flaally i 

heir of the Rer. Ashburham Legh,* 
by his wife, Charlotte-Elisabeth, 
dangbter ofSir Holland Egerton, bt. 
of Haalon) one daaghlar, 

GIiarlotte-Annb OamaoD, (wife 

of John llargreaves, esq. lieu- 
tenant-colonel of the 3rd royal 
Lancashire Militia) in whose is- 
ne ORMBtoA ia Teated. 
% loHHy wbo died a,p. l9i3L 

3. Petbb. . 

4, GaoaoB. 
George Ormfrod. last mentioned, (son 

of Lawrence and Joanna) h 16'2o, s. at Mon- 
ton, in Eccles, and had by bis wiie Anne, 
(dangbter of*-PiUiaff, of Bnmley) tba fol- 
lowing eUldian, liviag; at bii daeeaaa in 

1. Oliver, from whom the following 
line is entered in the records of the 
3. Pbtbb ; and also two danghteta. 

Oliver Ormfrod /. at Bury in Lanca- 
shire, m. there (1704) Anne, daughter of— 
Howarth, of Bury, and dying there, (1768) 
left iMaO) three daughters and one son, 

Gbobob Ormerod, esq. of Bury, (b, 
1719)Ham.lh«re(l743)Aane,dav* of 

John Hutchinson, of Buiy, merchanti 
by whom he had an only child, 

George, of Bury, who rf, Oct. 7, 
1785. father (by his wife £Ux- 
abeib, daughter of Tbomaa Jobn- 
aon of Tildesley, caq.H of an 
only and posthumous child, 

Grohgk Ormerod, heir to 
his grandfather, and pre- 
aent rapreeanlatf va of fUa 
brancb of Omerod. 

A rnw— Or, tbiee barta, aad a lion paa- 
sant in chief gulea. 

• A youTi<:er brother of Lyme, spp pedigree sf 
Hargreaves of Unnerod, Tol. ti. p. 686—9, 

t Thomas Johnson of Tildbsut, «sq. (hers 
mentioned) sheriff of LMrn!?hir«-> ^7^S, havinf^ fe- 
male issue only by a former marriage, m. tndly, 
in 1748, Susanna, dn^lsr, and finally sole hsb 
of Samuel Wareing, esq. of Bnrv nn?i Walmers- 
ley. (See Baines's Lancashire, vol. iii.) By 
her he left issue, Susanns, who died unmsrried — 
Elisabeth, aboveHQaationsd, who died, IStS — 
Maiy mnnamed I89t — snd one son, 'Hiowas 
Johnson, esq. of Tildrslf-N , u deputy lieutenant of 
Lancashire, wbo died uumarried, I8f3, hsring 
dwaissd has eslatii to bis nephew* Gsevge Os- 


uiyui^cu by LtOOQie 



Crest — Barry of four pieces or and gu. a 
wolfs head coupeds Uw BMNltll WMtoich 

feather erect ppr. 

Estates — In Lakcashirb: — Tilderaley 
(in Ihe parish of Leigh), by pureluMe of the 
pioprietor's maternal greats-grandfather, with 

various other estates in the parislipg of Bur\', 
Whalley, Haslingden, and Manchester, 

partly patrimonial, and parHj l>y descent 
from the Wareings and Johasons, of Tildert- 
ley. In Gloucestershire : — Sedbary Park 
(in Tideaham parish), and other estates par- 
chased 1^ tbe piewiit piopiielor* 

Seats — Tildersley House, in hmiMm 
and Sedbwy Park, in tiM connlj of OIm- 


tj of 


GRBENW£LL» WILLIAM-THOMAS, esq. of GreenweU Ford, in Oie 
DuiiuHB, A. I90k Febniiiy, 1777^ «. 3ddi Jime^ 1818, Dorothy, MMid 
of Fmwis Sanies, esq. of Dorhnn, nnd ino israe, 

WlLUAM, b. 23ni March, 1820. 
WMMde, k Mth May, 1898. 
Alan, b. 19th September, 1834. 
Henry-Nieholasy k, Oth Deoooiher, 1800. 


Mr. GfoenwoU «• his fiuher 25th Fohnmiy, 180^, 

3. T?TCH ARD, of whom fnwaiOf* 

4. Robert. 
The third son, 

Richard Greenweix, esq. of Stobilee, 
left ftt hit deeenae in 1668, n ion and on^- 


William OfiEEMWEix, esq. of Stoh0ee, 
whose son, 
WlLUAM GnsBifwux, esq. of SMBeo, 

espoused Alice » and left at hie doeeoee 

in 1024, with sereral other childrrn, 

1. William, of StobUee, who was fined 
and sequeetered ns n recusant and 
toyaliit HeAlnlBirylonviiiigiHno. 

2. Richard, liTinf in IW. 

3. Nicholas. 
The third son, 

Nicholas QntBMWBUL, esq. of Fenhnll, 

purchased in 1633, Fayrhare's lands, in 

FoKD. In 1638, he acquired another portion 
from Hodgson, of Manor House, and divers 
other parcels of various dates. He was s. 
at Us deceaae hj hit only son, 

William GREENwt LL, Lsq. of Gr«enweU 
Ford, and some lime of Kibblcsworth, who 
espoused Barbara, daughter and heiress of 
Robert Cole, esq. of Kibblesworth, and had, 
wifli aeronl odier oUUion, 
MiCHOLAB, hi* fneeoMor* 

The wide spreading and andont fiunily of 
OmniiwBLL, ia of leof abwdlng in the 
Kerth of England. 

Thouas Greenwrll, psq. of Stobilef , in 
the pariah of Lancluster, in Uie county of 
Durham, living in 1503, had issue by his 
wife, A^tB — , 

1. ThooMi, who il. «. |>. in 1504. 

3. Peter, in holy orders, who inherited 
the tenement called Stobilee, as heir 
to his lather, 6th July, lf>04, and 
fanmedintely aurrendered it lo hit 
hrother Richard. 

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Julin, of Newcastle, merchant, who m. 
Jaue, daughter of Alderman Willmm 
Amboat, of Neweurti6HMi»Tyne, and 

1. AuBONB,inerchantof NewcMde, 
whod.*.p. 1729-30. 

2. William, living in 1731, execu- 
tor to hiA brother Aubone. 

8. Nidiolas, d, in 1714. 
4. Jane, d, young. 

5. Catharine, 

6. Jane, 

7. ElittM,iLinmi. 

S. Barbara, «». to Pind GIliMii, of 


Robrrt, on whom his father and mother 
settled lands in Kibblesworth,in 1683. 
He IN. in 1707, Miaa Phtllifi Auboue, 
•ad left, with junior lisne, a ion, 

WtUiAM, of Kibbkowortii, wlw m. 

esq. of Newca£tle-oik-Tyney and 

was s. by his son, 

Joshua Greenwell, esq. of 
XibUcfirortli, and of New- 
catfle-on-Tyne, who m. 

Mary, daughter and heiress 
of the Rev. Thomas Robin- 
aon, A.M. rector onrVycliOe, 
in tho oooBty of York, by 
Olivia, daughter of the Rer. 
Henry Stapylton, of Thorn- 
ton Watlass, and dying in 
1997> loft iarao, 

1. WnuAH. h in 1776. 

2. Robinson-Robert, b. in 

1778, a merchnnt in 
Newcastle, who m. in 
1819, Elisabeth, daugh- 
ter of John Hollar, esq. 
of WhUhy, and has 

3. Leonard, C. B. a colo- 
nel in the anny, ^. in 
1781. This gentleman, 
a distinpui'^hpd officer, 
entered the army in 1 802 
and was present at the 
attackon BewioaAyres, 
where he was lOTorely 
wounded. He served 
throughout the whole of 
1h» PoniMmlar war, and 
oonunaaded tbedSth ro- 


glment, during Mas- 
sena's retreat from the 
lifies, at the battle of 
P>wntM Donor, and at 
the storming and eap- 
ture of Badiyos, 
4. Olivia. 

Williapi Greenwell d. in 1701, and was «. 
by hio eldest ton, 

NtcHOLAS Greenwell, esq. of Greenwell 
Ford, who m. Elizabeth, daughter of — Ad- 
dison, esq. of Bgglestoue, and was t. at his 
dooease in 1796, by his only son, 

William Gruhwell, esq. of Oieonwoil 
Ford, who espoused 5th August, 1734, Mist 
Mary Sandpr^on, aiu! had issve, 
Alan, his successor. 
Elisabeth, m. to Edward Charlton, esq. 
Gneoy m. to John Cnrnming, esq. 
Anne, m. in 1761, to Robert Snrteas, 
e^q. of Cronywell. 

The only son, 

Alan Greenwell, esq. succeeded his 
fatter at Ford, 14th April, 1748. This gon- 
tloman m. Anne, daughter of Henry Ornsby, 
esq. of Lanchester, by whom (who d* 33id 
April, 1783) he had issue, 

William-Thomas, j^retent proprietor. 
George, wlio «. Wm Aikwith, daughter 
of William AAwith, esq. of Rippon, 

rind hasissne. 


Alan, who d. in 1789. 

Hary,fl*. to AldoraMUl JblinHntchinnon, 
of Dnrham. 

Anne, m. to Edward flerie, esq. of Col- 

Jane, d. young. 

Blisabefli, «. in 1819, to John Graon- 

well, esq. of Bromshiolda, in the 

courity Palatine. 

Mr. Greenwell d. 2&th February , 1805, and 
was s, by his eldest son, Wiluan-Tmomas 
Gruenwiu, esq. now representattro of the 

ifrmv— Or, two ban at. between ttree 
ducal eoronets gu. 

Crest— \n eagle's head arg. beaked go. 
gorpjrd with a chaplet of Inure! vert. 

Instate — Situated in the parish of iMn- 
chester, in the county of Durham. 

Am— Greenwell Ford, in the oonnty 

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PARKER, ROBERT-TOWNLET,«tq. af Ciierd«n HaH, in the county of Lancaster 

27t]i Au^t, 1793, m. Slst December, 1816, Harriet, 
yocmgest daughter o£ Thomas Brooke, esq. of Church Min- 
■hall, in Cheshire, second son of Sir Richard Brooke, bt. of 
Norton Pnory, by Margaret, jouafgm daughter of Sir 
Robert CoDliib, bt. and hat ifl 

TBOMAa-T^wiitBY, h, fiA May, 180S. 

Robert-Townley, b. 20th December, 1823, , 

Henry-Townley, k, 91st March, 1887. 




Mr. Townley Parker, who served th6 oliice of high sherifi' 
for Jancashire, in 1817, s, his father in 1793. 

JDr. WUtaker, in his Hiilnyof Whalley, 

notices, in thr defective account which he 
gives of the Farkera, of KxtiTi:<itlp, '* that 
WUliam Parker, of Extw utlc, occurs in the 
lOtfa of HBitftY IV.. and John Parker of the 
tame plaoe, in the 7th HnnnY W 

John Parker, of Extwistle, had by his 
wife, Isabella, a son and successor, 

Robert, who waa posaessed of 
Brerectttr and Extwistle, in IMA. Ho ea- 
pouaed Jane, daughter o£ Eta Haydook^of 
Hesandforth, in the county of LmcaBttr, 
and left a son and heir. 

John PaRKF.R, esq. who m. Marpnrrt, 

daughter of Laurence Towuley, of BuruHite, 
in tbe ooonty of Lancaster, and dying in 
Hia4» wna «. Iqr Us eldest son, 

John ParkkB, esq. b. in 1678, who m. 
Elizabeth, dntie'hter of Cuthbert Holdswortli, 
eiq. of Sowerby, in the county of York, by 
whom be had, with otiier issue, 

Robert, I. in 1004, who at. Ilary, elder 

daughter and co-heir of Nicholas 
Scarborough, esq. of Glusburn, in the 
county of York, and dying vitA patris, 
in 1636, left 
Jonit, SttcceiBor to his giandikaer. 

John Parker, esq. senred the oflico of sheriff 
of Lancashire in and was «. alhis de- 

in leo&t by his grandson. 

John pABKim, esq. who m. Jane, daugli* 

trr of Henrv Foster, esq. f^f the county of 
S utli;ini[jton, and relict of Colonel Francis 
Maihani, a cavalier officer, by whom he had 

I. RoBBBT, hie i 

II. Mary, m* lirst, to Benjamin Wad- 
dingfton, esq. of Allerton Glcdow, in 
Ae county of York ; and secondly, 
to Richard Awholon, esq. second aoii 
of Sir Ralph Asflheton, of Middleton, 
in the county of Lancaster, by wUidh 
latter hn^hand she had a son. 

Sir Raiim! Assheton. bart. who 
left two daughters, hta co-heirs. 

1. Mabt, m, to Haibord, fiiat 

Lord Snffield, and had, widk 
three daughters, two sons, 

William Assheton, so* 
oond Lord Nuffield* 

BnWABB, preoent Lobd 
SuvnBLB, (seo JhritV 

2. Eleonnr. m. in 1769, to Sir 
Thomas Egerton, first £arl 
of Wilton, by ndioin abe left 
an only sorriting ehild, 

Eleanor, m, in 1794, to 
Robert, present Mnr- 

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cpiil of WMtminster, 
and kM, with other 

T HO MAS, preseDt Earl 
m. Elizabeth, to Thomas Ugler,tiqt 

of Arnoldsbi^gin, in ^0 COSMj «f 
York, and had a son, 
Thomas Lister, esq. of Arnolds* 
li^Bgiii, whobad, wMi odwr tew, 
1. Thomas, of Gisborno Park, 
grandfather of Thomas, prc- 
•eat Lord Kibblesdale. 
9. Nathamu, of Anailiife 
Park, great graadlather of 
the preaent Thomas-Henry 
LisTFR, esq. of Annitage 
Park ( see that article ). 

IV. Jmm, IB. to Elwaid Paito, «sq. of 
Brmnholiiiet in th« oonnljr of TodL. 

Tho only son, 

Robert Parker, esq. was sheriff of Lan- 
cashire in 1710. He m. Elizabeth, daughter 
and eo-ieu' of Chiklophtt Bomttre, esq. of 
Bnak, in tte eowntjr of Lancaster, by whom 
he had a very numerous family. Ho d» in 
1718. leaving a son and successor, 

Ba9>astre Parker, esq. who, in 1719, 
liaMfeired die &mily seat frook Bxtwlitie 
to Cnerden Hall, to which he had succeeded 
in right of hia mother, the co-heiress of 
Christopher Banastre, esq. of Bank, in the 
coonty of Lancaster. He fN. Anne, daugh- 
ter aaid eo-l«iieM of WiUiain CUytfNV esq. 
of Fulwood, ia Ae ■anie tlnret member for 
Lirerpoo! in many parjiantents, and was /. 
at his decease, in 1738, by his eldest son, 

Robert Parker, esq. h, in 1727, who m. 
Kmat, Qtitf daiq^ier and sole heiress of 
tkomm Ibwidcy, osq. of Rojle, la tlie 

eoaaty of Lancaster, by wfaoai 1m leftteai^ 

two sons and a daughter, riz. 
Banastre, his successor. 
Thomas-Townley, who inherited froa 

Aane, m. to Siduurd (Croase) LeghyOa^ 
of Shaw Hall in the county of Lancas- 
ter, and of Adlington, in the countj 
of Chester. 
Mr. Pariter, d, ia 1779, and was «. by bit 
elder son, 

Banastre Parkpr, enq, wlio m. Anne, 
daughter of William Uulton, esq. ot Uulton 
Pu%, ia Ae cootttf of lAaeaster, bat dying 
p. ia 1788, was #. by hia brodier, 
Thomas-Townley Parker, esq. who m. 
Susannah, only daughter and sole heiress of 
Peter Brooke, esq. of Astley, in the county 
of Laacasler, bj wboai (who lo-aiarfied Sbt 
Haniy P. Hog bton, bait) bo bad teae» 
Rorert-Townley, present proprietor, 
Susan, m. to Francis-Richard Price, 
esq. of Bryn-y-Pys, in the county of 

Anne, m. to John Baskervyle Glegg, 
esq. of WithiagtOD, ia the eoonly ol 


Mir. Paiker served die oflea of abetlff' of 
Laaeaabire, in 1793, and dylog t}ie Faoio 
year, was *. hy his only ?oii, Rorf.r r T()^vN- 
l f y Parker, esq. now representative of the 


Amu — Gu. a cherron betweea threo 
leopards' beads or, ia tbo noalii of eaeb an 

arrow fesseways, arg. 

Crett — A buck trippant ppr. transpierced 
through the body with an arrow paleway,^ 
point downwards, arg. 

JSiflalss-'Ia tfie county of Lancaster. 

iSbat— Caardaa Hallf aear PieabMU 

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ROUS, THOMAS-BATES, esq, of Courtyraln, in the county of Glamorgan, b. Uth 

January, 1783, m. 11th May, 1811, Charlotte, daughter 
of Sir Robert Salusbury, of iianwem, in the county of 
M<mmoath, and has issue, 

Obokob-Omv, k 3rd January, 181B. 
Frances- Anne. 
CteoffgliM- Annette. 

defl to tlie Wdsh estates of his unde 

This gentleman 
R4»|»«rt Roue, «aq. in 

This family rcsMed, and was possessed of | 
exteiiBive property and influence, in the 
West of Eugiand for many centuries. It 
deiifea ila efifin ftem 

Radulphus le Rufus, a Norman ^n^t 
in the train of the CONQUEROR.* 

Radulphus le Rtrros, his son and heir, 
IS. the daughter of Aaoelint de Tvery, a 
p«werfld baron in the reigns of WiluAM II. 
and Henry I. and hati, with other issue, 

William le Rufus, one of the justices 
itinerant of the counties of Wilts, Dorset, 
8om«rset, Devon and Cornwall, temp. 
Hf.nry II. and sheriff of Devonshire in the 
2^ <tt and 23rd years of the same reign, who 
was «. by his son, 

Sm KjiDVLraus lb Rvro0,knt.«lMMe aon, 

WiLUAM LE RooSfflooffi^ed in Hie reign 
of Henr>' HI. and left a son and successor, 

Sir Ralph le Rous, knt lord of Little 
Modbary, in DeTonshire, liTing temp. Ed- 
ward I. By Us wife, AUee, Sir Ralph left 
issue a son, 

John lb Rous, who was himself <* by 
ais son, 

WtLUAM LB Rovs, wlio m. Joan, daughter 

of Sir Richard Speccott,of Speecott, in ti^e 
conn^ of Devon, and was «. by bis son, 

* RoU of Battel Abbey, see Burke't Extinct 

Ralph le Rous, who m. Joan, daughter 
of Robert Godnesford, and had ime, 

Ralph, whose only daughter conveyed 
by marriage tbe manor and lands of 
IattleModbun,'to the- Bymnrks. from 
whom that estate passed by entail to 
Lord BonviUe, and thence to Henry 
Grey, Duke of SoSblk. 

Thp srrond SOn, 

Sir Robert le Rous, knight-banneret, 
upon whom the continuation of the male 
line devolved, distinguished biBuelf mdet 
EnwAmn tub Stock Vrfnci; in the wars 
with France and Spain, as a valiant ?o!dier 
and a skilful captain. Sir Robert, who was 
governor of CherlK>urg temp. RiCMABD IL 
was t. at bis decease by bis son, 

William le Rous, who m. Alice, daugh- 
trr and hrircs? of Thomas FdmeistoB, of 
Edmerston, and had t\\ o j^nns, 

WiLUAM, bis successor. 

Robert, who d,9*p» 
The elder, 

WiLUAM LB Rout, inberiled hie nratbei^i 
lands of Edmfrston, and m. Margaret, 
daughter of William Lower, of the county 
of Cornwall. He was s. at his decease by 
his son, 

John Rous, who m, Isabel, dangbtar of 

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Hrnry Drewe, of Modbury, aad wm Hving 
»t EdmenlDW in 1404. HfoaoB Md i 

WnxuM Rom. ofBdMiilOBe, m. Sihjh, 
^hter of William FmmI, of FamOM- 

combe, DeroTi, and vrns s. hj his son, 

RooEH Hoi s, of Edmeratone, who c«- 
fOBMd Joliaa, daugliter of William Hill, of 
PeAqaile mmi Fleet, in Cornwall, and eren- 
tually co-hdrem of bar btodier, Mb Hill, 
and had ts^e, 

Richard, his successor. 
Joho, who inherited from his mother 
HaMui, and ate* lands in Cornwall, 
bat dyfaig s. p, baqiMstted Ibflaa ca- 
tates to his nephew, Sfr AlrthwiJ 
Rou«, of Edmentooe. 
Tiie elder son, 

Rkbaro Rous, of Edmerstone, m. Eka- 
aar, dnayhter «f 8b Bdmuid Mervyn, of 
Faidhill, Willi, one of the jnd^ af iha 
coffimon pleas, and had, witli two other sons, 
SlE Akthony Rot of Edmerstone, his 
aaeaciaor, who iuhented his father's estatea 
la naviadhiiu, aa waU aa Hal«m, aad lha 
other landed p n e nw a ria aa af Ms wla, John 
Ro»ip. Sir Anthony was a man of great 
pans and virtues. He was twice sheriff of 
CicavaH, ia the Uhh and 42nd of Qmteti 
MuKAunut *■» aaa af lha fc ai g aa i ci re- 
turc^ to Berve in parliament Son East Looe 
in the 27th year of that reign; mad in the 
Ut of Kimg James 1. was one of the knights 
aflbaaUnfiirGefBivall. Ha m. first, Eli- 
aabeth, dai^bter of TlioBiaa Soatbeaia, esq. 
co-heir of her mother, a Una Banhaoae, 
hj whom he liad issue, 

!• A m b k o sb, one of the representatires 
af L a a n ces ton in the first parliament 
ofKiagJAHBf I, Ha ak Magdalen, 
daughter of Peter Osborsc, esq. of 
Chicksands, in the conntv of Bed- 
ford, by whom he left at his decease, 
iMk paMi, aard Jaly, 1690, a nnme- 
laaa AmOy, the eldest of wUeb, 
WiLUAM, *. his grandfather. 

2- R'^BElT, who espoased Jane, daugh 
ter of Alexander Pym, esij. and niece 
of lha aalAntad 9ou» Pym, by 

AktHONT, M.P. for the county of 
ComwaJl in 1653 and laofi, who 
•I. Mary, dnn^ter of William 
^ " Kw, esq. of Aa ooonty of 
1, with odiar 

Fbancib, of Woattea UaSa- 
ridge, of whom baiaaAar, aa 


3. Richard. 

4. Francis who resided nt Lanrake, In 
Cornwall, and was member for Troro 
ia Ae 1st year of Chahlbs L for 
Tragaaj ia lha M, and again for 
Truro in the 15th and 16th of that 
reign. After the death of the Iving, 
he was knight of the shire for Devon, 
aad apeaker <i€ Iht short parliament, 
and, in the fidlowing year, appoialed 
one of Cromwell's lords. Ha waa 
also provost of Eton collefre. He d. 
in the lifetime of the Protector. 
aad waa haaoarad with public obse- 

6, Arlhar. 

* The fonowiof seeottBt of his Amenl aad «ha> 

rtcter is taken from the ^fcrcarius PolitieiV, • 
newspaper of the d«y: — Mond«Y, the 94th, 
beiag the diy appointed finr the interment of the 
eoqpMof the Right Hon. fnaeis. Lord Roose^ it 
'^■s performed in tliis manner: the lords of his 
Uighneas'a privy conncil luet at his hotite at Ao- 
toa, ss daa diveit of the eoaudMieaan of the 
•dmiralty, and of the officers of the army, with 
many other persons of honour and quality. Hia 
Highneaa was aiao pleased to aeod aereral of his 
genteMa in eeaehss whfc gUchoma tshspn. 
aent at the solrmnit^- ; three heralda Ukewiee, or 
officers at anus, gave their Bttendanoe. Tbeor>rp»9 
WM placed ia a aairi^, covered with a pail of 
black velvet, a d aw ed with escooheoas, tad dnnva 
with aix horaes in mourninp fiimitTirp. The lords 
of the oottttoil followed it, and the rsat, in their 
order towttds Eaton eoDege, by Windsor, when 
the deceased lord, having been prafw^ desired he 
mif'ht he interred. A sermon was preached after 
the buntd by Mr. Ozenbridge, one of the ftUows, 
and so the ce t emeBiy ended. He needs no SMmn* 
ment besides his own printed wnrVs to convey his 
osme to posteritf the other works of his life may 
he i eiBw d worhs ef ehsii^, wherein he was most 
ezemplaiy , aa die poor in away parts now with 
tears will tell you. TTe choae to lay his bones in 
bis college, becaose the society had his heart, 
being mtm df^As swoe ChriitfaNi tesiper wfA 
himself; aad in his testament he prayed that Oed 
would please to continue it (as it is) a famous 
nursery of piety and leartung. 1 shall add no 
more but thia, that his deeth was en e atwe t d inary 

loss to bis Hiphnoag and good mf>n in particular, 

and the whole nation in general." Other hia. 
torisDS (Cisieodea, Weed, &e.) give, however, a 

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0. BttMlMdi»«.tololliiiNort]icoie»fliq. 

Sir Anthony espoused, secondly , Philippa, 
daughter of Humplirey Coles, esq. ; and, 
thirdly, Susan, daughter of Sir Lewis Pol- 
lud, «NM of die justicM of dio commoii 
pleaa, and widow of Jolm CkiplMloo, Mq. of 
Coppleston, in the cotinty of Devon. He 
d. in H>^2, at n very advanced age, and was 
s. by his grandson, 

WlUlAM Rous, esq. of Halton, M*P. for 
Truro ia ^ 1st porlianoiit of Charles I. 

who m. Mary, eldest daughter of Richard, 

Lord Robartps, of Trtiro, and sister to John, 
£arl of i{;i(innr, by whom he bad issue, 

Richard, his successor. 
Chorlfls, w1h> a «. p, 
Elizabktr, of whom preoeolljr, as 
heiress of her brother. 
William Rous was t. by his son, 

Richard Rous. esq. of Halton, M P. for 
Bosainey 13th Charles II. who m. Mary, 
daughter of — Clarke, esq. (into whose fli- 
mily Halton eventually passed), but dying 
4. p. was s. by his only sister, 

EuzABBTH Rors, who espoused her cousin, 

Francis Rous, esq. of Wootton Unde- 
ridge, in the county of Gloucester, (refer to 
imo of RoBBH, eoeond son of 8w An- 
thony Rous, knt.) and had issne a son, 

Thomas Rous, esq. who settled at Pieroe- 
field, in Monmouthshire, and marrying Jane, 
daughter of — Hoskins, esq. (A the county 
of Oloueester, bad (with three daugiiters, 
the eldest m. to Thomas Coslar, esq. of 
Redhroke, Gloucestershire; the second to 
the Rev. Dr. Beutham, canon of Christ- 
church, Oxford; and the youngest to J. 
Meorop, esq. of London) thne sons, vis. 
WiuiAM, who predeceased his lather 

4. p. 

Thomas, who «. to the estalss. 


Mr. Rons d, in 1737, and was #. by his eldest 

Thomas Rovs, nq. of Pieroeield, (an 
estate fir f^ubseqiaently soM to the family of 
Morris). This gcotlemaii osponsed Mary, 

daughter of Thomas B a lsi, esq. of North- 
umberland, and had issue, 

William, rf, unmarried. 
Thomas-Bates, his successor. 
OlOROB, an eo ss sc t to Us brodMr. 
Robert, of Coorlyiala, in the coun^ of 

Glamorgan, high sheriff for that shire, 
who d, unmarried, and wait «. in his 
estates by his nephew, Thomas-Bates 
Rons, esq. 

Anna-Maria, m. to Henry Peter, esq. 
of Harlyn, in tlm county of Cornwall. 
The eMest sorvMng mm, 

Thomas-Batbs Rous, eeq. of Moor Park, 

in die county of Herts, who for many years 
was member for the city of "Worcestpr in 
parliament, dying without issue, in IbUU, 
the representation of Ikt family devolved 
upon his next bralhor» 

Georgb Rous, esq. of Bodfiwd sqnaie, 

London, an eminent barrister, counsel to 
the East Fndia Company, and tor sevpral 
years M.P. lor the borough ol Shaitcs- 
bury. This gentleman (whoaoM Moor Park) 
m. Charlotte, daaghter of the Rev. Dr. 
Thomas, dean of Ely, and master of ChiisC 
church, CHnil»riili,'e, by whom he had 


George, in holy orders, rector of Ln- 
▼erton, in the coooty of SomerMt^ 

who m. Jane, daughter of Richard 
Newcome, esq. of Burcott, in the 
same shire. 

The elder son, Tuomas-Batks Rous, esq. 
inheritod, in 1808, the Welsh estates of his 
uncle Robert, and is now Ac representative 
of this ancient lamily. 

Amu—OT an eagle diqplnyodeB, pnnh^ 
his wing, with feet and Wfl gn. 

Cre$t — A dove arg. 

JWolto— Vcscitur ChristO. 

Ettates — Chiefly in Gliunorganshire. 

Si at — Coorlyrahs near GardUb Glamor* 


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WALL» SAMUEL^ Mq. of Worthy Park, in the county of Hants, b. 29th May, 1775, 

m. 24th OctolK>r, F.liza, daughter and co-heires* of 

the laie J ohn Binna, e»q. banker at Leeda, by mhom. he ha» 
had iaaae, 

lOHN^BlNNS, drd Av^atA, 1818. 
AUwd-Elli^ 5. 18th AugMt, 1817, and d. 94<k April, 1881. 
George-Alfred £Uu» ^. lOHi December, 18M. 


Frances-Miiiiceut, d. 7th May, 1821. 

This ^ntleman, who is Ueutenant eoknel «f die Worowtor 
Local Militia, and a deputy lieateiiant, and mag^trate for 
the counties of Hants, Worcester, and Hereibfd, lenred 
tha offiee of theiiiC £w Woieestualiira, in 1818. 

Thf» pre#pTit proprietor of Worthy Park 
is the secouii son of the late 

Sa M i; EL W Ally esq. banker, of Worcester, 
by MillieeBtr daaghter of Ae late 

WtUiaaaEIliByeaq. of the same city, and by the 
demise, Msoelefis, of her only brother, John 
Ellis, esq. of Claines, inheritor of several 
I in Wofoettenhin and Ho- 

or and as. a fesse bat- 
lril^,ooonterbatteU^e between three flears- 
de-IiR, all coanterchanged. Bearing an es- 
eatcibeon of pretence, the ensigns ofBiNNS, 

Cr«*|w— Out of a mural coronet or, a demi- 
wolf arg. charged on the neck with a fesse 
embattled, counter embattled gu. 

Motto — Firm. 

Estates — At Claines, Worcestershire ; 
and manor and estates of G^radley, near 
Whelboane, Hevelbrdsliin ; wfcieb paeaea 
siona hare been for a long period enjoyed 

hy the family. The mansion, and Hamp- 
shire estates, were purchased from Admiral 
Sir Charles Ogle, bart in tte year 18S6. 

iS«4i( — Worthy jPark, uear Wmcbe«ter. 

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FLOOD, JOHN, eM}. of Flood Htll, in the county Klttrnqr, m. Mim Saurui^ 
daughter of the Right Honorable William Saarin, late attornej genaiml in Ireland, but 
hat no imo. H9m%wBa^fitMbbwaA4tfiKtyli&a$^^ 

The Ff ooDS pofsesi three putates in the 
county of Kilkenny — Flood Hall, Farmley, 
and PauUtowD Castle ; and it ia aeramed, 
that dw7 deaetnd ftom Sir Thomas Fladd, 
kaC lu'aiMryr to Qmem Elizabeth. 

FRANrf«< Fu>OD« esq. of Bornchurch, m. 
Anne, only daughter and heir ofCol. Henry 
Waiden, M.P. by whom ha had aara mm 
md a dangler, vis. 

I. Warden, hi? smceMor. 
M> John, who m. Jane, only daughter and 
heiress of — Crompton, esq. oi the 
oaaaty of Kilkenny, and had twoeoaa, 
John* af Flood Hall. 

FRKnFmcK, of Npwton Ormonde, 
in the county of Killienny, and 
of Banna Lodge, in Wexford- 
Aira, ewtoa rotaloram of (be 
latter county. This gentleman 
was created a baronet on the 3rd 
June, 1780, was a member of the 
Iilfh parliament, and, subee> 
qaeafly, of the Imperial Parlia- 
ment Sir Frederick Flood m. 
first. Lady Juliana Anncsley, 
daughter of the Earl of Angle- 
aey, by whom (who A fai 1774) 
ha had no issaa. He espoused, 
tecondly, Frances, daughter of 
the Right Hon. Sir Henry Ca- 

vendleh, hart., and bad (with a 
younjrer daughter, the wife of the 
Rev. Mr. St George) 
Frances, who m, first, liichard 
Solly, aaq. and had imae, 
I. PlmtniCK Solly, who 
assumed, hy pJpTi ma- 
nual, in mn, the addi- 
ttanalaaraaflwaad arms 
of Fuma» 
3. Frances Solly, 
3. Jane Solly. 
Mrs. Solly espoused, s«> 
oondly, John Harward Jaa* 
sop, aaq. of Doory Hall, la 

the ronnty of Lonjfford, nnd 
had two other sons and a 
daughter, via. 
John JaaMp. 
Francis Jessop* 
Elizabeth Jessop. 
At the decease of Sir Frederick 
Flood, the baronetcy became ex - 

III. Charlea»afBaIlynock, in the county 
of Kilkenny, cf. unmnrried. in l7tlO, 

IV. Henry, in holy orders, d. $, p. 

V. George, of Kittenny, in holy orders, 
DJ>* rector of Rathdonny, Qaeea*ii 
county, d. in 177n, leaving iwine. 

VI. Francis, of Pau!;*toM n Cnstle, in the 
county of hjikenny, who m. Miss 

M.P. by hia iMb* Lady Anne Goiv, 
daughter of AifSmtf Earl of Anraa, 
and had issue. 
Warden, LL.D. judge of the high 
oimrt ofadmifalty in Ireland, «• 

* The fcnily of Rattoh, which derire* its anr* 

name from Xhc lorrlflhip of Hattov, in rhfsbirp, 
haa maintained, ever nnee its a o t l l om ent lu Ire- 
land, a iMidiag mflaMiee in tie eouoty of Wea- 
ford. It immwUately deriT«e from the edbhMed 
Sia CHBisToewn Han«i(,LoanCnAMauaa an 

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lis Cather at Paiilstown GmOc. 
Hr m. Miss Dofiovhh, sfsKr oJ 
Ueuerai (J Doaovan, of Uie conn- 
tyorCoik» mmd muat to Sir Wil- 
li«n WrixQB Baekar, but by 
whom be * 


1. Warden, 

hi-« f;ither, 
2- Francis, a captain in tlie 

my, kilted in action. 
9, Hf>ry» of PanlaCowB 
Castle, autlior of sereral 
politicnl essays, nt. in 1816, 
Aooa-Maria, dan. of Henry 
I^mioa, eaq. and baa issue, 
William. Cbarlea. 
Henrietta. Isabells. 
4. Donovan, m. M?>9 Vignau, 
niece of tbe Comtesse de la 
M olta, and left iaaue, 
Wakoen, a captaia in the 
6lst (kind's own) light 
infantry, m.2]Bi April, 
1836, Mary-Grove, el- 
deat dao. of ibe Hon. 
Lt-Gen. Arthur-Grove 
Annesley, and niece of 
Earl Annesley, 
ft. Marianne, who inherited 
considerable property, tn. 
the Rer. Stnart Hamilton, 
of Tyrone, s^ond rousin to 
Aa Hafiqneaa of Abercom, 
Hatton, a o<>?onel In the Istdfagoon 
guards, d. uitmarrifd. 

* major m the army, and 
hisfc aberif oftbeeonnty of Kil- 
kenny in 1778. 
H^-nry, a rn^ in the amy, who 
had issue, 

1. John, of Viewmount,count\ 
Kflbenny,clerk of the peatv 
for that ahlre, m. Mi«N 

Bnishp. fut nt grrandaiipht. « 
of Dr. Mamie, bishop o! 
Meath, and has issne, 

Watden. lobn. 


Elizabt th, m, to Captain 

Stoyte, of the 24th. 
Anne. Marianne. 
«. Ann, «. to Iba lain Dr. 
Reed, of oonnty Gariow. 
m, Rkbmrd, nnnanried. 

vpn* Anne, m. to Dr. Hoaij Cbndler, 
archdeacon of Oaaoiy, tad lactor of 

The eld^t son. 

Tub Rmht Hon. Wambkm Fumo, ol 
Flood HaU, was chief jnaiiw oTIbo oowt of 

Kjii-'8 Bf^nch in Ireland. His lordship 
espoused Miss Whitetideyanddjiafln 17My 
was «. by his son, 


Hbney Flood, of Fann]^,iB the oa«aty 

of Kilkenny. This eminent person, so eele- 
brated in the eventful history of his native 
country, was boru in 1732, and educated 
at Triidty CiiUege, Dublin, aad at Christ 
Church, Oxinrd In the latter nnivofaity 
under the care of Mr. Markham, afterwanis 
archbishop of York. In 1759, Mr. Flood 
obtained a seat in the Irish House of Com- 
VOMM, bnt.dBring tfaat aearion took no part 
in its dabatee. In 1761, he waa re-elaolad, 
and be eamp almost inunediatelv afterwards 
leader of the opposition. The repeal of 
PoYNiNo's LAW* first engaged his great 
powero, and bo nltinMila^ aneoaeded in 
having the obnoxious clauses of that atalnta 
abrogated. His next patriotic effort wr?s 
the introduction of a bill for limitjug tho 
duration of parliaments, which had previ- 
ously subsisted In Ixeland, Ibr tbo life of tho 
king. This measure he advocated in vain 
in the admioistrations of the lords lieute- 
nant, NorthttOBbeirland and Hertford; but 
his peraevexanoe and eloqveaoa eventually 
triumphed, and tbe OcTBItNIAL BlU poiaad 
into a hivv under the government of Iiord 
Townahend. This was the first victory of 
importance achieved by the friends of free- 
dom in Ireland wiOm n reiy abort period 
the glorious and bloodless revolution of 
1782 followed. In 1775, Mr. Flood was 
sworn of the Privy Council in both king- 
doms, and constituted Vice Treasurer of 
Ireland. In 1791, tbe Spirit of Liberty, 
invip^orated from the opposite shores of the 
Atlantic, roused a feeling in Ireland which 
concession alone could assuage. England 
waa embarrased, eoliBebled, almost pros- 
trate. Ireland was annedi united, and lo- 
•olved ; Mr. Flood aaw tbe criria, aad aeiiod 

* By » 'm*conatntctk» of thisststate, the Privy 

Cenaejlaf IniMd had aanaiMl fer nioie th«i a 

centnrT. ninhority similar to that formerly exercissd 
by the lord* of articles in .Srotlnnd. «y this 
aavipation the parlismeat ot ireiaud waa reduced 
to a meie ejr^Mr. 

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it,— -emancipating himself from the tram- 
mels of office, he assailed the Minister in 
tho House of Commoiiat with all die vebe- 
meaee of hie eloquenoe— ell die weight of 

his patriotism — all the rnprf^y of his cha- 
racter—and demaTified a restoration of liis 
country's rights. The government cower- 
ing before its powerM eitafflewt, end aenel- 
ble of the instabflity of its position, relin- 
qnished. without procrnstination, what conld 
BO longer be retained without peril. The 
patriots. Burgh end Grattan, flew across 
die honee vpon Ihie memofeble eeeaaion, end 
embraced Uie orator, the former exclaiming, 
"this is the man whose integrity the highest 
offi(» in the land could not warp/' In 1786, 
If r. Flood wie lelnmed Ift die BrhMi Hdose 
of Commons, and condiiaed e member until 
the dissolution of that parliament. He died in 
Drc rnilx r, 1795. The history of liis country, 
should that history be ever written with im- 
perdelitfy will do unple jnsdee to die latre- 
liidltj, dw dieiBtoreefedness, and patriotism 
of this eminpnt man, and when it records 
the illustrious characters which adorned the 
dote of die eighteenth century, it will place 
Mfou ft* brigiiteit pife die immortel name 
<tf Flood. 

Amongst his contemporaries Hfnry 
Flood enjoyed the most splendid reputa- 
tion. ''Hetey" MJd Mr. Oerran, speaJiing 
of him in e eelebrated debate, "all the 
wisdom of the state is collected, exploring- 
your weakness and your stri nptli, (ictecting 
every ambuscade, and pointing to the hidden 
battery that wu brovigfat to beer upon die 
ehrine <rf fteedom.'' Upon his resignation 
of the treasurcship, Mr. Montgomery "called 
the attention of the house to a right honora- 
ble gettdemen ^ir. Flood), the best, the 
most noble, die moot indefiidgftble, the most 
sincere, that had ever sacrificed private in- 
Vrost to the advantage of his country." Tn 
the debate that ensued, Mr. Flood rose and 
9pvk9 at ooneiderabie length, defending his 
political conduct, and concluding with the 
following charactf ristlr sentiment ; " My 
ambition has been when out of office not to 
be factious, and when in office not to be 

We cannot close this notice of Flood, 
without alluding at least, to the per<*on?)l 
dispute which occurred between him and 
hie eo-patriot, Henry Grattan. The dis- 
^awlon of Poyning's law first caused n mis- 
understanding between the!«e relrhritrd 
pcrsonsy and a subsequent debate upon^the 

repeal of the 6th GF.oRoe produced au 
altercation between them, unparalled witliia 
die walle of parliament for Titaperation, 
bittomees, and personality. In 1783, Mr. 

Gnittan olitainod n simple repeal of that de- 
claratory ;\ct,a course wluchMr.Flootl iiiain- 
taxued iu two very powerful speeches was no 
eecnrity against England's preferring at any 
future period a similar pretension founded 
upon the principle of the measure. Acting 
upon this opinion he procured a law renounc- 
ing the claim for ever. The dispute to which 
we alinde ooenned in 1783, end Mr.Flood, 
in the course of the debate, entered into a 
long and interesting narratiTe of his whole 
political life. 

The qnestion 9£ parttanentary reform, 
Mr. Flood adToealed Ibr tte flrst time in 

the Irish House of Commons, in 17H1, with 
his accustomed lorce and eloquence. In 
i7^M,he addressed a iirituh parliament upon 
die eame importsnt snbjeot; and Us speecth 
upon that occasion was published In 1881* 
with his re[dy to Mr. Windhrim. They are 
admiral oratorical efforts, and at the time of 
delivery calledfordi the highest eulogy from 
Mr. Pitt 

Had Henry Flood not been one of the 
most eminent statesmen and orators of the 
period in which he lived, his translations of 
Demosdienes, JBschines, and some of the 
Odes of Flndar, would have stamped him 
a mnn of genius, and insured him a place 
in the temple of fame. Mr. Flood's style 
of eloquence is described as of the veiy 
first order, replele widi koowledfe, ardent, 
vigorous, acute, and argumentadve j and 
it is stated, that while he hurried away his 
auditory by the force of his great reason- 
ing faculties, he delightsd every person of 
tasts and judgment, by a certain felieitj of 
diction, which added infinite grace and 
beauty to his delivery. He sometimes pros- 
trated his adversary by a single word, thus 
resembling die grset Lord Chatham, wboee 
attributes as an orator and statsswsn he held 
in the highest veneration. 

Hbnry Flood espoused, Idth April, in 
1702, the Lady Francea-Marla Beresford, 
daaghtor of Marcna, diet Bail of Tyme, 
but died widiont issue. He devised Us en* 

• I his fxrt haH declared " that the kingdom of 
Ireland ought to be subordinate to, sad depcodaat 
upon die Imperisl crown of Great Biil^, and 
tLnt flic parliamrnt of Knpland hsth poVSt SO 
make isira to biad the people of IrsUnd.'' 

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trame cttitet to fhe college of Dublin, for 
fl0 mtamgmmi of tlie Irbh bngnftge ; 
bit dMMe eatatea aAer procnutinated litiga- 
tion, ramleA to lua cooain, and heir at 

JouK Flood, eaq. of Flood Hall, In the 
caaMf of Kflkesny. Thia gendenuui «. 
HiM AUworth. daughter of Richard Ald- 
word), ftq. M.P. of Newmarket in the 
cottoty of Cork, and had issue, 
JoBN,jn'wwNi proprietor, 

Be t i rt ^ofglMMtey. 


Mr. Flood was aneeeoded at bia deeeaae by 

his elder son, the picaaiit JoHN Fioo0, eaq, 
of Flood Hall. 

AitnM — Vert, a chevron between three 
wolves' heads erased ar. 

Coniinned lo SlrThomaa Fludd, of tiio 
county of Kent, Hth Elizabedl. 

Crest — A wolf's head, as in the anna* 

Motto — Vis unita fortior. 

fftafet—In the county of KflkoDBy. 

Ami— Flood Hall, Kilkennyahire. 


MOUBRAY, SIR ROBERT, knt. of Cockaimy House, in the county of Fife, a 

deputy lieutenant and magistrate for that shire, 

b. in 1 774, m. in September, 1 807 , Laura, fourth 

daughter of William-Hobson, esq. of Markfield, 

in Middlesex, and has issue, 

Robert-Frederick-North-Bickerton, h» 
Slat Jnly, 1806, captain FUieahifo wSMtu 

Richard-Hussey-Charlea, 6.26th May, 1810^ 

Hon. East India Company's Serrice. 
William-Hobson, h. 28th August, 1818, R.N. 
Edward, h. 7th April, 1836. 


nil fntfaMBy a liaotonaiit ooIoimI in dio amiy, and comptniofi of tbe Royd Hoao- 
wiBB Gaa^luc otdor, racalTod Ibo bonor of knigbtfaood at Carlton Pahoe, 20th April, 
1325,lBooBiidontionof Uoaaoiont tadhooorablo daoeont. Sir Robait «. Ua ftihor 
io 1794^ OBtoto of Cocfcaimy, and in part of the boiony of Invarkoithing, or%ln* 
tliy the property of the potent Earls of Dunbar. This estate was conveyed hy Galiena, 
dac'^htcr of Waldere, fourth Earl of Dunbar, who d. in 1182, to ber busband Philip 
dt ifoafavmy, with whoaa descendants it has continued to the preaont period, with the 
oeapiion of tho abort interval fim 1320 to 1346, when tbe poaaoeaioB m ewpended 

Sir Robert Moubray, when a captain in the 80th regiment of foot, embarked at 
Ctvlon in 1 801 , under the orders of Colonel Wellesley (now Duke of Wellin^on), 
tc jiito the standard of Sir Ralph Abeicrombie, in Egypt. He aenred ten years in India, 
tfid dghtia tbe Mediterranean. 

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Roger de Aimvi eapousod Amiria de 
Mowbray, lister of Robert de Mowbray, Earl 
of Northiiinberlaiid, and bad two mn», 

1. WiLUAii» ftom iriMoi ilnirad ^ 
Earls of AaOMDILi Ibe male line of 
which eminent house expired in 1243, 
while the female line, now represeuted 
by the D«k« of Morftlkt oonliiived 
the Cunfly. (8ce Bmhfa Ex^met 

2. NiOKL, of whom we are about to 

NiGKL OB Albini, possessor of one hun- 
dred and twenty kniE;^ht'y fees in Nurmandv, 
and one Imndrftl and forty in England, ni. 
in 11 lb, liuudred de Gournay, uiiiy child of 
Oerarl de Gooniay, by Edith, (fangbter of 
William, Earl of Warr* n and Surrey, by 
dauphtrr of \\ ILUAM Ibe Cwi- 
queror. Their eldest son, 

RooER, by special command of King 


ftH^, Dtikcs of Norfolk, and the oCber 
branches of that puiaaant booae. 

2. Philip* 
3* Bobcftk* 
4* Roger* 

Till" second son, 

Philip df. M(»wbray, espoused Galitiia. 
daughter of \\ aideve, Earl of Dunbar, uud 
wiCb iMr acquired eonaader^e property, 
partienlarly the Baronies of Barbo^e, DiJ- 
meny, and TnvcrVf itliing. The first mention 
of this Plulip in the records of Scotland oc- 
curs in a charter dated 1206. He was am- 
baaaader to England In 1915 and 1290^ to 
tr< at of the marriage of King AuXANDRm 
H- with the Prinr-r'iis Joan. He bad tm9 
sons. 1. Roger; and 2. Nigel. 

RooER DE MouBKAY, the elder son, in n 
ebarter to flit ehnndi of Soltimy, eonfttoed 
to the Abbey of Jedburgh the donation of 
the oboreh wiiicli WaldeYe, the aoa of Coa^ 

and tfie arms of that ftnOy. This Roger 

was one of thp chief commanders at the me- 
morable battle fought in 1 13b with the Scots 
near Northallerton, known in hiatofy aa the 
Batu or niBSrainiAm, and oAwtlng to 
Klw Stenben* in bia contaat with &e em- 
press, was taken prisoner with that monarch, 
at the battle of Lincoln. In 114b he accom- 
panied LeMfitt KiMtt or France, to the Holy 
Laad» and than aoqniied great renown by 
▼anquishing a stout and hardy Pag^ in 
single combat. His grants to the church 
were muuihcent in the extreme; and his 
piety so ferrent, that he again aaiMiniiil tfie 
cross, and made a s eeo n d jontMjr to flie 
Holy Land, where be was taken prisoner, 
but rf dprnicd by the Knight Templars. He 
d. soon after in the East, and was interred 
at Swea* Soim autiioritiea aay that ho n- 
tumed to England, and living fifteen years 
longer was buried in the Abbey of Riland. 
This {K>tent personage wedded Alice, de 
Gaut, and had two sons, 



Nir.FL DE Mowbray, the elder son, as- 
suming the Cross, set out for Palestine, but 
d. on the journey, leaying by bia wife, MUhel, 
danghtor of Ednumd, Barl of Churo, feor 

I, riz. 

1. WlLUAM, ancestor of tlie Mowbray?, 
Dukea of Morlolk; also of the How- 

* Regarding ths seniority of these two aona, 
much discussion haa arite.i. Sir William 1>qj- 
dale, in his Baronags (I. 1X4.} afranges the aons 
thus. 1. WiUiRU t. Robert. 5. Philip. 4. 
Regsr. Andi^,'*OrwlMl Robert I fiade that 
he tonVe to wife a eounteti of Sc*»tland, who hs<! a 
fair inheritance there, from whom dcacended tba 
BfofPhnryaof AatUngdon." BnthidMMigto 
Dngdalerefefs Ibr his aatbority to the Moaas ti eoa 
II. 193, which is in the9# words, "Tone fiUns 
Rogeri de Mowbray prunogeaitos fait Nigellus 

Alin^m^dTGaat. Hie NigsUna cepit in azocaaa 
fii iam Edmondi Comitia d« Clara, nomiaa MabQ* 
lam, et genoit ex e4 quatoor fiUoa, anUeel; Wtl- 
liebmim da Mowbray, RobetCam, Philippoaa «t 

Rogeium. Tllo rnro po-rro Robprtu^ fnitr-r Fjtu- 
dem Nigelli, feoffattui fuit m ScotiA oobiliter per 
quaudam Banmiaaam, quam cepit in < 
toti tanft patria aai etpost BC 

sacerrlotis intraTit, etmnkat in msniaa m** Wf^j)Tt 
eooleaiaa in AngUI, in Nonaannia, et in ScotiA, ' 
Hera Robert, the son af Nigii,ia<ha ant wadea t 
taills; Robert. the broteefKigel. not oecurring 
pi«vio«fllv in the Mottasticon, where Dujirdale jnrt 
netioes Robert, Fhiiip, and iioger. aa th« yoonger 
aona of Nigel, withoat a i a Misato g (ha aMiiago 
of Robert. Had Robert de Mowbrsy married a 
roTintf*'^!! in her own n?ht their descendants mtiat 
Uava be^ £arb. 1 be succeeaiatt of tba K a ri dooie 
ofDeotland, al that eartf pariatf, ia daHly «M> 
dated by Lord Hales in the Stirhprltuid case. And 
none »pp«»f«rs m connected wiUi Robert de Mow- 
bray, wbo occura no where in tbe reootds of Reoli- 

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■Mile to tfiat abbey. 

Gjiifkid Moubray, the next on re- 
cord, out 01 the magnates SeuUse, from 1287 
li UM, ctfMMwd Hie Mcood dragliter of 
Med Jcko Cunivn, Ju&tidaiy «f Scotland, 
filter of BUck John rumyn, who m. Mar- 
jory, faster of Joim Balioi, King of ScotUnd. 
They bad iatue. 

3. Roger, who, en^nj^ing; in a coiispi- 
ncy agaiu^t Kmij Uobkrt in irj2(1, 
^ ia pruon before trial, wUuu his 
gmt poeMMioos of Banibott^ and 
Daimeny, in the county of Linlithgow, 
InTerLeithiDg, in Fife ; Cegsford and 
Eckford, in Roxburghshire ; Meth- 
▼cn, in Perthshire ; KeUie, in or- 
Muies KiiklliebMl,iii11ieoottnty 
<^ IhaahieB, Ae office of Standard 
Bearer of Scotland, and boatil^ges 
were forfeited to the crown. 

4. Phiup (Sir), of wlion presently. 

Thf fourth son, 
Sir Philip D£ Moubiut, fell wUb Khtp 

Imi u tite time in qocsboo. William de Mow* 
tn^f sUmc MS of cnnAsd two obiftera, 

i&wrtHl fn Dagd^'c Monuticon II. 190, con- 
immf to the Abbey <^ Newbiu^ ail the dona- 
> by Rogerde Mowbr^ bis pand- 
If %i4 4o BBovpftnt^ bis Attsr, Avss of 

tb» WTtn***^^ TO which nrf , " RnbtTf Mowbrav, 
■y aacl«, Ptdlip de Mowbray, say brother, Robert 
brotber.** Bm Fbifip takes 
FMiasaar bisbnte Rihsrt. iaiisMfaig thnt 

be was !)?• p?f!pr brother, eonseqiientlr sseOBd soa 
«f KifeL FbiUp de iVlowbrsy also makss St that 
V«isitceBipieaoiis figure in ttoneanb of 8eot- 
hmi, wbset be narricd Galisns,dangbter of Wal- 

d^^c , th*> p<rtent Ear! of Dmbar, with whom be 
fM ^r««t powessiona in that kingdom. He mast 

Cram bis tbos obtaining in mairiage a dangbter of 

oa» of th* mr*st ywtwerfal of th«» Scottish nobility, 
•ad hvmx his being employed in important negotia- 

t/tV CMni» of Moubmv existed in North BriUiin at 
Umi p«iiod, except that of Nigel de Mowbray. From 
tew pnsBMSs the bigirisislw eonclnsions are, that 
Hilip da Moobray, and «dC Bobsil. was seeond 
of :md that h? •was «nr<^tor of the Mon- 

Seotlaad; it is ako apparent that the Soot- 
tof Dngdatow«S«M 
dangbter of Wal- 
d*««. U sf XhBbv, spooso of Philip do Moo. 

Edward Brucb at the battle of Dnndalk,ia 

1318. Uc m. Fvp, Lady of Rcdcastle, in 
Fortaxahire, and luui4Hie son and a dangbter, 

John (Sir), of Meagtfe, wko m^Mn 

■t Annan in 1333, ob Ihe part of Ed- 
ward Bnliol. nis ostatps were for- 
ft itcd, and granted to Sir \ViJliam 
do jDottglas, knt. the grant bearing, 
tert Jdhi had sasceodad lo tkeee eo^ 
tates by hereditary snocession lo Sir 
Philip'da Monbny, kit Arthofv 


pHiLrpPA DE MouB HAY, designed dangbter 
and heiieM of Sir PUlip de MoBlmiy k a 
fOftl charter 3rd August, 1364. This lady es- 
poosed Sir Bartholomew de Loen, a foreigfn 
knight, prubably of the hou&e ofUeynberg, 
in Gaelderland, related to tbe Dukes of 
GnddiMy who were eoaneeled fai BMnfagB 
with the kings of England and Scotland. 
Philippe and her husband hnd Bambougle, 
Daimeny, and Inrerkeithing, restored to 
them by royal darter ot 9Btt Ifaj, 1946; 
and Ibey oaeaBftafaaHllf teBrigteallaatrs- 
ments down to IdTA. 

Their only child, 

David, assumed, as a matter of course, 
the distingiitdMd MMB of Ui ■atsittai an- 
cestors — MoosBATt biB faftor bdag a fo- 

reii^iier, without proptTty and connexion in 
Scotland. He was c ontracted in marriage to 
the Lady Janet Stewart, daughter of Robert^ 
Eail of FUb BBdMonteith (afterwaida Dnkt 
of Albany, Bad regent of Scotland, iOB of 
Kiny Robert II.) in lf!72, by indenture 
under which, the estates were provffled to 
the issue of that marriage. In 1401, the 
landB of BaraboBgle, BabDeny, aod Ittver- 
keithing, were the property of 

John dk Moubray, indicating that he was 
son and heir of that marriage. He wn^ su]>- 
seqoently knighted, and a suong proof that 
he was graadBOB of Ae Dokb op AuAtrT, 
RegnU SeoiUttdt occurs in bis forcibly 
difposseMing Margaret, Lady of Cragy, of 
her lands of Luckaid, in the barony of Dal- 
meney, ''wkkedly, contrary to Ood and 
all jaatfoB,'' BB Ae rBoord bMtn, and traaa* 
mitting them to his son, as none but a near 
connexion of that unprincipled and powerful 
governor of the kingdom durst have ren- 
tured to act with bbcIi tafraBt injustioe. 
He WBB dead iMfiHW lBtFBlnttiry» 1^, wliea 

Philip de Moubray, of Bambongle, is 
drsrritu d as son and heir of the deceased 
6ir John de Moubray, knt. Lord of Uarn- 

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bougie, in a» lintniiMiit of appdktioii to 
Ptop* Maetiii V. of Uiat date. Tlic parlia- 
ment of Srotlaiul (lecided, 17th March, 
1429—30, that the lauds of Luckald should 
be restored to Margaret, Lady of Gngy, 
and flittt fhonM be Mplaoed in tho sune 

n freely as she had been before she wns 
despoiled of them by the deceased John de 
Moubray, knt. and which lands were un- 
justly detained from Iwr by Philip do Hon- 
bray, who was nmofciotod, nnd fonnd linblo 
to prosecution for exponsps and dfimages. 
Philip de Mouhray ot curs in charters and 
other documents down to 1477. 

Philip Mowbray, bis sou, had a charter 
of the barony of Mneny, on liia Ibtiiet'o 
fOsigBEtioii, 6fl» Pebiuary, 1460-1, and oc- 
curs in an indenture 2.5th Jammrv, 2. 
He wedded Isabel Stewart, and had a son, 

Sir DAViDMoi'BRAV,of Barnhnugle.who 
was served heir of Philip, his father, 9th 
March, 1466-7. and Ittt occufo in l«K. 

1. JoHNtOf DtliMiiy»whopndeeoaied 
his father, leaving a eon. 

Sir JoHV MorBK^Y, of B vrnliou- 
gle, who d. iu 1619, leaviug an 
only daughter and heiress, 
Barbara Moubray, who es- 
ponied Robert Bartonn, son 
of Sir Robert Bartoun, of 
Over-Bartoiin, high trea- 
surer of Scotland. In ld27, 
Robert Bartoun was or- 
dained, by act of parlia^ 
rnfnt, to change his name to 
Moubray, becanae *' the 
same has been an old and 
liononiaUe hooae, and done 
onr Sovereign liords prede- 
cessors ^^nof] ?pnrice in their 
wars and otherwise." The 
eldest son of this marriage, 
John Moubray, of Bam- 
4 bougie, was Ikflier of 

Robert Moubray, 
of Barnbougle, 
whose son and suc- 
Sir Robert 
Moubkay, of 

m. the Lady 
Anne Erskiue, 
dangbter of 

the first Earl 
of KpUIp, and 
was u bilged 

and other mis- 
fortunes, to 
dispose of the 

and Inver- 
keithing, to 
the fine Earl 

of Haddington 
in He 

ft.s.p. in 1675. 

2. William, of whom we are about to 


The sptdiui son of Sir David, 

William Moubray, of Cockairny, had a 
charter of tbe lande of Cockairny, and part 
of Aebaronv <>C Invi rVeithing, from his ne- 
phew, Sir Jolin Moubray, uf Barnbougle, 
wherein he is designed " Sir John's beloved 
uncle on the father's side ; ' dated 34th Sep- 
tember, 1611. Thia charter wai prodoeed 
to Nisbet.when compiling his system of he- 
raldry, about 1720, by John Moubray of 
Cocknirny, stated by Nisbet to be the un- 
doubted heir of William Moubray, of Coek- 
almy, to whom <iie charter was granted, in 
a direct and uninterrupted male linr. Aa 
Sir T; ibert Moubray, now of Cockairny, is 
in like manner heir-male of the body of thfe 
John Moubray, of Cockairny, It foUowa tfiaft 
Sir Robert la heir of William Moubray, to 
whom Cockairny was granted in 1511, in • 
direct and unintcmiptpd ni;»U' line. 

JojFs M(M BKAY, of Cockairny, the next 
proprietor of that estate, on record, m, laar 
bel Cleghom, and waa «. by Ida eldeat Mm, 
Robert Moubray, of Cockairny, who 
ni. hy ro!ttr:ic t, in 1576, Margaret, daughter 
of John Fiulasour, of Kellcith, and was 
father of 

Janes Moubray, Cockairny, who 

poused, in 1600, Marie, daughter of David 
Leslye, of Ottentonn, in Fife, and was «. by 

his son, 

John Moubray, of Cockairny, wbom. in 
1630, EUabeth Lognn, of ^ family of Lo- 
gan, of Conatonn, and waa «. by kii eldeat 


R(»BKRT Moubray, of Cockairny, 6. ii? 
ioau, who m. in 1006, Maigaret, dangbter 
of George Bmoe, of KlnneMwood, a 

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fituadoQ of the Earls of Elgin, Kincardine, 
Md Aylesbury : nnd of Chrisdan, Counteas 
of Dei oo»kir«. Robert Moubray d. in 1681 , 
Wiog, Milk olher iHue, tmo aom 
t. JoRw, kis snoeeMor. 
11. Robert, Mhnr «f 

BosemT Moubray, of the Busli 
UmI Castlelaw, co. Edinburgh, 
wkute eldest dau. and' heiress, 
Jban Movbrat, m. in 1748. 
Aidtibald Trotter, esq. se- I 
cond «on of Alt- xnnder Trot- 
ter, esq. of Cattlrsliiel, in 
BcrwickaluTe, by Jean, dau. 
of Sir Roteft Stavt, of Al- 
lan bank, bftit. I17 iMMf dan. 
of Sir John Giln>oiir. of 
Craij^millor, knt lord pre- 
aideat of the court of ses- 
flMBB. They had four ions, 
1. Robert Trotter, of 
the Bush and ra««tl<»- 
law, <f. leaving issLu . | 
3; Alcxandor Trotter, of 

9, John Trotter, of Dyr- 

ham Park. 
4. Sir Coutts Trotter, 
of W«RtHUo» in tho 
oonnty of liDOOlD, ore* 
ated a baronet 4th Sep- 
tember, 1 821 , who qnar- 
ters his motlier's arms 
with hii patemal coat 
(•ee Bwfhf* Pmi$% 
and BeramUi§e*) 
Xbe elder son of Robert Moubray, 

John Moi rr ^ Y.f-^q. ofrockairny, iamen- 
uoaed in Nisbct b lieraidry as aodoubted 
Wir is a direcl and aniotermpted malo-Iioe 
of WiOiaBi Moubray, of Cockairny, who 
had th^ r>i5^rff r of these lands from hia ne- 
phew . Sir John Moubray, of Barnbougle, in 
iitll. He m, Margaret, daughter of the 
Ktiwjwitu Eiaaaird^nialsler of EaatCaldor, 
and graodaughter and heiresa of Robert 
Wallwood. f 5q. of Tou^h and Whitfield, hy 
whom hf had, with other issue, a soo, 
I. JRoBERT, his successor. 
m. J«kB» who had iine, 

t • faha, whoaa o^y child, Aaa Cock- 
erall Moubray, i». Janie« Trail 
Hall. e»q of Dublin, barrister at 
law, and had issue, 
a. WiUlaai 

ai Matfuet, who oi. Waltar Rom, 


esq. andlelta aoii,loha Row, whoM 
ofily child, Agnca, Ml. CSiarleB Mac- 
intosh, esq. 
4* Magdalen. 

A. Jeaa, ai. to Jamaa Caaipbell, ooq. 

John Moubray dying in 1788, waa baried 

at Dalgely church (where a monument is 
erected to his memory), and was s. by bia 
RoBBRT MoraEAT, OBq* of Coekainy, h. 

1st January, 1700, who m. in 1726, his cousin 
Mary, only child of James DudgeOD, eaq. 

of liiverkeithinj;. and had issue, 

John, who d. Capt. Koyai Marines. 
RoBBiT, Boccaaaor to hia fhAar. 

George, Lt. R.N. ai. Miaa Toby, aad 

had issue. 
Elizabeth, m. to John Black, esq. 
Mary, m, to Alesaadw Satherlaad, eaq. 

and had iaano. 

Mr. Moubray was s. at hia dacOHa, in 1779, 
by his eldest surriving son, 

Robert Moubray, esq. of Ck>ckairny , who 
ai. in 1773, Arabella, danghter of Thoataa 

Hussey, esq. of Wrexham, in the county of 
Denbigh, (sister of Lady Bit kurtoji and of 
Licotpnant-Ct n( ral Ycre Warner Hussey, 
of Wood W aiton, lu Huntingdonshire), by 
whom he had two aona and one dan. vis* 
Robert (Sir), praaent proprietor of 

RiCHARD-HussEY (Sir), a rear admiral 
of the red, K.C.B. &c. who aaaumed 
by aign nannal, in 1833, npoa anc- 
ceeding to fha eatato of Wood Wal- 
ton, the snrname andarmaof HuasEY 
(jnte ikmt Jamil jf.) 
Eleanor-Maria-Antta, m. to lamca Sta- 
art, eaq. of Dnneam, Fifeahire. 
Robert Monhray, of Cockairny, d. in 1794, 
and was #. by his elder pon. Sir RoBf kt 
MoiJBRAY, knt. now representative of this 
ancient family. 

ilrms— Gu. a Uon rampant crowned arg. 
within a bordnre engrailed of die laat. 

Crest — A demi-lion rampant, crowned. 

Mottoes — Over the crest — Fortitudine ; 
under the arms — Let the deed show. 

iS^Kpporton^Daxter, a num in amonr: 
sinister, a woman habited ppr. 

Estates — The estate of Cockairny, part 
of the barony of inverkeithing, and the ad- 
jacent estate of Otterstoun. 

S^'-Cockaimy Hooae, Aberdonr, Fife- 
ihire. _ 

K I 

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HAMMOND, WILUAM-OSMUND, Mq. of St. Albans Court, in die comttf of 

Kent, h, fi6iii April, 1790, m. 15lh July, 1815, Maiy- 
Chnham, eldest daughter of Sir Heniy Oxenden, btrt. 
of Broone Ptrk, end has itrae, 

WitUAM-Oxendcn, \, in December, 1817. 

Egerton-Douglas, 6. in June, 1822. 
Maximilian-Montiigu, h. iu ^Tay, 1834* 
Henry- Anthony, 6. in June, 1828. 
Fanny- Anne^Tlnrlotte. 

Mr. Hammond inherited the estates at the decease of hi» 

Tbe flnt BMmber of lliia ftnily upon 

John HAiiHOji,or Ham ^t o n o,wai resident 

in Kent, trrap. Henry YIIL as tenant to 
the abbot and « onvent of St. Albans. He 
died in 1526, and was $. by his eldest son, 
Tbomss Hawmond, who pudiaaed, in 
1661, As manor in which he before lended, 
and built a part of tli#» mansion-lsouff^ now 
remaining. He m. first, Anne, daughter of 
Robert Hadde, of Aylesford, in Kent, but 
by ber (who A In 1646) had no issae. He 
espoused, secondly, Alice, daughter of Ed- 
wiird Monnis, of WeUenhareyandhadsere- 
ral cliildren, viz. 

Edward, his successor. 
Thomas, of Noninglon. 
Isaac, of East Sutton. 
John, of linooln's Inn. 


Mary, m. in 1565, to Aruolde Iladde, 
n/t Frinsted, in Kent, and afterwards 
of St. Alphage, Canterbury. 

Martha, m. in 1660, to John Ssa, of 

Katterine, m. in 1675, to Edward 
Hills, of Egarton. 

Rebecca, m. but d. i. p. 
Sarah, > one of whom m. to Matthew 
Jane, ) Hadde, esq. of St. Alphage. 
The eldest sod. 

Edward Hammond, esq. of St. Albnns 

Court, m. Katherinc, daughter of — SheDy, 
esq. of Patesham, in Sussex, and hsd issne, 

1. Wiu.iAM (Sir), his snr<'essor. 

2. John, who m. Eleauora, daughter of 
William Robinson, esq. of ToiUin, 
and had issue. 

3. Edward, h,bk 1688. 

4. Thomas. 

5. Francis, } These gentlemen, who 

6. Robert, s were disfinguishecl by 
dieir military talents, attained each 
the rank r)f rolonel. Tb»' folder 
served for many years in the German 
army ; bo^ accompanied Sir Walter 
Raleigh in hie expeditioa to Qninea, 
and drew forth strong expressions 
of approbation from that gallant sol- 
dier. In the civil commotions of the 
snbsequent reign, they took a promi* 
nent i)art. The elder (colonel Pnun- 
cis), ill advanced age, retired to 
his native place, and after having 
added somewhat to the buildings, 
died ttere. Tlie yoonger (colonal 
Robert) was shot in the ware in Ire* 

7 Elizabeth, m. in 1610, to Samuel 
Hales, gent (second SOB of Ham- 
pbrey Hales, esq. Torit Hemld.) 

8. Mnry. 
The el4est son. 

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8iR WiLUAU Hammund, of St. Albans 
Govt, wko rac e frred Ibe bonoar of knig^t- 

bood, io 1608, espoused Elizabeth, dauf^ter 
"f Anthony Auchrr, nf BishopsbouiTiP, 
bjr Margaret, daughter ol Edward Sandyji, 
Archbishop of York, aud bad, (with three 
dN^ten beside) 

1. Anthomy, bit mcceMor. 

2. Edward. 

3. William. 

4. Ifary, m, to Sir Thomas Stanley, 
int. and wis moflier of 

Thomas Stanlby, fhe poet, of 

>. ElizalH Tl?. m. fo Sir John Marsham, 
bart. ol W iiorutspiace,in the county 
of Kent, Mid had Itrae, 
Sir ioHH Marsbam, Iwrt. of Cnx- 

tou, wbos«^ only son, JoHN, d. ».p. 

SiK KoBKKT Marsham, bart. of 
Bushy liall^ Herts, whose son, 
Robert, ivm eJermted to fho 
peerage, in 1716, ua Baron 
RoMVF.Y. (See Bttrluf$ Pmrmg* 
mtrf finr'-nftnge.) 

Elizabeth Marsbani, m. first, to 
Stephen PeaUrarst, eaq. of Box- 
ted Plaice, in SiiS!*ex, and second- 
ly. Tiff cousin, WiLLU TTaM- 
"Nrisu, t >q. of St. Albans Court. 

Sir William Uammoiid d. in 1615, and was 
by Oddest Ron, 

Artvohv Hammoiid, eaq. of St. Alban's 

Court, who m. Anne, daughter of Sir l>u(Iley 
IHpfp?, knt. of Chilham Cri-^tlp, niMst* r of 
ttie rolb to King Charles 1. aud had, with 
aemal deo^ters, foor aons, ria. 

I. WiuJAiiy bia ancoeaaor. 

B. Dudley. 

IB. Anthony, of Sninpr?hani Place, in 
therountvof Huntingdon, w lin^^r son, 

Antuoxy, of Somersham Place, 
fiaa • member of ptuUaawn^ and 
eoa ianiaii oBeT of tbe aary in Hie 

reignof Queen Anne. This gen- 
tleman, a person of celebrity 
amongst the wits and politicians 
of bit day, a period wben St. 
Stapbens <Usplayed no ordinary 
de^ee nf rlr>qaence, obtained 
from L'Til Holinbroke the epi- 
thet of Hilvtr Tongued Ham- 
memi, IIeeflpoBiedJRne,daiigh- 
ter of Sir Walter Ciarsea, bart 
and had is^c, 

1. TuoMAApOfSomersbam^wbo 

m. Miss Elizabeth Adams, 
and d. In 17S6. 

2. .^\^tKs, tlip cU-giiK' Poet, 

M.P. for Truro. This emi- 
nent person received his 
education at Westminster 
acbool, wbere be formed an 
intimacy with Ae LordiCob- 
ham, Chesterfield, Ljrttelton, 
and seyeral others, who 
•ubscquently distinguished 
ttemaelYea in the Uterary 
world. His " Love elegies'* 
were published shortly after 
his death, with a preface by 
LordCbealerfield. Tbeyare 
chiefly imitations from Ti- 
buUus ; are obviously the 
fruits of n liighiy cultivated 
luiud, and iiave been much 
read and admired notwitb- 
standing the severe and illi- 
beral criticiBmaof Br. Jobn- 

IV. Edward d. at sea. 
AnAony Hammond d. in 1661, and waa r. 

by his eldest son, 

WniuM Hammond, esq of St. Albans 
Court, who m. twice, but had issue only by 
his first wife, Eliaabetti, daughter of Sir 
John Manbam, bart vis. 

WiLLfAM, his successor. 

Anthony, d. younp. 

John, barrister-at-law, who left an only 
dangbter, Eliisabetb, wbo d. nam. m 

Elizabeth, in. to Oliver St. John, eaq. 

son of the chief justice, St. John. 
Anne, m. to Dr. William Wotton, the 
weU^known critic. 
Mr. Hammond having been bred a physi- 
cian, fibroad in pursuit of professional 
knowledge, and a very curious account of 
his travels, written by bimtelf, is atill pre- 
served amongat ibe family papers. He waa 
succeeded at his decease by his eldest son, 

WiiXiAM Hammond, esq. of St. Albans 
Court This geutleman tn. first, in 1692, 
Elisabeth, daughter of lolm Kingsford, esq. 
by whom (wlio d. in 1902) he bad a son, 
Anthony, his sneressor. He espoused, 
secondly, Mary, (iauL^hter of Thomai* Turner, 
esq. ol lieden, aud dying in 17 17, was by 
his eldest son, 

Anthony Hammond, esq. DKf St Albana 
Court, who d. in 1732, and was «. by hii 
only child. 

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William Hammond, esq. of St. Albans 
Tniirt, who m. Chnrlotte, daughter aod co- 
heiress oi Wiliiaiu Egerton, LL.D. (graud- 
non of Jolui, second Earl or Bridgewater), 
by Ann, dAoghter of Sir Fnweb Head, and 
had isiitie, 

William, his successor. 

Anthony-EgertODyin holy orders, rector 
of Knowlton, and Ivy chnreh, Kent 


Charlotte, m. in 1771, to Thomas Wat- 

kinson Payler, esq. of Uedcn. 

Tho elder son, 

William Hammond, esq. of St. A 'bans 
Court, m. in 1786, Elizabeth, cMrst d;uii;lit( r 
and co-heiress of Osmund Bcauvuir, D.D. 
by Anno, dangbter and oo-beireea of Jobn 
Boyiy esq. of Hoad Court, descended from 
(be Boys's of Fredville, and had issue, 

William Osmt'nd, present proprietor. 

Maximilian- Dudicy-Digges, who in- 
berited wider tfie will of Ae late 
Francet-IiabeUa Master, widow of 
— Master, esq. of Yotr? Con rt, Ki ut, 
the estates in Kent and Lincolnshire, 
of the ancient family of Dalyson, of 
Hamptmiey and aianmed, by royal 
license, the enmanie of lhal family 
(Dalyson) onl{* 


Mary, m. to CSiarloi Allix, esq. of Wil- 
loi^by Hall, in tike covnty of JUn- 
eoln, and bae isaae. 

Cbarlotte, m. John Nethercoat, esq. of 
Mod Hon Grange, Nortbanaptonihire. 

CaroHne, ( botbdeceawsd. 

Semina* Julia, m. to the Rot. Clayten 

Glyn, of the county of Essex. 
Mr. Hammond was *. at his decease by his 
elder son, WiLLUM Okmund Hammond, esq. 
now repreieutAliTa of tbo family, 

itrMt*"— Ar. on a dkev. ta between tbree 
ogretaes, eaeb ebarged with a martlet of tbe 
field, three escallop sheila or, all wilbin a 

bordure engrailed Tert. 

Crest — ^A bawk'a bead, collared go. rays 

issuing or. 

Motto — Pro reg-f et putrin. 

Ettatet — Manor of Est wall, or £a- 
•oLBy in Aa bundled of Wingban. In 1064, 
tbfa manor betongod to Odo, Bisbop of 

Bayeux ; it thence passed to the crown, was 
granted to Nic:el de Albini, and was con- 
veyed by him to the monastery of St. Albaus. 
At tbo dimtittion, it was sold to Sir C. 

Hales, thence to Sir T. Culpepper, and 

purchased from him in l.'i'JS, by Thomas 
Hamon, direct ancestor of the present pos- 
sessor. Other estates in Kent and Buck.s. 

Seat — St. Albans Court, Nonington, 

Gienlid %y Deibir, 
Himmi, ef 

IfwiBflBB» bi 1MB. tnd 

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DARELL, EDWARD, eaq. of Calehill, in Kent, m. 2nd March, 1802, Man^-Anne, 

daughter of Thomas Bullock, es^. of Muscoau, m the 
county of York, and has issue, 

Edward-Henry, b. 27th Noveinbrr, 1810. 
Philip-John, h. 28th January, 1817, 
Heary-John, b. 2dth June, 1819. 
JUBM-Stephen, A. lOdi D«oember, 1930, 
Williun, 6di Jmmuj, 1823. 
BolMrt, I. mk Ifueh, 18M. 

Mr. DwU «. to die mom upon tiha^deiiiiM cf hk ftdMr 

lUi Tviy weient fimBy it «»f Nomm 
Jgi e —t , deririag from one of the gftUut 

<"mfnDions in arms of the CoNQrEROR, 
wJiose Dame appears on the roU of Battel 

WiuiAii DiKBiXp of Betay* in Om eoanty 
of Toik, left Bntnta his wife llim 9001, 

MaaMADCKri, who inherited Seaay. 
JoHK, of whom presently. 
WU&m, of litdecote. In eoonty of 
Wflto, luider-treaaurer of England, 
anceftor of the lleielle of littleeote. 
The jetond sod, 

Jon.\ Darell, purcli;!-*f d, in the 4th 
Uexrt IV. Cale Hiil, in the county of 
Kcai; mi eapowriiig loane, only daughter 
sad beireu of Valentine Barrett, of Perry 
Court. h\ Cioele, daughter aud co-heir of 
Marceliaa at JLese, had, with other issue, a 

WniJAli, of whom presently, as aaces- 
lor of <be JXnvlb af CMUL 

He m. secondly, Florence Chicheley, heiress 

of William Cliiclii-!c\ , arrhbishop of Can- 
tefhary, by tiiJ lad \ he .u cjuircil t\\v uiauur 
«f ScoTKKY, and had a son aud successor 

Tbomas, of ficetney, wlio ai. Thona^ 

sine, daughter of Sir John Gresley» 
of the county of Staffoxd, and was s. 

by liis son, 

Henky, of Scotney, from whom 
ttat manor passed in direeC aoe- 
eeision, to his f and 

Arthur Bar ELL, esq. ofScot- 
ney, at whose decease un- 
mairied, in 1790, the estate 
of ScoTMBY devolred, ac- 
cording to an old family 
settlement, upon the aecond 
brother of the branch of the 
Datella setded at CalehiU^ 

George Darell, esq. se- 
cond son of John Da- 
rell, esq. of Calehill, by 
Oliria his wife, daugh- 
ter of Philip, Viscount 

The eldest son of John Darell, by his iint 

William Darell, of Calehill, m. Anne, 
daughter of Sir Edward Guildeford, knt. of 
Halden, and had issue, 

JfoHM, his successor. 

JuIisB, m. to John Dering, esq. ances- 

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tor of Hie Derings, barooetei of Sux- 
' renden Dering. 

He (f. !n T-471. and was hy his »on. 

Sir John Da hell, knt. ot Galehill, who 
was 80 great a promoter of the Earl of 
RtCHHOMD'f interett, Oat King Richard 
UL deelared him a rebel and a traitor, 
•died on all bis lands in the counties of 
Kent and Worcester, (in which latter he 
hRd fhirleea nanort) and granted tiiem to 
Sir William Harrington, knt. When the 
earl, however, ascended the throne. Sir Jolm 
obtained a restitution of his possessions, and 
was appointed esquire of the body to the 
king, captain of tiio Lancen In Kent, and 
sheriff of the county. He eaponsed Anne, 
daughter of Jnmes Isaac, esq. of Beke»- 
bome, hy ^v lioni he had issoei 

Jau£s, his successor. 

Jobn» in holy orders, of Wittanham. 

leabel, m. to John Fane, esq. of Hilden, 

in the county of Kent, and had, witli 
three daughters, fonr ssnn^, viz. 

1. Henry,who<i. J. ^. 26th Henry 


2. Richard, from whom lineally 
derives John Fnne, prMentEarl 
of Westmoreland. 

3. Thomas. 

4. John, ancestor of the MutU of 
Darlington (recently advanced 

to the marquisate of Clc%' eland). 

Sir John d. in 16()9, and was buried in 
Little Chart church, where a monument, 
•till remaining, was erected to his mranory. 
His elder son and successor, 

Sm James Darei.i., knt. of Tnlehill, was 
governor of Guisues and Humes Qistle, near 
Calais. He m. Anne, daughter 9f Nicholas 
Dyker, eaq. of the county of Berka» by 
wliom he had, with one dan^tor, three 
aonfi, viz. 

GeoKOE, h\? ?urrfSSor. 
Nicholas, ol Lexham. 
Hugo, who left imie. 
He A in IMt, and was «. by hia eldeit eon, 

George Darell, esq. of Calehill, who m. 

Mary, daughter of George Whitehead, esq. 
of the county of Hants, and dying in I57B, 
was 9* by hie ion, 

8im John Dareix, knt. of Calebill, who 

»i. Anne, daucrhtrr nnd co hrir of Robert 
Ilorne, bishop of inc liesler, and had eleTCD 
sons and five daughters, of whom, 

George, predeceased his father. 
RoiMT, tneeeeded tiiat gentleman. 

John, m. Lady I>orotfiy HaHieet, and 

had two daughters. He was gentle* 
man harbinger to King James and 
King Charles, and dying in 1646, 
aged 73, lioe buried in the church of 
Litae Chart 
Nathaniel, governor of Guernsey, m. 
Anne Beanmir, of tliat island, and 
had issue, 

Nathaniel, governor of ^>heeroese 
and Langnard Fort in Ao reign 
of Charles II. m. the danghter 
of Colonel John Legge, of the 
noble family of J>artmouth, and 
left issue, 

1. John, of whom hereafter, 

as inheritor of GRlehill. 
S. Mary, m. to Sir Charles 

a. EUzabeth. m. to Thomas 
Sitckville, esq. 
Sir John \v.ii> s. by liis ('Idest surviving son, 

SiK Robert Dahkll, of Calebill, who m. 
first, Alida, daughter of Sir Thomas Poy^ 

ton, knt but had no issue. He espoused, 
secondly, in I(>14, Jane, daughter of Chris- 
topher Toldcrvey, esq. of Horton, near Can- 
terbury, by whom he had, with other chil- 

John, his suneossor. 
Edward, who m. Miss Dorothy Kip- 
ping, a co-hciress, and left at Ilis de- 
cease, in 1GG6, a son, 

John, who eventually inherited 

Sir Robert A in 1M5» at the ago of 76, and 

was «. by his eldest son. 

Sir John Darell, knt. of Calehill, who 
m. first, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Edward 
Deriug, hart, and had an only daughter, 

ELIZABt:.iH, m. to her cousin, Sir John 
DareU, of CalehilL 

He esponsed, secondly, Bridget, danghter 
of Thomas Denne, esq. of Canterbury, Iwt 

had no further issue. Dying thus Mirliont 
a son, the manor of Calehill, with tlie other 
estates, devolved upon his nephew, | 
Sir John Da»six, knt of Cslehffl, who \ 
espoused Elisabeth, daughter of his pre- 
decessor, hot dying t. p, in 1604, was «. hj : 
his relative, 

John Dareix, esq. of Calehill, (refer to 
issue of Nathaniel, fourth son ol ibc Sir 
John Pabiu, hy his w^tt, the oo<-heir of 

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Bfaihop Hone). This gradeiiMtt «. Olivia, 

second daughter of Philip Smith, VlKoiuit 
Strangford, and bad, witli junior iMoe, 
I. PhiuP, his gucces'^or. 
9. George, who inherited {a& mentioned 
thofn) tte estate At Scotnbv in 1790, 
iip<Hi the fulure of male issue in that 
branch. He did not obtain possession 
howerer without litigation, being 
obliged to defend himeelf against the 
three aieien and kein of Artiiur Da- 
rpn, esq. of Scotney. He ultimately 
prevailed, and continued to reside it 
Scotney until his death, when he 
was #. by Ua eon, 
John, of Scotney, who, in 1774, 
conveyed the manor and estate, 
with divers other lands in the 
parish of Goodhurst, to Mr. John 
Richaida, of Robertsbridge, who 
again passed away these oianon, 
la 1779, to Edward Hussbt, 

3. James, in holy orders. 
The eldest son and heir, 

Pmup Darell, esq. of Calehill, rebuilt 
the present mansion-hoase on an eininenee 
at a small distance from the ancient resi- 
denrf of the family. He m. Mary, dauR^h- 
ter of Hubert Constantiue, esq. and had, 
wMi aereral other children, 
Hbvdt, his sncesaior. 

CaAerine, m. to Miehaet Bray, esq. 
Barbara, m. to — Bioadnian, ea(. of 


He rl. at Canterbury, and was brought to 

the < iiurch of Little Chart, to be interred 
with his ancestors. His son and successor, 

Hbnrt Darell, esq. of Calehill, m. £U> 
zabetb, second daughter of Sir Thomas 
Gage, bart and had issne, 

Henry, d, nnnarried, in 18Q8, at Ben- 

Edward, present proprietor. 
Philip, d, nnmanried, in 1813. 

Imcy, m. to Sir Kdward Hales, bart 

who d. t, p. in lti*2S). 
Catherine, d. unmarried. 
Bliiabeth, «. to John-Iinch French, 


Barbara, m. to Francis Cholmeiey^ esq. 

of Bransby, Yorkshire. 

Arms — Az. a lion rampant or, crowned 

CVwff— Ont of a daeal coronet or, a sara- 
oen's head, conped below the shonlden, 

ppr. wreathed about tlie temples ar and as, 
on his head a cap of the last, fretty ar. 
turned up erm. 
Aftsic*— In Kent 

^SMl--CaleliiU, in Oo oonaly of Kent 



STRANGWAYES, RICHARD-PURCHAS; esq. of Well, in the coonty of York 

» 6. 8th July, 1 776, m. 28th November, 1801, Sibyl, only 
danghtor of William Bayldon, esq. of York, and had 


BiCRARD WiixjAM, I. Ist Septombor, 1808. 

Henry, h, 30th inne» 1808. 

Louisa-Maria, m. 12th September, 1836, to Thomas, 

son of Anderson, esq. of Swin«'thwaite Hall, 

near Lcyburn, in Yorkshire, and ha^ issue. 


Mr. Stran^rwTiycs succeeded at the «^^H!fl1^f^^ of bis fiithor, 
on the Ist August, 1828. 

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Tlib flunilyf which bMtte of high anti- 
qBi1y» is allied, through females, to the noble 
honees of Percy, Ky]iie,Uiiili«vUle,Talboy8, 
Bemers, &c. 
Henry St rang wish had, widio&er iasne, 
1. RooBK, hisBiieoeMor, who m. Alice, 
daughter of Robert Omlly eiq. and 

his eldest son, 

Thomas, espoused Aiianor, daugh- 
ter of Walter Tetboyt, aod was 
$. by hie aoB, 

Henry, who m. first, — dau. 
of Sir John Wadham, and 
had an only daughter, £u- 
SABBTH, wlio M. Thonoa 
Trenchard, of Dorsetshire. 
He espoused secondlv, Do- 
rothy, daughter ol Sir Joiiu 
Anuidell, of Lanlieftt, and 
was t. by his son. 
Sir Giles Strav(!WTsh, of 
Melberrie bampford, in the 
county of Dorset, from whom 
we paai to hia deaeendant 
and repreteotative, 
Gii.Fs Stravgwayks, esq. of 
Melberrie Sampford. This 
gentieiiiaii waa representa- 
tive In parUanent for Dor- 
setshire, and one of the priry 
council to K\T\g CitAia.ys 
II. In the tune of the civil 
war, he had the eoumand of 
a regiment in that division of 
the roynl nrniy which acted 
under Prince Maurice in 
the west. In 1645, he ifas 
imprisoned in the Tower, 
for his active loyalty, where 
he endured confinement for 
more than two years and a 
half. There la a fine Me- 
dallion itnick of M r. Stran g- 
wayes upon this occasion ; 
on tlie reverse of whu li is 
represented Uiat part of the 
Tower whiidi ia called Cv- 
■are, with thia iaacriptlott : 

*■ Deeoaqm advene dtderant. " 

When Charles fled into the 
west in disguise, after the 
h«ttle of Woieeator, Mr. 

Btnogwayea seat Ua ma^ 
jesQr tiiree hundred broad 

pieces, wliich were perhaps 
the most seasonable present 
the royal fugitive ever re^ 
eelved. Ttils waa, however, 
but a small portion of the 
sum which is to be placed to 
the account of bis loyalty, 
aa tiie hovae of Strangwayea 
paid no less tiian £30000 for 
its fidelity to the crown. 
This gallant cavalier m. Su'- 
aanna, daughter and co-heir 
of Thomaa Bdwards, of Lon- 
don, merchant, and had , with 
other children, all of whom 
d, s, p. his successor, 
Thomas Strawowatbs, esq. of 
Melherrie Sampford, who 
m. Susan, daughter nnd heir 
of John Ridout, esq. of Bris- 
tol, and had five sous and 
fonr danghtera, of wliom one 
daa^ter only left iarae, 
Susanna, who m. Thomas 
Strangwayea - Homer, 
eaq. and had an only 

Elizabeth, who w(. in 
1736, Stephen Fox, 

Earl of luaBt- 

TBR, who, in pur- 

Rianre of a deed 
of settlement, as- 
sumed the name 
and aroa of 
• Strangwayes. 

2. Thomas, m. Katherine, daughter of 
Ralph Nevill, Earl of Westmoreland, 
and widow of John Mowbray, Dak* 
of Norfolk, and had Itsac. 

3. James (Sir), a jndge. 
This third son. 

Sir James Strancwish, m. Jane, daugh- 
ter of Nidiolaa Orrell, eaq. and waa #. ty 
his son. 

Sir Jamf.s Stkangwish, of Harlesey, 
Castle, in the count)^ of YoriL. Ue m. tirst, 
BUsabeth, daughter of Robert Ever*, and 
had issaOf 


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• *Mward, LL.D. I 
Fplico, m. to William Aske. 
Sir Jiuiies espoused, secondly, Elizabeth, 
dmighter and co-heir of Philip, Lord Darcy , 
and had Airther issue, 

KlCHARD (Sir), who m. Elizabeth, dau. 
and co-heir of William Nevill, Lord 
Faucoaberge, aud Iriarl of Kc;it, aiid 
bad iMae, bat liis line is now extinct 

Eleanor, m. lo Edmond Malererer, of 

Woodcsacune, Yorkshire. 
Hie second son of Sir James Strangways, 
by hia second wifi-, 

James 8rRANtiWAY&, m. Anne, daughter 
and co-heir of Sir Robert Conyers,ofOi»aby 
and Hornby, and waa t. by bis son. 

Iambs SraAKowAYS, of Oimaby, in the 
county of York, who espoused — daughter 
of Edmond Trafibrd, of Lancashire, and was 
#. by bis son, 

James Stkahowats, of Ormsby, who m, 
Anne, daughter and eo-belr of Ral]^ Panby, 
and had issue, 

RrcHAHD (Sir), his sucuessor. 
Aiice, n». first, to Christopher Cogniers, 
and secondly, to Robert Wfll^rfcea. 
Margaret, m. to Pbilq^ Bainbridge, of 

Whenby Hill. 

He was t. at his decease by hia tnmf 

8f a Richard Strancwaybs, of Omsby 
and Sutlon, wbo w. first, Jane, daaghler of 

Sir Thomas Mctbam, and had issne, 

James, who inherited Ormshy, aad 
marrying Margaret, daughter of Sir 
Richard Cholndey, left aa only dau. 
and heir, 
Jane, m. to Ralph Crathoruc, a^d 
d. ». p. 

Eltsabeth, m. first, — Trfstnun, and had 
a daughter, Dorothy, m. to Christo- 

pher Fulthorpe. Mrs. Tristram es- 
pou»« d ^ eundly, James Bradsliaw, 
and had i&sMe, 
Strangwishe Bradshaw, who m. a 
daughter of James Peniman, of 
Ormshy, and had a son, Roger* 
John Bra lsliaw. 
Sir Richard Strangvr ay^t espoused, secondly, 
Isabel, daughter of Thomas Thwaytes, of 
Loond, and had further issue, 

WiLUAH, of Middlesbnrgh, m. Mary, 

daughter of Roger Tockett, bat dL 

#. p. 

Edward, of whom pros<'Dtly. 

Margaret, m, to William Rabanh. 


The second ?nTi of the second marriage, 

Edward Stiungwayes, m. Phelice, se- 
cond daughter of William RatcUflfe, of Lan- 
caster, aad bad iMoe, 

John, who d, nmnanied. 


Edward . 

The second son, 

Thomas Strangwayes, of Litde Holtby. 
iu the county of York, tn. in 1061, Dorothy, 
daagbter of — RardoMde, esq. of Kirby- 
on-the-HUl, in the same shire, by whom 
(who d. in 1GT8) he had iame, 
John, his successor. 
Richard, m. to Auue, daughter of — 
Kaye, esq. of the oonnty of York, 
and had issue. 
Anne, m. to Ridiard Sadler, esq. aad 
had issue. 

Margaret, m. to — • Bamgh, esq. and 

bad a son, John. 
Dorothy, m. to — NidiolasGsrter, esq. 

and had !s»9ue. 
Mary, tn. to Kichard Wilson, esq. and 
IuhI issae. 

Mr. Strangwayes was #. by his eldest son, 
who, remoring from Holtby, became 

John StrANGWA yes, ofW^ll, in the roxmty 
of York. This gentlemrxn m. Gratiana, 
daughter of Thomas Preston, esq. of Hoit- 
by-Magna, (by Elisabeth, bis wife, daughter 
and heir of D'Arcy Conycrs, esq. of the 
same place), by whom (who d. in 1740) he 
had issue, 

I. John, of Alue, in the county of York, 
and of the city of York, h. 13lh 
March, 1706, m. Frances, daughter 
of Henry Baynes, esq of Bootham, 
and bad issue, 

Henry, who d. s. p. 
Frances, m. to AUen Swaiaston, 
M.D. of the city of York, and 
bad issue, 

John Swainstov, who d. nnm, 
Edward Swainston, who aa- 
snmed the name of Steano* 
WAVES. (See fitraafiMfeff 
of Alne.) 
Margaret Swainston, d. unm. 

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Mary-Elizabeth Swainston, m. 

to Chri^toiihrr Nfvil«>, esq. 

of Thorney, iu tiie couuty 

of Linoola. 
Matilda Swaiiuton, d» wun. 
Harriet Svrainston, m. to 

George Treacher, esq. son 

of die Rot. Thomas Trea- 

cber, of Beipbrook, hi the 

ooun^ of Oxfocd. 

II. Ricb«rd»ofWen. 

III. Thomas, or Barham Wood, in tto 

county of Hertford, m. 16th T><^tem- 
ber, 1748, Elizabeth- Anae, only sur- 
viring issue and heiress of Thomas 
Holt» otq. of Reading, in Berkaliire,* 
grand-niece of lord chief justice Holt, 
and first cousin to Man,% Countess of 
Haddington, and Lady Head, of Ijang- 
ley ParlL, Berkshire, by whom he 
liad issue, 

John, b. 24tli Aufjust, 1756; rf. un- 
married, in America, iu 1776* 
Thomas-Holt, d. young. 
LomtA, m, to hwkinsinMi, Riciuiid 
Stkangwayes, esq. of Well. 
This lady Lccame cv» ntiml!y one 
of the co-lieirs to the Barony 
OF Berners. 

IV. Elizabeth, d. tinm. 

V. Dorothy, m. to J. Palmer, esq. of 
Bedford Row, London,udof Benn- 
niore,ln tiie county of Kerry, and liad 

an only son, John-Grove Palmer, 
esq. who was many years attorney 
general in the Bermudas, and marry- 
ing Hiss DowOkj Ball, left at his 
deocaae, in May, 1883, 

It Jolin Palmer, esq. of Baun more, 
who tn. Isabella, dn iu^r]iter of J. 
Studdard, es(^. and has issue. 

2. Hester - Strangwayes Palmer, 
M. to die HoBonlile Janet 
Chrialie Eaten, eUef judce and 
president of the council in the 
Bennadaa, and haa isaae. 

• By his wife Lvcv Kn yvet, yourtp-*»r dnntrh^fT 
and co-heir (with her sister, Elisabeth Knyrct, 
wife of HsBty Wilson, esq. of Didlington, in the 
county of Norfolk) of JofanKajT«t,«iq. of Norwich, 
linenl dpRr<*n(!nnt nnrl repretentatire of Edmund 
Knyret^esq. Mrjeant potter to King Hekrt VIII. 
od Ua inftb Jma BoonoaiBa, dai^jiiter md eveo^ 
taaOjiolehalref Sir Join BoanUar, Lord Bemsia. 

Palmer Eetea, esq. a barVIg 
ter, m. in January, 1832, 
Ann, daughter of -> Hutchi- 
aon, eaq. of Exeter, aad 
sister of ImAj Harrey Bn> 

Hamilton Esten, an oflow in 

the rifle brigade. 

3. Harriet Palmer, m. to Captain 
Charles Austen, of the It,N. aoo 
of Ae Rev. — Anaten, of Climv^ 
ton, near Alton, in Hampaliiie, 
and has issue, two aona and three 

The second son of John Strangwayes, 

Rich ardStrangwa YES, wns of Well. ITo 
was b. 6th April, 1716, and m. ll»tli Apnl, 
1742, Faith, daughter of Thomas Xopham, 
esq. of Ayvgartii, In Wensleydale, In the 
eoonty of Yotfc, Ivy wlioni he had laane, 

John, b. in 1748, d. in 1766, 

RiCHAitn, aneeeflaor to hia lather. 

Mr. Strangwayes d. in 1784, and waa t. by 
Ilia only aorviving eon, 

Richard Strangwayps, i stj. of Well, ft. 
24th September, 174y,m. first, ElU n, daugh- 
ter of Mr. Fryer, of Pickill, in the county 
of York, but had no isene. He espoused, 
aeeondiy, Catherine, daughter of ThooMa 
Purchas, esq. of Spennithorne, in tite same 
shire, by whom (who d. in 1781, aged 96) 
he had surriying issue, 

RiCHAHD-Pi kchas, his successor. 

Catherine, m. in 1805, toThoma^i Frest, 
esq. of Bedale, iu the county of YorlL, 
and d, #. 10th September, 1819. 

Bfr. Strangwayes wedded, ttirdly, his raln- 
tive, Louisa, only dnngh. of llioinaa Strange 

wayes, esq. of Barham Wood, and one of 
the co-heirs, in right of her mother, to th*- 
barony of Berners,! by this lady he bad 

Thomas, heir apparent to hia mother, 
eaplain in the array, hi. OadMiine, 
youngest daughter of Colonel Brooke 
(of Scholes, in Yorkshire) of tlie dra- 
goon guards, and bad an only child. 

t The barony of Berners h^K^ r«v-onr!v h^9n 
restorad to Mis. Stnmgwsyes' secood cou:ua. Ro- 
haic WHson, esq. of DidUaglon, tha ediareoMr, 
who bM tikan his seat «a Loid Bemsia. 

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CanilfM-FiraBcei, mh» d, in 1631. 

Jdui, ft nefdiaiit of London. 

Bftwmrd, of Ripen, in. in I8S0, Georgi- 
an a- Frederica, daughter of the late 
John Walker, eaq. of Walterclougb, 
in YorksUrn. 

DTAivjri of London. 

Fkmncis, an o(Tic«>r in the 65th regiment, 
d. at Surat, in the Flast Indies. 

iiotUAa, m. to VS liiiam Morton, esq. of 
Bipen, in Toriudaie, and luui iNne. 

Ifr. Strangwayes, 4, Ui of Aogvat, 
and wnn «. by bin «lde«k mb, die pr«Miit 


Arms — Sable, two liuus argtiut passant, 
paled goles. 

A lion, aa in die araw. 

JUneie^— Ystoyentt & ne donblero. 


BARNEt MICHAEL, esq. of Sotterley and Dimwich, in the county of Suflfolk, 6. 

3id June, 1759, late lieutenant colonel of the 7th hussars, 
•nd oieinber of parliament for Dunwich from 1812 to 
1830, espoused Mary, daughter of Ay^cn'^h Boucherett, 
eaq. of Willingfaam and Sbillingborough, in Lincolnshire, 
and baa issue, 

FRBDSaiCK, M.P. for Dunwich, captnin in the I2th 
Lancers, m. 4th Feh. 183,'i, Mary-Anne-Eli/ahcth, 
eldest dau. of the late Sir John Courtenay Uouuy- 
wood, Bart. 

Gobmel Barne raceeeded at the deoeaae of bis balf brother 
Bifne, esq. on the 8tb September, 1826. 


8n Gaomot Barmb, fcnt was Lord Mayor 
of the city of London in 1668. By his 
vilb Alice, he hrid U<ne, 
George, Au stucestor. 
John, who «. Jane, daughter of Thomas 
liUigtOB, esq. of Yorkshire, and left 
two daughters, his co-heirs, vi?. 
1. Mar%-, m. to Francis Koherts, 

esq. of Wiisdon, Middlesex. 
9, Bliaabetfi,m. to Edward AlAam, 
esq. seeond son of Sir James 
Alrtinm, of Mfirkshall, in Essex. 
Anne, m first, to Alexander Carlyeli, 
eaq. and secondly, to Sir Francis 
BKsabett, mt, to Sir John Rivers, kut. 
Lord Mayor of London in ld94. He 
d. 27th Ffhniary, 1583. 
He was s. by iiid elder son, 

Sir Gkokgb Barne, knt. citizen of Lon- 
don, and Lord Mayor in 1586. He m. Anne, 
daughter ol Sir W illiam Gerrard, knt. (who 
was Lord Mayor of London in 1&6&) of Dor- 
ney, in the county of Bncks, and bad issue, 

1. WitxiAH (Sir). 

2. George. 

3. Francis, 

4. Thomas, 
6. John. 

6. Mark, tn. 


7. Peter. 

8. Richard, of Tangley, in Surrey, m. 

Fliznhrtli. diiufrhter of Sir Francis 
Aujii^ier, alterwards Lord Aungier, 
Master of tlie Rolls in Ireland, butdL 
«. p. Otb Oetober, 1890. 

uiyui^cu by VjOOQlC 



9. Anne, m. to Walter liarley, esq 

Sir George d. is and wu «• by 

eldest son, 

Sir William Barne, knt. of Woolwich^ 
in the county of Kent. Tliis gentleman es- 
poused Anne, daughter of lib Grace, Doctor 
Edwin Sandya,* Archbishop of York, and 
had fix AMIS and a daughter, viz. 

1. William (Sir), of Woolwich, m. 
Dorothy, daughter of Sir Peter Man- 
wood, of St. Stephens, Canterbury, 
Knight of the Bath, and had an only 

William, who tf« «. j». 

2. Robert, of Grimsby, in the county of 
Uncoln, m. Eli/.abrth, daughter of 
Thomas Twysdon, esq. of Wye, in 
Ihe eoanty of Kent, and had ime, 

Robert, who A. 9* f, 
Carola, m. Sir Roger Haitncf, knt 
Serji-autat Anns. 




8. Thomas. 

4. MiiBS* in holy ordoia, of whom pre- 

5. John. 

6. George. 

7. Anne, m. to Sir William Lorelace, 
of LoTelace, in die emaalty of Kent. 

The fourth son, 

- The Rbv. Milu BabnB, Rector of Bi- 
ahopsboumc cnmBarhaTn,m. Janr, d;iuf;^lifer 
of — Travis or Travi-ra, esq. of Cliippiug- 
Norton, in the county of Oxford, and dying 
1st September, 1070, left issae, 

1. Miles, of Peterhonse, Caml»idge, 
D.D. chaplain to King Charles II. 
m. — — but left no i^sue at his de- 
cease, about tlic yi nr 1709. 

2. John, with whom we shall proceed. 

* The graodsoQ of this Prelate, Edward San- 
DTS, esq. was Chancellor of As Exeheqeer in the 
reign of GeoRos II. and elevated to the peer^e as 
LoHo Sandys, of OmAertify. Ue wassubsetiuentlj 
Speaker of the House of Lords. His lordship d. 
In 1770, and was i. by his eldest son, Edward, 
iiecond Lord Sandys, at whose dccpn'^r', without 
issue, in 1797, the title expired, and the estMss 
derelved npon his BMoe* Utaet Sahmts, whs hid 
married Arthur, Marquis 
See Btirkt't E*ti»a Psr^ 

3. William, of BeaUbo«ne» la Kcn^ 

m. but left no issue. 

4. Henry, of York liuildinps, in the 
cotinty of Middlesex, m. Elisabeth, 
daughter of J. Hainwaring, dtisen of 
London, and dying in 1689, left three 
daughters, his co-heirs, viz. 

£li};abetb, m. to Joseph Saxton, 

citizen of London. 
FrancM, ». to Henry Simoads, of 

Jane, m. to the Rev. John Andrews, 
Rector of Knowlton, in Kent, 
and of St. Madreds and AU 
Saints, Canlstbaiy. 

6. Sobert, dtiaen of London, m. Mary, 
daughter of ThooMS Wyrii, of York- 
shire, and left an only dangMer, 

Jane, «. to the Rer. Henry Rosse, 
Rector of Swanaeoaibe, near 

Cravcsend, Keut. 

6. Anne, m. to Bernard Gibbard, and 
left an only daughter, 


7* Heafter. 

The seeond son, 
John Barmb, eitfiea of Loadoii, contl- 

nued the line of the fhmily. He m. Alice, 
daughter of Edirard BiUers, of the town of 
Leicester, gentleman, and had issue, 

1. George, Fellow of St. John's Col- 
lege, Cambridge, A ttuaariied in 

1. Tobn, of lionr^on, merchant, m. Sa- 
rah, danjij;}iter of Benjamin Drake, of 
Kensington, gentleman, and had four 
sons and two danghtera, via. 

John, who 4, in Ireland, «. p, 

Benjamin, an officer of Dragoons, 

killed in a duel in Irelioid In 

1733, unmarried. 
Hiles, d, in 1786, nnmarried. 
George, m. — , widow of — Bow- 

yrr, but had no issue. 
Elizabeth, m. to Hrnry Trollope, 

of London, son of Sir Thomas 

Tirollope, bart of Caswiek, In 

Sarah, m. to Gpor.:^ ThornhiU, esq, 

of Diddinj^ton, Hants. 

3. William, d. at liombay, in 1710, un- 

4* Miles, who eventnally oontumed 

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5. Heary, citizen of London, m. Anne, 
daughter of the Rev. William Dowdcs- 
wttU, Rector of Kinfkam, in O&ford^ 
shire, and bad tm» Mill, Hanry Mid 


6. Anne, d. unmarried in It^^'i. 

7. Alice, M. to William Selwya, citizen 
of London. 

The fourth son. 

Miles BasNt, a merebont of London, 
esponaed Elisabetb, daughter of Solomon 
Snowdon, esq. of the city of York, and had 
one SOD and two daughters, viz. 

Miles, his successor. 

Elisabeth, m. to Sir Stephen Anderson, 

batt of Efmulkp in the county of 

AanOy dl nnnmiied. 

Mir. BanM tU in 1748, and was «. by Us son. 

Miles Barne, esq. of Sotlerlcy, in the 
county of Suffolk, M. P. for Dunwich, b. in 
1718, IN. first, Elizabeth, daughter and co- 
beir of Nalbaiiiel Elwick, esq. of May Place, 
ra ar Cray ford, Kent, formerly governor of 
Fort Saint Qeorgo, in tbe Bast ladies^ and 
bad issue, 

Miles, his successor. 
Elizabeth-Elwick, d, 24th June, k769. 

Mr. Bame espoused secondly, Mary, eldest 
daughter of George Thomhill, esq. of Did- 
dington, in Hontingdonshirc, and had, with 
otbor children, 

Bame, M.P. for Dnnwieb, from 1777 

to 1790, afterwnrds a Commissioner 

of Taxes, rf. in 1829, unmarried. 

Snowdon, M. P. for Dunwich, from 
1796 to 1813» Lard Treasurer's Re- 
membrancer, allMrwMds n Lard of 

tbe Treasury from 1809 to 1812, and 
then a Commissioner of the Castoms, 
d, in 1836, tuunarried. 

Michael, present proprietor. 

Thomas, in holy orders, M. A F. S. A. 
sometime Rector of Southelmham, 
Saint James's, and of Sotlerley, Snf- 
folk, Chaplain in ordinary to their 
Majesties George 111, George IV. 
and William IV. m. first, Eliza- 
befb, danf^ter of Riehard Wyatt, 
esq. of Milton Place, Surrey, and 
secondly, Sarah, clnnghter of the 
Hon. and very Rev. jVndrcw St. 
Joboy D.D. and Dean of Worcester. 

Mary, m. to W. Sawbridge, esq. of 
East Haddon, in the conn^ of North- 

Sarah, m. to John Harding, esq. of 
Cl7ademon,and d. 7tii January, 1818. 

Anne, rn. to Dr-ikc rrarrnrd, csfj. of 
Lamer, Herts, and d. in January, 

Mr. Bame d. 20th licccmber, 1780, and was 
«. by bis eldest son. 

Miles Barke, esq. of Sotterly, Suffolk, 
and May Place, Kent, M P. for Dunwich 
from 1791 to 1796, at whose decease, un- 
married, 8di September, 1825, the estates 
derolTed upon bis balf-broAer, Micrabl 
Barnb» esq. flie present proprietor. 

Armt — Grsnlsd In tbe reign of €hum 

ELfZABETn to Sir George Barne, knt. and 
his brother Jobn Barne, esq. Quarterly: 
first and fourth, az. three Leopards' heads, 
arg. Seeond and tiiird, arg. a dierron as. 
balifeen ftroe Ckwnish ebovglis, sa. 

Oreff— 8a, an eagle displi^ed, sa. 

Itfotto — Nec daoAhf nee temer6. 

£!rtatts~-In tbe eonnties of SnffbllL and 


Town Hiwulf nrr - Gros^enoT Street. 

ikatt — Dunwich and Sotterley Park,Suf- 

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LUTTRELL, FO WNES JOHN, esq. of DniwtMr Ctrth, Id the county of Somentt, 
and Nethway House, Devonahin, fomerij member of parliament for Mindwnd, A. 
2dth August, 1787, «. to the eetatee at the deoeaae of hie &ther, in 1316. 

The hadty of LtrrrREtt, or Lotbucll, 

was established iu England by one of the 
chiefs in the Normnn Conquest, whose name 
is to be found in the Koll of Battel Abbey. 

L> Ihe reigM of Henry I. and Kinp 
Stephen, Sir John Luttrell held, in capilt , 
flie manor of Hoton Pac:nel, in Yorkshire, 
which vested in his mule descendants until 
the time of Henry V. when it devolved 
upon an heirew, who espomed John Scott, 
feudal lord of Calverley, and steward of the 
household to the Empress M ai d. 

The estates of Sir Ueoflry Luttreji, knt. 
in the eouitiee of Derhy, Leiceeler, Not- 
iin^iam, and TotIl, were confiscated in the 
re^^^l of KiCHARD 1. for his adhesion to 
John, Earl of Morton, but they were res- 
tored upon the accession of that prince to 
Ae throne, as King John. Sir Geoffry 
subsequently accompanied the king into 
Ireland, and obtained from the crown n 
grant of Luttrelistowu, in that kingdom. 
The deeeendantt of Sir Geoffry were after- 
waida fendal barons of Imliam, and onr r t 
those barons, RnnrRT dp. Luttrell, iiad 
•ummons to parliament on the 34th June, 
and M Norember, 1206. (See Burke's 
Extinct and Jhnumt Pumfft.) 

John LuTTRBU.(yoongeit ion of Andrew 

Luttrcl 1 , 0 f E a st Qnan fork sli e ad , ! i vi ti jr temp. 
EowAKD I.) acquired by grant from ttie 
crown, in the lltb Edward III^ eertain 
landa and rents in CIultDn» in dbe eomitf of 

Devon, -whicli sliire he represented in par- 
liament in the 37th of the same monarch. 
He m. two wives, by the first, liose, he 
soemt to luire had no ifene $ by the eeeinid» 
Joan, he had a son, his successor. 

Sir Andrew Luttrell, of Chilton, who 
had married iu the lifetime of bis laiber. 
Lady Elixahelh Conitenaj, woond daoghier 
of Hnffk, Earl or Devon, and widow of 
Sir John Verc, knt. son of Aubrey de Vere, 
Earl of Oxford, an alliance which connected 
the Luttrclla with the Royal House op 
Plantagbnet. The eon of this marriage. 

Sir Hugh Luttrell, resided at Donster 
Castle, which his motlicr, Lady Elizabeth, 
had purchased from the family of Mohun ; 
he was member of parliament for Somerset- 
.^hire in the reign of Richard II. and eae- 
cessivr 1y for that county and Devon. In 
the 8th Hknry IV. Sir Husfh jrained a suit 
at liiw against £dward Plautagenet, Duke 
of York, and the otiier heiie of John Lord 
Mohun, of Dunster,* by which he obtained 
posseMHif>n of the honours and Castle of 
Dnnster, lordship of Carhampton, in 
the county of Somerset. He was afterwards 
ranger of Bladunore Forest, in Borsetdilre, 
a privy-cou^nor to MBng Henry V., and 
one of the commanders under that martisl 
monarch, at the reduction of Harflcur, in 
Nonnandjr, annol416, and at the memorable 

* John, Lord Mohuk.opDi'kstxb, leftathiida- 
cease three daughters, Iiia co-lx'irs, rix. 

Fhilipjw, m. first, to ivdward Plaatagenet, 
Ihdw of Yoik, and •seondly, to Wal- 
ter Fit»-W alter, knt. 
Elisabeth, m. WiUiaB deMoolMnle, £ail <d 

Mead, «.le Jeha» Lord SMaft, of Kaookyn. 

JWif's Pomoa 

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■kfe of Roaen. Ib H1», being Ln yti'nant 
of Hafflear, ht look from the French the 
•MtttaadfortocMofMoogtreYflle. Sir Hugh 
■i. Catherine, daughter of Sir John Beau- 
mont, kiu. ud WM «. in 1431, by hit eldast 


8m John Ldttrell, who had been made 
« bight of the Badi at eocraalion of 

Hf:>aY rV., anno 1399.t Thi« gallant per- 
son f s| ous<f>(i, first, Jnan, danphter of Sir 
Joua Maiiet, oi Eomorc, but had no iwue. 
■a m. aaeBBilj, liugaret, daughter of 
John, Lord Aodlaj. Ha died the yaar 
after hi* father. po?s«>ss<'d of the castle, 
churih. and manor of T>nTi>'tf r, lordship of 
CArhanipton, town of Minehcud, with several 
■■Ma in the areat, lield of Hia erown, hs 
amm aatiie barany of forty-nine knighia* fees. 

He was likewi^sp in il of the man^r of 
Qoaatuch, nith four otiicr knights' fees in 
SosKnetshire, and was s. by his son, 

8b laiita LirmiBLL, who waa mada a 
Kmght-B\sv£ret at the battle of Wake- 
fieM. in 14C3. and fell fijjhting under the 
atjiiuiaknl of Lancaster, iu 1471. He was 
Mtequently attainted by King Edward 
nr. and Ua caado of Dmnler, lordabip of 
Carbampton, &c. g^nted to Sir Edward 
Herbert, knu first Earl of Pembroke. Tie 
left by bis wife, EUzabetb, daughter and 
kaiveaa of Sir William Cooftenay, aldeat 
Wo l h T of Sir Edward CSotutMay, of Hao> 
eaaibe. a son and snccessor, 

Sia UUCH LUTTRELL, who is mentioned by 
Hollingshed uui other hiiitorians amongst 
Ae perMnaof nota in Hie west, who joined 
teBaELOr Richmond at his landing, and 
were afterwards instrumenttl in qriplHn^ 
the DeTODsbire insurrection. W hen the sue- 
ocaalU isaae of Bosworth placed the crown 
apoa Bicbmowd'i head, aa Hsnry VII., 
the esutes of Sir Hog^ lAttrell were imme- 
diat»'U r«-^tfired. and he wa«t .suhseqneiitlv 
cr£;iu.u a knight of the Batli, at the coro- 
■aiian of tke queen. In 1487. He espoused, 
iia^ Margaret daughter of Robert Hill, and 
hilMiter(BateniRUy) of Lord Danheney, 

* fnm a yoaager son of this Sir Hagh md 

Cttfjfnn^ B»'-anraont. RrtrrnT Ltrrflrt i., who died 
vx the I5tb HsNET V'l. Btsiuai of the castle and 
hais et LottrdlstowB, in Ae ooanty of Dahlia, 

imemitA the wmU known Irish finaily of Lnltvdl* 

•f wliif h WHTe the extinrt F. *kt* of Caiuhmptov, 
T Ihc Ok out or rut. ISxtu was then drst insti- 

^ -' I I rV • "-y '-^B*-' r' 

Ihwieftho kioff'a am. 

K.Q., and secondly, Walthera, widow of 
Thomas Drelne. He was «. in 2nd of ki bNK Y 
VIII. by bit wm by hia dfit wife. 

Sir Andrrw I^nTRBix, knt of Ihinaler 
Castle, who m. Marfuet, daughter of Sir 
Thomas Wyndham, and had iieoe, 

John (Sir), ku heir. 

Thomaa, saeceasor to his brother. 

Richard, ancestor of the Lutirells, of 

T f^T f^yp^^ lifff TiffrfTftj ffawiffii-f?inirf, 

and Chelaea. 

Sir Andrew was *. by his eldest son, 

Sir John Lutthell, who in the 3Cth 
Hrnry Yin. waa with the Earl of Hertfotd 

in Scotland, and present at the taking of 
E(!inburgb and Lcith, when he received the 
honor of knighthood. Two years afterwards 
he was under the same nobleman at Bou- 
logne, and had the eonimaDd of a hundred 
men. In the reign of Edward YI^ he waa 
like\vi(*e digtinguisbed in arms, and was 
made a Knight-Banneret, for his conduct at 
the taking of Yeater, in the first year of that 
monarch. He m. Mary, daaghter of Sir 
John Griffith, K.B. by whom (who m. after 
his decease James Godolphiu, of Cornwall) 
he had three daughters, heiresses to one 
Udrd part of hia eatatea* the oflier two thirda 
devulying,by two entails, and by the will of 
Sir John himself, upon his next brother, 

Thomas Luttrell, e^q M P. for Mine- 
head. This gentleman, iu order to preserve 
the estates which he thus inherited clear of 
hia nieoea pwHoDa and of liia brather'a debta, 
sold all the lands in Devon and Suffolk, but 
those were amply replaced by the estates 
acquired on his marriage with Margaret, 
only daughter and heirew of Christopher 
Hadley, esq. of Withyoombe, and great 
frrnnd.mghter of Philippa, dau{»hter of Sir 
jHinnplirey Aiidley, by Elizabeth, widow of 
Sir James Luttrell. In consequence of this 
ceoaangninity it was neoeiaary to procure a 
special bull, in tlie 5th of Philip and Mary, 
firom Pope Paul V. to sanction the marriage. 
Hr. Luttrell d. in 1670, Margaret, wife 
aonriving, who was afterwards m* to John 
S^ede, of Paniham, eaq. and again to 
Ri( hard Hill, eaq. He waa t, by hia eldeat 


George Luttrell, ppq. who inherited 
likewise his mother's iaudB. This gentle- 
nun waa aheriff of Someraalahire in 
He added eonaiderRbly to the boildinga of 

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Dunster Castle, and lived there in the great- 
est hospitality, enjoying, in an eminent de- 1 
gree, the lore and respect of Me neighbom^ 
hood. He m. first, Joan, daughtet of Hagb 
Stewkley, esq. of Marsh, in the county of 
Somerset, by whom he had Thomas, his 
successor. He espoused, secondly, Syl- 
▼ettra Capper, by whom (who wedded aller 
his decease, first. Sir Edniiind Story, .and 
secondly. Gyles Penny, eeq.) be had two 

Biana, m. to Alexander Lynde, esq. 
Sarah, m. to John Wogan, eeq. 
Mr. Luttrell died at an adranced age, in 
1630, and was by his son, 

Thomas Luttrell, esq. of Dunstor Castle, 
who hud married in the lifetime of his father, 
Jane, dauf^ter of Sir Ffancis Popham, knt. 
of Littleeot, and Ajing in 1647, waa t. by 
bis eldest son, 

GroRGF. Li TTRELL,esq. of Dunstcr Castle, 
to whom «. his next brother, 

pRANas LUTTRBLL, esq. of DnnflterCastle, 
who was likewise #. by his brother, 

Thomas Luttrei i . psq. of Dunster Castle. 
This gentleman esiK usrd Lucy, daughter of 
Thomas Simonds, i i>q. of Cunbridgeilure, 
and had inoe, 

FiUNas, hi* ruccettor. 
Alfxakdeb, who «. his nephew in the 

Mr. Luttrell was t . b^ Ms elder ton, 

Francis LurmRtL, esq. of Dunster Castle, 
a colonel in the army of Kiu/; Wtiit^m, 
who m. Mary, only dnu. and heiresi of John 
Tregonwell, esq. of Milton Abbey, county 
0orset« (see vol. ii. p. 404,) and had issue, 
Trboonwrix, Us hair. 
Mary, wi. to Sir Georpe Rooke, vice- 
admiral of Great iiritain. 
Firuieest at. first, to Edward Hervey, 
esq. and secondly, to Edward Ashe, 
esq. of ncjteabttrj, in Ae county 

Col. Luttrell d. in 1090, and was t, by his 

TrrOONWELL Ll'TTRBLL, csq. of DuMter 
Ca*tl(>, at whose decease without issue, in 
1706, tlie estates reverted to his uncle, 

Alexander Luttrell, esq. of Dunster 
Casde. This gentleman served in all Ae wars 
in Flanders, tliroughout the reign of Kinp 
William, and in Queen Anne's time was 
colonel of tlie royal regiment of roarint s. 
He was likewise, during the greater part of 
tiiose re%BS, nianbw of parliament for the 
hacoqgh of Mindiead. He espoused Doro- 

thy, daughter of Edward Yard, esq. of 
Churston, in the county of Devon, and had 
two sons, 

Albxander« i*» mtttumr, 


He d. in 1714, and was t. by his elder son, 
Albiiandbr I4JTTRBLL, esq. of Dunster 
Casfle, who m. Margaret, daughter of Sir 
John Trevelyan, bart. of Nettleoonihe, and 
had an only daughter, 

Margaret, m. to Henry 
of Nediway House, In the county of 

Mr. Luttrrll having thus no male issue, his 
estates devoired, at his decease, upon his 
only daughter above mentioned, 

Maroarbt LuTTRBti, whoso husband, 
Henry Fownbs, aasumed in consequence 
the additional surname and armsof Luttrdl. 
Of tlii.s marriage were issue, 

John, heir to his father and mother. 

Fhuids, a eonunissioner of die customs. 

Alexander, in holy orders, rector c*" 
East QuantorV'^hftl, •^vho in 1810. 
Mr. and Mrs. Luttrell were succeeded by 
their eldest son, 

John FowNss-LirrTRBLL, esq. of Dunster 
Castle, M.P. for Minehead. This gentle- 
roan m. Miss Drewe, of Grange, in the 
county of Devon, and had issue, 

John, his harm 

Henry,conunissioner of puhUeaecounts. 
Francis, a capUin in the amy, «. Miss 

Drewe, and bn* issue. 

Alexander, in holy orders, rector of 
East Qnantockshead, m. Miss Lsader, 
and has issue* His only dau. Caroline 
Lucy Fownes, 1836, F. J. Yeat- 
mau, M.D. of the Bengal Army, 

Thomas, in holy orders, vicar ^Mine- 
head, and inenibeBt cumin of Dun- 




Mr. Luttrell d. in 1816, and was $. by his 

eldest son, the present John FoWMBt*LVT« 
TRFLL, esq. of Dunster Castle. 

/Irnu— (^uurlcrly ; 1st and 4th, or a bend 
between six martlets, sa. Ibr Lottrbuu 9nd 
aad 0rd, az. two eagles displayed in ftflsa, 
and a jniillpt in base arg. for Fownes. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a piume 
of.five feathers arg. 

£stia§^lB SomeiBet and Devon* 

Seats — Dunster Castle, Somersetshire, 
and Netbway House, in the coun^ of Devon. 

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tANGTON-GORE, WILUAM, esq. of Newton Park, in tlie cmmtf of Somamt, 

eolonal of the Oxford nuHtia, ft. in DocmW, 1760, «. 

fiiit in 1783, Bridget, only child tnd heireM of JoMph 

X\ ^ f langton, «fq. of Noivton Puk, (upon which occasioD ho 
^ imnned hy royal pefniHion the wWitiffinel ntrntBif end 

^ — . Nl 1 ]. WiLUAM, h. in 1707, M.P. for the eomty of Sooier- 

•et, m. 2l8t Febmary, 1822, Jacintha-DorottMOi 
only child of H. Powel! Collins, esq. of Ilafrh-Beau- 
cluinp, in that shire, by whom, who d. in February, 
1887, be had one son. 
8. BdwanI, h* In 1788, an dfieer in fhe amy* 

3. John, an officer in the nnny, at Ceylon. 

4. Frances-Matilda. 

Col. Gore-Langton espoused secondly, Mary, only daughter of John Browne, eeq. of 
Salpeiton, in the connty of Gloocester, and haa fay that lady, 

6. William-l 

6. John- FfPflrrick. 

7. Mary-Henrietta, m. in 1831, to Sir J. M. Burg;oyne, bart. of Sutton Park. 

8. Caroline-Maria, m. in 1836, to Col. D'Oyly of the Grenadier Guards. 

Col. Gore-Langton succeeded his father, Edward Gore, esq. in 1801. 

Thia fimily, which origfaiatea in a con* 
mon ancestor with the Earls t>f Afian, In 
Ireland, derives immediately from 

John Gorp,, who acquired tlie lands of 
liUistham, in the county ol i:)s8ex, and waa 

OaaAao Goae, an alderman of the city 
of London, who m. Ellen, dau. of John Da- 
▼enant, of liavenant Land, in Essex, and 
dying at tfw age of 91, in 1607, loft fonr msb, 

I. Richard, d. in 1622. 

II. ThoniJis, d. s, p. 

III. Gerard, ancestor of the Gores of 

IV. John (Sir). 
The fourth son, 

Sir John Gore, knt who served the 
office of LoHD Mayor of the city of London, 
fli. Heeler, dan. of Sfar Thomaa Ctenpbell, 
and dying in ld36, left, inter aliogf a son. 

Sir John Gore, knt. of Gilstone, in the 
county of Herts, who m. Bridget, daughter 
ot Six Edward Harrington, bart. and died in 
leoo. Hbhrotfier, 

William Gore, of Morden, in the county 
of Surrey, aftervarda of Barrow Coort, in 


I, M. Jane, daughter of Thoqiaa 
Sndth, esq. of Tedworlh, Wilta, by whom ho 
left at hia deoeaae hi 1009^ n wm, Ua ano- 


£>IR Thomas Gore, knt. who m. Philippe, 
alater and oo-heir of Sir Giles Tooker, of 
Maddfaigton,in Wil1ihim,and dybghi 11176, 

left issue, 

Wiiliam, d. in 17 1 B, learing issue. 

Thomas, before 1726, leaTiog issue. 

Enwann, of whoai pieeanUy. 

Jane, m. to Rlohard BaakenrUlo, eeq 
of Richardston. 

Anne, m. to — Stear. 
Sir Thomas's third son, 

Btowanp Ooni, eaq.m. AmbeUa,aisler and 
co-heir of Sir John Smyth, bart of Long 
Aahton, in the county of Somersfe, and d. 
in 1742. His second son, and eventual h« ir, 
BDWanoGoftE, esq. m. Barbara, widow of 
Sir Edward Moa^, hart and dan. and aole 
heiress of Sir George Browne, of Kiddingtnn 
Park, Oxfordshire (by the Lady Barbara 
Lee,dau.of Edward, first Earl of Litchfield), 
hy when he left at hIa deoeaae. In 1881, 

William, his successor. 

Charles, in holy orders, «• in 1786, 

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Harriett, dau. of Richard Little, esq. 
of Grosvenor Plaos, and had aor- 
viving issue, 

MoNTAOUB, the present posstfsjiur 
of Barrow Court 



Mr. Gore d. in 1801, and was «. hy his elder 
MWt ih« pretent WiuiAH Gorb-Laihiton, 

A rwu QoMtarly, lint uid flrordi gnad 

quarters : quarterly first and fourth aig. 
thrpp chevrmo gu. second and third arg. a 
cross moliuc sa. for Langton : second and 
fUid giwid ^mrtera, gules, a fcita bctwcea 
three croia oroMkli fiteikie, or. 

Motto — In hoc signo vineei. 

Town Retidenee—}2, Grosvenor-aqQaiv. 

^sol^Newton Park» Sonenetahlre. 


PATESHALL-BURNAM, EDMUND , esq. of Allensmore, in tiie county of Here- 
ford, b. in 1778, m. in 1804, Bfilborough, daughter and co-heiresa of the Rererend 
JaaMa Ingfam, of Burfeid, in tiie county of Salop, of the ancient Montgomeiyihire 
hmfy of that aaao. 

Mr. PatMhaU aMoned bj royal aigii manual, upon the demiao of hit nolbar id 
1830, the additional iumanio and aroia of Borham. Ho «. to the cotalea npon th« 
decoaae of hie lather, 4th Noramber, 1790. 

The family of Lechmerb* (fton which 

Mr. Patoshall drrivps his pntfrnal df^flcrnt), 
came Irom the Low Countries, auti, serving 
mder William the Conqueror, obtained 
from thatyictoriooapriaoelanda in Haaley, 
Worce^t^r^hire, called fircm them Lech* 
mere's Place. 

AOAM DB Lech HERE, of Uanley, was 
#. by hie son. 

* LacB is a hitaach of ^ Rhiee wUeh pan 

from it nt Wyke, and, runniog weatwaid, AH* 
iuto the Msas befi»e Rottodam. 

Robert, or Wilkin de Lechmerh, of 
Hanley, who flourished temp. Edward if. 
and had a eon and aacceeaor, 

Henry LacHMeaB, who espoused Alice, 
— nnd. dyinrr in the relgD of Edward HL 

was *. by his son, 

Robert Lecmmere, whose great-great 

Richard Lrchmere, m. (21 Henrt 

VII.) Jonn, drins^btcr Htid ro-hf ir("«;s nf John 
Whitmore, of Hanley, and from him lineally 

Edmund Lecrmrrc, eeq. who m. Mar' 

garet, daughter of Sir Nicholas Overboiy, 
knt and dying in 165(>. whh x. by his son, 

Sir Nicholas Lechmere, knt. who was 
appointed a baron of Ae exchequer at 
the reTohiti«m. Ho wedded Penelope, 
daughter of Sir Edwyn Sandys, of North 
borne, in the county of Kent, and dying in 
1701, left issue, 

I. Edmund, who m. Lucy, daughter of 
Sir Anthony Hangerlbid, of Farley 
Castle, in the county of Somerset, 
and l»^f"t nt his dt'c»';iH«', in 1708, with 
junior issue, two turns, viz. 

1. Anthony, of Hanley Castle, 
in the covniy of Worceater, who 
wu lather of 

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Bmimvd, of Haalqr Ctttle, 

M.P. for the county of 
Worcester, who espoused 
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir 
Bhuiel OittliM, huu of 
Ludfofd* Hertfoirdallin, nd 
had « mm tmd socceaaor, 

NirHOLAs.ofHauley Cas- 
tle, who assumed, upon 
iaherltuig the Charlton es- 
tetetattbedeeeueof hia 
uncle, Sir Francia Charl- 
•■ too, hart, in 1784, the ad- 

ditional surname and arms 
of Charlton, and bis son 
and iMir it ftey m e n t 

Charlton, esq. of 
Ladfoid Park, in the 
connty of Hereford 
(see/ami/y of Chmrt- 

9. Nicholas, of the Middle Tem- 
ple, barristcr-at law, and M.P. 
This eminent lawyer was ap- 
pointed solicitor-general in 1714, 
cteeeUor of Ao duchy of Lan- 
cMter ia 171T, and otlorMy-ge- 
neral ifi the follo'^^'int:^ vpar. He 
was one ot the mLina^ers fipntnst 
Sacheverell, and was eltvateii to 
Om pwmgo SfiA Au^gt, 1721, 
ligr the tido of Lord Lechmerb 
OF Evesham. He m. Lady Eli- 
zabeth Howard, dnu. of Charles, 
Earl of Carlisle; but dying 
iN«olcM,iB 19S7,^ Bamwy of 
LfeCHMERE became extinct, and 
the ff«tTtp? devolved tipon hia ne- 
phew, Kdiiiuiid Lechmere, of 
Hanley Cattle. His lordship was 
a good knryer, a prompt aad able 
speaker, much courted hf the 
Whig part^' ; h!it of a tamper vio- 
lent, priMid, and impractknble. 
n. Kamdys. 
Sir NiciMlas Lechmcre'g second son, 

8as»t» LicilllctB, esq. inherited by will 
frMi Ui mMtc, noger Leduoere, eeq. 
Ik* pnprrty of Fownhope, in the county of 
Eier<>tord. and settled there. He espoused 
Joaww, widow of John Holmes, esq. and 
eoly dnagiaer of Robert Clarke, esq. (des- 
cended from the ancioot Iktttily of Clarke, 
of K'injrsnott, in the county of Keftt), aad 
^ji»C UV^ iraa «. by hie only eoa, | 

Nicholas LBCHMBae, of Fownhope, who 
m. Martha, dan|^ter and eo-beireM of 

John Scudamore, esq. of Treworgan, in the 
county of Monmouth, and <i. in 1711, at the 
early age of twenty-six, leaving an only sur- 
viving eoB aad eooceMor, 

Scudamore-Lbchnbrb, eeq. of Powa- 
hope, who m. Jane, second daughter of Ed- 
mund Patesball, esq. of AUensmore, and 
had (fffOi two daughters, who both married) 
five iona, vis. 

1. John-Scud AMORB, who «. his father 

in the family estates, and marrying 
Catherine second daughter of John 
WitfuBore, esq. of the Haywood, in 
the coaaly of Heieford, left iwae at 
his decease, 8th Jaaaary, 1801 

2. £dmind. 

3. Edwyn-Sandys, who m. Klizabeth, 
daagkter of the Rev. Mr. Jones, of 
Foy, in Herefoidaliire, aad by her 
(who d. in 1822) hae iMue. 

4. Nicholas, d. at sea. 

6. Thomas-AUen, who m. Jane, young- 
est daughter of John Whitmore, of 
tfie Haywood, and left iitae. 

The ?ccond son, 

Edmund Lechmfrk, esq. upon inhe- 
riting, at his maternal uncle's decease, 
the AllenanMre estates, assumed, in com- 
pliance with the testamentary iignaetioa of 
that gentleman, the surname and arms of 
Pateshall only. Hp esjxjused Ann, dau. 
and heiress of WiUiam iiuruam, esq. of 
Westiagtou Coor^ ia the eonnty of Here- 
ford, by whom (who d. ia 1890) he left liaai 
at his decease, in 1790. 

1. Edmund, present poesessor of Al- 

% William, who m, Elisabeth, daugh- 
ter of Michael Cnieea, esq. and has a 

daughter, Ann-Elizabeth. 

3. John Scudamore-Lechmere, who m. 
Mary, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Wil- 
liaatf, of Shobdon, ia tte eoonty of 
Hereford, by wliom be has an oalj 

snrvivirifj child, MvRY. 

4. Nicholas, captain R.N. 

6. Edwyn-Sandyd, captain in the Hon. 
Esst ladia Compan/s Service, d. at 
Ceyloaia 1819. 

6. Thomas- Allen. 

7. Waltor, ia holy orders, M.A. d. in 


8. Aaa, m. to tbe Rev. Joha Joaea, 
M.A. aad baa two daughters. 

9. Martha, at. to Tboaiae Williams, esq. 

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and ha* Utree aont and three daugh- 


Mr. Patenliall d, in 1790, and was #. at bis 
decease by hia eldest aon, the preaent Ed- 
mund Burnam-Patbshau, eaq. 


This family lioaBta of high antiquity in 
the connty of Northampton. In the 6th year 
of Richard I. we find upon record tin- nr^mr 
of Simon de Patksmali, high shcnti of 
Chat shire; and Camdeu mentions his des- 
eendanla aa perfonningtlie same duty dnring 
aeveral subsequent reigns. 

Thomas Patf.shai!, of Pnddlf^toup, in 
the county of Hereford, m. the diiughter of 
— Cole, of Hatfield, in the same shire, and 
bad a son, 

Thomas Patkshall, of Weston^ who es- 
(onsrd Sarah, daughter of Thomas Snuth, 
isq. and dying in 1(587, left i:«sue, 

1. John, of Weston, who m. Jane, 
daughter and eo'beireas Tbomas 
Allen, esq. and A «• p* in 1726. 

2. Thomas, ) both A without issne. 

3. Walter, ) 

4. Edmund, who m. Mary, daughter 
and eo-heiiess of Thomas AUen, esq. 
and left issue at his demise, in 173Q» 
one son and a daughter, viz. 

John, b. 2(Hh April, 1714; who d. 
unmarried, leaving his estates at 
AUensmore and Weston to 1h» 
son of bis sister, 

J^\t:, ^v]to m foScUDAMORELeCH- 
MKi<!-, esq. of Fownhope Court, 
and liud, with other issue, ED- 
MUND LiCHMBRB, esq. inheritor 
of his Vnclb's peasesilons. 

Xrmi- —Quarterly often, 

1st for PATKSHALL. Az. ou a chev. 
betweeu iiirce hearts arg. as many 
escallops gu. 

ted for LaCHMERB. Go. a fess or, and 
two pelicans in chief arg. with the 
necessary mark of cadency. 

3rd for Whitmore. Vert, fretty or. 

4tb for RooKi. Arg. a ehev. engrailed 
between three cbeis roolcs sa. 

Mb for ScUDAMORE. Gu. three stir- 
nip!* leathereo and buckled or. two 
and one ; with the mark of cadency 
for the third bonie. 

0th for ScODAMOtk (aaelent). Or, n 
croa« pattto Uteb^e go. 

7th for Tn?r,o7. At. two bars pemell 
or, in chief a lion passant, guardnnt 
of the second. 

8th Ibr Db Ewtas. At. n fess gn. be- 
tween three mnUets with six polntn 

Oth for HuNTERcoMBE. Ermine two 

bars gemell gu. 
10th quarterly for Burnam. Fintaad 
Ibnrth, gn. a eher. between Aven 
lions' heads erased or; second and 
third, gu. a che>Ton between three 
lions rampant arg. On an escocbeoa 
of pretence Ihr Imoram, quarterly, 
first and fonrdi, ermine on a fess gn. 
three escallops or ; second and third, 
vert three escutcheons arg. two and 

Crett— Out of ducal coronet, a peUcan 
arg. vulning itself ppr. 
Anf— AlleMmore, in the eonntsr of Ht 


itie county of Leicester, b. in Decembrr, 1794, m. 29th August, 1815, Frances Ara- 
bella, tiiud daughter of the late Colonel Stephen Freemantle and niece of the Right 
Honomblp Sir W. H. Freemantle, of Stanliope Street, May Fair. Mr. Butier-Dan- 
vers served the otiice of high sheriff for Leicestershire, 1831-2. 

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This is a branch of the noble family of But- 
ler, Earls of Lanesboroagh, springing from 
Bmmhjiy Butub, ihm Mcoad Bwl, wlio 
m. 26th January, 1754, Jane, only daughter 
of Robert Rochfort, fint £ael Of BSLVB- 
OERE, and had issue, 

RoBsmT-HnsBftf, who «. m AM Sari, 
wnA msfffytwf FI««^^M*<*>, eldest daugh- 
ter of the late Right Hon. David Lk- 
tOQche, had two sons, viz. 

1. BRlNSLEY.presentEarlofLanes- 
borottgh. (See BmMs P§§rmg€.) 
S. DaTid, deceased. 
Aucurrrs-RicH ARD, of whom presently. 
Mary, m. to the Right Hon. George 

Ponsonby, and d. in 1826. 
CadieiiDe, ot. to George Mailey, eiq. 

who d. in 1809. 

Sophia, m. to the Marquis Lewis Ma- 
Tlie Eaif • leooDd SOD, 

Hon. Avovstus Butler, m. first, in 1792, 
Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of Sir John 
JDanvers, hart, (see family of Danvers at 
Ibot) apon whidi oceesioB he sssoaied the 
additional surnaaie end anus of Damviks, 
aad had issue, 

George-John-Danvers, present pos- 

Oeofge-Angostns, h, Oth Angvst, 1799. 

He espoused secondly (his first wife dying 
in 1802), Eliza-Bizarre, daughter of Hum- 
l^rey Start, esq. and had by that lady (who 
dl in 1911) 

Oeotfe-WflUam-Aagnstns, h, in 1809. 

Augustua-Richard, b. 29th Oct. 1807. 

Charles-Augustus-Ashloy, b. in 1809. 

Charles- Augustus, b. in 1806. 

AaoCfaer son, h. la. 1911. 

Elizabeth-Sophia, m. in 1828, to Lieute- 
nant-Colonel Henry Domaresqae. 
Mr. Butler-DaiiTers dying 29th April, 1800, 

was s. by his eldest son, George- Jon n- 
Danvers Bi'TLEr-Danvers, esq. present 
representative of this branch of the Butlers.. 


This family denominated from the town of 
Anvers, in France, and anciently written de 
Anverso or D'Anvers,derives its descent from 

Roland d'ANveaao, one tiie gallsnt com- 
paniooslaanns of theCSmiQUBROR, whose son, 

Rani'LPH D'Anvers, received of Crispin, 
Lord of Wallingford, the manors of Marlow,. 
Domey,aQd Huckham,to hold of his honour 
of Wallinglbrd. The descendant of thl» 
eminent knight, 

Samuel Danvers, esq. espoused Elizabeth 
Moorewood, of Overton, in the county of 
Derby, an heiress, by whom, (whe m, after' 
Mr. Daarers' decease, John Banrers,. esq., 
of Prescott Manor, in the county of Oxford, 
nephew of Sir Henry Danvers, Earl of 
Danby, the staunch and loyal adherent of 
Uie vakujpjpf Chables), he had issne, a soil 
and successor, 

Joseph Danveks, esq. of Swithland, im 
the county of Leicester, who, having succes- 
shrely represented Boroughbridge, Bram- 
her, and Toteess, In parUament, was created 
a Babonbt in 1 740. Sir Joseph m, Frances, 
daughter of Thomas Babinpton, esq. of 
Rothley Temple, Leicestershire,, by whom 
he had an only sra and snccessM-^ 

Sib John Danvebs, hart, of SwilUand; in 
the county of Leicester, who m. Mary, dan. 
and heiress uf Joel WatSOD, esq^ and left- a- 
daughter and heiress, 

EUSABBTH, who M. tflO HOB. AU0USTti« 

Butler, as stated above. 

Armi — Quarterly, first and fourth, gu. h 
chevron between three mullets of six points 
or, for Danvers : second and third ar. three 
ooreredcnpsin bend between two bendlets, 
eng. sa. for Butler. 

CretU — First, for Danvers, a wyvem or. 
Second, for Butler, a denii-cockatrice 
couped vert, comb, beak, wattles and da- 
caUy gorfsd or. 

itfoffo—- Libert^ toute enti^re. 

Estate* — At Swithland, Leicrstershire. 

Seat — Swithland Hall, near Mount So£-> 
rel, Leiceslershire. 

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Abbey, Co. Oerl^y, b. .'iitl July. 1774, m. 2UI Dec. 1802, Miss Dalton, and has is8ue> 

Edward-Valentine, B.A. of Magdalen College, Oxford, 6. Htb February, lb06, a 

joBtice of the peace for the county of Nottingham. 
Mary-Helifceiitfiii. 93mI Haidk, 1631, to the Her. W. Saiidi, M .A. of DuMtoi Hon. 

Mr. Stoado < to tho funilj eototot npon the denuM of hii hrothor io and boo 

■Munod the additional aoinaiiio of Ptggo-Banidl. Ho ia a ■u^pitimto and dopaty- 

lieuteiiaiit of tha oousty of Doitij. 


shire. By hor (who A in 1716) he left 0 
son and heir, 

Thomas Steade, eaq. who eB|>onae<l in 
1696, MiM Crawkfc* of Bunowloe Honae, 
in the county of York* and waa «« at hia 
demise in 1739, by his ?on, 

NiCHOi A5 Stf ^de, esq. who m. in 1728, 
Ann, daughter ol Benjamin Micklethwaite, 
esq. of Aidaley, in Hie coaaij of York, and 
had a aon and ueoeoaor, in 1760, 

Thomas Steadf., esq. who wedded, in 
1768, Melisceut, daughter of Strelley Pegge, 
eaq. of Beauchieff Abbey, in Ihe coonty of 
Dorbj, and liater to Petcr-Pegge Bumell. 
egq. of Winkboume Hall, Noitinghaaaihire, 
by whom he had, with other iMue, 

Thomas, his iuccewor. 
Brouohton-Benjamin, present pro- 

Mr. Steado ^iag in 1998, waa #. hy Ua 

Thomas Steade, esq. a captain in the 
2l8t rcg. of ligfht dragoons, at whose d»> 
eeaae, uum. in 1790, at Cape Nicholas Mole, 
St. Domingo, tho eatotca dowHed npon his 
hiothor, BaovOBTON- Benjamin Stf.ade, 
eaq. now lopiaaantetlTO of the faatily. 

Arm — ^Arg. a diev. between three beaia* 

heads, couped sa. muzzled or. 
CVe*l— A stag trippant arpc nt. 
Ettates— \t Woodseats, in the county of 
Derby, and at Stanington, Worral, Wada> 
ley, Bvrrowlee,OwIertoB,BenleiMMchitand 
Onesacre, in the county of York : moat of 
which Yorkshire estates havr Wen for so 
lon^ a period in the possession of the family, 
that the date of their first acqnireascnt can- 
not at HiiaiUatanoe of time bo p r eel ial y aa- 
jba<—Bcanfiyeff Abbey Derbyabif*. 

The first mention wo bnve of the fiunily 
of Steade, liTing at, or being possessed of 
fiNBSACRE, in the county of York, wlirre 
»HTids the old family mansion, and other 
property, appears, says Dr. Hunter, in some 
old writingB of Ae time of Bdwako HI. be- 
tween 1326 and 1377. 

John de la Stkde, resided, according to 
several ancient deeds, at Onesacre, in 1417, 
as did his immediate successors, Thomas, 
John, John, and Niebolaa de la Stede. 

Nicholas Steads eepon a ed Maiy Bevel, 
and was #. by \\h pom, 

Nicholas Steade, who m. iu 1581, hi» 
Elizabeth Steade, and dying in 
March, 1619, waa #. by bla aon, 

Nicholas Steade, esq. who mnrryiTig in 
1619, Frances Brighton, left at his decease 
in 1623, a son and successor, 

Thomas Stbadb, esq. wbo waa bimaelf 
#. in 1666, by his aon, 

Nicholas STF^OE. esq. who m. in 16(K>. 
Mary, daughter of William Milner, esq. of 
Burton Grange, in the county of York, and 
rister to Mrs. Beanmont, from whom derived 
the Beaumonts of BeeHon Hall^ in Tork- 

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DUNCOMBE, THOMAS, esq. of Copgrove, in the county of York, m. in 1795, 

Emma, daughter of the late Right Reverend Doctor 
John Uinchcliffe, Lord Bishop of Peterborough, and has 


Thomas-Sungsby, M.P. 

Henry-John, in holy order*. 
Edward, al»o in holy orden. 

Bnaia, m. to CoUmmI IhnridBi. 



The Di'NCOiiBES, originally of Barl«^y Knd, 
In thecountj- of Burkirr]:ham, spread through 
different branehea into other counties during 
Ac TelgM «f King Hvmrt TIIL md lib 
•on, Edward VL 

WiLHiM Dt scrvMBF, of IWngho, (at the 
time of tlie herald's visitation in 1634) m. 
Mary, daughter of Jolm Theed, esq. and 
knd fbar mm, oTwhoni MMmd, 

Antbont BtJNCOMBE, csq. of Drayton, 

in die rounty of Backs, M. , daughter of 

Pnulye, lord of the manor of Whitchurch, 
and hadksne, 

1. Ciunss (Sir), a iMnker In London, 
Mved Hbe oiloe of dioriir for 

fliat cHy, anno 1700, and filled io 
ninf v^'ar^ afterwards, the civic chair. 
Sir Charles d. num. poeaesaed of in)- 
MMMo wMltt^ neqidNd lij kfaMeU^ 
1m devked to his nephews, 
Anthony Pnncombt', the son of his 
broth rr^ and Thomaa Bronn^the son 
of his sister. 

fli ABteiy,>"te***'*"^'^^<^<^*^^^~ 

ter and co-hcirc«« of the honomblr 
Frederick Connrallis, and had an 
only son, 
Antuony, who inherited, as itftted 
above, a moiety of his nocle. Sir 
Cbwlctt DuDcombe's large for- 
tune, and wns elevated to tbt; 
p«:erage by kttcrs patent, dated 
23rd June, 1747, asLoRDPBVBK- 

»HAM, baron of Dowton, in the 
county of Wilts. His lordship 
m. thrice, but left issue only by 
lifa tibSrd wife, Awm, dangiitnr of 
Sir TlionM Halee, a daagliter,. 
' Amne, who m. Jacob, second 
Burl of Radnor, by whom 
she was mo^r of tiie pre* 
lent Eam, op Radnob. 

His lofldship dying thus, in 1968, 

witfiout malt' issue, thr Barony o» 
Fevfusham became (.xtiiu t. (Sf* 
Burke's Extinct and Dor mam 

a. Mary, of whom ^nMnlly. 

Mr, Dvncomlie's only danghter, 

Mary Di'NCOMBF., espoused Tbo. Broun, 
esq. of the city of Iy>ndon, who assunird the 
surname of Duncombe, and had au only 
son and successor, 

Thomas Dohcombb, ssq. of Dancombe 
Psrit, high sheriff of the county of York, 
in 17'2H. This geTitlonian m. Mary, daughter 
of .Sir Thomas SUugaby, of Scriven, bart. 
by whom he had three sons and two dftll^l* 
ters, and dying in 17411^ wss Iiy Us eldsst 

Thomas Duncoiibr, esq. of Duncombo 
Park, who m. Isabel, daughter of — Soleby, 
esq. of Ueln»ley,in the county of York, by 
whom lie Isll «» deeeese, Utli Septem- 
ber, 1809, (wlA sevewl dsnghteis). 

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Charlu, who f . to his father's estates, 
wd WM elevated to die peerage, 14th 
July, 1896, ae Lord Feversham. 

Thom a's, prPHont possessor of Cepfprove. 
SUngsby, m. and has issue. 
Arms — Per chev. eng. gu. and ar. three 
talboU' heeds eraeed, oooaterchanged. 

Crest — Out of a ducal coroaet or, a hone's 
hind leg aa. aboe aiy. * 

jM<iM^~])eo, legi^ palviv* 

S!rtMf a—lB Ae North aad Weat Ridtaga 
of Twhihife. 

iSiMtf— Cbpgrote, aear Boiooghbridge. 


SALM EY, JOHN, esq. of Moor Park, in tho. county of Salop, 6. 25th June, 1798, «. 
to the esiatea opon the denuM of his father 4th February, 1826. 

The Sr.wYNS, now Salweys, are of Saxon 
ori^D, and were settled at Canooc (the pre- 
sent Kanke), in the eauaty of Stafford, at a 
period antecedent to the Conquest— thence 
they spread into Worcestershire, Salop, and 
other shires, and have been resident at 
Richard's Castle, in Shropshire, for several 

Obofterv de Sai.ewey held lauds in 
Norton nnlr-Cannoc, in the county of Staf- 
ford, temp. Henry HI. (1316). 

William Salewbt Ukewiae had potses- 
■ioni in the aaine plaee tnnp. Bdwaeo I. 

His son and successor, 

Richard Salewey, living in the reign of 
£dward II. was t. by bis son, 

WiLUAM SALwav of Caanoe, who m. — 
Mytlon, of Weston-under-lazard, in the 
coiiiitv of StJifforfl, find was #. by his son, 

Adam Salwey, of Cannoc. whose son, 

John Salway, lord of Leycroft, in 

Staffordshire, was chosen amon(^ those " qni : 
portabnnt arnifi ab aDcestri&," to attend the 
king aa a man-at-arms and an esquire in 
Vranee. He m, linhdl, daaghter and heir 
of Sir William Tromwya, knt and had a 
son and succeaior, 

JoHv Salwey, of Cannoc, who was 
lord of Stanford, in the oounty of Worces- 
ter, in the 3rd HsNiiY XT. and died aieeed 
of tb» inanora of Sluiford and Richards- 
Castle, in the county of Hereford, nth 
Hfnrv V. He m. Isold, daughter of John 
Washborne, of Stanlord, m the county of 
Woieeiler, and heifOM to her OMvOer Jean, 
danghtor and heir of Sir John Vniard, knl. 
and waa «. hy hia Mtty 

Hi'MFHEY SAt.wp.Y, of Kanke and Stan- 
ford, who was the kin}?'s escheator for die 
county of Worcester, 22nd Hbnry VI. and 
knight mareechall of that prinee'a oanrt, aa 
appears on his monument in Stanford churrh, 
of which he wns lord and patron. He es- 
poused Joyce, daughter of Sir UobcrtStrel- 
ley, knt. of Strelley, in tlie eoonty of Nef- 
tingham, by Itabell, daughter of Thomas, 
and sister of cardinal John Kemp, lord 
archbishop of Canterbury, and had issue, 

John fSir), knt. who was in the imme- 
diate service of the Duke of Cla- 
rence, but being disinherited, did not 
aneoeed to the family estates. He 
m. Margery, daughter of Hugh Er- 
deswicke, of Sandon, in the county 
of Stafford, and left three daughters, 
hia heirt, Tix. 
1. Cicelley, «. to Tbonaa Co- 

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aiagsby, of Hampton Ck)art, m 

2. Margaret, m. to Richard Bid- 

dulph, of Biddilph, im tiie MWitjr 

of Stafford. 
a. Joyce, m. first, to W. Ashbye ; 

and, tecondly^ to Ranlft Woke- 

l«]r» «r W^]«7 Bridg*. 

ThoMAI, of wllOin hereafter. 

EdmnTitT, m. the daughter of — Burg- 

hill, of the county of Hereford. 
Iiold, m. to Richard Acton, of Sntton, 

n tfM eowitjr of Wofccstor. 
Tkv accond aon, 

Thomis Salwbt, of K«Bk« and Staa- 

ford, w»3 nominated heir to the family poa- 
sewions by his fa&er. He lived temp. 
Henry VII. and m. Jane, daughter of 
Thorns Ljgon, of Maddonfleld. in dM 
county of Woreofler, and WM «. by hit 
eldest son, 

Thomas S^r wEV, who was in ward to 
hiscousin-german, Thomas Acton, a courtier 
aad wrmt of King Hbnry VIU. He es- 
poused Margery, dMgMer and coheir of 
William Porter, esq. oftfio oowily of Wor> 
ocater, and had issnp, 

An'thovy, who was disinherited by hia 
father, and d, «. p. 


Akthuh Salwey, who was made heir 
by m ioo and Meorory. H« was of llie 
lojal exchequer temp. Queen Elizabeth, 
and marrying Mary, daughter and co-heir 
of Thomas Searle, esq. of the city of hoO' 

1. HimniftBY, Us os oeos s o r. 
3. Henry, a mililary oOcor. 

3. Thomas. 

4. Arthur, in holy orders, rector of 
Serem Stoke, in Worc^tershire. 
TUs goBtienuui prondhod hefiiro tfio 
House of Conunons OB tte 9BA Oe* 
tober, 1G13. 

6. Mary, m. to Rowland Bradshaw, 
esq. of Richards Castle. 

0. Jnditliy m, to Tbomss Wjlllm, esq. 
of Droitwich. 

7. Jane, m. to Sir Robert Paf«low,knt. 
of Sudbury. 

8. Margaret, m. to Philip Cockorbsai^ 
esq. of Wigmore Abbey,in Aeconnty 
of HfTffnrfl . 

0. Anne, m. to Peter Dauncer, esq. of 
Moreton, in the county of Hereford. 

10. Elizabeth, m. to — Maiowaring, 
esq. of flu county of Cbostor. 

11. iUioe, ». to Rkbafd Skinaort esq. 
of CorftoB, in the county of Wor- 

The eldest son, 

Humphrey Salwey, esq. of Stanford, 
jnstico of the peace for the oonnty of Wor- 
OMter, was a member of the long parlin- 
ment, previously to IG.'iO. He m. Anne, 
second daughter of Sir Edward Littleton, 
kuU of Pillaton Hall, in the county of Staf- 
fondf Mid bid, witb dwoe dangbton, tvo 
sons. Tin. 

1. Edward, his successor at Stanford, 

and M.P. for Droitwich in 
jointly Mrith the Kight Hon. John 
Wylde, lord eldef baron of iSne ex- 
chequer. He espoused Dorothy, third 
daughter of Sir Ernsmua Dryden, 
bart. of Canon's Ashliy, in tiie county 
of Northamptuu, aud left issue, 

Edward, of Stanford, (of the Inner 
Tbwple), barrister- at-Uw, at 
whose decease unmarried, tiie 
estates paned to bis sistois, as 


Mary, an. to Cotonri Rogers, of 
Uan Tacb, in the county of 
Monmovdi, governor of Hen- 

Honora, m. to — Han bury, esq. 

of Ibe eennty of Olanisfgan. 
Elizabeth, m. to Sir Frauds Win- 
nington, knt. solicitor-general to 
King Charles II. who became 
sole possessorof Stanford, baying 
obtained the ligbt of tbe dber 
two sisters therein. 

2. Humphrey, who had one son. Pos- 
thumous, a sea captain, who d. s. p, 

3. Arthur, in holy orders, Rector of 
Sereme Stoke, wbo m. tiie dangbtor 
of — Giles, esq* of lindridge, and 

had iRsue, 
Arthur, in holy orders, Rector of 

Stanford, d* nnmarried. 
lobn, in boly orders. Rector of 

Richard's Castle, who espoused 
hiscousiuHannnh, seconddaugh- 
ter of Richard Salwey, esq. of 
Richard's Castle. 
Anne, d. nnmarried. 
Elir-abpth, m. to — Harris, of tbe 
city of Worcester. 

4. Richard, of whom presently. 

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164 SALW£Y, OF 

Richard Salwey, esq. of Richard's Cm* 
tic, in the county of Hrreford, a major in the 
parliamentary array, was 8uccessi%'rly M. P. 
for tbo counties of Worcester (1603), and 
Ibr Wettmordbnd (1660). In im be m 
eoBSthnted anlNissador under the pfolec- 

torntp to Const.Tntinoplf% n romniissioncr to 
Irt'hmd, raiij^fr of Wyrhwood I'oreft, anri 
Mayor ol Worcester. He espoused Anae, 
dengliterctfRiehMd Waring, esq. AldenMa 
of London, and hid iaeve, 

1. John, his i^ u reasor. 

3. Richard, of London, merchant, who 
m. Sarah, daughter of Samuel Ber- 
wick, esq. of Barhadoes, and had 
ifitfi eeveral other ehildren, who all 
d. unmarripd, an only surviving 

dau<?litrr and ficirc?;*, JwF, who C?- 

poused her cousin, Richard Salw£Y, 
esq. of the Moor Park. 
Thomaa, a Toikef nwrdiaat, at 
Sinjrma, who m. Mary, daughter of 
John Freeman, esq. of Ix)ndon, and 
by her (who espoused after hia death 
Jdin» Lord De la Warre) he had an 
only eon, Thonae, who A vmnarried 
at about the age of twenty. 

4. Edward, of Stratford, in the county 
of Essex, a Turkey merchant, who 
m, Hannah, aeoond daughter and co- 
heir of Theophilus Revell, esq. of 
London, and loft isMie, at hia demifo 
in 1731, 

Theophilus, of ^alwey House, 
Woodfoid* in the oonn^ of En- 

sex, a director of the Bank of 

England, who m. Mrs. Mary 
Cartwright, daughter and aole 
heiress of Robert Dennet, esq. 
of WaUhamilow, hot A «. p. in 


Ricliard,orW oodford, in th r roTiiif y 
of Essex, a dirf ctnr of the South 
Sea Company, who d, «. p. in 

Hannah, m. to Richard KnoUy^ 
esq. of Fleet Street, London. 

6. Henry, d. unmarried . 

6. Katherine, m. I6m, to WiUiam 
Cocfceiham, esq. of WigmMO Abbey, 
in the eonnty of Hereford. 

7. Hannah, m. to her coaaiu, the BoT. 
John Salwey. 


Major 8«!w«7 was g, by his eldest son, 
John Salwst, eaq. of Ridttid'e CSutie, 

wh<^ rii. Jane, daughter and heiress of Wil- 
liam Uriflith, esq. of Ludlow, and relict 
of Somerset Hall, esq. of Brimfield, in the 
county of Heiefbrd, by whom he had, wltii 
three danghlen, who d» wunarried, Ibitr 
sons, riz. 

1. KicHARD, his successor, of the Moor 
Park, and Hay Park, in the counties 
of Salop and Hereford, who m. first, 
]E9iaabedi,yoangerdanghlerof Wal- 
ter White, es4t. of Grittleton, in the 
county of Wilts, and co-hfir to her 
brother Walter, and had two sons, 
John and Richard, who both d, nn- 
narried. Re capeued eeeondly, hia 
cousin Jane, daughter and heiresa 
of Kirhard Salwey, esq. of London, 
by whom he had an only daughter, 
and laat heir of the line, Jane «. to 
Benjaaiin Booft, eiq. of die AdelphI, 

2. John, of whom presently. 

3. Hrnry, Lord of the Manor of Elton 
in the county of Hereford, m. Jane, 
daughter and eo-heir of Dr. Augus- 
tine Caesar, but d, s. p. 

4. William, dL nnauurxied. 
The second son, 

Tmf. Krv, John Salwey, M. A. Rector of 
Hichard's Castle, m. in 1708, Alice, fourth 
daughter and co-hoirof Dr. AugvatineCMnr» 
and had issue, 

1. John, who fi. an infant in 1710. 

2. Thomas, successor to his father. 

3. Edward, of the Lodge, in the county 
of Salop, d, unmarried, in 1781. 

Thr' eldest .surv-iTiag aon and heir, 

Thi Ki v. Titovis Salwey, LL.D. Rector 
of Richard's Castle, espoused in 1742, Con- 
stance, only daughter of Francis Biddul|ih, 
esq. of Ledbury, in the ctwnty of Hereford, 
and had issue, 

1. Jnvs, his sttceeasor* 

2. Thomas, ) _ 

3. Robert, J * ^WMf • 

4. THBOVutuw, of the Lome (ace ikmt 

5. Mary, d. yoTirtp^. 

6. Jane-Constance, who d. in 1829. 

7. Prices, who d, 30th May, 

8. Lw:y, d, young. 

9. Sarah, d. in 1888. 

Tlir Rev. Dr. Salwey u«a «• by hia eMM 

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John Salwiy, esq. of the Moor aad Haye 
Fk^iB 4he pomutf of 8alop» who ». tint, 
ii 1768, Aone* only daughter ot Thomas 
Foliol Baugh, p«q. of Stonebonte, ilk the 
coautj of Salop, aad had issue, 
1. John, d» an ,udukt in 1776. 
X RiCHJED, raccf M O T tp hia f«<her. 
9. Theophilos, a lieutenant in the R. N. 
who m. 4th Septftnbfr, 1802, Mary, 
daughter of Thomas Daviea, esq. of 
Aililey Moor, and hy whom be 
«|pired that estate, and had iasne, 
Humphrey, b. I3th July, 1803. 
Gilbert, h 2nd Drcember, 180i. 
Walter, b. lith May, 1806. 

Herbert, b. 4tli April, 1816. 
Alfred, b. 27th April, 1817. 
Mary, <L in 1823. 

4. BHiabedi, ai.loLietiteMBtrOencnl 
Sir P. K« Bocfao, K.C.B. and A in 

db JLatherine, rf. nnmarried, in 1804. 

The eldest surviving son and heir, 

RiCHAR|» 8AurBT» of tibo Moor Park, 
and the Haye Park, b. 20th November, 

1773, esponsod Isabella, third dauphter of 
Job Walker Baugb, esq. of Stouchouse, in 
the county of Salop, and had issue, 

1. John, present proprietor. 

5. Conttanoe-lMbella, m. 18tli May, 
1816, to Thomas Beale, esq. of di« 
Heath, in the coonQr of Salop* 

3. Elizabeth. 
4* Knnoes* 
6w Kadierino. 

6. Amelia. 

7. CharlottP-Mai|faretta. 

8. Cecilia Sarah, d. February, 1816. 

Mr. Saiwey d. 4tU February, lb25, and was 
s. by his Mn, JOBN SaLWBY, esq. pfwnt 
japremilatlTe of ^ &iiiil3r. 

Amu — Sa. nsaltira engnified or. 

Crest — A Saracen's head. 
Motto Fiat voluntas Dei. 
iieai — Muor Park, Salop. 


SALWEY, TUEOPHILUS-RICHARD,e«q. of tho Lodge, in the county of Salop, 
ft. 27th March, 1757, in. 9th April, 1787, Anna-Muna, younger daughter and co- 
Heiresa of Thomas Hill, esq. M.P. of Court, of HHl, in the county of Salop, and eldest 
Imncb of that fiunily, by whom (who d* 13th August, 1812) he has had issue, 

Edwakd, b. 12th Februnry, 1790. 

Thomas, in lioly orders, b. I9ih October, 1791, F(dIow of St. JohTi's College, Cam* 
bri^^, Vicax of Oswestry, in the county of Salop, and Rector of St. Florence 
is FonbiokcftUre, «. in 1839, Franeet, daughter of Inte Hemy GflibOBa 
Mf. df Oawcotry, and liaa i«ne, n daughter. 

Bnwffl^ Egham Park, b. 20th January, 1794, late lieutenant-colonel in the Cold- 
stream guards, who m. 13th March, IH2H, Elizabeth-Philippa, only daughter and 
heiress of John Hooper Holder, esq. of Stanton-Lacy, Shropshire, by Elizabeth, 
youngeiC dan|^ter of Honenlile WiUiam WflUaiiw Hewitt brother to Vfaeount 
JUftwd, I«Ofd Chancellor of Ireland, and has issue one son and two danghters, tIs. 

1. EdwardpHonry, I. fai 1830. 

2. Cons^ce-Bbn* 

3. A daughter. 

Arthar. b. 15th Feb. 1797, clnrk in 1 us Majesty's Treasury, who wi. 20th July, 1824, 
Anne Frsinces Pole, only dau. of Vire- Admiral Mauley, of Braziers, in the county 
of Oxford, by his wife, Francts I'ule, of Radbouroe, Derbyshire, and is deceased. 

Richard, b. Ist October, 1800, in holy orders, A.B. of Christ Church, Oxford, and 
Bsrtsr «f FMkm, Koat 

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Anna-Maria, m. 13th Jane, 1816, to WUliaa Browne, esq. only ton aad heir of tt« 
ftoverend Wiiliui BMnnie,«f Omfield Place, in the eoulj of Horti^oiid nephoir 
to Sir Fits-Willim BoirinfloB, hC. 


Octatta-CSoMlaiice, m. ted June, 1886^ to tte Referend Ihonae Levie, eldeel eoa 
of Sir Thome hm, K.C.B. end A off St. Helem, ITIh Aogvit, 18M. 



Sarah-Henrietta, d. young. 

Mr.SaIwe7,whowisafe]]owof AU8oiil'iColk9»,OxM»iB 1781, e. hie ude 20th 
Mareh, ia the aaiM year. 

For aa aooooiitof tUi gealleaiaa'a Ikmily Gaetle, aod Coort of Hill, parieb of Bnrlbidy 
and amovial enaigiie, lefer to that of Sai^ Shropshire. 

WBT, of Moor Park. Scats—Tlie Lodpp and Court of Hill, 

Estates — Manor and estate of Elton, Shropshire. Elton Hall, £ltoo» Hereford* 
manor and estate of Wigmore Abbey, Here- I shire, 
focdahin. TheLodgeaiidCowtOB,Biehafd'el 



PACKS, CHARLES-JAMES, aeq. of Preetwold Hall, in the county of Leicester, 

some time lieutenant-colonel of the Leicestershire militiBy 
b. 29th January, 1758, m. 23rd November, 1791, PoM- 
lope, eldest daughter of the late Richard Dugdale, esq. of 
BIythc Hall, in Warwickshire, and sieter of DugdaW 
Stratfoid-Du^^e, eeq. and has iiene, 

CHAaLU-WiLLiAH, M.P. for LeiceeterBhire,ft.98id8ept. 

1702, m. 13th Nor. 1821, Kitty-Jeiikyu, only dtti. 
of the late Tliomas Hort, esq. This lady Rsfnmed 
tlie name and arms of Readihg, as heiress under the 
will of her godfatlier, the late Jenkyn Reading, esq. 
of Harpenden, in the county of Hertford. 
Oeorge-HusFpy, h. 1st May, 1796, m. 1st S< ptember, 
1824, Maryanue-Lydia, eldest iJaut::htt r of John 
Heathcote, esq. of Connington Castle, in the county 
of Haatfaigdmi, and baa isaae. 
Edantnd, h» aOth April, 1799, an ofBccr in the royal 
horse jruardu, m. 9.Trd November, IH^O, J:(ii» S;irah» 
second daughter of John Mansfield, esq. uf Bristail 
House, in the county of Leicester, and has issue. 
Jamee, k. 90th Angnat, 18D1, fellow of King'e CoUegv^ 

AogttstttS, b. 8th October, 180&, 

Colonal Pacha auceeedadio the aatalM aft thodaciaaa of hia father, SOdi October, 1816. 

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Ibe family of Packs originally wus of 
<ke cooaif «C 19<iiiliM&ptoii. 

GuMSTonm Packs* of Fiacliley, • mer* 
cktBl of liOMdiMi, espoused Mary, daughter 
of — JoTi*»«, eitq. of the Piincipalily of 
Whiles , -^rid v. ari fsitber of 

Sir CHKtsTOPHKa Pacre, lord mayor of 
tjmiam, !■ 1654—6. • Tlita gentkiMii, a 
zealous parliamentarian, receivcil tike honor 
of k'lighthood from the Protector Crom- 
well, and was a member of the Usurper's 
otlier bouse of parliament, as Lord Packe. 
Upon tto Mftoralioii of ttio monordiy, Sir 
CSWniopher'f name» at the expreai leconi* 
meiidation of the Hou?e of Lord?, was 
oiuiited in the list of persous excepted from 
the general pardon, ** provided that be should 
Mv«r froB that tiino aeeepi nj oiiee, ee- 
clesiastical, citiI, or military^ or Mij odier 

public ♦•mplo\'-ment." He was arcording^lv, 
with six other citizens, who had served the 
olBcc of lord mayor in the time of the 
CSdwwoowoomi, deprived of the oMennanic 
SO<ni ; and withdrawing into retirement, he 
resided subsequently in great hospitality, at 
Cote:3, in Leicestershire, where be was living 
wlwD the heralds vinted fliot county, in 
KMI, tmk-^ b«t died on tho 17th May 
fblioving, aboot 9 yoan of «go. This 
eminent citizen married three wives, but 
bad issue only by the second, Anne, daugh- 
ter of Simon Edmonds, esq. of Hoirell, in 
Iko cooty of lineola, and aiooo of IKr 
ThoBMo Bdmonila, oonplrollor to MBh^ 
Jamm I. namely, 

Ckri^tophkr, hi-^ successor. 

SiaM>o, a captain in the Flemish wars, 
wdcr flfe Hoary Ooodriek^ hart, d, 
in 1701. 

Awff. M' to Thomas Wilson, esq. of 

Keythorpe, and d. ia 1772^ leaving 

several children. 
Hary, to George PoeUn, eiq. of 

Baikhy, and d. s. p. 
8«sanna, m. to Sir Thoaaa Bollo^ 

hart of If oMm. 

The elder son, 

Christopher Packe, esq. of Prestwold, 
ia the county of Leicester, a justice of the 
peace §0€ that ahire, e^K^Md Jane, daugh- 
ter of Sir Gerrtae Clifton, bart. by Jane, 
bis nj^th irife, daughter of Gervase Eyre, 
ea^ of Rempeton, Notts, and had iMue, 

CurroN, his successor. 

Charles, who m. Penelope, daughter of 

Pan! Jenkiuen, esq. of Hodiedt, 

and d. in 1761. 


Frances, m. to iiir Kobert Clifton, only 
brother of Sir Oerrase Clifton, bart. 

Hbr. Packe d. 8th Septenber » ld0O» end wae 

t. by hit elder aon, 

CLirroN Packe, etq. of Preatwold, who 

m. Penelope, dau?^hter and heiien of Ed- 
ward Bate, esq. of Maid s Morton, in the 
county of Buckingham, and had a son and 
two daughtert, vis* 

Crarlbs, bit focoenor. 

Penelope, m. to the Hon. Mr. Yemey, 

son of Lord Winr)u>;hby de Broke. 
Anne, m. to Francis Stratford, esq. of 
Merevale Hall, in the county of 

He was #. at Ui decease in 1707, by his son, 

Gbarlbs Pacbb, esq. of Pcettirold HaU. 
Thii genfleman etpouaed Robecca, Aird 

daughter of John Harvey, esq. of Old Buck- 
enham, in the rounty of Norfolk, and dying 
Ist August, 173i», vviia by his only son, 

Charles- J AMES Packe, esq. of Prestwold 
Hall, h. in ITM^ at. fiiat, Cfluvlotte, younger 
daughter of Thomaa Podiin, esq. of Barkby 

Hall, in Lcicestfrshirr, fhy his first wiff, 
Charlotte, eldest daitj^^litcr of Sir Edward 
Hussey, bart. to whose estates Mrs. Packe 
eventaaJly aaeceedcd) and bnd itto^ 

CHARLBft-JAMBS, present proprietor. 

Ciiarlotte, m. to William ITanbavyieiq. 

of Kelmarsh, and has issue. 

Mr. Parke espoused, accotidly, Catherine, 
daughter of Robert Clifton, esq. of London, 
and iMd odier ehidren, vis. 

Roi»ert4airietopher, <• in 17B8. 

Henry, I, in 1786. 

Frances, m. in 1799, tn Rohrrt .Vndrew, 
esq. of Harleiton, Park, Northamp- 



He d. 20th October, 1816, and was r. by 
his e\Ac%i 9r>n, the present CHARLBe^AMBI 
Packb, esq. of Prestwold HaU 

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Arnu — Quarterly; aa. and or. In the | 
first quarter a cinquefoil arg. with an ermine 
•pot OB oadi leaf. 

Crett — A lion's bead or, collared SA. on 
the collar, three cinque foils, with an ennlne 
Spot on each leaf. 

MoUo — Libertes mb rege pio. 

Srtaiu — ^Pfeetwold, Cotet, end HoCooy 

in the county of Leicester ; paternal inheri- 
tance. Caythorpe and Hale, in the county 
of Uiiedla, derived Ibroi^ IIm pMMOt Mr. 
Packe's mother, GBABMm POCHIII, ham 
the family of Hussey. 

Seat — Prctwold Hall, in the county of 


COOPEIt, WILLIAM-DODGE-COOPER, eiq. m. Elizabeth, daughter and 

of John Cooper, esq. of Toddington Park, in the coan^ 
of Bedford, and of Park House, High^te, Middleeex, 
bj wbom he acquired those estates, and dropping his pa- 
ternal surname of Heap, assumed by sign manual in 1 8 19 
that of Cooper, and obtained a new grant of arms £roai 
the Herald's College, Mr. Cooper has issue, 

1. WiLUAii-CooPBR,m. 96th April, 1831, Laura-Oeofl^ 
fl^ f gina, daughter of Cmitaia Ellis, and has a aoK. 

^^\y 2. James-Lindsay. 

8. Jane-Xiooper. 

4. Elizabeth-Cooper, m, 37th May, 1827, Count- Alex- 

ander-Charlcs Joseph Yander Burch, eldest son of 
the Count Vnndt r Burch, of Escanssines, in the Ne- 
therlands, and has a son and daughter, viz. 

5. Amelia-Cooper. 

6. Caroline-Cooper. 

7. Lucy-Cooper. 

g—rtman wunA die oiiea of abariff of Bedibtdahira, in 18S9. 

This family resided originally for many 
jean in Sussex, and the branch of which 
man ibovttotraalwaa dantfUng at Boa- 
den, in tbe connly of Cbealer, abontidie year 

1377. The inscription upon the gravestone, 
in the middle aisle, approaching the pulpit 
in Stockport church, bears the names of 
'*TbOBMaCowper, de Boadea, February 13, 
1411— and Thomas Cowper, y* son, Octo- 
ber 8, 1471." It is not known, however, 
whom these persons married, as no parish 
registers were kept there at that early pe- 
riod, nor before the year 1638; but fton 
aaeieat fanify ragiateii and docnmenti in 

the possession of Thomas Cowper and Wil- 
liam Mills, the following information is de- 

John Cowper, of Boaden, son of iSkm 
abore Tbomaa Cowper, «• Grace, daoghtcr 
of Sir R. Corbett, and bad iiane, 

John, bia aaooessor. 

Thomaa, m, — Davenport, and bad m 


llalph, whose daughter, 
Catberine, m. Mabell Sebright. 
Matthew, ai. — de HenbalL and bad 

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■inMH M« to — Chorley, Mq. 
Mary, M. to — C^vertojr, «tq. and 

had isBve. 
Hand, m. to — Newton, esq. 
]Mtt»» A VMBurled. 

Thb JobiiGowper d, in 1607, taO. was t. by 
bit eldest 8on, 

Jons CowpKR, who espoused, in 1525, 
Mary, daughter of - - Mainwariug, esq. and 
dying ia 1643, was /. by his son, 

Thomas Cowper, wIm» in. Eleanor, daugh- 
•BTof Sir IGdiael Stanhope^ and kad tiro 

JoHV, hig hrir. 

Ralph, »«. to Misa Howe, and had issue. 
He (i. in 1582, and was s. by his elder son, 
John Cowper, who m. Catlierine, daugh- 
ter of Dntton, eaq. and grandaughter of 

Mn Bjgnrtoa, focBarl of Bridgewator, and 

Thomas, m. to — Morodilli, and M 

Unilw^, M. to Tkomat WaUer Si. 
Joiin, eaq. and had imo. 

lir.Gowper tL in 1«90^ and waa Inuiad at 

Stockport church : " John Cowper do Bos- 

den." He was s. by his son, 
i John Cowper, of Bo»den. who ( spoused 
' Hwy, daughter of William Breretou, esq. 
I nad had two aona, 

John, Us anooenor. 
Thomas, m. Alicia, daagiiter of — 
Egerton, esq, and had iasu^. 
He d. in I6H1, and was s. by his elder son, 
John Cowper, esq. who m. Mary, daugli- 
ter and heireia of W. R. Uandford. esq. 
and had iaaoo, 

JoHH, hit ■nceenor* 


Martha, rn . to Sir Richard EdgciofI, 

bart. and had issue. . 
Maiy, m. to John Hampson, esq. and 

had an only daughter. 

Sarah, m. to Sir Tliomas Bennison, knt. 
Elizabeth, m. to Sir Thomas Hyde, knt. 

Mr. Cowper d. in 1700, and was «. by his 

Jonw Cowper, esq. of Bosden, who es- 
poused, in 1701, Sand>, ^nghter andheiroM 

f>f Walter Copt strick, esq. of Laogl^PadL, 
in Derbyshire, and hnd issue, 

JoHV, who m. in 1721, Hannah, daugh- 
ter and heiress of Thomas Strettell, 


oiq. of Aahlon, and dying hofoio hia 
fatiier, in 1738, loll tiro lona and a 

daughter, viz. 

John",* who SUfroeded his g^rand- 
father at Bosden, m. Anne, 
daughter of the bIot. WilUam 
Dodge, of Sowesby, in Tork* 
shire, and his daughter, Anni 
Cooper, espousing the Rer. 
John Heap, of Beretham, Sua- 
aex, waa motfior of tho preiont 
William •Dodgo*Coopar (late 
Heap) Coop«r, eaq. 

Thomas, of whom presently. 
■ — m. to Joshua Roylauce, esq. 
but d. #. p, 

Elisabeth, m. to Samuel Dale, esq. of 
Haadlbfd, and had two dangbten^ 

Elisabeth Dale, ». to William 

Warren, esq. 
Bridgett Dale, m. to Henry Leigh, 

Hannah, m. to John Bonniion, esq. and 
had a danghter, — > m. to. Peter 
Leigh, esq. 

Mr. Cowper d. 6th October, 1729, and was 
s. by his elder ^ndson, John Cooper, esq. 

His younger grandson, 

Thomas Cooper, esq. m. in 1740, Sarah, 
danghler and helreia of Wflliam Panlden, 
eaq. and had twelve children — eight sons 

and four daughterH— ten of whom died in- 
fants: the youiifi,i st daughter, Sarah, died 
in 1786. "nic youngest aon. 

Job* CkMPER, esq. I9(h Jannaiy, 17fi0 s 
iM. Jane, danghter of William Oidden, eaq. 
and had an only daughter and hdrese, 

Elj'/abfth Cooper, who eflpoused her 
couj^iii, William - Dodge - Cooper 
Heap, esq. who in consequence 
changed hb snmarae to Coofbr, and 
is the present proprietor of Todding^ 
ton Park, Bedfordshire, and of Park 
House, Middlesex. 

Mr. Cooper served the office of sheriff Ibr 
die county of Bedford ia 1812, and was «. 
at his decease by his ion^In4aw, tho presait 
Wflliani*X>odge-Cooper Cooper, esq. 

.dfmt ■ ■ Ott. on a ohevRni between three 
lions passant arg. each hoidfng a battto-no 

* 'I'lu's .!o!;n nnij |||OCbecaltenddlSS|psUtBg 

of the name to CoofLH. 

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in his fore paw or, three loienges aa. on a 
chief engrailed gold, a loz«'n^»» of the field 
between two martlets of the fourth : an 
etcutcheoD of pretence quarterly gu. and 
as. on a chevron ermine bedreen three lioot 
paasaat or, as many loienges Toidc4 of the 

Crett — On a gazon vorl» a lion aqnni or, 

hol(lin«^ iTi hi^ dexter paw a bftttle-axe, end 
iu the siuUter a tilting-spear, all ppr. 
Motto — Tuum est 

A^nlf—Toddiagton Park, Bedfttdihin; 
Psrk House, Middlesex. 


WYNDliAM, WILLIAM, esq. of Dinton, in the county of Wilts, b. 18th Deoeaber, 

1769, m. 3rd March, 1794, Uetitia, daughter of Alex- 
Popham, esq. OM of ^ nMal«i» in Chaneaiy, and 

W^iLLiAM, who w. in June, 1R31, Ellen, daughter of the 
Rev. Samuel Heathcote, of Bnunsbaw Hill, and ha* 
a datt|^it«r, Bllen. 

Alexander^Wadham, who m. in 188D, Emma, dangMef 

of Sir John Trevelyan, bart. ;\Tid ha* isfnOf 

1. Williara-Trevelyan, in 1831. 

2. Enima-Letitia. 

George, m. in 1837, Margaret, daughter of John Jay, 

^Stt^^v ^^IK^l lllt^fti^ SlBilVI^^^ 

1. Alward, b, in 1828. 

2. George, k in 1881. 

3. Wests. * 


Laolltla, m. in 19U, to Williav Codriagtan, 


Looian-Elisnbeth, «. in 1826^ to the Bmiond Wad- 
ham Knalehhnll. 



Mr. Wyadhan inharilsd the oMalM at tha daoaaaa of his fiitfaar. 

HUs family derives from a common an* 
cestorwith thsiof W YNl»HAH,Esrlsof Egro- 

8iR John Wyndham, knt. of Orchard, in 
Oe oonnty of Somerwl, snd of Pelbrigge, 
in Norfolk, espoused Joan, daughter of Sir 

Henry Portman, knt. of Orchard-P<«lmaa, 
in the former shire, and had issue, 

1. JOHH, who m. Catharine, daughter 

of Robert H<q>ton, esq. of Wi^ai^, 

and Hunt of Ralph. I>ord Hoptoa, 
(see Burkt's Extinct Peerage). FroM 
this marriage lineally desceadiMl 
George-CVBrien WyndhsA, 
sent Earl of Bgremont. 

2. Henry, who d. unmarried. 

3. Thomaa, of Felbri^pe and CrouB- 
thorpe. This gentleman m. twice, 

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bat had issue by hh second wife 
(Elutabetk, dau. of Sir John Mcde, 
knL of liOlliis Hall) only. Aniougst 
«dMfft, Mtt Md hdr, 
William, who m. Catherine, dau. 
of Sir JoMph Aah0y and had a 

Ashe, of Fellbrigge, M.P. for 
theooonty of Norfolk , temp. 
Uatm Ann E, who d. in 1749, 
and was «. by Ua aoa, 

CoZ.Wii.1 f AM Wyndham, 
father of the celebrated 
WiLLUM Wyndham.* 

* TkSB anincnt panan waa bora in Lan- 

doo, 3rd May, 1750. In his serenth year 
fi«r wa5 placffl at Eton, and bt'came con- 
Sjucaoos aiuoDgst his companions lor abiii- 
tMi and coarage. In 1766^ ha want to the 
UaiTciiily of Glaagoir, and On naxt yaar 
he entered Oxford as a g;eQtkman cora- 
mmtfT. At this period of his life, he felt so 
little interest m public adairs, that he was 
taSd novar toknow wliowaa prime aunister. 
His deb4t, aa m pnUie speaker, waa at a 
political meeting in Norwich, nnd he there 
npjtr.sf.ti^ with pre^it eaergy, the subscription 
tiieQ m progress to sustain the American 
In 178S» he obteinad a Mat In par- 
as representatiTe for Norwich, and 
here, as at Eton, he was soon distinguished 
by bis talents and intrepidi^. In 1783, 
he was appointed chief secretary to the 
loid-lieotenant of Ireland. Upon the dii- 
Miso amongat tbo wUgs, in 1793, Wind- 
ham rtttach#^d h!m*<^lf to Burk»\ and the 
next year he was constituted seeretary-at- 
wv, with the iinoa«al daitination of a aeat 
ia die caUnet. Fkom this time he held 
oSee antil the retirement of Mr. Pitt, in 
I*<01, at whose decease in IhWKi, hp rpsumed 
his station of aecretary-at-war, joined to 
that of ooUmial aecretuy, vnder the Oren- 
viOa adminiatnition. With the wUga he 
a^tn retired, and ctet afterwards sate upon 
the opposition bench. His death, which 
place in Ibiti* arose fma the following 
WUIa paadng, fa tta pro- 
year, by the end of Cottdalt-atreet, 
f<^tl t^ip «th July.) he saw a house on fire, 
and with his characteristic intrepidity, pro- 
ftmdcd towards the spot, in <»der to afford 
aB aarfMnaaa in Ma poarer. Ho found 
the daflMa rapidly adrancing towards the 
of the Hon. Mr. North, wfaeae 


4. Francis, d. unmarried. 

6, Geort^p (Sir), d. unmarried in 10*24. 

6. George, ancestor oi the Wyndhams, 
of Cromer, in Norfolk. 

7. Hsmpliray, fnnn wbom daaeandad 
Thomas Wyndham, esq. of INm- 

raven Castle, in the county of Gla- 
morgan, whose only danghter and 

Carounb Wtndham, «. Snb 

Dr . mher, 1810, the Hon. 

Windham-Hf^nry Qiiin, cider 
son of Valentine, Lord Adare, 
to whom she conveyed Dun- 

^aablo library be determined, if poariblo 
to sare from destmction. ile labontad at 
the task which he thus impor^pd upon him- 
self, for no lead than four hours, during a 
heavy rain, and amidst the playing of seve- 
ral oBfinea. Ho laboured, bowover, not in 
rain, for most of the books were preserved ; 
but be sustained a seriotis injury in the hip, 
by falling under the weight of some heavy 
Toluraes; of tihe aooident be took litde no- 
tice, until an indolent ancjrsted tumour had 
heen formed, when, upon taking surgical 
advice, he found that it was necessary for 
him to submit to a painful and dangerous 
operation. The tninoar waa aeeordingly 
operated upon and remorad, ITtii Hay, 1810, 
but unfavourable pvmptom? followed, and 
he expired on the 4th of the following June. 

Windham generally acted," (says a recent 
wilier,)*' aa tbongh lie eared for no opinion 
but bii own. He dealt largely in para- 
doxes, was often false in his pliilosophy, 
and occasionally advocated nonsense ; yet 
he bad the credit of being an enlightened 
iMn, and of alwaya speaking as be tbon^t. 
A Quixote against what he deemed the pre- 
judices of the great : he frequently startled 
the dull ear of some stately associate, by 
asserting that it waa easential for tiie sa^ 
port of our national intrepidity, to enconrage 
coi k fighting, bull-baiting, and pugilism. It 
wan hia ambition to realize and embody in 
himself the popular idea of a thorough Eng- 
lUunan ; Ua eloqnanaa was bold and forci- 
ble ; his opinions masculine, generous, and 
tolerant. He had a most fervid affection for 
the pastimes of our anoestors ; and de- 
claimed with equal seal aad oloqnaneo to 
prove the necessity of their perpetuation. 
His popular predilections were so nicely 
balanced by his loyalty, that he enijoyed the 


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Bumed 4i0 adiditioDal mrvame 

ofWvNDHAM. His father was 
P!ib?'vjuprtl V created Earl of 
iiunraven and Mountearl, and 
lie inberited those bomoon 
binMelf at the decease of tfiat 
noblcTTtnn, 24th August, 1824. 

8. Huph (Sir), oi Silton. This gentle- 
man was called to the degree of 
•eijeant-At^lew let Jmie, 1660, con* 
stituted one of the harons of the ex- 
chequer in 1670, and subsequently 
transferred to the bench of the com- 

9. Waphah (Sir), of whom we ere 
elwat to treat. 

The yonnpcst son, 

8iR Wadham Wyndham, of Norriugton, 
in the county of Wilts, was one of the 
judges of the court of king's bench, in 1660. 
He m. Barbara, daughter of Sir George 
Clarkr, knt. of Walfonl, Nort^iamptonshire, 
and lind, with spTprnl othrr ( liilduMi, 

tare felicity, as a public man, of being in 
high faronr with the people, without sender- 
ing hineelf at ail odious to the sovereign. 
He was much beloved in private life, his 
character being amiable, and his conversa- 
tion varied, sportive, intelligent, and con- 
ciliating. So decidedly high did he lank in 
public estimation, that the iounediate neigh- 
bourhood of lii? rcbidencc was thronged with 
carriages during his illness, containing 
anxious enquirers as to the state of his 
health ; his hoese was erowded with fnends 
during the consultatious of his medical at 
tendants. All classes exhibited the most 
lively synjpathy for his sufferings; and the 
king himself repeatedly desired tu be in- 
formed of tlie progress of his malady; em- 
phaticaUy declatiug that the expiring senator 
a genuine patriot and a truly honest 
Mr. Wyndham d, munarried. 

I. JoHit, ef Norringlon, who «. Alibe, 
daughter of TtMOias Fowues, esq. 

and left three sons, wiz. 

1. John, whose only daughter and 
heiress, Anne, wedded the Hon. 
James ETerard Arundel, aod d, 
In 1796. 

9. Wadham, 4. t. p. 

6. Thomas, for several years Lord 
Ch A vcF.LLOR of Ireland, who was 
elevated to the peerage of that 
kingdom, as Baron Wymdhaii* 
•r Fia^aa. Hif lordship d,t* p, 
in 174ft. 

II. William. 

The second son, 

William Wykdham, esq. of Din ton, in 
Wiltshire, «. Heniietia, daughter and eo- 
heir of Henry Stratfind, esq. of HawMug, 
in the county of Gloucester, aad waa 4, at 
his decease by his son, 

William Wyndham, esq. of I>inton, in 
the county of Wilts, and of HawUag, Olou- 
ceeterahire, who m. Barbara, daughter and 
heiress of Michael Smith, esq. of Staunton 
8t. Brniard, in Willahtre, and bad a aoa 
and successor, 

WiLUAM Wyndham, esq. of Dinton, aad 
of Hawling, wedded Eliaabetb, deogfater of 
Sir Thomas Heathcote, bart. of Hursley 
Lodge, and wss #. at bis decease by liia 
eldest son, 

WiLUAM Wyndham, esq. present repre- 
sentative of this branch of tt^e fan^Iy. 

ilrsis— Asure a cbevroa belweeu Aim 
lions' heads erased or. 

rr»i — A Uou'e bead erased wiAin m 

fetterlock or. 

Motto — An bon droit. 

Estatei — DiKTON, purchased m || 
NouRiN(JTo\, purchased in \QbS. 

iSml'DintoB, in the coun^ of Wilts. 

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IX>V160ND,QE0RO&BRUDENELL.lf ICHBI£EN, esq. of Hatfield Peverell, 
in Uw coanty o£ Emmc, b. 6th Mudi, 1796, m. 15th July, 1826, Frances, second 
dnq^iter of Alexandttr HalSeld, Mq. of TwIcfcAnfanm, and grandaughtar of Sir Richnid 
Penjn. Mr. Lovilwnd f. to <bo oMatM iqwn Ihe dM^M of hit IMhor, in 

GusTAvrs Hamilton, (grandnon of Claud, 
first Lford Paisley) a distiuguitihed officer ia 
the oenrko of King Wiixiam III. was ele- 
vated to the peerage in 1715, as Baron and 
Viscoi'NT BoYNE. His lordship cspoused 
Fli/abptti, daughter of Sir Henry Brook, 
aud had issue, 

Fabdbhick, who m. Sophia, eldest sis- 
ter of James Viscount Limerick, and 
predeceased his father in 1716, 

1. OuSTAVvs, successor to his 
grandfatiier, as second Y iscoumt 

BoYNE. His lordship dL#.p. 
and was f. by his cousin. 

2. James, <i. ^.p. in 1744. 
GvsTAVus, of whom presently. 

The second son, 

Hon. GrsTAvus Hamilton, of Red%vood, 
in the King^s county, M.P. for Donegal, 
wedded in 1718, Dorothea, only daughter 
of Riehnrd, Lord Bellew, and bad (with 
other iisoe) 

Predericr, who inherited from bis cou- 
sin, as Aird Yiscovirr BoYtft, hat 
dying issueless, was t, by his brother, 

Richard, fourth Tia0OUNTBOTIfB,wh0Se 


GusTAvus, is the sixth and present 
YifCOUiiT BoTNB (see AmAs's 
Caroline, of whom presently. 
Mr Hamilton's youngest daughter, 
Caroline Hamilton, espous^^d in 1744, 
i^^itWARD LOVIBOVD, esq. of Hampton (son 
of — LoYibond, esq. a merchant and Bast 
India director). This gentleman wan n poet 
of some celebrity. He \^Totp several papers 
in the ** World and hla poems, consisting 
of 2 vols. 12mo, published after his death, 
display some originality of manor, witfi 
considerable sprightliness and ingennity. 
He d. 27th September, 1776^ and was s. by 
his son, 

George Lovibono, esq. who inherited 
from his nnde, Anthony Lovthond CSolUna, 
esq. the estates of Hatfield Peverell, and 
Sandon, in the connty of Essex. He m. 
22nd March, 1793, Martha, eldest daughter 
of Sir Elyah Impey, and dying in 1817, was 
«. by his son, OmMn^BnoDBNiLL-MicHBi/* 
son LoviBOMD, esq. now repreaentntiTe of 

ilmw— Arg. « hoar's head ooaped and 
erect p;u. between tiuree roondtes per fease 

or and 

Crcsi — A boar's head, as in the arms. 
Estates — Hatfield Peverell, and Sandon, 

Tamm Bukhmea-^, Hanchestar-sqaare. 

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ATTHILL, THE REVEREND WILUAM, of Brandiston Hall, in the county of 

Norfolk, A.M. prebendary of Clogher, Rector and Vicar 
of the parishes of i intona, in the county of Tyrone, nnd 
of Magheraculmony, in the county of Fermanagh, 6. iu 
April, 1774, m. lit April, 1805, Henrietta Margaret 
Eyre, eldttt daughter of Ao veiy R«v»«eiid George 
MaonnU, D.D. Dean of Liigidui,iiiMe of Robert Hodgot 
Eyre, eoq.of MaflraonGHdo>iBtiio«ouirt]rof Coiit,uid 
ooofio to llio Eul of Bontry, by wbon ho bit iiooo, 

WiixuH, in koly orden, A.B. i. llth Jidjr, 1007, sk. 
I4th Dec. 1835, Sarah-BifdHOB, eldest dMU of Goj 

Lloyd, Esq. of Crog:han TTmi<%e, in tlM OOOB^ of 
Roscommon. (See vol. i\ . p, 89.) 
Robert, A.B. b. 9lh February, 1810, a medical man, 
readout at Trillie, a jootieo of Ao |»eoee Ibir tlio 
county of Tyrone. 
Richard, b. 11th August, 1811, A.B. bow of Honroy 

Township, Upper Canada. 
John-Grey-Porter, b. 31eft Doooflibor, 1812. 



This gODtlonaB wm oloctod hi 1796, o felbw of Guiib and Ooimllo CeOegt, Gbb- 
hridgo ; ivboneo naioHiig to Ireland, ho obtained the fnUummt abo?o montioiied. 

This family dedaces its origin from the 
time of the Norman Conquest, at which 
peiiod it! flnl Ibunder eame orer faito 
Bagland, and ia aaid to have borne the 

name of De-LA-How. His grandson hnving 
settled in the county of Berk^, the surniiTne 
originally signifying ''Of the HiU" became 
oompted At tkt Bitt, and thenco waa 
ahortened hito Atthill. From thia Di- 
LA-How lineally descended 

RicuAKD Att'euill, of Barcworth, in the 
oounty of Berks, (whose name, &c. are 
TCooided in tibe Abbreviatio Rotnlo Ori- 
giaalium, Slst Edward I.) He m. M»ude, 
daughter of Sir John Harley, of South 
Wales, and had issue, 

Simon, hia aacceaaor. 

Thomas, in holy orders. 

Pi:tkk, of Walpolr, in the COUB^ of 
Norfolk, who had a son, 
John, of whom presently. 

Maude, 4. nnm. 
Richard Atf chill, waa #. aft hb deceate by 
hia eldoataoB, 

Stmov Att'khili, who dird Icarinj^ an 
only daughter and heiress, who espoused 
hi 1326, her oonafai, 

John Att'ehill. This gentleman waa 
the first of his family who settled in the 
county of Norfolk, where his df sei iidants 
have since continued tu reside. He is meii> 
tionod among the henefoctora of tibo Abbey 
of Lewes, and d. leaving issue, one son ami 
a daughter. He was interred in the church 
of Geystwick, Norfolk, where a monument 
to hia memory atiJl remains, in the South 
aiale. He waa a. by hit only boo, 

William Att'ehill, who Biarried In 
1354, Catherine, daughter of — Alifpr, esq. 
of the county of Norfolk, and had issue, 
two eona, Thomaa and Mn, Ae latter «>f 
whom acquired the lands and tenemenlB o€ 
Harewell, in the county of Borka, and tf. 
without male issue. 

Thohas Att'ehill, the elder son, suc^ 
eeeded hia liilher at Walpole. TUe geai«> 
tieman was among Am Taliant followorm 
of the cbiTalroaa Edward lit. and ii re^ 

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corfed u> have c<isplayed on several occa- 
•ioM, iiroofs of the greatest Taloar; for 
tktse and olb«r Mrrkoi, "BamM granfed 
Um iilrtiri to a coosktoniUa extent in 
BKLingkamsliire, of which we find mention 
il the Calendariuin Rotuloriim Patentiiun, 
1.152, in the following words: 
**Bex con&rmavit ThonuB Atf ehiU, arm : 
ia geiienF talUo* nmiiii neaniiigittiii, 
voeaf Le Asprevil in Ailesbury, in 
com' Bucks, et ahT aMMoag' ib* «a 
dat*. tee, ate." 
He m. in 1377, Margaret, daughter of Sir 
Condoys, knt and iMd iimay 
liMNUt, hi* ittoeenor. 
Bickard, wIiom sod, 

Henry, inherited the family estates 
upon the demise of lus nncle, 

WflHaMy in boly ovdeia, D J>. rector 
of Foxley, in the county of Norfolk, 

to which liriner he was presented by 
the Bishop ol liondon, and other 
feoffees of Reginald Oicy, Lotd 


ThonM9 Att'ehill d. at an advanced age, and 
was *. by his eldest son, 

Tbovas Att'ehill, at whoae deoeaae, un- 
married, the faoulj iDheritanea daTolvad 

apnn hi? nephew, 

Heskv Att'ehill. This genUeman's 
name appears among the list of ih» gentry 
9i Bnglaad lalaned by tta eomiBiMioners 
in the reign itf Hency VI. He egpoused 
in 1448, Mary-*nierese, daughter of Sir 
Hu^ dc Montmorencie, a French officer, 
mmd by her, left irfA <hre« davghten» 

BcwRY, his 

«. by hit ddar iOn, 

Henrt Att'ehtu., who fell in the wars 
of the Hoses, leaving an only son, who d, in 
infaacy. The family estates then deTolvcd 

^ Uiaaly brother, 

Tbomas Att'hill, who m. in 1471, Lucy, 
of Sir Ralph Mordannt, and had, 
four daughters, an only son, his suc- 

P f fMAaifc AlfiUlJ., knt. who d. in 

IMB^ lea' ing tM O ?nn? and two daughters, 
int»^rred in the ihurch of Geyst- 
wherc his effigy in brass still remaina, 
B, hcMtfing the following la- 

" Orate A. i. 4 Bkhardi Attlkill, eqs. 
qui obiit Septambfb AttBO D. MDY.* 
Sir Riohard waa «. ftt hia denfM by W 

elder son, 

Anthony Att'hill, esq. The family resi- 
dcnre having become dilapidated, this gen- 
tleman settled at Cawitoo, Id the ooantjr 
of NorfoUi, where hbdoMendaaticoiituiQad 
to reside, until they removed to Brandiston, 
the seat of the present proprietor, lie m. 
in 1540, and bad issue, four sons and two 
daughters, of iHieiB tiie eUeet, 

RlCOABD Att'iull, ooq. h. in 1545, suc- 
ceeded his father, and marrying in ld60,had, 
inter alios, a son and Buccessor, 

Edward Arr hill, eaq. a captain in the 
army of CuAftUS I. who A in im, and wae 
r. by hie ooly surviving eon, 

Anthony Att'hill, esq. of Caw8ton,who 
m. in itiH-i, Anne, daughter of Sir Thomas 
Lombe, knt. (maternal ancestor of the pre- 
sent Earl of Lauderdale, aad of Sir Richard- 
Paul Joddrel, of Sail House, in the county 
of Norfolk, bart ) and left, besides several 
daughters, two sons, viz, 

John, from whom Ae Cawstom branch 
is deeeended. 
Mr. Attrhfll wee s. et hie deoeiee hj hie 

eldest son, 

Anthony-Lombr Atthill, esq. of Bran- 
diston, who m. Maria, daughter of — CSapon, 
esq. and had iseoe, 

AumoiiT, who m. Mary, daughter of 
Charles Wetherall, esq of Norwich, 
and dying before his fisther, in 1768, 
left issue, 

1. Anthony-John, successor to hie 

% William, M.D. of Spottisham 
Hall, in the ooonty of Norfolk, 
d. unm. 

3. Jermyn, H.S.I.Cil. A abroad* 

4. Usria, fit. to — Bond, of the 

county Middlesex, fsq. 

Edward, A.M. in holy orders, rector of 
Sparbam, and Foxley, in the county 
of Norfolk, d. vam, 
loiin, R.N. d. at sea, unm. 
Lombe, m. Elizabeth, daughter of — 
Johnson, esq. and left issue, four 
sons, and three daughtere. 
Mery, m. to — Smith, of Cottis Hall, 
in the county of Norfolk, aad had 
with other iseue, 

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Mary, m. to the Right Rev. John 
Porter, D.D. Lord Bishop of 

Mr. Atthill was «. at his deoeaae in 1700, by 
his grandson, 

16. Anthony- John Atthiu, esq. of 
Brandistottt who m. in 1773, Surah, daughter 
of — HowltttyMq. ofManihaiB,ia ttie oounty 
of Norfolk, and had iasoe, 


He d. in 1780, and wan succMded by hia 
mIjt aiM, 

William, the praaeot representativa of 
the family. 
Armh^Arg. on a dwrvimga. Aim om^ 
cents or. 

Crestt — First; a demi griffin rampant. 
Serotul. a falcon or, ducally gorged asare» 
belled and leashed of the first. 

jM!plfo««-~Hoiioraiit0S]iiolioiioffabo; and 
Monte de alto. 

Seai$ — Brandiston Hall, county of Nor- 
folk. Ardess Rectory, county of Ferma- 
nagh ; and Duudevea, iu the county of 


KYNNERSLEY-SNEYD, THOBfAS, oaq. of Loxlej Park, in the eoimty of Staf- 
M, b, 6th May, 1774. 

TUs gwitleiiiaii, whose petroBymie is Skbtd, aasmied ia 1815, hj sign BMUial, in 
oompliaooe with the testamentary injunction of hie uncle Oement Kynnenley, eeq. 
the additional someaie and anus of that fiunily : when he soooeeded to the Kynnenloj 


ould gentleman that lived and was owner of 
Kynnardsley Gasfle, in com. Harefwd: bj 
name John de Kynnardsley, and by title n 
knight (if any knight? were before the Con- 
quest). This ould gentleman was blind, be 
had then Ureing with him tvrelre sonnee, 
whom wfdi himself ho armed, and stood in 
his castle gate, his halberd in his hand, at- 
tending the coming of sheriffs and other 
comiss'* from y* king, who being arrived, 
demanded of Um hy what tenore he held 
his casde and lands ; y* old kn' replyed by 
his armes, shewing to them his halberd." 

Hugo de Kynnardsley f. is mentioned tn 
several charters, in the time of Henry III. 
and was seised of die manor of Newland, 
and other estates in the counties of Glouces- 
ter and Hereford. This Hugh, a soldier of 
the cross, accompanied Prince Edward to 
the Holy Land, and received the honor of 
knightfmod ; npon which oocasioB he added 
the Jerusalem crosses to his arms, whl^ 
were before '* ar.. a lion rampant ar." 

John de Kynnardsley, in the latter part 
of the reign of EnwAtD ILorlhe beginniof 
of that of Edwabd IIL eepoosed Johanna, 

According to an old pedigree 

*' Tlie family of tlie Kynnrrslry? is very 
ancient, being seated long b( lore the Con- 
qaest in com. Hereford, in a castle soe called 
at present. In Domneeday Booko it is re- 
corded, that when the Cooqneror wa? pos- 
sessed of hi.1 newc kingdome of England, 
hee sent his Comiss^ throughout y remote 
parts thereof, to know howe erery man held 
In which Qrme thcwe was an 

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dataller and heiress of Thomas de Ferrers, 
l«»l«y, in the county of Stalfonl, a 
younger bnach of the Ikmily of Feiran, 
EarU of Derby, and ia written Domiiiiii 4tt 

LrtcVeslMve. He had a son, 
John de kYNVAROsLEYE, of Lockesleye, 
«k Jom, daughter and beireas of Sir 
Robert DcOicke, lat, ud dying 28rd Ed- 
H u^n in. was by ]ua son, 

WiUJ^M D^: K Y\N4Rr»sLF.v, of Locke?- 
leje, wiio wedded Elizabeth, sister and 
iMireM of Robert Solwny, of Cuinock, aad 

Robert de K ysvardslev, of Lockesleye, 
mho e^ponsf'd, first, Elizabeth, danErhter of 
Sir John Gyfibrd, of Chiiiiugton, kut. and 
had a ton, Iohji , bis Ba t ewm o t, He m. se- 
cosily, Joane, relict of Sir Thomas Tam- 
bome, hy v,\\r,m he had a son. Hf»nrv, of 
Brocton, in the couuty of Derby, and thirdly, 
Isabel, daughter of John Hynckley, of Aa- 
H« d. 37tb Henky YI. and wai g, by 

Jr»Hv r>E Kynvard*!! FY, of Lorkcsley, 
%bo m. Margaret, daughter ol Kobr rt A?tnti, 
of Tixal, and bad, with other issue, who 

TflOMia, MMoeMor. 

Margaret, m, to Jobn VH^Mubtn, of 

Joan, m. f^i Thoinns Lan^ham. 

J*jhu de kyonardsley d, lath Edward IV. 
■ad wm #. by bit ton, 

TaoM4S KviwKAKDSLEY, of Lockesleye, 

mho m. fir«t, M,ir|::;7irf t, dau;^?if,'r of John 
Aicsird, of Fostou, in the county of JUerby, 
and bad issue, 

JOOV, «ho m, Dorothy, daughter and 
hm m of Potit» of Badger, in the 

county of Salop, and predoMtting 

bis father, left, with other issue. 
Thomas, successor to his grand 

Fkoneii, in boly oid0fi» leelor of Leigh 

and BliAflold. 

Dorothy, m. to HvBpbr^ ]finon» of 

Eleanor, m. to Kubcrt Whitehall, of 

TarMey fai Derbysblre. 
Anne, m. to John Strelay, of StreUy. 
EHzabetTi , m. to — Abelleyn. 
Tbomaa Kynnardsley espoused, secondly. 
EUxabetb, daughter of Humphrey Wolrych, 
not reflet of Henry Petit, of Badger, by 
be bad fniHier usue; aad Oirdly, 
di^^lNAr of WiUiaai ttnsaey, of 

King's Bromley. He H. ,1{nh Hexiiv VIU. 
and was #. by his prandson, 

Thomas KYN^AHu^LbY, of Loxley, wedded 
DoToOiy, danghter of Sir Philip Draycot, of 
Pcnsley, in the connty of Stafford, aad had 

Anthony, his successor. 

Ralph, of Bridgenorth. in the county of 
Salop, who had a *on, Francis, d. #, *. 

Nicholas, $ ^-^'P' 
Edward, of Cleobury, Sbropthire, living 
in 1613, who m. Jane, danghter of 
iiichard Johnson, of Chester, and had 
Mveral aom and grandsons in the 
service of die ipttliaawBt; 
Elizabeth, ) 
Helen, 5 P- 
Elizabeth, m. to John Comes, es%. 
Anafl^ wilb of Joba Avtn. 
The eldest son, 

Anthony Kinammlbt, esq. of Loxlej, 

sueeeedod to the estates in the 34th Elisa- 
beth. He m. Isabell , daiit^hter and heiress of 
Lewis Walker, oi ilmnitehall, and bad issue, 
Fkancis, his successor. 
Edward, who in. Margaret, daughter of 
William George, esq. and niece of 
iSir Jobt) George, by wbobi be bad 
several children. 
Mary* m. to Henry Mainwaring, esq. 
of Caringhan, In Cbeshlre. 

Anthony Kinardedey was s« at bis deeeaie, 

in 162-^ by bis son, 

Fhavcis Kivardrsley, esq. of Loxley, 
who marrying Lettice, daughter of Richard 
Bagot, esq. of Blithfleld, had, with other 
cbildren, a sod* 

Thomas K v n n e rhlb y, esq. bis snoedssor, 
in 1634. This gentirman, who was sheriflT 
of Shropshire in 1653, m. Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of Ralph Floyer, of Hints, in the county 
of fitaibffd, and bad a son and snttessor, 
Thomas Kynnerslby, esq. of Loxley, 

who m. first, Snrah, daughter of — Clarke, 
e^q. of W altord, in the coun^ of Northamp- 
ton, by whom he had issue, 

Thomas, his successor. 
Oooigo, d« in M80« 

George, rf. in I(90D; 
Sarah, d. young. 

He m. secondly, Mnry, dnti^htrr nf Jodd- 
rell, esq. of Twamley , aiifl haii In i ther issue, 

John, of Badger, who m. Miss Anne 

Clement, of Uttoxeter, d. t, p. 

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Eliiabefby m. to Waller Horton, esq. of 
Oatton, ia Ae cawuty at IMbj, 


hctticf, yn. to Kalpli Adderley, esq. of 

Mr. Kynnenley 4, In 1003, and was «. by 

his eldest ton, 

Thomas Kyvnerslby, esq. of Loxley, 
b. in 1664, who esponsed Mary, daughter of 
John London, of Islington, metehaiit, and 
was f.upon Ms demise by his son, 

Thomas Kynnersley, esq. of Loxley, 
who m. Barbara, eldest daughter of Sir Gil- 
bert Clarke, of Chilcote, in the county of 
Derby, by whom (vrtio d, fn 1717) he had 
foorteen ohildMn, of whom six only snrrived 
Infancy, vis. 

Craven, his successor. 
Thomas, who inherited from bis brother. 
Barbaia, «. to Sir Joiin Ftederielt, 
hart of Hampton, in tta ooonlj of 
Mary, m. to — Kirby, esq. of Leicester. 
Dorothy, d. vnmaniod, la 17W. • 
The elder son, 

ClAVEN KvNNF.nsLEY, esq. of Loxley, 
wasunfortunatply killed in the park at Lox- 
ley, by the accideutai discharge of liis fowi- 
ing-pieoe. He had m. Jane, dan^ter 4^ Sir 
Edward Bagot, bart. of Blithfield, but dying 
thus in 1736, and Icnving noiflsue, the estates 
devolved upon his brother, 

Thomas Kynnersley, esq. of Loxley, an 
oSeer in Iho navy, wlio m. Penelope, mily 
daughter of John Wheeler, esq. of Wootton, 
aa the county of Stafford, and had issue, 
John, d. in 1766. 
Thomas, dL In InAaey. 
Glbmbkt, SQCcessor to his father. 
Penrlopf, who m. John, Sneyd, rpq. of 
Bisliton, and afterwarda of lielmont, 
in the county of Stafford, and had, 
wlA tefMial older ehildien, ason, 
Thomas, who inherited, by will, 

* from his uncle, dement, the 
Kynnersley p?tntes, and assum- 
ing that additional surname, is 
the present Thomas Skbvd- 
Kynnersley, esq. of Loxley. 
Dorothy, m, fir«t, to Thomas Byrche- 
Savage, esq. ol £lmley Castle, in tiie 
county of Wofeesler, and secondly, 
to Ralph Adderley, esq. of Cotoa. 
Barbara, rf. unmarried in 1782. 
Mary, m. to Charles Augustus Louis 
Frederick Baron do Bodi, and d. at 

CiUherine, d. anmarried, in 181A. 

Mr. Kynnersley dL in 17S6, and was s. hj 
his eon, 

Clement Kynnersley, esq. of Loxley, 
w?io m. Rosamond, daughter of Sir \Vo1«!tan 
Dixie, bart. of Bosworth Park, in the county 
of Leicester, but dying issueless, ia 1815, 
willed his proper^ to his nepha Thohas 
Sneyd, who has assumed the additional sor- 
name of KYNNER8i.iv, and is the present 


This is a branch of llie ancient family of 
Sneyd, of Keel, in Staffordshire, springing 

WiLUAM Sneyd, esq. of Keel, and Brad* 
well, sherlfr of the connly of Sufford, 16th 
CuAULFS II. who espoused Eliznbt th, dan. 
of Robert Audeley, of Gransden, and had 


Ralph, of Keel. 


Theaeeondso B , 

William Sneyd, esq. of the Birches, in 

tlie count}' of Stafford, m. Sarah, daughter 
and heiress of — Wettenhall, esq. of Water- 
house, in the same shire, and had issue, 

Ralph, his successor. 

Wetteidiall, d. in Iralaad. 

Richard, who m. Anne, daughter of 

Charlefl Adderley, esq* of C he at er 

Held, but d. m. p, 
Elizabeth, m. to Samael Adderley, esq. 

Mary, m. to Walter CSietwyadt eeq. of 


The eldest son, Snfyd, esq. of Bishton. m. Eliza- 
beth, daughter and heir of John iiowyer, 
esq. of Bishtoa, and had, with other iasoe, 
a son and snoosssor, 

William Sneyd, esq. of Bishton, who ea* 
poused Supan, only daughter of John Bd^ 
moilds, vS'i- (jf London, and had issue, 

1. WiLUAM Hedues, who d. unmarried 
in 1757. 

3. John, who m. thrlee, hot had issna 
only by his first wife, PaMELOPB^ 

daiiphtrr of Thomas KvNNFHSf FY, 
esq. of Loxley, with several other 
WiiUAM, of Ashoomb, k la l?97f 

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wlw a. iQ 1706, Jftne, daughter 
and heiress of Simon Dflbank, 
esq. of Ij<"pk, nnd has issue. 

Clero«Qt, ot iiuiiUey Hall, who w, 
fcit, in 1919, Helen, daughter of 
Roger SweteBliun,eaq.of Somer- 
ford Booth, in Cheshire; and, se- 
condly, in 1825, Elixa-Catherine 
Cotton, daughter of J. Green, esq. 
ofOalbory, DerbysUn. 

Tmohm, who hat muaaied dM war- 
name of Kynnf.rsley, and is 
the present Thomas Sneyd-Kyw- 
NEKSLEY, esq. of Loxley. 

9. Elisabeth. tH. to W illiani Lloyd, esq. 
of Afll(Mi,iii the county of Salop. 

4. SuM&na, m. to H. Powys, esq. of 

ilnM^uafterly ; fixst and fbiurtb, for ' 
K YNNBMUY, IS. HmU of croMet endot, 

a lion rampant arg. Second and third, for 
Sneyd, ar. a scythe, the h\mh- in chief, the 
sned, or handle, in bend sinister, sable ; in 
the fees point a il«iii^de-Ii» of the aeeond. 

Crcfts—FoT Kynnf.rsley, amoniit Yeit, 
thereon a greyhound sciant arg. coUared or, 
under a hawthorn tree ppr. For Sneyd, a 
lion slatant goaidaat. Hie tail extended sa. 

Motto — Nec opprimere nee opl^rimi. 

Estates— In Stafibrdshire. 

^eat^Loxley Park, in the conn^ of Staf- 


MOORF, GEORGE. <sq, of Applehy-Pana, in the county of Leicester, b. I7th 
Vptember, 181 1, 5. his father 23rd June, 1827, m. in June, 1 833, the dau. of William 
i'iiihip* Inge, esq. of Thorpe Constantine, in StafTordshire, which lady died in 1836. 
Mr. Moore it proaent (1837) high-sheriff for Leicestershire. 

Hfwfflt f i 

Cicely Yates, and had, with several other 

CuABUt, Ut necettor. 
John (Sir), knt a citizen of London, 
who w.iH elected alderman of Wal- 
brook ward ui 1671, chosen sheriff of 
London in 1073, and raised to die 
dvie diair in 1061* For bia eninent 
services during his mayoralty. King 
Charles II. granted to him and the 
descendants of Charles Moore, his 
Ihdier, an heaonrable angmentation 
tO'dieir arms, viz. on a canton ga, 
a Vvn\ of England." Sir John Mowe 
rf. *. ]?. hi 1702. 

George, from whom descend the Moo res 
of Kentwell HalL 

The eldest son, 
Charus Moore, esq. lord of ttie manor 

of Appleby Parya, who succeeded his fhflier 

in IfiM, m. Rebecca, daughter of the Rct. 
Thuinas Mould, rector of Appleby, and 
dying in 1700, was /. by his eldest son, 

Thomas Moore, esq. lord of the manor 
of Appleby Panra. Thitgendeinan».Mary, 
daughter of Thomas Heafield, eaq. of Ap* 
pleby, and had Umit toot, via. 

family deriret from the Moores, of 
Moor and Bank Hall, in Lancashire, and 
i» of great antiquity. Arriniiggt its ancestors 
hoonmble mention may be made of Sir Wil- 
M t m <a l a M ega, wito waa advanced lo the 
raak of kaig|».bnMMnt by Eowakb the 

Black Pnnrp upon the field of PoTCTlERS. 
(^tAAixs MuoRE, of Stretton, in the 
' <tf Derby, ptirckased in the 41st Eu- 
ef Sir Bdward Grifln, knt the 
of Appleby Panra, in the counties 
of LteMe md Derbj. He eepouted 

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1. diarlet, A In infiuicy. 

S. George, successor to hit faflier. 

9. John, whose son, 

Charles, inherited from his uncle. 
4. TkBOMM, wlio liad iime, 

Thomas, in holy orden, of whom 
presently, as saccenor to lii^ 
couBin Charles. 
GEoaoE, who inherited from his 

Mm, in holy orders, of Beotley, 
in tiie couty of Wirwiek, who 

d. i. p. 

Mr. Moore d. iu 1726, and was «. by his 
eldest surriving son, 

Oborob Moorb, esq. of Appleby Parra, 
who tewed flie offioe of sheriff for Leicester^ 

shir<> in 1728. He died unmarried, 13th 
Joh , 1 751 , when the estatM derolved upon 

his nephew, 

Charles Moore esq. I1L.D. F.R.S. he. 
of the Ifiddle Temfle, banisterHit-law, who 

m. Elizabeth, daug^hter of John Mould, esq. 

of Kentwall Hall, Suffolk, but hnving no 
issue, was s. at his decease, 18th May, 1775, 
by hi& cousin, 

The Rev. Thomas Moore, M.A. of 
Appleby Panrn nnd of Bentley, in the 

county of Warwick, an estate he inherited 
from his father. Tlie Rer. Mr. Moore 
dying unmarried, 9t\\ February, 1793, de- 
vised Us nnnor and estates of Bentley to 
Us yonngest brother, and die poMesdons at 
Appleby to his eldest 

Obomm IfoOBBy «S4. of Apploby, sheriff 

for Leieestershiro in 1994, nnd dopnly- 

lieutenant of that county, who m» Elin- 
heth, daughter and heiress of William 
Darker, esq. and was $. at his demise, in 
1818, by his eldeot son, 

Gborob Moore, esq. of Snnrestone Lodge, 
in thr county of Leicester, who, besides in- 
hentinp from his father the manor of Ap- 
pleby Farva, with other large estates iu Uie 
conntieB of Leicester, Derby, Wnrwick, nnd 
Stafford, anoeeeded to the possesslonB nt 
Bt ntlry npon the decease, issueless, of hia 
uncle the Kev. John IVIoore. He served tho 
office of sheritr for Leicestershire in 1821, 
and as. int,8nsan, daughter of John Drnm* 
mond, esq. of Meggindi Casde, in die ootaA- 
ty of Perth, by whom he had issue, K, present proprietor. 
Susau-Drummond, m. 22nd November, 
1892, to Edward Anthony Holden, 
«sq. of Aston Hall, in Derbyafaiie. 
n*» espotispd, secondly, Elizaheth, daughter 
of Francis Stnrt, esq. of Alderunslev. in the 
oovnty of Derby, but had no further issue. 
Dyinir 83rd Jnnn, 1887, die estates davolv«d 
upon his <mly son, Geo rob Moorb, «nq. 
now representatiTc of tfir family. 

Amu — Ermine three i,^rr \ hound? cou- 
rant, in pale, sa. collared gu. and ou a oan- 
ton of the third, a lion of England. 

Crest — A moorcock sa. gntt^ or, the hrnl 
comb, wattles and leps g-n. the win^ ex- 
panded, holding in the beak a branch of 
heatih ppr. 

IfeMe — ^Non dTioin ntdor* 

finiieBtonn Lpdfo, LsiositanliiBv. 

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If TDDLEION.WHART0N, ROBERT, of Old Vuk, in ^ county of Duiw 

ham, and of GrinUt Pttk, ill YmUuto, L in 1760, m. 
fint, MIm Pondopt SiHMbj, uri bM 

Richard, h, in 1705, an officer in the anny, m. Frances 

Penelope^ daughter of lieaieMnt colonel WalMm. 
Anne, m. to John Wilmer Field esq. of Healon Hall, In 

the county of York, and d. in 1816. 
Frances, m. to John Wilkuwon, esq. 
Eliiabefli, w. to Junes R. Wa1w>n, esq. 

Mr. Wharton-Myddleton espoused, secondly, Elizabeth 
Sophia, daughter of Captain Pococke, of first ve^lUOeot of 
life guards, bj wiaoatke has further issue. 


He s. to the family possessions upon the demise of his father, in 1794, and inheriting 
the Bowlby estates at the death of Sir Thomas Heron-Myddleton, bart. in 1801, he 
assumed the surname of M ydoletuk, in pursuance of the will of his maternal grand- 
undo, Fraacis M jddJoton, e«q. of O&rton* 

This family, which derived its surname 
trom fair lordship," situated upon the 
liHr B»Ba^ ii of gMi* antiquity In tiM aordl 
■f FWgloni Oae of Ui Members espoused 
in the rei^ of Ktntf Edward I. the dauf^hter 
and heiress of — Hastings, and thereby ac- 
qniriag the lands of Croglin, in Cumberland 
(vUdi remalMdin tim teOy vntU the 4o- 
■te of FhDip, Duke of Wharton, in 1731), 
assumed her arms ; ensigns which still con- 
tiaue with their descendant, the present 
HottH.Wfcarton My ddleton, esq. Tliegreat> 
great grandson of the heireu of Hastings, 

HrvRY Whaktov, of Wharton, on the 
banki of the Eden, living in 1409, possessed 
of Croglia, m, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir 
Thomam Maigfaf, kat. of Hafda Castle, 
te tW cou^ of WeatBovalaad, and had a 
aan and saccessor, 

Thomas Wharton, of Wharton, who held 
Ot>giin, aad marrying the daughter of Sir 
Rata«Loiiihflr,1urt. of Lowtlier, had issne, 
I. nuiBT, of Wharton and Croglin, 
who was grandfather of Sir Thomas 
Wharton, knt. Governor of the 
lomu and castle of Ca rlisle, who, in 
Ik MA HtmiT Yin. assisted Vj Sir 
William Musgrave, at the head of 
od||r ilrac Imodrrd men, gallantly 

resisted an incursion of the Scots, put 
them to Uie rout, and made prisoners 
of tfie Barlsof Casailia andOlencaln, 
withsovond otfier personages of note. 
In two years afterwards he marched 
into Scotland with the Lord Dacre, 
and was at the taking of Dumfries ; 
Ibrwhidi.and oOier ominoBt sorvioea, 
he was summoned to parliament aa 
Baron Wharton, 30th January, 
1546. The lineal descendant and re- 
Phiup Wharton, sixth Lord and 
second Marquis of Wharton, was 
created Duke of Wharton 20th 
January, 1718. Of this, the ec- 
eentrie, ydHlj, and gifted Lord 
Wharton, Walpole that qmaki, 
" With attachment to no party, 
though with talents to govern 
•any, this lively man changed the 
free air of Weatadn^r for tho 
escurial ; the prospect of King 
Gborgb's Garter for the Pre- 
tender's ; and, with indifference 
to dl religion, the fiolic lord, 
who had written the ballad on 
Uie Archbishop of Canterbury, 
died in the habit of a capuchiiu 



His6nice,who had been attainted 
for joming tbtt Cbivaubb, A 
in mi, wiwB M U* im umn , 

MTe the Barony of Wh arton, 
independently of the attainder, 
became extinct (See Burke $ 
ExHnet mA Ihrmamt pMnge) ; 
but ««ra tlitt ftct repealed, the 
Bakony would then be vested in 
the present Marchioness Dow- 
ager of Cholmondeley, Lord 
Wfllonghby de Erwli^ and 


of Halsewell Honse, in the county 

of Somerset, as descendants of 
Philip, fourth Lo«l Wbttrton. 
ft. GiLBBRT, ofwhogi pr«Miidy. 
Tlie second MHlf 

Gilbert Wharton, m. Joan, daughter 
and heiress of — Kirkby, of Kirk by Thore, m 
the county of Wartmoffelaa^ 
JoHH, Us tnooMsor. 
Edward* Roetor of Wkarloii. 

Henry, Rector of Kirkby Thore 
Gilbert Wharton dying in 1498, WM #. by 
hit oldest son, 

XoHN Wharton, of Kirkby Thore, living 
in 1461, who espoused Isabel, daughter and 
cooheir of John Lancaster, of Brampton, and 
foliot of 06 Flondng, by whom ho hnd 
tiro ions, vis. 

I. John, his successor, 

II. Christopher, ofOfferton, in the comity 
of Durham, whose great grandion, 

Ghriilopher, of OArton, marrying 
Alice Shepperson, left an only 
daughter and heiress, 

Elizabeth Wharton, who ea- 
pousod Oeorgo Myddleton, 
etq. of Silksworth, lineal 
descendant of Sir John Myd- 
« dlctou, of Beifiea Castle, and 

thus conveyed the estate of 
Olferton to Ifaat fkufly. Eli> 
zabeth Myddleton was t. at 
her deceose by her second 

Francis Myddleton, esq. of 
Oferton, who wio Uneelf 

/. by his son, 
Richard Myddleton, esq. of 
OffertOD, who m. Catherine, 
danghter and eO'heir of Ni' 
oholas Conyers, of Bowlby 
and Easing^on, a staunch 
royalist, by Jane, daughter 
orSir William Liambton, who 

•Mn m 

1. FlANCIS, who d. t. p. 

a, Catharine, who m. 
Cuthbert Heron, esq.. 

Sin Thomas Heron, 

who B55um<*d the 
Hurnamo of Myd- 
OLETUN, but dyings 
nithontMalo \mmm 
in IBOl, the estate 
passed to hi<» cousin 
Robert Whah- 
TOh, esq. 
Mniy. who m. Robert 
Whtfton, esq. and her 
grandson is ttie present 
Robert Wharton- 
Myddutom, ooq. 
s. nt hii denlse by liin 

John Whnrion 

eldest son, 

John Wharton, of Kirkby Thore, coun- 
sel to Lord Clifford 21st Hekry Vii. who 
espoused Elizabeth, daughtsr nndmnM^ of 
Fenwiek» of Wallington, in Ihn oonM^ 
of Narflmmhtrlnnd, nnd had n non wd PM- 


Gilbert Whartok, of Kirkby There, 
who m. first, CalherfaM, danghter of fokn 
MaeheU, esq. of Crackentborpe, hi 
county of Westmoreland, sndhadaaOSt 

John, his successor. 
He espoused, secondly, Elixabeth, daughter 
of — Crackentborpe, of Ntwbiggin, by 
whom he had, with other issna, 

AnTHOMY, of RigweU Grange, from 
whom sprang the Whartons of Gil- 
Ungwood, since extinct in the male 
line, but now represanled thMMgh 

females by 

John-Hall Stf-vkn^^ov, e?q. of 

Skelton Castle, who has assumed 

by royal license the surname 

and atoMi of WfunTon in plnea 

of Ihosa of Slevcnaon. 

Gilbert Wharton A IMl, and waa #• by 

his eldest son, 

JoHNWMARTON,esq.of Kirkby Thore,wh<» 

... Cicely, daughter of Sir William Thors- 
bonM«^ of S«lsall, in lha eo«sty of Weat- 
morlandf and had issue, 

THnM A«;, of Kirkby Thore, whose BSnle 

line became extinct in 1G64. 
John, of whom hereafter. 
The second sod. 

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JoBli WSMrrvii* sfWlMton, in the connty 
«f IMbam, WM by his Mm, 

John Wharton, etqj. ef Winston, who m. 
HizaWdi, daiiphtrr of Roger Hodgson, of 
Winstoo. Tiiu geatlemany who purchased 
OMPttk, AiB im, and WW by hit aon, 

Thomas Wbartom, If .D. of Old Park, 
h. in 1614. This gentleman was the eele- 
lvrafe4 Hoetor l^liarton. who rmitiniied to 
practice physic in London during the dread- 
fcl pl^iie at l€66, and to whom King 
GBA^a.a8 IL graatod, in eoasidenitioo of 
kis eniaent serrices in attendance npon the 
nek of the foot jn^arda, an honourable ang- 
mcatatioa to his paternal coat of arms, viz. 
a oMfsN ar. Dr. Wbarlm, the fiiand and 
saMpaiuoiu of AAolme and Sir William 
Lilly, the astrolog^er, d. in 1674. leaving by 
ht» wife, Jane, daughter of William Al- 
dridge, esq. of London, an only sanriring 

TmHAS Wrabton, 1IJ>. of OM Psrk, 

who married twice, bat had issae only by 
his fir«t wife, Mazy^dMqcbtnof ioim UaJl, 
of Dorham, vis. 
OMMa» bis 

Thomas, 5^ all 4f. mlknts. 

BoBUiT, mcceasor to his brother. 
TheMaa, 1IJ>. who wtat to Virginia, 

iUke, I *** * mmanrled. 

ima/t, m, to John Carter, esq. of Essex. 

0r« Thoma Wbarton dying in 1714, was «. 

Geobge WHAkTON. M.D. of OM Park, 

at whose dec^a?**. without !«!*iie, the family 
poAsesisiocs devolved upon his brother, 
RoBEMJ WiJARTON, esq. of Old Park, 
of Dfubtm^ wbio at. Mary, daaghter 
>ton, esq. of Offerton, in the 
rounfv palntiTif (refer to descendants of 
Guju&TOPiiER, second son of John Whar- 
TBV, oi Kirkby Tbore, living in 1461), and 

Thomas^ Us ancce^or. 

Siichtr<\. mnyor of Durham, 6. in 1721, 
who jh. Anne, daughter of — Lloyd, 
Mq« of Wales, and had a son, 
Sotart, Id holy orders, chaaeallor 
ofLincoIncattkcdral, archdeacon 
of StoTTp, and rector of Siggers- 
thorne, in the county of York, 
who M. Sarah, daughter and 

heiress of the Rer. John Whal- 
lay; roelor of Haggale, and left 
issue at his decease, in 1808, 
three sons and two daughters, 

1. WiLUAH - Lu>n> Whar- 
ton, esq. of I>rybani, near 

Durham, barrister-at-law, 
who m. Frances, daughter 
of the Rev. John-Ueury 

2. John-Thoaaa. 

3. Robf-rt. 

4. Anne-Elizabeth. 
6. Catharine. 

Jonathan, of Loodon, who ai. Mary, 
daaghter of George Wilson, esq. bat 
d. t. p. in 1768. 

Catherine, m. to William £ttrick, esq. 
of High Bamee. 

Elisabeth, m. to the Rev. Thomaa 


Mr. Wharton was s* at his decease by his 
eldest son, 

TnoHAS Wharton, IIJ). A.M. of Old 
Park, Ae friend and correspondent of Gfay, 

the poet. This gentleman wedded Margaret, 
daughter of Anthony Wilkinson, esq. of 
Cross Gate, in the county of Durham, by 
whom (who d, in Deeember, 1808) be had 


RoBRRT, present proprietor. 

Richard (deceased), sometime of Offer- 
ton, b» in 1784, barrister^tplaw, M.P. 
fi>r the city of Durham in the years 
1802, 1806, 1807, and 1812, chair- 
man of the ways and means, and 
subsequently one of the joint socre- 
taries of tiie treasnry. He m. Hen- 
rbtta, dangbter of James Ferrers, 
esq. of LinoolnVimi« 


£lizabeth. * 
Deborah, ai. to tiie late Rev. Thomas 


Catharine, m. to Major-general An- 
thony Salvin, and d. in 1790. 
Dr. Wharton d, in 1794, at the age of 
seyenty-sevstt, and was «. by his eldest son, 
RoRERT WHABT0ii,esq. now representative 
of the family. 

Amt9 — First and Ibarth oeand quar- 
tern, first and Ibnrtii qoarlerly gu. and or, 

in the first a cross patoncr art^rnt. for M yd- 
DLRTON ; second and third, i/ a ni.Lunch or 

i^iy u^L^ Ly Google 



WMWTEMBf a ounuMli aif . • cmton or, i 

tot WtlAftTOS'. ' 

Crestt — First, a savai^e man wrpatlu d 
about the head with leaves, in the dexter 
haud au oak tree erased and fructed all 
ppr. fat MTDHurroM : Meond, a bnUli head 

erased aig. dbargcd with a tMMH vetl, for 


;1/offo— Lesses dire. 

EslatFt—\n Yorksliiri-, Durhnm, &f. 

Sent$ — Grinkle I'ark, near liow iby, York- 
•hiRt aad Old Paik, in Dnrham. 


LANE, JOHN NEWTON, esq, of Kin^j's Bromley Hall, in the coantyof Suffoiti, 
b. 4th December, 1800; m. 8th January, 1828, the Hon. Agoes Bagt)t, !»ernnf! 
daughter of William, T nnl Bagot, by Lftdy Louiia Laggo, daughtar of th« Earl of 
Dartmouth, and has had issue , 

Joilii"HBliftT''BAa«T» h, 941b Febraarj, 1880. 

Albert-WflUam, h. in 1830, and d. in Jaonaiy, 1681. 

Sydney-Leveson. h. 13th April, 1831. 

Williwii, b, I4th February, 9mA.d» 16tb April, 1833. 

Mr. Lue t. hia frdwr in 1824. 

The andent UmSLj of Lanb came into 

England, according to Holinshed, with 
Wii I l AM the CSnififeror. Its pedigree com- 

meuces with 

Adam oe Lone, of Hampton, but that and 
diA enceeeding name are without date. 

KiCHAaD 0B u LONB lived al Hampton 
in the 9di of Fdward n. anno 1316. His 


Andrew db la Lcmb, living in 1337, was 
father uf 

JfoBN M ju Ldbb, wlMie eon, 

RtcHAKD Lose df. Halton*, m. in the 
0th of Henry IV. EUzabeth, daughter and 
heir of Balph de la Hyde, and left a eon, 

John Lavk, of Bentley and Hyde, who 
m. in the 11th of HknkvVI. \farEr«Ty, 
daughter of Handle Egertoii, of Wriuehill. 
He wae #• bj bia eon, 

KiciUBP Lamb, whose son, 

Ralph Lane, d. in the I7tb Edward IV. 
and left by Joyce, daughter of Bal|di Cree- 
set, a sou aud successor, 

RicuABB Lanb, who m. in the ISth Hbn- 
Rv VIL Anne, daughter of John Haicowrtk 
of Raunton, and was jr. by his son, 

John L\nk, of Bentley, wlto w. rath«»- 
riue, daughter of Tliuma« Patrick, of king's 
Bromley, and dying in the 19th Euiabeth, 
wae #. by his son, 

Francis Lane. Thif -^'. Mtletnan m. Ca- 
tiieriue, daughter of Richard Trentham, 
esq. and had issue, 
John, Us sneeessor. 

Richard, of Klemes,in Monmouthshire. 
Cassandra, m. to Thomas Littleton, 
third son of Sir Edwanl Littleton. 

He d. in the Slat Elizabeth, and ua« $, by 
hie eldest eon. 

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Jom l^XEt Mq. wiiOM. lantt, daughter of ■ 

Sir Edward Littleton, knt and had iMme, I 

Thomas, his successor. | 
Alicia, m. to Alexander Whightwick, 

He dL in the M of Jambs L and wai m. by 

hiv MMB, 

Thomas Lane, esq. thin gentleman m. 
Knnc, eldest daughter of Walter Bagot, 
csq[. ot iilithlield, in the county of Staf- 
M (and lialer of Sir Harrey Bagot, bart 
who foffered ao seyerely by his attach- 
neat to the royal cause), by wfaoat he had 
John, his successor. 
William, from whom the Irish branch 

of fittofly derirea. 
BliAard, a groom of the bedchamber. 
Jakt. This lady h;is b( come celebrated 
by her spirited c otkIh rt in saving the 
life of A'ta^ Cuahles II. after the 
hatde of Woraester; hf riding he* 
hind the Princb, disguised, from 
Bentley, the ancient seat of the Lane 
family, in Staffordshire, to her cousin 
Mrs. Norton's house, near Bristol. 
She ai. aahaeqpMiitiiy, Sir OleiBent 
Fiflher« of Paekiagton, in Warwiek- 

Writhy, m. to — Peters. 
Aaae, M. to Bdward Birdi, of Leacfoft. 
Ifary, m, to Edward Nicholas, cap- 
heaier Co Jamu I< 

Mr. Lane dL in 168(l» and was #• by his 

eldest son. 

Colonel John Lane, who saved A'm^r 
Chailis after tibe battle of Woreeeter, and 
received him at hia leat at Bentley ; from 

which he was conveyed, in dispuise, by 
Miss Laue, aa stated above, to 'Mrs. Nor- 
ton's, at Bristol. i<'ox these signal services 
peaiioae were giaated, after tlw restoration, 
te the colonel and hia aiater (which were 
continued, with arrears constantly owing, to 
the time of Queen Annk), and the family 
was moreover dignified with an especial 
badge of lionor, vis. the anna of Bagland 
•a a eantoo, in angasentation of their pater- 
nal eoat ; nnd n crest, a Strawberry horse, 
bcarmg between his fore legs the royal 
crown. There is a tradition in the family, 
Oat Colonel isue was likewise offered a 
peerage, but declined it. He m. Atiialia 
Anson, and liad, with other issue, 

Thomas (Sir), his socceeeor. 

VkBMes^ to Willian <Mef, esq. 

Maiy^ «. 10 Sir Hiaqitey Jervis, lord*^ 
BUiyor of Dohlia. 

Colonel Lane d. in IW, and waa s» hy his 

eldest son. 

Sir Thomas T/*sf, knt. who m. Abigail, 
Lady Williams, widow of Sir Henry Wil- 
liams, hart and danghter of Saomel Wigb^ 
wid:, esi|. protiionatory of As Kin^s Bnehp 
by whom he bad issae, 

John, bis successor. 

TbonMS, d. at Sluys, returatng from 

Flanders, 3rd April, l&n, 

Sb Thomas d. in Jaanary, 171A» and was #• 
by bis only sarriring son, 

John Lane, esq. k, 1Mb December, 1600, 

m. 30th April, 1702, Mary, daughter and 
co-heir (with her siati r Sybill, wife of the 
Rev. Dr. Birch) of Humphry Wyrley, esq. 
of Hempstead, In the county of Staiford, by 
Mary, eldest daughter and co-heiress, wiA 
hcT fii^ter .Tr\ne, m. to William de Za estein, 
Earl oi Knrliford,of Sir Henry Wroth,knt. 
of Durance, in the coonty of Middleees.* 
By this lady Mr. Lane had issae, 

Thoiias, his sQceessor. 

Mary, ak to — Leigh, esq. of Aldridge, 

whose dau. m. Wm. Dilke, p^(\. of 
Maxtoke Castle, m Warwickshire. 
Elizabeth, d. uumarried. 
Jane, m, to John Birch, Wyrley, ceq. 
He d. 26th Oct 174B, and was t. by his son, 
Thomas Lane, esq. 6. 28th April, 1703; 
m. first, Anne Austen, and had by her, who 
d, in 1724. two sons and three daus. ris. 
John, his sacoaasor. 
Thosaas, who d. young. 
Marv, m.ln 1728, to John Taylor, esq. 

of W alsall. 
Anne, young. 

EUsabeth-Sy billa, m. to Roger Holmea, 

esq. of Walsall. 
Mr. Laoe espoused, secondly. Miss Anne 
Sayers, and had 

Thomas, In holy orders, rsctor<^Rands- 
worth, h. in 1746, M. in 1779, Esther^ 
Barbara, daughter ofJndge Birch. 
Charles, rl. young. 

William, a colonel in the army, and for 
some time governor of St. Helena, 

• By Anne, dauj^'hter of WiUiain, firs? ! or.i 
Maynard. Sir U«ary Wroth wm proai gnuitUou 
of Sir Robert Wroth, knt. by Mwy Sydney, sMsst 
dsaghiir of Robert, EkI of Lsieester. 

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m. Mill CMmct of Ofaewnoiiat 
Lodge, ia Irelud. 
Edward, d. in 1784. 

Jane, m. in 1776, to John Freer, of Bir- 
miugham, aurgeoD, Mad had a ton, 

Tha Ren T. L. FfMur, fector of 
Ruidiwordi, M. Sarah, daughter 

of the very Rr v. Doctor Wether- 
ell, late dean of Hereford, and 
sister of Sir Charles Wetherell, 
hanialer at l«ir. If ^. 

Anne, m. in 1778, loGeorge Birch, esq. 
of Barhonme, and Hampstead, in the 
connlf of Slaiord, and had iwne, 

Wyrley Birch, of Wrotham, in 
Norfolk, m. Sarah, daagbtiT of 
Jacob Reynardflon, esq. of Uoly- 
wall, tfw emmty of lineohi, 
hj Anne, dtter of the fint Lord 
Brownlow, and daughter of the 
Right Honorable Sir John Cuat, 
speaker of the House of Ck>ni- 

Ifarf-Anne Birdi, m. to Richard 
Congrere, csfj. of Burton, in tJie 

county of Chester. 
Esther- Barbara Birch, d. youug. 
Sank Bireh. 

Jano Bfrdi, m. to Williana Durbin, 
esq. son of Sir William Durbin. 

Mr. Lane d. in 1776, and was moeeaded by 

his eldest son, 

John Lane, esq. b. in 172'!, m. Sarah, 
daughter and co-heir of Kichard Fowler, 
esq. of Panferd, in Ike ooon^ of Stafford, 

John, hia anccessor. 

Thomas, of tli?* Gmnpr, in F^sex, clerk 
of the Goldsmith's Company, 6. 3Uth 
September, 1764, m. Barbara, daugh- 
ter of Tbonaa Fowlar, eaq. of Pen- 
fold, by whom Ito had h&uv , 

1. TTiomas, who m. Mrs. Napier, 
widow of Captain Napier, and 
(f. «. p. 

% John^iviio raeceadedhis father, 
aa dark of Iho Goldanitfi'a Com- 

pany, and in <he Orange, Etaez, 

m. Jane, daughter of the Rer. 
T. Williams, of Somersetshire. 

3. Charles, iu holy orders, b. in 
1703, m. Frances, daughter of 
Doctor Sandford, titnlar Biahop 
of Edinhurgh. 

4. Richard, b. 2nd October, 1794. 
6. Sarab, m. to William Cotton, 

esq. of W alwood, Essex. 
6. Jane, d. young. 

Mr.Thomaa I^ne d, in January, 1894. 
Richard, Cap. R.N. d, in I7B0. 

Ncwton-Charles, in holy orders, Pellow 

of Christ's College, Ciunhridge. 
Maria, »m. to the Rfv. John Lucy, of 
Charlecote Park, in thu county of 
Wanridi, and had iaaue. 

Mr. Lane d. Sath Jnna, 1781, and waa #. hy 
his eldest aon, 

John Lane, esq. b. 25th DecPTTibrr, 1762, 
Fellow of Queen V CfilN'o-p, ( 'aml>Ti(l;,M', and 
barrister at law, in. lu IbiK), Sarah, only 
daughter of Thonaa Lloyd, eaq. and widow 
of John Amler, esq. of Ford Ha]l,inShro|^ 
shire, (by whom she had one child, Franoaiy 
m. to Sir Ikiward-Prctyman Toolina hart.) 
and had issue, 

Jomn-Nbwton, hia aacoeaaor. 
Tbomaa-Lareaon, to holy ordara, 1. 88A 

September, 1802, rector of WiOinip- 

fOTi, In the county of Gloncester. 

Mr. Lane d. 21st December, \b*2\, and was 
s. by his elder son, the present John New- 
ton Larb, esq. 

Armt — Per fv*«c, or nnd a7. n cher. pit. 
between three mullets couiiler-chauged, on a 
canton of the third, three lions of England. 

Crtgt — A atra w lieffy roan horae, uUenc 
couped at the flanks, bridled sa. bitted and 
garnished or, supporting between the fe«t 
a regal crown. 

j&Met—At King's Bimnlay, and Ckni^ 
tyr Hay, to <ho county of Staibrd. 

■W^KIng^a Btoaday Hall, aanr Uak- 

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AYLMER, JOHN-H ARRISON, esq. of Walworth Caide, in Hie eonn^ of Dur- 
m, b. 24tb Jamaiy, 1813, <. hit fiuher» Gonara! Aylmer, in 1831. 

This is a branch of the rery ancientfaaily 
of AvLioer, of Donudei, Ciutle, flpringing 

8im P^ioEiALD ATLMgm, ImL of Bona- 
dtn Castle,* who m. ElizabeCk* danglilar and 

hefri^9§ nf Fcnton Pole, r?q. of Silver Hill, 
in the county of Fermanagh, by whom he 
left at hi* decease in February, 1794, with 

FftMTon (SirX hk aneeoMor, aa eighth 
bait. This gentleman espoused Jane 
Grace, daughter of Sir John Freke, 
ban. and sister of Lord Carberry, 
bijwktm be left, witb sereral other 


8ia6£juu>-G EORGB ATUlBB»bart. 
of Donadea Castle. 


u actiTP ju^tirr of the peace, forthecoanty 
of Durhaxu, and for the North Riding of 
Yorkshire, was elected chairman of the 

* for ibe ewiy descent, le* Burk»^$ Petrmgt 

quarter sessions for tlte former shire, as 
tnoeesflor to William Hatcbiason, esq. of 
Eglostou ; the dtttiea of which atation he 

ftilfilli il nith rxpin])lnry attention. He es« 
poused, 9th June, 1807, Anne, only dantrhtpr 
and heiress of John Harrison, esq. of Wal- 
worth Casde, by whom he liad iMne» 

JoHN-HARRisoit» preeent |iro|»lelor. 

El izab c th-Margarct. 

Grace-Anne, w. to the Rer, Charles 
Paslcy Vivian, vicar of Willing- 
boroagh, Nortiuonptonihire. 


Catheri n e - Dorothy. 

Aufifusta- AnnR. 

Lieutenant General Aylmer dying univer- 
sally regretted, in 1881, was s. by his son, 
the preacnt 

JoHn-Hjutnitoif AvNLU, eaq. 

Ar m Arg. a cross sa. between four 
Cornish chou^;h8 ppr. 
Crest — A Cornish choQgh, riring out of a 

ducal foronet, all ppr. 
itfo^to— Halleligah. 

iSSrtMss— At Walworth, parish of High* 
ington, and at Sondeiland, and Bisbopwear* 

month, all in the county of Durham. 
^«a<— Walworth Casae,*Dear Darlington, 

• Walworth Cftstle b^lonp^ formerly to the 
ancient iamiiy of J emuaon, and the iaat pcuueaaor 

of tbst ana. Bslpb Jaaaitaa. «tq. wbo 

mnstrr of thp staf^ hounds of King Georoe II. 
and who married one of the wealthy oo-beireaoea of 
Ansa, of Allan's Fbtts, in the ooun^ of Durham, 
sold the manor, CMda, sod estate of Walwofdk, to 
Matthew Stephenson, esq. who soon after ron- 
veyed it to John Hamson, eaq. the father of the 
IstoGeaeid Ayfanar'swilb. Tba Jsoaisoaa latiTsd 
to the continent about the yssr IfTO^ and their 
"ancient Wood, says Mr. Sjrtees, is now widely 
spread by lutenaarriage with the Noblesse of Ua- 

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LENTHALL, KYFFIN-JOHN-WILLIAM, eaq. of Bcs^sels Leigh, m the county 
of Berks, and of Maynan Hall, Caernarvonshire, h. 12th October, 1789, m. 28th April, 
1818, Mary Ann, eldest daughter of John Ai»hton, esq. of the Grange, m the county 
of Chester, and had iseue, 



Mr. I/^nthnH to the estates upon the demise of his father. He served the office 
of High Sheriir for Caernarvonshire in 182S. 

The ancestor of this ancient and distin- 
guished family, 
Sir Rowland Lbnthall, of Hampton 

Court, in the county of Hereford, was high 
in favour with Kivq Ht nry IV. to wliom 
he was master of the robes. He was one of 
tlie lords-marchers, and for some time am- 
Imaaador to the PansiaJi couH. Sir Row- 
land accompanied Henry V. to France, and 
having a comnvjtnd ft flit- Rattle of Azin- 
coi'RT, made so uiaay prisoners in that 
celebnted conflict, Omt be compkted, with 
tiie produce of their ransom, the new hnild- 
iogs at Hampton Court. In that nianfinn was 
preeerved a pk-ture, enfcraved by ^ ertue, 
and said to be an undoubted origiuHl of 
HBNltY IV.; pendant from the neck b a 
chain and medallion, on which are depicted 
the araia of the Fits-Aiane, £arl« of Arun- 

del, and underneath the following ineerip- 
tioa : ** Henry IV. King of England, who 

laid the first stone of this houfe, and left thif 
picture in if whm lie jrave it to Lenthail/' 

Sir Rowlaud e^poubed Margaret, daugh- 
ter and eventually co-heiress of Ri<^iard Fftn- 
Alsn, Earl of Arundel ; upon which mar- 
riage. Lady Margaret being related to thf* 
king, Sir Rowland had piven to him '* a 
thousand by the year," for tlic nmuiteuaacc 
of Ihem and their heirs, of which gnat, 
says Leland, the town of Ludlow Ibnns a 

Some years afterwards, the Lenthalls sold 
their possessions, in Herefordshire, to the 
Comwalls, Barons of Bnrford, and settfod 
at Lalchford and Great Hasel^, hi Osfcrd- 
shire, (which manors and estates they ac- 
quired in the reign of Edwirh TV. by mar- 
riage with the heiress of the Pipards,*) where 
they remained seated for many generatioiM. 
In 1608, Aese estates were possessed by 
Sir Edmund Lbnthaix, who was one of 
those fined, under an act of parliament 
passed in tlie reign of James I., for res- 
training persons of quality from residing 
so much <rf the year in London. Sir Bd- 
mund dying without issue, the line of the 
family was continued by his brother, 

• A ini'in1)er of this ancirnt f:tnii!r. having g«]. 
lastly distinguished himself io the Sc«MU»b wars, 
WW ■uauBoned to ahsran,framthe 
6th February, 1299, to «4th .luly, Bwrltt*$ 
Egtinet tmd DtrmMt Pmvge, 

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WiL (AM L&NTUAix,efl(i. wbom. Francis, 
te. of Sir R. Southwell, of St. PaiOi's, iii 
Koflblk, Mid left at his deceue, 2iid Dee. 
1566, aged 44, with otht r issue, 

1. John (Sir), who inherited thr (amily 
estates upon the demise of his uncie, 
Sir Bdnmid. This g^ntleinftii, who 
was a member of the 1 m i: r>arliaraent, 
ni. Bri^lget, dati. of Sir T.Tem]i!r, hr. 
of Stuw, aiiil had six sons, and eight 
dans. liis eldest son and successor, 
Edhonv, ai« Elinbeth, dftn^htor 
of Sir T^llliam Wade, lieutenant 
of the Tower of London, and had 
issue two sons and a daughter. 
The elder son married Ute in 
life, and, selling the old funily 
estates at Latch ford and Great 
IIa«ipley, terniinated this branch 
01 the family. John, the second 
1, d, Mtb Mny, 1641 » without 
! ; end Bridget, the only dan. 
(F iinniarrirti. in 1641. 
W II LI AM, of uhom hereafter. 
3. A daughter, who m. into the family 
•f Wnieap, nod wan modier of 
Sir Edmund Waieap, the hjnloriiA 
of Italj. 
The second son, 

WiLUAM Le.vtuau, esq. h. in Jnne 1591, 
hmnag etndled ihe law with endaent aeai- 
dnlty, and having attained hi^ distinction in 
that learne<l profession, was, in 1637, ad- 
flsittcd a bencher of Lincoln's-inn, made re- 
om4m of LomImi, nd maelMr of Ae rolls. 
tm 1690, he was retenied member for Wood- 
stock, and when the long pnrltament met, on 
the 3rd Novprnher, 1640, he was chosen 
speaker, which important office he continued 
to bold after ihe kiog^t death, and mitfl the 
jlmnlatieo of that assembly. lo tfie fint 
parliament called by Cromwell, prolec- 
♦'»r. h*' hnri jto seat; hut in the second, he 
was returned for two places, the city of 
GlMeoeter, aad the eonnty of Oxford, and 
wm agnia elected speaker. He subee- 
<|oently was appointed chamberlain of Ches- 
ter, chaxicellor of the duchy of Lancaster, and 
keeper of the great seal. In the single par- 
■oMrt aaiemhled by Richard Cromwell, he 
fat in the upper house by the title of William, 
Lord L^-nthall, and so great was his influence 
•ad weight at the restoration, that General 
Hoadi aMtred Kmg Chablu, that he could 
MtluBve broaght about that deflirahle event 
wilboat Mr. Lenthall's concurrence. This 
eciment lawyer and statesman ot. Elizabeth, 
dsn. of Ambrose £vans, es<^. oi iiodington, in 

the county of Northampton, by whom he lef4 
surviving issue, 

J o 1 1 s , his Bttceeieor. 

Elizabeth, m. to Rowland Lacey, es<[ 
of Puddlecote and Shepton, in Ox- 

Catherine, m. in 1663, to James, Lord 

Paisley, by whom (who preih • < ^ist^d 
his father, the Karl of Ahercorn) she 
had an only daughter, 
Catherine, m. flrst, to her consin, 
William LenOiall, etq. ; and se- 
condly, to Charles, fifth Earl of 


Mr. Speaker I^uthall d. at his seat the 
Priory, Borford, Ist September, 1661, and 
was privately bnried at Burford, the ad- 

vowson of which church, with the manor 
and estate, he had pur< ha«jf <l oi the great 
Lord Falkland. His only surviviug sou and 

Sir John Lbnthall, was member for 

Gloucester in the lonp parliament, and also 
for the same place in the parliament called 
by Richard Cromwell. Sir John, who was 
coiooel in the army, governor of Windsor 
Casde, and one of thesis clerks in dinncery, 
was created a BAUnvp r by Oliver Crom- 
j WELL. He m. first, Kcbccca, dau. of T. Ben- 
I net, an alderman of London, but had by her 
I no issne. He wedded, secondly, Mary 
Blewet, relict of Sir John Stonchouse, hart, 
by whom be had one son William. Sir 
John espoused, thirdly, Catherine, dau. of 
Eosebitis Andrew, esq. of Edmonton, Mid- 
dlesex, but had no further iarae. He served^ 
the office of sheriff for the county of Oxford 
ill 1672, and dying i)th November, 1681, was 
buried in the chancel of Bessels Leigh 
ehnroh, and was «. by his only son, 

WiLUAliLBirniALl., whom General 
MoNCK stood sponsor, who nr. liis first cousin, 
the Hon. Catherine Hamilton, only child of 
James, Lord Paisley, by whom (who m. after 
his decease, the Earl of Abercorn) be left 
issue, at his demise, Sdi Sept. 1^)6, at the 
early ac^e of 27, two son?, John, his heir, 
and James, so named after his grandfather, 
Lord Paisley. The elder, 

JoH N LBtrfH ALL, csq. wbo Served the office 
of sheriff for Oxfordshire, andm. Jane, dan. 
of Sir. W. Hill, hnd two sons and two dsus*, 
William, his successor. 
JouK, successor to his brother. 
Anne. Mary. 
The elder son, 

William T.knth^ll, esq. of Burford, 
sheriff of Oxfordshire, dying umu. in 1781, 

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the family repreaeatation deTolred upon bis 

John Lenthall, esq. whom. Anne, daugh- 
ter of the Rev. Christoptirr ShniB, and hady 
Ifith two danp^btorf, two sons, 

JuuN, ol liurlordf sheriif for Oxford- 
■hlre In 1787, who m, 8«nkh» dnn. of 
the Rev. John CaswalT, rector of 8wn- 
cliffe, by whom h*' left at bi? ilecease, 
in It^, with three daughters two 
•oni, vis. 
WiLUAM-JoHN, M. Fmnoeo-Muy, 
eldest dau. of T. Terry, esq. of 
Beverley, and has one surviving 

Rowland- Honry, of Kemaey in 
Worcrstcrshire, who han been 
twice married* 
The Moond vm, 

WiLUAM-JoHN Lenthall, esq. of Bessels 
Leigh, ill Bfrk?bire, b. in Jan. 1764; was 
high sheriff for the counties of Caernarvon 
and Ifeiioneth. He as. In Jan. 179B, Bfiaa- 

beth, eldest dau. and co-lieiress of Sir T. 
Kyffin, of Maynan, co. Caenuumm, by wboit 
(who d. in June, 1791) he had two cyMvei^ 
K vrnN-JoHN-WiLLiAM, hia Mceeeeor* 

Ann-Marj^nrct, yotmj^. 
Mr. Lenthall was s. at his decease by his 
only son, KYFTIH-IoHN-WiUUK LniTHAU, 

esq. the present possessor. 
A rms—Arg, on n bend oottiMd an. Hktte 

mullets or. 
Ors»l— A greyhoandoottnuitiaxollared.or. 

Estatet—Bf.hSELs Leigh, in Berkshire, 
purchftspd from the Fettiplacp family in 
\cm, Y elforo-Hastinos, in Oxfordshire, 
acquired about die same period ; Mayhak, 
in the county of Carnarv on. Tbi^ la^t estate 
descended to the late Sir Thos. Kyffin. from 
his ancestor Richard KyfBn, t\ho waa the 
last Abbot of Maynan Abbey, at the dissolu- 
tion of tiie monatlariei. The family of 
Kyffin derived from Blethyn ap Cynfyn* 
Prince of Powys. 

Semu — Bessels Leigh, near Abingdon ; 
Maynan Hall, CanarroMliire. 


CRAVEN, FULWAR, eeq. of Chilton Home, in the county of Wilts, m. 26th Nov. 

1809, Laura, second daughter of George Vansittart, 
esq. of Btshara Abbey, ancle ol Lard Beadey, by whom 
be has issue, 

FuLWim-WiUJAii, h. 18ft September, 1810, an oAeer 

in die army. 
Geortrf> Vansittart, I. IMb October, I81S. 

ft f 

This is a branch of the noUe family of 
Craven, springing from 

Sir William Chaven, upon whom the 
dignity of Lord Craven, of HampaCead 

Marshall, was entailed. This gentleman m. 
Mary, daughter of Sir Christopher Clap- 
ham, k.nL. of Beamsly, in the county of 
York, liy whom he bad, with eeveral other 
eiiildren, who died unmarried, 

I. WiiiiiM, ivho inbrritfcl upon the 
demise of his cousin, the Barony of 
Craven, and left issue at his demise 
in J»U. 

William, his successor, and third 

Lord of Craven. 
FuiWAR, who inherited fiwn hie 
bredier, as fourth lord, but dying 
s. p. in 1764, the title devolved 
upon his lunsman* 
II. John, who left iane, 

WiixiAM, who t. aa ftilh leei of 

Craven, but d. t. p. 
John, wliose only son, 

Willi AM, ». his uncle aa sixth 
lotd, and 4» in 1791. leafr 
log wtth other 

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Whit AM, spvpnth lord, 
elevated to an earldom, 
as Earl Chaven, m 
1801. Hit kndBhip's 
eldest BOQ It 
William, present 
earl (See Bwrht't 

ni. CBABus,ofiriioiiiiiiim«diatoI]r. 

The youngest son, 

CiiARLKS Craven, esq. was constituted 
gorernor of Caroiina, in the reign ol Queen 
Ahub. He espODwd EKsalidli, daughter of 
— Staples, esq. by whom (who m. after his 
dprfn^p, JpiTtTnit Raymond, esq. of Berk- 
ahirc) he left at hu death in 1754, an only 
•orriving son, 

Rsv. John Ciuvbn, of Chflton Hmw, 
who m. Catherine, daughter of James 
Hughes, esq. of Litcomb, in the county of 
Berks, by whom he had surviving issue, 
FOLWAR, present proprietor. 
Cluurlet-Joln, ft. 14di Mu^ \7M, m. 

23rd Oct. 1817. Ppnclope, datiprhter of 
Edward Wheclrr, and Las itfsae,^ 
Chahu^, b. 2nd August, 1919. 
Charlotte-Elizabeth, m. 9th September, 
1B19, to Sir John-Walter Pollen, 
The Rer, Mr. Crvren was s. «t bis deoeeeir 
by his eldest son, Fulwar Cravev, esq. 
reprsaeotathre of this branch of the family. 

Jmv— Arg. A ftM betweea lix cnM 
croisletolitdiy go. 

Crest- — On n chnpeau frn. turned up er- 
mine, a griphon statant of the aecond^beaked. 

JTsMs— Ytrtas inactoe eoaaisCit. 

JE!rf«lM— Chilton Foliat, and Dracot St. 

Geore^p, in t)ie ronnty of Wi]t»; Speen Hill, 
Berkshire j and benuingtou, Ulaucestesr 

^iief— Chatm Hottie, WUto. 


BOWES, THOMAS, aaq. of Bndk|f lUU, in tiie eon^y of Durham, b, 39tfa of 
June, 1758. 


IMi fBttdeauui, befaig a lineal dMeen- 
dantof the elder brandll of Uie Bowes 's, of 
Streatlani Castle, h representative of that 
aacient family, which, for a long period, 
was one of the most powerful andTdistin- 
gaished ia ooanty of PoiliaDi, renowned 
Ibr die ftraaiMNti loy^ty of itt members, 

aad Ifce many imporlan^ aerHees wUeB 
lliey had rendered to Ae erown and to the 

country. The name, accordi'np: to Grosf, 
thus originated : About the time of the 
Conqueror," says that indefatigable anti- 
^pmfy, there was n town which, tiie tradl^ 
tion of the inhabitants states, was burned. 
It then belonged to the earls of Brittany 
and Richmond i the castle was buiit, as Mr. 
Hocselcy tUnke, cot of ^ niins of tiie 
Beman fortress by Alan Niger, Ae imt 
pari of thni titlp.* who is said, m a manu- 
script belonging to the dissolved monastery 
of St. Mary's at York, placed therein, Wil- 
liam, hia relation, with five hundred arehere^ 
to defend it agikinst some insurgentjt, in 
Cumhprland and Wp«tTTioreland, confede- 
rated with Uie ticoU, giving him for the de- 
vice of his ataadaid, Hm anna of Brittany, 

* This is wrong, Akn Niger was SMSsd Cidof 
Biefemood, sss Bmrkfi Sftintt tavgs. 


with three bows and a bundle of arrows, 
from wheoce both the ca«tle and itA com- 
nander derived their nunee, the fonaer 
being called Bowe Castle, and the Ifttter 
William de Arcubus." Of this person 
Camden also makes mention, Near this 
■taods Strettbam, for a long time the seat of 
the fauKNie end knightly fkmily of the 
Bowes, or de Arcubus, who have often done 
prrrat wrvice to their king and country in 
tiroes of extremity, their pedigree is from 
Wmmm de Amsaboe, ttc." 

811 WiixJAH Bowis, knt captain of five 
hundred ardiers, and governor of Bowes 
Ca«tle, wao ^eat-great-grandfatlicr of 

Sir Adam Bowf.s, knt. justice in oyer of 
the liberties of Durham, and steward of 
Riehmondshire, liring in 1345, who m. 
AUcp, sole heiress of Sir John Trayne, knt. 
Ior<f <-f Sfrcntlam, 1))- his wife Agnes, heiress 
of Italph de la Hay, Ix)rH Percy, of Stain- 
lon le Strata, to whom liaruard Baliol gare 
with hie niece Agnet the lordthip of Streat^ 
lam. Sec. By this great lieiretf Sir Adam 
iukd, with junior issup, 

Robert, his successor. 
Thomas, who d. i. p. 
WiixiAM, of whom pretenHy. 

Sir Adam waa #. at his decease by his eldest 

Sir Robert Bowes, knt. lord of Strrat- 
1am, who, in the 29th EnwAun III. entailed 
all his estates upon his issue male. He m. 
Elisabeth, daughter of Sir John Lilburnc, 
of Lilburne, in the cenn^ of NorUiiimher- 
land, but (lyin^ without issue, his posses- 
sions descended to his brother. 

Sir WiLUAM Bowes, a gallant warrior, 
who reeeiTcd the hononf of knight-banneret 
at the BATTLE OF PoiCTiERS. He espoused 
Maud, daughter and heiress of .Tordan Daw- 
deu, and with her acquired Dau detty Sea- 
httm, Rykopty SeatoHf &c. with the advow- 
aon of Dawden eboreh. Sir William was 
§, at his decease by his son, 

Sir Horf.rt Bo\vf'<, nbo \vn» made a 
knight- banneret at the siege of Kouen, in 
Noimaady, and was one of flie Tictinw to 
tfw indiscretion of Tliomas, duke of Cla- 
reiiff, at tlie battle of Bangey Bridge, 
where he fell, with several other illnstrious 
personages, in the year 141U. ilc* m. Jane, 
dangbler and co-beiress of Sir Robert Con- 
yers, of Socfcbnni,knt. and had, with other 
Imue, a son and Purcessor, 

Sir WiLUAN Bowes, who was knighted 

at tlte battle of Veruoile in 14'24. This 
eminent warrior was chamberlain to JoAa, 
Duu or BsDroAD, whibt regent of France, 
and was constituted by that prince governor 
of the castle of Gallyard, in Normandy. 
He continued abroad twenty years, and 
sent home a model and plan for rebvildiBg 
his castfe of Streatlam, to which he retired 
on bis return, and resided there to a great 
ri'T' , l<i ing commonly known as " old Sir 
VV lilium Bowes." He m. Joan, daughter 
of Ralph, Lord OveystodL, and aoqaired 
by the alliance the manor of Newton, in 


Sir WiLi.iAH Bowes, his son and suc- 
cessor, was warden for many years of the 
Middle March against SooHaad, and high 
sheriff of Northumberland. He wedded 
Maud, daughter ' f TIrnry, I>f)rd Fitzhugh, 
baron of Kaveusworth, and had issue, 
WiixiAM, his soooessor. 
Robert, I both predecessed Ihefr fii- 
Thomas, 5 ther s. p. 
Ralph, who inherited the estates of the 
family upon the demise of bis bro- 
Aer issneless. 
Margery, «. to William Hilton, of 

Elizabctli, m. to Sir R. Bulpier, uf 

Catherine, m. to Sir Ricbaid Conyen. 

Margaret, m. to Sir Homphrey I/Isle. 

Isabel, m. to Sir John Swinowes. 

Anne, m. to Ralph WycUflfe. 
Sir William was «. at his decease by his 
eldest son. 

Sir W1U.IAM BowTS, knt. who m. the 
niece of Lawrence Booth, bishop of Dur- 
ham, but dying without issue, in i 171, the 
fkmily estates deyolred npon his brother. 

Sir Ralph Bowes, knt. w li-. >u. Margery, 
daughter and co-heir of li ird ConyOf*, 
of South Cowton, and had issue, 

RalI'II, bis successor. 

RoRBRT, successor to his nephew. 


Sir Ralph Bowes was «. by his eldest aoa, 


Sir Ralph Bowes, a flUlitary oflicer of 
distinction, who receired the honour of 

knighthood on the field of Flodden. He i/i. 
Elizabeth, sister of Henry, first earl of 
Cumberland, and bad issue, 

Groroi, his snccemor. 



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MlSi *ying in 1616, wu #. by liu only 

s«n George Bowes, of Dawdcn, who m. 
Munel EoTe,grmQdaughter of William, Lord 
Rui6,af Witton, and had three daughters, viz, 

1. ElinlMtli, M. to Jobn Bladtteloii, 
esq. of Blackistou. 

2. Dorothy, m to Sir nuthbert Colling- 
wood, of Eeliutuu, io the c<NUi^ of 

3. Anne. 

Sir George dying thus without male iMae, 

waa succeeded by his uncle. 

Sir Rober t Uuhes, knt. who was master 
of tte rolls, priry oOQscfllor to Emg Hes- 
n Y \1 ri. and warden of th« Middle Marches. 
He M. Dorothy, daugliier of Sir James Met- 
calfe, knt. but dyinp: without surviving issue, 
the family estates devolved upon his bro- 

Richard Bowes, of Aske, who m, Eliza- 
beth, daughter and co-brir of Sir Roger 
Aske, of Aake, knt. and had, with several 

Gbome (Sir). 

Robert, ambassador to Scotlaad widi 

his elder brother, Sir George. He 
at. Eleanor, daughter of Sir Richard 
Musgrave, of Hartley. 
The elder son. 

Sir George Bowf.s, knt. became heir- 
fr*^erti! of the family, and to him descended 
the Dawdou estates, with other possessions, 
ia die eaatem part of the coantir of Dnrbain. 
He was made knight-marshall by special 
romrr!~?:'!n. ff rhi«s «iirTrtl services to Queen 
Euz\Bhm. W hen the Earls of Westmore- 
land and Northumberland reared the ^tand- 
aid «f veTolt In the North, Sir George was 
the o«Iy pefBOB of great influence that op- 
pmt^ th#? insurgents, having, for that pur- 
pose, fortiHed himself in Barnard Castle. 
He was in many commissions for treaties 
with ScotUttd, and had other marka of con- 
fdence and trust. Sir George m. twice ; 
tri^t, DoiMthv, daughter of Sir William M ,1- 
iorj, of btudicy, near Ripon, in the county 
ef Teefc, and had iaane, 

WlulAM, bis successor. 

JRobrrt, killed in the Keawiek minea, 
in 1610. 

George, of Biddick, who m. Magdalen, 
daagbler of Sir Edward Bray, and 

t. Clyi->Hr,f\ succeesor fo Tiis nnr-le. 
2. Robert, of Beddick, who m. in 
W20p Joan, daughter of Robert . 

Hntton, D. D. prebendary of 
Durham, and had aoTeral chil- 

Elizabeth, m. to Sir Charles Wandes- 
ford, of Kirtiiugton, in the county of 

Anne, m. to Sir John Conyeni. 
The knight marshall espoused, aecondlyf. 
Jane, daughter of Sir John Talbot, of Al- 
brighton, in the county of Salop, knt, and 
had several children. It appears that, by 
a atrange will or entail made by Sir George 
about the year 1^, tlie estai|BLef Streallam,. 
with the gn nt hulk of his propert}', pnssed 
to Sir Talbot iiuwEs, his sou by the se- 
cond marriage ; and thus his eldest sou, by 
hia liMttter wife, wae derived of hia birth-: 
right, and only inherited from his father 
the estate and lordship of BRADLEY Hall, 
which had been acquired by a grant from 
the crown 14th of Elizabeth. The younger 
branch, having in diis mamier become pos- 
sessed of the immense estates of Sir George,, 
continued for a Inn^ time to be one of the 
most considerable families of the county pa- 
lafiae, nntil die property finally caae to (the 
deaoendaat of the aecond marriage) 

Gborgb Bowes, esq. of Streatlam^. 
whose only daughter and heiress, 
Maky-Eleavor, espoused, first, 
John, ninth Earl of Strathmoro, 
who dieieupon aaanmed the sni^ 
name of Bowb8» and had, with 
other issue, 

1. John, who succeeded as 
teuth £url of Stralhinore, 
and was enrdled among die 
peers of the United Kingdom 
by the title of Baron Bovvrs, 
of Streatlam Castle^ 18th 
July, 1815. His lordship m, 
in laao, Msa Mary Milner,. 
of Staindrop, in the county 
of Dnrhani, but dying the 
day after Uia nuptials, the 
Scottish peerage devolved 
upon his brother, while die 
principal part of his fortune, 
including Streatlam, passed 
by will to hit) sou, 

lOHN BoWBS, esq. the 
present proprietor of 
Streatlam Castle, who 
unsuoces.sfuUy claimed 
tlie family honors. 
3. Thomas, present Sari of 

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184 BOWES, OF 

Sthatbiiobi (Me Bwh^t 

Mary- Flpanor, roitntess of 
Strathmore, m. secondly, An- 
dwvf HobinMQ Stoney, cw|* of 
Um %xb^% oovatgr, itfco likmriie 
MMiiDed the name of Bowp.^. 

Sir George Bowes' eldest ami, by Ida fint 


Sir William Bowes, knt. of Bradley 
Ball, wee freqnenfty evplojeA in embusiet 

to Scotland, and was treasurer of Berwick- 
upon-Twpfd, in the r»»ign of JamBS I. He 
m. first, Mary, daughter of Henry, ninth 
LoftD SCROFB, of BvUcm, and upon <lie de- 
eeaae of ber ande, Enuurael, Earl of Svn- 
DERi .AND, heir to that Barony. By this lady 
he had an only daughter, Mar>', m. to Sir 
William Eure. He espou&ed, secondly, Isa- 
bel, davgbter of judge Wray, and reliet of 
Godfrey Fo\jambe, esq. but had HO fbrther 
issue. Dying thea. Sir WilUam waa «. by 
his nephew, 

Sir George Bowes, knt. of Bradley Hall, 
beir^eneral to all the Aunily. This gentle- 
man m. Mary, eldest daughter of Sir Ralph 
Delaval, of Seaton Delaval, and was «. by 
his son, 

Ralph Bowe^, esq. of Bradley Hall, who 
«. 38di January, 1649, Margaret, second 
darii^htrr of Sir Joaopb Cradocky and was s. 

by his son, 

Georce Bowes, esq. of Bradley HaU, 
who was himBelf t. by his son, 

Thomas Bowes, esq. of Bradley Hall, 
wbo m, Ellaabetlk, da«g|(tor of John Pick- 
eriag, esq. of Hedley ndl» and had issue, 
George, bis s«fleeBSor» who d, widiout 


Robert, m. to Ann, only daughter and 
heiress of Ralph Clenenl^ esq. and 
had liiifl. 

1. Thomas, piessat psis f a r af 

Bradley, and representative of 
the ancient family of Bowes. 
3. Ann, at. to — Sarfthson, esq* 
aad had a son, G. T. 8nittida« 

Saiab, m. to Captain Nugent. 
Jane, m, to Jacob Oriere, esq. 

Amu — Quarters : 
1st for BowBSw^EniiiBe, three bows 

strung in pale gu. 
Jlnd for Traynf. — Arg-. a cross flofy^ 

between four martlets az. 
Sid for Da LA Hat.— Arg. a fiess be- 
tween six SHurtlete go. 
4th for DAWT^F.N.—Aig. tesefesssaaa. 

a border (^ng. pu, 

6th tor Con vers of Boulsy. — As. a 
maoneh or, dsbrnised by*a beadlet 

cheeky ermine and or. 
0th for FiTZ Ht'gh.^ — Ar. a rliief and 
three cheTronells cuigoined in base 

Ttfa fax Grbt.— 6a. a Hon taaspattt 

within a border eng. arg. 
8th for Con VERS or SoiTTH CowTOK.— 

As. a mauncb or. 
Mh for AsKB.— Ab. §amt Aasss or. 
lOdk— AsdfsL 

A slMsf of arrowa or, bond fa a 
girdle as. swtnoonted wifli the mottn Smut 

varuMce H man droit. 

Motto — In moltisF— in magnis— in bonis 


Eftutf — Bradley HaU, in the parish of 
Wolsingliam, in the county of Durham, ac- 
qniied, by grant ftom the erown, as part of 
the forfeited possession of the Eailof WsBft> 

moreland, temp. Eluabkth. 

SMtf-Aradley HaU, Dochaai. 

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©.ft e 


ULUNGSTON-SPOONER, ABRAHAM, esq. of Elmdon, in the county of War- 
wick, b. in 1770, m. in 1797, Elizabeth-Maiy-Agneo, 
only daughter and heiress of Luke Lillingston, esq. of 
Ferryby Grange, in the county of York, by whom (who 
d» 6th Januaiy, 1830) he has iatae, 

ItAAC-WiixiAM, m. 9th January, 1832, Katheiine Inneo, 
only daughter of the late Hugh Lindsay, esq. and 
great niece and sole-heiress of the late Sir Hugh- 
Innee, of Balmacara House. 
Charles, m. in 1897, Harriette, only dmghlar of die 
Rer. Charles William FonnereM, of Chilit Chnielif 
Suffolk, and has iinie* 

George, m. 90ih Mmut, im, Bwbam Ann, only child 

of Henry Spoonor, eeq. 

ia Spooner, aMomed by letters patent, upon 
of IlLUVOiTONy the additional surname and 



The Spoonebj were in possession of pro- 
perty in the ricinity of Birmingham temp. 
HcMRT VIII., and at Henwood Hall» in the 
coaaty of WarwidK, towarda the eloae of 
the fifteenth eeatary. 

John Spooner, of Handsworth, in the 
county of Stafibid, Liu 1800, had two 

Jmm* a. ia 1640, who d nnmarried. 

AwuHAM Spooner, esq. who ai. int, 
Umda Hades, by whom he had an only 
•oa, Isaac, in 1666, who espoused Eliza- 
he^ oaly daaghter and heireit of Richard 
Bmdwood, caq. of UHle Broonriek, ia the 
couaty of Warwick, but d, wittoat iMtne. 
Mr. Spooacr wedded^ leoondly* » and 

Ann, m. to Capel Bond, esq. of Coven- 
try, and d. s. p. about the year 1814. 
He espoused, secondly, Anne, daaghter of 
Riehavd Kalghl, eeq. of Dowatra Cbitle, ia 
the eoaa^ of Henlhid, aad had tefher 

Isaac, his heir. 

Elizabeth, d. unmarried in 1816. 
Mary, d. aaaurrfed ia 1888. 

Christiana, m. to Richard Geast, eeq. 

of Moseley, in the county of Wor- 
cester, and d. a widow, in 1826, ia- 

Bwew, eeq. h, ia 1800, who 
ak ini^ Aaae, daaghter of Oeoige Birch, 
esq. of Harbonm, in die county of War- 
wick, and sister of Sir Thomas Birch, one 
•f the judges ia the reign of Oeorgb II. by 
la only daughter, 

TIm eldeeCeoa, 

leAAC Spooiibr, esq. k. ht 1786; wedded 
Barbara, ddeet daughter of Sir Heary 

Gough, bart and sister of the first Lord 
Calthorpe, by whom he had aix aone and 
three daughters, vis. 

AaRAHAH, prdwat proprietor. 
Iiaae, b. in 1774, who ai. Laey, daagh- 
ter of John Tyler, eeq. of ]ledlaade» 

Henry, h. in 1776, who m. Ann-Jane, 
daagMer of Nadiaaiel PalBor-JoliR- 

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•on, esq. of Barleigh-fielcU, Lefcet- 

Wflliim, A. in 1778, who OT. Annn Mn r i 1 , 
fifth daughter of Sir Lucius O Brieu, 
hart, of JDromoiand Castle, iu the 
eoantf of Cltra. 

SiclMfd, h. in 1783, who m. Charlotte, 
daughter of Dr. Wethenll, Beta, of 

Jt^iif b. in 1786. 

Barbarm m. in 1797, to WOliam Wll- 
berforoe, esq. M.P. for Ihe county of 


Ann, m. to Rev. Edward Vansittart- 
Neale, esq. of Allesley Park, War- 

Mr. Spooner was «. at his decease by his 
eldest son, Abraham Spooner, esq. who 
has assnmed, as stated aboTe, the additional 
surname <rf LnxiliQSTOii, and is the present 
lopresentitnre of Hio funily. 


Of this family, sapposed to be of German 
extraction, was 

Colonel Henry Lilunoston, (. in 1020, 
wlo served nader GenonI Mondi, in tibe 
ciril wars. He had two sons, 
Hbnbt, who d. onmarried. 


Luke laLUNOSTON, a soldier of distinction, 
who aildned tte nA of general in the ar- 
mjt and was cnlnisted with die oommand of 

an expedition to the West tnrHps in lfll>6. 
He m. first, Flizabeth, only flaupliter and 
heiress of Kobert baundcrsou, esq. ol Bun- 
nel« in Ae province of Gnelderland, by 
whom he had no issue. He espoused, se- 
condly, Cathenue, only danghter and heiress 

of Colons Hassel, of Kirby Griudilith, in 

the county of York, and relict of Colonel 
Towey. Dying, however, issueless, General 
LillingstoB was #. in the estates of Ferriby 
Grange and Kirby Ofindilith, by his sister's 

LflUmSTON BOWDBN, esq. b. io 1672, 
who assumed th»* surname and arms of LiL- 
LINGSTON, and marrying the datlghter of 
William Dawson, esq. of FarUngton, in tho 
eonnty of York, had issno, 

LuKB, his sncoessor. 

Agnes, m. to William Tliomp0on, eaq. 

of Huniblffoi), Yorksliirc. 
Elizabeth, m. to the Kev. Arthur Robin- 
son, vicar of UolL 
Mary, w. to John Pownal, esf 
of the present Sir Goorgo Pownal. 
Tho only son and nmceasor, 

Luke Lillinostov. e^n. rspoii=«'d Willi- 
elma-Joanna, serond daughter of Abel Dot- 
tin, esq. of English, iu Oxfordshire, grand- 
father of Abel R. DotUn, esq. Uto M.P. for 
SonthanqptoOt by whom ha had an only 
danghfesr and heiress, 

Elizabeth -Mary - Aonfs, who es- 
poused, as stated above, Abraham 
Spooner, esq. 

^rm«— Quarterly, first and fourth, for 
LiLLiKGSTOM, a bugle, stringed, between 
three crescents; second and third, for 
Spoomeu, ai. a boar's head in bend ar. 
armed or, couped, gutt6e de sanjj. 

Estates— yitinoTS ofW^ird End, imrchased 
in 1730, and of Elmdon iu 1700, and of 
Harapton-in-Arden, all in the coonty of 
Warwick ; together with estates in Dorset- 
shire nnd Devonshire. 

iS^I— Elmdon, near Warwick. 

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WOLFEBSTAN-PIPE, STANLEY, esq. of Statfold Hall, in the county of Stefind, 

b. 2l8t March, 1785, m. 2Iftt July, 1817» Elumlwlli. 
Jenrin, eldest daughter of Swynfen-Jervis, esq. of Koft- 
sing^ton, and grandaughtcr of Philip Jcrvia, eiq. of 
Nethexseale, in Leicestenhire, by whom he haa iamw, 

1. pRANCM-STiirroito, h, 14tfa October, 

2. Grace. 

3. Annn-Maria, 

4. Margaret-Jane. 
& Fnnoee-EUmhedi. 
II. Anodier daogliter. 

Mr. Wolferstan succeeded to the estates upon the decease 
of his father ia 1820. 

RoMtT Wotvtanofr, esq. ofWolfeitton, 
io Soiblk, mde hie ivill ia 1408» end WM #. 

Thomas WoLVEasTON, esq. of Culf>e, ia 
SeflbU^ who m. Ifawde (or Mary), daughter 
of Sir HoBvlay Steiiley» of Pype, Knight 
of the body to Kmg Hmmj YIL ood had 

Ph iLip, of Wolverston Hali, in Suffolk, 
who left an only daiighter, 

Mary, m. to Sir JoLu Kelligrew, 
kat. of Arwcaedt, in ComwoU. 

BtmraKT, of whom presently, 

Sampson, m. in July, 1.558, Jane La- 

ranee, and bed sereral children. 



Marjj^aret, wi. to Robert, son and heir 
of Richard Everard, esq. of Hetlier, 
In tbo coonty of Leioeeter. 

Anna, ei. to Hnsh Haeiye. 

The serond son, 

HrupiiKRY WoiFFRSTON, csq, m. Kathe- 
rioe, daughter of John Stanley, esq. of Grove, 
hi Ae connty of Nottingham, by whom lie 
•oquirrd the Manor oi Statfold, in Stafford- 
Hf.rcy, Us 


Haetinge, mi. to Alice Mowlde. 


Mawde, tn. to Thomas Arhlaster, esq. 
of Loogdon* in Hut county of Stil^ 



Katherine, m, to Ralph Thickuesse, esq. 

of Ballerley, in Stallbrdahira. 

Mr. Wolferston d. about tte year lOOH, and 

was s. hy his eldest son, 

Uekcy Wolferston, esq. who »i. l«th 
September, 1503, Mary, daughter of Ralph 
E^^arton, eeq. of Betley, and bad ierae, 

Walter, d. in infancy. 
Francissb, his aueceasor. 

Richard, d. young. 

Katherine, m, to John Bromefieldji and 

Mr. Wolferston, who was sometimes s^led 
Captain Wolferston, and Is suppoeed to bavo 

been at the taking of Cadiz in 1505, d. 128tb 
July, 1636, and was s. by his eldeat mu- 
viving son, 

FRANOses WOUFBRRTON, esq. baptixed 
ard May, 1912, wbo m. 29di Sept. 1681, 
Frnnce.««, cldpBt of twenty-two childrfin of 
George Middlemore, esq. of Haslewell, and 

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h.\d a numerous iuuc, of which three sons 
aad three daughters lived to matority, riz. 
Francis, Mi nusoaMor. 
Hlddleiiior«, b. Angwt,UM3,who 

d. unmarried. 
Stanford, M.A. in holy orders, Vicar 
of WoCton-Waweii, md Pelloir of 
King's College, Cambridge, who m. 
first, in 1679, Isabella, daughter of 
John Hinckley, D.D.Kector of North- 
field, in the county of Worcoater, by 
whom (wfao d. io leSO) lie Indaaonly 
duld» Fmeb, who d. in infancy. He 
espoused secondly, Susanna, daughter 
of Mr. John Creed, of Cambridge, 
and left issue at bis doOflOM Mi 
SoplBiiiboFy MB6t 

1. Stanford, of whom bermllor, 
as heir to hi^ uncle. 

2. Edward, b. in 1091, who d. g. p. 
in 1761| and was buried at Tarn- 

3. Fnaela, in koly orders, Reetor 

of Drayton Basset, in the court^- 
of Stafford, and of Grendon. in 
the coon^ of Warwick, d. s. p. 

4. Nioliolast 'wlio mided at Baty, 

in the county of Devon. He m. 
twicp, but left issue only by bis 
first wife (Elizabeth, daughter of 
Gooige Pliillips, esq. of Cora- 

Bdward, who had two wires, 
but left issue by the second 
only, riz. 
Nicholas, h, in 1774, who 

d. nnmarrif'd in 1799. 

Mary, m. to Kev. William 
Chanter, ctirnte ofHart- 
land, and had i»sue. 

BUsnhelh, nk to the Rer. 
ThomaslhOBW, master 
of a prainmRr Hchnol at 
Bristol, and had issue. 


Sarah, who d, ttUBarried 

in 181i. 


5. Humphrey, Solicitor in Tam- 

Oface* d. unm. in 1720. 

Annf», m. in 1662, to Edward Arblastrr, 

esq. of Lyswis, grandson of Sir 

Thomas Arblaster. 
Bliaabelh, as. Io John Bott, esq. of 

Dnnstall, in the coonty of Stafford, 
and had, with three other daughters, 
Grace, who espoused Hie Her. 

Humphrey Pipi^. M. A. Ymini:''5't 
of the branch springing- from John 
de Pype, living temp. RicUiiRO 
n. and Ind issoe, an only son, 
Samuel Pipe, in hoW orders, 
M.A. virar of Croxall, in 
the county of Derby, and 
rector of Walton on Trent, 
In the sane ahiie, k in 
August, 1719. who m. 19th 
September, 1749, Dorothy, 
eldest daughter of Stanford 
WommsTAN, esq. of Stat- 
Ibld Hall, by whmn (who dL 
28th October, 1754), he had 
several children, mentioaed 

The eldest son, 
FiRANas WoLPusTON, esq. puidiaaedt In 

1685, the manor and a considerable part of 
the lands of Harlaston, in the county of 
Stafford. This gentleman was the particular 
friend and fellow amateur of Dr. Plot, the 
historian of Stalfoidshire, who ineribes his 
first plate to him, and frequently quotes him 
as an authority for his narrative. He was 
likewise a maker of indifferent verses; 
among others, a translation of Otid dt mri$ 
miiumdi. In 1007 he began to write hia 
name Wvlferstan, an orthography his bro- 
ther and pogterity continued. 

Mr. Woiierstaji was a barruiter of good 
practice nntil tiio ReTolQtion» hot ever after 
one of the stiffest of non-jurors. He m* 
twice, but left issue only by bi? fir^t wife, 
Hester,* daughter of John Bowser, esq. of 
Biddnlph (by Elizabeth, daughter of Sir 
William Bowyer), vis. an only danghter, 

Akn, heiress to her Mlier's purchased 

estates. She was second wife to Sir 
John rton, liart. of Writirliill, 
but dying in i72(i, without surviving 
Issne^ devised her possessions to Sir 

* Tlwlbllowing lines tnthettMOi^ of this lady, 
who d. in 1673, were inscribed bjher hosNnd, in 

the church of Statfbld. 

If sober sweetnes, cbeftrfull modosti*. 

If prudence, patience, piety, a hie, 

And fruitful faidi, healtb, wealth or beotjr eoald 

DrfpTirl from dcnth, '?h" finti nrt Hv'd, botOIOed 

A Ureing monument of these, before 

She's goo, shsls deed to 1ive,snd die aoweiew 

^ kj I., d by Googl 



Mm Bferloii*t4Uidwn>by«£niner 

At Mr. WoLfent&ii A deoeaae, thus without 
mI« iM»> SlitlUd devolMd upon his 
Mpk«w and keir ia tall, 

Stanford Wolferstan, esq. an active 
nagutrate for the rounttps of Stafford ;iik1 
Wamick, who m. Sarah, youngest daughter 
•f Sir Edward UtOelOB, ban. and Iwd tene, 
littleton, wko dL«.|». belwa Ids ft^r, 

in 17fW. 

Dorothy, who m. in 1749, the Rev. 
Samlu, Fife, M. A. Rector of Wal- 
tOB-OB-Tnnt, whom (who d. 16Ui 
February, 1779) she had issue, 

1. Sami'fl, inheritorof StatfoldfOf 
whom presently. 

2. Humphrey, of Uttozeter»friboiR. 
ia 1976, Elinbeft, dangbler of 
Charles Peafell, esq. and had one 
SOD, Samuel, who d. young. 

S. Sarah-Urace, m. to James Bell, 
of U tHw tg ter, and bad iMue, aion, 
SwnaeL h. 17th January, 1789, 
who m. Katherine^ dau^^hter of 
Simon Mountfort, esq. of Beam- 
burst, and Uiree daughters, 
SaTab-Graoe» An»-lfaiy, aad 
Dorothy de Pipe. 
4. Elizabeth, m. in 1776, to the 
ReT. George Greares, Rector of 
StaatOBy and of Swafkttoa, hoth 
ia Ibe ODonty of Darby, aad bad 
issue, a son, George, who d. in 
I HOI .with four daughters, Lydia- 
ifliizabeth, the wife of the Rev. 
Pfeal Beleber, Dorolby^Cathe- 
rine. Frances, and Georgiana, m. 
to W. D. Flamsteed, esq. 
Sarah, m. in 1737, to Joepph Girdler, 
caq. barriater at law, son and heir of 
Scijeaal loMph Obrdlar, of Baielor, 
in tbe covmty of Staibrd, aad dying 
ia 1781, left ismie, 

1. JoMpb-Bayntum-Oirdler, who 

dL ia 1997. 
% Joba-Stanford-Olidlar, h. In 
1751, of Haselor, m. Mrs. Le- 
titia Jonp«. find had isiue. 

3. Frances - Lucy Girdler, d. in 

Joyoe, m. firtC, to Edward Littleton, eiq. 

of the Moat, hy whom she hnd no 
iaaue. She espoused secondly, Ed- 
ward Plauitt d, es^. of liolehail, near 

Taaiworth, and left at her decease in 
1776, an only suniring daughter, 
Mary-Elizabethy second wife of tlie 
Rot. Martin Staftid Snutb, of Bath, 
Rector of Fladboiy, la fte coaaty of 

Hester, d. unmarried in 1746. 
Frances, of Widcombe House, near 

Balh, 4* ia 1797, aaiaanried. 
Elizabeth, in. in 1773, to Thomas 
Hedges, esq. of Week, in the county 
of Deron, major in the North Devon 
militia, and d. in 1811, f. p. 
Mr. Staalbid WoUsistaa dyiiv Sad Jaly, 
1773, devised his estates,* after tiia docaaio 
of bis wife, to his grandson, 

Samuel Pipe, esq. who inheriting them 
upon tbe demiie of that lady, assumed, in 
1770, by aiga manual, the surname and arms 
of Wolferstan. He m. first, Margaret, 
daughter of Walter Biddulph, esq. of Rar- 
ton-nnder-Needwood, uncle to Sir The- 
opblfaia Btddnlph, bart aad had fame, 
Stanlbt, prewnt proprietor. 
Margaret, ai. In 1817, to Charles Salt, 


He espuiuied secondly, 4th October, 1796» 
EUaabafli, eldest daaghter of Philip Jervls, 
esq. cousin of Jolm, Earl St Vlaoent, bat 
had no further issue. 

Mr. Pipe Wolferstan, a diligent and ac- 
complished antiquary, d. la 1690, aad waa 
«. by his son, Stanley PiPE-WoLFERSTAif, 
esq. now representative of the fiuaUy, 

i4mM— Quarterly; for WoLRRSTAN. Sa. 
a ibst wavy between Aree wolres' heads 

erased or. For Pipe. Az. two organ pipei 
in chev. between ten cross crosslets or. 

€re$tt—Vor WoLrrRSTAv. A wolf under 
a tree all ppr. For Pipe. A Leopard's 
head erMod or. 

Alairs— Statfeld, hi lha eooaty of Staf- 
ford, first possessed in 1M0, Heartheola, In 
the county of Derby, and Pi|>e, near Lich- 
field, an ancient properly of that family, re- 
purchased in 1800 from thaWeMs, of Dor* 
setshiio» by the lata Mr. Ffpe WdHbrstaa, 

&ar— StatfoU Hall, near tatwwih. 

• With Tomshidsr to Us gnndson HaaiphMy 

Pipe, and his other ErrBm^sons, tbe Girdt.irs, in 
strict settlement, and sU taking the nsBM snd vbm 


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LATHAM, JOHN, esq. of BradmJl Hall, in the ooimly of Chester, M.D. of Brtmuom 

m College, Oxford, late Preaideiit of the Royal CoUcfs 
of Physiciaiia, London, F.R.S. L.8. Sit. 29th Decern- 
her, 1761,111. im April, 1784, Mary, eldeat daughter 
y/^^ and oo-heiieea of the Rererend Peter Meyer, (eee fiuniif 

<"m~-mnbfc of Meyer at foot) Vicar of Pfeethtuy, and haa iiane, 

John, LL.D. sometime of All Suul cullegc, Oxford, 
h. tilth March, 1787; m, Eliiabeth, daughter of Sir 
Henry Dampier, knt. Ute one of the jndgea of die 

court of's bench. 
Peter-Mere, M.D. of nrasenn«i(' col1*»fr<', Oxford, feU 
low of the royal college ot ptiy^iciuns, b. Ut July, 
1789 ; M. Diana-ClaiiiBa, daughter ci Migor-geneml 
Ae Hon. GranvSUe-Anioo Chetirynd-Stanrlton. 
Henry, M.A. of Brasenose College, Oxford, in holj 
orders, b. 4th November, 1794; m. Maria, dant^litor 
of James Halliwell, caq. of Bruomfield, in Lancashire. 
Sarah, m. to George Ormerod, esq. of Sedbury Park, 

in the county of Gloncester, and haa iioae* 
Frances, d. unmarried in 1839* 

Doctor Latham eneoeeded hia father 2lBt June, 1783. 

This is a junior branch of the ancient 
Gheahire house of IiATHOm, of Lathom ami 
Knowdey, wfcicb tenainated fn an heiresb, 
Isabella Latbah, who at. Sir John Stan- 
ley, k'l^ nncc'stor of the earls of Derby, by 
which alliance the Stanleys acquired, with 
other lands, the estate of Kuowsley, in 
Laneaahire, which has aboe heen their dilef 
aeat. This line divided itself into various 
branclip?, nmoni^st which the estate -.vns 
partitioned, and immediate traces of con- 
nexion lost, but in the reign of Henry YIII. 
Albxandu db Latham occors in esdsting 
deeds, aa aeiaed of lands in Astbury, and 
ttsin;; the mme arms: and from him pro- 
perty dt'Aceuded lineally to the present pro- 
prietor of Bradwall. 

Alexander Latham, of Congltton, in 
Chesliire, liviug inthetiaieof UBMav YUI. 

was father of 

John Latham, of Conglcton, w)io m. 9th 
Fehroary, 1578, Margaret, daughter ot — 
Wantte, and was «. hy hi» son, 

John Latham, of Congleton, Sftth Oc- 

tober, 1579; m. 2nd February, 1607, Prig- 
cilia, daughter of — I^y, and had issue^ 

John, hiu successor. 
Edward, who left israe* 

J<An, in holyocdaiB, vicar of Bed- 
iicMd, in 8offolk» father of 
John, rector of Weatleigh, in. 
the aame coon^* 




John Latham d. Slat December, 1031, and 
was «. hy hia eldeat son, 

John Latham, of Congleton, h in 160O, 
and dyin^' in 1070, was J. hy hia aon. 

The Rev. John Latham, rt-rtor of Law> 
ton, in Cheshire, b. in 1636; m. ai&t March, 
1692, Maria, daughter of — Moreton, ami 
Iiad issae, 

John, his seeeesMr. 

Heater, w, to the Rot. WHliani B«ll, 
leclor of Gawaworth, and d* ». ^ 

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HT.Iittftam d» 6tlfc Jime, 190ft» and #. 

ky his son. 

The Rt\ . John Latham, minister of Bun- 
oey, in the county of Notts, and of Wool- 
strop, in Lektttexshire, h, lltii November, 
MM; «. Hmguet, danchter of WiUiAm 
Kaott, esq. of Great GonMliy, ia Liiicobi* 
^ire, aod bad two ^ons, 

John, l»b succeMor, 

Cbarles, of Waltbam, in Leicestershire, 

Mr. IjiAmd was «. by Ins elder MO, 

Ttoi Bsv. Jdm Latham, B.A. of Oriel 
College, Oxford, minister of Siddincfton, in 
Cheshire, b. 2Hth Novrmher, 1725; tn. [n\i 
Jane, 1753, Sarah, daughter of iiichurd 
Podmore, esq. of Sandbacb, ia llie aaoie 
covBty, aiiid had jane, 

John, M-.D. present proprietor of Brad- 
well Hall, in the county of Chester. 

Richard, of Sandbach, m. Sarah, dnn^h- 
ter of Charles Latham, esq. of Wal- 
tibam, in. Ae emniy of Leiceiter,aiid 

Mr. Latham d. 21st June, 1783, and was 
b f ia i at Prestborx, in the ooiui^ of Qies- 


A9WM Em. on a chief indeiiled ai. three 

besants, over all a bend galea. 

Crtst — On a rock ppr. an eagle with 
wings elfn itrd erminois, preying on a child 
ppr. swaddled az. banded ar. 

£rf«#if— The OMdior of Bradwall, in Che- 
ihire, poicihaaed by the present proprietor, 
with varioos other minor estatns, in the same 
county, inherited from the Meres and Ar- 

Stmi — Bradvvall Hall, Chesiiire. 



PcTUt Mem, of Hosgh, son and heir of 

William Mere, of Mere, m. Frances, daugh- 
u-T of John Gerton, of Burton npon Trent, 
and had issue, 

TvnM, d**,p*m 1737. 

Henry, d. «. |i. in 1746. 


Peter Mere d. in 1720, and wa^ * by hi-i 
eldest son, Peter, who dying s. p. wus #. 
by his brodier Hbmry, hot he dying like- 
wise issueless, flie eslatat and representa- 
tion devolved upon the youngest son, 

Nathami-i. Mkyeb, of Macclesfield, who 
m. ^uTiih, daughter of William Liugard, 

Peter, his successor. 
Henrj', in holy orders, M.A. fellow of 
Brasenose collepre, Oxford, and rec- 
tor of Cottiiigliatu, in Northampton- 
shire, SI. Eton, dani^ter ^ — Jeffe- 
ries, of Norlhirich, hnt A «, |k ja . 


Mary, d, 4th Janoary, 1733. 
The eldest son, 
The Rev. Pbtbk Meyer, vicar of PresC- 

bury, in the county of Chester, b, 30th 
March, 1728; m, 26th December, 1763, 
Martha, second daughter and co-heiress of 
John Ardeme, esq. of ^ Oak, in Sntlon, 
Cheshire, and of Romsey, in Hants, and 
left nt hia decease. In I78fiy t«n dssnMHS^ 
his co-heirs, viz. 

Mary, m. to the present John Latham, 

Frances, m, to the Rev. David Davies, 

D.D. of Macclp^fif^ld, nnd (lifd 15fh 

October, 1707, leaving an only daugli- 


Frahcis Davim. 

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COLE» STEPHEN.THOM AS, esq. of Stoke Lyne, in the ooonty of OxM, aad of 

Twickenham, Middlesex, b. 26th April, 1765; m. IMi 
January, 1 795, Lady Elizabeth Stanley, second daughter 
of the Earl of Derby, and niece to the Dokee irf Hnul- 
toa and Aifgyll, bj whom he has iasiw, 

Edwamd, captain in the Oscfend Militia, «. to Mavy- 

IjBtitia, daughter of Sir Henry Pamell, bail, aad 
relict of Lord Henry Seymoor Moore. 


Mowbray, an officer in the army. 


Mr. Cole #. to the 
of hbfittfaer. 

of the 


The Cole fianily hae been leated at 
Twiokenham, fai Middlesex, for several ge- 
nerations, and may be found iu the church 
registers as early as 1584. Previous to the 
usurpation of Cromwell, the Coles poosessed 
■early Ae iHmIo place; and Ihere ii a ine 
monument of tliefla In Petonhan dmreh, 
erected in 1624. 

One branch of the family was elevated to 
tte rank of baronet in 1640i 

The present possessor of Stoke Lyne, in 
Oxfordshire, is the eldest son of the late 
M^jor Ck)Ie, of the 98th regiment, by Isa- 
bella, eldest daughter of the late Sir Henry 
Ibbetaon, bart and inherited hie estate in 
the county of Oxford from the Countess of 
Shipbrook, only daughter of Samuel Ibbot- 
•on, esq. elder brother of Sir Henry Ibbet- 

son, bart and widow of tte UmA of Ship- 
brook. Francis Burton, ee^ first cousin to 

the late Major Cole, represented the town 
of Woodstock, previously to the city of Ox- 
ford, for many sessions iu parliament. He 
waa alao reoMder of both plaeea, joint joo- 
tice of Chester, and one of his maj /t i ty^ 

Arm$ — Ar. a bull passant gu. armed or, 
widda a bordnre aa. beiaiit^e. 

CVe«f — ^A demi-gripboa holdiag aa arrow 

or, headed and feathered arg. 

Motto — Deum Cole, rogem serva. 

E$tatei — Stoke Lyne, and Fencott, near 
Bioeeter, Oxibrdshire, ittherited, hi 17I9, 
from the Countess of Shipbrook. 

Seat$ — Stoke Lyne, Oxfordshire; aad 
Twickenham, Middlesex* 

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TREMAYNE, J0HN-HK.\RLE, esq. of Heligan, in Cornwall, and of Sydenham, in 

the county of Devon j 5. 17th March, 1780, 7n. II th 
January, 1813, Caroline-iMatiUh, youn^ost daughter of 
Sir William Lemoa, iiaronet, of Carclew, and has issue, 

John, h. 15th April, 182.5. 
Arthur, b. 16th May, 1827. 
Henry-Hawkins, b, 24th March, 1830, 
Harriel- Jane. 
Maiy. * 

Mr. Tremayne, who has represented Cornwall in Parlia- 
ment, inherited the estates from his fiuher, the Reverend 
Hemy Hawkins Tremayne. 


From the Manor of Trematne, in flie 
parish of St. Martin, on the banks of Hel- 
fbid-Haven, tl»i-s family derived at a Tery 
mole period its designation, and in the 
M%eer BDWAftD m. we find rending Hiere 
PtRTs Trbiiaymb* who, by his wife, Dame 

Opre Tr*'skptrys, wa* fiithrr of 

JOHM Tremayne, to whom, having no 
Imm UoMelf, racoeeded his brother, 

FtRTt TRBMATfiB, who m, OMfn Tre- 
vartra, and was grandfather of 

Thcmas Tremayne. This was the last 
reANient of the family at Tremayne. He 
c*P«aed lenbella, daughter and sole hei- 
ress of Treaduttd, of Collaoombe, in the 
parish of Lamerton, and removed in con- 
■e^oence to that estatt . \vh»'rp his descend- 
ttte flouishml for more than three centuries, 
dte bli^ieat degree of reputation. 
B}- the lieiKte of Hie Trendierde he had 

Nicholas, his successor. 

in holy orders, rector of Au- 
], in DevoMhiie, and eenon 

of St. Peter's, Exeter. 

:s Tmnrlinrd) ^iir^'ivin^ !»er 
hosbttbd, remarried u iib .Sir Johu Dammerel, 
■•d acquired so much influence over her 
second lord, that he actlkd npon her and 
hr'iTu by Tremayne (she had no children 
hy Dammcn*)) North Huish, Sydfnham- 
BAMESiL, with other lands, and appointed 

I her ezeentrin hj hie will, dated befiNre the 

feast of Simon and Jude, 1902. 
Tremayne was /. by his elder son, 

Nicholas Tremayne, who was s. by hie 


THOVAe Trbmatmb, who m. Elizabeth, 
d a ughter of Carew. In 1446, £dmnnd 

Lacy, Bishop of Exeter, granted license 
unto tliis Thomn^ Tremayoe and hia wife, 
" that they might have divine service cele- 
brated in their preeenee within tlie Manor 
of Gdllacoaibe.'' They had ieeue n eon and 

John Tremayne, of Collacombe, who 

wedded daughter of Waxr, and 


John, Ina heir. 

Richard who wae eeated at Tregonnan, 

in the parish of St. Eae, in.Comwall, 

and was ancestor of 
Lewis Tremaynr. of Heligan, who 
eommanded a regiment of Jbot 
for JTm^ Charles I., and wae 
Castle. This gallant person had 
two sons, 

1. John (Sir), seijeant at law, 
who tf. iaeneleee. 
* Charlee, whose son, 

Lewis Tremayne, m. the 
co-heiress of Ciotwor- 

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thy, in Devon, mcI was j 
t. by son, | 
JOUN» who espoused 
Omce, (liiuj^litrr 
and heir of Henry 
Hawkins, esq. of 
St. Au»tell,aiid]eft 
a son, ' 
Tke Rev. Hbn- 
RY Hawkins 
TftEMAYNF., of 

whom here- repre- 
scDtatire of 
the ftmily mt 
the decease of 
Arthur Tre- 
mayne, esq. of 
Sydenham, in 

Mr. Tremayne was t. by his elder son, 

John Tkfmaynk, of Collaconibe, high 
sheriff of Cornwall, in tin contl of Hr\fiy 
VII. (1486). This genlltiuao wedded Phi- 
li^pa, eldest dnnghter of Roger Grenville, 
<»f Rtowp, in the same county, and liad eight 
sous with aa many daughters, the former 

1. Roger, who d. 

2. Edmond, of whom Frince, in his wor- 
thies of Deron, gives the following 
account. " Being a younger brother 
he became servant to Edward, Mar- 
quess of Exeter, and a great sufferer 
lor hit inviolable fidelity to hie noble 
master : — for when the Marquess of 
Exeter, and the Ladu Elizabeth, 
(afterwards Queen of England, of 
Gloriou'! Memory), were committed 
to the Tower in ilueen Mary's days, 
npoQ an aocneatiott of being privy* to 
Wyat's conspiracy, Mr. Edmund Tre- 
mayne was set on the rack, thereby 
to extort from him a confbeeion of 
their gruilt (prisoners were oft exa- 
mined about her, and some were put 
to tiie rack to try if they could be 
brought to accuse that lady) ; wherein 
approving their innocency and his 
own fidelity, witli invincible resolu« 
tion,liewas upon the Lady Biaabetfi's 
advancement to the throne made one 
of the clerks of her Majesty s most 
honorable privy council. He had 
also an honorary salary settled upon 
him by the ci^ of Exeter, for the 
good offices it had received ausd ex- 
pected from him. Tie m. Eulalia, 
daughter of Sir John Saint JLeger, 
and had two sons, named Francu, 
who both died issueless." 

3. DiooBYf eventiud snooessor to the 

4. Richard, (twin with John) in holy 
orders, and an eminent dirlbe. He 

was educated at Oxford, and became 
a fellow of Exeter College, in Aat 

University, which he retained until 
the accession of QiMtfH Mary, when 
be was obliged from his seal for the 
reformation to seek an asylum in 
Germany, having been deprived of 
his fellowship. Upon the elevation 
of EuZAveru to toe throne he re- 
turned from exile, and visiting hi* 
college had the honor of receiving 
both degrees of divinity at onoe on 
the I'ltli FfbrTiary, l.'>05. T>f>cfor 
Tremayne subsequently removed to 
Oates Hall, and ttience passed within 
a short period into his own county, 
being instituted Canon Kcsidentiary 
of St. Peters, Exeter, and treaanrer 
of that church. He was esteemed in 
liis time a famous preacher, and he 
id styled by Carew — *' Well born, 
learned, and well beloved." He m. 
Jo-m, eldetit dausjliter of Sir Piers 
Courlunay, of Ugbrook, but d. s. p, 
in 1684. 

5. John, twin with his brother Doctor 


6. Niebof as > twins, between Ihcae bro- 

7. Andrew > thers ?n cjeat a resem- 
blance iu person and ^mpatbjr of 
affection subsisted, as scarcely to have 

been paralleled in any otlier ins^tance. 
RiHiden, in his survey of Devon, re- 
lates tlie following singular facts re- 
garding them. Nicholas and An- 
drew Tremayne were twins and 
younger sons of Thomas Tremayne, 
esq. of Oallacumbe, in this county; 
they were so like in all their linea- 
ments, 80 equal in statures, so co- 
lotired in hair, and of such resem- 
blance in far*' mi l gesture, that they 
could not be known the one from the 
other; no notbr dieir paienla, bre* 
thren, or sisters, but privately by some 
secret mark, or openly by wearing 
some soTMml cokmred ribond or the 
like : which in sport, they would 
sometimes change to make trial of 
their friends' judgments, which would 
often occasion many mirthfiil mis- 
takes. Yet Komewbnt more strange 
it was, tliat ihev agreed in mmd and 

tJhe6m as much as in body ; forwhnt 
one loved, the other desired ; so on 
the contrary, the loathing of the one 
wns the dislike of the other. Yea I 
•uch a consideration of inbred power 
and sympathy was in their natures, 
that if NMhobM wns sick and inrieved, 
Andrew felt the liko pain, though 
they were far distant and remote frwm 
each other ; this too wi^ont any in- 
telligence given unto either i>arty. 
And what is farther observable, if 

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Andrew was merry, Nicholas wa^ so 
■fected although in different places ; 
which they could not long endure to 
W. for the>' ever desired to oaf, drink, 
sleep, and wake together. Yea! m they 
lived and so they died. In the year 
\M4 tliey both j<erM'd in the %rars at 
Newhaveu, in France (now better 
known by die name of HaTre de 
Grace), where in tlii^ they something 
differed (thoudi it being in that which 
waa wilhoaf nieni, waa not much in 
thrm) that the one was a captain of 
a troop of horse, and tlie other a pri- 
vate aoldier ; hot still with the same 
sympathy of affection. Bein^ both 
to liie la^t decree brave, they put 
themselves iutu pudt:> of greatest ha- 
sard. At length one of the brolliera 
was sl iin, an?! the other instantly 
stepped into hii^ place, and there in 
the midst of danger, no persnaaioo 
being able to nmoffe him, he waa alao 


8. Hubert, who died an infant. 

The two elder sons, KooER and EoMUKD, 
dying issueless, the estates ereDtually de- 
void t»l u|ion the third son, 

l>it,uKY Thcmayne, esq. who thua became 
of CoUaoombe, and was «. by his son, 

AaTHi'B Tki M \Y\ r, f -q. of Collacombe. 
This gentleman m. iu 15b(i, Mar\', daughter 
of Sir Riefaard Groville hnt, of Slowe, 
by whom he had a numerous family, and 
d>ing ID 1634, was «. by his eldest sou, 

Bdiii!>ni> TaEUAYNE, csq. of CoUacombe, 
who wedded Bridi,'et, daughter of Sir John 
CSooper, of Dorsetshire, and had isMie, 

ij^^ I both died unmarried. 

John, one of the most gallant and de- 
voted of the Cavalikhs In the iiti for- 
tunate civil wars. He endured much 
personal suffering and gnreat loseea by 
hh fidelity to his royal master, and 
died in the life time of iiia father, 

Bdmnrnl . like his brotlinr, a distinguished 
aod taiihfuiadherentof itin^ Charles 
I- He d, munairied in 1007. 

• Upon die iDOnum^ at of these extniordinsr)- 
brothers the following lines are eng^red. 
The** Hkeo'd twins, in form and fancy one. 
Were like Kff«cted, and like liabit cliose : 
Th*ir rslourat Newhaven tiepc vrns known, 
Where both eaooiralerad fieitely with tfioir foes; 
*^~M^aM«f both sore wounded lost his breHth, 
i t* ather sbin, nwenging brother 's death. 

The youngest son, erendtaUy inheriting the 

estates, became 
Arthur Trehavnb, esq. of CoHacombe. 

This i!:e!it1f inan was a colonel in the army. 
He Hi. liiidget, daughter of Nicholas Ha- 
therliegh,esq. of Lamerton.and was father of 
Edmi'nd TRK\f avm , esq. of Collacombe, 
who espoused Arabella, daujjliter ami «Ae 
heiress of Sir Edward Wise, K.B. of.Svden- 
ham, in the county of Devon, (by Arabella, 
daughter and co-heir of Oliver, Laid St. 
John) by whom he had issue, 

Arthur, his successor. 
Edward-Wise, who appears to have 

died issueless. 

Mr. Trenmyne was by his eldest son, 

Aatuur Tremayne, esq. of Sydenham, 
who m. Grace, daughter of Sir Halseweil 
Tynte, bart of Halswell, and was #. by bis 

son , 

Arthur Tremayne, esq. of Sydenhan^. 
This gendeman espoused Miss Hammond, 
of Wiltshire, and left an only child, 

Arthur Tremayne, esq. of Syd, nliam, 
b. in 1776, who dyine unmarried iu Decem- 
ber, 1808, devised the principal estates of 
the family to 

The Rev. Henry Hawkins Tremayne, 
the lineal heir and, after the decease of the 
said Arthur, representative of the ancient 
house of Tremayne, (refer to issue of Rich- 
ard, second son of John Tremayne, of Col- 
lacombe, by tlje daughter of Warr) 

Mr. Hawkins Tremayne espoused Harriet, 
daughter and co-heir of John Hearle, esq! 
of Penrj n, sometime Vice Warden of Corn- 
wall Stannaries, and left at his decea.«f» an 
only son, the present John Hearle Tre- 
mayne, esq. of Heligan and Sydenham. 

A rm Gules, three dexter arms, con- 
joined at the shoalden and flexed in triangle 

or, fists ppr. 

Crest — Two arms, cmbowed, holding be- 
tween their bands a man's head ppr. on ^ 

head a high crowned hat sa. 

Estates — In the centre and west of Corn- 
wall. In the nordi and west of Devon. 
Succeeded to tlie lands of the elder brandl 
of the family by the will of the last posses- 
sion in 1808. Tlie rest, chiefly by inherit- 
ance, derived principally through marriages 
with Dart, Clotworthy, Hawkins, and Hearle. 

iSc»i#— Heligan, Cornwall, mid Sydenham, 


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HOWARD, HENRY, esq. of Corby Castle, in the county of Cumberland, i. 2nd 

Jtilv, l?.*)?, m. first in 178B, Maria, dau<jhter and co-heir 
of Andrew, Lord Archer, by whom, who d, in 1789, 
he had no iMue. He espoused, secondly, in Herdi, 1 793, 
Catheriiie-Mary, second daughter of Sir Ridbwd NeeTe, 
' T)agnem Park, in the cou&tj of Essex, bert. and has 

ST ST * y »«sue, 

N X Jl ♦t* r Philip-Hekry, M. P. b. T2i\d April, IbOI. 

Henry^Francis, m. in 1830, Hon. Sevilla Erskine, 

daughter of Lord Erskii i . .un! \r,\< n dntiirhtr r. 
Catherine, m* in 1839, to the Hon. i'liilip biuurton. 
Emma, m. to WilUau-Henry, pretent iJord Petre. 
Adc-liza-Maria, m, in 1890, 10 Henry-Petre, esq. and 
d. in itiUS 

Mr. HownM \h high sheriff for the county of Cumberiand» 

iu tiie pretieul year (1832). 


Tliis is a branch of the dncal house of 
Norfolk, springing from the seeond son of 
Thomas, fourth duke. 

Lord Wiluam Howard, who was res- 
tored in blood by act of ]);ir]i;tment in 1603. 
He espoused Elixabetb, daughter of Thomas, 
and sister and co-heir of George, Lord Da* 
ere, of Gilli'slaiid, and in her rif^ht becante 
possessed of Naworth Castle, in the county 
of Cumberland, and of Hindekkkell (where 
now stands Castle Howard.) in Yorkshire. 
By this lady his lordship left at hi-^ decease, 
five sous and three daughter^, \u. 
Philip C8ir>« whose in'andson, 
Charles, was elevated fn the peerage 
in the dignities of Baron Da ere, of 
GUleilandi Viteonnt Howard, of 
Morpeth, and Earl of Carlislf.. 
byletters patent dated 20th April, 
Iwl, and was aaoestor of tiie pre- 
sent rrirl. 
FRANCii> (.i^irj, o!" \s lioiu presently. 
Wflliam (Sir), d. s,p. 
Charles (Sir), m. Dorothy, daughter of 
Sir Uenry Witberington, luit- and 
left a son, WilUani. 
Thomas, m. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir 
William Eure, knt. and had issue 
(with a son, Thomas, who d. un- 
married) two daughters, his co-heirs. 
Frances, ai. to — FeAerston, esq. 

Mary. m. to Sir John Win tour. 
E1i7:thr>th. m, to Sir Henry Boding- 

feid, knt. 

Margaret, m, to Sir Thomas Cotton, bt. 
The second son, 

Sir Francis Howard, knt. of Corby Cao- 
tle, in tlie cotinty of NorThninltt rlaud, m. 
first, Margaret, daughtt^r oi John Preston, 
esq. of the Manner, in lAncashire, and had 


Thomas, a colonel in the service of 
CRARtes T. who te\k at AUierton 

M-ior, in 

Elisabeth, «. to Edward Standiah, esq. 
of StandUh, in the county of Lan- 

Sir Francis espoused, secondly, Mary, 
daughter of Sir Henry Witherington, knt. 
by «Aom he had isMS, 





lie was f. by his eldest son, 

Francis Howard, »q. of Corby, wiio as. 
twice, hnt If^a%'ing no mrilp issue at his de- 
cease, iu 17US2, devised his estate to his 
fourth brodker, 

William Howard, esq r.r Torby Castle, 
who m. Jane, daughter of William DalstoOy 
esq. of Aoombank, in tte oonntf of West- 
morland, and dying in 1739, was #. by bin 

Thomas Howard, esq. of Corby Castle, 
who ffl. first, Barbara, daughter of John, 

Viscount Lonsdnlr, by whom he had (with 
three tions. whod. m infancy) three daughters, 

Mary, d. yonng. 


Jane, m. to Francis Warwick, esq. of 
Warwick Hall. 
He espoQsed, secondly, Barbara, sister of 

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Sir OirifltDplier Mti^;nTe, vaA dying in 

1740, was t. by his son, 

PuiLUP Howard, etq. of Corby Castln, 
«1io n. Ann, daugbter of Henry Wifham, 
enq. of Clifli', in tLo county of York. IIe<f, 
in and waa «. by hia aoot Uenry 

HovASD, e»q. now re|nwMntatire of tlie 

A rmu Quarterly of six. 

HowAiD^gn. on bend between six cross 
tnmltta, fitche arg. an escntdiflon or, 
char^f^ with a demi-Hon rampant. 
pierc4;>d tUruugh the mouth with an 
arrow within a double treaore flory, 
counter flory of the first. 
BRoTiiEaTON, gu. three lions passant, 
gnardant in pale, or, on a chi«f a label 
of fhcee points ajrg. 

Warrbn — Cheqoy, or and as. 
Mowbray — Gu. a lion rampant, arg. 

armed and langued az. 
Bacrb — Gv. ^ree escallops ar. 
Gkevstock — Barry of six arg. and az. 
over all three chaplets gu. 
€fre$i — On a cbapeav go. turned np ep> 
mine, a lion statant ^uardant, the tail ex- 
tended or, ducally crowned arg. gorged with 
a label of three points of the last. 
Motto — Volo lion valeo. 
Estates~la CUMBERLAND, first possessed 
in 162(ji. In the county of Durham — an- 
cient inheritance firom ine Barona of Grey- 

Town Residence — Lower Brook-street. 
jSIm<— ^rby Caede, Comberland. 


WELD, ftts £iB(Sfiu« CarlJtnal THOMAS, of Lulworth Castle, in the county of Dor- 

aet, h, 23Dd Janoary, 1773. Thin djatingniahid prelate, 
prior to taking' orders in the church of Rome, espoiuMd 
(in 1796) Lucy, daughter of the Honorable Ilionias 
Qift>rd, by whom he had an only daughter, 

Mary-LiK^Y, m. in 1818, to Hugh-Charles, present 
Lord Cluhford, of Cuudlbiou, and died in May, 
18SI, leaving iiane. 

Upuu the decease of his wife, Mr. Weld became a Ro- 
man Catholic cleigyman, and waa tooii afterwntda pro- 
moted to a bishopric. He obtained n eaidinal's hat in 

1829. His Eminence has for several years devoted bis 
timp, and larg^ fortune entirely to the wants and services 
of the uafurtunatu, and has justly acquired the highest 
repntatum for piety and benevolence. Mr. Weld ia the 
first Englishman who baa bad n aeal in the Conclave 
since the pontificate of Ci fmtvt TX. He inherited hia 
paternal estates at the decease of las father in 1810. 

Tbe family of WbLD !• presumed to de- 
rive from EDRiCK,8umaTnpd W ii.n, or Syl- 
%.iTici'», who was nephew to Edrie, Duke 
of Mercia, buaband of Ediua, daughter of 
Ktma ErHKfHf f. Frotn him descended 

'H ILUAM Welp, w ho settled at Eaton, in 
die eeenly of Cbester, and marrviog Anne, 
if iu^Titerof Niebolaa deWbitnau, waa#. by 
hia son, 

WlLUAii Weld, wbo wedded Margaret, 

daught<>r of William Boitock, and wae 

grandfather of 

Edward Weld, who espoused Margaret, 
daught4?r of Thomas Cotgrave, of the coun^ 
of Chester. The jjrnndson of this marriage, 

John Weld, marrying Joanna, daugbter 
of John Fits Hngh, of Congleton, bad Aree 
sons, viz. 

1. Robert, of Eaton, who m. Elenora, ' 
dangbter of Robert Oldton, of Wetten 

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HalU from kim epning: the 

Welds of Eaton. 

% John, who sfttled at Willry, in tho 
county of Salop, and was patriarch 
of the Welds of that place. 

3. HuMPHRET (Sir); 

The third i^'m. 

Sir Hi'Mi'MKLv W ki.u, kut. took up his 
•bote at Hohlwell, in tho county of Herts. 
He was sht ritV of London in 1599, and Louu 
Mayor in ten vcam afterwards. Sir Hum- 
phrey espoused Ann, danghter of Nicholas 
Wheli r. « >q. nnd left, wi& two daughters, 
at his decende in 1610, a son and successor, 

StR John Welo, kBt of Arnolds, in the 

county of Middlesex, ^vliri \vi ddi d Frances, 
daughter of William Whitmorc, esq. by 
whom (who d. in \eS6) he had issae, 

1. Thomas, who d. young. 

2. Ill MPHREY, his heir. 

3. Johu (Sir), of Compton Bassett, in 
the county of Wilts, a knight ban- 
neret. This gallant person m. in 
1648, Mary, daughter of \Villiara, 
Lord Stourton, and dying, 11th Jnly, 
1674, left an only son, 

W^iLUAM, who succeeded his uncle 


4. GeofETc, who m. Brulerrt. (1nii,'!iter 
of — Thimblethorp, e*<i. of the coun- 
ty of Lincoln, and ^ed in 1696, leav- 
ing two daupht< rs. 

Cicely, m. to James Mahony, Vis- 
count of Oldcastle, in Spain. 

Elizabeth, m. first to — Dickenson, 
esq. : and secondly, to Philip 
Statlurd, esq. 

5. Anne, m. to Sir J. Cutts, of Chil- 

G. Mary, m. to Thomas Alien, esq. of 

7. Frances, wf tn — Martin, esq. of the 

coun^ of iiuckingham. 
a. Ifaif^t, m. to WflliaiB Bowycr, 
esq. of Dcnharo Court, Bucks. 
Sir John Weld d. in 1022, and was «. by hU 
eldest son, 

Humphrey Wkid, esq. of Holdwell. 
This gentleman was governor of Portland 
Castle. Ho purchased in 1C41, from the 
Howard fatnily, the BIamor of Lulwortm,* 

• The first poswssors of ll»is nmunr are said to 
hare been the de Ujuiwoaxus j but the powerful 
amUy «f the Nawavaou bdd it m earty as the 

rittgn of John. CitnisTiAv, the sole heirens of 
Bra-RooER N Fwin uoii, carried the esrtate in 1514 
to Ji.T liusband. Sia John Marney, LordMarney'. 
aad her second daughter, and eventual heiress! 
EuxABcni Marncy, marrying rhomiw. Lord 
Howard, of I'lmlon. con\-eved it, with sereral 
other CC D nderable estates in Dorsetahire, amongst 
which wns the manor of Bindoa. to the Howards, 
mm whr ni n<! strttpt! above, it Tit iiiirrhaBod in 
1641, by ilumi.hrry Weld. 

and divers other extensive estates in the 
county of Doraet He «n. dare, youngest 
daujjhter of Thomas, Lord Arundi-1, of \\ ar- 
dour, by whom he had an only daughter, 
Mary, m. to Nicholas Taaffe, Earl of Car- 
lingford. Mr. Weld died about the year 
and was buried in /t'ln^ Hrkry VITs 
chapel, Westminster, liis nephew, 

WiLUAM Weld, esq. succeeded to his 
estates, nnd thn? became of *• Litlwortii.** 
This gentleman espoused in 1672, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Richard Shirebum, esq. of 
Stonyhnrst, in finnrashire, by whom he had 

John, who d, yonng. 
HrMPHRKY, his heir. 
Mary, who m. Nicholas Fairfax, esq. 
nephew of Lord Fdrlhx, and after 
his dcci-aso, (•si)ou.sod Sir Francis 
Hungate, hart. ; by the latter she 
had an only daughtcT, 
Mary HuNOATE, who wrddi-d Sir 
Edward Gaseoigne, of Partings 

Mr. Weld d. In 1086, and was t. by his 

only sorvivins: son, 

HuiiPHRBY Weld, esq. of Lnlworth Cas- 
tle, who m. in 1701, Margaret, onh' dangh- 
trr of Sir .Tames Sinu onSi IMUrt.ofCAilworth, 
by whom he had issue, 

Nicholas, 7 who botii ^edeoeased tteir 

James, S father. 

Edward, his heir. 

Thomas, who assumed the surname of 
Simeons. He m. Mary, daughter of 
Thomas Fitzherbert, egq. of Swinner- 
ton, by >vhum (wlio d. iu 17{>7) be 
liad an only daiq^hler, 
Mary Simron.<;. who took die veil 
at Bruges, in Flanders. 
Mary, m. in 1728, to Edmund Wid- 
drinpton, esq. of Horsley, in North- 
umberland, by whom (who d. in 1740) 
slie had an only daughter, 

Ei.t/.\nETH WiddrinctoN, heiress 
of her father, who m. Thomas 
Riddel, esq. of Swinbum Castle, 
Elizabetlt, d. unmarried in 1791. 
Humphrey Weld rf. in 1722, and was *. by 
his elder surviving son, 

Edward >\ i ld, esq. of Lulworth Castle, 
4. in 1706. This gentleman espoused, first, 
in 1727, Catherine-Elii: i1m t]i, dau;;hter of 
Walter. Lord Aston, of Furi ir, but had no 
issue bv that lady. He tn. secondly, in 
1740, Mary-Therrsa, daughter of John 
Vantrinn, esq. of Courtfield, by whom (who 
d. iu 1764) he had 
Edwaud, his heir. 

Jweph, I > ^'^^S. 

Thomas, snceessor to his brother. 
Mary, wiio beeame ** a Poor Qnret** ^ 
Aire, iu Artois* 

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wm), OF 

Mr. Weld "Uved," says Hutching, "In 
great credit and hospitality at Lulworth, 
aninliiiiing a good eorrespomnee and Iwr- 
mony with the neighbouriug gentry and 
^^v^t 'u>r did difference of opinion create 
itmrwe or dittance ; although he ever be- 
!i a veil as a peaceful subject, he was ordofod 
into custody^ in 1746, on account of his name 
Keing mentioned in a treasonable anonymous 
letter dropped near Poole ; but his limae- 
diate and honnurnblr discharge is the most 
ooovincing proof oi lua innocence." He d. 

JDeeember, 1781, and was «. by his eldest 

EovAAO Welo, esq. of Lolworth, b. in 
ITil; «. flnt» In 19IB3, Jnliaiw, daugh- 
ter of R' ^>crt, Lord Petrc ; and espoused, 
seoop d t y , in 177^ Mary-Anne, youngest 
dn^ttrof WALTtftSMTTHE, esq. of Bram- 
b rid .re, in the county of Hants, but had no 
issoe. He J. in 1775, and his widow mar- 
ried Thomas Fitzherbert, esq. of Swin- 
■erton, whom she survived, and has sinc(> 
held a cjistinpiish^d place in society as Mrs. 
FirzHtRBERT. Mr. Weld was t, by his 
only surviving brodior, 

TuoM\s Weld, esq. of Lulworih Castle, 
w1h> nu la 1772, Mary, eldest daughter of 
Sir John Stanley Massey-StaaleY, hart of 
Tlootnu, in Cheshire, by whom he had ^ae, 

TuoMAfi, hi.« hfir. 

Edward, 6. in 1776, d. in 1799. 

J osep h , in 1777, m. in 1802, Char- 
lotte, third daughter of f'li irl. < Plii 
lip, lale lord Stourton, and has issue. 

John. b. in 1790, a priest, deceased. 

William, *i. young. 

Humphrey, b. in 1783; m. in 1811, to 
CAristkift-Naria, eldest dae. of Chas. 

latt.' I»rd ClifTord, and lias issne. 
James, 6. in 1786; m. in 1»12, Julinna- 

Aane, second daughter of Robert- 

Edward,l(Hh Ld. Petre, and has issue. 
George, b. in 1786, m. Maria, dau. of 
^ Jo hn Serle, esa. and has issue. 
Miana. who took the veil at Brofles, 

and died at the convent in Winches- 

t«^r in IHOO. 
Mary -Theresa, a nun. 
Catlf rinf -X^'inifrfff , m. in 1800, to 

W i lliam, pnraent Lord Stourton. 

SNibctih, M. to C Bodenhnn. esq. 
Theresa, w. in 1 H03, toWiHlainTattKhaii, 

esq. of Coartiieid« 
dm, n nnn. 

Mr. Weld conferred upon the Jesuits, lands 
at Stanyhur^t. in Lancasbins where tliey 
established the celebrated Roman catholic 
esOej^, so well known tinder tiiat naaM. 
Fie d. suddenly there in 1810, deeply and 
antveisaliy lamented, and was jr. by his 
eUartson, the present CARniNAL Wfi.d. 

Amu — Az. a fesse nebuic, between tiiree 


Crest — A wyvern sa. gouttc of emuie 
issuing out of a ducal coronet ppr. 
Motto — Nil sine numine. 
•Ettatet^ln the counties of Dorset nod 


Residence — Ro me. 

5!miI— Lnlworth Castle,* ]>OMetshire. 

• Within the ground of Lulwortb Mr. Wdd 
afforded sc ssjlum to the Monis or Le Trapp. 
when tiMw flitters brodliera were driven from 

Fnince bythp rf^volufiMr. 71; r f llnwinp nccount 
of this monastery is extracted from tho Monthly 
Magazine" of October, 1800, sad tram the «* Gen- 
tleman's Magasine of 1R13. "I paid a short 
Tisit ia the course of Iml summer to Lulworth 
Castlo, the seat of Mr. Weld. At eig^t o'clock, 
of a pleasant morning in the beginning of July, I 
left Dorchester, in company with two other gen- 
tlemen, one of wliom had previously visited the 
monastezy. and Idndly undenook the office of 
gnide. After a ride of ahoat eleven miles orer 
downs, covered with flocks of sheep, we declined 
on the right into a small ralley, overhung with 
woods. The view at the extremity of this TsUey 
is heautifully terminated by the Enplish Chiiimef, 
and in its centre stands Ltilw-obtii Castlk, an 
antique Gothic ed>€oe, efensiMiaf of ftiir looad 
towers, connected by as many curtains. As 
strangers are permitted to see the inside of this 
1 i ill', we nlighftni at the principul entrance, on 
each side of which are two Latin inacriptinns ; 
the one eanmMmorstinf the extended toleration 
pmnted to the Roman catholics in 17B(). the other 
r<>cording a visit from his majesty King Geobgs 
III. with which Mr. Weld wm honooied. A fter 
gratifying ourselves by an inspection of the f 'i 
fioe, we proceeded throngh the fields for al>oul n 
mile, before we reached the monastery. Thia 
building is constructed of rery rude materials, 
and in a very rude manner. The grounds al- 
fnclied an' about one hundred acres, which are 
cultivated b;^ the monks, with the assistance of a 
carter and Ins boy. The eomnranity rise at one 
o'clock in tlie morning, winter and 'summrr ; tlie 
choir brothers then begin their devotions, and 
coBthitte in the cbanel mtil ouie, when each f^oea 
to some manual lafxHU*, in the garden, i n 
roads, or the grounds, until eleven, when tlierw is 
a short service, which lasu nhout hdf aai boar. 
Then to labour again until half past one, when 
they return to prayers for half an hour, and are 
then summoned to their fru-jal meal. After this 
meal is over, the only one which they hare during 
the ftttr«Dd-tweiity Mmta, they retnni thanks to 
God, find adjourn fo the chapter room, where tliey 
ouotinue to read or lut^itute until the day ia 
nearly over, when they once more go to prayers, 
and retire to their dormitories about o'v^lt o'clock, 
having spent the whole day in abstinence, morti- 
fication, labour, silence^ and prayer. Every sne- 
ceeding day, like the former, cont'inunllv hastening 
the grave tlMt lies open. The severity of this rigid 
order requires no common devotee; perpetual 
ience reatraios th^ in the greatflst enjognnent of 
life, perpetual abstinence, morttlleation, and pe- 
nance, pdrrrtv and prayer, tiecni more tJum human 
nature is ca|>able of undergoing, and unless the 
minds of the religioas were buoyed up by the far- 

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DAXBY, WILLIAM, o?q. of Swinton Park, in the county of York ; h. Ptli July» 
1762 m. tiret, in September, 1775, Caroline, daughter of Henry Seymour, esq. hy 
whom (who d. 20th March, 1821,) he had an only son, who di«d in infancy. Mr. 
IHiiliy eraouMd, aeeondly, 5cfa Jaawury, 1822, Anna-Holwdl, aecond daugliter of 
WiUiun Oater, esq. 

He succeeded to the estates at the decease of hit fiuhor in 1781, and aenred tho 
office of aberitf of the county of York, in 1784. 

John DE Danby, Lord of Great nnd Little 
Dauby, and of landa in Think, Hutton, and 
Scowston, left an only (hin::!it» r itiid lu irrss, 

Armatrude oe Danby, who wedded 
fidnrand StriiiKert or Strngen, one of the 
ioldiers of the Conquest, and left a son, 

John Stringent, alias Danbif, (in right 
of hia mother) who wedded Margiiret, daugh- 
ter of Tbomaa Calheral, and was «. by hia 

Thomas Danbie, of Danbie, who m. a 
daughter of Thomas Ouldley, and from whom 

we pass to his descendnnt, 
TuouAS Danbie, of Danbie, who espoused 

TOttr of their devotions, tbey could not keep tbem- 
wtlrm alive. They abstain wh<dly from mnt, fish, 
and toiw}, and, daring Lent, fram batter, milk, 
e;:srs, and clu'ese. Tncv Hwm, nfv«T(]jel»»M, per- 
fectly content. The monks ol>8erTe perpetual 
■ilenee, aeareely even kmk at each oUwr, and 
nrrfr «p^>ilV but to the prior, and then onljapon 
urgent occasions. They never wander from their 
aonvent witbont penniasion of tlieir saperior, 
but (^n rnch morning cheerfully to such work aa 
they an» directed tci perform. As we passed these 
jioor, humble, unoifending monks at their work, 
they nceived us with cowteqr and humilitr, hot 
newr spoke. The most perfect sibniM ana tran> 
quillity reined tfirousjbout this littk vale, with 
nothing to uterrupt it but the convent bell, and 
the dashing of th« waves vpon th«> shore : eren 
the wind'* of heaven nr*> rf-^tn ia«*d from risiting 
this pliK.' ti« roughly, for the duwn protects it 
from tht'ir fury." 

In il4t, 1)k Clare, Earl of Gloucester, took 
the cunu. or Lvllward for the Exraus Mal d. 

Mary, daughter of Robert TanMd, of Daa- 

by, and had with othfr isf»ue, 

William, Lord of Danby, and Yaflbrd, 
who m. ttie heirese of John PretvOe, 
and left a son, 
Robert, of Danby and Yafford, 
who m. the hetreta of John Aya* 
lebie, and was father of 

Ralph, of Danby and Yafford, 
who IN. Margaret, daughter 
and eo-heir of Sir Richard 
Conyers, of Con ton. atid 
left three daoghttrs, his co- 
heirs, vis. 

1. Alice, m. toJ. Ackl.-im, 

2. Margery, m. to Ralph 
Rokeby, of Mortham. 

3. A!:;iir>, vt. to James 
Straugwayea, of Onna-> 

Robert (Sir). 
Tlie younger of these two aona (the fifth of 

his father). 

Sir Robert Danby, was constituted in 
th«' 1st nf Kdward IV., chief ju-tire of the 
Common Pleas. Tliis gentleman purchased 
Thorpe Perou. He m. first, Katherine, 
danghter of Ralph Fits-Randal, and ta- 

in 1615, when Kii^ Jami* I. eaiasto hunt in tbo 
paik and Isle of Paibeek, be was bospttahly ea> 

tertuinetl fit the cattle of T.ulworth, as :dst>, 
in 1665, King Charlks 11.. and the Dukes of 
Ycrk sad Mcmmouth, whose names the apaitsscnto 
tb«>v occupied still retorJ. Duringthe civil wmrs, 
it was frequently used as a check upon Corfe 
Castle. In 1789, Ocoaos III. widi his queen, 
and the three ^est princenes, visited rulirorth 
Castle by sea from Weymouth. In I7l>l, ths 
snnie rnyal j>;irty repeated their vi>it bv land. In 
the next year, their majesties, with ths Priaos of 
Wales, and fiw of tM pri ne e s ss s , isiM fivn 
\VeviD'"'nT!i in ,T.nii> f':\'::u-, in Order to ristt 
again the ( n^tle ; the s<>.-i. however, running higk, 
none of the nautical party attempted to land, es» 
cept the PiUNcr. of Wales, who effected it at ths 
expen^> of a severe drenching. In 1830, LaU 
worth Castle opened its gates to the exiled roval 
family of Franre. where thoy aojooinsd until tlMBIT 
departure for llolyrood House. 

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condly, E\ixabcT>i, i!niic;hter and licir of 
WiUiain AAl&by. Uis 6oq and heir at bis 

SiR James Danby, was made a knight 
kaaneret by RicuAKD, Duke of Gloucester 
(aftmwds Richahd, III.>» in Hahon Field, 
in Scotlaud. He m. Agnes, daughter and 
sole heireaa of John Langton, taq, of Farn- 
ley, and was s. by bis sou, 

Si a CMKiaroniBft Danbt, knt. of Fam- 
ily, and Thorpirrow, who m. Margaret (or 
M<u->j,^coud diiughterof Thomag le Scrope, 
Mil*LoBl» SCROFB, of Masham gnd Upsal, 
Ttnd onp of tht' co-hcir?i to thnt haronv at the 
decease ol her brother, Gef i eky, ninth lord. 
f jSm Bmrke*M Egtimttimd DormtmntPttrage,) 
VL*- di< tl lu 15IS, iiiid w-is g. by his son, 

Sifi UuBiSTOPfitK Da.njsy, knt. This geu- 
tlemn ». EUabelh, tliini dai^ter of Rich* 
w.v NfMtxE, second Lmrd MMumeTf mid 
bad (nitb other sons), 

Thomas, (Sir) his anccetaor. 
Dorothy, m. to Sir John Neville. 
Margaret, m. to Christopber Uoptoiiy 

e6q. of Armley. 
Margery, m. to Christopher Mallory, esq. 
Elizabeth, m. ti)Tlionia:*Wentworth,e8q. 
Mary, m. to Sir Edward Maulirerer. 
Anne. m. to William Calverley, etq. 
Magdalen, 711. to >T. esq. 
Jane, m. to Uogt-r Meyuell, esq. of 
BawnbyandHuton. "Aie great gnin- 
danshter and heiresisnf tliis marriage. 
Mary, espoused ber kinsman, J. 
Mejmell, esq, of Thonaby. 
Sir Cbristophi r was sheriff of Yorkshire in 
fbe 37th of Hevry Vill. He tL in 1671, 
and s. by hbi eldest son, 

Sia TiioMAA Danby, knt. who efpoused 
fij-' laih Mary Nevill, second f!;inghtrr of 
Kili«h, tourtb Earl ot \V cstnioriaud. Sir 
Thomas waa aheriff of Yorkshire* in the 
isrii of El iz^BCTH, and dying in 1600, was 
t. by his son, 

Tvoiian Danbt, eaq. Iliis gentfeman 
*Ml<J«d Eliz.»lM?th. elrlest daughter of Tho- 
mas Wi eutwortb, esq.* (and bis wife Marga- 
irt. daughter and Heir of Sir Uraiiam Gas- 
ooigne. knt. of Gawtburpe) and dying in 
1^1, was 9. by his son, 

<^R»STorHEK Danby, esq. who espoused 
Fnnce^, >oun2;egt daughter of Edward Par- 
ker, Lord Morley,t (by bia wife Elizabeth, 

• Hiis Thonuis Wentworth d. in J-ebruary, 
1536-7, po9«*r»4ed of lands in the county of York, 
wr-i'i ^6OO0 a year. He was s. by his son, Sin 

iiwAM WivTWORTM, who wim tatlifr of the cele- 
bntod aod imfortenafe Bta Tbomas Wnnwonni, 
Mamm. or SraArvono* 

t Tki« neMeauoi** ton and saoeessor Wiluam. 
Lnnl \T.»ri*<-'acI<> unil .Morley, was tin' person to 
wboa lb* nmtarkablo letter '*t^as addressed, by 
•ktt cbe gunpowder plot in Ibe reign of Jwunea 
L w diamwrad. 

only daughter and heiress of Willian\Stnn- 
ieyj Lord Monteagle), bv whom (who 
M. secondly, Willitun Rienards, esq.) be 


Thomas, (Sir) bia successor. 
Katharine, to Sir Francis Army- 
tage, bt. 

Mr. Danby d. in 1624, and was t. by his son, 
Sir Thomas Danby, knt. high sheriff 
for the county of York, in the first year of 
Kinp Charles I : to which unhappy ino- 
uarcb he adhered with the most devoted 
fidelity, and for his loyalty was fined in the 
sum of £1780. Tie pspooaed Katharine 
Wandcsford, and had itisue, 

Thomas, a captain in the ro^al army, 
and Mayor of Leed^, slain before 
that town in 1GG7. He m. Margaret, 
daughter and co-heir of Colonel Wfl- 

liani Eiire, sixth Loud I'l KK, who 

fell at Marstou Moor, in 1646, and 
had issue, 

Thomas, who d. young. 
Charlotte, killed by a fall from her 

horse, iu l(MiS. 

Christopher, of whom presently. 

Katherine, m. to Henry Best, esq. 
The second son, 

CfuiivropuFR Danby, esq. m. Anne Cole- 
pepper, niece of the Lord Colepepper, and 
dying in 1^5, was r. by Ms son, • 

Sir AssTiu i'i s Danby, knt. justice of 
the peace and deputy lieutenant of the 
eovnty of York. This gentleman m. Judith, 
dauglittr of Abraham Moon, esq. a mer- 
ciiant of London, and dying in 1727, was «. 
by his son, 

Anstrupus Danby, esq. of Swinton, b. in 
1680 ; m. in 17W, Eliza, daughter of Artlmr 
Ingram, esq. brother of Henry, Lord irwin, 
and had issue, 

William, V i- 1 oir. 

Arthur, d. unmarried. 

An^trupns, who in. Miss Hannah 
Woolfe, and left a flmiLhtrr, 
Elizabeth, who d. uum. ia 1764. 

Jane, d. unmarried. 
Mr. Danhy espoused secondly, in 1720, Bat- 
tina, daughter of the Kev. I)r. Eustcn, and 
had two daughters, JndiA and Anne, who 
both died issueless. He was 9, at Itis do* 
cease by his eldest sou, 

William Danby, esq. of Swinton, ft. in 
1712, who m. Margaret, daughter of Gilbert 
Affleck, esq. of Bdham, in Suffolk, and h»d 

William, his successor. 

Mary, iw. first to Tlmmas Lockhart, esq. 
and secondly to W illiam Earl Har- 

Elizabeth, d. uuniarried. 
Mr. Danby died in 17B4,andwaa succeeded 
bv his only son, Wiluam Danby, esq. of 

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Arms — Arc;-, three chcrronels, brascd in 
the hsise poiut ol the escutcheon, sa. on a 
chief of Ike eeeood time mvUHs of Um 

Estate*— Diatrict caUed Maahamshire, in 
<lie Bordt riding of TericeUre, llie dliief pert 

ticquirt'd hv the mfirnaire of Sir Christopher 
Danby, with Aiargan t, youngest daughter 
of the fifth, tad sister and co-heir of the 
last Lord Srropr, of MjL««ham and Upsal. 

Heat — Swim TUN A'aak, Maaham, in tite 
eonnty <^Yoifc. 


HALL, BENJAMIN, esq. of IJaaover>Coiirt, and of Abenaurne, bodi in the oenntj 
of Monmouth, b. 8th November, 1802; m. 4Ch December, 1823, Augusta, 
ead oo-heiieee of the late Benjamiii Waddington, eiq. of Llanover and has issne, 

Bbnjamin-Hanbury-Sti'Akt, b. 9tb January, 1826. 
Benjamin-Cradoe-Trevor-Francis-aecchia/A. at Rome, UHh Mjiy, 1630. 

Augusta-Charluttt'- Elizabeth. 

Mr. liall, who s. to the entates upon the demise of his father in 1817, was elected 
M.P. for Monmouth, in 1831. 


The family of Hall is supposed to have 
come over with Henry VIL It settled in 
Pembrokeshire, and remained there until 

Benjamin Hall, chancellor of the diocese 
of LlandafT, removed to that town. He es- 
poused Elizabeth, sister of Henry Grant, est], 
of Gnoll-Cmut, in Glanaoifansbife, and had 
two sons, viz. 

BenJAMIV, his heir. 

Uenr>', who d. in iiuiia, iu 1800, un- 

The elder son, 

Benjamin Hall, esq. M.P. for the county 
of Glamorp^n. m. 16th December, 1801, 
Charlotte, second daughter of iiichard Craw- 
fhny, esq. of Cyfartlifii, in Glamorganshire, 
whom (who ni. secondly, Samuel Haw- 
kins, esq.) lie had issue. 

Benjamin, his heir. 

Richard-Crawshay, b. 28th March, 

Henry, who d. in 1809. 
Henry-Grant, who d. in 1822. 
Charles-Ranken, b. 29tb May, 1813. 

William-Thomas, b. 2.3rd March, 1818. 
Charlotte, m. to J. D, Berringlon, esq. 

of Swansea. 
Mr. Hall if. 3lst July, 1817, when a moaa> 

ment wn<* erected to commemorate hh .ser- 
vices and talents by the gentlemen ol tde 
county he represented, beario); the follotr.- 
in^ inseri|itii)ii, frtdiratiTe of die hi^ MMC 
they bore ol lu^ merits ; 

In a Tault npnr this place, 
An deporited th^ nnnflias of B. Hsil, esq. 
of Hensnl ( ustl*', 
formerly member of parliament tiir tlui> cou nty. 

Who disd aist Jn^, 18ir, aged S9 ymum. 
To record the hit^h smK* thf>v entf>rtnin<Mi of his 
industry, talents, and integrity, oud as a tribute 
due to the man. whose lite was Bacrifi«sd to tha 
zouloiis discharge of his public duti»'s, 

I'hh monument was erected by a coniuderable 
body of the nobility, cletfy* fmtiy,and freeheldiMa, 
of the county of Glamorgan. 

Mr. Hall was jr. by bis eldest son, Bemia* 
MiN Hall, esq. now representative of tlis 

Arw.t — Party per pale arp. and or : on a 
chevron, between three talbots' beads ernstfl, 
their necks encircled with mnml croMms, 
three hawks' lures ppr. 

Crest — A ppriffiu's head or, with n hrix^ kV 
lure ppr. in its muuth, and a palm braucli 
vert hehind. 

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T urpiter desperalnr. 
"Fttates — ^The Ahn rcnrnr estate in Mon- 
owuUi, which formerly formed part of the 
iomeiiM esteies of Hw Bui of PoabnilLO 
Mid Ikn^oiiMry, pwdiaaod by tlie fiMhor 

^i£» OF PMC£. !|03 

of l^pfeaent possessor in 1807. The other 
family estates lie partly in MonmondisUrey 
and (Mutly iu Glamor^rr^nnhiro. 

— Llauover-Court, uear Abergavea- 
iiji ▲bMCMM, near Nowport. 


BRUNE-PRIDEAUX, The Rev. CHARLES, of Prideanx Vhro. in th. county of 

Cornwall, and of Plumber, in Uor&eUhire ; i^. m 1760, 1794, Fnnces, daughter of Thomas Paiteu, t^. 
of Bank Hall, in LancMhiie, and haa iaauo, 

Charles, m. to Frances, second daughter of m-^m rf 

Mb Glynn, esq. of Glynn, in Cornwall. 
Dorothea, m, to Josoph Giwrcf-AnrlB^ en, of Ptnrieo. 

in the same oounty. 
Mary. • 

Hiis gentleman, in conformity with the taatamcntary in- 
jnoctum of » nuUoRMl undo, from irbem ho inherited ex- 
tensive estates in Cornwall, assumed the samuno of 
Baums, in addition to hie pationtmic Pbidbaux, 


The name of Prideaijx was adopted by 
thii aaeientftmny from the lordship of Fai- 
DKAux, in the pariih of X«UKlUan, in the 
county of Cornwall. 

Paoancs de Prideaux, Lord of Prideanx, 
before the ConQOBrr, was Atfwr of 

Sir Richard dePridfaux. iuit. who died 
iit i 122. Hiid was $. by his son, 

Sir Bajj>win db pRiniaux, knt.wbo«f. 
in llf?.'), Iravin;r ^ son and successor, 

Nicholas dv. Pkidi^x, the father of 
RwHaRD, who {akerilBd PkidoMOt,* and 
other landnin CoaanIL 


NiehohM de Prideanx A, in 1160, and was t. 
by his elder son. The second son, 

Herdon Prideaux, inherited from his 
&ther considerable estates in Devonshire, 
and augmented them by marrying the heiress 
of Sir Ralph Oroharton, of OfdMrtom, in 
that county. He left a son, 

Sw Richard Puobaox, of OrafanrCon, 

* Pridfaitx Castlx continued in the name of 
Pridenux until the lltb of RMUan II., when it 

passerl tlirmiph nn hf irr''^ to the fumily of An w- , 
with the A&VA«'g it rfmauied for two generations, 
when it was conrej-rd by their heiress, in mar- 
riafe. to one of the faaaily «f HtaUj of West 
Ilerle, in Northumberland. 

who m. Eliznbeth, daughter of Roger Mor- 
timer, Earl of March, and was *. by his son, 

Sir Jeffery PntneAVX, of Orchartnn, 
who d. in 12-13, Icarint; hx his wife I?al>clla, 
daughter of W Uliam Montacute, Earl of 
Salisbury, a ion and miceessor, 

^lu PtERS PRiDFAt x, of Orchnrton. This 
gentleman wedded Joan, daughter of Sir 
William Bigbnry, and was father of 

Sir Rai.hh Phideaux, of Orcharton, who 
wedded Elizabeth, danprhter of Sir Walter 
Treverbin, and was s. by his son, 

Sir Roger Prideaux, of Orcharton, one 

of the knij^lito in parlinment fur Devonpliirr, 

in the 6th of A'ta^ Edward III. He m. 

Elisabedi, daughter of iSir John CliiTonl, 

and had two sons, viz. 

Roger, who inherited Orcharton, and 
was father of 

Jous Pkideaux, of Orcharton, 
M.P. for I>evon8hirp, in the 7th 
and lllfa of Richard 11. This 
gentleman having had the mis- 
fortune, while hunting, to kill 
his kinsman, Sir Will 
bury, was obliged to alienate tte 
greater portion of his estate for 
the purpose of raising funds to 
pfloevre his pardon. Orcharton 
was then told to the ihmily of 



John (Sir). 

The yoiuij^lTr ^nv. 

Slii John Pkii»eaux, espoused Joan, dau. 
aadoo-heir of Oilbfcrt Adetton, of Adeston, in 
the county of Devon, and was*, by his son, 
Giles Prioeaux, of Adeston, M.P. for 
Totuess, in the 42nd EowARD III. This gen- 
tleman wedded tlie dauslitor and heiress of 
Gunston, and had a son and successor* 

Sir John Prideaux, of Adeston, who 
married thrit e, and was $. by the son of liis 
third marriage, (« ith Anne, daughter of John 
bhapton, of Shaptoii, in Devonshire), 

WiLUAH PwDBAUX, of Adeston. This 
^Tcntlfiiin!! espoused Alice, daughter and 
heiress of Stephen Giflord, of Thuborough, 
in county of Devon, to which place he 
mibsequently removed hi» residenoe. He 
was *. by his son, 

Fouuu Prideaux, of Adeston and Thn- 
borough, who w. Joan, daughter of Sir 
Humphry Poynta, of Langley, iu Otvoii- 
shire, and was father of 

Hi MPHREY Pridkai x, of Adeston and 
Thuborough. This gentleman espoused Joan, 
daughter of Richard Fowel,of Powelscombe, 
and widow of Sir Philip Courttnay, of Lou^^h 
Torr, in tlie county of Devon, and left (be- 
sides daughters) four sun^^, viz. 

RlCHARP, his hi ir. Adeston was sold 
to the Heles, hut ThiilH)rouc;h con- 
tinued in the desctndauti of this 
Ridiard Prideanx, until 1710, when 
hv the (loath of Jonathan Prjheai'x, 
without male issue, it passed to his 
daughter, the wife of Charles Davie, 

e><q. of Hifldeford. 
William, of Gurland, in Cornwall. 
KooER, of Soldon. 

Til omas, who died a monk, in Flanden. 

The tliird son, 

RcMii H PmnKArx, of Soldon. in the county 
of Devon, was sheriff of that shire in 1678. 
He TO. Philippa, dautilitf r of Sir Richard 
Yorke, serjcant-at-law, and kft two sons, 


Nicimns, hi« <?neePS«or. 
Edmund, created a baronet in 1022, a 
dignity enjoyed by his descendant, 
the present SiR JoiiN Wilmot-Pri- 
nKAi x, ofNetherton, in Devonshire. 
The elder son. 

Sir Nicholas Prideai^x, knt. jnherited 
Soldon, and erected Pi acf, near Padstow, 
the present residence of the family, in 1503. 
He was one of the representatives of the 
boron-h of Camelford. in the 13th of Eli- 
zabeth, and died in 1027, leaving issue, 
by his first wife, Tbomaaine, daughter and 
heir of John Ilenpsrott, esq. of Hengscott, in 
Devon, a son, Humphry, his successor at 
Soldon; and bv his aecood wife, Cheston, 
dan. and co-heir of William Viall e-.^ of 
St. Brrock, in Cornwall, another sou, John, 
who inherited PucE. The elder ton. 

Humphry PuiDKArv, esq., of Soldon, 
wedded Honor, daughter of Edmund Fortea- 
cue, esq. of Fallapitt, in Devonshire, ami 

had issue, 

NicHoMS, who was hif father's heir, 
and became " of Soldon." Hisgran- 
danghter, the eventual heiress of Sol- 
don, wedded her cousin. Jons, third 
WVI of Sir Peter Prideaux, hart, of 
Nedierton» and conveyed to her hus* 
band the estate, which was afterw ards 
sold to the Pitt family, and is now 
the property of Earl SraiiHOPB. 

John, who d. *. p. 

Edmund, of whom presently, as heir to 
his uncle, JoHN PMHEAtTX, of Plw*. 

Thomasine, m. to John Fortescoe, esq. 

of Buckland Filleigh. 
Elixabe^, m. to Sir William Moriee, 


The third son, 
Edhvnd Pridbawx, eaq. inherited, at th« 

decease of his uncle John Place, and the 
other Cornish estates. He m. Bridget, dau. 
of John Moyle, esq. of Bake, and bed thfce 

sons, viz. 

John, his successor. 
Edmund, d. t. p, 

HVMPHRY, (*. Ill 1648,) in holy orders. 

This gentleman was Dean rif Norfolk 
and &e author of numeruus wurik^ 
distingoiihed alike for piety and 
learning. He ^vcdtled Bridget, dnii. 
of \ntlion V Bokeuham, esq. of Hel- 
niinj^liaiu, ill Suffolk* Doislor Pri- 
deanxd. in 1724, leaving an only soi% 
Edmund Prideaux, of whom pre* 
sently, as representative of tht 
famUy, upon Ibe deoeaae of hii 

Mr. Prideaux was sheriff of Cornwall in 
1004. He d. 16th October, 1688, and wmm 
a. by his eldest son, 

John Prideai x, esq. of Place, at whose 
decease without issue, in 17!^, the COtatee 
olved upon (the only son of The Verj 


liev. Dean Prideaux) his cousin. 

Edmund Prideaux, who thus became " of 
Place." He wedded Hannah, daughter of 
Benjamin Wrench, eeq. of the city of Nor- 
wich, and had issue, 
Humphry, his beir. 
Charles, d. t. p. in 1783. 
Rebecca, m, to Sir Uoratto Pettoa, bart. 

The elder son, 
HoMFHiiY Prideaux, ewB.ofPinee, ae r N 

the ofliee of sheriff for Cornwall vn l 7;>». 
He m. first, Mary, eldest daughter and 
co-heircw of Sir George Cbudleigh. bart. of 
Haldon Houpe, in the county of Devon, by 
whom he had an onlv son, George, who rf. 
unmarried. He wedded, •econdly. Jenny, 
aeconddangbter of Neville Moitiin-PlcydeU. 

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««■. «f Beer, la 6ie cooaty of Docwt, and 
left at Iw decense, 

CiMRiF^, in holy ordrrs, present pro- 
priclor, and representative of the 

Hum|>hry. who m. Elizabeth, dauf»hter 

of tlic late Sir John St. Auhyn, bart. 

aad d, s. p. 
Edmund, who m. TI<'1j«% daughter of 

the present Sir J. St. Aubyn, bart. 

aad diedf leaving; two daughters. 
Nerille, ri. unn»arrie»l. 
William- Bmue, m. the widow of Capt. 

Coortenay, R.N. bnt d, m. p. 

Marv. TO. to Tliomas Ball. esq. of Sea- 
ford, in the county of VVaterl'urU, aud 
left two deaghlen. 


Sia WiixuM LF. Bri ne, knt. chamherlaiu 
to JTny Edward I., died in the 29th of that 
TTTonarr'h'^i n leaviii'^ by his wife. Isoida, 
dau^ter and heiresa of Philip Rockley, of 
Okeadea, ia Eieex, aad aiekf of honor to 

Sia MjICUCE L£ Brune, knt. who ai. Ma- 
tilda, daaghler aad heireae of Sir Philip 
K. keOey aad dyia^ ia 1964, was «. by his 

sin WiuiAW LE Bri'ne, knt. who wedded 
Alice* daughter of Richard Layer, alderman 
of Loodon. by whom (who m. after his de- 
cemm Sir Robert Mamey) he had a son and 
» u<-ces»or, ethil d ec e eee ia 1364, 

Sir iKoaJtAM LE Barv, knt. wlm di^-H in 
1 4lU0, leavisg by his wife, EUzabt- th, daugh- 
ter of Sir — Oft L4 Pole, a son. 

Sip. ^T^t■RICE Brune, knt. whose name 
oiipears in the list of the gentry of the 
ooentT of Essex aiade ia the 13th of HCNRY 
VI., iiru] hp hcrvfd the office of sheriff for 
lkMi«birc in the Vlth, 14th, and 3Ut of tlic 
MHBe peiaee. He m. Elizabeth, daughter 
of Sir Hrnr^ Radfofd, knt. of Iiby, and hed 
two eons, tie. 

Bjbmry (Sir), who m. Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter aad eo-beir of Sir Robert Darcy, 
^nd dvin|r in the lifetirneof hif faliier, 
krit tmu daughters, viz. 
Auce, m. fitrt. to Robert Herlet- 
lon, and secondly, to Sir John 
AjZAseTH, m. first, to Thomas 
Tyrrell, of Herons, and Oken- 
den. in E^wx : and secondly, to 
Sia \\ J1.UAH Bkandon, knight, 
standard bearer of the Karl of 
Richmoiul, at Bosworth, and 
slain by the baud of Kicharo. 
Wf IMr William she was mother 
of the celebrated Charles 1? n \ v 
nox, l>oke of Suffolk, brothcr- 
I b-lMTtoJttivHBifRYVIII. Her 

ladyship cspooaed, ttirdly, Wil- 
liam MaUoiy. 

Sir Manrice <!. in Ae 8& of Edward IV. 

His yonii'j:i'r -on, 

Thomad But Nb, espoused i^lizabeth, cousin 
and co-heir of WaUam Stormy, of Wolf 
Hall, ami }ia(i two sons, 
John, his heir. 

WiUiaro, living in the time of Henry 
VII.. m. Cadietine, daughter of 
William Rinfjbom, and had a son, 
Thomas, who d, s. p. in the cn- 
sning reign. 
The elder son, 

John Brune, esq. living in 1554, weddtd 
Anne, daughter of Michael Tichbnme, esq* 
of Tichburne, in Hampshire, and lind, with 
a daughter, Elizabeth, m. to Henry Bickley, 
a eon and tncoessor. 

Sir John BRrxr, knt. who M. Jtne Bamp* 
field, and was s. by his son, 

Henry BRrr\R, esq. This ^ntfeman m. 
Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of Nicholas 
Martin, of Athelhampton, (by Margaret, 
daughter and co-heir of John Wadham, esq. 
of Merrifield, in SomexBetthire,) and had 

John, who m. Bridget, daughter of Sir 
Kdward Seymour, bart., of Berry 
Pomeroy, and died without iwue, in 

Charubs, whoae deaoendanta oontinned 

the line of the family. 
Elizabeth, m. to John Surope, esq. of 

Castleeonib, in the eoimty of Wilts. 
Mary, m. to John Hall, eaq. of Brad' 


Grace, at. to Sir Edward Lawrence, 

knt. of Creech Grange. 
Anne, m. to G. Daccombe, esq. of Corfe 

Mr. Brune held at his decease, 36th EuzA- 

bf:tu, the manor of CliaHton, a moiety of 
the manor of Athclliauiptuii, the manor of 
Bardolpertoa, the manors and advowson.s of 
West Tiiideton and West Woodsford, with 
divers other lands and manors. His elder 
son, aa stated above, died witiioot iaaae, the 

Charles Bruke, esq. m. Mary, daughter 
of Robert Cdker, esq. of Mapovvder, and had 
two sons, viz. 

John, who died in 1645, leaving 1>y 
Mary, daughter of Edward Hooper, 
€sq. of Boveridge, an only daughter, 
Mary, m. to Sir Ralph Bankee, 
knt. of Corfe Castle. 
TliP younger son, 

Charles Brune, esq. wedded, first, Mar- 
garet, daughter of Joha Pennit, esq. of 
Pucklechnrch, in Glonoeeteiihire, and had 

I ioBVp who d. #. p. 

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Mary, m. to WitUam Lewys, esq. 

He m. secondly, Jane, daughter of Hf^riTy 
Collier, esq. of Hermitage, and ixad one son 
and tiro dMghleii^ mmtlj, 

CiiARLESy Ma itteoeHor. 


Betty, m. to WilUam Weston, esq. of 
Callow Weaton. 

Mr. TJrune purchased Plumber, and was /. 
at bis decease by his only surviving son, 

Charles Brvne, esq. of Plumber. This 
gentleman wedded Betty, da i-lih r and sole 
heiress of — Jeffery, of Bagboroagh, and 
bad issue, 

Charlm, wIio d. s. p. in 1990* 

John, ^ 

Heiiry, [ alXd,$.p, 
Jamea, ^ 

Bmv, M. to Nevill* Morto«-PI«yd«Up 


09q. of SMUartoa, fAt^dwiA otligf 


Jennt Plbydell, who Hum- 
phry Prideaux, esq. of Place, 
and was mother of the present 


Ar m t Q uarterly; first and fourth, arg. 
a chevron sa. in chief a label of three pointA 
gules ; adopted by the Prideauxs after tbe 
marriage with the heircaa of Orchartok. 
Sf'coud and tliird, party per pale arjj. and 
gules, thr^ castles coonterchaiiged, being 
tbe anciont anna of Prideaux, ofPridcaux. 

Cri^f — K man's head in profile, con pod 
at the shoulders, ou the bead a cbapeau az. 
turned up arg. 

Estates— In the countiea of CtNTDWRU, 
IXorset, Hants, &c. &c. 

Seat — ^Prideaux Place, in Cornwall^ and 
Plvhbbs, in DoneOddro. 


GIFFARD, THOMAS WILUAM, esq. of ChiUington, in tbe county of StaibH, 
b. ftSth M«reh. 1789; inherited th« tatRtet tt the deotaae of hit lather, Itt Aiipiet, 
1823. Mr. OiiEupd Is mujor of the StaSbrddiiM niUtlR^ 


OiBORim ire Boubro, r nohle Nomuui, 

in the time of R(^ukkt, fathor of Wiluam 
tkt bmHmrd, bad two distinguished sons, 
1. Walter (Guallier of the Norman 
Chronicles) Compte de Longueville, 
who n<:sumcd, for what reason has 
nut bi en ascertained, the surname of 
OyfTarde. This gallant person ac- 
quired great renown in the armies of 
Wiluam, achieving several signal 
▼ictories for Noraiiidj, to Ihe war 

between t!i:>t ronnfrv and Fran • 
When the duke, upon the acces^io 
of Harold to die Engtiah throne, de 
sired to invade this island, many, it- 
deed most of tbe Norman nobles heU 
eautioinly hack from prolTeriDg aid : 
bcinjj wfariod and impoverished bv 
tbe continued straggles in wbicla 
William had been engaged since bis' 
father's death. But a few stauneh 
friends, nmon^t the fnrfmo>t of 
whom was this Walter ami hi* bro- 
ther* coming nobly forward with offers* 
of men, sfiip;!, &e. the lacirirds werd 
Uicreby warmed to the unUertakii^ 
and tiie expedition was aeoordin^^ 
Frt nn foot. In tbr =:i]b=r[jiH nt =iuc«' 
ceeM> of his chief, th" Conipte de Loq 
gueTfUe largely participated ; he 
tained no b tlinn o\k hi vdked am 
country, and was eons^ted Eai 


the line of this nobleman. 
Extinct and DormmU Pe*rage). 
2. Osborne. 
The second son, 

OsBo R N E 6 YFPAR OB, having likewise aid<| 
In i>laiing Engltfid niHler tiSs yokio of 

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Normftn. >i7id of counui hid portion of the 
t^dil, aud lite fertile county of Gloucester 
wm tUotled Oie loeality of Us reward. 

TIfTt W hold the fxtcr\>l\r manors of 
Urimeafield, Kocbeiutune, Alderberie, and 
SlQche ; vpon ibm fint nuned of wliich lie 
settled, and there -^uhsoquently a preat t as;tle 
«ras built, (temp. Stephen) which continued 
to be tbc residence of the family until it was 
destroyed bj the army "f JM ward II in the 
Raronta! wnr, anno l.'f22. This Oshorne 
4iif d about the year lObG, aud was #. by his 
ton, ♦ 

TI ruAs GirrAiiDe, who ww «. by bis aou, 


HniAS GimRDS, who had two sons, 

I. Hi t T \ who carried on the line, and 
wbiMiv dtrticendaal, John Uiffard, had 
tauDOBs to parliament from the Mdi 
June. 1296, to VMh April, 1280, MB 
BAftoti Gi¥WA»D, of Brinufield. 

9. GUberL 
The youngtrr M>n, 

Gm BEHT GiFFARDE, WaS fnfhoT of 

Pbift.H GfFFAROP., who m. Ill the reigTi of 
Uewrv n., Alice, sister of Peter Corbuchin, 
af»d thus arquirt'd the manors of CluHinrxtnn 
and W allon. in the connty of Stafford. Tiut> 
Pctvr was highly distnigaiBhed Ibr fait mili- 
tary *-\}.>I(.)ils in Iri^'Iiiiid, \inder his kiiLSitiaii 
iliciL\ED DE Clare, commonly called ^'rron^ 
iw, EasL OP pBnanou,* aod wmnwarded 
by a fn^nt of land in Chat hiagdefll. Ho 
was #. by his son, 

Peru GiPFAltDE, of CbilUBgton, who m. 
Margaret da HhmMfiliiy, tad was «• by his 

Sir Jons Giffard, who espoused Ada, 
d iuchter of Hugh Coortenay, Baron of 
Ok r- ha in p ton (the name of this Sir John 
tjc^ari Uominns de CbiUin^n, in 1295). 
He died in 1329, and was /. by h'\» son, 

SiK JoHX GiFF^RD. of Chiliinjiton. This 
gefltleuan m. abuut the beginning of the 
If teli a th i cealnry, Catbenae. dan^rter and 

keine*s of St ifTord de Marston ; and 

in her right became possessed of the manors 
«f Mmitoo aad EinoB (near fo the town 
cf 5MfT «rdl. which are still held 1} the fa- 
t(tti>. lie d. in 1371, and was 4. by liu 
OSiK- son« 

l^wi'KD GirFARD, of ChilHngton, who 
w«dded a daughter of Venables, Lord of 
Kcadertoa. This Edmund was living in 
I3T8» bat the time of his death ii aaaaoer- 

taised. He wt;^ fatfirr of 

3min GiFfAtto, wiiu w u:* Lord of Chilling- 
tt.*D in aad wma s. hy his MM, 

Tnowss GifT-tRn, of (liillin^oi!. who m. 
Jmmc, dai^^ter of Sir Robert Frauuveys, 
aOVaiMBa, aad bad aahar dowry the etiate 

i rak ItK, qS Wslter Oyffarde, drat tarl of Buck- 

of Whlston, which is Btill in posst'ssion of 
the family. This Thomas was sheriff of 
Staffordshire, in 1411. At his decease he 
left an only child, 

KoBERT GiFFARo, of ChiUington, who es- 
poused* first, babelfai Blount, but by that 
lady had no issue. He m. secondly, Cas- 
sandra, daughter of Thomas HoBphreatoa, 
and was t. by his son, 

Sir JouJi Giffard, of Chillington. This 
g^entleman m. first, Joanna Uootde, and had 

(with a daughter), 

Thoma.s, (Sir) hia soocessor., nrehbishop of l^ficirr?. 
He wedded, secondly, Elizabeth Greyseley, 
and had a daughter, Frances, who m. Sir 
John Talbot, of Grafton. This Sir John 
Giffard was five times sherifl' of hiit native 
county; and to' hhn HKNRYyill. granted 
the dissolved monastery of the lilaek. La- 
dies at Urewood in 1638. He d. in 1664^ 
and was r. by bis son. 

Sir Thomas Giffard. who wedded, firsl^ 
Dorothy, datightvr niul liciresa of Sir John 
Montgomery, and had a danghter, Eliza- 
heth, m. to Sir John Port, of Etwall. Sir 
Thomas m. secondly. I nsula, daughter of 
Sir Robert Throgmorton, of Caughton, by 
whom he had four sons and five mmghtBra. 
He was sherifl" of the county of StalTord in 
the iiietime of his father, in* 1630 and 156.-j. 
lie dL in IfiOO^ aad was r. by his eldest son, 

John GiFF/tRD, esq. of Chillington. This 
gendeman espoused Joyce, daughter of 
James Lereson, of Lilleshall, by whom he 
had a large family. He w as slierift of Staf- 
fordshire in 1573,* and dying in IGIS, waa 
$. by his eldest son, 

Walter Giffard, esq. of Chillington, 
whom. in 1579, Pliilippa.dnuglirer of Hen?y 
White, esq. of Southwarnboruugli, in the 
county of Southampton, and w as t. at his 
decease, 29th April, 1632, by li is eldest son, 

Petlr Giffard, esq. of Chillington. This 
gentleman wedded Franeea, second dan0i» 
ter of Walter Fowler, esq. of St. Thomas, 
in the county of Stafford, and had, with five 
yoanfer aons and seven danghten, 

Walter, his heir. 

John, of Black Liidif?, who wi. Miss 
Catherine Hawkins, of tlie county of 
Kent, and the grandson of this mar- 
riage, Peter GifVan], r?q. nf Black 
Ladies, eventual ly succeeded to the 
eatatee aod repie wn t a t l on of the ih- 

Mr. Giffard ridhcrcd witli desperate fidelity 
to the filling fortunes of the CHAatESES, 
and sererat of hia family took an active 
part in die eieapa of the younger after the 

• From this period until 1829 the family 
rendered iocsp^le of holding office, l»y coaauutly 
adhering to the Catholic i«Ugioa» 

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fip>it of Worcester. Boscobel wag a lodee 
of the Giffards, tlie Peiulrels being merely 
housekeepers, &c. and the tried loyalty of 
that celebrntt (! frjinily on^ht rather to be 
attributed tu tiu-ir attachment to their land- 
lord! and feudal snperiors, than to any ab- 
stract sense of duty to tlie king. For this 
zealous devotion to his unhappy sovereign, 
the whole of Mr. Giflkrd's property was 
sequestered by the Drury Hmise Comrois- 
sioners, and at the advanced age of seventy 
he was himself obliged to seek a place of 
concealment. He lived, however, to witnesn 
happier days, and received (tardily though) 
from the restored monarch a roynl grant, 
Minstating him in the whole of his noble 
possessions. A few months after tin'-* act 
of justice he executed a deed, by \\ liich he 
smrrendered every thin<; to bis son Walter, 
reserving only tf»r himself a small farm, 
and such niatateiiance (with two servants) 
as, salth the deed, '* was becoming to a gen- 
tlenian of his quality." He did not long, 
however, ei\joy the calm this arrangement 
ieemed to promise. He lived but to see 
his family replaced in the wealth, influence, 
and honour, which were their heritage, and 
died, full of days," the 36th Jane, 1663. 
His successor, 

Walter (Jii fard, esq. of Chillington, b. 
in IGll; m. first, Anne, daughter of Sir 
Thomas Holt, bait, of Aston, by whom he 
bad John, his successor, with two other sons 
and tliree daughters. He wedded, secondly, 
Anne, daughter of Thomas Huggeford, esq. 
of Solihull, but hail im cither issue. He d. 
in liiHii, and was «. by his eldest son, 

John Gtmao, esq. of Chillington, I, in 
1637: ni. FraTiri-. (!nna:hter of William 
FitzUerbert, esq. uf iSwinnerton, and dy- 
ing in 1694, was «. by his only soryiring 

Thomas Oiffard, esq. of Chillington. 
who wedded, in 1088, Mary, daughter of 
John Thimelby, esq. of Fornham, in the 
county of Lincoln, but dying without issue, 
in 171B, was succeeded by his kinsman, 

Petek Giffard, esq. of Black Ladies, 
(refer to John, second "ion of P< ter, who 
suffered during the civil wars, and died in 
1663), who thus became of Chillington, 
and re j>n-i''iitative of the family. He 
wedded, tir«>t, Winifred, daughter of Robert 
Howard, esq. of Horecrose, bat had no 
issue. He esponscd, .secondly. Barbara, 
daughter of Sir Robert Throgmorton, bart. 
of Canghton, and had, 

Pkii h, his successor. 
Maria, m. to Sir £dward Smy the, bart. 
of Acton Bumell. 

Anna, m. to Weld, esq. 

Mr. GifTurd m. thirdly, Helen, daughter of 
Robert Roberts, esq. of PlAs-Ucha, in the 
county of Flint, by whom he had two sons 
and a daughter, vis. 


Thomas, successor to his brother Peter. 
Jubii, who inherited his mother's estate 

of Pias-Ucha. 
Catherine, m. to Francia Canning, eiq. 
oi Foxcotc. 
He d. in 1746, and waa «. bv his eldest son, 
Peter Giffaro, esq. of Chillington, who 
died in 1748, before he had attained his 
majority, when tfie eatalea deroWed npon 
his half-brother, 

Thomas Giffaad, esq. of Chillington. 
This gentleman m, 0rat, Barbara, daughter 
of Robert Lord Petroy by whom he had one 

Maria, nt. to Sir John Throgmorton, 

Mr. Giffard espoused, secondly, Barbara, 
daughter of Sir Robert Throgmorton, bart 
and had a son, 

TnoM \s, his successor. 
He ueddcd, thirdly, Frances, daughter of 
T. Sionor, etq, of Stonor, in the connty of 
Oxford, by whom be left, 


Franeea, m. to WilUam Throfmorton, 


lie d. in 1775, and was t. by his elder son, 
THOMAaOtPTARD, esq. of Chillington. who 
m. 23rd June, 1788, the Right Hon. Lady 
Charlotte Courtenay, sister of the late Earl 
of Devon, and had issue 

Thomas- W'lLUAM, bia heir. 



Charles- Hobert. 

Robert- rdu a rd, captnin 10th TTiijssars. 
Charlotte, m. to Samuel - Campbell 

Simpson, esq. 
Luc V- Harriet. 

Sophia-Eiizal>eth, m. to John W^rotte*' 
ley, esq. son and heir of Sir Jc^n 
WrotiesU'y, hart. 

Anne- Barbara, m. to the Rev. Charlea 


Caroline- Mallett, m. to John Myttom* 

esq. of Halstoii. 
Lou i s a - P an 1 i na-Charlotte. 
Mr. GitVard rf. 1st Angnst, \^2:i, rtnd ^vri^ r 
by his eldest sou, the present THoviAi-VS H.- 
IJAM Giffard, esq. of Chillington, who im 
twenty-first in the direct male hv.p front 
Walter Gyffardr, first Earl of Bucking- 

.1rm* — Quarterh", fir-t arnl fnTtrtb. ztr. . 
tliree stirrups with leathers, or, two atict 
one (for Cniuinoton); aeoond and tkM, 
gules, three liona' paaiant, mrg. (for Bock, 

CresU — A tiger's head couped, full faco^i, 
spotted various, flames i.^suing fmm Lki* 
mouth, ppr. granted in A dcmi- 

archcr beanlcd and couped at the knees, 
armour, ppr. from his middle a short 
paly, aiq;. and galea. At hia middle n qui v«v 

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«r ufowt, or, in faia 1iaad»abow tnd tm>w 

drawn to the heail, or, jijranted in 1523. 

MoUo — Prenez haU-ine, tires forU (Take 
bfCfttli and ^yiill strong). 

EitaUs — Chillington, &c. in the counties 
4if Stadbrd aud Salop ; Walton, Marstou, 
WU«ton, marriage, about tbe year 1380 ; 
8la«k LadiM^ by grant from toe crown. 

temp. Henry TTII. ; 8tow>ffeat1i» (coal and 

iron mines hetwecn Wolverhani[)ton and 
BUfiton), by marriage, about 1560, all these 
likewise in die county of Stafford. There 
are also valuable manorial rights. 

Seat — ChiUington, in the coonty of Staf- 


LOFTUS, WILUAM-FRANCIS^ENTIGK, esq. of Kilbrido, in the county of 
Wicklow, a colonel in the army, b. 17th August, 1784, m. 9th October, 1819, Mar- 
fwet^Harri^'f, f!nn;^bter of Archdeacon LADgrkhe, and niece of Sir Rob^ LangrialM, 
belt, and hm issue, 

Wilmam-Jamf.s, b. 7th January, 1883. 
Henry, b. »th March, 1883. 
Mary- Harriet-Ann. 

CoImmI LoAna waa on# of tin tsquiree to the Marquess of Hy, at the installation of 
At Ka%iitt of St. Patrick, in 1819. Ho «. his ftOMr 15th July, 1831. 

The faisuly of Loftu;, or as it was anciently 
•pelt. Lofthoose, appears from the archives 
.if York Min?ter, to have flourished in York- 
ahin m» early as the reign of Alfred, and 
Ihe tmmm reoords shew Christopher 
T»f^bouse was prior of Helagh, Hi the same 
coosQra anno 1400. 

Bovano l>rTi», of Swineshead, in the 
ooonty of York, left two sons. 

1. Robert, whose second son, 

Apam Loftus. an eminent and dis- 
tinguished lawyer,was appointed 
I/<">Ri> Cti ANcti.r.on or Tiikland, 
in and created in l(j22 


Viscount Loftus of Ely, a dig- 
nity which expired with his Lord- 
ship's grandson, Arthur, third 
visconni, who d. in 1725, without 
male issue, -when his Monaj^tere- 
van estate passed to liis only 
daughter Jane's sou, (by Cliarlcs 
Lord Moore) Henry, fourth £arl 
of Droghcda. 
9. AOAM. 
The second tson, 

Adam Loftus, D.D. of Trinity College, 
Cambridge, was consecrated in 16G1, Arch- 
hishoj) of Armagh, and translated in six 
years afterwards to the see of Dublin." This 
eminent prelate was twice Keeper of the 
great Seal of Ireland, and died in the high 
office of Ix)rd ChaiuelJor of that Kingdom. 
He was four times, (viz. in 1682, ldb5, 1697, 
and 1500) one of the Lords Justices, and was 
Provost of Trinity College, Duhlin, which 
University he had a principal part in found* 
ing, and in which his descendants enj(^ 
certain privileges during the period they 
are students. His grace built the Castle at 
Rathfkniham, and died 6th April, l(iU6, 
at the a,;*' of sevi nfy-two, having had by 
his wife, Jane, daughter of Adam Purdon, 
esq. of Lurgan'Race, in the tounty of Louth, 
five sons and seven daughters, viz. 

1. Di DLKY, (Sir) the eldest son, of 
Katlifuruham Castle, m. Anne,daugli> 


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Icr of Sir Henry Ba^nal, of N«wrf, 
and from this nllianct' linciill y sprung 
MicHOLAS LoFTi's, esq. M.P. for 
dto ooantf of Wexibrd, wbo wa* 
elevated to the peerage of Ire- 
Und, as Baron Lorrus, of Lor- 
rm Hall, 6Ui October, int. 
His lordship was sworn of his 
Majesty's Privy Council, in 1763, 
nominated govemorof the county 
of Wexfora, and advanced to a 
Viflconntv, as Viscount Lofti's 
of Elif, ' lath July, 1766. He 
was $. iff hifl elder son, 

NlCHoi second v!scf)HTit,who 
waa raised to an Earldom, 
as Barl op Bly, S3rd Oc- 
tober, 176G, and waft «. by 
his only «on> 
Nicholas, second earl, 

who ft. unm. in 1760, 
when the earldom ex- 
pired, bat the Tiscoantjr 
and barony leverted to 
his uncle, 
Thb Hon. Henry Lof- 
TU8, as fourth Tiseoant. 
His lordship was cre- 
ated EARL op Ely, but 
dying t. p. in 1783, the 
honors and male line of 
this branch of the family 
expired, while bis lord- 
ship's p'^fatf ? devolved 
npon (the son of his 
iisler, the Hon. Elisa- 
beth TottentMun) his 


TENHAM, who thereupon 
assumed the surname 
and arms of Lokti s, 
and was created in 1 H(X), 
MABQri- ts OF Ely. His 
lonUhiu d. in 1806, and 
weft by hift elder eon, 
JoH.v, present and 

second marquess. 


age and Bmronet- 


9. Edward (Sir), Serjeant at Iftw, 9. p. 

in 1602. 

d. Adam, a captain in the army, killed 
in action with the O'Bymes of the 
county of WickIow,2&thMay,lfie9^.p. 

4. Thomas, (Sir) knt. of whom pre- 

6. Henry, d. young. 

0. Margaret, m. to Sir Oeoige CSi^ey, 
knt of Edenderiy. 

7. Isabella, m, to Sir William Usher, 
knt. and d. in 1612. 

8. Alicia, m. to Sir Henry Warren, of 

0. Martha, m. to Sir Thomas Cokloiqih, 
knt. of Tintem Abbey, in the oonnty 


10. Anne, m. first to Sir Henry Colley, 

knt. of Ciisith' Curberry, ntnl hcT 
great- great - great - gr« at grandsons 
are the present Mnrtiuese <^Wetlee> 
ley, the Duke of ^^^•]lill^:ton, Lord 
Maryborongh, Lord Cowley, and the 
Rev. Doctor WeUesley. She es- 
poused secondly George Blount, esq. 
of Kidderminster, and thirdly Ed- 
ward, first Lord Blayney. 

11. Jane, m. first to Sir Francis Berke- 
ley, of A^krfiton. and secoqidly to 
Henry Berkeley, esq. 

19. DoTOtli}', m. to Sir John Moore, 
knt. of Cro^hen, and from this alli- 
ance lineaiiy derives Charles, pre- 
sent Earl of Ch AKLBVIULB. 
Tlie fourth son of the archbishop, 

Sir Thomas Loftus, knt. of Killyan, in 
the county of Meath, was appointed lOth 
May, 1006, constable of the cagtle of Wick- 
low; knighted 24th September, 1500; and 
in Deceniber, 1610, he received a grant of 
the monastery of Clonard, with other land* 
in the county of Meath. He m. Ellen, 
daugliter of Robert Hartpole, esq. of 
Sbrule, in the Queen's county (widow of 
Francis Coftby, esq. of Stradbsily) and had 

Edward (Sir), d, «. p. in IdOi. 

Dudley, sucrrssor to his Atthcr. 
Adam, who m. Dorcas, daughter of 
Ri<^ard CSdsby, esq. of Stradbally, 
in the Queen's county, ;inf! had (with 
three sons who d. in iuiancy) three 
daughters, his co-heirs, vis. 

Ellen, m. to Vincent Kidder, esq. 

of Aghabointte, Queen's county. 
Ann,m. to Thomas 
Martha, m. to Walter Taylor, eso. 
Edward of Ballynnrsyn in tlie King: s 
county, who m. Mary, daughter of 
James Bryan, esq. of Whiteswali, 
in the county Kilkenny, and had 
one son, 

Thomas, of WhiteewnB and Bal- 

lynurpyn, who m. Thomnsin, 
daughter of Haywood Ox burgh, 
esq. of Bovyn, in the Qneen'a 
county, and had two sons, Tho- 
mas and Edward, the descend- 
ants of whom setded on tfie b<^- 
ders of the King's connty and 
the county Galway. 
Francis, d. unmarried. 
Elizabetli, m. to Jeremy Jbnee, eaqj. of 
Ii;i1;if;hi', in the county Slicjo. 
Sir Ti)on)a$« Loftus d^ing at T^'mohogie 
1st Deceniber, 1636, was interred in St. 
Patrick's chnrrli Dublin, and was s, by haa 
eldest Burviviug ^n, 
Sia BvDiBY LofTQft, knt* of Killyan, who 

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M Bwnr of his maltm, ISA Mareb, 

He ira» lord of the manors of KiUyan and 
Clonard. aud hadtiie atlTowson of Clonard. 
Sir Dudley tn. Cecilia, daogbCer of Sir 

Jam** Ware, knt. auditor 6eil«nl oflM- 

iaad, by wJiom he liad issue, 
I^MAS hit saoeesaor. 

Elizabeth, m. to Jeremy Jones, esq* 
iileaor, m, to — Dnckenfield. esq. 
He in 1648, and was s. hy his onJy son, 
Thomas Lorrus. esq. of KiUyan and 

Clonanl, nho m. fii-^t Su?nnnn. (Inu^htcr of 
Bear} tiitenhead, es^. hy whom he had 

I. DrDLF v, of KiUyan, who m. 

daughter of Thomas Smyth, esq. of 
*■ 5, and dying ia 1714, left 

1. Thom;^. of Killyan, who es- 
poused first Alice,' sister of Ro- 
Mrt Koebfbrd, first Earl of 
BeWedere, which lady dyiac 
t. p. 13th July, 1748, he «. se- 
condly in 17^, Jaae, daughter 
of Robert Perceval, esq. of 
Knight'sbrook, and had (with 
three daughters, Jane, Anne, 
aad MarOM,) a ion and mc* 

Dudley, of KiUyan, who m. 
In 17B5, Lady Jane Gore, 
daughter of the Earl of Ar- 
ran, and had (with a son 
Ihidley, who d. young) 
KM) danghten, bis co-hein, 

Catherine, m. to Sir 
George Rich, knt. 
cbamherlain to the lord 
lieuteuaut of Ireland, 
and baa isfoe. 
Blkabeth - Gkorgiana, 
Ml. first to Thomas Al- 
len, esq. wbo d. ». p. 
and secondly to Wil- 
liam Magao, esq. and 
Dudley Loftus rf. in 1807, 
wiien the male line of 
TiKNBas Loftus, of Killyan, 
by bis first vrU^ Snaanaa 
Hkenhead, became extinct, 
and the representation of 
Loftus family devotred 
npou Edward Loftii«?, e«<q. 
of Anneviiie,and at his death 
upon General Loftna. 
t' Artlmr, major ia Wolf's regi- 
ment of foot. ff. nnniarrii d. 

.X £<iward, of the Grange, in the 
coun^r ofKildare, who purchased 
the Clara estate, and marrying 
Letitia, daughter of Robert Lof- 
taa, caq. or the King's County, 

left at his decease, 2nd March. 
I78ft»«son and heir, 

Dudley, of Annevillc, in the 
county oi Me^th, who m. 
Ann, daughter of Joseph 
Ash. esq. of Ashfield, and 
had issue at his demise, 7tb 
August, 1805, 

1. Edward, of AanevtUe, 

a military officer, head 
of the Loftus family, 
upoatfaedeniiwof Dud- 
ley Loftus, esq. in 1807, 
who espoused Miss 
Rtttb Faulkner, of Bal- 
lyrickard, in the county 
of Tipperary, but dying 
*. p. in 1824, the Clara 
rsUite devolved upon bia 
sisters &s co-beiia. 

2. Susanna, 
d. Anne. 

4. Suiyth, in holy orders, vicar ol 
Cooiock, in the ronnty of Dub- 
lin, who m. isarali, daughter of 
Brent Snitb, eiq. of DdUln,and 
hm issue, 
Dudley, \ 

Thomas, C wboaUAinitelesa. 

Alice, ) 

A. Susanna, m. to Joseph Ashe, esq. 
of Ashfield, in the coon^ of 

6. Elizabeth, m. to Laurence Steel, 
^^of Rath bridge, in the coun^ 

II. Edwnrrl, of Grange, in the countf of 
Kildare, who Miss Susanna Cory, 
and dying t. p, in 1737, bequeathed 
his estate to bis flapbew^ Edward 

III. Anne, ? » j 
iv. Susanna, S P- 
V. Cecilia, m. first, to Walter Weldon, 

esq. 01 Hahenderry, in the Queen's 
County, secondly, to Jooea Enatace, 
esq. and tbirdly, to Adam Kidder, 

Thomas Loftaa, eaq. of Killyan, espoused 
secondly, Letitia,* daughter of Simon Digby, 
D.D. Bishop of Elphin, by Elizabeth.daugh- 
ter of Warner Weatenra, eaq. ancestor of 
Lord Rossmore, and had further iasoe, 

I. Adam, who (/. in youth. 

II. Simon, of whom presently. 

III. Susanna, m. first, to Fraacla Obre, 
eaq. of Qoncolin, in the county of 

• This laJv N\ an xrreat niece of thf first Lord 
Digby, uid descended through Letitia Fits Oa- 
mid. Countess of Offaley, the wlfc cf Sir Rohart 
l^igby, from Joluiii. i1riu;_'htvr of Jriw DiAt rf 
LancHSter, sua of Luvhaslo ill. 

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Aramgh, unH Mcondly, to Thduuui 

Richard Barlow, t sq. of Lancashire, 
Simon Loftus, esq. cldciit mirviviug flon 
of Tbonuu Lofltuf* of KUlyan, by his second 
wife, was lieutenant-colonel of the Idth foot, 
and d. (about 1741) at Jamaica, of the wounds 
he had received at the siege of Carthageuia. 
Ho«n- Hannah, tlnughtrr and co-heiress of 
Henry Johnson,* vm\. of Clara, in the county 
of Kilkenny, by wboni he had issue, 

Arthur, mi^or in the 22nd foot, mul 
for many years a moniluT of the Irish 
parliameDt, who $. his mother, at 
Clan, whicb estate be sold to his 
couttin, Edward Loftus, esq. of Grange, 
He m. Miss Dorotiby Weatherhead, of 
Boston^ New England, but d, #. p. in 

Henry, of whom presently. 
Dudley, lieutenant in tlie army, killed 
at Cartliagenia tbe same year as bis 


Mary, m. to the Rev. John tlrington, 
and had issue two sons and one daugh- 
ter, vis. 

I, James-Di'Dlf.y Elrincton, in 

holy orders, d. unmarried. 
3. John-Henry Klrinjjton, major 
of the Tower of Loudon, who 
M. Susanna, daughter of lames 
Read, and has i.s!«ne. 
9. Mary Elnngton, m. to Matthew 
* Viniert-Sauiey, esq. of Cool- 
more, in the county of Tipperary. 
The second son, 

Henry Loffi s, esq. was member in the 
Irish parliament for the boroughs of Fedierd 
Bannow, and Clonmines. He espoused 
Diana, daughter of William Bullock, i-sq. 
of Stnrston Hall, in the coun^ of Norfolk, 
nnd dying in December^ 1702, aged nxty- 
seven, left issue, 

Thomas, member in the Irish parlia' 
mcnt, and a captain in the 1st horse 

Suards, who m. Mary, daughter of 
le Rer. Dr. Palliser, of Rathlkm- 
hnm, but rf. ». p. in 1791. 
WiLUAM, of whom presently . 
Arthur, in holy oraers, who m. Ellen, 
danghter of Duke Gifford, esq.f of 

* This gendeBHtbeie the arms of die Duke of 
Boochon, taken prisonsr by his anoestor at the 
batde of Aginoourt. 

t The fnmity of (JitTord derived fn'mi 
Walttr GirroRo, Earl of I^oguevilie, in Nor- 
mandy, who had two soos, vik 

1. Walter, who, for hit einin<'nt sorvirps in 
EneUnd, was dignified bv ttj<> C'uN«iuEjtr.R 
with the earldom of Buckiri ^ lKim and Pem- 
broke, and from liim tlorives tlir n -fi un 
heireas, the {»rea<>itt lJuke of Duckingiiiiiu, 
!»•« Ihirkflt Extinct Peerage. 

t, Hugh, ancestor of the Oiftftrds. of CasUs 
JofdMs, in the conntf of Mentb. 

Castle Jordan, (eommonly called Sir 
l>iikr Gilford, hart.) by Mary, dangh- 
ter and co-heiress of Alexander £as- 
tace, esq. and left at bis decease three 
sous, viz. 

I. Henry-Duke, a muor in the 
army, and captain in the 9th foot, 
who espoused Mary- Ann, eldest 
daughter of General Lofbm, but 
d. $. p. in 1822. 
9. Arthur, of Rathannn, a Iiea-< 
tenant in tbf^ navy, wbom. Aline-^ 
Abigail, only child and beireit 
of John Orey, esq. and luw issue, 
Arthur-John, h, 1st May, 1817. 

3. William,. a captain in tbe aray, 

who m. Ellen, daughter of Capt. 
Felix Brady, of the lUUi foot, by 
whom be left issue at bis decease, 
in 18*2ft, one SOU and a daughter, 


Ellen, who d. 26th May, 1831. 

The second son of Henr\'' Tx)ftus, esq. 

William Lofti s, esq. of \V impole Street, 
London, and of Kilbride, in the county of 
Wicklow, a genrral offict-r in thr army, 
colonel of the 2od dragoon guards, and lieu- 
tenant of the Tower of London, became, 
upon the decease of Edward LoftiitJ. *>fi«j. of 
Anneville, iu 1^24, the bead of the Loftus 
family. This gallant soldier, at the time of 
bis death, was one of the oldest officers in 
the 8er\ice, having entered the army ns 
comet, in the 9th dragoon guards, as early 
as 1770. He eminently distin|^hed him> 
9«*lf in the American War, taking nn Mcfivf 
part in the memorable conflict of liunktr'a 
Hill, at till- landing of New York, the at- 
tnck nn Fort Washin^jlon, &c. In ITIH, 
CupUiu Loltuii raided, and was appointed 
colonel of, tbe 34th light dragoons, and in 
17f)C was madf a in i if)r-j;('tnTa!, and ri)>- 
pointed to the £iiglii»h Staff. In 171^7, he- 
was norohiated to ttie Irish Staff and to tbe 
command at Cork, and in (he following year 
we find him commanding, with distinction, 
a brigade against the rebels, at Vinegar 
Hill. He was subsequently and successively 
appointed lienti nant-general in tlie army, 
governor of Dumbarton Castle, and lii utt?ii- 
ant of tlie Tower of l>ondon. In 1813, he 
obtained the rank of fall general, and in 
1821 the colonelcy, of the 2nd dragoon 

Pre\ioiis to tlie Union, General I»ftns 
sat in the Irish parliament fur Bannow, and 
in the English from 1796 to 1818 succes- 
sively, for the borouirhs of (Irrat Yarmouth 
and Tamworth. H e m . first, 1 8th February « 
1978. Mat^ret, daughter and eo-helrMa or 
M. King, esq. of Lesson Hall, in Aecooafy 
of I>ublin, and had issue, 

Henry, colonel iu the arm^', and 

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213 . 

(aijt in the Coldstream Oaards, who 
9* f, in liSXS. 
William - Fr ancis - Bpatick, picMnt 

irpresentative of the family. 
Mnry-Anne. m. to Major Henry Dake 

b.Ous, and H. in 1811. 
Harriet, m. to Thomas-Bourke Ricketta, 
ftq. of Combe House, Herefordshire, 
and ha-i is!-iie. 
General Lodas m. secondly, 7tb May, 1790, 
Ltdy Blbabeth Townshend, dau);hter of 
Ceorjfp. first Marqacss Towiisluiui, by his 
6m wife. Lady Charlotte Coinpton, Ba- 
MMCCM Ferrers, of Chartley, aitd liad 
fitrtber i*sae, 

Gkorcf -Colby, of Woollaad, (see thftt 

family ). 

Arth ir. in holy orders, M.A. of Clare 
HaJI, Cambridg^e, rrctor of FincliAiD, 
Norfolk, b, 7tb July, 1795. 

Cluwles. a HeuteDBiit in tbe army, and 
1if nf tlie Coldstream Cimrds, 6.21st 
tSiptrniber, 1796 : m. in February, 
1835, Jane. dangTifor of Colonel Jomi 
Dixon, o! nU'<1I)<<^ , ill Yorlcshire^nnd 
ba«ift»uc a daughter, 

FerKTS,np(»iB in ihcGrenndier GunrdSj 

h. 34th June, 1798 ; m. 1 Ith Octobt r, 
1832, Louisa, only child of the Rer, 
John Bastaril, of West Ijodge, in 
Frederick, a captain in tlic iinny, b. 

17th Novi'inlHT. 17f>9, marrit <l. 
Charlotte, m. in 1812, to Lord Cljurles 
Vere Conipton - Towiisht iid, M. P. 
brother of the Marquess Townshend. 
Ann-Harriet^Margaret, d, in \92&. 
Jane-Perceval-Compton, m. to H. C, 
Singleton, esq. 
General Loftusdf. Idth July, 1831, when tfio 
representation of the lyofhis family devolved 
upon hi? f ld< '^t sou, COL. WlLLUM FRANCIS 
LoFTi's, of Kilhride. 

Arms — Sa. a eluv. cngT. enn. between 
three trefoils, slipped arg. 

Crest — A boar s head, couped and erect, 
arg. lanpie<l gu. 

flJotlws—Prend moi tel que je aoia. 
Aro$md the crest : Loyal k mod. 

£:i#efe<^Knbride, in tbe county of Wick- 
low, and elsewhere. 

<Sea<— The Mount, near Oswestry, in the 
county of Salop. 


LOFTUS, GEORGE-COLBY, esq. of Woolland House, in the county of Dorset, 

h. 15th February, 1791, iti. in 1821, Catherine, d; u -litor and sole beiress of John 
Feaver, ejwj. of VV(H)lland IToiise. Tliis f>:ent!eman, late a captain in ttie 3rd goards^ 
serv«d under the Duke of Weiltugton m Spain and Portugal. 


For an account of this gmtlrman's family 
■ad armorial ensigns, refer to lineage of his 
el^st brother. Col. Loftus, of Kilbride. 

Estates — in Dorsetshire. 

Stat — Woolland House, near Blandford. 


BENHOUSE, HUMPHREY, esq. of Alaebmgh or Eftenborongb, otherwwe Nether 

Hall, in the county of Cumberland, h. 27th November, 

177:?, m. 29th Soptoraber, 1803. K lizabcth-Frances, 
daua^btor and co-heirei^s of Robert t harlps Greaves, esq. 
(who has ttince assumed Uie burname of Ley), of iu^ieby- 
Hill, in Derbjmhire, and has issiw. 


Humphrey, 6. 16th AprU, 1809. 


Mr. Senhouse succeeded his father in 1814, and served 
the office of sheriff for the county :of Cumberland, in 

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The family De Sewynhouse, De Seven- 
house, or ^>E.SENHousE, derives its sur- 
name from Hall Sevenhouse, or Senhouse, 
a district of Cunil>erland. Tke first of its 
members upon record, 

Walter de SEwvNiiorsi , li id a ^rant of 
the fifth part of the township of Bolton, in 
the pariah of Gosforth, from Alan de Coup- 
land, and likewise a grant of other lands in 
the same parish from William dr Wa\- 
berth wait*?. These grants are both without 
date, bnt both are witnessed by Sir Adam 
de Lamplugh, knt. who lived in tlie tinirn 
of Kinyt Richard I. and John. Walter 
was s. by his son, 

Walter de Sevenhouse, who was wit- 
tipfis to a deed, also without date, with Sir 
Kicharil le Fleaiiag, knt. who died about 
the dose of Henry reign. Tliia Wal- 
ler was f . by his son, 

Nicholas de Sevenhouse, who was *. by 
Uf son and heir, an<Mher 

NiCHoi AS DF. Sf.vfnhouse, who held the 
hamlet of Newton, or Seascale, in the parish 
of Oosforfli, of Thomas de Multon, of Egre- 
mont, ns appcar^^ hy the office of csrhcnt 
after the death of the said Thomas, bearing 
dnte 16di Edward 11. Nieholaa de Seren- 
house became possessed of the hainlet of 
Newton in right of his wife, a daughter and 
heiress of De Ponsonby, whose arms quar- 
tmd with those of De Sevenhouse, en- 
graven on stoiip, are at present to be sppn 
on the manor hali oi Seascale. He was t 
hy bia ton, 

NicHoi As T>F Sewynhouse or de Sen- 
house, who had a grant of certain lands in 
Bolton from James de Waybertbwnile,beM^ 
in^ date 6th Rirn Aitn 7T. and grants of cer- 
tain other lands within the lordship of Bol- 
ton Fell from William de WayberAwaite, 
formerly rector ofWayberthwnif* , :\\\ dated 
in the 14th of the same reign* Ue married, 
as it would seem, a datigfater and oo>heiress 
of Alan de Coupland, of Coupland and Sea- 
ton, in the county of Cumberland, and was 
#. by his son, 

William de Sevenhouse, who m. a daugh- 
ter and co-heir of Lucy. Amongst the ar- 
chives of the family of Senhousu is still 
preserved a deed of conveyance from Alice 
de "Lxxcy , dnaghter and co-heir of Richard 
de Lucy, oi ^^mont, by Ada de MorviUe, 
Us wife, to Mr aeeond eon. Sir John de 
Liiry, ln'j?h sheriff of the county of Cumber- 
land fur two vears, 31st Edward 1. and 
knight of tte ahire for the same ooonty Mlh 
of the same reign, from whom, by his wife 
Ciimtian^ descended the wife of thia Wil- 

liam Sevenhouse, which WiUtam WM #. nt 

his decease by his son, 

Thomas de Senhouse, whose name ap> 
pears in the return of gentlemen of the 
county of Cumberland, made in the 12th 
Henry YI. It in related that in a warm 
altercation \\'\t\\ a monk of Caldrr \bb( v, 
relative to his claim of a right to tish m the 
river <Mder, Ail Thomas de Sevenhonee 

^va'; ?n highly exasperatpd tlmt h<> Imrlcd 
the monk over the battlements of the bridge. 
For thia enmmary net of extra-jndicial pro« 
rcss he obliged to compound by a 

heavy fine imposed upon his estates. He 
m. a daughter of Sir Richard Hudleaton, of 
Milium Castle, in Cumberland, knight hta^ 
neret, and was s. by his son, 

Thomas Senhoi sc, who was a party with 
Riehatt Hndleeton, esq. of l^Iillum Castto, 
in an award made by his brother, Sir Simon 
Senhouse,* prior of Carlisle, 16th Henrt 
VII. He was also, in Ae next Toar, n 
party with William Stanley, esq. of T^aln- 
garth, in Cumberland, in another award 
made by William SiTeRcr, Laid Bishop of 
CnrhMc, 17th Henry Vll. He m. Eleanor, 
daughter of Jolm LampluEh, esq. of Lamp- 
lugh, and had John, htt aoeeesaor, Ak- 
Tuns') , and Margaret, wife of John Stanley, 
esq. of Daiegarth. This Thomas, as did hi^ 
father, ei\joyed the family estates for half a 
century. He was t. by his son, 

John Senhouse, who m. in ld28, Eliza- 
beth, elder sister and co-heir of Richard 
-^Kglesfield.t «on of Gawen i^glesfield, of 
Alneburgb Hull, high sheriff of the connty 
of Cumberland in the 9th Henry VIII. 
(whioh Gawen was the descendant in a right 
line from Jnlm de Firlr^fifld, the elder bro- 
ther of Robert de £glesfield, the FOUKDER 
of Qi;keii's Colleob, Oxroito.) This lokM 
Senhonaa leceived an ample pordoii, bj 

* StB SfMOv SrviioesE, prior of Carlisle, second 
'?on of Thomas de Sevenh<nipf^, h\- rhf- (^iuf;ht»*r of 
Hudlcston. This reverend lunl learned persoa 
caused the prindpal apartment in the tower of the 
piimy to be curionslv painted with the paiemal 
crest, motto, and badge, a« well as the motto of 
his mothpr's (the Hiidleston) fimiily, tocether 
with numerous emblematic devices, and pioua 
piaoubtiaas In prow and v«fse. He had likewiM 
tne leppnds of Saint Anthony, Saint Augu^ne, 
and Saint Cutbbert, painted in the aisluB of tb« 
cathedral at Carlisle. He lies buried under a 
marble tomb in the north aide of the eaAedsal 

t With her sister Anne, who m. John Ber4» 
sey , ot fiardsey, in Laneashice, sad d. i. p. 


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knm pateat, for all tnoh crhnefi of • trM> 

WTiabW nature as lie linrl prpvioualy com- 
Wltrd, and he mtu anpoiuted, alto by let- 
IR» pAtPnt, daled76i EuxAmn, etebrator 
ef the counties of Cumberland and West- 
moreluML Ha iL ia 160^, leaving four sons, 

I* Tbomaa, who inherited all the patri- 
■Moinl estates of the family, and ac- 
quired himself, ia the 6th of Hliza- 
■HB, <1w advowson and right of 
patrnnnpfp nf the rectory and parish 
ebarvh of Go«forth. He m. Dorothy, 
4teaghterof Jalua Vaxix, esq. ot Cat- 
terlen, ia Cttinharlaad, and was #. by 
his son, 

JottJf SsvHotrSE, esq. of Seascale 
Hall, who m. Mary, duughter of 
William Fleming, esq. of Rydal, 
in Westmoreland, and d. in 1636, 
Jeavlag issae, 

1, JOHN, of Scascnle. who m. 
• Anue, daughter aud cu>heir 

^ of lofan Kmpson, esq. of 
Shevtnp^on, in Lancashire, 
by his wife, the sister 
and oo-bdr of Sir Edward 
Wriphtiugton, knight, of 
Wrightiogton, in the same 
eoanty. This John's name, 
under the denomination of 
** John Senhouse, esq. of Ec- 
cleston/' was inserted, 28th 
October, 1658, in the addi- 
tional bill for the sale of 
lands and estates forfeited 
to the eonunonwaalth* His 
eldest son, John, d. in the 
lifetime of his father with- 
out issue. His seoond son, 
Wruhitington Sknhoi'sk 
of Seascale Hall, who 
was to have been one of 
the K nights of the Royal 
Oak, in imO, was fa- 
ther of 
John SENHot sK, of 
Seascale Hall, high 
sheriff of Cnraber- 
land,8fd of Anne, 
who m. Klizabeth, 
dan. of John Bel- 
Ungham , esq .of Le» 
vfiis, in Westmor- 
land, This John 
sold all the patri- 
monial estates, and 
hisdew'endant* be- 
came KXTIKiCT in 

tiiemale line about 
the middle of tike 
last century. 
9. Joeoph, founder of (lie Hall 

Ilolton family, whirh be- 
came EXTINCT in the inale 

Uae about a himdred years 


II. Peter, of Ellenborongh Hall, who 
was adttltlMll to the freedom of the 

cit^ of London in 1502. To this Peter, 
his aunt, Anne Bardsey, granted one 
half of her moiety of the manor of 
Alnebargh, otherwise Nether Hall. 
He (I. unmarried, nnd bequeathed his 
estates to hits brother John. 

III. J*)HN, of whom presently. 

IV. Richard, ineumiMnt of Clanghtoi|» 
in Lancashire. 

The third son, 

John Senhoiisr, succeeded his dd* r bro- 
ther Peter, in his half moiety of the manor 
of Ellenborongh, and inherited from Itis 
moth(>r her moiety of the same. He had 
saved that lady's life, at the imminent risk 
of his own, from the certainty of being 
drowned in the river Derwent. He inhe- 
rited, likewise, his aunt Bardsev's half 
moiety, and thus became eventually sole 
proprietor of Alneburgh, or Ellenborongh, 
otlierwise Netherhall. Tins John is Uie 
person whom Camden mentions in his Bri« 
tannia, as having collected with great indus^ 
try, numrrnn> T^oinan stones, altars, lav<'rs, 
statues, with iuscriptioBS, which he had 
placed with mueh tatte ni his houses and 
buildings ; and as having entertained, in 1 509, 
the celebrated antiquary himself, and Sir 
Robert Cotton, of Conington, with great 
civility. He was steward of all the lord- 
ships, manors, lands, 8tc. whirh forniprly 
belonged to the monastery of llolme-Cutt- 
ram, m the county of Cumberland. He m. 
Anne, daughter of John Ponsonby, esq. of 
Hail Hall, and had, with other issue, 

1. PKTea, his successor. 

2. SiiTioii, who was murdered near Do- 
venby, by Skelton, of Armathwaitbe. 
Skelton and himself are said to hare 
paid their addresses to the same lady, 
who gave the preference to Simon, 
and thereby so enraged Skelton, as to 
excite him to so baM an act of un- 
merited vengeance. 

3. Richard, in holy orders, D.D. fel- 
low of St. John's, Cambridge, after- 
wards dean of Gloucester, and conse- 
crated in 1624, bishop of Carlisle. 
Of AiB pralato ft is related, ti»t 
** When he was a scholar at Cam- 
bridge, coming into the couj>try to 
see his friends, his horse happeneid to 
cast a shoe, and having no money to 
to pay the smith withal, — 'Well, 
uell,' says tiie suiitli, ' i/o your wagtt 
nnd when pou come to be bishop of 
iJwrUsi(\ 7/nn'!l prtif me ;' which he 
did in abundance of gratuity ; and 
was a religions and honest fiastor." 
T>r. Senhouse preached the corona- 
tion sermon before A'tn^ Charles I. 

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and took for his text, " I will ^ivp 
thee a crown of life," which was 
afterwards esteemed as a prophe cy. 
He was an i-xoellent prcaclier, elo- 
quent and gpracel'ul in delivery ; and 
four much admired sermons were 
iniblulied after his decease. 

Eleanor, m. to Henry Fl«tcher» esq. of 
Moresby Hall. 

Jane, m. — BlannttliasBett, esq. of 

FHni^i V. 

Elizabeth, m. to \V iiiiaui Briscoe, esq. 
of Crolton. 
Mr. Senhouse* d. in 1604, and was #. by hit 

eldest son, 
Peter Semhovse, esq. of Alneburp:h, or 

Ellenboroii};]i Hall, otherwise Netli i Ii ill, 
who was appointed by letters patent, in the 
second of James L to succeed his fkAer as 
steward of the lordships, &c. formerly be- 
lonf^inp to the monastery of Cuttrara. lie 
was cuuistitutcd likewise by letters patent 
(20 James I.) escheator of the counties of 
Cumberland and Westmoreland, and he 
served the ofRce of sheriff for the former 
sbire in the 3rd of Charles L He espoused 
Frances, dau^^hter of Lancelot Skelfnn. 
esq. of Armathwaite Castle, in Cumberland, 
and had, with other children, 
John, Ills successor. 
Thomas, of Iioug Newton, in Cumber- 
land, who m. — daughter of Whelp> 
dale, and was grandfather of 
John Senhouse, esq. a lieutenant 
in Tangier, who built Tangier 
Hoose, and Tangier and wm- 
house-street, and was possessed 
of large proper^ at Wlutehaven. 
He nnmsnied. 

* Mr. Senhouse had also uotliersentLBOifAaD, 

who resided ut Tsel in 1591, but sub?<'(jTieTit!y re- 
moTed to VVigton. Ue d. in 16.^8, leaving, wilU 
a daughter, Janet, a son md heir. 

JoirN Sknhocsc, esq. grand father of 
Joseph Senhocse, esq. who wedded the 
daughter and heiress of John Tiffin, eat], 
of Calder Abbey, and was •. by his eldest 


John SrvHocsr, esq. of Caldor AT 'm ^ hi^jh 
sheriff of Cumberland, ^Iht iitunct 11. 
who was t. br bis sen, 

Jo8EPII-Tt rrr. StNunrsE, esq. pf Cnldor Ab- 
bey, an (ttiicer ia the guards, who wedded 
first, KUzabeth. daughter and co-beiresH of 
Robert Watert, esq. of LincUtwaite, but 
bad no issue. He espoused, secondly, 
Sarah, daufjhtrr of John Sunderland, esq. 
of Cartin(>l, in Lancatthire, and died in 
leaving four daugbtsra, ria. 

1. Mary, present posaeasor of Calder 
Abbey, who m. in 1R2.1, I'homas Ir- 
win, esq. a captain of dmtroons. 

2. Kleanor, m. in 1824, to Samuel irton, 
esq. of Irton (se« vul. iii. p. 675), 

3. Sarah. 4. Elisabetb. 

He* il. in lOM, and wm by hit eldest 


John Sbnhotob, esq. of Alnebnrgh Hall, 

who m. Elizal)«;th, third daughter of Hum- 
phrey W harton, esq. of Gillingwood, in the 
county of York, and had, with Other iisne, 

1. Humphrey, who if. before his father 

t. p. 

2. John, successor to his father. 

3. Richard. 

4. Patricius, who m. in 165.'>, Eliza- 
beth,* daushter and heiress of Tho- 
mas Bromneld, esq. of Hames Hall, 
Cumberland, and relict of Henry 
Dalton, esq. of Bregham. Thirgcn- 
tleniau's great grandson, 

HifiiPHiteT SENHOtniB, esq. of 

Bridf^foot, in the county of Cum- 
berland, raigor of the Cumber- 
land militia, and a magistrate of 
the county, m. Isabella, daaghler 
of William Pon^onHy, esq. of 
Whitehaven, (by Catherine, 
dangfater and co-heir of John 
Senhouse, esq. of tlir «rime 
place), and len issue at hi& de- 
cease, in 1629, 

Hnmphrey a captain in the 

Cumberland mUitja, m. and 

has Issue. 
William, of Linooln'a fna, 

* This Peter Senhouse seoms to bare married a 
second wiie, a Mrs. £gl«sfield, and hid aaotbar 

AxTnoNY SF.SHOtfSE, osq. of Thomhaugh, ia 
the coun^ of Noithanq>ton, who «». Maiy, 
daughter of Jobk Banks, esq. and wm «. at 
his d' < ■> >s,\ by lug eUsstsoa, 

The Reverend 

Pstsa Sen-uopsk, vicar of Kemplej, in Gtoti* 
cestershire, niid of Linton-cum-Lea, in the 
county of Hereford, a prebendary of Bre- 
c 11. This Issmed prelate published ia 
17^7, a sermon on " the right use and im- 
provement of sensitive pleasures, and more 
particularly of music,'" prwached in tb« c»- 
tbedral of Gloucester, at tlie annivnaanr 
meeting of the eboni. He was $, by bu 

PETEn Skmbouse, ei»q. of Barue»ley, iu OUm- 
caalenbiiB, Unng in 1738, who d. anaaT* 
ried, and was j. by bis sister, 
EtiZABETU SsNHouar, who wedded — Calde* 
cott, esq. and their descendant. Tuoma» 
CAtoicoTT, eaq. of Dartford, in Kent, 
bencher of tlM» Middle>temple, ia tb« 
present representative ef das btaadi of 
the SenbottiMM. 
t This lady was one of tea sistsfs, nine efwbgaa 
died of thp plapno, ratighl from a man who merely 
called in at the bouse to hght his pipe. She ber- 
8«-lf, bi'ing in London, escaped ; bateoaiittg downi, 
on bearingof iLeirnii^ifortunp, -n-ns nlh»«>-i! ^sv t!if» 
magistrates to converse with her mother acnxM 
the river Dcnrent saly. 

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Wnriitat-iit-latir, wlio d. in 

Cftfherine, m, to Ralph Cook, 
es<|. of Camerton Hall. 


5. Mar^^rct, in. to Uciiry Eglosficld, 
esq. ofCroMCaiioiibv, Hiid d. in 1091. 

6. ElizabeUt, au to WiUiam Nicbolton, 

If r. Senhomo 4, fn 1087, and waa #. by hia 

el<?L--t ? ir-. iviiif; son, 

JuH.N SKMmust,c»q. of Ncliierball, a cap- 
Ilia in A'fMr Cmaklks th« FIrst'a army. This 
f iadeo.'in t*!!pou:>('«l first, Elizabctli,'daugh> 
Mr of Jeroin Tolliurst, esq. liciitenaiit go- 
wrnor and M.P. of Carlisle, but bad no 
issue. He m. secotuUy, Mary, daughter 
of Aiirirf f Tutlilkston, esq. of Huttoii-John, 
in Cumucrtaiid, atid niece of Father Hud- 
rflaaton, elw|iJaiii and oonfcaior to Cbariet 
n., and hnd 

1. Joii\', bb heir. 

9. Andretr, killed at Ma, fighting 
}»;;.«iMSt the French. 

3. lJudley, drowned in the rive* Lune. 

4. Peter, m. Catberii*e, daugbter of 
Skeitoo, of Branthwaite, and had 

John, w]to had a son Peter, nho 
d. unmarried, and a daughter 
Catherine, w. to William Pnn 
aonby, esq. of Whitehaven, and 
had an only tarvtviitit daughter 

and heiress IsABKLtA, who m. 
Mi\jor Scubouse, as stated above. 
Richard, M.D. left a ton, Peter, 
who tt. unmarried, in 1750. 

5. Hi «PfiRKY, of whom presently 
Durcbafier ul tlie manor and estate of 
Neiber, and coktikuator of thk 


6. Dorothy, m. to her cousin i'etricius 
Seabonse, esq. of Uames Hill. 

7. Mary, mi. to Ridiatd Richmond, esq. 
of Croaby. 

Cbplaiii Seiihooae adoi>ttd a military life 
when ycung against the wishes of his pa- 
rmts, and had a narrow es^rapo of hi:; life, 
hannfr beeu saved by the tiinel) iatcrposi- 
tiott of the eon of a tenant who had followed 
bim to the wars. aui\ wlm afterwards held 
a tenetneut at Ellenburougti rent free for 
Kfe. Captain SenhottW «. in 1607, and 
was *. ^>v h'v- fMcst son, 

ioH^ 6t'.>HOi sr., esq. of Netbcrbail, who 
m- Jaa«, daughter of Richard Lamplugh, 
««q. of l>o>eMl>y Hall, in runibc-rland, by 
whom (who married set-oiidiy, Charles Or- 
fear. esq. of Plumbland,) be had surviving 
inne at ilia deGea5e in XGM, 

1. M irv. TK. first, to Francis Skelton, 
or lirantltwaite, and secondly to Ri- 
chard Butler, esq. of RociUfe, in 

2. Jaiie, M. to John Stephenson, esq. 
of Balndool, Ib the late of Han. 

3. Francif, d. unmarried. 

4. Grace, m. to Richard, Viscount Shan- 
non, and had an only daughter and 

GluCE, who wi. Clinrles, Farl of 
Middlesex, eldest son ot Lionel, 
first Duke of Dorset, but tt. #. p* 
6. Isabel, in. to John Fletclw r, ( sq. of 
Clea Halt, in Cumberland, uo\y re- 
presented by bia great grandson, 
Sir Henkv Fi htchkr, haronet. 

0. £lijcab«tb, d. unnmrried. 

These ladies, who inherited as co-heirs to 
their father, disposed of the demesne of 
Netberhall and manor of Alneburgb, or 
Ellenborough, to their uncle, 

Hi MPHKKY Sknmoi sh, who tbils be«anie 
of NeflirrJirr!!, or ElIeii!)orr)iigh. was 
eiiabied tu ellect tUiA purchase by the grate- 
ful mtinilicence of his mother's sister Brid- 
get, (l.i(;g^h!pr of Andrew Huddleston, esq. of 
Hutton-John, and of her husband, Joseph 
Huddleston, esq. of Millnm Castte, both 
of whom adopted him, beiiip themselves 
without issue, iu consequence of some need- 
ful kindnesses received from Senhonse's 
father and mother, during the first years of 
their mnrriaj>;e ; an alliance which bad taken 
place contrary to the wishes of their iui- 
niediate families, while Joseph KudriU'stqn 
^va8 a younger brother and before be in- 
herited tlie patrimonial estate of Milium 
Castle. He esfiotised Eleanor, daughter 
of William Kirl>y, escj. of Aslack, in the 
couuty of Lancaster, and liad tone, 

Joseph-Ricliard, who ti. nitmarriedt in 


Hi MT HKKY his successor. 
William- John, who d. unin. in 1727. 
Bridget, m. to John Christian, esq. of 
Unen^'i; Hall, and had with other 
issue, a daughter, 
Mahv who wedded Edmund Law, 
Bbbop of Carlis1e,and liad, inter 
alios, a son, 

Edward (Sir), who upon being 
elevated to tlie peerage in 
181)2, assumed, by permis- 
sion of the late Humphrey 
Senhonse, esq. M.P., the 
title of, from 
the ancient patrimony of his 
grandmother's family. 
Johanna, m. to Ottstavns Thomoon, esq. 
of Arcleby. 
Mr. Senhonse, who served the office of she* 

rifl* of the cfjtinty of Ciinibi 1 1 i ml, in the 1st 
of George 1., died in 17;^, and was 4, by 
his son, 

Hi MPHKY SKNHOfSE, of Netherball, who 
m. Mary, daughter and ultimately co- 
heiress of the Right Kcv. Sir George Flem- 
ing, bart. of Rydal, Lord Bishop of Car- 
lisle, and had issue, 

1. Hrui>iiuiiY, his successor. 

11. William, K in 1741, a Ueut. R. N., 

Uigiiized by Googlc 


and subflequently Styrreyor G«Mr»l 
of BurbadoM, and Ae Leeirftid It- 
lands. He m. Elizabeth, daughter 
of Samson Wood, esq. of Barba- 
dues, speaker of the house of as- 
lembly, and dying in 1800, letff 
amongst other issue, 

1. William-Wood, a commander 
in the R. N., to whom the in- 
habitants of Bridgetown, Bar- 
badoes, and tlie Ulanda of Su 
KitCa, each presented a tword of 
one hundred guineas* value, in 
testimony of the estimation in 
which they held hit gallut pro- 
fessional achievementt. m A 
r. p. in 1800. 

2. Samson, who purchased the 
manor of Newton and Seascale, 
with the advowson and n ctory 
of Gosforth, which he afterwards 
■old to his modier, die pretent 
possessor of those estates. He 
tn. in 1801, Marv, daughter and 

of Nu^dat Le Mo- 



surier, esq. of the Island 
Gunisey, but has no issue. 

3. Hnmphrey - Fleming, a post- 

laptain in the Royal Navy, at 
present flag-captain of hia Ma- 
jesty's Fleet, in the Mediterra- 
nean ; a knight commander of 
the Royal Hanoverian Giiolphic 
Order. lie espoused in 1810, 
Elisabeth, daughter and even- 
tually co-heiress otVice-admirnl 
John Manley, of Pljnmcuth, and 
has two daughterTf Blisabeth 
Manley, and Mary Le Fleming. 

4. George-Septimus, Uent. R.N. 
This gentleman was prese n ted 

with a subscription sword, by 
the erew of the Tnite Man-of- 
War, upon being paid off. In 
this vessel be was then serv- 
ing as a very young midshipman, 
and the crew, prior to present- 
ing tbo swofd, carried him three 
times round the deck in their 
arms, giving him three cheers. 
The aword was insMbed with 
the words, •* The good will 
the Unite Crew." Mr. Sen- 
bonse bad oretbeard some mn- 
tinous expressions on their part, 
and had so remonstrated with 
them as to pacify their tarlmlent 
feelings, and to produce an ebul- 
lition alike honorable to them- 
selves and him. lie d. unmarried 
in 1808. 

5. Edward - HiMi^vr, lieut. R.N., 
IN. in 1816, Elizabeth-Bishop, 
daughter of Jobt SpoonOFf esq. 
of Bii r1i:Lilof><3, and hat a tOB« 
W iliiani. b. iu IHir, 

C. J ames-lio wther, in holy orders, 
perpetual entate of Sawley, Itc. 
in Derbyshire, and rector of 
Gosforth, who m. in 1894 Mist 
Elizabeth Brooks. 

7. Mniy-Ward, m. to John Bar- 

TOv,\ efiq. of Harbadoes. 

8. Elizabeth, m. to Francis-Ford 
Finder, esq* of Barbadoet. 

9. .Tohanna. 10. Sarah. 

III. Joseph (Sir), b. iu 1743, in the EJ. 
Company naval terrioe, knigfated in 
1783, m. Mary, dau^fhfer and <o- 
heiress of John Ashley, esq. of Ash- 
ley Saint Legers, ia ttie connly of 
Northampton, anddyittf ill lW»loft 
surviving issue, 

1. JosEPH-AsHLET, an officer in 
the East India Company service. 

2. Michael le-FIeming, in tbe half 
pay oflice, Westminster. 

.1. Humpbfey-Dykes-BallantyBo. 
4. Williamyaa officer in the iTrmy. 
d. Maria, m. to Joseph Gtti(«»kt U« 

6. Catherine. 7. Sarah. 

IV. Mary, as. to Robert Gale, esq. of 

Mr. Senhouse was high sherifT of the county 
of Cumberland, in the I6th George II. 
He founded the present flourishing town of 
Maryport, situated at the foot of the rirer 
E«i<"n, which hp sn denominated aff<T bis 
lady. He d. iu 177U, and was \ty Uia 
eldest aon, 

HunrHREv SEVHorsE, esq. of N.ther- 
hall. This gentleman, who was lieutenant- 
colonel of tne Cnmberland MSitia, 
Si iited Cockermouth in parliament in 178(5, 
and the ^umty of Cumberland in 1780. lie 
m. in 1908, Catherine, danghter of Thomna 
Wood, esq. of Beadnell, in Northumhrr- 
land, and died in 1814, leaving an only sur- 
viving child, 

Humphrey SBNHiwai, aaq. tbe prctnnt 

Mr. Senhouse inherited tiie antiquarian skill 
and hospitality of his ancestor, John Seuo 
hditsp, the friend of Camden. 

Arms — Or, a popiiyay ppr. (otherwise, per 
pale, arg. and gu. on the nnrt a parrot vert*) 

Crest — A popinjay, as in tbr nrms, with n 
label in its beak, inscribed, Deo Gratias.** 

JVe##e— YsBVictlt. 

Bddflr of the famSy^A crimtott rote. 


Pdnsomby — Gn. n chevron between 
three combs, arg. 

Li CY — Gu. three luces hauriant, ar. 

Cui>ELAKi>— Or, two bars, and a canton 
gnlet, over all a bend an. 

EoLE$FiEU>~Ar. three eaglet dis- 

Fleming— Gules, a fret ar. 
■VrY'/— Netberball, near Maryport, Ci 

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USTER, THOMAS-HENRY, e»q. of Amitage Park, in die emmty of Steflbrd, 
s. to th» «0tates upon the donil^e uf his fiither, 24th Februarj, 1828, m. 6th NOT. 
1830, Maria Theresa, daughter of the late Hon. George VilliexB, brother to tho Eari 
ol Ckurondotty and has a loa and heir, 

TBOiu«ytiJ.iBBa, h, 7di Ifay, 1838. 


honors with tliope ou the 
continent than is usual at 
present. Hi** family and 
country recommended him 
to Anne, Countess of Pom* 
broke, whom he appears 
to have served in the 
donble capacity of i^nt 
and p)i\-<ii ian. By her re- 
commendation he became 
physician in ordinary to 
Qmen Anne of Denmark^ 
* and afterwards to King 
Charlbs I. from whom he 
received the honor of knight- 
hood in IfKJG. TTavinp even- 
tually attained the highest 
profeMional eminence, he 
was appointed president of 
the college of physicians. 
He d. about 1667, at Bur- 
■«vell, in Lincolnshire, aged 
linety-two; an instance of 
a eouidtntion, whicb eitiier 
needed not the ai(1s of liis 
owy faculty, or proved their 

2. Thomas, of whom pretenfly. 

3. Nicholas, s.p. 
The second son, 

Thomas Lister, married the daughter 
and heiress of Roger do Cliderow,(rfClid»* 
row, and had issue, 

Thomas Lister, who espoused Effamia, 
daughter and co-heir of — Westby. of 
W estby, aiid was t. at his decease, in 1540, 
by his son, 

Thomas Lister, of Westby, who »«. Anne, 
daughter and heiress of Richard King, esu. 
of KingscriMte, nenr Halifax, and hni, witti 
other i:=?no, 

Thomas, bis successor. 
JoluD, who enjoyed his mover's estate, 
and was ancestor of the'Iistsn of 
The eldest son, 

Thomas Lister, esq. of Westhy, wedded 

Alice. (l;niirbter of Sir Rii bnrd TTni!jrbt"n, 
of ilou^litou Tower, iu the couuly ol Lslu- 
caster, by whom he luid (witii sereral other 
children) a son and successor, 

Thomas Lister, esq. of Westby, who m* 
Jane, daughter of John Oreenacres, esq, of 

This family is of 5:!:reat antiqnity in the 
north of England, ami tlie senior branch, 
mam reptesented by Lord Riliblesdnle, has 
been seated nt CKshnme for mm than five 

Jomi Lmwt, son ni TtMrnsM litter, es- 
poused, in KiV2, Isabel, daughter and bpire?? 
of John de Bolton, bowbearer of Bolland, 
tibe Uneid representative, aecording to Dug- 
dale, f the Saxon Earls of Mt rcia. The 
great-grandson of this nuuriage, 

Christophbk Listeji, of Middop, m. in 
the rei^ of Edward lY. Joan, daughter of 
Sir W tUiaa Cnlverley, of Calverley» and 
iuid Lssue, 

1. WuUAM, of Bliddop, whose lineal 


Sir iiiiaui Lister, knt, of Thorn- 
ton, marrying Mary, daughter 
of Sir riciiry Bellamys, hart, of 
New borough', left at his decease, 
la IttO, wfdi other issne, 
Sir Martin Lister, knt. the 
well-known physician. This 
eminent person was bom 
at Thornton, in Craven, and 
educated at Oxford, where 
he became fellow of Oriel 
College ; but, travelling 
jfbrontl. be took tfiP df^rce 
ul M.i). at Ba.>ii, aiitl, in 
1606, was incorporated at 
Oxford, ais the English uni- 
versities allowed a more 
woiversal oonunonication of 

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Wor-t fill , and wai #. at decease, in 1607, 
by elileat son, 

Thomas Lister, esq. of Westby, a justice 
of thv peace for Yorkshire, 16 James I. He 
espoused Jane,* daughtt^r of Thomas lie- 
ber, esq. of Marton, and dying iu 1619, was 
$. by his eldest son, 

Thomas Listi-k, esq. of Westby, baptized 
atGisburn in 1604. This gentlemati, during; 
the civil wars, espoused the cause of the 
parlifituent, and mha one of the commis- 
sioners for the trial of Kiruj CiiAiiLES. He 
attended, however, only four of their meet- 
inu'^, iind never si>;iu d the %vnrrant ; from 
which, it appears evident, that he did not 
cordially approve of the course the pro- 
ceedings were taki" ":: ruul it prubaljly 
iu cousideratiou of this circuuistauce, that 
the family estates were exempted ftom for- 
feiture at the rotoiation. He m. Cathe- 
rine, daughter oi Sir Kichard Fletcher, kuL 
of Hutton, in tlie county of Cumberland, 
by whom (w ho ( spoused, after Mr. Lister's 
decease, Sir I i n Assheton.f bart. of Whal- 
Icy Abbey, lu LaiK a^sliire) he had issue, 
1. Thomas, of Arnoldsbiggiu and West- 
by. ^sho m. Mary, daughter of Rich- 
ard Deane, esqu of Ovendenword, in 
the county of l(tfk, and h it at hi.s 
drr ;i e, m 1600^ an only dau|^(er 
and lieiress, 
Catherikb, who espoused TlwMnas 
Yorke, esq. of Richmond, Y'^ork- 
shire, and their desccadant now 
resides in that county. 
3. JoNit, of whom presently. 

3. Jan<', (J ninnarried. 

4. Bai i).uii, m. tii>t, to William Norvel, 
esq. of Merelay, in Lancaslilre, ajid 
secondly, to fi lni Larnherl, pf(j. of 
Calton, sou ul Major-general Lam- 
bert, b^ whom she had an only dau. 
■ad hciresi«, 

FftANCbs, tn. to Sir John Middle- 
ton, hart, of Belsay Castle, and 
her great-grandson is the present 
Sir Cuakl£s-Milks-Lambekt 
MoKCK, hart of Belsay 
Castle, (see Burlu^s PeerMjft 
mid BttrmteU^). 

6. Mary. 
The second son, 

John Listkr. fsq. of ArnoUKl)ii;i;iii, was 
baptized at Gisburn, 2nd February, ii>4l. 
He M. Mary, dauffiter of William Lodge, 
of Leeds, roercliant, and wat <. at hit de- 
cease by his eldest son, 

* Tins lady married, after the dcooM of Blr. 

I.isf«^r, ■Richard Ashe, esq. of Aughtnn, who was u 
member of th<' I . 'in pie, master of the crown office, 
during the nsiiq>Htion. md counsel Ibr the regi- 
cides at the triiil of tlie Vin^r 

t This gentleman lei't cou&i(it>rttbl« estates to his 
wii»*s gnndsoa, Lister. 

Thomas Lister, esq. of Arno1fl<ln'i:|rin, 
whom. I'li/.abeth, daiigiiter ot John l-*ark,er, 
esq. of Extu isle, in the county of Lancaster, 
and dying in 1706» the estates dev<|lvcd Upon 
his eldest son, 

Thomas Lister, esq. M.P. of Amolda- 
bigj;iii, and of Lowrr Hall, to which lie 
gave the name of Uisburne Park, (bavin|^ 
removed thither npon the demise of Sir 
John Assheton). He m. Catherine, daugh- 
ter and co-heir of Sir Ralph Asslieion, hart, 
of Whalley Abbey, by whom (v*ho d. JOtli 
August, 1728) he had lane, 

1. Thomas, whost; !»on, 

Thomas Lister, ei>q. of Gisbume 
Park, was elevated to the peerage 
2Cth October, 17y7, by tIh- title 
of Baron RiBBi.£fiOAL£,of(;f#^mr 
PerA, in the county of York. His 
lorf!>bip n/ i?) ^789, Rebecca, dau. 
of Joseph Fielding, esq. and bad 

Thomas, second Lord Ribblea- 
dalc,who</.in December, 183*2, 
leaving an infant son, the pre- 
sent Lord. 

Catherine, m. first, in 1810, to 
James Skurrav-Day, esq. and 
secondly, in lb 17, to the RcT« 
John Fleming- Parker. 

Rebecca- Adelaide. 

2. Nathamel, of whom presently. 
'^. Tatherine, \ 

4. Mary, ( all (i. luimarried. 

5. Anne, > 

The second son, 

Nathaniel LtsrrR, esq. of Armitage 
Park,* which property he purchased, re- 
presented Clitheroe in parliament, from 
1701 to 17(j3 inclusive, and was well- 
known in the litcriiry world. Miss Seward 
addressed to him a beautiful poem on hav- 
ing: read bis verses iu MS. Tie m. Martha, 
daughter and heiress of John Fletcher, esq. 
of Uchfield, by whom he had issne^ 
Jf>ii\. bi". sncees>or. 
Thomas, eventual inheritor. 
Mary, m. to Rev. John Oldershaw, Ute 
rector of Tarvin, in the county of 
Chester, and d. in 1814, leaving issue. 
Catherine, M. to Robert Nugent Dun- 
bar, esq. of Machrimore, in theeoun^ 
of Kirkudbright, Scotland. 
Martha, d. umn. l(>th Febniary . ihiS. 
Charlotte, m. in January, 1h4I8. to Au<- 
gustus Bulstn)ib\ esq. and H. in 1810. 
Mr. Bulstrode, the last male repre- 
sentative of the aacieat house of that 
name, d. hinitielf in SeptetnbiT. Is2.1. 
Mr. Lister was $. at his decease, Stfth De- 
cember, 17B9, by his eldest son, 
John Lister, esq. of Armitage Park, aa 

* This esute previously to the ReirtiMatioa wa« 
csUad Hawksysfd Park. 

i^iy u^L^ Ly Google 



dkmr of dlragoottflt st whote demise, nn* 

marri. (1. in Jone. 1802, the estates dCTOlved 
' •poo bU only brother, 

Ttaosut Lister, esq. of Armiti^ Park, 

A. '2IHh November, 1772, who like wise inhe- 
rited the property of his maternal j;ramlfa- 
tli^r. Mi«a Seward mentions this j^nitle- 
leen at bating (?iven to the public prints 
rtpcatcd proofs of his fine poetic tah nts." 
He m. first, in IbOO, Harriett- Ann, ditugh- 
tw^ of the Late John Seale, esq. of Mount- 
h^>np. in the cntintA* of D<'v on, by whom (who 
rf.4tfa December, iHiJti; he had an only son, 

TktoilAB-llENRT, piesent proprietor. 
Uf f'>5 <iii<ifd. second h . in lSO.>, Mary, dau. 
of the [ate Wiliiam Grove, esq. of Honi- 
ia die coaatjr of Werwick, and bed 
fortber ime. 


Adel;iii!r , ni. first in lR2n, to Ijcr cousin, 
the Uon.Tho. Lister, late Ld. Iiibble»- 
dale, aod Sndl j to Ld. Jobn RuiseU. 

Charlotte, if. in 1t)27. 


Mr. Lister rf. 24th February, 1828, and was 
s. by bis son, Thomas-Henry Listkr, esq. 
tKi%v r< pretentative of this brancb of the 


A mu E nnme, on a fess sa, tbree mul- 
lets or. 

Crest — A buck's head, partv per fesse, 
ppr. an^ or, with a crescent on It. 

Mntfn- Rrtincns vpstig^ia fnmfr. 
Town Residence — Kent House, Knights- 

iS^— Aimitage Park, Staifoidabira. 


LEWIS, CHARLES, esq. of St. Pierre, in the county of Monmouth, m. in 1777, 

Ann-Staanna, daughter of Francis Davis, esq. of Chep- 
stow, by Anne, daughter and eo-heiress of Jobn Hq^oid, 
esq. of I)ixtoa, in the eoonty of Gloucester, and lias 

Thomas, Mentenant Colonel of the Monmouth end 
Brecon Militia, who m. first Maria-Anne, daughter 
of Thomas IHinlel, esq. of Henbury, in the county of 
Gloster, and secondly, Carol i no T;iiu>, daughter and 
cO'beir of Thomas Dyot Skep-liucknall, esq. of 
Hampton Court, in the county of Middlesex. 


Francis, who m. Mary, eldest daughter of the Reverend 
Edward Lewis of Portskenet, by Mary, daughter and 

co-heir of John Freko, rsfj. of the countv of ^^'^ts. 
Frances-Susanna, m. to John Baldwyn, esq. of the 
Mount, Chepstow. 

Mr. Lewis s. to the estates upon the demise issuelesa of 
his brother in 1790. 


Ttir !f 5c«nt of this family is derived in a I 
direct male line from CEDivoK.orC ADivoR, ' 
priMeer chieftain of IMyoI ( Dunetia), a por- 

ti..n of country which comprised PemhrDke- 
•hke »ad part'of Caxinartheushire, C \ i> i v < • ii 

• WeVb tr«^ii»'.\l<no5ts Mcribe to this Cuiet a 
: u^iutrtiAiA J»^t'ut. but whtterer doubts mny 
■r^. H to tbe authenticity of lii<i i>»Mli<;rpe from 
^ «hmity of aneieat manuscripts, and traditi> 
^ ^ ^ conceded, diet his pes- 

flourished about the period of the Norman 
Conquest, and was buried in the priory of 
Carmarthen. He espoused Ellen, daughter 
and heiress of Lwelilawen, tlie {;T<'at Lord 
of KiUant, and liad a son Blkdhi, Lord of 
Blaeneucb, who m. Qydwen, daughter and 

aesdons and cennexknui amongst a people »o 

teii!u-iou3 of the nntiquitv of thfir families, af- 
ford reasonable proof of the nobility of bis birth 
Mid station. 

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of Kldrig ap Owaithvoed, Lord 
of Gwynvaye, and thoir prpnt p:ran<!«on, 

Ivor, m. Nest, dauirhuir ul Cradttc ap 
M adoc ap Iderneth ap Gidogaii ap Adielstan 
Glodryth, and had a son and soccrs^or, 

Lkweixen, Lord o£ St. Clare and Gwyn- 
vuyc, in tiie county of CTannartiien, who m, 
Angharad, daughter and co-h<'ir of !^ir Mor- 
gan Meredith, Lord of Tredeear, descended 
Irom Rhys, King of South Wales, and had 
tiro sons, viz. 

Morgan, Lord of St. Clare and Trede- 
gar, fbom whom derived Mor- 
OAiit of Tk«degar« 


PuiUP Llevvelin ap Ivor, who bore for 
Ma armorial ensigns, arg. a lion rampant 
gardant crnu nrd Y>Y>r.\- lie m. Neste, daugh- 
ter and heirt'&s ol G\viUut &ayet» ap Madog 
ap Howell Velyn, and his great-great-great- 
great grandson, 

Hbnry Lewis, esq. of St. Pierre, livius 
in 1M7, espoused Bridgat, daughter and 
heiress of Thomasl Kemeys, and was father 

William Lewis, esq. of St. Pierre, living 
in 168.3, who M. Mar^ret, daughter of 
Robert Gamage, <>t ToiTif, in Glamor- 
ganshire, and waj( t. hy his sou, 

Henry Lewis, esq. of St. Pierre, who 
wan in por"5f ^sifii! frmti lfi<H> untH 1630, 
His sou and hrjr (by Joau, daughter and co- 
heiress of Henry Herbert, of Winston, and 
his wife, Lui v, daughter of Edward, iMtd 
Earl of W orcester,) 

Oborgb Lewis, esq. of St Pierre, wlw 

m. Mary, daughter of Sir "^^'i^li;^m Moigan, 
of Tredegar, knt. and was father of 
Thomas Lewis, esq. ofStPiMrto,aitaaBcii 

t Hnrleian MSS. 

t TU« liarleiau MSS. styl« tlu« person Gxorcb 

and devoted royalist, who lived towards 
the close of the seventeenth century ( 1666). 
He espoused Joanna, daughter of Joseph 
Langton, esq. of Newton Park, in the eom^ 
of SonvTSf^r, and '<vas s. by hia son, 

Thomas Levm8, esq. of St. Pierre, who 
M. I>ela Rivers, daughter of Sir Thomas 
Morgan, of Cheriston, and was father nf 

Thomas Lewis, esq. of St. Pierre, who d. 
in 1734, and was t. hy Ms son, 

Morg an Lkwis, esq. of St, Pierre. This 
sentleman m. Rachel, daughter of Charlei 
Van, esq. of Lanwern, and had issue, 

Thomas, his heir. 

Charles, present proprietor. 

John-Craveu, rector of St. Pierre. 




Morgan Lewis d, in 1770, and was «. hy his 

eldest son, 

Thomas Lewis, esq. of St. Pierre, at whose 
decease issueless In 1790, tiie fiunUy ca- 
tat( s and i L-presontatioa doToWed npon hls 
uext brother, 

Charles Lewis, esq. present poss ess or. 

Amu — Or, a lion rampant gardantsa. 

Crest — A griffin segreant sa. 

Motto — Hapersalafide,ha perso Thonore. 

Estates— In the county of ^lunmouth. 

Seat — St. Pierre, nrar Chepstow. This 
matisiou stands at a small dLitauce frum the 
Severn, nearly half a mile (rom die high 
road leading to Chepsto^v. It is an aucieut 
structure, much altered and modernized, wisk 
sash windows; one however still r em at n o 
which proveF it to !»ave been constrnrtcd 
early as the fourteeuth century. The gate- 
way is still more andent, and in feudal taiea 
was part of the old castellated nimdon; it 
is a gothic portal flanked by two pentagon 
embattled lttrrs4s,andliaaaTery picturesque 


PAPILLON, THOMAS, aw. of Acrise Plaoe, in the county of Kent, b. I2t]i 

January, 1757, f». 2nd January, 1791, Anno, daujjrhter 

of Henry Cressett Pelham, esq. of CrowhurslPark, Sos- 
sex, and Cound Hall, Shropshire, by whom he baa issue, 

Thomas, who m. 8th September, 182.5, Frances Mar- 
garet, daughter of Sir Henry Oxendcn, hart. 
John, in holy orders. 
Frederick-William, lieot. R.N. 

Mr. Papilhm inherited at tha doeeua of hii ihlte m 1 809. 

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In DuifdaU's Mvnas: vre findToKALDUS 
DF. Papillon oue or the witnesses to a deed 
of confirmation^ granted by Wiixjam the 
Vtuffurror to the church of JttarllMD* 

Id the reign of King John 

Kai^u Papiixon was elected Abbot of 
WcttainMer. Thift emiBent divine, one of 
t]i« most i'1»«jnf!it prt'achers of his time^ 
IMC to disiiuctiou under the protection of 
the Abbot LswreaM) by whon, acoording 
to Leland. lu- " .i- rijipointed Prior of Hur- 
ley, a cell uf Westminster. He is said to 
bare wr iU c a aTolvme of fermonSf and 
another of homilies, on the epistles and gos- 
pels, of which Iceland speaks iu hi^ terms 
of eacomiitm. He d. in l^E6. 

WiLXiAM Papillon, one of KiMg Edward 
tfie Fir>t'.-» most devoted senanti*. %vai* re- 
cummended by his royal ma^iter, m ihe 31st 
year of his reign, to the abbot and com eiit 
of Leit^e-it»T, for n rorrody from that lnjiise. 
This Wilitam Fapiliou is supposed tu iiave 
founded the family of Papillon, of Luhben- 
ham, in I^neettonbiro, bci&g lineal an- 
cestor of 

Tbomao PAriLLOif, who etpottfed JTane 

Vi(-nt de la Pierre, and who wrts succeeded 
at his decease, 20th November. 160ii, by bw 



David Papillon, of Lubenham. This 

KBtlcntau obtained a license^ dated 23rd 
ay, 1023, from Archbishon Abbot per- 
Bshting bioiaelf and his family to frequent 
the churelt at Mer^ton, in the county of 
Northampton, as being nearer than their 
owa pariflb cbarch of Lubenham, with a 
pro»i:>o, however, that they should once at 
Ivasi iu the year \jxi Easter) attend the latter, 
to bear prayeia aad piaaeliiiig there, attd to 
rrceive the sacrament. 

Mr. Pi^iUoa pnbliahed, in 1646, A 
Pnelica] Abilract of the Arts of Fortiffea- 

tiof! and Ashling, contitining four diftV rent 
lelhods of fortification, with approved rules 
ta eet oat bi the field all manner of saper* 

tct-*. intrenchments. and approaches by the 
deauctrcie, or with lines and stakes, written 
Inr the benefit of such as deliffht in the prac- 
tkm of these noble arts." He was likewise 
tH** HMthnr of HTiother work, entitled " The 
\ j.i.' v t ;),c Lifes and Paj«sion3 of Men/' 
H«- died in ISSO, and wee«. by his son, 

Thom\s P\riLLON, esq. of Lubenham, 6. 
6cb ^ptentbcr, 1G23. This gentleman was 
tB CMuent merchant, of London, and re- 
p-e-^f fliAf , fty in parliament in the lOTh 
•C Wuxjam ill. He had previously sate 
fm mae yi^rs, (temp. €>HARLei II.) fat 
Dorer. He was a strenuous sujijiorTt r of 
fbe patriotic party, by whom Aia^r James 
ftc Second wae compelled to aWuSite the 

throne. He m. Jane, daughter of Thomas 
Broadoax, esq. of Godmersham, and had 


Philip, his successor. 

Elizabeth, //;. to tfie T^ord Chief Baron 

Sir Edward VV urde, and d, in 1723. 
Sarah, m* in 1083,tD Saonwl Rawelonie, 


Anna-Maria, m. to William Turner, 
eiq. banieter-at-law, end bad leTenil 


Mr. Papillon died in 1702, having pie- 
riously given (in 1701) £60. to the poor of 
the parish of St. K;itherine Coleman, and 
bequeathing £1000. tu the Mercers' Com- 
pany, of which he was master, ** to relieve 
any of his family that might at any future 
time come to want. He had purchased, in 
1666, the manor of Acrise, in Kent, iu which 
and his other potaeMione he was enoeeeded 
by his only son, 

Philip Papillon, of Acrise, h. in 16G0, 
M.P. for Dover, in the reigns of Kiny Wil- 
liam, Quern AwE, and in xhv h( £,'i'ijiiiii[;' of 
that of Geukob I. Ue sate afterwards lor 
Near Romney. II« m. fint. In 1060, Anne, 
daughter of William Jolllffe, etq. by whom 
he had an only surviving son, Davio, his 
heir. He wedded, secondly, in 1006^ 1^ 
sannah, daughter of — Henshaw , esq, by 
whom, who d. in 1707, he had issue, 

Thomas, whp d. unmarried in 1714. 

Philip, of West Mailing, who m. twiee, 
but died issueless. 

Elizabeth, d. iiniiiui i ied, in 17::^. 

Susannah, m. to .Tolin Gregory, esq* 

Sarah, d. unmarried. 
Mr. Papillon died in 1736, and was s. by 
his eldest son, 

David Papillon, psq. of Acrise, b. in 
1691 ; m. Mary, daughter of Timotliy key- 
ter, esq. of London, aMrobanl^ end liad 
vising issue, 

David, his snccestor. 

Anne, m. to the Rev. John Henry 

Elizabeth, m. to the Rev. Thomas Car- 
tels, D.D. of Sevenoakt, Kent. 

Susaaneb, «. first, in 1764, to Arthur 
Keaver, koA, MOOIldly, to 

O^ilvy, esq. 
Mr. Papillon was a member of parliament 
for several years, and he was appointed in 
1742, a commissioner of excise, which ofltue 
he resigned in 1764, in favour of his son. 
I [ • d ied in 1703, and wan tnoeeeded by that 

David Pahixon, esq. of Acrise and Lee, 
both in the county of Kent, one of the com- 
missioners of the excise, which office he re- 
signed in 17&4, ailer having prssided aa 

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chairman of Ihe board for several years. 
He m. first, in 1763, Bridget, daughter of 
Williani Turner, esq., by which lady (who 

d. in 1770) he had issue, 

Thomas, his successor. 

David, who d. in 1772. 

William, who m. in Sarah-Maria, 
only child of the I?* % T?i<ft:ir(l Drake, 
of Wymondkam, iii Noriolk. 

Philip, d. unmarried in IMO. 



Anna-Maria, d. unmarried. 
Sarah, m. to H. Jackson, esq. 
Jane, in infancy. 
Mr. PapIlloM espoused, peeondly, Esther, 
daughter of the Rev. l>octor Curteis, of 
Sevenoaks, but had no other children.' He 
in 1809, and was t. by hie eld* st ^oa, the 
prt^sent Thomas Papii ion, esq. of Arnse. 

Armt — Az. a chevron, between (liree but- 

/^Yr/i-r,-— Aerise and its Ticiiiity, ia Kent. 
Seal — Acrise Place. 


FOUNTAINJB, ANDREW, esq. of Narford Hall, in the county of Norfolk, b. 1 3lh 

July, 1770, m. 7tli November, ISO.;, Hannah, eldest 
daughter of Thomas Penrice, esq. of Great Yarmouth, by 
whom, who «f. in January, 1830, be has iiiiie, 



Mr. Fountaioe was shenti of Norfolk in 1828. 
ceeded hia iSitfaer in 1825. 

He auc* 

The family of FoCN'TAIVF was orij^innlly 
of Salle, iu Norfolk, and assumed the sur- 
name of De Fonte, or Fontihna, from the 
sprinjjs or fountains near which they resided. 

The first upon record who assumed tlie 

John dp. Fontb, called also Dt Fotiilbus 
de Salle, who flourished in the latter end of 
the reign of Henry III. was much in favor 
with Roger Bigod, Earl of Norfolk. He 
died ill the hfrinnin^r of Edward the First's 
time, and was «. by tiis eldest son, 

RoBBRT DB FoKTiBUS, of Salle, whose 
great grandson, 

John Ffuntkyn, of Salle, wus returned in 
1480, as one of the chief gentlemen of the 
cmuitv. He V as a |)rinct]):'l Vjcik IVk tor, if 
not i»ole fuunder of the north aisle ait<l north 
transept of tiie present church of Sallq, 
wherein he lie5 buried with bis throe wivrs. 
He d. to 1463, and was s, by bis eldest son, 

Mathibw Ffuntbyn, of Salle, who consi- 
derahly tncreaaed hia patrimony, hy mairy- 

iri- Flizabeth, daughter and heiress of Wil- 
liam Walsbe, of Colby, by Margaret, daugh- 
ter and heireea of Simon Damme. Hw 
eldest son and ftucces.sor, 

Arthur Fountaine, esq. of Salle, es- 
poused Pmncis, danghter of Clement IPal* 
grave, >'s<|. by whom liehad isane, 

John, his heir. 


Arthur, who m. Anne StaDliowe> mad 

bad issue. 
Pal grave. 

Mary. rn. to Thomas Parkington. 
Dorothy, m. to John Hobard. 
Beatrice, m. to Robert Cubitt. 
The eldest son, 

John Foi:ntaine, esq. of Salle, wedtttMl 
M a ry , d au g h ter and heinse of J amea B ri g)gv , 
of Salle, in nhose right, the family has ever 
since quartered the arms of Brigp^e, Beau- 
re, and St. Omer. Mr. FounUoiie wua «. 
y hiaeldeataon. 

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Bmcob Fomrr Atim, eiq. of S«]le» wlio m. 

Joanna, eldest sistor of Robert Henley, esq. 
Matter of tho King's Bench Office, and had 
a oon and sneeMtor, 

Andrew FotNTAiNE, esq. of Salle, ^vlio^at 
in parliament in the reign of Charles II. 
He e&poused Sarah, daughter of Sir Thomas 
Chidieloy, Master of the Ordnauce, and 
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, by 
whom be had several children, of which three 
■immned him, viz. 

Andrew, bis heir. 



The eldest son , 

Sir Andrew Fountainr, erinced an early 
taste for (he aatlqitariaii pursuits, in which 

he was afterwards so emiTniitlv distin- 
guished. \^niile at Christ's Church, Oxford, 
he drew np a list of Anglo-Saxon and Anglo- 
Daaiali coins, published in 1706, in Hicke's 
TTtf^aiini^ Sept. nlrionalis. He subse- 
quently turtmti, upou his travels, a fine col- 
loeCfoB of pictures, medals, and antiquities. 
From Kiftff William III. hf rrc*'ivp(! thn 
honor of knighthood, and in 1727, upon the 
lamented deaik of Sir Isaac Newtom, suc- 
ceeded thatentoeatly leuned peiMB in the 

ollee of warden of the Mint He was like- 

vrise vice-chamberlain to Qmm Cauomnk, 
and tutor to Prince William. Sir Andrew 
Ponnteine was practically acquainted with 
the fine arts, and made some designs for 
Swift's " Tale of a Tub." He 4, in 1759, 
leaving no issue. His sister, 

EuzABETH FouN'TAi.sE, espou^ed Colondi 
Edward CU-nt, of the county of Woroester, 
hy wltuui bhe had an only daughter, 

Elizabeth Clent, who «•. Captain Wil- 
liam Price, and left one son, 

Bkigg Price, esq. of Narford, who aa- 
ramed, by act of parliament, tiie anmarae 
and arms of Fountaine. He espoused, in 
July 1709, Mary, sole daughter of George 
Hogge, esq. of Lynn Regis, by whom be 
left at his d ecease, 20th April, 1825, an only 
surviving child, Andrew FoirsxAiNE, esq. of 
Narford Hall, now representative of the 

Armt—OT, a fessc gu. betnreen three 

elt |)!uiiit;>' lieads, era^icd sa. 
( ' ' vf— An elephant ppr. 
Motto — Vix ea nostra voco. 
iatate$ — In, the county of Norlolk. 
Aaf— Narford HaU, Norfolk. 



CLARKE, ROBERT, esq. of Comrie Castle, in the ronntr of Perth, a deputy lieu- 
tenant for that shire, m. isabelta,* eldest daughter of Ro- 
bert W«il«ood, esq. of Garvock, ty Lilias, aeconddauc'liter 
of Jamea RobertBon-Barclaj, eaq. of KeaTille, and baa 
bad iasne, 

Andrew, who crjpoused Jane, only child and heiress of 
Colonel Sir John Wardlaw, hart, of Fitreavie, Fife- 
shire, and assuming, in consequence, Uie additional 
anmame and ami of Wardlaw, ie the preaent An- 
drew rinrlic Wardlaw, esq. 
Robcrt-WeUwood, who d, in 1824. 


Lilias, who <f. in 1809. 

Anne, who d, in 
T?nbfllrt . 
Alary- Anne. 

Mr. Claika aneeeeded to the eatatea npoa the ^amiae of hia lather. 

• ^T{R- Wellwood was niece to the Rer. Sir ITpnrr \^ i^llvrood*] 
and grandniece to Sir Robert Freston, baronet, of \ aiieyaeid. 

of TiiUjrbolcb 

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The surname of Ci TRK or Clark, a com- 
moa one throughout Europe, is in Scotland 
4>ne of neat nntiquity ; and was probably 
•Miimed from some office bearing the de- 
sip^ation. It is a matter of notorifty, that 
.there were mauy free barons and men of 
great posseasioiui and power of the bane 
of Clark, in very early tiroes. Sir James 
Dairy tuple cites a charter (prior to the year 
1180) of King William of a donation to the 

abbtiry of Holyrood House, and aiiiori'^ the 
vrittie^es ^who are all men of rank) are 
IJu^o Clertent re^it ; Hugo Clerufm etmeei~ 
iarii ; Johannes Clericus, &e. See. In 1296, 
Richardus Clerk submitted to Edward I. 
and in the same year Banedkt Clerk, a man 
of rank and figure, was earned prisoner to 
London for refusing to swear allegiance to 
the English monarch ; and Mariota, his lady, 
obtained a safe conduct to visit him in Eng- 
land. At the battle of Durham, William 
Clerk was taken prisoner, and remained in 
captirity nntil released in 1907, with his 
8ovLTrip;ri Damd TT. Thv clan of Chattan, 
and some of the best Highland families, 
dafm to be descended from ttie Clbriu; 
and from charters under the great seal, it 
appears that various families of this surname 
have held extensive possessions from a very 
remote era. The house we are about to 
treat of, is supposed to he (les<'ended from 
Al^nus Cl£HK, a tree baruu ul Perthshire, 

one of tlic inquest on the sen'ice of Sir 
Alexander Moray, of Abercaimy, anno 

Ahdrbw Clark, esq. of Comries and 
Ronnyside, m. Anne, eldest daughter of Ro- 
b( rt Uampbell, esq. of Ard Chattan, in Ar- 
g^yleshire, by MargaretMacftrianc^of M«o- 
iarlane, and had isi«u»», 

Robert, present proprietor. 

William Colin, a captain 60i foot, aide- 

df'-ramp for mnny year? tn cousin 

Xjieuteuant'Kcueral iiir Robert Mac- 
Mane, K.U.B. and G.C.H., when 

eonmanding in chief in Sicily. Cap- 
tain Clark m. Mary Maclean, a cele- 
brated beaut}', second daughter of 
Colonel Maclean, deputy governor of 

the Tower nf London, and dying in 
1828, k it aa only daughter, Hannah. 



Mr. Clark was t. at hia decease by his elder 
•on, the present RoBBRT CtAitxe, esq. of 

Comrie rustle. 

Armt — Or, a fesse cbequz arp;. and az. 
between two cretoents, in chief, with a boar's 

head couped in base sa. 

Crest — A demi-hnntsman issuing out of a 
wreath and winding a horn, ppr. 

Motto — Free for a blast. 

Estates — In the cornitv Perth. 

Seat — Couirie Caslic, i'crtiishire. 


JODRET L, JOHN WILT.T AM, esq. of Honbury, Yeardsleyand Tax ^1, all in the 
county of Chester, b. in 1808, 5. to the estates upon the denUae of his father, 
5th March, 1828. 


mfttfUflf , 

The JuDRELLs of Yeardsley, extiuct in 
the elder male line since 1750, Imt repre- 
f^eiittnl tbroni^h fi males by tb« y>r<'setit Mr. 
Jocireil, ol lienbury, were settled at \eard«- 
ley, in the county of Chester, aa early as the 
times of Edward III. or Kir«Ay;r» TT. 

The lirst of the name on record \\ as j)os- 
seiaed of lands in Derbyshire, within dM 
manor o f High Peak, 14th Bdward L His 
g^reat grandson, 

WiLUAH jAODtRMX, the iminediale aneea- 
tor of the family, s( i ved as an archer undf r 
Edward the Slack 9rtna. in the French 
Wars. He had his pass for England, 29th 
Edward 111. and is supposed to havp sub* 
seqiWBtly beoone possessed of lands in th» 

1 H 

i^iy u^L^ Ly Google 



- coin - Whaley, in 
Cbe«bire. He m. in 1355, Ag^ne?. dan«:hter 
oC Robert de Bradshawe, and waa father of 

RooBB JaoDMUJL, <»f Yearddley, who was 
f'vr many yean esqmre tif the body to Kinp 
Richard II. and for lu» good aenricea in 
ttat retfn. bad granted t» Un fat life (ITtik 
Richard II.) the town of Wheston, in Lei- 
ee«t«>r!>iirt». The fifth in lineal descent 
£n>ui Uiis Hogcr, was another 

Roger Joudrell, esq. of Yeardaley, who 
m. firft, IfiiL Henry YII. Isabel, daughter 
oUohn SuttoQ, of Sutton, and secondly, 
Bin,* draghter and co-heir^ of Roger 
Knutsford, of Tmmlofr, by whom be bad 
a aon and heir, 

BMnm JooULL, «aq. of Yeardaley and 
TmvbiIow, who esponsed Katharine, diaugh- 
%m of JTames Kelaal, of Bradtbawe, and 
was J. by his aon, 

BDMUitD Jodrell, esq. of Yeanlsley and 
Twomlow. who seried the office of aheriif 
for Cheshire, lu 1G60. He m. Mary, daugh- 
ter of Robert Holt, esq. of Stubtey and (ks- 
tleton, in Lancashire, and was t. by his gun, 

EoMuiiD Jodrell, esq. of Yeardsley and 
Twemlow, high sheriff of Chet^hi^^, in 1090, 
who m Elisabeth, daughter of Sir Frauncys 
Bwrdett, bart. of Foremark» in the county of 
Ocfby. Hit son nid beir, 

Fr>MTvr» Jornrii,, p?q of Yran^sley and 
Twemlow, wedded Elizabeth, daughter of 
Mr Joini Ifobimx, bart of T«v«Nbal, in 
eo«a^ or Kollii|gba«» tad waa fay 
kb aon, 

Francis JoDREix, esq. of Yeardsley and 

Twemlow, b. \n 1080, who ^er^ ed the office 
of ahfrrifT of Cheghire. in I71fi, nnd roarry- 
ittff Hannah, only daughter and heiress of 
Mtn AAtM, esq', had a son, 

Fra!«CTS, *. in 17*23, who in. Jane, 
daughter and co-heiress of Thomas 
W&ttmworHkf €W^» mmA predacaaaing 
lis father about 1750. left issue, 
Frakces, of whom presently. 
BiMibetfi, wbo inbeiited IbeTwcfnn- 
lowestate,and ni.Egerton Leigh, 
esq. of High Iieigh» in the county 
of Chester 

* TUa lady teoogbt T««b1ow to btr bosbaad. 

Frances Jodrell, elder grandangbler and 

heiress of the Yfart"?! rr property', espoused 
in 1775, JoHli Bower, esq. of Manchester, 
who upon bia marriage, ammed, by sign 
TTiaiiiial, ill (■onvplhinrr ^v ith the testamentary 
iiyunction of hiis wife's grandfather, the eur- 
name and arms of Jodrell. He afterwarda 
bought Heabury, where he settled in 1779, 
and became possessed of the Taxal estate, 
upon the demise of his brother, Foster Bow-* 
er, esq. barrister-at-law, and recorder of 
Chester, by whom that property had been 
pun ha^ied towards the close of tbe last cen* 
tu r y Mr. Bower-Jodrell bad issue by bia 
wifti Franeaa^ fiune aons and two danghleit, 

Piuffcia, bia mceeaaor. 

Thomas Marsden, captain in thr 3.')th 
regiment of foot, who fell at Roaetta, 
while aednf^ aa aldesle-camp to Ge- 
neral Oswald. 
Edmund-Henry, lieutenant-colonel ia 

the Grenadier guards. 
Harriet, m. to Shakespear Pbillipay eaq. 
Maria, m. to John Stratton, «'sq. 
Mr. Bower-Jodrell d. iu l7Uti, and was /. by 
bis eldest son, 

Francis JoDRfeLL, esq. of Henbury, 
Yeardsley and Ttxal, who was sheriff of 
Cheshire ib 1813.« He m. in 1807, Maria, 
daughter of Sir William Lemon, bart. of 
Carclew, in the county of Corn%rall, (by 
Jane, daughter of James BuLler, esq. of 
Morral) and had issue, 

JoHN-WiLLiAM, present proprietor. 
Foster-Bower, b. iu 1810, and d. at 

Oxford, in NoTember, 18»0. 
Fraiicis-Charles, b. in IBIS^aBOfieer 
in the Grenadier euards. 
Mr. Jodrell rf. Mi Marco, 1838, and was t. 
by his eldest son, John-William Jod- 
rell, esq. present representatire of tbe 

A t ' m» fl a. tibree bneUea arg. 

Crest—^ cock's head and neck, couped, 
or, wings elevated arg. combed and wattled 


JSrtsltfi^lB tbe county of Cbeahire. 
Seati — Henbury Hall, and Taxal Lodge, 
both in the coaiily of Cbeater* 

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SM\THE, ROBERT, esq. of Methven Castle, In the county of Perth, b. lOtb 
February, 1773^ m. first, 5th April, 1810, Mary, daughter of James Townsead 0»wiild, 
e«q. of Dunnekier, in Fifeshire, and espoused, secondly, 6tb Februaiy, 1817, Susan- 
lUatoiH eUMt dM^ter of Sir Alexander. Mvir Meekenaie, bett. of Mfiae, bot bie 
no issue. Mr. Smythe inherited the eetatee at tlie deeeeee of Me fiitber, David Smythe, 
titulary Lnd Methven. 

The surname of Smith is of great antiquity 
in Scotland, ami luis at different time* been 
written Smyt, Smytmk, and Smith. The 
houM of Smith, traditionally, owes its 
origin to the Clan Chatan, being descended, 
it is asserted, from Neil Cromb, third son 
of Murdoch, of tfiat clan, who flonrfohed In 
tlip tinif of Wiu.IAM the J.ion. The family, 
of which we are about to treat, derives from 

Thomas Smith, who, having applied his 

talents (ii thr study of idiysic, att^nued high 
eminence in the medical profession, and 
was appointed apoAecary to KirngSMOM III. 
as appears by a charter bearing date 99th 
January, 1477. He was father of 

Patrick Smith, of Braco, in the county of 
Perth, who lived temp. Jambs IV. and was «« 
by bis son, 

William Smith, of Brace, who, with the 
special consent of King Jambs V. had a 
charter, dated in 1641, of his !iinHf< of I?rnro, 
Warkland, Sec. from Patrick, liishop of 
Murray, perpetual commendator of Scoon. 
He m. Agnes Scott, of the family of Ha!- 
wearie, in Fife, and relict of CKri«topher 
SneI,of Bal^'arv ie, by whom he had a son, 

Patrick Smith, of Braco. who was served 
heir to his father in 1561. He m. Chris- 

tian, daughter of Ilaldane, of KiUour, aud 
bad issue, 

I. Alexavdfr, %v}io wedded Margaret, 
daughter of William Oliver, brother 
of the Laird of Pitfogo, by whom he 
left at his demise, in 1603 (Jlis filtiwr 
then living), two sons, viz. 

1. PATRicK,eneeessortoUsgraBd- 


2. Andrew, who had acquired the 
estate of Rapneis, in Oricney, 
where he married, and bad issue, 

Georue, of Rapness. who m« 
Anne, daughter of Patrick 
Graham, of Inch Braco, 
and had two daughters ; our 
m. to Sir William Keith, of 
Ludquhaim, and the oUier 
to Mr. Leith, of Aberdeen. 

Patrick, an advocate, who 
espoojMd the daughter and 

co-lx'ir of Arthur, hiiihop of 
ijuiioway, and bad issue. 

II. Bnpban. 

The Laird of BneoA in 16D4, and was bj 

bis grandson, 

Patrick Smith, of liruco. This gentfe- 
man and his brother Andrew, being young 
at their grandfather's dree use, were placed 
under the guardianship ol George Graham, 
then minister of Scoon, wlio, being 8ubse> 
quently consecrated bishop of Orkney, took 
his pupils thither, where they botli settled. 
The Laird of Braco espoused first, in 1618, 
Cnth-ririP Ornhrim, daughter of his excellent 
guartiian, by wtiom he had, with other issue, 

1. Henry, a youth of great promise, 
who, joining the roy il b iuner,fcU at 
hiarston Moor, in 16^ naiveieallj 

%. George, d. #. p. la flie liietinM of bie 


3. Patrick, successor to the estates. 

4. Andrew, who m. Miss Stewart, of 

Burgh, and had issue, 
d. Catharine, m. first, to John Cowaa^ 



of Tkilor Town, and had a daughter, 
Kadiariiie Cowan, wife of Sir Wil- 
liam Graham, of Braro. Mr?. Cowan 
etpottted, secondly, the Rev. John 
DrommoBd, niliitterof Monedy, and 
Ikad two sons, 

David Drummond, advocate, trea- 
surer to the bank of Scotland. 
Jolm Urnmmoud, an emioeiit phj« 
siciaii at Edinburfrb. 

6. Marian, m. to Patrick Monteith, of 
Bipiihow, by whom she had an only 
daughter. — . heiress of Egilshaw. 

7. Barbara, m. to the Rev. John Gib* 
■on, nnister of HaUno. 

8. Jean. ni. to Richard Murray, Ijrother 
of tbe Laird of Fennyland, and had 

9. Margaret, m. to Jameo DmmillObd, 

of Drummonderinoch. 
Patrick Smith m. secondly, in 163d, Mar- 
gvet, daughter of HoBvy Stewwt, of Killi- 
aan, arM had, 

lu. John, of Huips. 

IL David of BarnhiU, who m. twice, 

And had four daughtfrs, two of whom 
died unmarried^ the others were, 
KaAarine* wlio m. fint,— WilUam- 

5on, A Merchant of P( rt!i, and 
secondly. Sir David Threipland, 
bL of Fingask, by whom she 
kod several children. 

, m. to Patrick Davidson, of 

Wtxxlniell, provost, aud had issue. 

12. Alexander, m, and had issue. 

13. William, Parson of MoTipydi*', who 
m. one of the daughttjr.^ and co-heirs 
of Arthur, Bishop of Galloway, by 
whom he had a son, the celeljr itrd 

Jamks Smith, of Eithemey, one 
of the most eminent surgeons of 
his time. 

14. A^nes, m. to Colonel Patrick Gra- 
ham, and had issue. 

TW Latrd of Braco wedded thirdly, Mar- 
garet .\nderson, and had three daughters, 
who all died issueless. This Patrick Smith 
made great accession to his paternal estate 
in Perthshire, and acquired likewise, the 
lands of Miuil, in Orkney. He was at la^t 
CMC away in crossing the Pentland Firth, 
■«}j-~re hims*'lf and the whole boat's crew 
p€ri:»bed, about the year 1651. He was $. 
by hts eldest surviving son, 

PtTRifK Smith, of Braco, who wedded 
first, in 1662, Anne, dau. of James Keith, 
•f Benhdm, brother of William, sixth Earl 
|l4Kiv:iiAL, by whom he had one son, 

Patrick, who wa? accidentally slain by 
his tator, upon a shuuUug party, on 

He eiq>oused secondly, in 1682, Janet, dan. 
of Hudone, of Gleneoglesi by whom ho 

David, bis heir. 

Mongo, a military officer, who d. t. p, 

Patrick. Tliis gentleman wedded Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Colonel Strasburg, 
of the Russian army, whose mother 
was married to the celebrated Gen- 
eral G ordoii> the greot Havourite of the 
Jolm, dL munmrried. 
Margaret, m. to Sir Thomas Moncffieffv 

of Moncrieff, and had issue. 
Katherine, as. to John CambeU,of Olen- 
lyon, and had issue. 
This Laird of Braco, who sold his estates in 
the Orkneys, and purehaied t&o laudt of 
Methven, in Perthshire, was incooedod by 
his eldest pun iving son, 

Patrick Smith, esq^ of Metl^ven, who 
espoused Katfierine, danirhter of William 

Cochrane,* of Kilmaranork, ?)y his uifc, the 
Lady Grizel Graham, daughter of James» 
Marquess of Montrose, and Imd issue, 
David, his heir. 

Graham, a capt. in the amyf d. yonni;. 

George, d. unmarried. 

Christian, nu to Jolm Graigie, esq. of 

Mr. Smith, who was esteemed a person of 
more than ordinary abilities, and great sa- 
gacity, ff. in 17;?.'j, aiul wan t by h'xs son, 

David Smyth t, esq. ol Meihveu. This 
gentleman m. first, Mary, eldest daughter 
of James Graham, of Braco, and sifter of 
General David Graham, of Gorthie, by whom 
he had, with oflier issue that left no posterity, 

Bwin, his successor. 

Margaret, m. to George Oswald, esq. 
a merchant in Glasgow, and had issue. 
He espoused secondly, Katherine Campbell, 
daughter of the titnlarv Lord Munzie, but 
had no issue by that lady. Mr. Smythe d. 
in 17M, and was s. by his son, 

David Smythe, one of the senators of the 
College of Justice, under the title of Lord 
Methven. This eminent person espoused 
tw ice, and had by his first wifo Elizabeth, 
daughter of Sir Ilobert Murray, hart, of 
Clermont, receiver general for Scotland, a 
SOD, RoBBKTyhis heir, the present pfoprietor. 

Arnis—Xz. a burning cap, between tiro 
chess rooks, or. 

Crest — A dolphin haurient. 

Motto — Mediis tmiqaillus in undis. 

Estate — Methven, acquired in 1672. 

Stat — Methven Castle, Perthshire. 

* FsthsrefThooM, sixthEsriofDuwlMiaUL 

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POWELL, WILLIAM-EDWARD, C9<\. of Nanteog, in the county of Cnr^^c^n, 
Lord Lieutenant, M.P. and Commandant ot the militia of that Bhire» b. 16th Februar)', 
1788, m. in 1810, Laura-Edwyna, eldest daughter of James Sackville Tufton Phelp, 
eM|. of CoMMi Hooae, in Uicwtenhire, by whom (wbo cT. in 1832), bo hM two 


Mr. PowoU i. }m hOm m 1797. 


Sir Thomas Powell, living in 1689, sue 
eVMively one of the judges of the Courts of 
KinM Buicli and Common Pleas, was father 

William Powbll, esq. who wedded Ava- 
rina, daughter and co-heir of Cornelias ie 
Bnin, a native of Colore, by Ann, his 
wife, daughter and co-heir of Colonel Jolia 

Jone?, of Nnnteo'', nnd had Ts'iio, 

Thomas, living in 1737, who represented 
the eoitntr of Cardigan hi parliament. 
He TH. Marv,* grandaughter of Sir 
John Fredenck,t lord mayor of Lon- 
don in 1603, and 11,P. lor lliat city 
the following year. Mr. Powell A 
9. p. in 1752. 

John, d. unmarried in Africa. 

WjLUAM, of whom presently. 

Elizabeth, m. first, to Richard Portrey, 
esq. of Ynys Kedwin, in the county 
* of Breoiuiock , and secondly, to James 
or Samnel rhilli]!?, D.D. 

* J«ae, a younger sister of ^s Bfaiyi. 

pur! ITS:, of AtVii>l. 

t Sir Jokn Frederick, the lord mtjor, wm one 
of tbe most eoesidersble trwiers of the eit)r of 

London, nnd a benefactor to ChrUt's Hospital. 
The present Sir lUchaid Frederick is lus lineaii 

If HI. first, to Richard Stedman, 
ooq. of Strata Florida, and secondly, 
to Herbert Uoyd, esq. of PctenvelL 
The third son, 

7"/ie Rev. William Powell, LL.D. es- 
poused Elizabeth, eldest daughter and oo- 
heir of A^lftan Owen, eeq. of RliiwsaeeoB, 
in the county of Montgomery, by Ann, his 
wife, heiress of the ancient family of Cor- 
bet, of Ynys-y-maengwyn, in llto eonnty of 
Merioneth, and left at his decease, in 1780, 
a daiitrhtrr, Williama.m. to Colonel William 
Letvi^, oi Llanayron, in Cardiganshire, and 
a son and successoTy 

Thomas Powell, esq. of Nanteos, who m. 
Elinor, eldest daughter of Edward Corbet, 
esq. of Ynyns-y-maengwyn, (by Hannah 
his \\'\U% rlf"l('?t daughter and co-heir with 
her lister Mary, wife of Sir Jolm Hill, of 
Hawkeetone, bart. of Ma Chombre, eaq. 

of Petton, in Shropshire,) and hadfttlie, 

Wiluam-Edwabd, his heir. 

Thomas-John, d. fai inlfenrr. 

Richard-Owen, who rn. in March, 1828, 
Harriet- Anne, third surviving daugh- 
ter of William Wynne, esq. of Peni- 
arth, in MofioiMthBhire, and hm 

Athelstan-Owen, b. in 1632. 
Elinor- Elizabeth , m. to Edward T. 
Phelp, esq. of Conton House, in the 
county of Leieeeler. 
Annf rorbctta, m. to Roderick Rick- 
ardes, c&q. of Penglais, in the countj 
of Cardigan. 
Mr. Powell d. in 1797, and was s. by Lis 
elder son, the present WiLUAM-EowAao 
Powell, esq. of iS'anteot. 

A$'m» Arg. a cross flory, engrailed »«. 
between four romish choii;xh< |>pr. On n 
chief azure a boar s head, coupcd urg. tu&Lcd 
or, langued gn. 

Crest — A talbot's head, ppr. 
EttattM — In the counUes of Cardignn, 
Brecknock, &e. 
\ ^SSM«*-Nanteos. 


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PRATT, BDWARD-ROOER, esq. of Rjston Hall, in the coun^ of Norfolk* b. in 

1756, m. 3rd December, 1788, PleaAance, daughter of 
Samuel Browne, esq. of Kk^'a Lynn, in the aame ahiro, 
and has had iaaue, 

EowAED Roger. 

PUUp-Bmno, h IMh October, 1791 , d. 17th October. 
1794. ' 

Jermyn, b. 2dth October, 1794, and d, 10th Deoenber, 
in the eame year. 

Hcnr}', a major in the ataiy. 
4ennyn, in holy orders. 

Robert, b. 2nd Febraary, 1799, killed 27th August, 
1816, on board H. M. S. the Oraaiena, at Hio batdo 

of Algiers. 

Charles Browne, b. 3l8t May, 1802, d. at Ryston, 12th 

October, 1898. 

Henrietta-Blanch, d. in 1700. 

Lacy, m, 10th January, 1826, to the preaent liord 


Hr. Pntt «. hb hlOm in 1784. 

This family has been for a considerable 
time establish(^d in the west of Norfolk, and 
in the rei^ of Hf.nry VIII. possessed with 
other property the estate and manor of 
Carica, in Ho^wold in that county, where 
the Pratts formerly resided. 

The Byaton branch derives from 

Woman Pkatt, wboae son, 

Eomi:nd Pratt, esq. of Hockwold, living 
temp. Hrnry VITI. m. Anne, only daughter 
and heiress of Walter Gylour, esq. of 1^- 
9toa, and Una obtained the estate. He 
had a son and ?ncressor, 

JoH.% Fax XT, esq. of Hockwold, who left 
tMo MM, WBHam, who d, #. p. and 

EnMT'^D Pratt, esq. who m. Catherine, 
daughter of William Jassell, esq. and had 

I. EowARD, his puccpssor. 

II. Gregory, 
Ui vBoIe, 

to whom William Pratt, 
fe, left his estalee at Ryston. 

He m. Ann, daiiphter of William 
Cocket, esq. of Be^thorpe, Norfolk, 
and had issne, 

1. Fnacii*, who m. first. Temper- 
ance, dauf:ht«rof — Mundeford, 
esq. of Feltwell ; and, secondly^ 
VnaSm, daaghter of Robert Ooe- 

nold, esq. of Ottley, in the coun^ 
of SnlTolk, by wlM ho bad two 

Edward, of Ryston, d. s. p, 
BTenry, of London. ' 

2. Gregory, who m. Theodosia, 
daughter of — Tyrrell, esq. and 
widow of Edward West, esq. of 
Masworth, in the county of 
Bucks, and had an only son. 
Sir Roger Pratt, who was 
knighted by King Charlis 
II. for his exertions in re- 
building the city of Lon- 
don after the great fire in 
1666, in concert with Sir 
Christopher Wren.* He 
espoused Anne, daughter of 
Sir Edward Monyns, knt. 
and baronetof Walderahire, 
in the eovnty of Kent, bnt 
fl. s. p. in 168-1. 
til. R(M%r, m. Ann, daughter of Bald* 
win Dereham, esq. of Dereham Ab- 
bey, in the eonaty of Norfolk. 

• Efelja'a 

^ kju^-o l y Google 



IV. Ann. 

V. Ursula, m. to Henry Bexwell, etq. 
of Bexwell, also in Norfolk. 

VI. Susan, n». to TbooiM Oaiuill, eaq* 
of Watiington* 

VII. Bridget. 

VIII. Iu«. 

Mr. Pratt ivn? t. by Ills oldest ?on, 

Edward Puatt, esq. of Hockwold, who 
Ml. Dorothy* daughter of William Cob1»« 
esq. of Sandrioi^uun, ia Norfolk, and lud 

OSBBltTt who dL t. p. in IflBO, having 

married the eldest dau<:,'}iter and 
heireM of Thomas Scarlett, es^. 


Edward Pratt, esq. who tn. Ursula, 
daughter of Henry Rossington, esq. of 
Framlingham, in the county of Suffolk, and 
Ilia aon, another 

Ei>>vMHr> Pratt, esq. espoused Emma, 
daugiiier of William Tiffin, esq. aud widow 
of George Bexwell, eaq. He bad an only 
■on and successor, 

£dward Pratt, esq. of Wootii)rid^c, in 
the oonn'ty of Suffolk, and of Kyston, in the 
county of Norfolk, who m. Mary, daughter 
of Anthony Applewaite, esq. of Ipswich, 
ard had isene, 

RnfTF-.H, liis surressor. 

Elisabeth, m. to Thurlow Stafford, esq. 

of Derwer, and had Issne, a daughter, 

who m. John Bering, esq. of Wickena, 

in the county of Kent. 
Maiy, w. to Thomas Browne, of Elsing, 


M r. Pratt d, in 1706, and was t, by hia only 


Roger Pit \ rr, esq. of Ryston, who m, 
Henrietta, daughter of Sir Robert Dawra, 

hart, by Mary, his wife, one of the co-heira 
of Thomas, last Lord Jermyn (SccBwrke's 
Extinct Peerage)^ and had issue, 

BDWaRO, his successor. 

Jermyn, m. Ann, daii|^ter of — Stan- 
forth, esq. 

Mary, m. to Edward Stafford, esq. 

FTarript, m. to Thurlow Stafford, esq. 

Mr. Pratt was «. at his decease,, in 1771, by 
bis elder son, 
Edward Pratt, esq. of Ryston, who m. 

Blanch, daughter of Sir Jarob A«tley, bait, 
of Melton Constable, and had issue, 

Edward Rooer, present proprietor! 
Sarah - Maria, at. to the Rev. <^arlet 

Lntnr, m. to Hammond AIpe, esq. of 

^Tr. Pratt, dyin;:rin 17H4, thr fn mily estates 
devolved upon his only sou, J^dward Roger 
Pratt, esq. present f«i|Mieiitative of 

Armi — Pratt. A r. on a chevron, ?a. be- 
tween two ogresses, each charged with a 
mardeC of the first in chief, and an ogreio 
in base, charged with n tn foil slipped ar. 
three nmscles or — borne quarterly with, 

Oylovr. Sa. on a ehevron arg. betweem 
three pewit:^' he.ids erased, ermine, heakod 
gu. as many annulets of the first. 

CreH — Between a branch of oak, and an- 
other of pine, each fructed, or, a wolfs head 
per pale, arg. and sa. g;orged with a collar 
charged with three roundles, all counter- 
charged, langued and erased, gu. 

Mott0 — Rident florentia prHtn. 

Estate* — -In Norfolk, Suffolk, and Cam- 

iSMi— Ryaton HaU, Norfolk. 


CORYTON, JOHN-TILLIE, of Pentillie Castle, Cornwall, h. 4th April, 1773, «. 
15th August, 1803, E1iznl>eth, second dangfater of AdnuFal, Th» Hon* hewwm Qower, 
by whom he has sunriving issue, 

William, h. 17tb F i> mv. m. TIarrietihiphia, dan. of H. B. Parker, esq. 

Angustuo. b. 30th January. l«Oy. 

Henry, b. 28th March, 1810. 

Granville, b. 30th May, 181 G. 

George Eilward, b. Ist February, 1819. 

Frederick, b, 4th March, 1824. 





Mr. CorytOB s. to dio eatates upon the demise of hia fiither. 

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Tlifa CubiIt deriret iti soniaiiie ttom the 
manor and township of Coryton, in De- 
vonshire, where it is supposed to hare been 
seated brturi- t}ie Conquest. That it was 
toaritluBg there in the reigns of Xinff John 
ar..! Hf\ky \l\ . t^. however, ascertained 
frum various and authentic records. 

Galfrcd or Geoffrey de Coryton^ d. 
27th Hknky iti. seised of Coryton and 
otiier laads in the hundred of LiAon. He 

H 1 1 V \i DE Coryton, who was father of 

WiujAM D£ Coryton, who waa «. at his 
devise, 29 Bd«»rd I., by hia aon, 

Willi 4 M de Coryton, whose grandson, 

John de Coryton, espotis^'d Isolda, only 
dangler and heiress of Sir John Ferrars, 
of Newtmi Femn, ConiirtU» md had a 
son and «nrrps?or, 

\V iLUAM Coryton, of Corjton aud New- 
ton Ferrars, who m. Agnes, daughter of 
Thoma* Tremayne, esq. of Cnllarnmbe, 
J>evou. The great great great grandson of 
ikis gentleman, 

PtTLR CoRYTOv, psq. of Coryton. m. 
Joaa* daughter and co-heiress of John Tre- 
gnaaan, of Treeassan, in the county of Corn- 
wall, and had no leaa tiian twenty-fonr 
chfldren. of whom, 

RictLiKD, (Uif eldest) succeeded liis 

Editha, «. Walter Coda, eaq. of Mor- 


Eliaheth, tm, John Trere!yan, eaq. 

Mary, m Olfvrr Camiinow, rsq, 
Mr. Coryton was s. by his eldest &on» 
■iCHUiao Conrron, esq. of Coryton md 

N e w to o - Ft- rrarsi , w h o e 8 po use d A n n e , d angh- 
ter of Richard Code, eaq. of Morval, and 
had kmse, 

Pf tru, his anoeeator. 


The eldest son, 

Peter Coryton, esq. of Coryton and 
Newton-Ferrars, m. Joan, daughter of John 
Wreye, esq. of Militon, in Cornwall, by 
Blanche, daughter and co-heiress of Uenry 
KiUegrewe, esq. and had issue, 

William, hia anoeaaaor. 


Mary, m. to Thomas Trefusis, esq. of 
The elder son, 

WiLUAM Coryton, esq. of Coryton and 
Nawlan-Perrars, waa rioe>ward«i of the 
stannaries of Cornwall from to lfi?f), 
one of the representativea for the couuty of 
Cornwall, 31st JANsa I. and member for 
sereral other places at subsequent periods. 
This gentleman, the friend and partisan of 
Hampden, Pym, and Eijot, zeadonsly co- 
operated with these eminent persons in 
resisting forced lo^n? and ;«rhitrary power. 
He likewise distinguished iuuibeli as a stre- 
nuoua adTOcala for tiia patltion of Right, 
and waa one of those who were imprisoned 
for haWag forcibly detained the ^pealcer 
(Finch) in the chair. This staunch patriot 
espoused Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John 
Chichester, of Raleigh, in the county of 
Doran, and had a aon and ancoeaMir, 

John Coryton, esq. of Coryton and New- 
ton-Ferrars, who having represented for 
sereral years the oonn^ of Cornwall in 
parlianmt, \vas created a baronet 27th 
February, IWJl. He m. Ann, only daugh- 
ter and heiress of John Mills, esq. of Cole- 
brooke, Devon, and had issue, 

1. John (Sir), Avho ,«. his father as se- 
cond baronet, but (iy lag without issue, 
flie title devolved upon his brother. 

2. William (Sir), who bcmmo third 
baronet. This gentleman was M.P. 
forCdlington in^iereisnsof Charlm 
n. Jamks it. William in. and Qnt^m 
Anne. He m. Susanna, daughter of 
Edward Uttleton, esq. of Pillaton 
Hall, Staffordshire, and had issue, 

John (Sir), who inherited aa third 

baronet, but d. ». p. 
Snaanna, d. unmarried. 

3. Elizabeth, of whom hereafter. 

4. Anne, m. in 1686, to John Peter, 
esq. of Harlyn, In the eonnty of Corn- 
wall, and the grent prr<"at cr^andaonof 
this marriage is the present 

WtujAH Pbtbe, eaq. of Harljm 
and Cbiverton. f' 
Sir John Coryton'i elder daughter, 

Elibabbth Cortton, upon tha demise, 
issueless*, of her nephew, the last baronet, 
inherited, as co-heir with her sister Anne, 
wife of John Peter, esq. the represantatioo 

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of the ancient family of Coryton. Shr> . s 
poused William Goodall, eaq. of Foiyey, aitd 
had a son and snccessor, 

John Goodall, esq. whose •on and heir, 
Peter Good all, esq. assumed the sur- 
name aud arms of Coryton. He was suc- 
ceeded et his deeeeae, in 175<^ by his son, 
John Coryton, esq. who wed«led Mnry- 
Jemima, only daughter and heiress oUaiues 

Tillie, esq. of PenCllUe CMtfe, and was t, 
by his SOD, 

John Tilub Cortton, esq. present re> 
presentative of die fiuitily. 

Arms — Arpf. a saltire sa. 
Crfst — A lion passant gu. 
Rtatet — Chiefly in Cornwall and DevoB, 
possnssed since the reizn of Hfvry U, 
i&>>a/— PentiUie Caatle, CoruwaU. 


POCHIN, WILLIAM, esq. of Barkhy Hall, in the county of Uicester, b. lOth 
January, 1820, «. to the estates upon the denuM of hit &ther, 29th December, 

• This ancient and influontial family is of 
loTiR standing in tlie county of Leicester. 

W u TER PowKR,of Barkby, left a diuf^h- 
ter and heiress Anne Power, who m. Peter 
Unooln, and had a daughter and heiress. 

v Ll\TOLN% who ni. William \\ il- 
loughby, and was t. by her only daughter 
Jind heiren, 

\tu r Wtt T oroiinY, whoai. Richard Po- 
cbtn, and their grandson, 

Thomas PoeniN of ^rkby, espoused Eli- 
zahetlj, eldest daughter of Ralph Shirley, 
eso. and was t. by his eldest son, 

George Pochin, esq. of Barkb) , who 
«N. Katbcrine, daughter of — SkefKngton, 
esq. of Skefllngton, in the county of T^ei- 
-cester. and dying in 1507, was s. by his eldest 
surviving son, 

Matthew Pochin, esq. of Bnrk^iv, who 
m. Katherine, daughter of — lllewitt, esq. 
and lelt at his decease in 1099, with several 
other children, a son and successor, 

Gboroe Pochin, esq. of Barkby, 6. in 
IfiO^ who M. firft,' Elitabelfa, danghter of 

thp T?ight Rev. Thomns Dove, P.D. Lord 
Bishop of Peterborough, and secondly, 
Hester, daughter of -~ Arthington, eaq. of 
Artliington, in the county of York : b^ the 
latter of these ladies he had> inter ahos, m. 
son and successor, 

Thomas PocHlii, esq. of Barithy, B. in 
1618, who served the office of sheriff for 
Leicestershire, in 1047. He m. first, Ber- 
tliia, daughter and co-heir of John Wineope, 
esq. of Morton, (^y whom, who ri Wth May, 
1650, and lies buried at Barkby,) he had 

1. George, of Sil* , m thr county of 
Leicester, who m. Mary, daughter of 
Sir Christopher Packe, of Colaa, 
Lord Mayor of Iiondon, but tf. r. •« 

in 1707. 

2. Thomas, of whom presently 

3. John, d» yonng. 

4. J'>seph. 

6. i^iizabeth, m. to William Smith, es<j. 
of London, merchant. 

6. Leventhorpe, m. to WiUiam TroU 
lope, esq. of Thurlby. 

7. Abegail* 

8. Catharine. 

Thomas Pochin m. secondly, Barbara, 
danghter of SirWalstan, Dixie, hart, of 
Market Bosworth, and relict of RicJiard 
Peot, esq. the second son by his first wife, 

Thomas Pochin, esq. of Barkhy, sheriff 
for Leicestershire in 1^1, m. Mary, daugh- 
ter and at lenp^th ffole heir of Sir Chfirl«»s 
Hussev, hart, ol" Cavthorpe, by whom, (wbo 
d. in im7, and is interred atWatlon,) he 
had (with seven dauf^hti r<^,) 
r. Thomas, bis successor. 
II. George, of Hamraersmidi, in the 
cnrnmission of the peace for Lrires- 
tersbire, who d. at Loughborough, in 
1766, leaving by Ua wift Praneee^ 

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dau. aud Uclreps of Wiiliaiu Hodg- 
kiMy eiq. of Seale, tiiree sons, viz. 
I. Thomas, M.D., \t1io rompiled 
a history of Lough borough. He 
m. in 1741, Pniaence, dau^ter 
of th* T?ev. Paol Jmkinson, rec- 
tor oi WeatOB, hy whom he left 
inae at h» d«eeMW, in 1781, 
(with a daughter, m. tO TbomM 
Clarke* esq*) a son, 
Thomas, who m, Elfxabeth, 
daughter of — Bird, esq. of 
West Leke, and left at 
deuibe, in 17tid, two bouB 
and a dani^ttr, viz. 

1. CnARLES,of\vhomhere- 
al'ter, as iuheritor of the 
estates and repres«Bliir 
tion of the family. 

2. George, socceisor to 
his hcodier. 

3. Frances. 
H. €I«or|||^ in holy orders, rector 

of Moroote, in Rndandfhive, and 
of Caythorpe, in Leicestershire, 
who m. Sarah, dan. of Thomaa 
Pochin, esq. of Barby, but d. t. 
p. in 1788. 
3. WtHirim, nt(nrnpy-at-law, who 

WSliuB, M . A. in holy orders, 
rector of Moieoto» «. and 

had issue. 
PraaoM, m. to tha Rev. John 

Askf'\v. D I). r*^ctor of North 
Cad bury, and had issue. 
Blisabedi, m, to John Thorpe, 
esq. of Ix>ii^horongh, and 

had i^^ue. 
OI. Chailea, d. young, 
eldest son, 
Thomas Pochiv, esq. of Barkby, was 
high sheriff fur Leicest«n»hire in 1711. He 
f-spoased, first, Charlotte, eldest daughter of 
Sir Etlnard Husj^ev, brirt. ofWi lhoume, by 
rbuia i^aho d, of tiie timali pox la 1726) he 
~ is«ae. 

Tboma^, who d. of the small pox the 
same day as his mother, and was 
bariad w«h her at Barhhy. 
Sarali. m. in 1751, tu the Rev. George 
Fodun, of Morcole, but d, t. p. 

», wno eventually inherited the 
of Iter grandfather, Sir Ed- 
wanil Hnssey, hart. m. in 1750, Charles 
James Piurke, esq. of Pre^twold Hall, 
in «w oosaty of Laicaa ler , and had 

CuAaixs- James Packe, esq., of 
Prectirald (sea that family). 

Chailotte, fft. to W iliiam Hanbury, 
oiK/iimMAf and hnd ImIo. 

Mr. Pochin espoused, secondly, Mary, only 
daughter and heiress of Thomas Trollope, 
esq. of Bourne, in the county of Liiicohi, by 
Mary, sister to Lord Craven, and had fur- 
tber ohildreny 

WiLUA.M, hiR heir. 

Genr:tc, of Bourne, in the county of 
Lincoln, who m. Eleanor-Frances, 
daughter of Sir Wolstans Diade, and 
dying «. p. 13th May, 1798, devised 
the whom of his estates (after the 
death of hii hrolfaer, William) to hia 
coiisiiK George Pocthn, eaq, faUier 
of the present poesessor. 

Mary, who had Iho Uii naa of the 
Barkhy ettalea. 

Mr. Pochin was t. at hit daooaio by hia 

eldest surviving son, 
WiLUAit PocHiN, esq. of Barichy, who 

was sheriff for the county of Leicester in 
1756, and knight of that shire in four par- 
liaments, from 1780 until his demise 10th 
SepliBmber, 1798. Dyins unmarried, tha 
representation of the fuauj doTolTed upon 
his relative, 

CKARLE8 Pochin, flaq.of Barkby, (refer 
to i>?np of GEORtsB, second son of Tiiomas 
Pochin, esq. of Barkby, sheriff for Leices- 
tershire in 1681). This gentleman inherited 
the family estates npon the demise of his 
coosin, Misa Mary Pochin, and dying s, p. 
in 1817, was # . by his brother, 

Geoh(;e Pochin, esq. of Barkby, who 
served the office of sheriff of Leicestershire 
in 1828. This gentleman m. in 1811, Misa 
— Norman, second daughter of Richard 
Norman, esq. high sheriff of Leicestershire, 
and left at his decease, 20th December, 
1831, anrviving tene, 

WiiLiAM, new representative of tbe 


John-Mathew, b, 1st March, 1824. 
Charles -Noiman, h, 90th ]>eoamber, 

Edward - Norman, b. 15th February, 

Halph -George, b. 8lh July, 1839. 



Arms — Or, a chev. gu. between three 
horses' shoes sa* 

Crest — A harjiy, with wings ppr. fall 
faced, aud t<ul twisted round the leg 



Lincoln, Hissry, 
Palmer, &c. &c. &c. 

Est<tte$—iM Leioeitenlkire and Unoebi* 


i5!m»— Baikhy Hall, Ldoeiler. 

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HOMFRAY, SIR JEREMIAH, kt^of huM Hoqm, in the conntj of (Mmamn 

it«r of Johi 

b. 16th Fobniary, 1759, m. Mary, daughter 

Richards, esq. of Cardiff, nnd pi«tcr to I^dy BIooMy 
whom (who d. in March, 1830), he has had ii 

Jeremtai!, b. 1st Sfptember, 17f)0. 
r John, 6. luth September, 1793, m. let November, 1819, 

C P Anna^Mafift, mily daughter and lidiMt of Mm. 

I 1 Hiclmrds, e»q. of theCmner HoiiaOyiBGlaaiof^^ 

— 1 I f\ shire, and has issne, 

L . 3 JoMw-RicHAiiii, Ml Oolol»or, IflM* 

»--rn P"Vr 2. Mar> -.Ian« -Richanla. 

V 3. Ann- Maria. 

Francis, who d. in 1813. 
George, who d. in 1815. 
Jeston, ft. 22nd July, 1797. 

Authoiiiu, M.D. 4Ui October, 17i>9, m. in 1831, a 
daughter of Reor Admiral DoBMily» ud ti«ter to 

Lndv Aiidley. 

Robcrt-Shedden, i. 22nd January, 1804. * 

Marianne, m, in 1606, to Thonns Montford Newte, eoq. and d* 37di Jaamry, 

1819, #. p. 
Charlotte, m. to James Lewis, esq. 

Catherine-Diana, m. io Jaoob-^melina Irring, eaq. of the Mill dragooM, and 

has issue. 
Harriet New tc. 

This ppntloTTiTin rpreived the honnr of knigfhthood in November, 1809, while sernag 
the office of high sheriff, for the county of Glamorgan. 

The name of Homfray dpHvr<l from the 
French words " IIomme vuai, and the se- 
ven! ftmUies of Humfrby, varioiM at the 
spelling may be, claim a rommon proge- 
nitor. The branch, of wtucii we are now 
about to traa^ is the only ono, however, 
which has preserved the eorreeC ortho- 


the soIfli('r>; of tlir Cross, and they were 
eminent in the early wars of the Plantage- 
net Kings. The portrait of John Homfray, 
living in 13[X>, and a gallant warrior of that 
day, is stUl preserved in the British Mu< 

William Homfray, who resided at Wales, 
near Rotherham, in Yorkshire, in 1660, was 
lineal ancestor of 

Francis Homfray, whose son, 
Fran<^is Homfray, h. in 1071, wedded 
first, Sarah Baker, by whom he had issue, 
(ho male line of which is now extiaet He 
m. jorondly, Mary, daughter of — Jeston, 
esq. of the Heath, in the county of Worces- 
ter, by whom (who d* in 17d8) ho left at his | 

decr>a«o in 1736 (with five daughters), four 

son»>, vi/.. 

1. Jeston, who «.Mary, daut^hter Oif 
Thomas Cotton, esq. of tlie Comher- 
mere family, aud k-ft a son, 

FRANas, in holy orders, reetor of 
Lanvaycr, in the county of \Ton- 
mouth, who fN. Harriet, daughter 
of Jeston Homfray, esq. and d, 
in 1H31, Ira't-ing a son. Ken YON 
Homfray, and a daughter, Ma- 

2. Thomas. 

3. Francis, of whom presently. 

4. John, who m. Mary, daughter of the 
Rev. Jeremiah Addenbrooke, M.A. 
and thereupon nswmcd that snmamw. 

Tlir tliird son, 

1 A M IS Homfray, osq. of WoUaston 

H lU, in the county of Worcester, m. first, 
Mary, daughter of — Popkins, esq. of Coy- 
Traheyne, in the county of Glamorgan, nnd 
leftoneson and a dnncrhtrr, viz. 

Jeston, of Broadwaiers, in Worcester- 
shire, who m. Snrnh, daughter of 

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PadoodL, esq. of the .Platu, and if. 
HOtfi M wdb, 1910, iMving issue. 

Marr, m. to Thomn> liarkiT, r«q. 
He wu aecODdly, Catkeriue, daughter and 
co-lieireM of Jcnuiali Caswell, esq. of tlie 
H> (ie, in the eowit^ of Stafford, and hod 
litrther iwne, 

Francis, of the Hyde, who m. Mary, 
daughter of — Pidcock, esq. of the 
P!ntt«, iihI d. in 1809, Ipavinj^ issne. 
Jeremiah (Sir), of LaudaiT Huuse. 
Tllonias, of the Hill, in Worcestershire, 
who fdded Mi*8 Elizabeth Stephens, 
ami d. in 1815, tearing, witli other 
immm, m Mn, JFomr, wlio lias aaramed 

thr luunr of StEPHFVS. 

Samuel, M.P. for Stafford, sheriff of 
M •■aMMilfciliin f B t8l4,whofii.Jane, 

daughter of Sir Charh s OouM Mor- 
gan, bart. of Tredepir, and d. 20th 
May, 1822, leaving i^sae, 

1. Saml'EL, b. 7th December, 1795, 
14th December, 1H24. Miss 
Charlotte Stable, and lias iss\ic. 
S. Watkte, Iw aoili DeetmhbT, 

1796, m. iu Septentber, 1823, 
Mias Elfsa^Lee Tfaomaon, and 

3. JaDe,tM.ial818,toJ.K.Picard, 

4. Amelia, m. in 1817, to William 
Thomson, esq. M.P. for Loodon, 
and has issue. 

A. Maria, m. to Oeorge Darby, 

esq. and has issue. 
Catherine, m. to Thomas Wilson, esq. 
and d. 2 Hh March, 1801, leaving a 
son, Melvill. Wilson, who m. Miss 
Stevenson, daughter of Sir B. Ste> 
venson, and baa isaae. 
Arms — Qurtrtfrlv, fir?t and fourtli : '^u. 
a cross bottouy ermine ; second sa. four 
pales emine ; third arg. thrca bars ge- 
melles sa. 

Crest — An otter ppr. wounded ia die 


Motto— Jj'hotnme rrai aima ion pajfi* 
.S'ea;— Landaff Uoiiae, ia Glaniorgaa- 



CLAVERING, EDWARD, esq. of Calldy Castle, in the county of Northuinber- 
laad, M. lOlb October, 1803, Mary, daughter of J. O. Byrne, esq. and haa two iooa, 

EowARiKloHif, a magiatnile of Northnmberlaiid. 


Mr- Clarering, who is in the commission of the peace, for the county of Nwtlmmber- 
«. to the eatatea upon the demiae of hia half brother, ia 1826. 

line; anr! the Altons, and many other 
eminent houses in the female, reside at 
Callaly Caatl«,*iB Nortbwnberland. Fol- 
Jowing the example of many of tlieir il- 
lustrious countrymen, they entered England 
nnder Hie bmmer of die Conooebor, and 
the gift of numerous esUktes marked the 
services which they subsequently rendered 
to his cause. The ftuntty Is a scion of Ae 
great house of De Burgh, and it orijjinally 
bore that surname ; but from the time of 

*Thi} castle was the abode of William ds 
Caixaiy in the beginDtng of Hekbt tht ThinfM 
time, nnd of his son, Gilbebt, in the same reign, 
who granted it. with th« manor of YetUngton, to 
Robert Fitt Rookr, H .r n < f ^Varkworth and 
Clsvwiag, who assumed the surname of Cla« 
TMa family, from wbfcfc sprang the VnaCW, Tiamo ; rad that ffrant being c ow flm sd by ^ 
Lords of Alnwick — the Lacis, Earls of Lin- crown C m ,m v hw rmouaM ewr siaaa m tte 
Emiaa, Laida Eore, ia the male i possewiioa of the family. 

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Henrt I. until that of Edward I. when 
commanded to take the desigiiatioii of Cla> 
VKRINO, from an estate in Essex, the head 
of the family «<«uino«l for surname the 
Christift" name ot his lather, with the addi- 
tion of Frn. 

EvtTACe DB Burgh, Baron of Tonsburgh, 
in Normindy, younger brother of Har- 
LOWCN Dt BuBOH, the onceslor of the Lords 
rianricardo, and the mnnorons families of 

DE Burgh, Burke, and Bolkke, had two 
sons, who bodk held nnk. in the oonqoering 
Mimy, namely, 

John, sumamed Mmocvilui, from haring 

The elder son, 

Sbblo DB Buroh, erected the castle of 
Knafeaborongh, which passed at his de- 
cease, without issue, to his brotlier, 
John Monoculut^ who had three sons, 
Paoanus,! Theeo biodien were wit- 
EuSTACE, t nesses to the royal foiin- 
William, J dation of the abbey of 
Cireneester, in Glonceatersfaire, in 

The elder son, Paoanus, dying without 
issue, was succeeded by his brother, 

Eustace Fitz John, who became one of the 
mo»t potent amongst the northern barons in 
the rf igu of Hesuy 1. and a great favourite 
with Uiat monarch. He es^Jtouscd, first, 
Agnes, el(lP5t daughter of \\'illiarn Fitz 
Nigel, liaron of Aiiun, constable of Chester, 
and Viscount Constantine. By this lady he 
acquired the boiony of Halton, and had an 
only son, 

Richard Frrz Bostacc. 
He wedded, secondly, Beatrice, only daugh- 
ter and heiress of Yto de Vesci, Lord of 
Alnwick, in Norihnmberland, and of Mal- 
ton, in Yorkshire, by whom he had issue, 

Willi am, progenitor of the great baro- 
nial house of Vesci. 


Eastnre Fitz John, who founded the abbeys 
of AliiHick,Mn Northumberland, and of 
Walton and MalCon, in Yorkshire, fell in 

the Welsh wars, anvo 1154. His eldest son, 

Richard Fitz Eustace, inheriting the 
honor* of hit moHier, beeane Baron of H d> 

ton, and constable of Che?ti r. lit m. Al- 
breda, daughter and heir of Kobert de Li- 
nnrw, and half aiater of Robert de Lacy, 
and had tliree sons, viz. 

John, who assumed the surname of 

Lact, and inherited the barony of 

Halton, with the office of Con.stable 

ofCiiestkr. He d. Hr.NRY 11. 

and from him the great feudal family 

of Lacy derived. 
Robert, the Hospitiiller — that is. of the 

Hosuitttl of St. John of Jerusalem, in 



The youngest son, 
Roger Fitz RicHARD,1»eea]ne by gift of 

Hknkv II. Tiord of the manor of Wark- 
worth, in the county of Northumberland, 
and was t. W hte ion, 

Robert Fit/ Roger, second Baron of 
Warkworth, and founder of the monastery 
of Iiangley, in Norfolk, who wedded Mar- 
garet, only child and heiress of William de 
Cheney, and widow of Hugo de Creasey,* 
by whom he had an ouly sou, 

John Fitz Robert. 
This Robert Fitz Roger obtained n r otii'r 
mation, upon t)>e accession of Kiug John, 
of the «MtIe and manor of Warkwordi, in 
Northumberland, j)f tlif harOTiy of Cl..4\ F.R- 
IMO, in Essex, and of the manor of Hure, in 
BnekinghamiMre ; and be eenred the office 
of sheriflTor Northunibrrlrind, Norfolk, and 
Suffolk, for each count v thrice, in that mo- 
narch's reign. In the baronhil war, he first 
sided with the in urrectionar^* barons, but 
afterwards returned to his allegiance. He 
d. iu 1240, and was i. by Im iion, 

John Fitz Robert, Uiird lad of W.irk. 
worth, and first Lord of Clavfri\(;, in F.s- 
sex, who espoused Ada, daughter and heir 
of Hugh de Baliol, and grand-aunt of Ba- 
li ol King of Seodmtdf by whom he had 
three sous, viz. 

RooBB Fits Jorv, Us «neceeaor. 

Hugh, suruamed **de Eure," firmnwlKraB 
the Lorda Eure descended. 

Robert anoeitor of tfie Baice* of Ax- 

holm, in LineolniUre* 
He was t. by his eldest sou. 

Roger Fitz John, fourth Barou of Wark- 
worth, and lecond Baron of Claverf ng, who 
rf. in V2A9f and was t. by liIs s n, 

Hubert Fitz Rocer,' then iu infancy, and 
plaeed under the guardianship of William 
de Valence, the king's brother, although 
Ada, the child's grandmother, offered two 
thousand two hundred marks for the ward- 
ship. This feudal lord became so eminent 
in the Srf)tti-;?i vvnrs of Ktm; Fpw u^D I. 
partieui.ii 1) at tiie battle ot Falkirk, that he 
was summoned to parliamcut, as a Barom, 
on the 2nd Novrmber. 1295. He was after- 
wards, with hid son John, at the siese of 
Kabuivbbor. Hia lortihip esponied Mar- 
garet de la Zoneh, and had fire oiher aona, 
who <f . M. p, m. 

JoBK, to whom Kimg Edwabb t. gave 
the surname of Ci.wkiunc;. suc ci ssor 
to Warkworth and Clavering (see 
Burke's Eximet tmd DermtMt P^tr^ 

« By Hugo db Crbsskt, die had aa only son. 
Roger dk CaisseY, who m. IsthsUa de Rio, uid 
had four aoM, all of whom dying issue1i>3s, th* 
BAaoMv or Uoaroais Margarets iuheritaapt, 
CMBO erentttslly Co her hsirt by Behsft Fita 



Tbe youngest so», 
Sw AlAtt M Clavbrimo, obtdaed lirom 

kis father tlif estate of Mr ni. 
IsabdUaj, daogbter of Sir W Uliam Aiclikl, 
■nd fiM fttfisr of 
WiLLUH w Clavbrimo, w]io was «• by 

kU SOD, 

Sir Robert de Clavering, to whom 
neeeeded bb •Idest mr. 

Sir John Cr \ \> kin*;, ulio recrivetl 
the honour ot Luiglituuud in the tield. He 
w. Joanna, daughter of Thomas de Heton, 
•■d dying in the 4th of Hbnry VI. loll a 


RoRBRT »B Clavbrino, father of 

fv-in'riiT ni Claverin'G,* who died in 
the time of Eowako IY. and was s. by his 
oldnt ooOf 


RoREKT OE Clavering, Wedded Joan, 
daughter of — Reims, of Shortflat, in Nor- 
thumberland, and had a son, hi« SRCeoMor 
at his decease, lOth HrxRY VIII. 

John Clavering, of Callaly, who m. 
Elixabetfa Fenwick, of Fenwick Tower, in 
NofdwBAberlRiid, RDdwRO «. in 1636, by hia 

BoBBRT Clavbbino, of Callaly. This 

gentleman c*{toir-< fl Anne, daughter and 
co-heireoa of Sit Thomas Grey, of Hortou, 
Ir NorthmBberiRRd, Bad had KMir aons, 
RitBEBTy hia iROceBior. 


JwQed, of Axwell Park, who m. Grace, 
daoghter and co-heir of Roger Ni- 
ch il <o n , of N 0 w castl e - u poR-Tyne, 
saemhmnL and hs^d a sou, 

JbSM VLAVBRING, esq. of Axwell, 
IR the county of Durham, who 
flk Anne, daughter of Robert 
Sfcaftoet esq* Rod bad witik other 

James Clavering, esq. of Ax- 
well, who was created a 
Baronet in 1601, which 
diirnity i" now- enjoyed by 
kvs licsceudaut, 

Sir Thomas John Cla- 

VBRINO. (St'i- Bvrkf't 
JPetrape and Jiaronet- 

William, slain at the botUe Of ClRTer- 
ThR eida^' t^'"*** 

Robert Ci n i king, esq. of Callaly, m. 
Mary, daughter of Sir Cuthbert CoUiog- 
«oad, of Eanngton, in NortiMmberland, aad 
VBB M. h\ his eldest son, 

8fR Simn CiAV BRING, knt. who wedded 

* Bnides Jon;*, bis successor, he had Robfrt, 
wwvtnr of the Clavebincs, of Lcarchild, sup- 
fommd va be now extiad, and alto of the ClatbB' 

Anne, daughter of Sir Thomas RiddeU, and 
had wUh several oflier ehildren, 

RoRriiT, (Sir) a zealous rnvnficr, who 
held the rank of colonel in the Royal 
Army, and waa made a knfglit ban- 
iieret. lie raised at his own expense, 
a regiment of horse, a regiment of 
foot, iind some extra troops of dra- 
goons. He died unmatried, in the 
lifetime of his father. 
RALPti, H ho succeeded his father. 
William, from whom deacend the C3a- 
vcrin^s of Berriii'^fnti. 
Sir Johu Clavcriug died a prisoner, in Lon- 
don, for his loyedty to June Cbablbs f. 
His eldest surviving son and heir, 

Ralph Clavering, esq. having likewise 
espoused sealoasly tiie R^ral canae, suffered 
imprisonment, and was eventually obliged 
to go beyond the seas. He returned with 
King Charles II. and having m. Mary, 
daughter of William Middleton, esq. of 
Stokeld, in Yorkshire, left nf !iis decease, 
a daughter, Mary, m. to Gerrard Saivin, 
esq* of &o3(dale, in ]>Rr]iRin, RRd r bob, bdla 

John Cl^vvering, esq. of Callaly, b. 
in^ 1650, who wedded Anne, daughter of 
William, Lord Widdrinpton, (by In:; -wife, 
Elizabeth Bertie, daughter of Sir Pere^ijine 
Bertie, and niece of the Earl of lindsey,) 
and had (with several otiicr children who 
all d. unmarried) a daughter Anne, m. to 
F. Maire, esq. of*^ Hardinek, and a son, his 

Ralph Clavering, esq. Callaly, h. in 
1605, espoused in 1723, Mary, daughter of 
Nicholas Siapleton, esq. of Ponteland, and 
Carleton, in Yorkshire, by whom he had a 
large /aiiiil\, ot which two sous married, 
namely : — 1< rancis, one of the younger, who 
wedded Eleanor, daughter nf Lamhton, 
esq. of the county of Durham, and the 
eldest son and heir, 

Rali'h Clavering, esq ofrallaly, h. 27th 
June, 1727, who m. first Eliaa, daughter of 
James Egan, esq. bat had no issue. Ho 
wedded secondly, Frances, danghtar of Jolm 
Lynch, esq. and had a son, 

John Aloysius, his suceessor. 
He espoused thirdly, in 1767, Marj-, daugh- 
ter of Edward Walsh, esq. and had issue, 
Edward, successor to his brother. 
Lucy, m. first to John SiaplelOB, esq, 

of Clintz, in Yorkshire ; and secondly 
to J. Paston, esq. of Norfolk. 

FrRRcea, «i. to Heiify RobinaoBi^ aaq. 




Mr. Clavering was ». at hit daoBBse, in 

17tit^, by his eldest son, 

John AlotsiusClavbring ,csq. of Callaly, 
h. in 1765. who m. first, Chrihtin.i, daughter 
of Sir Edward Str^nburue, hart, and se- 

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eoadly. in 1820, Catherine, daughter of 
Thomas Selby, esq. of Beddleston, in Nor- 
thumberland, but dyin^; without rssue, 1st 
December, 1 H-2(J, the estates pnft»ed to his half 
brother, the present E&wabd Clavbrino, 

«fq. of Callalv. 

Arm*— -giuirlerly, or aod gu. over all, a 
bendy la. 

CteH—A ohamb'i hmd, with wing! eract 

Alotto — Ad coeloa volans. 

£!r/a<f«— Callaly and Tetlington, in die 
parish of Wbittinghaniy in tho ooualy of 

Caltaly Cas tie. 

Note. — Tbia fmnny. being Roman Cathomc, 
has been ezdadcd, liutil 1829, from thoM public 
— Iff whieh its nak gave the ftdlMt tills. 


BOND, JOiiN, esq, of Grange, in the county of Dorset, b. lat Janmiy, 1802, 
to the eatatas upon the demise of his father, 12th May, 1824. 

Mr. Bond lately representad Corft Citdo in pariiament, and wa« high sheriff of 
DttiaaC, 1830. 

atarenr early period, to E.trili, in the pa. 
rish of St. Stephens, an estate tliey acquired 
in marriage wit)) flic '!:r:^-litr>r nnd heiress 
of a very ancient huusi>, which took its name 
from that place. I 

From this match descended 
Robert Bono, of £arth, who is stated to 
have had diree Moa, 

Thomas, who died s. p. m. 
Robert, of whom hereafter, and 
Richard, of Earth, who m. in 1434, 
12th Hekky VI. Agnas, second 
daughter and co-heiress of T? it bard 
Maynard, and their posterity were 
atill residing at Earth at the visita- 
tion of Cornwall, anno IGaO. The 
Bonds, of Uolwood, in the 
oounty, were a younger branch of 
those of Earth, and are now repre- 
sented by Thomas Bond, esq. of East 
Looe, ia die comity of Coniwall. 

The family of Bond were of great anti- 
qnity in the county of Cornwall,* and are 
said to have been originally seated at Pen* 
ryn in that county but removed thence. 

• *' Bond, of Cornwall, a very •ncieitt family, 

from ni til 1-,.' (»f London are descended." — 
Ouiliim's Heraldry, ediu — In the pedigree of Sir 
Thomas Bond, bait, in dw colfefsof anns, drawn 

op in the year 1669, bin iincentor, William 
Bond, of Huckbind. in the county of Soniorset, is 
describeii as being '' ex sntiquissiniu I^ondorum 
Stirp« in I'roviniirt ('ornubia- oriundua." 

t Mr. Bond hm aji old MS. ptnligree on vel- 
lum, dated 1636. which deduces their descent 
fimn a Noman, who cams in at the Conquest, 
and married the dnn^hter and heiress of Bond, of 
Trtirrn, in f'Mrnw dl: and in And<-r^ pedi- 

See, of Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, we find 
It Hugh Fits Roger, seeend son ef Roger da 
C^iail, (a fbHovar af Willisai the Conqasror, 

and who ehtahied fWm bim eirttnsire estates in 

Soinersebihire, I)orset:<hire, and Wiltshir*'. as np- 
Dears by Domesday), espoasing the sister and 
bsirsas of Bond, hwd of Fishsfflea, disir offiipring 

assumed the STuname and arms of tbnf family 
viz. sa. a b-ss or, and benc« carae Ui« tjuailr ot* 
Bond. This Bond (or Bondi is be is called ia 
Domesd.iy book) uppws to have b*^n a Saion. 
and is mentioned in that record a* hoUling Fi«ber- 
ton, in Wilts, as well as other lordships in Donei 
and Soneisst, as sariy as the toae of JKswAao tk» 

X " In f llm^ inf,' tlie course of the Lvner, yoo 
falie downe by Master Bond's ancient h^s^ %t 
Earths, dssesadsd ta his aneetten htm a daugU- 
tsr snd tair of that anM.** 

^ kj .- L,d by Googl! 



Tbe grcond son, 

Robert Bond, removed to B«auchanip's 
Hacke, in Somerietshire, and in the vear 
14n (9^ Henry VI.) was seated at Lut- 
trm. in tie Isle of Purbock, in thf* countj' 
of Dor^t. an e<^tate he acquired in mar- 
ria^ M ;t)i the dftOfhter and h«irew of R 
family of ttnt tiaree, and which has ever 
aiace conunucd in the possession of his del- 
ceMiaats. He Ind kme two msna. Tig. 

ROBERTf his succe!!^r. 

William, of Buckland, in the county Of 
Somerset, who was father of 

1. WUliam Bond, of Crosby Pa- 
la<-e. London, alderman and she- 
riri oi that city, who d. in 1576, 
and to whom and to hii ion, 
Martin Bond, there are curious 
monuments in the church of 
Greut St Helens, London. 

2. Sir Gtorgi- Bond. lord mayor 
of London in 1587, from whom 

Sir Thomas Bond, comptroller 
of the household to Queen. 
Henrietta Maria. This 
gentleman v^as created a ba- 
ronet at Brussels by Kint/ 
Crakles II. and had, be- 
tides Us enceeaior to the ha- 
ronrtrv. a second son, Tho- 
mas, who espoused Uenri- 
etln, eUeat dangfiter end 
co-heir of Thomas Lord Jcr- 
m'U of St. Edmondsbnry. 
The iMTonetcy became ex- 
tinct in the Bond Am&y 
daring &e last centniy« 

The eidtr son, 
BoM*l Bow0, of Lofton, esponsed, in 

14.53, Mary, dauc:bter of Sir John Hodv, 
Lot. of Fiflesdon, in the county of Dorset, 
htr§ fWef justice of England anno I8th 
HcsmT VI. and was father of William his 
Mceeesor, and John Bond, of Buckland, in 
Ae ooonl^' of Dori^et, whose bod, Sir Ni- 
cfcalM tkmA^ luit 4, t, p, m. 

WiixiAM Bond, of Lutton, eldest son of 
Robert, was bom in 1465, and m. in 1406, 
EKcabedi, daughter and co-heiress of John 
Vt ,TT, of Bredy, in the county of Dorset, 
of th^ ancient family of Pr U7, of Gediegh 
* Cmtl^t m Devonshire, and ixad 

l^UMl^ lib aoocesaor. 

jMba, of Chickerell, in the connty of 
Dorset, who m. in 1528, Anne, daugh- 
ter and heiress of John Holmsted, of 
Memiog, in the county of Etaex, 
and from this alliance the Bonds of 
JEiaex derived, who made a differ- 
wam in their arms to distinguuli tiiem 
a« a younger branch, and bore arg. on 
a chevron sa. a bear's head erased, or, 
■anted, go* lielwaeu two bexanta* 

William Bond dying in 1030, was #. by 


Dems Bono, of Latton, b. in 1500, who 
Mi in 1632, Alice, dau^ter of Robert Sam- 
wayf, of Toller, in the county of Dorset, 
and bad several cliiidi t-n, of whom, 

Robert, the eldest son, m. in 1565, 
Avi^, daughter of 17 ^ r Clavell, of 
\V mlrith, in the county of Dorset, 
but died «. p, m. 
William, the third fnn. h. }r,r, \ ; re- 
dded at Blaokmanstoii, in the Isle of 
Parbedt, and m. in 1568, Ann, daugh- 
ter and co-heir of Richard Ix)ng, of 
Glastonbury, in the county of So- 
meraet, but leaving no male issue, 
his ample possessions in Dorset and 
Somerset were divided 6monp«t hig 
three daughters and co-heirs. Edith, 
the eldest daughter, married in 1613, 
Sir White Keckonshnw, knt. of 
Movies Court, in the county of Hants, 
by whom she had only two daughters 
his co-heirs; Alice, the eldest of 
these, married, in 1637, John LUle, 
of the Isle of Wight, who afterwanls 
became a member of Croni\veir» 
house of lords, and one of the com- 
missioners of his great seal. She 
was cruelly condemned to death on 
the pretended charge of high trea- 
son by Judge Jeffries, and beheaded 
at Winchester 2nd September, 1686. 
This judgment vvn« afterwards re- 
versed by act ot parliament. (See 
Stai€ TVtalt.) 
John, fourth son, of wh<»n hereafter. 
The fourth son, 

John Bond, esq. of Latton, b. 1650, con* 
tinned the line of the family, and ^vns ap- 

{>oiuted, in 1688, captain of the Isle of Port- 
end at die time of the expected immrfon 
by the Spanish armada. He espoused, in 
1583, Margaret, daughter of Richard Pitt, 
esq. of North Crickett, in the county of 
Somerset, and had issae, 
Pkms, his successor. 
Elias, of Wareham, representative in 
parliament for that borough 11th 
Cu\ni.T.s IT rl. r p. in 1680. 
He d. in 1632, and was t. by his son, 

Dcms BofiD, esq. of Lutton, h, in 1688. 
This gentleman, at the breaking out of the 
civil wars, joined the side of the parlia^ 
ment, being at tihat time one of the repre- 
sentiitives for the hornuiph of Dorchester. 
He subsequently rose high in the favour of 
Cromwell, and had the confidence of the 
parliament as well as of the Protector. 
From the comm en cement of the civil wai*, 
he was of the committee for hia own county, 
and from 1654 to 1656, he was M.P. for 
rnioiith. and one of the cnnnril of sfato 
from 1648 to 1652. He was likewise comp- 
troller of the receipts of the excbeqner, and 

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was noiuiiiated one of the judees aeainst 
the ill fated king ; but althoofb he hud a 

renl and fix<'d aversion to thf rule of Kintf 
Charles, yet he could not he prevailed 
upon to take his teat, or in any way to 
promote the murder of the monarch. Mr. 
Bond in. first, in 1610. Jonno, daughter 
of John Gould, esq. of Dorchester, by whom 
he had issue, 

John, LL T) M.P. for Melcomhe Re- 
gis, Ititli 1 HAiiLts I. one of the as- 
sembly of Divines in 1643, maaler of 
Trinity Hull, Cambrid<:r, preacher 
before the long pariiumt^nt, £cc. 
d. t. p. in 1076.* 
William, of South Bestwall, rn the 
eounty of Dorset, who m. in 166$t, 
Mary, sole daughter and heir of John 
Selby, of Bestwall, aforesaid, and d. 
in KiGO, leaving, amongst other chil- 
dren, two daughters, Mary and Mar- 
garet, who eventually became his 
co-heirs. The former by her seroiid 
husband, James ijuuld, esq. uf Dur- 
cheater, was mother of an only child, 
Anna Maria, m. first to General 
Charles Churchill, brotlier of John, 
firat Duke of Marlborough ; secondly, 
to Montague, second Earl of Abing- 
don, and d* *. p. 1743. I^iarsaret, 
tiin aeeond daughter, m. William 
Speke, esq. of Shepton Beauehamp, 
in the county of Somerset, and her 
Bon George Speke, eventually in- 
herited the estates. 
He cspouHcd -i^ rofidly, in 1622, Lucy, dantjh- 
tcr of William Lawrence, esq. of Steepleton, 
in the oonnty of Dorset, and had, with other 
issue, Samuel, sometime M*P. for Poolo Mid 
Melcouib Hegis ; and 

NATHANtBL, hissvoceaMr, at Lutton. 

Tliia stauncli ]intrint (■hin>^ August, 
165t},t burieii in \V ciituinistar Abbey, 
and#. at Lutton, by hit aon, by hit Moond 

* *' This John Bond , by the way . you must knfuw, 

being seare warm in tiu' pulpit. i)ut lie TM?<;Mn to 
threaten heaven with some of his diviuity, by 
telling the toditoiy with great seal, thst they 
ought to rontrfbute and pmy to do nil ihfy were 
ible to bring in their brethrvn of Srotlaud for the 
■ettliog of God's cnuse. *< 1 say t hi5 i s God's couse, 
■ad if ever God hud a came it is this, and if this 
be not God's cause, then God is ae God for me ; 
but the (l*uil is pot up into heavan." **Wmd^t 
AtKeam Oxmieattf," vol. ii. p. 115. 

t " On the 90th of Aegvit. 1658, being then 
T^Ionday, nnd the windiest day that had befon> 
happened for twenty years, be payed bi» last dehl 
to NattBre ; at whicn time, as the then vul^.ir udk 
was, the devil cnmp to tnke nway Oliver C'rora- 
well, who iLen hiy on hia dfuth bt*d, but bt-iug not 
prqnred for him he gave Uond for his future »p- 
nearmoe, and accordingl)> on tlie Friday following, 
being the Sri of September, be mane good hi.-* 
franiiae."-^«1f«Mf» Atkme Omdmm,'* 

Nathaniel Bono, eaq. of Lutton, b. IlKJi. 
who mm bred to the bar and became king's 

Serjeant. He purchased in the ad- 

joining estate of Granfe, which has since 
been the chief reeidenoe of tile ftmlly. He 
fM. Mary, daugliter of Le«yis Williams, esq. 
of Shitterton, in the count>- of Dorset, and 
relict of Thomas Browne, esq. of Framjiton, 
by whom (who <f. in 1998) he had ieene, 
Denis, bis successor. 
John, of Tyneham, in the Isle of Pur- 
beck, M.P. for Corfe Castle, let, 
8th, and 15th George I. m. in 1716, 
his cousin, Marnret, third daugh- 
ter of John Winianui, eaq. of Her- 
ringston, in tlie county of Dors* t. 
by whom (who d. in 1776) he had 

1. John, who «. to eetalee of 

his uncle. 

2. Denis, of Tyneham and Eggles- 
ton, in the Isle of Porbeck, rec- 
tor of Steeple with Tyneham, h. 
\71H, d. s. p. in 17tt6. 

3. Nathanie l, of Holme, in llic 
IsU < f Purbeck, b. 1790, d. s.p. 
in 17110. 

4. Thomas, h, 1721, d, in 1773. 

6. M a rKiret, ft. 17S3, d, nnmnnM, 
in 1795. 

Mr. Nathaniel Bond, who wan M.P. for 

Corfe Castle, 31st Charles II. and subse- 
quently for Dorchester, d* in 1707, and wna 
s. by his eldest sun, 

Dbhis Bond, esq. of Grange. This gen- 
tleman was M.P. for Dorchester, 7th A v v f . 
for Corfe Castle, 1st and 8th GEuRi^t 1. aud 
for Poole, let George II. He espoused, 
in 1729, Leonora-Sophia, relict of Edmund 
Dumraer, esq. and youngest daughter of 
SirWlUiam-lhittonCo1t,tknt. envoy at the 
court of Hanover, by Mary, his third wifv, 
(of whom she was co-heir) eldest suniviog 
daughter of John, and co- hefar of her bfedier 
Wentworth Gamcys, esqrs. of Boyland 
Hall, in Norfolk, and Kenton Hall,* in 
SutiuiL. This lady was bom in Hanover, 
and obtained her baptitmal name from die 

» He was seeond aniriThig son of George 

Colt, of Colt Hull, in SiifFolk. by EUtabeth, 
his wife, eldest daughter and co-l>eir of Jobs 
DattOtt, esq. of Sheihom, in Gloncestershire, nd 
brother of Hnrrv-Dulton Colt, cmted a barooet. 
4th WiLUAM aiid Mary. (See Bwrkt't Pterag* 
and Burmetagi,) 

• This estate was held 1^ Ivo de KMteton.aad 
Alicia, his wife, Anno llW. 6th Riebaid I. aond 
descended in a direct Une through iho fmnJlv of 
Gameys, to the Itte Mrs. West brook, of Kor»»»t 
Hall, in Easrtr, who wse sole daughter and heir 
of \N illiam Ptanf . osq. of the tnme \ Uc,\ by Fli. 
xabeth Colt, his wife, the elder sister of thtf »ai4 
Leonon^ephia, and was asid by hsi abeni the 
year 1774. 

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relfbr?itet\ "Flcctress Sophia, her spoTT^nr. 
Mr. Denis Bond d, $. p. in 1746, and the 
ciMPt deir«il'r«d npon Ins sephew, 

I^iw Bond. esq. of Gran<j«% h. 1717, 
ILP. for Corfe Castle, from 21st Georgk 
VL to 14lli Omrob m. who m. in 1749, 
Mary, eldest daiigliter«nd co-heir (with her 
iister. Elijuibcth, wife of V^il^ntine Knight- 
Ic), o?q. of Fawsley Park, in ilio county of 
North iropton) of EdmnDd Dummer, esq. of 
Swathling. in th*- ronnty of Hants, by the 
nbove mentioucd L4.ouora-Sophia, daughter 
of Sb- WaUnn-Dattoft Colt, and had usse, 

K iiHANibL, (Kight HonO of Holme, 
I. ITM, mMbctfme M.I*. for Corfe 

CaJtle, on* of the most honorable 
privy <-otiucil, judge adrocate {:^ei]f<- 
rai, a king'* council, one of the lords 
of the treasury, and a bencher of the 
Innrr Trmplf*, d. t. p. in !823. 
Tkowa^, of Egglestoo. b. iu 1766, vicar 
of Coombe ivith Wool, io fbe oounty 
of Dorset. 
WilUam, of Tyneham, i. in 1767, rec- 
tor of Steeple withiyn^ham, and pre- 
b^ ndary of Bristol cathedral, who m. 
Jane, only daughter of Henry Biggs, 
caq. of Stoektan Hoiue, m oonnty 
of Wilts, and has is-suo, 
William, of the Inner Temple, 

▼icar of Balh W^oatoii. in 
Henry, vicar of South Pethcrton, 
. ia 


i», IN. in 1801, to the 
Joto Rogers, of Berkeley 
RoKoe, is 4be eowi^ of Somerset, 
orid d. *. f. in 1820. 
Marjr, m. in 1706, to Nicholaa-C 
CoffMlIia, esq. of Wirenhoe Hall, lu 
the cottntj off EnoK. 
«»lde«!t ton. 

Bono, e«q. of Grange, h. 1763, t. 
to the estate* n|Mm tiie demise of his father, 
in ITS I. He espoused, in 1798, Elizabeth, 
sole daagbter and heiress of John Lloyd, 
«€ Ceacood, io ike eooaty of <^igan . 
hid i^isue, • 
J€m^, prcaeat possessor. 
Ifrtjanfrl. of Ifolme, fo holy orders, 
h. no I SOI. succeeded to the estatf^s of 
hhi ancle, rbe right Hon. Nathaniel 
Bond, in 1823. 

V^en f>r.« - So ph i a . 
Jffr. Bond, who was M.P. for Corfe Castle, 
^ fflft of May, 1834, and wa» #. hit 

I .'Ider son, John* Bond, ctq, preaent ropro> 
sentatiTe of the family. 


Bond (ancient)— A fess or. 

Bond, of Cornwall — Ai^. on a oher- 

ron aa. fliree bezants. 
LuTTON, OF LuTTON — Vcrt, an eagle 

with two heads displayed, or, beaked 

aud laenibercd gu. 
Pltowz, OF BBBDY--Sa. Ihree liona ram* 

pant arg. 

DuMMER, OF SwATUUNG — Az. three 
fieuis de lis or, oa a chief of flie 

pf^cATid n d( iTii lion rampant sa. 
Di mmer, of JDlmmer — Ga.nine billets 
arg. foar, tinee, and two, and in base 
a bezant. 

Colt, of Colt Hall*— Arg. a fess be- 
tween Aree colta at full speed sa. 

G A R N K V s , o F K F N TO N * — Arg. a chevron 
engrailed az. between uiree escal- 
lops sa. 

Ramsey, of Kevtom*— On. three famf* 

heads caboshed ar^. 
W ELLisHAii,oFKfcNTo.s* — Sa. two baxs, 

and in diief tliree cinquefoils or. 
Kenton, of Kenton*— ^a. a cheTion 

between three cinquefoils or. 
Frauncets, of OiFFOiw'i Hail*— Gn. 

a chevron enprailed er. betivccn 

three falcons volant arg. beaked, 

membered, and belled or. 
Denston, or "Di ss tvin*— Aa. two Uona 

Wiassant gardant or. 
ANTOif — Arg. on a chevron sa. a 
cross crossilet of the field. 
SuLYARDE, OF Wetheh^dfn* — Arg. a 
chevron gu. betwecu tiiree pheons 
revened sa. 
llrvcATE, OF YoRKmiRF — Gu. a chev- 
ron between three talbots s^ant arg. 
az. tlirrp hnrirs pa??ant nr. 

Antingham, of Antingham, Norfolk 
— Sa. a bend arg. 

Ba\7U{d, of Specteshall* — Sa. a 
fess between two chevronels or, 

Wbmtworth, OP Somerleyton*— Az. 
a saltire er. between four eagles dis- 
played or. 

Lloyd, of Cencoed — Arg. a lion ram- 
pant sa. 

Quartered by Lloyd— Aig. ttiree boam* 
heads erased sa. 
Cre«l«— First, an eagle's wing ta. charged 
with a fes« or. Second, a demi-pegatiis, as. 
winged and seui6e of estoiles or. 
^oMo— Noo sallicit orUt. 
Estates— In Dorsetthiro, Hampshire, and 
5c«#— Grange, in the Isle of Pnrbeck. 

(*) InSnflolk. 

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LLOYD, JOHN-GAM ALIKL. esq. of Welcombe- House, in the county of 
Warwick, s. to the cstat. s upon the demise of hi* brother, in 1831. Thi« gendeman, 
who is a bencher of the Middle Temple, Mfrei the office of biljii •heriff fer tte 
covntj of Wanridt iA 1832. 

Ganauel Lloyd, of Matters^', iu the 
county of Nottingham, m. Anne Brffga, of 
Vigan, in Lancashire, and had iitoe, 

George, his heir* 


William, whose representatives are now 

the Booths, of Glendon, Notts. 

Anne, m. to Joeepli Snietiinr»t» and bad 

a numerous posterity. 
Gamaliel Lloyd d. 1st November, 1681, and 
was *. by his elder son, 

George Lu3YD, ft. in \6M, who was settled 
at Manchester, as a merchant manufacturer. 
He m. Martba Wbittaker, of Newton Heath, 
in the county of Lancaster, and d)inginl728, 
was i. by his only surviviug son, 

OaiuUBL Lix>td, wIio reiided at Man- 
chester, as a merchant and mnnufacturer. 
He espoused Elizabeth, daughter and co- 
heiress of John Carte, M.B. of Man- 
chester, by his wife, Sarah, daughter and 
CO -h pi re of Andrew Morewood, esq. of 
ilalluHs, lu the county of Derby, and bad 
by her (who d, SOlb Soptembor, 1768) an 
onl% eliild, 

Okor(;e Lloyd, esq. his successor, in 
1748. This gentleman took ^ degree of 
M.B. at Cambridgjp, nnd wr« Piff^-nrards 
chosen a feUow of the Koyai Society. He 
raaided moceaiivdy at Manebester. at Alk- 
fingtcMi Han, die proper^ of Ibo lever 

family, at Hulme Hall, near Manchester, 
which he purchased, then at \ork, and 
laatly at Barrowby, near Leeds, where be 
dit d 4th Dt cr-mher, 1783, and was intfrrt d 
at Swillington, in the same nekhbourhood. 
In 1779, he was nominated, by die Marqneno 
of Rockingham, a deputy lieutenant of the 
West Riding of Yorkshire. He m. first, 
Eleanor, elder daughter of Henry Wright, 
esq. of Olferton, in Cheshire, by Purr f.. v. 
daughter of Sir Willoughby Astoo, barl. 
and had an only child, JoHN, his successor. 
Mr. Lloyd < s| ouied, aecondly, Susannah, 
daughter of Thomas Horton, esq. of Chad - 
derton, in Lancashire, (sometime governor 
of the Isle of Man, nnder the Earl of Derby, 
and fatlifr of Sir William Horton, bart.) 
by his wife, Aunc, daughter and co-hcireea 
of Ricbaid Moctyn, of LiMidoii» and had 

I, Gamamf.i., who "P'as a mercbsnt at 
Leeds, and alderman of that corpora- 
tion. He serred die ofiee of Mayor 
of Leeds in 1779, and a/ew yearn 
afterwards removed to Bury St. Ed- 
munds, in Suffolk, wbenco be acaia 
changed his residence for Hampstead, 
and at length settled in Great Ormond 
Street, Loudon, where he died diet 
Anffnst,l817. He «. EUiabelh, daa. 
of James Attwood, esq. and had iasne, 

1. WiLLiAM-HoRTOM, FJLJS, poa- 
sessor of estatee in tte covntieB 

of York, Lancaster, and Derby. 
b. lOtli February, 1784, who m. 
13th A[)nl, 1826, Mary, fourth 
and youngestdangbter of George 
Whitelocke, esq of Se^-mour 
Place, Bryanston Square, Ix)n- 
don, by Mary, dansfater of Dav id 
Roche, esq. nn alderman of the 
city of Limerick, and has had 

Gamaliel, tSfli June, 1837, 
d. 6th November, T<'>0 

George -Whitelocke, b. aotli 
May, 1880. 

2. Mary-Horton, m to Stephen - 
John Wiatbrop, M.D. and left 

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At her decease fyni sons aad two 

draghten, riz. 

Benjanun Winthrop, in holy 
orders, curate of St. SepuJ- 
dm'a Ghuich, NmrdiMiip- 


Stephen \V inthrop. 

Edward-Gamaliel Wiaftrop. 

William >V inthrop. 

Haryanne Winthrop, m. to 
Hie Hon. and Rer. Edward 
Pcllrw, fourth son of Vis- 
coiint Exmouthy and lias a 


^. in \SSO. 

EUabeth Wiuthrop. 
9* AaM-Snaannah, m to Leonard 
Homer, eiq. F.R.S. and hm 

Mary -Elisabeth Homer, m. 

l'2fh July. mT2. to Charles 
LyelJ, esq. professor of ge- 
olo^, King^s College, Lon- 

FnuMoa-Joanna Homer. 

AAne-SoHiniali Homer. 

Katherine-Murray Homer. 

Leonora Homer. 

Jo«nna-Baillee Homer. 
11. George, barrister-at-law, long resi- 
dent at Manchester, mu] nfterwarda 
at York, who m. Elisabeth, daughter 
•f imaumk Nnylor, eaq. nad had 

1. (.George, of Acombe, in the 
coonty of York, sometime a cap- 
lain in the 2nd Lancashire militia, 
A. 21st May, 1787 ; m. 17th May, 
1610, Alicia-Maria, daughter of 
John Greame, esq. of Sewerby 
Boose, in the county of York, 
fejf Samih, daoghter of Charles 
larbnrgh, esq. ain! li is isisue, 
GaOMft-JoiiN, ^. tmth July. 

Yarbnrgh-Gamaliel, i. in 1813. 
Henry, A. HKHk JDeoember, 

Edward, b. 37di May, 1838. 

Alicia- Maria. 

2. Edward-Jeremiah, of Oldfield 
Hall, in the county of Cheehiie, 
barri<'tpr-nt Inw, ^Vho m. Eliza, 
eeoond daughter and co-heiress 
of WilUam Kif^by, esq. of Old- 
fieW H ill, atw! lias issue. 

3. Elizabeih, m. first to William 
^^•r Laird, esq. of Strath Mar- 
tin, ii' ar Dundee, a captain in 
the 17tb dragoons, by whom (who 
dL im 1810) she has issue. She 
espoused set^ndly, Robert Ali- 
son, esq. of Dundee, and has 
oOter children. 

4. Susannah-Oeorgiana. 
&. Mary -Anne, m. 4tfi Aanis^ 
1H.T1, to her rousin, the Rev. 
Cecii-JUaniel Wray, one of the 
fellowa of die oollegiate eharcb 
at Manchester. 

III. Thomas, of Leed?, mrrchant and 
common council niau of that corpora- 
tion, and subsequently of Hoeforth' 
Hall. He ^vn<? for many years lieu- 
tenant-colonel commandant of the 
Leeds Volnnteera, on resigning the 
roTDTTiind of wliich corps, he retired 
to the north-east of Yorkshire, and d. 
at Kingthorp House, near Pickering, 
7th April, 1828. He m. Anne, daa. 
of Waiter Wade, esq. of New G ran g^e, 
in the county of York, by Anne, dau. 
and heiress of Robert ADanaon, esq. 
of the Rnyd, and had issue, 

George, of Coatham, Yorkshire, 
h. 2fi(h May, 1786, for sereral 

years captain of the 2nd West 
York militia. He m. drft, in 
18SI0, Marian Cliristina, fifth dau. 
of Alexander Maclean, esq. of 
Col, in ArfT^'lf'sliire, by whom 
(who d. ill Ib'Zl) he has no issue. 
He espoused secondly, 7th June, 
1826, Elizabeth, ?rrnnd Haughter 
of William Kookcs Lt^eds Ser- 

felatBon, esq. of Camp Hill, near 
pon, and has iarae, 

1. Thomas-Wtlliaii, 

2. George-Walter. 
8. John- George. 

4. Carol ini Anne. 
6. Marianne-Jane. 

Mary-Anne, m. 16th Noreuiber^ 
m&t to Mr. John Prieatlv, of 
Thorpe, merchant, and d. in 188S, 
leering two daughters. 

IV. Anne. 

V. Snaanaah, m. to the Rer. Henry 
Wray, and has tiro aons and a 


vi. Elizabeth, tn. to Thomas Batesont 
eaq. and had a son, who was created 
a baroQet in 1818, and is tlie presen. 
Sir Robert Bateson, of Belvoir 
Park, M.F. (tee BuMt Petnf 
and JEKMnpHel^). 

The eldest eon of Geotga Llo^d, who d. in 


John Lloyd, eso. F.RJ3. lived at Smit- 
terton, in Warwickshire. He m. Anne, 
daughter and heiress of Jamee Uibbina, 
M.D. and had sunriving issue, 

GeoRtiF, his heir. 

John-Gamaliel, present possessor. 
. Charlotte, m. to the Rev. Thomas 
Warde, of Leamington, in Warwick- 

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fliitre, Riid haft » wmi« CbatiM-ThomM 


Mr. lioyd d. ttth June, 1777, when Uio re- 

SKsentation of this wtde-«pre«dlnf family 
evolved upun liis elder son, 
Georor Lloyd, esq. of Weloombe Uuut»e, 
b. 7th March, 1768, who wu therffT for Ae 
county of Wawick in 1806. He d. un- 
married nth July, 1831, and was /. by his 
only brother, tlie present John-Gamaliel 
hum, esq. of W6ic<Miib« Houe. 

i4r»fu— Argent, threo Uom donilant, in 
pale sa. 


Carte, Stafford, 


Cretts—Fint, iideim-nnB in scale armour, 
tlie hand naked ppr tlie rvW arp. gp-asping 
a liaard vert. Second, two arms eiubowed, 
armed ppr. mppottinfr a ehaplet of onk 
branches vrrt. fmcted or 

Estate* — In Warwickshire, Lanra^hire, 
Hortferdfthhre, and EftMau 

Seats — Welcombc Ifnu=G, near Stratford- 
npon-ATon, and Much Hadham, near 
Bishop's Stortlbrd, Horlk 


ORLEBAR, RICHARD, esq. of Himrick Hoiue, in di« cwmtj oT Bedford, b. in , 

1775,111. in 1804, Maria, fourth daughter ef Benjamin , 
LoDguet, eeq. of Bath, and hae had isnie, 

RiCHARD-LosGUET, b. 2Ist Junc, 1B06, w^o w. 23rd 
May, 1831, Sophia, dnuphtcr of Jasper Parrott, esq. 
of Dundrid^, DevouHhire, and has a daughter, 
Caroline- Avgneta. 
Cuthbcrt, In holy orders, b. in ld07. 
John, in the royal navy, ft. in 1810. 
Alexander, royal engineers, b. in May, 1814. 
lUana, m. in t»l, to her cooiin Bdwwd €toy, eeq. 
Madalena- Augusta. 

Ann-Hanriet, at VereaiUeft, in 1829. 

Mr. Orlebar Piircoeded his fkther in 1803, and r^rrred 

the office of ehertff ior the county of Bedford in 1608. 


Q 0 


In the reijen of Edward III., 

Thomas Orleberb* otherwise Orlbbar, 

was member of ^inrlinTi-mt for the town of 
Bedford, from this periiun we pass to his 

John Out piiar, of Harrnld, in tlir county 
of Bedford, who married about the year 
1500, and had three tons, 

1. RoBKKT, who d. unmarried. 

2. George, of whom presently. 

3. John, who m. Mary, daughter of 
Richard Hyil< r, of the county of 
Kent, anil had two sons and two 
daughters, all of whom died un- 
married, except, 

Si'SANNAH, /' in 1630, who m. Sir 
Jonathan Kcatc, barL of the 
Hoo, in Hertfordriilre. 

The iCCOnf? -on, 

Obobge Uklebak, esq. e:«poused Mar- 
gaiet, only daughter (and upon (he deatii 

of Henry, son of Sir ChristopherYeWerton,) 
sole heir of Richard Child, e<^q. of Podding- 
foTi. in the rounty of Bedford, nephew (by 
his sisteri and heir of William Payne, 
lord of the mauor of Poddiugton. By 
this lady Mr. Orl»^» h had no leas than 
sixteen children, of wiiom, 

1. Gboroe, succeeded his father, 
a. Richard, ft. in l(?r>, m. Kliialx tli, 
daughter of Henry Cooper, «'»q. of 
Arfhiugweith, in the ooonty of 
Horthampton, by whom hrul i<«ue. 
Cooper Orlebnr, esq. who m. EU- 
aaheft, daughter of — Powney, 
esq. of Bra> wick, in the county 
of Bucks, and rf. at the early age 
of twentv-nine, leaving an only 
daughter and heiresr; F.i iz abkth, 
whom. Sir Thomas Hatton. bart. 
Susanna, m. in IWS, to Humphry 
Wykebam, eeq. of Bwaelifc. 

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laiitli, m. to Jaine« Johnson. D.D. 
3. John. h. in \m:\. of the Middle 
Tconple, m. Elizabeth, daughter of 
Sir John Kdyoge, of SonthiU, in die 

county of Bedford,Lord rij i f f-Justice 
of the court of King b Bench, by 
M vIIm^ 1^ M«oad dmgliter of 

Sir Thomas Botclrr. of Bidcnhani. in 
the couniv of Bedford, aud had a i»on, 
John, 6. in 1607, of the Middle 
Temple, a master in Chancery, 
who vt. Elizabeth, daughter of 
John Whitfield, esq. of Ives Place, 
Berkshire, and left an only son, 
JoHV, of thr Middle Temple, 
of whom hereafter as in- 
beriCor of the landed for- 
fane of his cousin Rithard 
Orlebar. esq. of Hisivmck 

4 WiUiam, who m Imrwd »t Pod- 

6. Matthew, who had a son, 

John, who d» lewving llupee daiifh- 


6. \lexander. of the Inner Teinple.rf.j.p, 

7. Thomas, d, s. p. 

s. m fn Richard Hippisley, eeq. 

ut tiie cx)UDty of Somerset. 
"9. EliaJieth, «. lo — Ck>bb, esq. of an 

ancient Bedfordshire family. 

10. Rebecca, m. to Thomas Mialso, esq. 
of lie MiMIe TMDjpIo tatd of Peiie> 
don, in the county of Northampton. 

11. Mary, m. to — Gray, esq. of Per- 
tenhall, in the county of Bedford. 

The eldest son, 

Gfojick ORLEDAR,e9q. m. Ursnla. daugh- 
ter Olirer Botelcr, of Wootou, in Bed- 
fordshire, (of the ancient family of Boteler, 
ItfOvds Boteler) and had with otiier ilMM, 
RlCHJiRD, his mceessor. 
George, proved Founder's Kin, arch- 
hi^hop n.i. hely. All Souls, Oxfovd, 
through his mother. 

Judith, m. in 1670, to JaoMi BoCeier, of 


Httr^ret, m. fm 1071^ to John Hawm, 
of an andmit Bcdibrdfthin IhrnOy. 

Th*" eldest son. 

Richard Orifbar, et^q. m. Jane, daughter 
ef BirThomafl Hattm. hnrt. of Long Stanton,' 
W 0be county of Cambridge, and had ifaao, 
RjcuARD, his successor. 
Tteouui, «• hk first cousin Judith, 
daughter of J.imps Boteler, and was 
maternal ancestor of the Rev. Or- 
lebar Saiilh, of Aefiley Home, the 
Rer. Orlehar Marsh and the Rev. 
Orlebar St. John Cooper, all of the 
county of Bedlbnl. 
WQtmm, an officer in the flrmy, d. at 
Boston ia America, in 1711, unm. 
The r Idlest son, 

BlCHAKD OlLBBAR, esq. built Hinwick 

House, in the pari.'^h of Poddinglon. He 
wedded Diana, daughter of Hir Smmxiel As- 
trey, of Henbury, rat dying ». p. left bis 
landed property to his cousin, 

John O&lebaji, esq. of the Middk Tem- 
ple, artd of Henwick House, (refer to issue 
of JofiN Oklebar, who was horn in 1033, 
second son of George Oukkbar, e.sq. by 
Margaret Child, his wife.) This gentleman, 
who was born in 16D7, was a comniissioner 
of excise, and represented the town of Bi d- 
ford, in parliament. He m. Mary, daughter 
of Samuel Rolt, esq. M.P. of M ilton Enie«t, 
in the county of Bc4ford, and had a son and 

RfCfURO ORLBBAit, esq. in 1796, one 

of the clerks extraordinary of the privy 
Gounoil, who m. first, Elizabeth, daughter of 
the Rer. Joseph Cntbbert, rector of Bal- 
phan, E^sex, hy whom he bad, wiA four 
daughters, a son, 

Richard, bis successor. 
He espoused secendfyy Charlotte, only child 
of Rob^ Willing, etq. of London, and bad 

Jolm, b. in 1781, late a captain in the 

royal artillery- 
George, b. in i7t^2, died in the royal 

Robert-Charles, of Hus^borne Crawley, 
in the county of Bedford, b* in 1783, 
m. fn 1807, Oiarlotte, daughter and 
heiress of the Rev. Daniel Shipton,* 
of Husborne Crawley, and has sur- 
siving issue, 

1. Robert Shipton, h, 12th May, 


2. Arthur-Bedford, b. Ilth June, 

3. Johii-GharleB, 18th March, 


4. Charlea-Daniel, h. IMh April. 


6. William, b. lOth August, 1816. 
tf. Angnslns, h, 14th Inne, 1834 

7. rhar]otte-Temi)erauce. 

8. Mary-Constautia. 9. Emily, 
Orlando, b. in 1788, an officer R.N. 

who fH. Helen, only daughter of Ad- 
miral Aplin, and has issue by that 
lady, who d. Idth November, 1831. 
Frederic, b. in 17H7. late of the E.I.C.S. 
m. ated AprU, IbStf, Ann, daughter 

• By his wife Temporanrc, diniphter of the 
Rev. Arthur Bedford, vicar of Poddington and 
Shftrnbrook, in the county of Bedford, and his 
wife. Teropemnce, dnngliter of tho Uev. Vere 
Alston, only brother of Sir Ihonras and Sir Row- 
land Alston, hutM. of OddlCssClfl. Tcnperance, 
the lady of the Rer. Donitil Slnptea. by the will 
of hfr cousin. Thomas-Janies S«lby, esq. of Wlmd- 
doa llali, sad W arendon, in the county ot Bucks, 
suecesdsd to a part of his eststts in 177S. 

of Stephen Rousd, eaq. of Beech 

Hill, Berks. 
'Wiliiam- Augustus, b. iu who »w. 
M«ry Cuolinct second dni^hter of 
Beigainin LoD(i:urt, ct^q. of &tdi. 
Hennr, h, in 1798, died K.N. 
Hr. OfteUr d, in and was t.^ty his 
eldest MO, Richard OcluaRi eiq. of 


HiMwidc HottM, now teyr McnUd yc of the 


Arm* — Arg. two bars gu. charged, the 
upper witih two roses, and the hnrar wUh 

one, of the field. 

Crest — A demi eagle, collared. 

Stmt — Hinwick House, Poddington, Bed- 


BENBTT, JOHN, «m|. of Pythouse, and Norton Bavant, both in the county of 

Wilts, b. 20th May, 1773, m. in 1801. T.^ry. (iaiic-htcr 
of the late Edmund Lambert, esq. of Boy ton House, in 
the county of Wilts, by whom (who d. in 1827) he has 

John, 18^ August, 1800. 

Thomas- Eilnuau!, f>. in IHl^J, niu! rf. in 1820. 

Lttcy-Uarriet, m. 27tb August, 1832, to Arthur Fane, 
esq. son of Lienlenant Genenl Sir H. Fane. 

Etheldretl-Catherine, m. 21th August, IS*!?, to Lord 
Charles Spcncer-ChurciiUl, sec^md son of His Grace 
the Duke of Marlbofongh, fuidfaitiintb 

Emily, d. yonng. 



Mr. Benett has represented the county of Wilts in par- 
liamenl siaoe the year 1819. 

Tlie family of Benett was founded by 
John Benktt, who was sheriff of Wilts 

in the 61st of Uenry III. Uis great grand- 


Thomas Benrtt, of Norton Bavant, es- 
ponssf'fl tlip fl.ui'^lit'T ntul ro-heirof — Page, 
of Devizes, and was t. by hia son, 

John Bbnctt, who wedded AgoM For- 
%vrirri! . of thf cotinij of SomerMt, and had, 
with otlier i^sue, 

1. John. 

2. Thoma.s, D.C.L. canon and treasurer 
of St. Paul's, London, prebendary 
of Ealdstreet and of ^gmere, pre- 
centor and canon residentiary of Sa- 
rum church, where he was buried in 
1558, havii^ lived from the reign of 
Edward IVT , 

3. William. 
The third son, 

William Benett, to. Isabel, daus^htcr of 
AugiisHnp Dursley, of GloncestonluM, and 
was $. by his eldest son, 

William Benett, who espoused, first, 
Margaret, daughter of John Aylearde, of 
Basingstoke, by whom (who H. in 1663) he 
had itsae, 

Thomas, of Wcstbury, d. in 1806. 
Willi AM. * Margaret. 

He wedded, secondly, in 15«o, Katherlne, 
daughter of William Willoughby, of Syl- 
too, in Dorstlihfre, «&d died to im. Hie 
second son, 

WiLUAM Benett, whose will bears date 
1617, was #. at his decease by his only son 
bv lii'^ second wife, Ann, danghtor of - — 
VV allis, esq. of Grorely, 

Thomas Bbwctt, esq. wIm ei. first. Mist 

Wljitf, ?i>trr of .John \\'luTf', of rariiar\ (ni , 
and had one child, Thomas, whose only son 
died ftsnelen. Mr. Benett wedded, ee- 
condly. Miss Elizabeth Moore, hy wliCMi 
(who d, in 1681) he had issue, 

1. John, who m. Frances, daughter of 
Thomas Garratt, esq. of Lam borne, 
by whom (who m. sewndly, H. L. 
Coker, esq. of East Knoyle) he left at 
his deeeeee, in 1908, bo eeanririBg 

2. WiLUAM. 3. Ridiard. 
4. Samuel, in the navy. 

6. Eli7.abelb, m. in 166B, to JSdwefd 

Hawtaine, M.D. 
6. Ann, d. iii«eleM ia 189S^ 

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7. TloTL-nce, m. iu 1682, lo B4«lld 
Garrard, esq. of Sarum. 

8. Mary, m. in IGM, to Uw Rer. 
Thomas Lmbert, D.D. of B<»ytOtt. 

9. Sarah, m. to Jfllui Ooddaid* oq. of 
SwioUoD. ^ 

Mr. Bcaett d. in 1068. Hit aeeond aon hj 
tm second wife, 

William Benctt, eaq. of Norton Bavant, 
•■dof Wwtbury, in the coun^ of Wilts, 
retoH-r of ShallcsbnTv. ^nd Bridport, 
in i>ur«et:^hire, married, in 1086, Mrs. Pa- 
tioitia BislMyp, tisteir mod sole heir of Colo- 
n^' TInj(T^.i= iK'nnet, of Pyf house, secretary 
W J*rtm€e HupEKT, by whom he leA at his 
4eee«oe, in 1907, • son and successor, 

Thomas, e sq. of Norton Bavant 
and of Westbury, one of the registrars of 
tlie prerogative court of Canterbury, who 
VBcknsed, in 1726, Pythonse estate. This 
|frnfT/m»n wedded, in 1713, Ftheldred, 
daogiit! r uid co-heir of His Grace WlL- 
tiurn \y , D.D. Archbishop of Canter- 

Rv. V.\ whom (who ff. in 176C) he l<»ft at 
hte deceafie, in 1754, uith other children, 
wkodL wnHoiiod, 

Willi \M. who prf flrrcaged his fa- 
tJlier,(i9 1749), leaving by his wife, 
Uim 1la^Mo«nliifn,of SlockMdi^e, 
10 only son, 

WiLUAM, of Norton Bavant and 
W^tbury. who wedded Mrs. 
Jane Harford, and dying issue- 
Tf^«t. in 1781, devised ftU his 
utt's tu tliat lady. 
Thomas . 

John, IJL.r>. in holy orders, rector 
of Dot! head St Andrew, in Wilts, 
md of Ower M o%ne, in Donetshire. 

This sjentleman m. Francef, sister of 
Sir Thomas i urton, hart, by whom 
(nriw A in 1796) he had ime, 
Cfcnries-Cowper, of Ljmr Regis, 
lo IKmsetsbire, who m, in IBIO, 
flnnhydav. of Winiam Bnrlton, 
esq. of Donhead St. Andrew. 
Frederick, m. in 1811, Miss Hen- 
rietta-Emelia Knipe, of St. He- 
lena, and tL in 1823, leaving two 

George, of Saleman's Croas, Sur- 

rey, m. Miss Pallenee Bfdley* 

of Croydon. 
Williara-Wake. of the Royal Navy, 

killed in action. 
Henry -Cowper, d. n. p. 
Frances, m. to Gregory Dovlc, 

esq. of the coan^ of Carlow'. 
Catherine-Maria, m, to Stanford 

Carroll, esq. of Dublin* 
Doctor Brrif ft d. in 1808. 
Mr. Benett d, in 17&4, and was interred at 
Norton. Hit eldust snrviving son, 

Thomas Benett, rsq. of Pythouse, ob- 
tained a fellowship at Oxford, as fouoder^a^ 
kin, through his mother Ettuddred Wake, 
to Archbishop Chichely. Heweddeil first, 
in 1766, Frances, daughter of the Rev. 
Richard Revnolds, of Little Paxton, in 
Huntingdonshire, chancellor of the diocese 
of Lincoln, but had no issue. Mr. IVurtt 
m. secondly, in 1771, Catherine, daugliter 
of John Darell, esq. of York-street, St. 
James's, I-<oTidon, and co-lirir of lu r Iiruther. 
By this lady (who d. in 17bO) he had issue, 
Thomas, d. before his father (1789) s. 
John, present Lord of thf Manor. 
William, of York-street, Portman- 
tquare, h, in 1779 ; in. In 18IA, Bllen, 
daughter and sole 1i< ir of Thomas 
Gore, esq. of Tring Park, Uertt, and 
has torriving issue, 

1. Florence- Amey. 

2. Ellen-Caroline. 

3. Et[ielokeda-Anna. 
Etheldred- Anna-Maria. 

Mr. Benett, who repurchased Norton Ba- 
vant, died in 1797, and was >. by his elder 
tnrvivin^ son, the present John Bknitt, 
esq. of P\thnuse, and Norton linvnnt. 

yit in^— Gules, three demi-lions rampant, 
arg. a nnillet or, in tiie centre, for eadeney 

Crest — Out of a mural cro^vn. or, a lion's 
head issuant arg. charged with a mullet or. 

JESrfolrs-^Norlon Bmrant, acquired in the 
latter end of the fourteenth century, as ap- 
pears by the visitation of Wiltshire. Py- 
thouse, purchased in 1726 by Thomat Be» 
nett, it being the very ancient teat and pro* 
pert)' of his mother'? family. 

Seaia — Norton liavaut and Py tliouse. 

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OAKELEY, WILLIAM, «q. of Oakelejr, in the county of Salop, h. 1 2th No- 
vember, 1 806 ; stirceedMl to die «ilnlM upon the denuee of his father, the Reverend 
Herbert 0«kelejr, D.D, 

Itapprrtrs indubitable, by tbe idontity of 
eetate and arms, that this family is the same 
ee Chat of Ockley, of OckUy, which hed 
flourished for sevenl generalioBe in the 
comity of Salop. 

. Rowland, esq. of Oakley, 6. 
about the year 16<K); m* Mary, dauf^ter 

of "\"\ illinni rr u iliiT, e»<|. of JU't.«on, in 
Salop, uu(i hdui ^vviUi three daughters) four 

Richard, bis snt'r-cssnr. 

Samuel, a luerchant lu Ituodoo. 

John, of Fawley Conrt, Bwcke. 

Jeremy, in holy orders, rector of Main- 
etonc, and vksar of Cardinston. 
He d, in 1022, and wai «. at hie deoesM 
by bis rldesf siin, 

RicuAao OAkLEV, esq. of Oakley, M.P. 
for Bbhop'e Castle. This genaenan, a zea- 
lous (Supporter of the royal eanse, A in 195:}, 
and n as s. by his son , 

William Oakeley, i .^4. ui Oak' Scy, who 
was returned to parliammt by the borough of 
Bishop's Castle, from !(>(»(» to IfiBl ; in tbe 
former of which years he served the office of 
aberiflf for the county of Salop, and it is re- 
corded in Gri v*s Debate s, tbat althouRb 
eherilT, " he was chosen for Bishop's Castle, 
and sate without dispnte." He wedded first, 
Mary, second daughter of Wa'ter Wareing, 
€8q. of Oldbury, and that lady dying without 
anrrividf issue, in leOO, be m. seeondly, 
Aarbara, eldest daaghter of John Walcot» 

1 of Wabot, in Shropshire, by wbom 
^who espoused, secondly, Sir William Grea- 
ley, bart. ) he had issoe, 
1. KirHAUD. his heir. 
11. John, of tbe Middle Temjple, un- 

III. William, who m. Catherine, daughter 
of Walter Moseley, esq. of the Meer, 
and had, with other issne. 

The Km. William OAKELEY,reclttr 

of Holy Cross, in Shre%vsbtirv 
(r«fcr tu article Oakeley, ul* 
Plas Tan-ybwleh). 

'I, CharTL; \ 

VI. Barbara, as. to TboM* DemMM^ 


VII. Elizabeth. 
The eldeet sen, 

Richard Oakeley, esq. of Oikeley, 
sheriff of Shropshire in 1794, m. Margaret, 
daughter of Sir Herbert Croft, bart. of Croft 
Hall, and had two sons, 

Richard, his successor. 
Herbert, in holy orders, rector of Lyd- 
ham, and vicar of Lvdbury, who es- 
poused Anne, dan winter of Robert 
Loder, esq. of Leeblude, aud H. in 
1778, leaving a son, 
John, who inherited the eetatee M 
the death of his uncle. 
Mr. Oakeley d. In 1998, and m a. by hi« 

eldt\»t >on, 

KiciURD OakblBY, esq. of Uakeley, s^t 
whose deeease, iseoelesa, Ae family estate* 

devolved upon IiIm nrpbew. 
John Oakkley, esq. of Oakeley, irhoar 


The Kkv. Herbert Oakeley, of Oakeley, 
rector ol Lydham, prebendary of Worcester, 
wait s. at his decease by his eldest sim, tbe 
present William Oakeley, esq. of Oakeley* 

Arm$ — Argent on a fc.^-se between three 
crescents gu. as many fit urs-de-ly» or. 

Crrst-^ A dexter arm embowed* inaraottr 
ppr. in tbe- band a acittutar also ppr. poaa* 
mel and hilt gold. 

EHmte* — In die parishes of Lydham. 
Bishop's Ca=fli , Lvdbury North, and Nor- 
bury, all in the county of Salop, pos i reac^ 
by die Oakeleys since IfiSO. 

5^1— Oalieley, near Bitthop's Castl». 


OAXELEY, WILLIAM-GRYFFYDD, esq. of Pla» Tan-y-bwich, ia the county 
«r Merioneth, b. 18th December, 1790; m. I3di Febniaiy, 1817, Louim, eldett 

daufrhttr of R. B. Ness, esq. of Middle Hill. 

Mr. Oakeley, who Bucceedefi liin fafhpr in Anpist, 1811, ms shahff of Merioneth-' 
tiurv in id 14, and of Carnarvooshire the folio wm^ year. 

The Rtvtrmd 

WtLUAM Oakeley, Hector of Holyeross, 
Shrewiburv. rrnd of Forton, in Stiftord- 
tkire, (gnrnd^ua of the William Oakeiey, 
«q. of (kkeley, who d. in IflM,) «. Cathe- 
riui', nrly (inucrhtrr of SiT PMiiok Stishan, 
Ilbl Aflii iuMj issue. 

Charles, who, havinj; distinguished 
hianelf in the £aat India Company 
terrioc, was created a Baron i^r iu 
1770. His son is the preeeot 8iK 
HcRBCRT Oakklst, hart. 
Tbs eldest son, 

WtuiiM 0*KELT.Y, Mq. h. in Febrnarv, 
17au, m. JkUrgaret, only child and heir of 
Anm QniWy^A, Bnq. of Plas Tan-y-bwlch, 
B» \\rf rotiTiTv of Sfrriorn'th , and h^<\ nii 
«aiy 3oa tuMi heir, the present William 
C«rfrf»» aiiKfti.CT. esq. 

Mr.Oaktl. y .11. ,1 in Au-nist, 1811 ; and 
ll» umgunceoient of his death Waj< thus 
Mnpaaied, hi the Geatfenum's Maga- 

" AtTsB-y-bwTch, William Oakeley, esq. 
Ihft bis the iukabitaats of the ' Happy 
Vale', asd its neifhboafhood, hare sus- 
ibiwd hy his death, cannot f^asily be esti- 
■■•rt. The excellent roaUs formed nnder 
hit direction, thsoi^ a dktriet fimnerlj 
liisost iinp.-i3:uble, sre knowTi to ever}* tra- 
veller; the tracts wluch he has fertilized, 
Wijva cniMnee which he has planted, 
»sd. aboTe all, the deli;^htfnl rxliibition of 
^^toc, in bold and nicturesque scenery, 
vIMb Hi iMle dewloped end adorned, 
ha»e affurdf^d themes of rapture to every 
finite : his benificence has bettered the 
oriHetf aad nuide happy the dwelling, of 
iKiAv a ruitic ; and the memory of his pri- 

||oodne8« will long live in the ' 
^^relatiTes and friends." 


ti^fi^tDD, living in 1720, the 
'*|auctttitive of a very ancient family 
»<»>eil at Ba( h-y-siaint, county of Car- 
■VfOB, married Catherine, eldcU daughter 

end co-heir of Evan Evans,* of Tau-y-bwich 
esq. by whoni he had iarae, 
Evan, his successor. 
John, married, and left issue. 
Owen, in holy orders, Rector of Uan- 
frothen, county of Merionetil : died 
13th of April, 1728. 
William, married — , daughter of DnTid 

Williane, and had ieene. 

Jane, wile of Griffith Parry, of Pe- 

Anne, married on the 18th of July, 
17^, to Lewis Lloyd, of Maes-y- 

Gwen, wife of Lewis Anwyl, Vicar of 
Abergele, county of DenWh. 
Mr. Gryfiydd wee raeceeded Vy bin eldeit 


£vAN Gryffydd, of Bach-y-saiut, and 
(in hw mother's right) of Ten>y-Vwlch. He 

married Janet, daujrhter and co-heir of 
Thomas Mey rick,,e8q.of Uerthllwyd, county 
Merioneth, by whom he had iaene, 

Robert Gryffydd, esq. of Tan-y-LwUh, 
who was sheriff of the county of Merioneth 
in 1742, and married Anne, daughter of 
Anwvl, of Hendre mdr, in the tame eomi^, 
and 6y her had issue, 
Evan, his successor. 
Robert, 17th March, 1790, aged 22. 
KvAN Gkvffydd, esq. the elder son" 
and successor, married Mary, one ol the 
daughters of WilUem Anwyl, ef Hendre 
mftr, esq. by whom (who re-innrrii d in 
1770, tlie Rev. John Gryffydd, and died in 
1781.) he had iesne an only daughter, 

Margaret, who succeeded to the es- 
tates of her family, and, as stated, be- 
came the wife of Willbm Oakeley, 
ee^. and mother of the preeent pro- 

Mr. Gryffydd was sheriff of Merioneth In 
1770, about which year he died. 
i(mi»— Arg* on a iieeee between three 

• 1 lie faTnilv of Evhos had been ths posseaaora 
of i'Mn-y-bwkh fur manif genentisas* 

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crescents guleit^ as many flcur-de-lys, or. 
Quarteriivp: the ensigns of Gryffydd, yiz. 
arg. on a chevron, sa. three mallets pierced 
of the field. 

Crett — A dexter arm embowed in armour, 
ppr. cbaiged with two fleur de-iys or^ each 

in a crescent gulet. In tfw hand a Mteltv, 

ppr. hilt gold. 

Eslalei — In the parish of Festiniog, 
Maentwrog, LIandeckwia,Llanelltyd, Llan- 

fachreth, ^c. in the cntrnty of M efMMMlh* 
Stat — Plas Tan-y-bwlch. 


DEALTRY, BENJAMIN, esq. of Lofthouse Hall, in the county of York, h. 13th 
August, 1772; m. 1 6th September, 1799, Catherine, daughter and heiress of Ralph 
HaiiBon, esq. of Fofd IIoaM,in Dovoofliure (by his idfii Maitha, daughter and heinM 
of Melmlf Pfoeter, eaq« of Thoip), and liat two dvughteio, vis. 

1. CA-rntRtint. S. Diwah. 

Mr. Dealtry, who is in lUe commiseioa of the peace for the West Riding of Yorksltire, 
and for the county of linoolo, soccoeded liis nthor 4th April, 1817, 


Robert Dalterye, (descended from Sir 
Geoffrey de Alterypa^ whose name appears 
as a witness to several deeds in the tune of 
Richard I.) presented to Full Sutton iu 
1 561 . Ue was «. by his sun , 

Gf.orgk Peai.tervr, of Full Sutton, who 
wedded Alice, daughter of — Thettlepenny, 
and by her, whose will was proved 3rd April, 
1600, had issue. ITis oAvn will bears date 
the same year, and it was proved at Tork. 
His fonra son, 

Robert, of Fanpfos?. in tin 
county of York, tenant to the Crown, m 
capiu, at his decease, 17tfi Janes I. left, 
V y ! ig wife, M aigeiy, wldi Other issvs, a 
son (the tliird), 

GeoRGP. Dealtry, of Bishop Wilton, who 
m. 21st June, 1631, Elisabeth, daughter of 
Leonard Sothehy, hy whom (who wedded, 
secondlv, Thomas Darling, of Thome,) he 
IcA, at his death. Ml 1064, inter alios, 

William Dealtry, of Gainsbro', in Lin- 
colnshire, who purchased lands at SproUey, 
in Holderaess* Ho si. in UW8, Dinah 

Goodjor, and dtod in 1686. His yonafest 


Bbnjamim Dealtry, merchant, h, in 
1686, died in 1737» sind left frilh senior 


liE?iJAMiN Dealthy, csq. of GauBsbro', 
who m. Dinah, seeond daughter of Willlnns 

Dealtry, esq. of the county of Lincoln, and 
was $, in 1746, by his only son and heir. 

Jambs Draltry, esq. of Gainsbro', a 
justice of the peace for the county of Lin- 
coln, who wedded, in 1767, Elizabeth, elder 
daughter and co-heir of Charles Hurt,* 
esq. of Alderwasley, by whom (who was h. 
'i'2n(! October. !7f>1. and d in IW^i,) he left, 
at hi^A decease, ai 1917, an ouiy surviving 
son, the present 

Benjamin Dbaltrt» esq. of LoMmmioo 

Repretenti d by the present Mrs. Deaitry. 

Thomas Procter, esq. of New Hall, near 
Otley, barrister at law, was Ihlher of 

Henry Proctf.r, esiq of New Hall, who 
m. Margery, daughter and heiress of Jolm 
Gascoisne, esq.f of Thorp on llw Hfll* and 
was s. by his son* 

* The fiunily of Hurt is one of great mtiqoi^ 
in the county of Derby, and has tntcnuarried witn 
the houws of HEumonn, Biivoenfm, HARrx i», 
LowK, KouLL, &c. ThroH^ the Hoswils, Mr. 
Dealtrj is a deaosndaat of John CransMr. WodMr 
of AReBBisaopCaAMMta. 

t Through this aUiance, Mrs. Dealtiy, haa a 
right 10 twsaty quaiteriags in her arns. 

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Henry Procter, e»q. of Thorp, in the 
eonaty of York. Thu ^ntleroan wedded 
Anne, daughter of Thomas Fawkes, esq. of 
Fimley, (by his wife Mar\-, daughter of 
Sir John MoUineux, bart. of Fevershall.) 
and was ». at hia decease in 1672, by his 

Francis Procter, esq. of Thorp, who m. 
Elizabeth, eldest daughter of William Met- 
calf, esq. of Thomborough Hall, and had a 


Metcalf Procter, esq. of Thorp, who 
espoused Martha, third daughter of the 
Rer. John Disney of Lincoln, son of Da- 
niel Disney, esq. by Catherine, daughter 
and co-beircss of Henrj'-Fynes Clinton, esq. 
(randsoD of Henry, Earl of Lincoln. By 
tim lady Mr. Procter bad two daughters, 

Catherine, m. in 1766, to Thomas 
Howard, third Earl of Effingham, 
but</. s.p. 
Martha, m. to Ralph Hanson, esq. of 
Ford House, in the county of Devon, 
and her daughter and heiress, 
Catherine Hanson, m. Benjamin 
Dealtry, esq. as stated at com> 
Arms — Az. five fusills in fesse arg. sur- 
mounted with a bendlet gules. Quartering 
the Ensigns of the families of Hurt, Lowr, 
and Fawne, and bearing upon an escutcheon 
of pretence, those of Hanson, Procter, 
Gascoigne, and Mowbrat. 

Estates — Lofthouse in Yorkshire, and 
Upton, in the county of Lincoln. 
Seat — Lofthouse Hall, near Wakefield. 



hays, in Cornwall, and colonel of the militia 
of that county, b. in 1780, m. first in 1801, 
Charlotte, daughter and co-heir of — — 
Hosier, esq.* and has had issue, 

John-Charles, m. to Charlotte, daughter 
of Trelawney Brereton, esq. by whom he 
has (with one daughter) a son and heir, 

Henry, m. to Georgiana, daughter of Co- 
lonel and the Hon. Mrs. Lee, and niece 
of the late celebrated Lord Byron, and 
has issue. 

George, lieutenant R.N. nt. to Gertrude, 
daughter of F. Daniell, esq. of Trelissic, 
in Cornwall, and d. 10th September, 1832. 

He espoused, secondly, in 1830, Susannah, second daughter of Sir Francis Burdett, 
be. and has one daughter. 

This gentleman, whose paternal surname is Bettesm ohth, assumed in addition that 
of Trevanion, with the armorial ensigns of that family. He t. to the estates upon 
the decease of his father, and served the office of sheriff of Cornwall in 1 804. 


Tkit family is of remote antiquity, and 
no dednce authentically its pedigree from 
the time of Edward IL 

Sir John Trev anion, knt. LordofTre- 
^ioB. was member of parliament for Lost- 
•itki^I. in the reign of Edward HL He 

* Mr. Hocier, with the whole of his family ez- 

7t rvo dma)?hter«, namely, Marianne, the wife 
br«Lfti«nt GpTieral Sharp*, of Stodding Caa- 
tk, N. b. and the aborementioned, Charlotte, 
viilost in the Groareoor, East India-man. 

m. Johanna, daughter and heiress of 
Stephen de Beaupr^, or BcUoprato, and Avas 
s. by his son, 

Robert Trevanion, of Trevanion, who 
espoused the daughter and heiress of Arch- 
dekne, and was s. by his son, 

Robert Trevanion, of Trevanion, who 
m. Johanna, daughter of Otho Arundel, ot 
Tremblith, and was father of 

Robert Tkevamon, of Trevanion, who 
by his wife, the daughter and hriress of 
Carminowe, left a son and surcessor. 



lioBERT Thp.vamok, of Treyanioo. Thu 
tendal lord m, Johuinft, daajfliler aod keinw 

of RoDoi.pH Aim' \ DELL, of Caerhays, and 
obtained thereby that estate, which has con- 
tfamed lince the eUef resideiiea of tte family. 

The 8on and heir of this marriafifp, 

Thomas Trevamon, took up his abode at 
Cakkhayes, his maternal inheritance. He 
wedded Matilda, daaghter md co-heiross of 
John Petit.of Ardevora,aTid was *. by liisson, 
John Trevamon, of Cuerhuyes, iiring 
in the 22nd of Edward IV. He m. Jennet, 
dauplitrr of Thoma.^ Trpfry, of F0W6y, iod 
was succeeded by Ui& son, 

Sm WiLUAM Trbvaniqii, of CMilajw, 
1»ho rrf i ved the honor of knighthood, and 
was Sheriff of Cornwall ia 16(^, which 
olRee He aerred again in 1808. He es- 
poused Atint*, daui^litiT of Sir Riiharil Edge- 
combe, knt. of Cothele, in Cornwall, by 
whom he had two sons and a daughter, viz. 
HiWH (Sir), Ilia heir. . 
John, who WT^ "^fvited at Trr v;i1^tf>r, 
and JR. a daughter of — Holland, 
by whom he was fiidier of 

John, of Trevalster, who by Maria, 
bis wife, daughter of John So- 
master, of the cooaW of DeTon, 
left throe dnoghtsrs nisco^iein, 

Maria, m. to Kichard Tre- 
fusis, esq. ancestor to Lord 
Johanna, m. to William Bligh, 

Alicia, m. to NichoUs Bos- 
cawen, esq. 
Jane, m, to Reginald Mohnn, esq. of 


Sir William was «. by his eldest son. 
Sir HvoHTnevAmoNtofCaerhaya. This 

gallant person was the particular favourite 
of his grandfather Sir Richard Edgecomb, 
with whom he encountered many dangers, 
in the time of Rich Aim HI. He fought 
under the banner of tin V\n\, or Richmuxd 
at BoswoRTH, and rt cened liie high mar- 
tial honour of Knight Banneret, for his 
brave deportm^^Mt in that memoraMc field. 
The sword with wiucU he was confirmed is 
still to be seen in the ehnreh of St. Mi- 
cliael's, Caerhays. TT? is stated to have 
been the abettor of Edgecomb, in the pur- 
suit of their fallen opponent, Sir Henry de 
Bodri^an, and to have sliared in the divi- 
BtOQ of the lands of that unlortunate ^eu- 
ticman. Sir Hugh m* Elizabeth, daughter 
of sir Lewis PoUard, and had three sons. 

Hitch, his heir. 
John, who d. s. p. 

Richard, m. to Margaret, daughtrr nnd 
co-heiress of Thomas Chauiond, of 
Tregarthian, and relict of Anindell, 
of Taivarne, by whom be had issue. 

1. Hugh, of Trelegan, uho m. 
Aminm, daughter and heir of 
Thomas Mayow, of Lofltwitluelf 
and was s. by his son, 

Hmii* of Trelegm, lirisg ia 

1620, who was #. by his j^oii, 
UvoH, of Trelegan, who 
dJtd one of the poor 

Knights of Windsor, 
without issue, and with 
him the branch of Tre- 
legan ceased. 

2. T?ithard, of Tregarthian. m. 
Mana, daughter of Henrv RoUe, 
of Heanton, in Devonshwe, nnd 
was «. by his ^''^'-i, 

Nathambl, wkoM represent 

Richard, was living at Tr.-- 
garthiao an the beginninj^ 
of the last century. He nt. 
Miss Bond, of Earth, and 
had an only danghter, 

, who espoused Peter 
Hi^or, esq. of Fowey, 
whose heiress ronrri- n 
John Goodhall, and 
ber representative is the 
present Jf»fi\ TiU.EY 
CoRYTON, esq. of Pen- 
8. William, ^vhn inherited from 
his mother the manor of Tre- 
OADOER, and his only dsn|^itrr 
and heiress marrying John Ger- 
veys, was ancestor of the Rev. 
Richard Gerveys Grylls, of Hct- 

Sir Ho|^ Trevankm was by his eldeot 


Sir Hvoh Trevanion, knt. ot ( rhnya, 
who m. Syhilla, danghter of Sir Tlioma« 
Morgan, and sister to the wife of Henry 
Carey, Arst Lord Hnnsdon, and had, (with 

diree elder sons, ^^l^o died munnitiod) 
Charles, his successor. 
Anne, m. to John Killiowe, of Lr«- 


Beatrice, in. to John Trelawny, 
Elizabeth, m. to Robert Carey, Earl of 
Monmouth, fourth son of HoBry first 
Lord Hunsdon. In the memoirs of 
tliis nobleman, writan by himself 
and puhlfihed by John, Earl of COrk 
and Orrcn»% he says, *' I married a 

gentlewoman, Elizabeth, daughter of 
ir Hngh Tivmnion, more for her 

worth than her wtalth ; for her es- 
tate was but 6001. a year jointnro. 
She had between Are and six hm^ 
dred pounds in her purse. Neither 
did she marry me for any gre»c 
wealth, for I had in all the world 
bttt lOOr. a yeor ont of the Exche- 
qner as a pensiOB, and that mwm bat 

by GoOgU 


{iuriiig pleasure, and I was near a 
thooMBd pound* in debt ; besides the 
Queen (Elizabeth, his first cousin) 
was mightily displeased witli me for 
marrying, and most of my best 
friends, only my father was no 
ways otleuded at it, which gave 
me great content." For a further 
account of this nobleman, sof Burk/s 
Extinct and Dormant Peeraae, 
Sir Hugh was #. by his only aurvfrlng son, 
Charlks Trevanion, esq. of Cacrbays, 
vice admir^ of Cornwall. This gentleman 
eapoused Johanna, daughter and heiress of 
— ^"^'itl.•l^^lbse, esq. of the county of Devon, 
by whom he was father of a daughter, Ca- 
therine, who died unmarried, and a son, his 

Sir Chari.fs Trevamov, knt. of Caer- 
hays, M.P. and high sbi rilT, of the county 
of Caniwall temp. Chari.ks I., who n'l. 
Amta, eldest daug:btpr of Sir John MaUet, 
of Enmorc, and had a hon, 

John, h. in 1613, who espoused Mary, 

youngest daughter of Jnn\ Arundel, 
Trericey* one of the faithful ad- 
nerentN of King Charles I. and sis- 
ter of Richard, first Lord Arukdkl, 
of Trerice, by whom (who m, second- 
ly. Sir John Aruudel, of Lanharncjhc 
left at his decease, being slain before 
Bristol, a son, 
Charlek, successor to his grand- 

Sir Charles was «• at bis decease by bis 


Charles TniVAHHHt, esq. of Caerbayes. 
This g^onilfmnn »i. one of tlip daughters and 
co-heirs of Sir Adam Drummond, knt. and 
was #. by bis elder son, 

JOBN Trf\ \Mnv, e!»q. of ranrh.iyrM, 

living in 1738, m. first, Anne, daughter and 
co-heiress of Sir Franeis Blake, of North- 
unberland, but had no {s^u« . He espoused 
secondly, in 1?26, Barbara, daashter of 
William, fourth Lord Berite1cy,of Siratton, 
by whom he bnd. 

William, his successor. 

FRAiices, co-heir to her broAer, m. to 

* JoHK Ajtovnsv, <lf Trtric*, M.P. for the 
county of Cornwall, temp. Eliaibeth and King 

Jmmm* I. and for Tregooy, in the reign of Charles 
L At the breaking out of the civil wars, this emi- 
asat person, with hi« four sons, e^tpouMd the 
CtOM of rt^alty. and took up arms for the kin^. 
Of thea« mna, two, John and Willism, lost their 
lir^a in tlic -. r , in- of their un for; m :iate master, 
while their gallant &ther hurled, defiance to the 
icMs. fnm the batdoneata of PondMims, and 

TTvtintnfnf r1 hia position to thr> vrrv f^rul nf those 
unhnpjty coaflicts, although besu-gini both by sea 
and land, boiiig, as Lord Clarendon relatea.'tben 
wmif four score yean of ag», and on one of the 
best estates and interests in the county of Corn- 
wali..-'«£itHb'» EitiiMt end Dm-mamt Fttrap," 

John Bettesworth, r8q. LL.D. of an 
ancient Sussex family, and had issue, 
John Betteswoktu, who eventn* 
ally inherited Caerhayes. 
SoPHU, m-beir to ber brother, m. to 
Admiral tlir Hon. John Byron, se^ 
Gond son of the fourth Lord Byron, 
and liad, with seyeral daughters, two 
sons, viz. 

1. John, an officer in the army, 
who first espoused Baroness Cou- 
yers, and had an only daughter, 

Arr,v<iT\, m. in 1 807, to John 
Leigh, esq. iieutenaotrcolo- 
net of the 14th drsfoons. 
Captain Byron espoused se- 
condly. Miss Gordon, a Scottish 
heiress, allied to the blood royal 
of Scotland, by w?if>m he had 
an only son, the immortal 

2. George-Anson, a captain in the 
royal navy, iw. Henrietta, daugh- 
ter of Robert Hellas, esq. and 
had a son, 

George- Anson, a captain in 
the royal navy, who sue^ 
ceeded his cousin, and is tho 
present Loiid Byron. 
Mr.Treranionwass.athisdecease by his son. 

William Tke\ anion, esq. of Caerhayes, 
M.P. for the borough of Tregony in r7.'>3. 
This gentleman died without issue, in 1707, 
wh(»n his sisters inherited the estates as co- 
heirs, Caekiuys, &c. derolring upon tho 

pRANCts BBTmwoRTH, who was tf. by 
her son, 

John Bettesworth, esq. of CMrhays^ 
wiio espoused Frances, daughter of — Tom- 
kins, esq. of the ooun^ of Pembroke, and 
had issue, 

John-Trevanion-Pi'rnei . bis heir. 
George, a captain in the K.N. who died 
of wounds received in battle, with 
Ae repntalion ot a brave and f«ter*> 
prising officer. He m. Lady Haaiiah 

Henry, captain in Ibe royal Cornwall 


Mr. Bettesworth was s. at his demise by his 
eldest son, the present John-Trevanion- 


Armt — Arg. on a fesse azure between two 
chevrons gules, three escallop shells or. 
Quartering the arms of BbtteswortHi 

Crctt — A stag trippant ppr. 

Supporttrt—^DEXiEK a stag ; Sinister a 

Motto — En dieu est tnon espoir. 
Estatet — In CorowalL 
AmI<— Caerhays, CorawalL 

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esq. of Priskilly, in the eotmtf of Pembroke, h. 8tli 

Fpbnian\ 1783, m. 19th Decemher, 1807, Francei*, 
fourth daughter and co-heir of the late Barrett Bawen 
Jordan, esq. of Neeston, (by Martha his wife, youngiest 
daughter of John Adunt, esq. of WMlland, in the county 
of Carmarthen, by his uife Elizabeth, eldest sister of th« 
late Sir Herbert Lloyd, bart. of Petenvel!, in the rmsnty of 
Cardig-au, M.P. for that shire in several parliaments,; and 
has issue, 

George-Jordan, h. 27th September, 1816. 
Owen-Hill, h. Sth Pebrairjr, 188S, 

Martlia- Maria. 

This gentleman, a inan^.strate and deputy lieutenant for 
the county of Pembroke, and late miyor of its mUitia, 
■erved the olEee of high sheriff Ibr thoit thire in 1806. 
He e. hie ftther in 1808. 

TVir TTarrtfsf!^ of Priskinv are an an- 
cient lamily, and hare residi-fl irom a very 
remote era in Pembrokeshire, where, as 
well as in rarmarthenshire, tliey have long 
possessed considerable estates. They arc 
a junior hraneh of die Habmbi es of Tre- 
(jwiNT, who have hrm settled at their 
mansion there for several centuries, as ap- 
pears from deeds noir in p oa i eii i om of the 

The immediate ancestor of the Priskilly 
branch was. 
Jambs Harribs, esq. (second son of 

John Hahr!R8, esq. of Trepfwint, whose de- 
scendants hare intermarried with the most 
respectable families in the counties of Pem- 
brokr, Carmarthen, and Cardij^an). This 

gentleman m. in 1640, Ellen, daughter and 
eireaa of Eynon Griffith, esq. of TimiieMit, 
by whom he acquired the Tresissilt, and 
ether contiguous estates, which are still in 
die fiunily, end were their pxindpel reei- 
d'>nee untfl 1798, when they renored to 

Mr. Harries was «. at his deceaie hy his 

John Harries, esq. who m. I2th De- 
cember, 1670, Letitia, daughter of John 
Owen, esq. of Priskilly, and had (with three 
daughter:*, who all married into respectable 
families in the county of Pembroke,) a son 
end e snccp^sor. 

George Harries, esq. who, by the will, 
dated 6th October, 1726, of his mater- 

nal uncle, Thomas Owen, eao. (the last 
male descendant of tiie OwbWS, loffdi of the 

ancient barony and lordship marcher of 
Cemaes), became poMessed of the Priskilly 
Forest estat»', held in cajtitt under the Bishop 
of St. David's, and also valuable landed pro^ 
pertv in thf parishes of Davids, Fishpuard. 
and Letterston. He m. Margaret, eldest 
daughter of John Symmons, of Llanstioan, 
esq. M P. for the boroo^ of Cardigan, eaid 

had is?ue, 

John, his snccessor. 
George, an oflioer in the army, 4» in 

Martha, m. first, in 1739, to John Wil- 
liams, esq. of Corngavan, in tiieoonnfy 

of Carmarthen, and find !^»soe, 

John Williams, d. unmarried. 
Anne Williams, m, Ut WilUBtti 
Brigstock, esq. of Blaen Pent, 
in the county of Cardigan. 
Elizabeth Williams, m. to John 
Hn^iee, eM|. of Cafmerthen. 
She espoused, secondly i'» 174P. 
Alexander Scurlock, esq. bnt had uo 
further issue. 
Anne, m. to Rowland F^wardcs, esq. 
of Little Trefgani, (of which family 
the Edwardes, Barons Kensington, 
are a janior hranch) and left jaeae, 
John Owen Fdwardrs, who m. Ca- 
therine, daughter and co-heirvaa 
of John Tucker, esq.of Sealy ham. 

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Bonlaad Edwardes, lientenant-co- 

lonA in tlie army. 
WIUiUB'Hortfaner Edwardes. 

Margaret, m. to William Onrrlner, 

etf. barri»ter-at"law, and left two 

George Harries, esq. rf. 13tli Sepleillber» 
1732, and was «. by bia elder son, 

JomtHuiUEJ, esq. of Priskilly, who m. 
»tb lime, 1740, Harriot Mountjoy, only 
duld and heir of the Rer. Joseph Hiil, 
D.O. of Colebrook, in the connty of Gar- 
Muthea, lad PnocDter of St IhMm, by 
iriioin be had issue, 

John-Hill, captain of Grenadiers, 33rd 
Kfiment of Foot, wb» fell, mortally 
wounded, in thn memorable battle 
on the Brand y Wi ne, in America, 11th 
September, 1777. 
Cf.fiHfiE, suciM ?sor to hia father. 
Joseph, m. in 1791^, Jane, sole heiress 
•f her gmiftther, Gilbat Imbm, 
esq. uf Llanuuwtf, aad dying ill 
laM, left a aooy 
Gubert lamm. esq. in. Cecilia, 
eldest dai;p!jti r of Cliares Allen 
Philipps, of St. Bride's Hill, 
esq. and has two dauglitc-rs, Jane 
and Mary. 
Mai]garet-Theo(lo3ia, m. 30tli Septem- 
ber, 1791, to Thomas Williams, esq. 
of TreMin, aad rf. «. p. TA jane, 

Harriot, m. in 17»4, to the Rev. Wil- 
liUB Juaea,Tkarof Mathry. and had 
isRie, foar sons and four dangbtere. 

Aaa«, d, young. 

Jane, d. unm. Mill October, 1822. 


John Harries d. 1st Nov. 1901, and was 

#. by his second, but eldest survivlnrr son, 

G£OROK Harries, esq. of Priskilly. This 
gentfeaian wedded 901 Jane, 1781, Mavy, 
second dnnirlit* r of William Bowon, esq. of 
Leweston, and had issue, 
JoHN'Hiu., bii ineeestor. 
Oeorge, in holy orders. A.M. rector of 
Letterston nnd Nolton, vicar of Roch, 
prebendary and canon residentiary 
in the cathedral of St. David's. 
William-Thoiaas, first Uenteaant Royal 

Joeeph-Delebere, lientenant Srd Foot 

Charles- Richard. 

Marv- Annr. 

Margaret-Jane-Martha, m. in Scptemp 
ber, 1816, to Cteovga Uoyd, esq. of 
Brunantt in dm ooonty of Canaar- 


Mr. Harries d. 2lst June, 1B08, and was 
». by bit eldest son, John -Hill H«aBiBS» 

*'«(}. 'irrsent propriftnr of Priskilly, 

Atftu — Azure, three mullets pierced, or* 
Qnartering the arms of Owitr. On. a 

boar arg. chained to a holly bush, vert, 
armed and laogued, or, the chain and collar 

CWsl — A mallet pierced, or. 

A/orfo—Integritas semper Tutamen. 
JEstatet — Chiefly in Prmbrokpshire, 
Seal — Priskilly, PembroiLeshire. 


BIACKETI, CHRISTOPHER, esq. of W vlam, i« the county of Northumberland, 

finiDerly a captain 18th hussars, and late M.P. for Beer- 
alfton, m. 15di Angiud, t818, Elisabotb, daupbter twl 

eo-heiress of Montagu Bui^oyne, esq. younger son of Sir 
Horner Burgoynp, bart. and his wife, Lady Frances Mon- 
tagu, (sister of the hist Earl of Halifax), by wbom he bus 

Jon s-Fekwick-Burootmb. 
Edward- Algernon. 

Mr. Blackott inherited tho eatateo 
IktbM-, in 18S9. 

the demise of his 

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Richard de Bl4GK-bbvbo, or Black ett, 
who held the honorary office of forester of 
Stanhope, d. in 1360, seis«>d of the manor 
of Woodcroft, in dM county of Durham. 

SrR John Blackett, knt nf Woodcroft, 
one of the heroea of Azincourt, m. Mar- 
met, Lady Heron, only daughter of Sir 
Ralph Hnpfinps, nnd heiress in right of her 
mother to the manor of Noseley, in Leices- 
terahire. Sir John Blickctt was knight of 
that ^hire, 4th Hbvrv VI. tnd A before 
'^th July, 1418. 

The fourdi in deicent from Ais Sir John, 

Nicholas Blackett, esq. of Woodcroft, 
m. Aiyson, daughter and co-heir of Sir 
Rowland Tempest, knt. and one of ^ re- 
presentatives of the noble finnily of Um- 
frevilie. Earls of Angus. 

His g^eat grandson, 

William Blackett, esq. of Bopn^eiidv 
in the county of Durham, first possessed the 
lead mines in Durham, which have pro- 
dnoeft inch immense wealth to the junior 
branches of his deiccBdMite. Helwdiaaue, 
three sons, viz : — 

Christopher, his successor. 
Edward, whose issue is extinct. 
William, member for Newcastle-upon- 
Tyne, in eereral partininento, was 
created a baronet in 1673. Sir Wil- 
liam m. twice, but had issue, (only) 
by Ms Urtt wife, BUnbeth, daughter 
of Michael Kirkley, of Newcoitle, 
merchant, nameW : — 

I. BDWAiiD,wbo«.MeeeoDd hero- 
net, and his lineal deicendlnt is 
the present 

Sir Wiluah Blackett, bt. 

of Matson Hall« 

II. Michael, d. $.p. 

lit. WiLUAM, of Wellington, in 
Nortliumberland, who was cre- 
ated a baronet, 23rd Janiiarv, 
SirWilHam enjoyed great 
popularity, was esteemed a man 
of ?tnrt probity, and eminently 
(iiistiiiguistted himself as a parlia- 
mentary speaker. He m. Julia, 
daughter of Sir Christopher Con- 
yers, bt. of Horden, Durham, 
and left Imoo at his decease, in 
1705, one eon, and ehi daogii- 
ters, viz : — 
1. Sir William, hie enceeeior, 

at whose drrease, t. p. in 
172b, the baronetcy expired. 
% Julia, m. to Sir Walter 
Calverley, of Calvfrlcy. in 
Yorluhire, bt. and her eldest 
ion Welter, mheriled the 

eetatea of his nad^ Sir 
WilUam Blackett 
a. Elisabeth, m, to William 
Manhall.eeq. of Rearley, in 

the coiint\' of Huntingdon. 
4. Frances, m. to Hon. Robert 

6. Diana, m. to Sir William 
Wentworth, of Breton, in 
Hbm connty of Toik. 

6. Anne, tu. to John Trench- 
ard, esq. of Abbots Leigh. 

The eldest son of William Blackett, of Hop- 

Christopher Blackett, esq. of Tlnppy 
land, an officer in the army of Jim^ 
Charles I. m. Alice, daughter and eolo 

heir of Thnmaa Fenwick, esq. of Matfen, 
in the county of Northumberland, and had 

William, who m, the daughter of the 
Due de Boys, a Swedish noblemaoy 
hut A »,p. S6<h Deconber, lOM. 


The younger son, 

John Blackett, esq. of Uoppyland, and 
of Wylam, both in the connty of Nortbnm^ 
berland, served the office of high sherifflor 
that shire, in 1682. He m. Mary, daughter 
and iieir of Richard, eon of Jcthn Brringlon, 
esq. nf Erniip:ton Hall, and Dorothy, bis 
wife, sister of Sir Henry Widdringlon, knt, 
of Wlddrington Cattle. Mr. Blackett was 
s. at his decease by his son, 

John Blackett, esq. of Hoppyland, and 
Wylam, who was high sberHFtor Northum- 
berland, in 1714. He d. in the same year, 
leaving by ElizabeUi his wife, daughter of 
John B aeon, esq. of Steward Peel, au oulv' 
son and successor, 

John Blackett, esq. of Wylam, hi^h 
sheriff for Northumberland in 17.'}^, wba 
disposed of the family estates in the county 
of Durham. He m. fir?t, Dnrofhy, dao^h^ 
tcr of i:^dward Grey, esq. and iiad 

John, Ui 

TRONae, heir to hit biofher. 

He m. secondly, Miee BUnibeth CnM»^ 

and had ntiothcr son, 

Christopher, who «. his half brothetr* 

Mr. B!acketl wi« «. it hie deoaMO hy kfa 

eldest son, 

Jonw Blackett, eaq. of Wylaa, at whose 

decease iirmnrnVd, the CF^tates dcTOlTajl 
upon his next surviving brother, 
Tmomai Blacutt, eeq. of Wylaa, who 

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dying alio witboat fvas #• liy hii half 


Thit gen- 
tleman espoused Alicp, dau^jl tr r of William 
lagbamf esq. and left at Iha decease, 26th 
hat. 1899, with tvro olher sont, and three 

Ch&mtoph k k , present proprietor. 
A r m u A rgent, on « wmm between 
three niulleti ptevoedy ift. aacaUopa 
•f the field. 

Crest — A hawk's head erased, ppr. 
Motto— Hons traraiilerons dma l'esp6- 

Estates — Wylam, situated in the parish of 
Ovingham, Northumberland. This manor 
formerly an appurtenance to ^ nonaalerY 
of Tynemouth, was granted to the Fenwick 
family, about the time of the reformation^ 
and part to fh» BlacMi^ in Uka vefgn of 
Charles II. 

iSMi— Wylam. 


BEST, THOMAS-FAIRFAX, esq. of Wierton, in the county of Kent, b. i5th 
October, I7S6; espoused iitii Juxiu, 1817, Margaret- Anna, daughter of Joseph- 
Oooffe Brett, esq. of Old Brompton, If iddkwx, nm haa iiane, 

Caroline-Geurgiana. Margaret-Anna. 
laahellai-PoMiuy. Pwunom, 

Mr. Best, who has been an officer la the 1st foot guards, succeeded his father 8th Sep- 
tsmbor^ 1818. 

This is a junior branch of the family of 
Bbst, of Park House, in Kent. 

Jamfs, cq. of Park ITou?p, high 
sheriff for the county of Kent in 1751, m. 
Fnaoeo, danghter of Richard Shelley, esq. 
of Michelgrove, in the coo&ty of Sussex, 
and had issue, 

Thomas, his heir, who carried on the 
Hnc of Park House, and is now re- 
presented by James Best, esq, of 
Pule House, Uent. col. of the West 

Kent militia. 
James, of Chatham, m. Miss Hannah 
Hiddkiiaa, and died in 1828, s. p. 

Richard, m. first to Miss Townshend, 
and secondlv to Miss Martha Bowman. 
George, of whom we are about to treat. 
Dorothy, m. to William Twopenny^ esq. 

of Woodstock Park, Kent. 
Frances, m. to the Rev. H. Hardinge. 

Elizabeth, m. to the Aev. Maurice Uoyd. 
The youngest son, 
Gbobob Best, esq. was of QdUton Park, 

in the county of Kent, and rrpresented Ro- 
chester in parliament anno 17^. He es- 
poused Caroline, daughter of Edward Scott, 
eoq. of Scott's Hall, and had issue, 

Thomas-Fairfax, his heir. 

George, of the lOUi Foot, died at Lan- 
caster, in 1814, s. p. 

Wmiam-BaUol, d. s.p, in 1823. 


Margaret, ///. to the Rev. J. G. Brett. 
Louisa, m. to G. M. Tarlton, esq. of 
the 0th Foot. 
Mr. Best died 8th Sept, 1818, and ^^as *. 
by his son the present Thomas-Fairfax 
Best, esq. of Wierton. 

Amu — Sa. two cross cro.sslets litchee in 
chief, a cinquefoil in base, or. 

Crest— An ostrich arg. issuing out of a 
mural crown, in the beak a cross CMSilet 
fitohe, or. 
Lstates — In Kent. 

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RODD, FRANGIS-HEARLE, esq. of TralwrUia Hall, In the ooonty of Coraira]l, 
b. 29th October, 1766; m. 29th June, 1795, Mary-Anne, eldeit dilighter of the late 

John Cnrjton. esq. of Crocadon, in the sajne shire. Mr. Rodd Hiicre^nled to the estates 
at the decease of his father, the hkte Colonel Rodd, and was high sheriff of Cornwall 
in 1818. 


Thii Ihnny, which in the time of Kinp 
John, was seated at the Ronn. in Hero- 
fordshire, removed into Devon, and formed 
eobeequeDtly a connexion by marriag^e 
with the Spoures, of Trrhnrtfm Hall, an 
estate which became ia 1729 their proper^^ 
hy beinf devised by llrs. Grylls, the heiress 
of the Smt RRK, to tiie anoesior of die pre- 
sent Mr. Rodd. 

Piuwcts Rodd, esq. of Trebartiia Hall, 
colonel of thr Royal Corn^vrill ATilitia, an<l 
in the commission of the peace for that 
«ount^> m. first Jane, seoona danghtet and 
oo-heir of John Hearle, esq. of Penryn, 

soniptime warden of ^ComiiliStaBiieriea, 
and left issue, 

FlUWCis-HEAaLR, bis heir. 

Edward, in holy orders, D.D. vicar ot 
St. Just, in Roselandy Cornwall, and 
of Lanierlon, in Deroo. Dr. Rodd 
m. Harriet, eldest daughter of Charles 
Rashleigh, esq. of Dupertb House, 
and has issue. 

John-Tremaync, a rear-admiral of the 
White, andC.B. who ni. Jane, dau^^i- 
ter of Genl. James Rennell, of Lon- 
don, and has issno, an only son. 


Harriet, m. to Georee Sydenham Furs- 
don, esq. of Fttrsnm, in Deronshire, 

and has 

Colonel Rodd espoused secondly, Anne, 
dauehter of John Sandfovd, esq. of Nine- 
head, in the county of Somerset, but had 
no other issue. He was «. at his decease 
bv his eldest son, the present PnANas 
Hearle Rodd, r?q of Trrbnrtha Hall. 

Amu — Arff. two trefoils slipped, sa. and 
a chief of die last 

Crest — A naked man, hearing on his 
shoulders a bow, the right hand holding 
an arrow, and tiie finger of €be left pofait- 

ing: upNv:ird, rays ?iirrounclinp tho head. 

JSttatu — In the northern and western parts 
of Cornwall, and in dio tevft otDvnm. 

Stmt — ^Trebartha Hall, CJomwaU. 


LEIGHTON, FRANCIS-KNYVE'lT. v>q. of Shrewsbnr)', formerly a mptnia 
in the line, and lieutenant-colonel of niiiitia, b. in 1772 ; rn. in Jaly, 1805, the Ho- 
norable Louisa-Anne St. Leger, daughter of St. Leger-Aidworth, first Viscount Done- 
nolo, and has iHoe, 

Francii-Knyvett, in holy orders, fellow of All SouU, and curate of Condovcr, in 

tiie oottBty of Salop. 
Louisa-Avae, m, to Thoaias H. Hope, esq. 

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The family of Lbiohton was in Ei^laiid 

long before the Norman Cosov^sr, and Is 
styled by Camden in his Britannia, ?iubilem, 
et Equettrtm FamiUimm, 

Sir Trxt's dp. Lkighton, Knight of the 
Sepulchre, son and heir of Cuthbert, and 
gnuidtoii «Bd lieir of TolUiui de Leif^ton, 
WM a co-founder, upon return from the 
Holy Lund, of the Ablioy of Buldewaa, in 
Salop, of whfdi neBtion is made in mom 
old manuscripts written by Roger and John 
Cballingworth. The soa of thut gallant 

Sir Richard db Leighton, knt. had a 
reconveyance of the manor of Leigh ton from 
Williaui Fitz .Vllan soon after the Conquest, 
and out of this manor, whicli lay close to 
the A>>hey nf Buldewas, Sir Riehard gave 
lands to that liouse, us appears by his grant 
witiMMt data, inserted in Dugdale's Jaonmt^ 
(iron, prior fo that in wliich A'tlljr STEPHEN 
coulirmed the snid ahbev. From this Sir 
Riehaid we pfim over a wnis line of distin« 
gaished individuals to 

EowARD LeiGUTON, esq. of Watlesbo- 
nragh, in the coantf of Salop, who was ore- 
ated a baronet on the 2nd March, 1602, 
and represented the shire io parliament in 
the reign of William III. He m. first, Do- 
rothy, daughter of Sir Job Charlton, bart. 
of Ludford, in the coun^ of Hereford^ and 
bad surviving isitiie, 

Edward, second baronet 

Jjt'tt'rcf. who if . Mnmnrried- 
Sir tkiward espoused secoudiy, Jane. dau. 
«f Daniel NichoO, eoq. of dieeity of London, 
and hfid 

Damkl, of whom presently. 

Francia, a ]ieoteaaat-0eiieral in the 

army, and colonel of die SSftd regi- 
ment of foot. 
Gerard, a captain in the army, 
Jane, m. first to Thomas Jones, esq. of 
Shrewsbury, and secondly to Sir 
Charles Lloyd, hart, of Oaiuk, ia tfie 
county of Montgomery. 
Victoria, nt. to £dward Kynaston, esq. 
of Hardwiek. 
Sir Edward Leighton d. in 1711, and was t. 
in the baronetcy by his eldest son. (See 
B»k^» p9enif9miA JBmrometege.) The se- 
cond son, 

Daniel Leighton, esq. a lieutenant-colo- 
nel in (General Evans's horse, m. Jane, dau. 
pf Nathaniel Thorold, eso. of the dty of 
Lincoln, (this lady was bedchamber woman 
to the Princess of Wales,) and bad issue, 
Herbert, his successor. 
Edward, lieutenant in the royal navy, d. 
unmarried, oi' :> wound received in 
the battle of Toulon. 
Jane, m. first to Captain Cathcart, and 
seoMidly to Jonathan, eldest son of 
Shr John Cope, bart. 

m to Captain Sabine. 

Colonel Leighton was at bis decease by 
his elder son, 

Hfrbert Leighton, esq. a captain in the 
army, gentleman usher to Frederick, Prince 
of Wues, (father of Kim^ George III^ and 
page to the Princess Dowager of Wales. 
He m. Harriet, eldest daughter of Henry 
Wilson, esq. of Ashwelthorpe, in the county 
of Norfolk, by Elizabeth, eldest daughter 
and co-heir of John Knyrett, and had a son 
and successor. 
The Rsv. Francis Leighton, who m. 

Clarr, blister nnd ro-heir of John Bovnfon 
Adams, esq, of CHinblesforth, in the county 
of York, by whom be had a child, the pre- 
sent Colonel Francis Knyvett-Leioh ton, 
now representative of this branch of the 
Leighton ftnily. 

A /-}n«— Quarlerly, per few, indented or 
and gu. 

Creti — wivern, with wings expanded 

3Tolt(h — Dread shame. 

Estates -Bewsley, in the county of Mont- 
gomery, at the foot of theBrydden monntrin, 
in the family time immemorin!. Al«o a 
divided property in Yorkshire, at or near 
€k>pmarthorpe, Balwith, and Howden, ac- 
quired with Clare, the daughter and 
heiress of John Boynton Adams, esq 


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TIITSSEY, EDWARD, e«l. of Scotney Cattle, in the conotyof Kent, b, 134lk JtSj, 
1807 ; tiwoeedMl to the Mtatei apoa the damiae of his ftthM*, in 1807. 

m. 8th October, 1747, Anne, only child of 
Maurice Berkeley, esq. by Anne, only daiigh* 
ter and eventually beireas of die Rer. Roger 
Calow, of Warbletoii, in SnsNS* and bad 

1 . Thomas, who predeceased his father 
in 1704. 

2. Edward, succi^ssor to the estates. 

3. John, in loly orders, who left at his 
decease an only son, (by his wife, 
hkh^ Ji tilling?, an heiress,) viz. 

Thomas-John, in holy orders, 6. in 

4. William, in lioh' ortlcr?, A."M. rertorof 
Sandhttr6t, who m. Charlotte, daugh- 
ter of William Twopenny, esq. of 
Hochester, and ha? issue, 

WlLUAMjOf Hawkhurst, 6. in 17S4, 
whom. Mary- Anne, daughter and 
co-heiress of — Law, esq. son of 
the Rev. Archdeacon John Law, 
D.D. and has five sons and as 
many daughters. 
Arthur, in holy orders. 
Henry, oi the Chancery Register. 

Oftarlotte, m* to Alexander H. 

Sutherland, eaq. F.8.A* 

Mary- Anne. 
Harriet (deoeuad). 

5. Anne. 

6. Elizabeth, 

7. Martha, h all tf. munarried. 

8. Charlotte, 

9. Frances, m. to S. Streetfield, eaq. 
and had issue. 

10. Philadelphia, m. toThomaa Rntton, 

eftq. hut ff. !?f«ncle«s. 
U. iiaxriet, m. to John Austen, esq. 
Thonea Hneaey 4. in 1779, end wne «. hy 

his son, 

Edward His&ey, esq. of Scotney Castle. 
Kent, who m. in 1775, Elizabeth-Sarah, only 
daughter and heiress of Robert Bridge, epq 
oi iiocking, in the coon^ of Essex, by whom 
(who 4, 17B8) be left a aon and aneeessor, 

Edward Hussev, esq. of Scotney Ca.«!tle, 
who M. Anne, daughter and co-heireaa 

The family of Hvtmr came into Bngland 

at the CovQi'EST, and boasts an ;ilH;ince with 
the Dukes op Norhandy. It has, at various 
periods, eojoyed great landed possessiona in 
many parts of the kingdom, and no less than 
four of its different adona have been elerated 
to the peerage. 

The omnok immediately before oa derivei 

Edward Hussey, esq. of Little Shelsley, 
in the county of Woroeeler, who esponaed, 

in 1641 , Jnne , and wag g. by In? fan, 

Edward Hussey, esq. of Norgrove's End, 
in Bayton, in the county of Worcester, who 
married twice, and left at his dert'nst*, *27th 
May, 1707, an ouiv son, (by his first wife, 
Elinor, third dangfater of Edward (Veaaet, 
esq. of the Cotf s, in the county of Salop, an 
ancient and respectable family of that ahire,) 
Yie. * 

Thomas Hussey, esq. of Burwash, in the 
county of Sussex, who espoused Frances, 
daughter and co-heiress of Thomas Lake, 
eaq. of Taywell, by wlmm he had iaine, 
Thomas, his successor. 
John, d. iu 1764. 
Edward, tf. in 1748. 
Frances, m. to George Weller, esq. of 
Tun bridge, and had issue. Mr. Wel- 
ter enbaeqnentfy toolL tiie aamame of 


Mr. Hnssey d. in 1735, and was t. by his 
eldeat aon, 

Thomas Hussey, esq. of Burwash and of 
Ash ford, in the county of Kent, b. in 1722, who 

2th, 1 
tte, J 

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William Jemmet, esq. of Ashford, and dying 
in 1^17, li ft surviTing Imm tan oalj flon 
and daughter, viz. 

Edward, his heir. 

Eleanor, wlio d. in 1820. 
Mjr. Huasey was «. at hia decease by his 
•on, die vrM«it Rswaid Hoatrr, eiq. of 

ScotTipy Castle. 

Armt — Or a cross vert. 

HUSSEY. Or, a crass vrrt. 
HussEY. Ban^ of six« erm and ga. 
Lakb* 8tt« ft wild belweeu lix erott 

croaslets fitch6c arg. 
Lucas. Arg. a feaa between six annu- 
lets go. 

BoRBLBY. On* n oheTioii mobM be- 
tween t^^n rro!J!ie<» pat^e. 

Calow. Arg. oil u chevron between 
three leopards' ftuMM M. I9iree atuiii- 
lets of the first. 

Bridge. Ai^. a chief gu. over all a 
bend engrailed sa. a cliaplet of Hie 
field, on a drxtrr chief. 

Jemmbt. Party per chevron gu. and 

sa. tiifoe nnkorns' beads arg* armed 

and bearded or. 
Pattrnsok. Arg. on a fesse sa. three 
flewri de lis or. 

Caldwell or K a dwell. Arg. a cross 
pat^e fitch^e between three estoiles 

MuNN. Party per chpvron flory counter 
flonr^ sa. and or, three besants in chief 
and a tewer in bate aa. 

On a fiUef tiro boaii^ beadf 


~— - A (Perron between three grey • 
hounds courant. 

Crest — A hind ducally gorged andchainedt 
at lodge, under an oak tree, ppr. 

Estates — In the parishes of Lamberhnrst, 
Gondhurst, Brenchley, Wadhurst, Burwasb, 
Heathfield, Craabrook, Biddenden, Hadlow, 
and in divers other parishea in iSbM eoantles 
of Kpnt and Sussex. 

Town Residence — 122, Park Street, Gros- 
venor Square. 

S^el— Seotii^ Caade, lAsiberhufal, 


the county of Cumberland. This gentleman succeeded to the estates upon the demise 
of bis lather, 15th December, 1830, and was M. P. for Gbekennoutb. 

This very aneient Cumberland fiunilf is 

said to have horn locatM at DyKERFJELP, 
in that shire prior to the Norman Con- 

WiiUAlf vblDykis was grandfather of 

Robert del Dykes, who granted lands 

at Btirgh to William del Monky?, in a 
deed supposed to have been made in the 
time of HBmT HI. The grandson of this 

William del Dykes, living in the n-ign 
of Edward II., espensed Afnies, heiress of 
Sir TIii2:h A\'nvprton, and ha<! ( with adaugli- 
ter Agues, Uie wife of J. de Urmsby,) a sou 
and eueeessor, 

^A nuAM DFi Dykes, who flourished 
temp. Edward lU. and was father of 

WfLUAM DEL Dybbs, who m. in the reign 
of Rich Ann II. Jane, heireM of Sir H. Dlt- 
tington, and was s. by his son, 

William del Btkes, living temp, HBmtY 
TV., who espoused Katherine Tliwaites, of 
Thwaites, and was #. by hi^ sun, 

William del Dykes. gentleman re* 
presented tlie county of Cumberland in par- 
liament, in the reitrn of Henry VI. He m. 
Elizabeth,<iauj;l)ter of Sir William Lee,knt. 
of Isell, (a descendant of Lucea, daughter 
1^ Uugh» Earl of Chester, whose mother was 

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BhU-r of WlLUAM the Conqufrnr.) Tn thr \ 

9th of Henry Vl.t he had a grant of lands i 
at Wigton, firon Henry, Ban of Northiini- | 

berland. He was x. at his decease by Ij i.-^ son , : 

WlLUAM DEL Dykes, who espoused Chris- 
tiana, oo-heir of Sir Richard Salkeld, of 
Corby, and was s. by his son, 

Thomas Bykes, esq. who furnished horse 
in the Border Service, temp. Henry VII., as 
having the ward of die dittrict between 
the Ellpn and Berwent. H»» m. Isabel, 
heiress ot John PeDDingtoa of Muficaster, 
and waa fi^er of 

Leonard Dykes, f ?q. Thisgentlenmn **s- 
poused in 1641, Auac Layton, of Dah nmin, 
and was «. by hie eon, 

Thomas Dykes, esq. who wedded Jane, 
daughter of Lancelot Lancaster,* of Sock- 
M/fge, and was t. by hia eon, 

Leonard Dtres, esq. who was sheriff for 
the county of Comberland, and, in the 19th 
Charlss I., treaaorer of the King'a Foroet 
ill that shire. He m. first, Anne, heiress of 
Radcliffe, of Cockerton, and had, inter 
tXitny Thomas, hfa anoeenor. He eeponed 
secondly, Margaret Frescheville, niece of 
Lord Freschevillc, of Staveley, and had a 
daughter Elizabeth, tn. to lAwaon Irton. 
Mr. Dykes was *. by his son, 

Thomas Dykes, who was distinguished by 
devotion to the cause of Charles I., aud 
eventually fell into tibe hands of the par- 
liamentarians, beinp discovered concealed 
amongst the brandies of a mulberry tree in 
front of hi* house. Thence lie was conveyed 
to Cockerniouth, and tin rc had an offer 
made to him, that his property sltould be 
restored, if he simply recanted. This pro- 
position he met howevrr, with a decided 
negative, adding " prius Iraugitur quam 
flectitur," a eentiment einoe adopted aa Ae 
family motto. This g-allant rnvaiirr m. first, 
Joyce FretcbeYille, niece of Lord Fret- 
dumUe, of Slaveley, and had itane, 
Leonard, his heir. 

Joyce, IN. to Thomas Curwen, esq. of 

rspnnfled st condly, Margaret, heiress I 
of Ralph Delavale, and had other iaaiie. 
He was 9, by his son, 

Leonard Dykes, eaq. who m. Omoe Sid- 
keid, and had issue, 

Frbtcheville, his successor. 

Barbara, m. to J. Lathes, of Dalehead. 
Mr. Dykes, who was sheriflT of Cnmberland 
twice in tlie reign of Chaklls II., was at 
hia decease by his aon, 

Fretchevh.i.k Dvkfs, P!«fj. riii-* gentle- 
man m. about the year l{>ii7 Jane, eldest sister 
of Sir Gilfrid Lnwnon, of Hrayton, and bad 
fwith another fnn, Frrt( h( \ illr , a captain 
in the navy and lost at sea,^ hts sucoeaaor, 

• Thi" f.nnnLst<>Ts dorivp from Jelia ds Tatlhoys, 
blether of Fulk, Knrt uf Anjou. 

I Lf.on'ard Dykes, esq. who ospousr d about 
the year 1738 Saaanna, daughter of the Kot, 
I Thomas CapttnelL, of Newbnm, in Koi^ 

j tliuiulji rlarul, by Hester, his wife, gran- 
daughter of Sir John XjQwther, and had 

Frf.tcheville, of Warthole, who m. 
Mary, daughter of John Bronghaas. 
esq. of Co(£ermouth, and had an only 

Mary, who inherited the property 
of her uncle Peter Lamplugh 
Brott^iam, est], of Dovenby, 
and espoused her 
Dykes Ballantine-Dykt s, esq. 
The younger son, 

Lawson Dyke&, esq. m. in 1765 Jane, 
daughter and beireaa of John BAUJii«TiNe« 
esq, of Crookdale. and assumed, in coM.«*e- 
quence, the additional surname and arms of 
that family. He had iaane, 

Jn.sErn, his surr< ssor. 

Fretchville, political agent, and cidonel 
commandant in Ae Eaet iMlin Cooi- 
pany's service. 
Mary, m. to James Speddiog, esq. of 
Sommer Orove. 
Mr. Dyke8-Ballantino wai «. nt Ua deeeaae 
by his elder son, 

JonPH Dykes-Baixantine, esq. of Do- 
venby Hall, in the county ofCumberland,who 
m. Mary, daugbt^T f>f Fretcheville Dyke's, 
esq. (by Mary, daugtiter of John Brougiiam, 
esq. of Cockermouth, and sister and heirean 
of Peter Lamplugh-Brougham, eaq. of 
Scales), by whom he had issue, 

Fretcheville-Lawson, his heir. 
Joseph, in holy orders, ^T. A. a Fellow 

of Queen's College Oxford. 

House, CambndfO. 
James- William. 

Mary, nt. in 1838, to Jolin Marshall^ 
eaq. eon of John Manhall, esq. of 


Mr. Ballantine, who assumed upon his mar- 
riage the additional surname of Dykk^, wa.s 
sheriff of Cumberland in 1.M07. He d. in 1830. 
Arms — Or, three cinquefoiU iMk. 
Crest— \ lobster or cniyftidi rerL 
ilfofto— Prius frangitur qnam flectttur. 
EstattM — Warthole, where the family 
aetded in the reign of Henry VI. Landed 
property at T>nvenby, Scales. Bridekirk, 
Dearham, AUerby, &c. inherited bv Mra. 
Dykes, frombernatemal ancestor, Rkhnid 
Lamplugh. rsq. of Kibton The heiress of 
Dolphin, (whence tlie name of Dovenby) 

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uiwyi ^ mmmor «> A« De Rolls, in the 
raipi of Hekry ITT. LrcY heUl it in the 
tei of Edward I., from the Lucys, it 
piii to Hm KlKKBftlDEs, (defleendantv of 

ndard, baron of Wigton») whose beiress, 
t«aip. Richard II. married a brother of 
Sir notDaa Lamplugb, from whom de- 
Mmded Andkony Lamplugh, whose great 
crandaag^hter. Mtss MoLiNE, espoused Ri- 
i hard Lamplu}^h, of RibtoD, and their great 
gRBdaaghter Miss Brougham, (of the pre- 
acBt Lord Chancellor's family,) married 
FkenUiviUe Dykes, esq. of Warthole. This 
ladf^s I wuttei assnmed ft« mrname of 
LAMnXGH, and his property at his de- 
cease devolved upon his niece, Mrs. Dykes. 
ChoouALS and Irrbt came into tiie 

/amilv by the marriap^e nf T^wson Dvkes 
with the heiress of Ballantine. Sir John 
DaH— t in e eapo i ed beiren of Mus- 

(n^ve, to whom Crookdale came from 
tbtf LowTHCRS of that place; Ireby came 
into the Musgrare family by their alliance 
with the heiress of Colvil, which family of 
f oItiI had preriongly obtained the heiress 
of liiliol. Scales* was inherited by the 

• Swnt tf lit Mrtf if Mff pirsn. 

TsoiiAS BaocGHAw, of Bronghim, m, the 
dau^t«r and heiress of John Vaax, of Cattaricn 
•nd Ti7«marne. and was father of 

PnxB BaorcHAM, of Blsckhall, in Cumber- 
lad, who wedded Aane, daughter and heiress of 
Jsha Biwthsiie, ot Scaus, in the same shirs, and 
thm aeqoiTed that mm. Ha d. in 1fl74H nd 
waB&.by his wan, 

Bnr BmtmmuM, ef Sedss and BlaeUiall. 
iif^ Antf for Comberland. who d. in 162:2, 
iMviof bf his second wife, Catherine FaUowfield, 
• sea «M heir, 

Tbo«ia§ BaoroHAM , of Scales. This pentleman 
»^-T%«»d the ofl^e of sheriff for Cumberland. He 
n. Mmrr. daughter of Sir Daaiel Fleming, of 
Rfdafe,' mi dying in 1648. waa i. by his son, 

Hrjrav Bbocoham, esq. of Scales, who enlarged 
bis PoesesaioBH there, and erected ScAUS Hall. 
iv Ls second wife, EJixabeth, dsntfUsr aC John 
Iswflugh. etq. of Lsmplugh. ha had inw, 

ma, imm, eoaunoaly edled Cmmimmttr 
BnmgfuMm, who purchased haclc from the 
giaodchildren of James Bird, the ancient 
SHi ti tibm hmdHj, BaovonAM Havl, He 
4u9m f. and ir84 t. by his nephew. 

IV. IV^. »i. Eliaabetn, dauehter and heiress 
of Cbriacopher Kichmond, enq. of High- 
hsid Qmm, giaadson through his mothsr. 

mother of the preMnt inopriotor from tbo 

family of Bkougham. 
Seat — Dorenby Hall, Cumberland. 

Mabel, of John Vsoz, of CMIeden, W 
whom be left two WHM, who boih died 

T* Ssaniil, wte m, Dorothy, only daughter 

of John Child, esa. and had two sons, 
1. John, a bencher of Gray's Inn, who 

i, IIenhy, of Brougham, who, upon hia 
son's attaining majority, in 1763, suf- 
fered s reoorery of Scales, and othsr 
estates. He d. ia snd ww s. 
by his son, 

HsmT Brouoh am, L>fi(j. of Brougb- 
aaif in 174A, who sold Scales 
to PMsr Lemphigb-Brougham, 
esq. in 1786. He in. Eleanor, 
onW child of James Syme, D.D. 
by Maiy, sister of Robertson, the 
Ilistorini of Soothad, lad had 

Hknry, Lord Brovoham and 
Vavx, Lord Uioh Chan* 
CSLU>R. (See BwMt Peer- 

JaaieSf MJP. 

Paler, d, s* p« 

John-Waogh, who d. ia 1829, 

leaving issue. 
William, one of the masters 

in chancery, and M«P, fei 

South w ark. 

n. Maby, who wedded — Brooghaia, aaq. 
(presumed to hare been a son Of a hiother 
of the Thomaa Bfoogham, who d. in 1648) 
aad had a sea, 
JoBw BaovoaAw, eaq. of CoslnnMaA, 
who espoused Kianeaa WoodbaU, and 
had issue, 
Pana LAui'Luaa-BaooonAM, who 
purchased the estate of Scales, 
in 1786, ajod d. intestate, in April, 

Mary BaoroBAM, who wedded 
Fretcheville Dykes, esq. of Wart- 
hole, and dying in October, 1785, 
left an onlj daughter, 
MsaT, nrireas to hsr wade, 
Peter Lamplugh-Brougham, 
esq. and inheritor of Scales 
HaLt* She w edded Jossra 
Bali AN-nvE, esq. and hnd a 
sou, the present Fbetcme- 

VILL>>LAWi01« BALLAimiia- 

Dtkm, aaq. of Dovarar. 

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CAREW, GEORGE-HBNRT, Mq. of Cnnm GMde, in the eoontf of Pembfoke, of 

Crowoontbe, in Somersetshire, and of Pen- 
trepant, in the county of Salop, m. in 1794, 
Mary, eldest daughter of the late John Ca- 
iwr, esq. of Antony I^Iouse, in Cornwall^ and 

Thomas-George-Warrington, who m. 
Miss Clarke, only child of the late Tho> 
mas Clarke, es<]. of Fumham Houiic. 
Henry, m. Jant>-Maria, only child of John 
Rogers, esq. of Ayihfor^ SidiDOOth. 
. John-Fraucis. 

Nesta, m. to Gabriel Po-(vr lI. esq. eldest 
son of the Rev. Thoma« Powell, of Fe- 
terslone Court, Brecknociuhire. 
Mary- Anne. 

Carol! ne- H ar rie L 

This p^entleman, whose patronimic is Warringtov, assumed by sigTi manual in 
1811, the surname of Carew, only. He had succeeded in 1802, in nglit of his 
mother, to the Shropshire estates, and inherited, in 1883, a nmetf of the Pyncunibe 
OBtatM, in North Devon. 

The Carews are one of the few families 
now remaiiiiiigr wiifch eea trtee their deteent 

without interrupti'in, from the Ao^lo-SlXon 
period of English history. 

Otho, living in tiie time of Edward th/f 
Confetsor, held several lordships in Hamp- 
^re, Bttckinghamshire, and Middlesex, 
and was #. at his decease by his son, 

Walter Fitz Otho, vHm, at the time of 
the general surrey, appears by Domesday 
book to have enjoyed the same lordships 
which his father held. The name and fa- 
mily of this Walter's wife are in doubt, as 
likewise the seniority of his three sons.* 
Tiiose sons were 

Wi LLi A M , f rom whom derived the Lords 


RoBBRT, Lord of Etton. 

The third in thi.s list, 

G K R A i.D , so 1 1 1 ( 1 1 H I e 9 styled Di Wf WDtORE, 
and at others Fitz Waltkr, is calird, in the 
Duke of Leinster's pedigree, the eldest sou, 
bat in the pedigree of the Eu-l of Kerry 
the youngest. He wm appointed cnetellan 

* Refer to £«r^'« tatinet mmd J>ormaKt Pmmgi, 

of Pembroke Castle and lieutenant of the 
Darts adjacent by A'tn^ HeNKY f. He m. 

Nesta, daughter of Rhys tii* Tew(h\ r, Princ«' 
of South Wales, by whom he actjuired the 
barony, manor, and oaitle of Carm, witli 
seven otlier lordshipl. Thls Gerald Wan 
lineal ancestor of 

SiH Nicholas CAaat;, of Cami, a person 
of eminence in the reign of Edward I. who 
was summoned to the parliament held at 
Lincoln by that monarch. He had also t\vu 
military snmrnonses, and was at the cele- 
brated siepe of Karlavarok. Sir Niehf«lf»H 
subscribed the letter to the Pope with hij» 
appendant seal of tiuee lions. Hie eon mad 
Sir John Carru, was father of 
Sir John Carri*, knig:ht banneret, a s«t- 

lant soldier nnd t!istini.:uished 8tat**stnan, in 
the martial and victorious reign of Edwako 
HI. who was present, with his son, 8v loW j 
Carru, at the siege of Calais, and was after- 
wards constituted Lord Defuty of lar.- 
LAND. He wedded Margaret, daughter of 
Johi^. T.ord Mohon, of Daneter, and wms ^ 
by hitf son. 

Sir Lbonaro Carru, to whom eocceeded 
hie ion. 

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Sir John Cakew, who waa knighted by 
fftBf RiCOARA n. and aflennurdi attained 

hi^ tlUtinction in the French wars of 
Hknry V. being one of the commanding 
officer* at the Azincourt. Sir John Carew, 
io-the same re%ii, was joined with SirGeorge 
Talbot, in the c»mman<i of tbc navy, and 
obtftiii^ for his s«:rvicL6 a graui ol uue 
faandred marks per annum for life, payable 
by the receiver of Cornwall. This gallant 
person was s. at his decease by his son, 

Sir Nicholas Carew, lord of Carew, who 
w.-4ded Joan, daughti r of Sir ITugh Coorte- 
aay» of Haecorabe, and had issae, 

1. Thomas (Sir), ancestor of Sir George 

Carew, earl of Totiiess. 
3. Nicholas, of Uaccombe, from whom 

&e Cart ws (baronets) of that place 


3. Hugh, d. *. p. 

4. Alexander, ancestor of the family of 
East Antony (See Pots-CARBW.) 

5. William (Sir). 
The fifth son, 

Sf R WruiAit Carew, acquired from his 
motlier, the manors of Wicheband, Wide- 
Widge, Bokeland, &c. This gentleman was 
maim r knight banneret by Hrnrt VII. 
•Her 4m battle of JUickbeatb. He bad a 

Jfomn Carkw, esq. wlio wedded Margaret, 
daoghter of Williun Kelly, esq. by whom 
he obtained the manors of Stoadfey and 
CamtrtOQ, but dying a. p. was i. by his 
brother (or sor)^ 

GcoRRR Carbw, esq. who was #. by his 

'HioHAS Carew, esq. who m. Elizabeth, 
dangfater and co-beir of Hugh Bicronibe, 
ca%. lord of die manor of Crowcombe, and 
Rtjaimd Ibereby that estate. He was t. at 
his demise, in 1G04, by his »on, 

Sir JoHW Carew, knt who inherited temp, 
jyuHESI. Ckoweombe, Clntworthy, Caner- 
tMt R*^ Stoadhey. This gentleman had, in 
ttat reign, a charter of free Warren, in 
CkowcomW. and a grant of CaREW CasTLE, 
^itk bttt< r }i<id been mortgaged by his 
ancestor. Sir Edmund Carew, to Sir Rhys 
a§ nKMnas, and had been forteitcd to the 
mmrnm, wbeoce it was leased to Sir John 
Pprrotf. and others ; the remainder of whose 
teaare was now purchased by Sir John 
Cumm» left at bis deniue in 1097, a 
soa and sacces^jr, 

Thomas Caeew, esq. of Carew Castle, 
sndaf Crowcombe, who m. Margery, daugh- 
tsr of Sir John Wyndham, of Orchard 
▼jrI^ri, te tbe ooonty of Somerset. 

This gentleman suffered much for his 
loyalty to tbe Hoosr of Stuart, and bad 
tlni lionor of receiving a letter signed by 
Kin^ Charles I. commandinar his attenij- 
ance at Oxford. He sarvived mose perilous 
times, and lived to witness the restoration 
of the monarchy. He left at bis decease, 
in 1GG2, a boa, 
Thomas Carew, esq. whose son, 
Thomas Carew, esq. of Carew Castle, 
espoused Elizabeth, dan^hter ot John San- 
ford, esq. of Mynehead, and had issne, 
Thom \ ^, his heir. 

John, who inherited at the decease of 
Lady Carew, reliet of Sir Coventry 
Cai f w, bart. in 1766, the manor of 
East Antony, &c. in Cornwall, but 
leaving no male turn, the Cornish 
estates passed, at his decease, to tbe 
family of Pole. He had, however, 
two daughters, viz. 
Mart, of wlmm hereafter, aa beir- 
ess of Carbw CasTLB, Crow-> 
combe, &c. 
The elder ?nn, 

Thomas Carew, esq. of Carew Castle, 
CamertOB, Crowcombe, Clatworthy, and 
Stoadlpy, M P. for Minehead in 176*2, wed- 
ded Mary, daughter of Francis Drewe, esq. 
of Grange, in the connty of I>evon, and had 
an only surviving daughter and heiress, 

EuzABETH Carew, who espotised Jame.<! 
Bernard, esq. of the Middle Temple, but 
having no isane, the estates passed at her 
decease, under an fnfail to her first cousin, 
Mary Cahew, eldest daughter of John Ca- 
rew, of East Antony, in Cornwall. This 
Mary wedded in 1794, George-HfntvY 
Warrington, en^. of Pentrepant, in Shrop- 
shire, who having aanimea Ae enmame 
and arms of his wife's lRinily,is die present 
Carew, of Carew. 
Arwt» — Or, three lions passant, sa. 
Crett — A main-mast, the roundtop set off 
with palisadoes, or, a Uon iieuii^ taereout, 

5uj}poricra— Bbxtbr, r Uor, sr. Sinistbr, 

an antelope, gu. 
itfotfo-— J'espire bien. 
Estatet— The easde aod manor of Carsw, 

in PenihroLcshire ; manors of Crowcombe, 
Clatworthv, .and ikire Path, in Somerset- 
shire ; and of Pentrepant, in Ae oonn^ of 
Salop ; and a moiety of Ae PyneORibe eR> 
tates, in North Devon. 

Seatt — Crowcombe-Court, and Pentre- 

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CALM AD Y, CHARLES-BIGGS, esq. of Langdon HaU, in At comity of 0efoa, 
b. in 1791, m. in 1816, Eouly, eUtoot daogbter of WiUiun Gtoeawood, oiq. of BdooIk- 
wood, Hants, (of an anciont Yoifcahiio fiunily) and liaa lanio, 

VmcBNT-PouBxnif, k in 189k 




Mr. Cdbaadf lOoeoaM hb falber, Adnifal Cafanady, SOt Mmidt, 1807„ 

This ancient family, which wa« seated at 
Calhady, in GornWaU, at a rtry remote 
period, appears to haw rr moved into De- 
vonshire about the begiuniog of the six- 
teendi eentoiy. 

John Calmady, of CSalmady, Uving in 
1460, was father of 

Caluady, who is supposed to have 
married the diui(^ter of rands Vinoant. 
He had three sons, rix. 

1. Richard, of Farwood, M.P. for 
Plympton in 1555, died in 1686^ 
Icavinc; thror daughters. 
S. Vincent, of whom presently. 
8. Andrew. 
The second son, 

ViNCSNT Calmaoy, who is supposed to 
luTe etoeted the mansion of Lanodon Hall, 
m. first Maria, daughter and heir of Robert 
Nicks, of Lifton, in ComwaU, and had, with 
iither issue, 

JmIAS. his successor. 
He esjroM'ifM?, «p<-ondly, Wylmnte d;uighter 
of — Ailord, by whom he had three sons 

and a daughtw. His will beais date to 

1679, and he was t. by his eldest son, 

JosiAS Calmady, of Langdon, who in- 
herited likewise the fortune of his ancle, 
Richard Calmady, of Farunod. This gen- 
tleman m. Catherine, daughter and heiress 
of Carew Coortenay,* grandson of Sir Wfl- 
liam Courtenay, of Powderham, nru! hud. 
with other issue, his successor, at his de- 
cease in flie beginning of the se«enteeii4i 
century , 

Sir Shilston Calmadv, %vho received the 
houor of knighthood in lf>18. He m. first, 
Elisabeth, dMighter of Jolin ('opl< :it<»tie« 
hy whom, wlm </. in 1617, he had no 
surviving issue, ilc v%edded secondly, llo- 
nora, daughter of Edward Fortei^qiie. e^^. of 
Fallow-pit, and relict of Sir H. Prideaan, 
knt. by whom he had three sons, viz. 
JosiAS, bis heir. 

Shil>f<tn, of r.rriwnod, ^\l^o espoused 
Elizabeth, daughter and co-heiress ol* 
Humphry Gayer, esq. and had, with 
two daughters, two sons, viz. 
JosiAS, who evtiitually succeeded 
to the estatejj and representation 
of the family. 
John, M.P. for Oakham [itoM, 
Francis, ot Combshead, in Cum wail. 
This gentleman rebuilt the mansioo 
*at that place, vvhrrp arni.« and th»" 
initials of his name, with the date 
lOm, remain over the gateway. H« 
m. Joan, daughter and luire-^ of 
Walter Farmland, esq. of Bickingleaa^ 
in Devon, and waa father of 
Fbahcis CALHAnv, esq. of CSomb*- 

* This Carew Courtecay was too of PsOBr 
Courtenay. by Eliubeth, daugfatse and hsiiiOi 

— Sbilston, of Deronihiie 

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head, b. it) Hi(i4^ wiio was /. in ' 
1904, by bit MB, 
Fkascis CtLMADY, esq. of Combs- 
bead, who m. (Cecilia, daughter 
of Wtrwick Pollexfen, esq. of 
Mothp«-om1)i\ iti Dtnonsliirf, HTid 
had. with six other soosf and five 
daugliters, who ttlt di«d viiinar* 
riotl, his successor in 1747, 
Francis Vincent Cauudy, esq. 
of CoBibshead, of whom here- 
after, as successor to the repre- 
sentation and estatM of the 
branch of Langdou. 
Sir Shilston Calmady was killed at the 
(^\e^f of Ford House durinc: (he civi! wars. 
Ili^ widow sorrived him, and dying iu 1663 
was buried in Brideston church, where the 
following curione ofittaph ie to be eeen upon 
her tomb : 

" Eight liriog bnaches still are spriagiog found, 
Thoofh here ws loot 1iesd«ad wtOini the gmmd. 

Twn hiiahantis in lli«'ir frimbi iliviilrd lie, 
VVho both did m the bed ot honor die ; 
But now the kin>i^ of terrors, oh oniost. 
At leng^ bas laid tbeir honor iu Uie dast« 
Till lhat which here i» in dishonor sown 
Be nised » wnioftlo e ^oriooi thrane." 

Sir ShilfltoB wee «. Iiy hie eldeet eon, 

Jnsj \^ Cmmady. psq. of Langdon, who 
m. first, Thomasine, daughter of Sir Ricb- 
erd Boiler, luit, by whomlie bed two deugh- 
h-r^. He cspous* gocondly, Elizabeth, 
deuffhter of John Coffin, esq. of Portledge, 
fai Devon, end bad two eons, Josias and 
Sbilston, who both died young. This gen- 
tleman lived to an advanced aj^e, and was 
principally occupied in relieving the dis- 
tressed. In bis last testament he was yet 
mindful of their wnnts, bequeathing twelve 
pence per week, in second bread, to the